7-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Friday, July 13th
Beast carries 2 drivers’ licenses around. Leroy tells the story of how he spent 3 days in jail. DeMarco Murray is retiring. This Isner match is still going on. Who is pettier, Terrell Owens or The Hall of Fame? Leroy says the HOF is not mentioning TO because they don’t want it to be about who is not there. The guys make their Doom Picks for the weekend. What will wagered between the Presidents of Croatia and France. 

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Flatly. There's nothing is more reasons than what it was today. By thirteen there's rats. My friend when. I should've but whoever takes too long set up. Downright stupid idea on Michael Jackson is so yeah. But that is the only thing that. With so you have to factor into. Utah to account who was not musings on. His cousins marry well notes off well parry OK there you. 30. It is Courtney or. Yet. Their nephews are so what is the uncle of the others the net view this content of the wreck well. Just make music act of will by the Matthews and people. Minus one. Line. I mean but they'll lose. Is pretty amazing that I played with. Guys name. Keep digging yourself every day I don't know that's when I do think it's fun. Giving her some accomplice Norma. The only one way to listen to the ticket and you're Smart to Meister computers and that's what the radio dot com map. Our radio dot com by the way we know there could be a couple of issues people are having. Understands. Don't worry. If you have any problems. That is huge email support at radio dot com it'll tell you how to fix everything. It's it's explicit as what we did is we merged. And in there's there's this thing. Trying to like put together 200 something radio stations and it's a work in progress now but it's gonna be great. In other words we don't we station not use 2.0. That's totally not true. Hours and also view an outcome that. What you do you make us a paper. Tray notification on and then we can sit up pushed an eight. He signed Ellington and you know the news that we and breaking news tips in the program. So radiant. It again and the poverty is about. From San Diego that is also on. This country 993. Any security and nanny 998. It tonight keep Ellen ports. Like it when given your program. Most of my home for. You just feel the need to. Get this call it the Uga but boy. It is going to so young man comes over that conversation with him as we've got questions. He's very nicely until what to do here geared. Take Michael. To which she pulls out. A man purse out of his bag. And getting into the pockets. If I buy it looks like a person without straps. I mean look at that. This meticulous and calling him a satchel. It's big. One but he is due to ease in Europe while. Back up. You're gonna play OKW. Ogle who. Coming. You'd be back up in the same place as you region I don't know it's for this explicit situation. You go to somewhere near like. Pay act and borrow this argument uses and the bath lucky to guess he's like give me your license. I'd give my realizes. Give my back. And stay that way oh. Personable minds with. All respect a pretty big mega ball. Cannot believe how amazed at this point. About three schedules every week. It's one that's according to Robbie is that they were doing. NBA free agency showed last week yet. You're that full. Stuck to my bed I gotta be Bayern it. Our. Guys to carry back applies to those explicit situations. Not with my license. Couple areas where outlines when I interchange. One. The hub get key that I got to turn in license to go use the bathroom yeah I'm not doing enough and you'll establishment if you're requires transaction to Gideon. It. When it's somebody's guest needs an. Unlike. Literally my kidneys and explode. I'm going home I'm home and I can't. I can't do it. I like Sonoma home grown. Take much time. Get all my I've flown. Acts have created a good inkling about talking about you know. Yeah blossom use bush some of these public bathrooms a neat words but that whole industry as a whole yeah. You know like tonight. And that requires treatment license Turkey and a big long. Slab of two by force somebody say that while it was definitely Roy you make an abominable mojito you know as long as the car beast gave me wasn't fake reviews. No mustard guy yeah and it was bad. I. I hope you did it against these bad that you need to back up IDF. It's. Cared to let it license ID implored to leave a it's like carrying like dude. I'm the same person. Though you know. You know I give way if you if you get a replacement I'd drugs isn't yet. As yet recently you've got to cut the reason now. I. We can do now I'm dissenting. Mean we probably to talk your way you know I'll. The things I've talked my way out I'm the last well the last Obama got the list them without a ticket. Very it was you know is they don't pay you