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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Could meet and beat him with that now that Bo built levees gave up. Backs now. Had cardiovascular mind you football season coming in as you've covered from training camp which starts at the end of this month since her Tuesday. The regular season as Super Bowl and we Dramamine accident attorneys call 1807. Or seven free that's 1807473733. Football here on AM 798 after immoral for three HD two. The ticket. Why if Jarvis Landry thinks he's getting the shaft your p.'s not being treated fairly. I got a guy that's much much worse. Lucky Whitehead. And I just want which is a great name bottle that's at York where I know the name of former. Who should be former wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys Greg wanna give the the list or an idea of what he's into word. Through no full hold of his own this past week. We might also recognizing busy plated FE you so yeah he's a local wanna comes as calls football but there was a shoplifting incident on June 22. In Virginia in Prince William county. And apparently according to the police at the time. Lucky Whitehead. Was apprehended for shoplifting. And a while law. Stored there or blood so what's what how did they get it how why they think he had dual writes in mound disputes through the the bottom of this Wear white had apparently. Was arrested and come to find out that demanded they arrested didn't have any identification with them. He verbally provided the name date. Of birth and Social Security number oh the Rodney Darnell Whitehead junior which is lucky way to its full name. To police officers to check the information through the Virginia department. A motor vehicles database. They also compared the DMV photo on file with the man in custody and quote acted in good faith that at the time the man because he was the same man mets' new information provided. Come to find out swing newest Social Security while come to find out that there was an arraignment the resume hearing bit lucky Whitehead the wonders you from the cowboys did not attend. He showed up for training camp. And the cowboys upon hearing good theories essentially skipping out on this legal issue not only that but he was arrested and never notified the franchise about it right so they decided today to cut them and so he and his agent quickly went to at a ship after all the reporters who would listen say. Where we have. Documented proof based on the flights that he was on he wasn't even they are at the time this is good in the state not even in the state in that he was working out the whole deal so they have all this document it and then a few hours later after this all went down. The Prince William county police department. Apologize published caught save effort right they caught him I believe you're dimensional. And did they release him before the apology before before there's an extra gas right so he and now he's coming out and saying did. V cowboys didn't even listen to his side of the story added they've been calling him a liar. And white Sid told the newspaper of the Dallas morning news we spoke to over the phone he was blind sided. So LeBron James wants out of last week like you waited my that in today and no one of the cowboys management had my back in the whole situation I knew about it what 1245 by 230. I'm released at a not long after that. The police department in Virginia said away it wasn't that lucky went head that we have or what. And look to its receiver correct answer and Jason Garrett saying it's still our best interest account more taken him back even going to the trio you know why is that you may lawyer now. Because that's the attorneys say because you have to say that. Which he would Demeter football team wasn't good enough to play because you say you Cottam per arrest its current program. It there there easily they could actually be open opening themselves up to some sort of litigation. It was jamaicans he's a wide receiver. If his his name was as Bryant and his exact same scenario happened he was to remember the Dallas Cowboys it's just another sign of any NFL. If you're good enough in and on average losses is this is the same boat. You're good operated deal things that we might not want to and certainly Appel you know and I'm oh please don't let me think you'll think I'm equating an arrest two to account happening did. But. There's a there's a certain level tolerance if you're good enough in football and we're gonna do you with the quote on quote distractions. He just isn't good enough and any pay the price. You are oftentimes. When a player gets in trouble. In a the statement from the teams is were still gathering facts the cowboys could have taken a few minutes we not only alive because this day they they took some PR body blows the last week right. Well and so that it's always he Kelly at that secrecy thing about Susan's so personal and a big east this quote is kind of funny area feel bad for what you went head but he he told a cowboys fan website at I refuse to talk to anybody could receive I don't know whom got arrested in Virginia but it wasn't me I never once had an altercation with the