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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm content. New Zealand but don't presume palpable this training camp just I guess a little over 36 hours where right now it's bizarre about it. And completely morning 37 hours of you off that starts at 8 in the morning on Thursday morning Frito here alongside Adam b.'s lead dolphins. Beat reporter for the Miami Herald in our dolphins inside or Greg likens as well in the three Russell take you. Up until 10 o'clock. Later in the show I think about 950 original in my Nate Davis football writer for USA today. Yesterday. In the paper online said that the dolphins would regress. And fall of seven and nine now make the playoffs. And the patriots would be sixteen and Ole. So you'll. Join us and else are column today about seventeen things to look out for in this upcoming season we're back on talk about all seventeen we will talk about story lines to look for. As training camp for the 2017. Campaign gets underway on Thursday and you were out there today pariah Adam gates talking today is give a little. Presser for the media from the west at about twenty minutes or so or some of the highlights the Obama well the biggest take away for me. He was I think Adam we know he wondered is this tomorrow and not today because used it a lot of medical reports back from somebody's hurt players. Later in the day Sweden have is the school formation set to present to us and Ole boy had PDF some news later in the day. Yeah I mean I said in my update but coming up but. Call me see his season is over before even started and an end. Who knows but this crew McNeal personal I I think likely is the word now might. Players have come back from the that does the spinal wonder he's had before most notably Peyton Manning. The pay made created a position where I your personal boycott tackle missy please position where you're supposed to initiate contact. And at this point talk about the more earlier in the show. I don't know what his motivation to continue playing is he gets one point one million dollars the dolphins this year I think that you take that you invested in you have all the rest your life. I mean Greg you know and it's retirement not talk about a way you know armor somebody talk about it a neck injury or spine injury you know. Prince Fielder had to retire because a neck injury your you know your career is done right now this instant. You mention in the pre show meeting your Isa Abdul conducive dolphins on defensive back last year and neck injury forced premature end to take his season is all you just yet. Those things you just wanna mess with. Knowing that we keep seeing this centenary mission Przybilla broke its its sole. So there was an EF all the time it seems a very common unfortunately that they would call me EC two is that I know that he is a lot of fans least favorite player because he's been so inconsistent in his ability to be available on the line up. Mean the only year he played all sixteen games is a rookie sees. Other than he's mr. Tommy games are played three games last year and as a former second round pick a you know he's been very criticized for not being durable enough but I think that we all thought he could have been. Let gold during this offseason they ultimately brought him back in the deal that Adam reference. But I think what this tells me now is yes I always first say that. Already sees a really good guy has our workers so this isn't something did it because he wasn't prepared it is it's whose bodies broken down. The same side of things. We talked. After the draft that Isaak Osce got a might believe draft choice that I had the best chance and is starting lineup. Now is clearly rate Kwan McMillan tsunamis are aways so I think that's the focus now two days before training camp look at the linebacker position we are no lucky goal Alonzo Lawrence Simmons. Who's gonna be that third guy in a big reply on McMillan has pressure on him as a rookie to step in and make rope. Positive and I'm background Ohio State and Adam I'm not comparing and has called EC. Okay linebacker returns you know. Decent career. And and who are about to mention is a week but also a guy who's missed so much time is unseen encased type a great deal up policy. But you can't go one to a season if you're the dolphins appear the bands are you expecting Mike policy it I think again in his career to play all sixteen games yet. Are some good news is some bad news on the pounce you from today the good news is the dolphins Stiller have confidence he'll be ready for the opener. The the smooth everything they're they're they've Don is they're keeping them bubble wrap they're not gonna put him at risk or do we or whatever they can't protect the guy. The bad news is that the dolphins don't know when Soviet built that and so yet they believe he's ready for the opener but they still don't know when he's gonna practice if at all. I. If those up in house who wouldn't practice once snapped this pre season. I think that the video devised firstly particularly what's the one thing you sail the open supplying you need Y jail. You can't gel on three practices particularly those Adobe just you know although basically Walker's first week of the season. They need some raps on the offensive line although improved last year still wasn't particularly good the only good counts his health. And Greg I mean last year. 200 our game. It was a game what six I believe in and that was the first game that the projected starting off on some wind finally played to get. Well yeah we're talking about Komi season games missed and my counties miss seventeen games of last three years and I got to give credit where credit's