to turn the jets go I've lights where do you turn me give me unless I turn around. Into yet I'd turn it around. I turn around. Got. In the guy I was. Did a token Timothy Alderson. This is mrs. continue which transaction. I don't need the speech. They're like that Pacino was going 56 blogs down do you did you turn and it hit all let traffic coming back nobody was around. So we do we can do I'd I'd take a peek at L. Happening this. I'm Lula like I just hear. About get a ticket. I wanted to get my ticket ago. It always takes time you have to get admonished. You have to speak I don't give me ticket and it certainly not you pass through on. Who your leaders at the event went out of the clean and very. Net 300 is the Turbo. Of 22. Omelet and. All leave it right at my normal and 30 in the morning. Right a win rules that you won. Good. And the season lights like what are. That put Loeb whose. Light. You know like them by like four. Right output over. Church. I. It. It's. A thin to be honest with John schema muzzled room. Right in 1000 Lanston. That a guide him find it might could be done ouch OK but it's it's. On on what had been drinking and not like that I wanted to beard he would. Hit the goal to mere sport. Mayor's court. Right of the small town out via go to mayor's court. And it is like a conveyor belt guy big guy before me and none of the DUI so he had to go another six months every week into the lock up. Right to do is delude jail. Like on the court you got 7-Eleven and it jail you go report every weekend right. So I get a New England you know. Isn't this would ever say to his maximum ten dates. It just got his third do you. He gets a budget weekends I get ten days was beating that was a drive but three day at three days in jail. Three days until the speed. Promise you. And guess what the same town as BM CU. Policeman's ball following you. Opt out I Roberts. I'm like. Yeah you won't go your own mentally ill will now have to win app that we played since it. We all of a plane in Cincinnati. And swat with. Like. Public chemical and it was capable. What went through the late Joseph. Let's. So that was the only time of specifically. Three days if you would like three days you know one and a half day for early. Because now that you're right no. Holes 72. Out so you must tell me. Oh he came on a weekend outlook for like outlook from a Friday. A once in a Friday it to like a Monday the same time. And he was there on that day a week in. And so when he came may have. Like they give you food Doug just from like the low local little rest would ever frazzled whatever. I say you know you've just got here you probably had a good view them have to go in only did dad. I didn't expect a simple. I. I think a product this moment. They've beaten brother right I got definitely for playing football game. In the Clinton degree day. Carl before them do. Always go right at the right mock or no would who would you handle the never win. Three decades ago prompts. That's unbelievable internal validity of the league to mop the idea of understated. Pop Odyssey. Big Fella. Don't put us in no situation that we regret. And I keep everything all locked down do we get to which placed a week you began did you tell your body not now who could hit a mob but he told me. I'm rob did you we have some breaking out of on the is a material good that your headlines. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami at WS advanced at MB HD you'll Miramar plea deal. Com station. Apparently we do have some breaking and it still need is going to go around. Trying to find different refreshed as it is here just to put it. Out of and a separate sort of a fun read where when you guys are finding right now what is breaking. NFL news that is the goal that is the goal and I guess that it now. RA it looks like the oracle Marie. Open to welcome or is retiring that's the the big breaking news fugitives. And six QB announce you on the year 2 PM the age of thirty could be retired. A zoo he's probably a Nazi right now and on not enough alive the average age of running back retiree hands. Right around their 3030313031. Right LeRoy is I don't know it isn't much of movies from around the lets them. That's what goes to. That's on the drop is at thirty. I'm real among green that's he's had a pay with 3233 ahead. And while most productive years. What age were you retired. Dirty. They're too. Ahead. Don't desert sands. And then to walk to a no I did you learn that it won't it won't William but we didn't hit a bit and I don't know. You retire and you can't tell you when you retire. I mean that all of these in my last year had a contract already to go. I had shoulder surgery. Rotator cuff surgery that day after the season. Right. A spokesman at these are get at least go. But I could have surgery. Until uncle local crafts. So we took my came around. I had done no physical activity. And