cops and come to find out this happened they say. The 1:34 AM in a while long Woodbridge Virginia on a day I was in Dallas until eleven Swann me that same morning so he uses both bottled in this items I have actually been in a while on Woodbridge Virginia where I used to live in Woodbridge Virginia had actually been a while law so executive vice president Stephen Jones Jerry Jones son Ryan city became aware of this Monday morning he said what his departure was the culmination of a number of incidents of all the receiver over the past twelve months. And disputed the knows the way to its release was in response to recent incidents involving other cowboys players. Said the move wasn't meant to send a message. Yet anybody believe now and now he's zero chance that Jack or no way that's triple now did you get a awaited apparently missed the walked through last season. Com your told him not to take to the flight for the game against the New York Giants in December because of that. Nelson's involvement car accident last season there was not a wherever and so is form by the media. He briefly posted news of the accident snapped chat before taking it down so there have been some small incidents which to Adam's point. If you're a very talented prominent player you'll put up with this stuff if you are a fringe player who may not make the team anyway because a tractor ride switzer this year who essentially has the same progression is also a return specialist. That goes to show you that he may not be reliable then Josh retirement is before the show you made headlines last week when he announced themselves I mean that his dog was kidnapped me held for ran. If you later announced missiles or read the dog have been returned unharmed that's all that's a changing sell our AdSense Hollywood ending. Oh I can you imagine is like somebody out there like who won't be that little lucky waited on the dolphins are not trying to admonish anybody criticize him but imagine a guy who may not make the team we kind of know his name what a million who's the tipping point player that all anybody better than him. The dolphins who do you what was garbage can you imagine like. Here here are being guided had some issues are diffused along with the Cuban imagine leaguer Chris McCain restore your right. Chris McCain posts on social media a week before training camp that my dog got kidnapped in somebody's holding him for rain is. Yeah and we just feel like what on earth label would. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense and I can understand from the cowboys' standpoint. Knowing. The culture that resides in these an affiliate saying Greg. Did you would probably let this guy goal so I understand where this would be the final straw. But now they look terrible considering what UN it was never rest I guess they now call unlucky. I was on a long time. Woods good headlines. Use what's trendy now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Sets Tenneco their house but I Nasional line sitting there all the great thing is the first one they make a joke knowledge about 464000. Are serving our motto is you sit on the long you waited and then. Adam I guess trying to mock you for being corny but he just said the name of the convenience or that was. Rob it's. A. I don't intended on an island resolve on out advance a two days before the start training camp the dolphins made a couple roster moves. The season is over before starting for linebacker on the EC was placed on I started a he missed thirteen games last season. What can with a neck injury that teams are allowed to bring back. Two players this season from IR release he is not eligible for that so who missed the entire 2017 campaign Greg wanna point to say his name. It's he added to its secondary by signing quarterback Alter on burner he blessing Al tried altering burner who played the last three seasons with Tampa Bay. Jon Karl since two former game last night gave him 32 round trippers for the season. Tying him for the Major League lead with the we he's Erin judge jewels by the way judges hit only two homers. Since the home run derby and the all star game. Stanton is trying to make history has seven more games in July to do so according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Stand as a multi homer games in July 1 shy of tying the Major League record for count Vermont. And three players hit five and calendar among those are hall of Famer permit kill Maru. Current Cleveland Indian Edwin Encarnacion. And Albert bell south ward is on Brandon Knight who was on the suns moments the upcoming 201718. Season with a torn ACL on the team announced that today. He sustained the injury last week yearn for a and will undergo season ending surgery the suns or is thirteen since entering the league back in two. 1011. And those are apple does a good X and headlines rhetoric and come and learn a lot there actually so I. Is Merck XP can have a brain denied what was he supposedly doing that. Boy I mean I sold us on Twitter saw an element he may not let you know lately Juliet that freezes up there on apparently he was down your plane and some like semi pro league just claim basket. And which. Raises a host of issues why