due I took this from an atom Beasley article that was front and way way back in the offseason viral you're relying on them. But all he had a second accessory now would listen as. In the five games he's on a field in 2016 the dolphins ever 26 point six points per game. 154 point four rushing yards and gained five point one yards per carry. They were prolific they were terrific and whatever you want no evidence gives other ethnic come on do it is it's it. I think an eleven games he miss those numbers drop its one point nine points per game 95 point six rushing yards and four point one yards per carry so. A precipitous drop it's extremely obvious as the value and importance he brings the table. If he's not able to go for any amount of time. Then it's going to be a problem for them and I agree with what Adam said Amy from a continuity standpoint from their ability to all come together. With the new left tackle Larry console and whoever the guards are going to be. We already know the joy on James will be right tackle but this is largely a new group so I think they need to have that time. On the football field and help it was before the season opened and we will continue all as golf and soccer and soccer great deal tonight about Dalton's an NFL is training camp again. Gets underway Thursday morning but before you do that let's go to headlines and. Use what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Send two days before the start of training camp as we said the dolphins made a couple roster moves. The season is over before starter for linebacker corps museum he was placed on IR today BC may see missed thirteen games last season with a neck injury. Teams can bring to players back this season from IR Amaechi is not eligible to be one of them so you'll miss the entire 2017 campaign adamant we asked you to. Well we were pronunciation near the team added to a secondary by signing quarterback known don't ask me. Al Toronto owner all there all your own Alter I don't know I was hoping you guys are bringing up for so I wouldn't have to try and ask and answer it and yeah show. Who played the last three seasons with Tampa Bay. John Carl stands two homer game last night Kim. 32 round trippers for the season tying him for the Major League lead with the Yankees are judged. The state is trying to make history and a seven more games in July to do so according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Stan has four multi homer games in July 1 shy of tying the MLB record. Per calendar month. Paul Cramer harm or kill Peru and winning car and we'll monopolies and the Indians and Albert Belle HF five multi homer games in a calendar month. South Florida's Brandon Knight who's on the suns right now will miss the upcoming 201718. Season with a torn ACL the team announced today. He sustained the injury last week here in Florida and law undergo season ending surgery the suns are his thirteen since entering the league. Back in 2011 and those are your so free. Oh and about world five this afternoon. The Washington Redskins took to Twitter. And what to make tweet. Quote he's a great addition for us gruden is excited to pair Zach brown with dole inside linebackers Mason Foster. And we'll cop who now is probably Issa and knock innocuous innocent tweets. But that could have been a savage some tween idea they they couldn't throw inspire the dolphins does that put that we got 1520 minutes after the dolphins announced. That cold recent don't appear why would that be ironic. Well they could have had Zach brown here who would obviously give me anything would have been more Nicole BC's get in the but would have been a real upgrade for this defense. So that's that's the Monday Morning Quarterback will be doing with the core how close is he deciding on here he had a visit here today and I know for a total will look at his contract with the Redskins I know we didn't break the bank in Washington's at all. I actually had done it but they may be conscious decision you know what we like column BC we think he's going to be helpful. You think he's gonna be healthy we'll bring him back well I mean it OK then the high. It seems the least American who has publicly. Are there doctors taking a hit the dolphins doctors from say the administration simply because. You know Nixon even listen to the doctors and didn't sign Drew Brees he won with Daunte Culpepper. And it turned out the doctors were wrong and that. Do you think and and this is surprising if you wanna go on this road I understand it but do you think that ended the dolphins doctors were just too optimistic about BC's future perhaps. Well I'm sure this wasn't the doll did all doctors I'm sure he saw a specialist and trigger any he had surgery obvious is we saw on certain. If they thought he was going to be cleared in May. And Seoul where two months after may and they missed that Atlanta obviously. Now you you mentioned in and and in your update that. He can't return to the dolphins because it at this point this season out goes your eagle and I are this year he and these are current and all the action right no chance that happen. Like yet so. The dolphins had a lot of different ways they could've gone in instead their gonna have to rely on a rookie now as Greg mention. If passed are in the inside at least at least is a strong side linebacker. And they didn't have to do that there are so many we we mentioned. Obvious he's Zach brown came for a visit. Bouncing high power is out there now I know that on to wanna break the bank but. He could take at least a million your waste it on nothing from BC and apply it to to a linebacker. Sean Spence is a bail money guys that wouldn't that be great or penalties they would come in. Played anyone