I'll still walking would only. So my body to. A week. Not enough yet. Are well I'm earlier today Sam's reported that. The Houston Rockets are the clear front runners to get Carmelo Anthony once the Houston once used them in Oklahoma City releases him. What he's free agent and uses clear for owners to sign. Question you think they win it. No I'm saying I'm saying. The team ends up with Carmelo. Is that a win. Just played a role player coming off the bench it's. Yeah it is what it is June. I mean he was okay last year. Like I think we're where basketball is now he's got to play some level the deep thinking of all of that monopoly deepest well. Owner rockets. Got a police and it. No. Let's listen saying you know that the people you have one bad defensive player in the core review surround him for really good defensive players that will work out. How about two Linehan. Because that's all legal little mere. Go put cappella and crystal. Is eight you'll go to a whole year prayed it Chris volatile break. Actually Melo had a worst shooting percentage year last year Nokia. In some way it's if it. So it is still be called retired nobody wants you anymore. To ballots in question. Yeah. Rudderless Alia we are more of the Phillies tonight seven tempers it tomorrow sport cheek area at a court for the Phillies. What yin Chen court for the mormons as it finished up their homestand before or. Calls for staff that deployment. This is their characters I mean he's gonna play forever by day he's duel it out right now. Which would violate its could create a problem with third two blocks scenario with one of what politics. Of this matches in management the in two segments it and there's no way decently for Nadal and on and Djokovic ultimate I was like David do you wanna get the feel you've we don't know who went back you might have to be delayed pinnacle. A lot of pain that it text it is fair may. Have been able. Now it too modest bonus. Point bonus point for Serena before. If I mean to win in the semifinal. Rate if you Google+ I give us one but it she should get. Robbie a couple of other moves in the NBA last night yes Jeremy Lin got traded to. From the Brooklyn nets to the Atlanta Hawks insanity in Atlanta is bouncing around the hot potato. And you know Denver dealt the loss salary on to Brooklyn with Kenneth Faried Darrell Arthur and Isiah Thomas humbling. One year two million dollar deal. On the wrong. Now. Yeah look sometimes in life. A series of circumstances or events happen. And you end up where you are. Not. From any wrongdoing the bureau. And and so for example. He's five foot nine. So he already has to beat. 100%. Healthy. He tried to play with that banged up here. He tried to combat. He tried to come back. Because you know he won a chance to get the big money would it happened it is it is. You know in most sports you would think if you suck it up we knew her. That that's a good thing but it really is. Because you'd have been better off sit now until you 100%. And did at least having you know an opportunity. To show teams that he was healthy instead. You live program. He went to the camps. He struggled and he has some big games but he struggled with is it immediately have a season ending surgery. And he's at worst but now it if you just come back. To eight during a play house. Because it would have been it would turn into. At a couple things I want tots on this the soul and really don't like in the puppet on situation. But it does. Guess back to sports affiliated with companies and then the guy from the company screws up and sports a pain to those companies. Like baseball that yes they add some promotion and public Johnson doesn't pump a slam and have some regrets out today the university Louisville's Papa John's name off the stadium. And all the stuff and also the and of all things as we will see nothing. Of Leo and our hall of fame induction ceremony that this is the Beasley grow our route here at the poker rumba. It is a great time out here get out here to the government's hard rock hotel casino it is amazing. Back after this to. Before I tell you about where we second. I can't tell the Oreo. Here at the seminal hard rock hotel casino poker room. And it is packed in it is. It hurt here wasn't out here the only other similar rock both drove in runs August 2 to the fourteenth. With the three million dollar guaranteed championship August the fourteenth visit as HR old dot com Raleigh info. Tonight some ethics act special. I'll also Bartlett and am hundred ordeal of my injured at 200000 dollar guaranteed same tune. It's a boat hands tomorrow. And what Sunday night owl hi every night out here to add that to do it division I. If you have bonus science wanted to book through 30 in the morning to an end very. Go eat breakfast over what. Respiratory though. Is are minimal qualifier on the high handedly he apparently simple laws blah