7-20-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Friday, July 20th
The Fruit Ninja gone wrong video has been released. Masai Ujiri apologizes to DeMar Derozan for a "gap of miscommunication." Tobin has a new hit single related to Duncan Robinson. Adam Beasley joins the show to talk about Adam Gase and his relationship with his players. The guys make their Doom Picks for the weekend. 

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Put him back everybody. Will lots of hard rock poker room. It's Friday to get the action government would get it right. Is it to Sasha and and and I yelled let's go to the event news. July high hands. Got going on how does every minute today and tomorrow. Sales of up to you know men tried everything that's all that's what's. Election which. Left to right there on the table for. Got a poker open that's coming here August 2 through fourth seed three million guarantee championship. Lot of awesome stuff go to US HR PO dot com for all the details were so. If that code word which they have money to yes. Yes it's a black. Don't know. Rolling now. And it he owner and I go Roland you're you're right there paint. Me. Tax paid the 78 at 18. PA and I anti white and spelling I think Pete. Text at the seven to anyone in the summer swim million another chance at the top of next hour together and or FaceBook page right out the video. For me custody is just a possible we've really missed it. I'm surprised more fired. At least I have surprised me immediately revoked and build it like they're gonna permanently make us do shows here. Or just on the road you really you know what you just keep doing the show he does not allowed to do in this in this. Remote she ripped through remote shows us nonstop that's going to be our patents. We are playing this week if you guys remember on Monday were talking about the fraud. Guy who broke the record for most machete. Watermelons on his stomach and it's and it's nonsense. You do that with a dull. Ruler which was proven correct but. No real a fund and that went on to slice a still watermelon. What was different in live action. As bad idea. His LeRoy. He he he connected on that first one. Nice slice right on the sweet spot with a nice lies. Little frog. Act cocky. Got that Sheffield that a gallon and loss group losses grip on she. Which act. And it took out some outside premier. And you somebody should have been parked there. Well actually there's been several warnings to people. No department and now we can't go here but we should is that redundant and that's not why it. Because the owner of that card did architect. And I and. A person who wants the car parked on. Although. Katie would go here win. So obviously that it is so funny you don't have so much fun to hit that card Kate thank you very. Still it does is sit by my mind isn't this thing with a clean up evidence immediately and I look right away and there's a surveillance camera can write out. Back those pay will just ridiculous go public. Oh. The birth of the evidence Ireland's. Oh hello we are also objected Larry just can I need to is meant for two seconds. 017 times. I went back that Matt is a pretty augur for a guy and he did a nice job produce in this video on FaceBook page you negotiate. I told him 27 times listen. We wanted out now on both the FaceBook page and the website I'll take care put him on Twitter and IG can you please get it on the FaceBook website. He puts on FaceBook tells me well now it's gonna take a bid to get on the website it's got you know offer whatever. But I just want back there he left for launch. Well you know it's a biography is these guys go there it's an. It's just for the local volatile go to the tickets FaceBook page you guys can see Johnson how we must. It was bad. Whose whose death of as an umpire. Well. You know we were too big story so note. Tell me not to bring things up would you like yeah. I don't know they know is that when moving to sort of get the headlines. These XWKXYAM. South Miami at W Passat Passat that speech he told Miramar. Radio dot com station. Like guys texting it to a regular tax line you'll not 1000 dollars you detect the seventy minute long. Presumptive in the vehicle went that we could see if all the directions. What got beasts. We've got the British Open where it goes rain this morning and looks like it's pretty decent conditions. Now and we will let you know the update on the British Open is about to land wants golf shots home of the ninety day hundreds and satisfaction guarantees every golfers around the country since 1960 daily right. We're not still not know we've still got to fill buckets and it ended today there's only a couple of people. Tony feet now is now tied for the lead with Zach Johnson. Kevin Q is there. Comic Hollywood is. Tied for fourth with Pat Perez Jordan's right leg I don't bit of George speed is still he's. It on the sixteenth poll they aren't the seventeenth hole and three under he jumped up 43 spots and agreed that what he's he's four under. It actually just want to be you know that the morning guys play better in the evening guys. So and tiger though arts. Even par you're gonna make the cut but there inside the top thirty where. Six shots counselors and TJ it was DJ. Dustin Johnson. And it is. Oh boy well known so that if the search forum just Justin Thomas from excellent. Dustin Johnson is plus six. Well he's going he'll be home you'll be able to watch here and that's 23 spots ahead of where it was yesterday. Yeah it's the party in Scotland we can that sucks that's my pick to win a on the rest of my golfers are still in