would the suns ever for food and or any team preclude anybody from going basket only Nazis. It's only going skydiving or. Or snow downhill in the winner's teams are very hesitant to allow. Players to play in say the Olympics because Paul George can happen. OK but. I don't I think I don't think it's on the Internet lately what it within the room. Home of the NFL yes super sensitive they have clauses in their contract since you can't be doing certain activities your offseason otherwise. You're subject potentially getting your country terminator five or whatever might beat. But in the NBA. Or for any sport for that matter Bruce is a movie MBA if your point basketball in the off seasons I don't think there's any jurisdiction there really can say we don't want you to be doing now because. How also they are going to work on their craft like whether be in. You know good to drew lead out in Los Angeles in which we see. You know it is is a couple which it would DeMar DeRozan getting ejected from a drew game because you like the referee. Whether he'd just pick of teams down the street from in the neighborhood were you grew up where you go back visiting. I don't think can be players have their conference. Not allowed to play basketball. Maybe not their contracts but better judgment Tellme you know I'm on this I'm on a course of these guys they don't know what their deal went out you go to the you know. Ellie fitness or rewarding illegal court. You've allotted just pumps out their plan. And hey if and is aid given NBA player on the court you will rate your play as horse he can hey you know what you might foul part of yeah. I you otherwise would. So your your putting a professional player in an on professional situation. I think desperate things and kind of impact I got no problem NBA players kitten together in the off season like and a top players who they worked out together and there's cute were counts down. I in Miami in the offseason I have no problem when that. But if you're with people that may not know exactly what they're doing and certainly don't know how to compete with people about level. You really put yourself at risk that Jordan Knight you just run me were some of this you savvy wall of the game conch. Clause in his contract right where he could play any time during the offseason and if he got hurt. Doing that. They still to pay him. Putting up leverage with the bulls that that was put that even if he got hurt guess what they still on the Contra they can't avoid it's. So wished I'd be certain repair precedent for a there the rest of the players after. I messrs. it is Andy you know that for the love of the game you're right that was doing what they named a clause by. I I get over your car from Adam and I agree there's some judgment or balls were you don't too short to some random court Marie got you know some random guys who were playing and you don't you're just going to be playing in a league or is some organized matter of basketball where there's decent players you don't number's going to be an MB level. I don't see an issue or that. But there there is some judgment in these be employed sodium we don't know exactly. The circumstances here although it again once in research as we speak yet there's a tweet from at Jerry Rubin's from July 19 which was sixties as a but he is a dial 200 Portland followers there's a reason I bring up well. He added the suns. At sons witness Brandon Knight messed up his need badly tonight messing around at Miami pro check that man now again this is July 19. How we have known. You know that the lead to some credence that six days afterwards this is where the news comes out summary tweets they saw on NASA does need so. Yeah well and a teacher staying I mean it seems it is a crazy everyday and this is a whole mood topic for a brief social media. Mean anybody can break news now and it's credible yes slam magazine has. He was any pro am team last Wednesday in Miami per ESPN. Legacy is being confirmed that now go but as a pro and you. Nothing was some of those are for surety subtle or that assists I'll leave it used for your sale anybody can break stories right now that what was the skies account. Oh he you know I've Odessa. You know I found it at your brood and OK in Chicago and don't agree on price you Twitter account the broke. I mean before all the all the baseball writers and everything has this trade from the Sox to the cubs Jose cantata. To Twitter accounts and all the reportedly hosted the names on the air yet the broke this Katy Perry's recall Clinton to what you eat it looks to. Patrick I thought everyone knows Josh Freeman saying those names critically they broke the story. And all the reporters were like well you had your regular guys had a right well and of course that you could two and a. Or and we can have a nice things. And bad people they got and one of those I don't know was keep theories backside hole or not but this. One of them was like some ranging reading anti semite on ready. I know one of those sort of there's two guys really are rated search on and is basically like thanks like Jews children in the world oh my god I would not a quota that I didn't know that yes so solidly Brooke this