yeah. Lawrence we get a foothold in thirty minutes. Which could hold it it's a thirty minute window you can control I love him like a minute left want him off thousands and I almost stole the other night it didn't come. I'd like to watch on the news. Here ice cube has of those liberals Pete now waiting for his victory debuted at this point I've been. The one thing and it exports. Has done. Everyone is humbled. And in it doesn't matter how it happens to use. Your various ways could that nobody's. Never not been home. In sports even the greatest of great play. And I think metal hasn't been home. Because in his mind. What he can do and what he thinks he still can do. Is not what everybody who watches employee think you can do. And so too he comes to. That moment where he realizes look I can help the team. But I need to help him hunt they want me to help him now how I feel. That act you know. So. X agrees with. The heat one development deal. I don't a pen and a woman giving you knew who ran and I got it. Now I understand it might put. Wait here yes. So you you're gonna carry. You. No problem with two of them waited and waited EG. The community rank. This. It's that he's always the artists like in the Isner Anderson matched it has so far has gone 43 games. Under the Djokovic installments posts are currently 1130 it's now announced sort of to the team now that's getting I mean that's the dude was mentally wore on. I would sign a mechanics. Of how much do they play dart that play at night Arabic so that under the lights at Wimbledon. I don't I don't know if they do. Yeah and it's about seven something right. It's like 730 in the you don't call the next match starts it's not gonna be before nine. Maybe 830 their time. When you have to play today when they can play a big test that could play tomorrow because of the finals outs post Beatles Sunday. Assuming disposing dead means that you can get through like that you have to play back to back. Then after the bush about the final back to Monday in the canola to vote but to the last round of a major goal chance that's getting pushed them. Sunday. What's Arnold's admirals and I was having a Sunday regardless. Robbie stand corrected. Well now maybe but I mean if you you say that he can't play back to back and Huckabee have the final Sunday that a little bit back to back I can again. I'm with you catch 22. It is a catch twenty year right. LeRoy. Listen to those in odd duck he's doing his own thing for miles an induction that's fine. I kinda find it a little podium hall on Apple's part and honey alcohol phase anarchy in my article. I edited yet does not Reynolds is halting its separate entities rate at by the little. Apart that they're not going to bring him up or do anything. For him certainly let me explain to you YOK. This is. Like. How I would say. In how would feel about it. Is that you have a number of guys. Were. Probably an experienced when the greatest moments of your mind. Right get inducted into the National Football League home. If you mentioned. TO. Did all the the focus goes on him not being there is not the guys were getting inducted into an all day. It is unfair to those guys. Is truly don't genitals guys who have. The conversation be about a guy who's not here. So from that standpoint. I understand wider door and it really has got to do wood beam that went on to say if they minted GO. What does everything that we become. He of not being. Out about the guys getting done. Equipment and parents and I'll select either team it is a TO also glad. Are you. Here. Another perfect. Read yup. It was a big thing about Bret yes any chemo would rule correct. The you know do. Problem or tax you know why because now. Ever reporters at a BC. News on the fuel it moves and a threat not about the game is not about the game. And it is so. Mike. You can get past it. Is if you just. Don't think. It is so if if the topic of discussion. Was about who's new who's not. He wouldn't be beat you with dictators. You know there's Arabs think if you let it. Take you back to the he stared at a dominant. Is walking into Polk permit South Florida with neo park. It does get pretty cold in the poker so yeah that's really cold right now. Know you have a little more security we were frequently attack at that Helmand. It. He's he's Portland yet but it to get back to TO. You want to celebrate. The guys who were at the it is all about him. You really want the whole conversation now weakened to be about YTO isn't there it's going to be about that music regardless. Regardless it and I think. And I think messaging. It it and I think it is a shame reunited with so so if you're reporter they and I'll just ask you does. Are you going to be geared to celebrate. The humidity air or you want to hear you want dear. Comments on what he'll not be vote. There isn't news. It has to comfort now recovered more than god and