it I told you. Who'd go yeah I got Fleetwood I got Rory I got. Rom. And yeah one other guy I don't remember who brokered. And. So. That's. Do so and announced he's just check on weather at a time but you know what I think it's supposed to be really when the on Sunday. What tomorrow Saturday. That I I guess I militant and yes I get it. Other raptors have apologized DeMar DeRozan because they you know. He committed to them they committed to him in the trader. And here's something. Must cite you jeer yeah. I've ever heard lying describes this before this is crazy. So lied to the market rose DSL and we're not trading you don't worry. Masonic cheery this is how he lacks is this one up. I'm not only wanna apologize. To DeMar DeRozan for maybe a gap of communication of miscommunication. Eight gap of miscommunication. Fits the fans don't producer Jeff until I. That's medical communication side sameness remembering. Me William you have to remember this communication. May be. It's so crazy in San Antonio. A lot there. Still. Like a gap of miss him eight baby. Gap of his communication. I apologized about Rosa I was a liar and you know it DeMar DeRozan responded. Acted. Alone. Pig book. On. In charge of these comments great it's great to my thanks you know things got an amendment really appreciate it's good to see here it's summer league hanging out good group. So you've got to. Do we have holy. Man. You move on. Not thinking about trading view it decrypt. The old double negative campaign may be a gap of miscommunication quite. Okay. What do you. Screener. Yet you weren't. Into this story. Just use that bit of what in all honesty. This is true. It's hard to call yourself alive there's no it's it's it's a battle. I animal I wanna apologize for the boardrooms and IME liar. Lie wasn't true but this should. I lied. In fairness. I live over an awesome player I think at epic epic epic epithet at and we the north. For her. Cage like don't. It. I know what that would outline about what it must truth. Messed Duncan Robinson are white whale this offseason. And I got him or Japan for the season I'm prepared. Right. I got a new anthem when he hits threes. At the arena cheered him. Yeah. Yeah. She bit. Yeah. I don't. People. And I. There's not when. Oh yeah. And there you have to. He violated. Video file in the front. Paid the website but. There's the growth. Be an analysis now play it. You did not have any free time. Go to gym when you're done and more but I did. You still hit confident yeah yeah quick Tian ye ye young talent god in full session herbalist. Yahoo! has edited the music video on the standards. Which you can also see at seven on the ticket and the ticket Miami. It's funny. Look how quick his videos ghetto. I know I praised Howard did go to post production magically I've we hit. Steven Spielberg review it before we released it you tell me I can't give play that funky music after every three. Really what it's really him and speak only light question both under twenty games he played this year over. Really yes you networks right then you have the one that Dole's guy is no sorority house about a policy can you can do it in one. That is going to be on the fifteen man roster. Or simple start the season. Because it's not heat. Opening night you'll be on the roster hearsay. Speaker a dog you white boys Adam Beasley he joins us next. Back everybody open their ideas here and I'll live from the Seminole hard rock Paul. On the action. Yet except that week and we. Out to be Ryan fuels down Disney stores gas launcher at least that's beyond it and they'll find anybody her goals. Dolphins reporter Adam Beasley are body he is back football is nearing Adam are you excited under the easily ruined funny about it and I use our body and a. LeRoy I can't stand you beast. Look on this would be the slogan Russia plus one for measly able equip you believe you think if the food that's that's you you love my in my picture of coach Brock. You know are you out when you might hear you'll do nightmare fuel. Photoshop. Yeah we know we know where we are we too were rejected group tax day is doing the show he says it. Next. Of coach Brock he's. He's like everybody's friend man like M and those coming out there like facetime in the next they'll be doing shots together man it's going to be a good bees he's the players' coach. I mean are working sixteen not so much is seventeen gore worked in a few bad that quick no answer to but it's crazy because. Bidding was older. And gave this quote them. Until I. Often thirty you know I think it was forty. At what point layup because in an interview later that your main event they'd like to ask you. At what point does it come to your body with the place. That each. Is not what makes you weird. Who great it is it's more along the lines of look. I don't understand why it is all for naught if they don't win. Went out again. I would guess I would say up. You know that's the Whitney because when Belichick took over for us when he came in Cleveland he was under forward. So. The home moved a little bit but it does that there's there's a difference. Like for example. It BP you've been around football. Did agree was known as a players coach. Right I probably had to recover stations we did agree to five years. Because. Because what he did was is he spoke more if you had a problem. He will go to your position coach in the next guy would come to you on so now I will say this relationships that you have. With your position coach. You guys might go to dinner go wild. Wood every you know as a group. Stuff like that. So your position coach