again I eyewitness beyond being Jewish I never would've gone there yet so. He it's crazy because in the Internet CEO of anonymity say whatever you want. And it elevates what it was like I and bone in the debate remember that guy and then he apparently had some predilection for some. Things a product without on the radio and so if you're anything if you're elevate yourself into the national spotlight prepare for the glare right. Prayers for everybody looking your background your history written just for whatever else might happen by the way we have some textures are charming and as Brandon Knight. So scenario low one of them says now I was playing in the pro rams and a bunch of NBA players playing it's like drew we as Whiteside was also playing in the league as well. So allegedly I don't know if I don't that's mutually total that's Richard Rodgers a try cited detector somebody else's pro am is not want to do weak spot grouping of fastballs leagues it's specifically contain professionals and amateurs. While that's pretty broad Bryant. Could that they've figured that the name pro Hillary professional or amateur there's not a lot of middle ground there I guess if you're a college basketball is that would behind armies and and he's got the TV TV basketball tournament it would I guess qualify as well so anyway. Listeners if the guys working out you know he's working on his jump shot and nobody else there but someone who's retrieving them the best malls and beating him backed him. Oh what is your work and your crap what that's like a cam wake at the bubble at 3 in the morning running masters yet you're you're you wanna get better in the offseason. I just think they're smarter ways to do it and put yourself. At risk with a bunch a guys that are amateurs thus the name of Toyota forcing contact agent contact injury he's playing he runs up the court he slips me done. You know at its sons when she didn't even he could have been running in yours doing laps the government running in the street to commit working out doing anything it was not a Teddy Bridgewater got hurt and in in vikings camp last year. Everything ready it was not contact Brian you know obviously was working out for them but you just call I guess out for injuries do happen yes. Line the more you put yourself at risk the more risk to be home. And and maybe some of these players may now when it duties what purely to running a basketball team and earlier an NFL reporter Brooke you're running in an NBA team. I'm single players were seen riding motorcycles or you know refuted is often the winner you know downhill skiing things like that that are that are risky okay. Doing stuff that's done in your sport. And how the good of a problem that. I don't either I don't see in the wrong yeah. And do. It would be difficult to argue against it grind it you know. I agree if you're playing a different sport. If you're doing your extreme activity like you cited her act even skydiving or something like that. But I can understand them having an issue wherein perhaps either reporting that year contract before and or after the fact having a stern conversation with you put it you're playing the sport. It's you're making a living all four of in the offseason so essentially got sick and backing meeting she goes or somebody and that's getting out of shape. You're actively staying in shape and try to better yourself and why did have an issue with Jeff Kent a few years. The former MVP. Claimed he hurt himself. While washing his truck and falling off but was riding a motorcycle on. Medicine bottle garner one of the best pitchers in baseball yeah labeled the giants. He was doing and I am a few days off by a lake and off offer biking elaborate like you know I can and hurt himself he's been out for two months but you know. He's at to what you said Adam. He's got good easel weeds they're gonna they're did they didn't penalize I made in doc committee paid. It did hurt the giants were played terribly this year anyway but guess what would a guy like that who's one of the best at what he does whose contract is an unbelievable. Bargain. In baseball he's woefully under played beside underpaid but he sent a long term deal. You'll let him get away with a. Right. Or to Brian greasy used to walk on the there's a look and for your dog. Tremor that that was brutal. Well not talk about freak injuries and I was you say some of freak injuries to be excuses that are made for them yeah I don't know I believe Brian Griese now on well I mean that's why we each one of those and I say. At the crazier the story sounds. The lord Lindsay to bank well he probably was doing something else who visitor who was it dead ten jumped out of a second story balcony and yeah is trying to save somebody out news more data Oppenheimer. That was so for USC yeah some are for US senate it was a USC's defensive back core believed was a team captain as well and easel very well regarded we'll talk we'll tell us lookup freak injuries correct alongside Greg likens an atom Beasley I'm Friedel take your calls on. Whatever you want the freakish injury whoever had as well but I seriously you have questions or comments about the upcoming NFL season about the dolphins