equipment. But if you Mitch and his team. At ceremonies it's going to be totally Walton let me let you don't let his name you don't think reporters to ask policy in TO questions. What it in the bin if that's the case. If I'm TO. Out of respect for the other guys can deduct it with me. I would may be handled that situation different of course how how I feel about. Did inducted in what my. Issue czar with getting inducted. Or my reasons is that sort TO. But to have that. You know in directly affect everybody else's moment. You know. I kind. I hope it doesn't happen. By testers are writing in that every player regardless of being there or not has gotten video montage in the past I don't know faster so. I'm not one noticed because those guys we or some other mitigating circumstance Reynolds didn't let them. Yes ladies and silly highlight package of quote they use they don't even have the like even though speeches and now right. Now yes. It takes to speech and employee they don't do it lives. Yes. Our elites and it looks really dark out there in the back of the speech that they're they're doing a speech wait lead into the night yet. Paula I mean that everybody has VO monetized whether president. Diaw should have been first down thing. I agree with dad I agree with dead bird. Here's the problem. Like in his takes me back to mind. Carmona book deals or radio but you're stupid boat. My boat is people who were great players. Yet people didn't like. I can rate to. Won't hang TO. About what we're at a football game robbery rap. Okay. And in so. People who have a problem CEO and do it there's no reason why. A guy with his numbers up in the left carnage in a film we need. Corny it's every way we eat. Rip somebody in and it was not. You know thank you for comment is eating it like that nice bills vikings fired. The date to make your voice services. They don't of that it. And numbers right. So. Why people are not. Happy with teal and don't like TO. That beings and it's the football. In theory no reason why I mean with those numbers. Should already be in the home. Yeah I mean I don't like the I don't like he becomes a like the press or Lego that goes in and nasty so I'm hopeful that's okay. That's OK you've got other guys personalities or who beat make people don't like. Okay which you're getting recognized. For what you deal on a global feet. And it ends though. Yet he did it in and you want to talk about heart. Played sun to release so you can play Super Bowl would broke clinic. The problem is that he went off on the quarterback on away. That. Don't. And Goodman who should have some his lawn. Yet it would through. I will take a break on the other side we've got to make her do it I'm not happy about because. I don't know picking so when he shenanigans in the steam box I don't know what to do but the subtle Google balm men's finals which. Now point. What ever we (%expletive) duplex next. Fly again. It's that time. It's you know it's time to live earth give. Tonnage and do next. Robby who should be going first and who won't reveal what is done. What's opens to a once he's probably get revealed last and the Ali are all revealed the top picks and I guess Sokol for subtle double the sound of the road of death. All right how cuts of shenanigans of my picks I got the heads into celebrity softball game that's going to be on Sunday. Give me a national gets the American. The the home ballpark usually always wins in Washington so go with a national. To lead T even though Bill Nye the Science Guy believes and a team he's a weekly exhibit automatic out no concern their brought to the national lies and he knows business. That's true king and that that is true he doesn't how to properly place the bat on the ball to get on the first play first base. Our Kate and also got the actual the real all star game national congress the American League and Hercules on seventeen of the last warning. But I've I feel like the National League TT remote Pacific get a couple hits and a National League is gonna win. And I also have the third place game between Belgium and England Belgium is giving him half a goal. A good question the pride of England little but it is a third place game. Belgium did beat them last time one to nothing in the group State's Arctic Belgium I'll give affable. Our go. Power. Vs. Goals. Callers bowlers. In the Big Three the I don't know homes. All footballers have bird man and that the gold ball isn't jacked up it. What is yet to boatload ghost ball is might be. On loan with low crude. Lone goal with Gold Coast. And have the men's singles final. Which can't pick. Was it campaign and had the women's singles finals which I would have beat Serena yesterday. For bonus points the two guys will live now by Louis arena is giving one an half sets she would does have the wind street sense. That's the spread. You can take this course. It. No. One else where