guy which you don't pick a bit like this. Why is Bo and and and and wait so close. Because those image we know what they're close in age (%expletive) in it together we wait we would wait for god to delete the smoke was the guy who worked with. And so those situations and so but it. Never. And I want to ask you is it give it to treat this like a young football coaches that. Many of them might have McVeigh's probably one of the event has been kind of did survive. Beyond. Right there's a decent high enough and news that the that 10. Yeah. Big it's you know why doesn't count we will him. It's what does comes yep. Good GOP already locked into places before Easter eve reinvented himself. You have a parallel with conduct I remember one I think. They had that press critic gonna build a player off the roof. That would give a quick. Rick in my day he'd already failed. And with the jet yep it William with New England when he was in New England they used to call training camp camp Carroll because he ran it like it was a summer camp the or water sports the ruse you know little food water gunfights. Desolate. If you win in this great. How great it was in Seattle and guess what it does come to a screeching halt now. Maybe. Oh this goes I don't think he's gonna change opposite the entire thing that you can power. It is the police you know them do it. I think I think the entire that they are higher plan that's been completely ripped apart and that's a media among the betting public that. They're very they're at higher than let's go to players that they added that items in the eyes of many. He's got the players he wants the system that we think that he is not been able on the first two years you don't want so we put it this is it was. Because you know it's supposed to be and we don't know what would have alive help Donald but then. But it isn't going to be eight years of failure but my golf but it's not going to cut Adam is go out this way. He is going to coach the way that you believe work with the players to believe this could count on. And the idea of you know the yard. Did die but not panicking what they run. And if they don't five and eleven because they get fired but now that I get upon. Ability nobody is going out that way I'm really I think that higher. Going back the owners' meetings. Back in March everything you've probably got five that. I'm happy it's here I know what I'm doing an odd about a player inaudible. I haven't had a great player the right or certainly left Europe to the well. You know it. There are out earlier that the public. For a public vote. Well but. Where do you go bees. Yeah they're they're getting and now your Mac it. Or wouldn't be so quick. I finish it out. Navy's yesterday the dolphins got to step and a little bit with his anthem announcement and then a couple hours later than the NFL NFL PA put out their statement. It it would just kind of unlucky right that that that that happens on the same day. I mean it because the dolphins were the first to put out there policy and everybody else has one but. It didn't come out yet. Yeah everything I got hosed yesterday content in a little bit of dirty yeah. Believe mandated when teams start going to have to have some sort of happened all. Have a code of conduct. And it happens. Quick frankly I don't vacation the last five weeks they really hadn't thought there about it. So they put something in writing this conflict is codified what you get a spell. It stayed in the role that. You or you could be found in violation of the can code of conduct policy. And you could it have suspension of the sport games. And the bottom of the one that paychecks. And that's visit got put on paper and the media all of it. Italy did it look like that all the good and suspend a player who will never happen guys I would be absolutely. OK what what what put the implant that battle that this week but you. And with a twelve games they're they're 75 they have like profile on. Pace they'll take it because these these companies that really bothers and it goes like this then you honestly didn't attend door will be on the bench for the next game. Absolutely not there's no no chance no chance that they're going to be sitting players down with its and it bulletin hi I'm sure there are a lot of things players bought. Then immediately hit it the guy on the if if he forgot about that in the and the app anyway. May be an example of that perhaps but the view of you can't that he was going to voluntarily. Over the initial voluntarily take their work. Donna do you live. Is about the abuse these things are obviously. Reasons person that you know mind and that's been involved with it will suspend a player hurt themselves competitively over speaking their mind over looking quite. But equity capital kind of hit the ball because they demanded the paperwork and then when it was back when there's you know five hours of this business. Crosstalk broader audience yeah the local media on pop radio you know open okay. Why it happened and if you're from a little bit short term but nobody else I have to go for it because they saw how flexible with that there was this this. Honesty about what what happened it was bad timing but often if they didn't have bad luck it's had no luck at all but I mean. But I don't think it's about the issue at all because this is gonna have anyway I think that I felt that yeah it's gonna be yourself and now the question. Yes fell in the PA agreed on. You got through the Ecuadorian of one. Because yes it that there are a lot of people angry about this but not in particular is competent yet and