giving you snaps and quality snaps you don't need a probable or you just need some solid guy linebackers tackle. They didn't know last year. If they've another injury now that that group's troubles well Zach brown signed a one year 2.3 million dollar Arrigo our football that's pittance right and to your point debate take the million dollars away from DC and applied Bayard and anyway an end when they're they're probably twenty million dollars in the cap now so finances furnish what's the tweet by the Redskins again in Jiri that a yes I will let me let me grab a Packers passages. Featuring there's yes it was it was a two minute video of the Zach brown of their new wealth in all their linebackers he mentioned. But it was just that hiding it was incredible. Organization annual allow your perk people in charge of the Twitter counter any counsel for media. To have a little mental attitude a little fun that's got to be great wall via tells a different beast in the MBA at the NBA is the wild west on social media. NFL Lee they don't play that game. Yeah yet it's those very strict when it comes at the NBA has become more strict because they try to now limit some of the back and forth but. There are much more entertaining to the league right now that these prod the most understanding his MLS speakers there will probably attention they can possibly get by. To annals when I mean look watch. Or go back in your minds and remember the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game. Right. WiMax and core and the secondary bowl decimated by Angel crunched in so that's I think that's the overall point here is it through the dolphins. And you have an opportunity get exact round knowing that there was at least a little bit of a question mark now we find out it was a huge question mark. Regarding the health and status of Komi seat. You need to have more depth there I like to bring in Timmons obviously they felt it was a priority to re signed Kiko Alonso is a nice extension. But right now you're relying on Rick on McMillan. Neville Hewitt who are because it is a good player but. You know he he's not necessarily the guy you wanna be starting right away etiquette from the Canadian League at that they'll promise we'll say. Bright appointees and I think accentuated would be easily just said is it. They could've had another established player in the NFL that they could relied upon. And imagine if you Zach brown as a starter alongside the two guys and call me C was still healthy and able loads of the right in to certain. Rim and here's incredible thing we didn't know ops adult doesn't know in March that Cole was never gonna play Kennard they probably wanted to play again. But they had an inkling late in May and June and who became available that time. David Harris the jets linebacker who is one of my albums your players of all time where he had up. The New England Patriots so they could've they could've had the same money probably than Zach brown what it cost them and had one of the most productive players and gets released on the defensive side of the ball. Come and play for the dolphins for base we call on the VC money well if adult. If finances weren't an issue in the opposite William money under the salary cap. The signed Zach brown. Now we get we can say are maybe the doctors thought that me she would be heal faster than he did maybe that maybe you swung and missed on that completely out of an all American throw them under the bus. Put it seems like they misjudged on the you know his his prognosis. Oh yeah and what the doctors cost them production wells question at all so they this this that the team the U talent or value winners must have seen something its exact round 2.3. Is worth. Kelly brought him in for a visit religious forward so we have all the inquiries David nurses doctors to reader five million dollar contract and so it's basically almost the same senate is scenic you lie and I'm sure the second years. Easily avoidable. So yeah I mean you. It would cost to a little bit more like a million dollars more but you would have a potential starting linebacker your locker missed a poster of a lost cause. Yeah W exit easier now that mean anatomy says the speaker Dan died and I don't know when Chris grew supposed to speak again are my ten now and definitely in any area what they say about re Kwame Millen and his readiness to be. A starter right away now and one of the other points did I think should be mentioned even though were Harpring on the fact that their without the linebackers that. For the mall sport domain NFL defense is these days played typically rig with two on back. Right demeanor and a lot of nickel package and yet it's and and in fact sometimes you go to die and be demanding on which team in the match ups and everything so. It's I think it's more important to have. More cover corners I think out front burner bringing him in with his experience is actually very valuable for them as an inch and a guy who what why was he out there. If you're out there on the eve of training camp. How effective can use media monster deal with the bucks three years ago when it was a four year deal he Beatles box with the titans you start his career the titans and then I got a four year deal. Oh the box and played three of them text he was. Played alongside Brent Grimes last year in Tampa day. That combo which I mean cause tweets on this Kevin and block. You take it you pay am sure she had some choice words so you basically. Treated ground burner with a one year gap in between. Like. I think his production slipped he's only 28. I he's a smaller sized guy to talk about those later. He is the key is he's voted for one reason he's gonna put about McCain the nickel