it. Sees minus one and a half cents that's the spread. Lugar of anywhere. The other girl this win one set. Co AFC depict the other girl she only just when once said yes. Whereas Serena went in straight sets which is the old village two out of three and Wimbledon scored issuance to all you win if he picks are. I'm used to read. As a historical financial industry so it's. We've freebies or next yeah I mean she's. Whitney's. You got 47 chicken fingers. And some letters on the side. If he trying to fool yelled and believing easy missing is that I am now just in apotheker. That's lagging a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato and saying yet just that I skip the Fries them. There's that I I got the this much news. I got the world's first USA in the futures game. I put in researching this bomb LT the world. The world because who knows how old they really are. I've got beat three I've got three's company gets the ball hogs. A blip on the code by Rick Barry. And they have Brian Scalabrine. Through my favorites is apparently unit price deliveries what put the Celtics. Still alive I'll take the ball hogs. Even other one Q. And in the home run derby Robbie correct me if I'm wrong. I get to before it's he gets paid for out of the eight and only one of them has to win the derby. So you have the bracket you can people want to reach matchup and give you some more multiple chances of galaxy cases Sagal are. I'll take. Kyle Korver. We'll take Bryce Harper. And. I'll take Max months. Chrysler wrote played and what's that. Which to judge judge would stand united knows now that. Neither is Ichiro. You direct dumb attitude toward them is on tape muscle log isn't working. Which is it's not a it is hunting version which is on the tell you that I picked the winner. I wouldn't nobody all right Tobin he's already wanna know because didn't they keep winning yesterday's summer league game against the hornets. Republicans he has he has of the fight on Saturday night between Manny Pacquiao and Lucas mark ten Matisse say. He says he never picks against the pac man he's going Manny Pacquiao. And he has the World Cup final on Sunday between correlation and France France is giving half a goal. And needs is he's he is picking Croatia because he is not going to go against cold wind and her happiness. I keep saying Alex is Dominican. How you doing there we can no muscle. I try to say Galindo an excuse becomes comical and. Just like Linda putts I went Croatia wins as Kabila. You need only Croatia wins nine months from now. Want but that's up to nine months and I was not a people Inco Linda. Or bored rich war racquets it's Tijuana and it did its. The country will double in size. Of the former is yet to be an 8000009 months and 899 months enough they would. Be tennis on that point yet vertically is going to be there right the SEC's gonna be there should be sitting next to the French president. Next call. You know echo friendly wager on. Do you think it's like cargo against. Checkered flags. Out of Russia everyone just assumes. That because it's like was once part of the Soviet Union and Russia it's rusty robot comes from their region closer it. Italy is rushed to the party Yugoslavia. Does. But cannot come from that region. Russia. If you all of them. If they once part of the Soviet Union. Right. And Russian. What would not come from near to. I can't. I don't I don't wanna speak on the beat. An assumption leg OK you know but as much. But gracious ado about him and children Croatian. Does put them Croatian Bob. They do have that caused. Is that Lothian. They do you have. Like one vodka that's been growing number one. So broken. On that note. A fun time nagger reaches much you thought I would know coups in terms in term eating. The teacher who fear it love the hard rock on what I would we got tonight. Army through that. 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock in the morning in 103 I'll buy him. 100000 is guaranteed you got. Bonus time has thousand votes today and tomorrow. Just go on as teacher revealed the compass that always have stuff going on. And if you wanted to play cash games like I've come here my play hours to literally get to be given whatever level you wanna play them. And next weekend it is Steve Miller Peter Frampton on the Puerto 'cause we was in here. Yeah. It's not weaken them but it's coming up nicely and I think is is he in some time yup. Do and then it's mainly in the yet and you don't have made about blue groups and where can people to a college bar yet. That's all they play stuff like that. And a not a polished using it down nieces and I've been no one zones consistent on every college campus that the clothes in time some. And fifth backpack that's really an article in the. There. Right enough breaks like. We'll see you on Monday it would open the back. Yet your best X and anchors and work Rican everybody.