yet probable part of an issue. So I wanted to wait until if ever elected president on the issues sort of have your own benefit pension and other hard. Apple's behind their back. Fill out golf and then it's hopefully fun but the complaint about because the people. Political pool perhaps. But do I think the dolphins are going to. Suitably punished the players which beat them by an important. Racial issue I could not. Serbia's do you think there's a possibility because you know all the stuff really did start to happen like two years ago Ross whose views so pro player use abuse very very supportive of his guys and I know Ellison progressive and to and to helping. The cause that they were trying to you know make known. You know I understand that he wanted it more user with his owners because he probably saw the Bellagio sought it was hurt their business but. Yeah because he's the one who took the majority of the blow back him because it doesn't seem like Israel solution. That's gonna pleased the president nor anybody who's against this. The chance that that Ross can just say bleep did you guys can do that you want. All our players to be happy and then they can do it do they want analysts get that side back and and his good graces. Also want to moderate secular reluctant because of the the government plans that fit that they've just got debate that goes well beyond the path to stop suspend its. But regardless back but we told you don't have the players feel. Then that he has always okay it's up at bat I think it's OK to replace a billion dollars to pump an advocate analysts. I guess if this if they want to win so much perspective now operative Adam to Adam did that matter. And that is the reason to do with it because as Steve is he's been as an issue that is corroding the audience. It is getting into the bottom line in early at two under the bundling dollar revenues fare class or decreasing their audience and it's just birdied the brand of the national football. And in the wait didn't see this. I just what it was appointed Michael Ball and I want to be bothered by the thought well that's it really has provider of on I got to know pretty well over the last couple years. Certain things that you took talking about a Lang certain things still the capital and don't whatsoever and I don't think it's that you that better than you know opposite. Border out there but I don't think he's that up and authorities credit so it's possible football. That's why I was security beneficial for abused and I feel like them saying do what you want is Elvis just say we're more voters honorable and overs on. Protests are rules they do they want is it feels like it's morbid distraction. When they are trying to make players follow rules that it is just saying that dirt you want to do this you know for a minute number let's go win football games. Yeah and then you have you know people banner protest that they have the feeling you know what I thought it I understand percent so I'll probably sympathize with that opinion. But there is if there's another side it was in their daughter with a good chunk of this country BB majority of the country he could have spent. And I don't with you guys do either but. There's there's a sizable sizable portion of the country that he has this but but but you know and just out of the way I'm playing well it's really about. Do you take on that hot button issue that they played I don't know. Yet it's off I mean I I just think I just you're bad for Ross and in regards because I feel like you that you said he got railroad a little bit and then. Once once it got a little bit here yesterday they all backed up it just feels like. If they don't either just if they don't go the route of just saying hey this is not this is not a winnable fight let's just let these guys do it. It's always gonna beloved again and it's never gonna get fixed we're going on three years now. Yeah I'd I think. Every bit it'll be an issue until. Obstacles are often more because yes there will be people who will be very angry about it but it won't be on CNN all the pot that the president is every NFL about it. That's that's what position or is about as what went so it's a bit about the deposit is very using it to his advantage politically with the status cynical but very badly. This is it if there is no way to get a folk we have very many know we have to wait because either they were quite a spell out prepared to NFL or something. They're ubiquitous player you know well there is more like about just fell out. Their players or compass spokesman on social media ought to be there really is no wind the way. Those diabetes present a mandate they. We come back we'll do our picks and wrap this thing up Jones the weekend. To use. Law you. Use as an out of visas for Hoffman and he knows about this music sports us. What nobody beat him I don't cars get broken. No videos may. Richard do you guys remember what I have to panic. He's serious my papers are in my office. And by the time you do you pay group over and I'll start I got it at nighttime seal on it takes to go to get to the office and Barry. Overs Judd ready to go. And Rickie Fowler against John room. Amnesty to scores I picked her room to file listening. Whether real hole wanted to bridge over in new. So far now so far ago. And I have two big tonight. Between goes bowlers who all of war and trusting. Who 31. Goals boast a horrible. I'll be tristate because my bid is too busy doing and entered girls for girls during the game hey you look like he's been like a stay in upstate. Got a look at school woody got