there that's gonna be there the competition to watch now on pork. I will talk more about the golf. Ends again Adams Ewan and Greg's in my own as as training camp again is gonna get underway. On Thursday a lot of questions for this club going this 106 club. Going ahead in this season USA today pretend to be seven and nine Vegas I think the over under. There are only a few hours left to buy discounted general admission tickets for. 2017. Red tide basketball power Libor on December 2 and third. And when it's close you could only able to be able to buy tickets and full price. Rip tides will be bigger and better than ever imagined to get 29 dollar discount a general admission tickets now. Oriole for the ticket Miami got calm before the pre sale ends in just a few hours that's the ticket Miami dot com. Back to the dolphins' second alongside Adam Beasley right likens real hero taken attend but something with Revis talked about before the truth speaker tickets. Help classical I'm surprised to see. Adam Russell aria yeah that's that's from my colleague Barry Jackson who's the hardest working man journal little note now. Live Greg you addressed the story you said several thousand seats or so available you guys Barry talked to organizers who said a few thousand seats remain unsold but they expect to sell up by Saturday. And if you go I mean we check this Adam checked there was phone you go to Ticketmaster right now roto classical dot com. And you can still get tickets at face value but they start into 250 dollar range for the worst seats in the nose bleed and they go as high as 4500. Dollars polo club level. One a secondary market it's about the same range at this point went. It it's a lot of money is spent on a game but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you're a huge soccer fan and this is by far. You could argue the biggest robbery. In sports in terms of the viewership I I was reading Greg cronies are column from over the weekend and he's making the point eight. In one of the last match of they had during their regular season this past year in a lot leader. 400 million viewers estimated worldwide. Tuned in so we're always impressed by over a hundred million viewers in the Super Bowl in the short time of four times the audience worldwide for these two teams playing an attack. And Euro back York. Yes incredible he got to tip your hat obviously to that people are dead hard rock stadium in and Tom Garfinkel and Steve Ross does they've they've understood. The nature of South Florida soccer that pans might be kind of on the fence about MLS. Arrived at the product isn't great but you put elite talent out there. People are gonna show up the question I think I have is. Maybe to price themselves out. Maybe gave a deal overestimated how many people can afford to owner to two dollar seat yet there's great interest in a it was half the price would be sold out unit is probably sold out the first day or two. I think that price point victory for that seat for what's still basically glorified exhibition game right. Well that's that's suicide it is Tuesday they were given the words of both clubs there. If everybody was healthy that they would play if that's possible so. Are the stars why read a crucial row is not going to play he's he's still. Over in China on a ninety promotional tour. And while they keep promoting the fact maybe he makes it here from what I've heard in talking to people he's not play a team sport is off my right yeah he's not going to be here right. Leo Messi will play assuming doesn't get hurt if you give one more exhibition before he always called me Saturday and then the other big question mark which is actually really intriguing. Is name. He is in the process of potentially moving clubs right source Lana to PSG either of the Paris based team. And PSG new Betis are playing down here tomorrow night. And so there's been a lot of questions entering this week as to which team he's actually a player and depending on how quickly this gets done. Now there's conflicting reports were just give an idea of when and central and closed what a power move this would be I it's it's still open area because this season doesn't start until. You know next Mon. If he moves the buyout clause in his contract for him to move from one team to another. Is over 260 million dollar dollars. That PS you have to pay their owners rent to pay for him just to get bought out his contract in the they're projecting after taxes who make 35 million dollars a year. Salary plus a signing bonus. If this were to go his base salary thirty buy milk after texts. If you were to transfer over. Now sold that's another story on this week is if this suddenly gets done over the next few days he's not gonna play Saturday night is he's going to be on the team right her backpack. So there is that if he's got a disharmony as ever and I. I get a couple attacks near you wanna Texas to show the Coral Springs are mall on a sex line. 6797. For a New York's art by the price of tickets one text wrote that's why there's still goals I agree completely make sense. Little road tickets are two T was about ten those expensive and someone else writes in the stars aren't even playing. And some of his name are is is not playing so it's there'll lot of reasons why I. 250 dollars you wanna see the team's seems reasonable 4500. Dollars for all the reasons that were decided. Seems unreasonable. Am leads to a broader question discussion that we are having a roller Greg and I is that. Is Miami kind of losing its place as this alternate destination. For the easily events because everyone always says no Miami isn't a sports town. It's an event town well we had some pretty big events common go now. Golf Summers ago on that may have had some political. Overtones to it I tennis could be in trouble they do that is solid they're gonna put a lot of money in that stadium in the they need that. To keep it tennis there on the all star game they had the you know hold. You could get home run derby tickets you can get all star game tickets pretty easily day of day of and that that parade was just a joke. What did this you could you could put this game I think in any market is for the reasons you decided the players not playing etc. I don't think that's because it's in Miami that does not pixel Larry ought to look at the Latin population here it's a soccer crazy place right you put this game in Philadelphia for instance. It probably would another that in the northeast and the Pacific northwest I mean yeah they really trough soccer and I go you Huskies aren't weren't playing. Owing when people want these tickets they they were given church is the start too would like I mean that's the thing is not self for a long time now so it's not. It's the it's it's developed in the last week or two that these guys are gonna play well. And again native they had the disclaimer that they would play if healthy and it fits and in the case of her shower and although that don't the inconvenience there is that he. Represented Portugal in the confederations cup in Russia so it's not like teaches at the end of the season which by the way the into the real Madrid's season was I'm winning the champions leaks of their season extended even further. As the best you know club team in Europe so he went from that incident on vacation and potentially showing up near Miami. He then went Russia to represent Portugal the confederations cup in Seoul now they're giving him the time off which you should because this game doesn't mean anything. Outside of bragging rights against your rivals and I think it's cool for them on all these players that are involved that they can. Promote themselves in front of an American audience as well. But at the end of the day I don't blame her genre out for not being here. On the other side of things they still have a lot of start horrible teams by. Everybody answer including casual fans mills ran although in those Mets righty even without the players those stories some of the elite. Teams in the world unbelievable talent right now humble sides and win. Sports Illustrated already espionage says came out with its list of the famous fifty your famous 100. The top 100 most recognized and most well compensated athletes in the world I mean these two teams I think I had the number was like. All of between these two was like twelve players. On that list. Of the top so he wanted to get half of those it's still pretty detect it's still really good putt again if you are just a casual fan you don't follow soccer that closely. Still nowhere and all the messy armor and those would be the two that you would wanna see messy it sounds like he's going to play which in and of itself is a terrific thing you could see him down. Or in our country and especially here in Miami what might be the best soccer player of all time could be veteran although could make it cases well so. The fact that your missing out on one of them typing does hurting a little. Not well. Undergrad I was just gonna make the point that we are talking about earlier about about Miami and as an event town. I find it curious that the college football playoff championship has not yet been awarded to Miami certainly that the community condition of the stadium is no longer stumbling block right journal N this year I believe our camp this year. They go into San Francisco. I believe Arizona's and I go medium correct yet so. Obviously the NCAA in the BCS rarely call now a college football playoff. Is looking at Miami a little cross side is saying is this where we wanna be they have every year and must border states plan. Huge problems on large bowl tickets you can get those dale. And and it's funny Mark Murphy says the CEO of the Packers this past week said that. And as the Packers won a host the NFL draft the NFL draft has been rotational basis it was at Chicago's in Philadelphia this past year. I he said that all 32 teams plus can't north hall of fame is one to host the NFL draft and I posed this question to you. What incentive does and I don't have to bring it to Miami because a late April early may starts getting really hot here and beat. My in sports in the kind shown that. They're not turn out like people thought it would yes it did say if it's a destination event like the Super Bowl you're gonna go that visceral it's cold no no matter where it is. But you're gonna rely on local fans which to have to when he by a thousand people in April draft has to have local fans there. What's the incentive because. For better or worse Miami sports fans are shown they got better things to do ensure the some of these event. Maybe ever Tripoli you know it's if it's it's obviously it's indoors so ago whether or not a factor that's a good. Amount of people there and may be its western swing by a thousand you still have the demand for tickets that you you you saw the visuals last year I think that's what you know Paul wants. You saw people lined up up and down liver that road wasn't Philadelphia basically up the stairs to Iraqi. And and people were freezing being close and go in knots. I don't think you know you can rely on that South Florida Kenny. Believing they did that in Chicago as well where they have olds. You know good the first round indoors in the in the theater and then they still had the fan fest which word is in the Parker crossroads. And it was packed in the net so if you want they had dates June 3 days two or three. On that