Robby. Our parity have vote pending action between Jordan speed and Alexander NORAD. No it is right now all worn under as people had a good dated a he is at three owners has to be dog fight these next couple days. And did you I had towards beat when that that's a public two strokes right now aka. What's Xstrata. USC fight night 134. Shogun who law. Against Anthony Smith. At least it's a pretty Big Three bird but children who is what you more bad fascinated added to news Smoot got a whole take all gate Arctic Boris he'll rule. I give you one out. They're injury. Anthony's miss nickname is. Lion heart. That's pretty good right. Com like none enough and is having our like it's like it's like I thought that it's Alec you know Wizard of Oz lion it's like. Bad. I'm back but I just got you know I just got back he yelled at by a part time disc jockey to stop running. It really yeah yeah them for you probably on his record to probably found by. Yes can they still use records. There to make my point had to be records David I'm going with noise the dollar showed up and I think I'm at school Brazilian jujitsu him to go with chauvinism getting a good price of taking that while men and what's their final. Yes I got the three's company vs the three headed monsters it's a good match of your company company's 31 and the monsters are 40. But the moss has got three heaters as as a playing an American Airlines really a Rashard Lewis because Jamario Moon and they are coached by Gary Payton so I'll go the monsters to stay undefeated. Of Smart. What yuppies are well the only one that I have to mix my other two were in the open championship. So new and ethnic is in the Big Three on the ball hogs against the killer threes I'm a they're both terrible at one and three. But the ball hogs are coached by. Bio Rick Barry. And they've got Brian got a Maria. Former bosses at the same reasoning what was last week of Richard the seeping last month it's up it's like. That didn't work government last week their or I will go is the killer threes Bourque coached by. Charles Oakley and get talking above above Billups who is drafted by the Celtics check this out. You'll have to say. Most insulting white guy. It's pretty much built chosen something he's not like. You know they don't got did you play but the Celtics. Adding it was rated he gets traded that unit and it has repeatedly a few games the Coca aren't you the south users trade carrier reproductive rounds and straight up yes. Paint the picture deep underground didn't catch of a ball all of Boston Bruins. Parliament tyrants try to get these execs say beauty China India narrative. Who has exuded grandmas. And what's to regret filled Ingraham was Thompson's gonna play the same position as co. Personally you buy your bibles literally it's the opposite side view it happens. It's a lot. Oh announced they got. Of the microphone according Huard looked like he even though. She does it viewers. It was like you is telling the microphone a secret. Program to. Please tell him microphones like how my life beef sandwiches exactly. Mr. Butler in India a dollar a share. It. Off day you don't up it doesn't want to play the titans. But it does see LeRoy you've been doing this for like six years now and now this point in time your basic content broadcast but that it. Yeah I know I'm behind you don't send us. The I don't Tiger Woods as the giants beat epic tiger. I got an American or the field at that America is better and feel. Yeah brush as the US Vietnamese music could go coast to go yet. But see you're in golf they notably that grounding the only guy I tell you who who could. Actually witness Zach Johnson. It's a low ball penetrating flight. He can play that ground game. He can win and I have. Trilogy the defending champs or off to a rough year one and three against power core powered by bird man. I'll against birdman and you gotta go out there in Zuma friend of the show explainable. And he's planned well he's he's going to be in front of the jokes for LeRoy new mom oh how dare it's him. I'm saying. How dare you how dare you. Godzilla you know he's in shape. What are you doing so wait you're telling me. But let's use the big part of our Marines not simply part that we be used if a couple days. You're telling me the same physical requirement to play Big Three basketball. Can also play your game movement in MBA but he's got the same level of competitiveness. Competitive too but I keep plea football that we very competitive that's how you took up a side view mere. Know this. Because the rules or regulations. We could use it to cool way to handle and it that we had to do a makeshift one would have been then. It. The last might keep the man's widow stick what all that Bob made them. The last time a CRI warrior when Gary Sheffield before he's something yeah and don't. Parents. Crazy. Eyes that he does what Agassi how are broadly target ads everywhere to honor it's on the ticket Miami IG it's on this ignited dig it a Twitter it's on the ticket Miami. Flow website and it's on FaceBook app some united to. I guess it's everywhere you as the house ago download the the new smash hit. Play that funky music white boy. And Oates Duncan routes and I'm gonna get in the AAA this year no you I am. I haven't meetings. As did two things that happen this year beast are right under him was thunder cats. And two when Duncan Robinson makes threes at the AAA they're going to be blah elect Eric took my bird man idea years ago sadistic this one. You play play that don't you music. White boy went underground since his those threes. Passed a white whale.