outside stage where they were making the announcement so I do is they did the NFL they don't want to. Take this experience and limited to just a stadium or into a theater whenever it is and whichever venue they wanna have it be expansive and have hundreds of thousands of people. Roll in for the three days Vienna filter. So the traveling tax rates in the draft to attract fans because it's all different teams there will be so many giants jets and pats fans here I mean every some I guess you know that will they shot box. I would love to have the draft her back when it was 2000. Eats. When they drafted Ted G and number the jets fans were held in New York senator used don't know those seventh and this go nuts with a lover of the jet's rollout of a blatant bad visual quality just to see that the dolphins fans who way crazy is is back then was it was a get Dell back then. 2007 are relentless attack we move. You're your your agent in Mandela's even South Florida and I don't think boy in 08 new. It would have been now the rules have since changed put away it would have been so anti climatic because they knew I picked at a press conference before the draft for Jake Long. But they've made a memo out. That was only yet but I mean Jim was the little flurry delayed the next year they had the number one overall pick and we knew a week before a priority agreed to terms on player contract and everything with Jake Long and that it was done so there. The only real. It climactic part of it was numbers 225 brilliant because number one was already done deal 07 bio side we bu I remember I got a story about 1008 draft. I was producing a lot back then and and reporting as well I was reporting was Bruce I was reporting. And I station in Denver calls me up this is two days before the draft now they came to agreement with long before that before. This was on Thursday. They came to agreement with a long on Tuesday four days before the draft. And the station in Denver calls me up. Two days before the draft that we want you want to when the dolphins make their pick so you could react to whomever they. This us. Sports herd to assure back and I'm like have you been under a rock thinks they agree they can't sell a caddie Dave green with a long two days whoever you look. And this kid was his dog found yet heard of it but that they already came to deal with the number Olympic sports station this is us all Sports Radio station in Denver. It's the rhetoric that is pretty bad I mean I don't prepare and it comes to James Harden shoot threes but. Inside joke well I'd eerie sense that grows out of a James Harden joke about it but would somebody take cynicism pretty sure the NHL draft down here was two or like covered that years goes in early two thousand's how how was the crowd. What went I think it was OK and charming on the suspect fifteen your credit had a more recently had 2015. Or do they here yet in January to an edit in 2015. Somebody else licenses it's not a non interest that it you know soccer match is just the price is way too much. Army prices are higher than what the average income is in the city. Well I would agree in the sense that but I am as it was soccer frenzy gets. And you know media credentials are very difficult to come by and I'm looking at those prices and I'm saying to myself I don't live that far from the stadium. But I on Saturday I would rather watch. Either go out with some people watch somewhere bits not big team and just enjoy the atmosphere. Workers watched from home I don't wanna pay to order fifty dollars for a ticket and I've got to be looked into my binoculars actually see the guys playing. But that's his season is beautiful Jumbo Tron and each quarter. Right yeah I mean so. It all I VoIP in that category where I'm just not gonna spend 250 dollars on the pre season type contest despite the fact that it's a spectacle. And this is only the second time in the history of the greatest rivalry in sports we played outside of the country Spain again yeah you got to give credit to Steve Ross are making this happen all I do completely. You know. I can I guess. What I'm saying is it affords the fans out there that one has been a kind of money I can understand. Why we we said dolphins were kind of leg resting got out of that lane so we come back. And talk more dolphins will balls training camp gets underway Thursday morning alongside Greg likens at a measly freed earlier we're back after this. Or does the digital camera on the ticket Thursday morning from the AM hours sponsored by East Coast public adjusters. We've got your assets covered call 855 get PC Pierre visit East Coast public adjusters dot com. Don't settle for less than listen to just the tips on AM 790 NFL moral force. He safety to the ticket. I noticed that the recruiting I guess this team. For the morning Cilic 7 AM while lot deliver two boxes that were the size of light you know Mack truck has been on talk about Alex subs in some. I got here to the station I'd come early for a couple things I did hear about all I don't know. 3 o'clock maybe three orbit 330 maybe and neither do they came as early seven portals leg shackles to fresh meat there was even from I would blame beast but he's not doing that and he knows that now he's not doing that can't blame the city got a hole when he got full radio stations who get stroke you know he got a lot of anger and when you put free food and David's goal basically a media you give us free meals and that's what you know the dolphins given paid for anyone in and deviant it three years now. Yeah right loss in certain yes almost replace it as well. Wow and so we were generous came out of that hole gleam girl are you don't you talk about Joseph filters you know someone else in my in my wrong. I know. We can't. I'm a rock okay we'll stick to the field well I'll tell me if I enjoy that me and saw marketing go I don't know what can do. Just Mexico has more generous. Are basically Steve Ross is money into the defense that the facts are facts right and that's that's what happened I'm on some real stood over and it's it's a good point and I will be able to cover training camp I can't because I'm holding a candle to it. Happens too early forming you know drive my kids up in camps like can't get there. For the eight when he practices on line and guys like when you had a minute to tell me about it I know one of the things when you you know whenever you get a chance. And not every player is available every day when you first get a chance to talk to drivers Landry the first question on everybody's mouth. Is what's going on the contract it as far as you know oral Perry's reporting re your work. Armando I mean it's I've talks even started between the sides. From white. Both area Armond who have heard that as a moves either earlier this week or last week last week. The dolphins had not even yet made an offer to jar slander. Which on its face seems don't drop. Out out and why why not even at least engage in talks here's the dolphins. Rationale for doing so. And they and they thought that it will ramp up sooner rather than later. They didn't want to me as the first volley so to speak. Because. When you go into a negotiation. You always low ball and appear then that you're the player you always high ball course. And they didn't want Jarvis whose emotional guy. To field this respected because there have been is is is in the past. Our players a low initial offer. And taken as a side disrespect but could his agent prepare for that look this is just doing business don't. Ignore the number my early gathered up my argument is. There is no lower number than zero and that's what they've offered him right now. So yes I think it's even worse for them not to enter into these these talks looked. Where this this could be a slow motion car because yes starter says the right things and and Adam today said that he you know he hasn't talked terms about a recently and he doesn't expect to Antara so do the right thing you know splint football. All that's well and good. But there's a hard deadline now on September why. Ninth and whenever the opening days what I said he's not to negotiate that correct and and so word now what six weeks off maybe. In in if it doesn't happen by the opener. Ousted as a high chance of terrorist and who's going to be franchise tag and he's not like that one bit. Because if you're a player. And you get the season helped Ian you've got to expect. If candles help the and they know the offense better and a second year he's going to be more productive than he was last year I Darvish is continuing to get better. Oh is it. His value right now is the lowest it's gonna be in the next nine months put ten months whatever it is until regency begins. So if you're player and you don't have a contract and him for the season starts. Wind you get to the end of the season you don't have a contract 1% of you have than to give the dolphins any kind of deal. And Howard Jarvis I would say no I'm gonna go check the market out see what I'm worth. Hi and see buying more from somebody else and and I don't think the dolphins are allowed to happen they're gonna franchise and and players don't like that they don't they may like the guaranteed money up front they like a multiyear contract. They don't like having a one year admitting he basically your year. On this franchise deal and when they talk about I believe when they talk about receivers right do they differentiate between a wideout and a slot receive no Kobe paid I think the numbers this year is fifteen want a receiver receiver. Correct okay that the number Jose Padilla. Was one that precinct for rigorous Jimmie Graham was tied handle it why so many times you wanna be your franchise as a wide we're seeing how that worked out arm didn't eating get it anywhere and millions more correct he'll be franchised if that becomes of that. As a wide receiver and my projection is of the around sixteen million dollars next year. Which is completely absurd that we will get to that point because. The dolphins took care everybody else it Gerber shoddy care Kiko Alonso. They took pills Kenny stills Andre branch. And I think we discussed this before. You know Jarvis economy 900 grand this year Coke probably make sixteen next year so what say over the next two years he's gonna make seventeen million dollars the franchise. Why not say hey look Jarvis you know you're not gonna make Morton seventeen million dollars between now and next year why don't we offer you say. Four for 44112. Year old TV when he five guarantee. That way you get eight million dollars more guaranteed we do you on eighteen friendly deal or you're not making the scene sixteen million dollars EPY. We all win. The question is are we to we were going back and that that the top this this discussion. Jarvis is so emotional and sees himself as not a Levy starved team he wants me to starve the NFL and and I had a long conversation with him about this. He's ticked off the robbery as a best selling Jersey in Florida I mean he vent that anger Sammy did he says that pass to change. He wants to be the east of this franchise. Hand. If they low ball him it's going to be a slight he did like the fact it was in ninety cent or 92 years ago when the NFL's top 100. He move up to the forties this year and even still he says he wants to be the best player in the NFL now. We all the three of us in this room know that he has physical limitations it probably won't allow that to happen. But there's no reason to believe he can't be one of the port piled high speed why are you originally and Greg if they sign him let's say they come to a deal he signed stills will still sport. What was the guaranteed money I can I think they got operate anyway right of the goes four for 32 Issac does that sound right I'll and I'll there was a lot lower than ever rooted for anticipated and and it lets say they do come to a deal let's say just hypothetically one at a proposed four years. 4425. Million guaranteed. Is there enough for the till also bring back Parker when he becomes a free agent commits a lot to commit to one position. That's a good question I think this is a huge year for the vaunted par occur to determine you know he's actually going to live up to the billing is the former and fourteenth overall pick in the draft but. This recruited piggyback you know what. Adams said and in reading Armond those description of that you know I read Armando is article and says it OK I understand. It do you have an emotional guy years that you don't want to you don't rush any pain or you don't make any moves it could be sensitive. With the guys did you really wanna have around for a long time but IE I would agree that in my I have no idea why they wouldn't at least. Have made some sort of offer at this point I mean we've all been talking about this for months now. And it's been months since they've made any significant signing it's so wide nothing has happened between now and just because he's emotional guy. I don't know that that seems very odd to me I understand the rationale behind it. But also seems like in extreme rationale to take what we're now essentially on the eve of training camp beginning at that point. I mean you could argue that it within the next month bushel come to shove they wanna get something done. Before this deadline has put in place and oftentimes these things do have to get on a deadline has to be there for the sense of urgency but. Man it would have been a nice headache to remove from everybody. Media lies were from him psychologically for the coaching staff of these I guess better all the time take cervical for all this begins so there's no circus attached to it you just focus on four. And it looked ten hills can be asked about it is going to be only someone on the discretion Adam when I do understand why isn't landry's camp. Make the first move in and say all right this is what were asking for Wright and William LA here let's just RI I'm. Hi and then negotiate down ice there's no guarantee they'll come to agreement. But why why it seems that way agrees advisors. Are waiting for the dolphins to make the first move and I say why. Well it it you know full disclosure I was on vacation the last month so I have an item on a phone calls on this recently just got back. But when I did talk to his camp back in. I think you lose I think it was right after. All those deals got on Alonso and all that. They said that after the draft we think Benjamin ramp up. The draft was three months ago our two and a half months ago. Clearly there's something going on here whether or not it's the dolphins mean here's. I mean this might not be polite to talk about that did the dolphins not they wonder of he's got the right mental make up given that money for that long time because yes he's a professional he'd be he plays has bought off. What he's got a little bit any plays off the handle he's an emotional guy. They think he's mature enough that they're willing to make that kind investment and long term you franchise in year to year. There's really no risk if he blows up it's one year and and and you move on. But he'd give net when he by doing guarantees around for at least two probably three years. Again Jarvis isn't a troublemaker but he's an emotional guy and any. The dolphins instead he's need to you need to get better 2017. Maybe they still need to Seymour I I don't know that this panel that. Again because he's not a bad guy because he gets emotional Libby draws a flag or to you know occasionally. To me that went for cooled me I've felt that our our team is a special are often is appreciable we better because of his presence on the field. I don't give a damn you even gates was talk about what celebrations I don't care about you guys drop flags right I mean he said as much yet still signed a four years 32 million dollar contract. With when he guaranteed so it's not unusual but there's not outrageous thank. Four for 44 with 25 guaranteed. Is the right number for Darvish Landry right and because I think obviously Kenny stills speed helps Landry but. I think Landry else stills more so on it Landry has been the best player argument on the entire team the last few years certainly on the offer so I would argue. And so why they would make this a priority just get this done. Especially since they got everyone else thought that that hasn't got a call that's a stick and has crawl happening here and a guy Andre branch came from what 45 years and factual he's here one year he gets three years 47 million dollars he's getting Kenny stills. He's here with your one your two week to one to two hours with the dolphins. He's getting his deal. I'm you normally get my four season worst in my. I grab or get a look at the look at the stats about well why are getting my deal and it he has a bleed you season and goes homeowner yards and eight touchdowns nine touchdowns. I could see you walk and I I could see the dolphins being forced to franchise him because he says who him you know why you guys had your chance some moving on charters Landry feels he's being. Given the short shrift or screwed I got an NFL player that's got a lot worse now talk about that next.