going into training camp the regular season. Or any other team now's the time to asked 786360079. Your back after the us. All. Drinking Amber's coming in particular will be all over would daily and hourly or boards and this Saturday Eads joined Curtis and Greg pearl our broadcast for this camp for eight to 10 AM. Presented by and a journal of the accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. Sponsored by Coconut Creek auto malls by concierge or men's wellness by sandbar sports grow and grow and by Lexus of North Miami. Kids come work right here on AM 790 and up immoral for three. HD to the ticket so likens yes you gonna let me on the air on Saturday we'll see we'll see other person showed us some idea. Haven't that we talk about the end of the free you sports injuries and history that California was that it would it would that would that be summer after interest I think Curtis I would be happy to have you on on Saturday that because no one else is awake at 8 o'clock we put there just to get at that hour. Although you might get a player or 2 in the morning. I don't know because as a practice Thursday wanna. It's 845 now and a push to back it's 845 on Thursday's that are gonna dolphins camp on Thursday it starts at 845 get your tickets Miami Dolphins a come on the year ago. I was looking. Well the court. 845 on Thursday according to the press lewis' sent out today be practices Friday and Saturday there 820 Sunday forty by. So it looks like a mark on a Friday. I don't know why not now with the practice floor kicked big I think big. Training camp the training camp practice runs through I think August 15 right that's the that's what this is gonna be easy street camp for me ever. Because next week from Thursday through Sunday. On the can't and GT all right that's right he does have a conference call Amare got to go get yeah 1 o'clock or have you a view that can. I was there for the when adult swim all the Indian like three years ago did you go through all these take the time I did. You know to bury your very Jack's of course your colleagues of frequent close to my show and he'll be on the PM Thursday but this past weekend he was in cans and I'm not sure it ever been there. And I told take photos text of me text me I think on Thursday or Wednesday and said the other for some reason the camera useful as a working but I want to hear all by Monica's. I I've been Cooperstown it twice it's a cathedral. I once the NBA hall payment since been redone I wasn't impressed maybe it's a lot better now but can't and is on my bucket list I really wanna go in. No the only time I was there was during that whole same weekend and the crowds were so insane. That I took my stepped and I think he's gonna come again next week. I couldn't get into the the Ostrom because it was like an hour and a half two hour wait just a walk you know around the room. I would never go to halting during halting weekend right Alec. Why didn't feel as I know but even if seek cubs were inducted I would go there are due the week after two weeks after a way to the crowds Caracas will be. I don't care who's getting inducted it would be insane that we live in three weeks after the baseball fame induction diesel you Rosen on the streets on autograph onshore there. And general. So seven a 63600790. Frito here along with Adam Beasley covers the dolphins for the Miami herald's our doll was insider. And Greg likens as well and we'll take you until 10 o'clock we joined at 915 by Nate Davis NFL writer for USC. Today. Let's go to the phones if you wanna join in its 786360079. You'll get to some freak injuries in a little bit here but. Eric in Miami wants talk about the dolphins get a New York welcome of the ticket. But he got a good show that you failed to record the call me we are delighted by surprise. Including the dolphins including all Miami fans this guy has to bin. On the peeling paint in a couple years he's always hurt. It doesn't define me at all when the dolphins took but in the second round that all you need to know. I mean did you read it like took a linebacker that I keep his replacement altitude nobody's seen him on the field yet either rookie yet to learn. But it skidded at tackling machine is ready QB you about these cat. Everybody talked good about this guy everybody. So I don't itemize all inaudible Kwame he'd been injured I'll be here. The moves are and who were these people up in arms and I've met him yet. Well I mean you want all offered had not been aren't you got the part about Balkan made a mistake by not getting to get Baghdad back guys they did. They are the second round pick back into replacement. The point that we don't like he trapped on the intra court meeting. Life I think to the point is that there's been a million dollars and Colin EC this year that they could've used to bring in. But David Harris could use or bring in as Zach brown guys that. When you do that we I would point out completely yet beaten when you when you do that what happened did you get young got a McMillan if they can backtracking again. Put a barbecue each critical now I think he in my opinion out about you woke but it might be the best draft pick in the NBA draft period for the dolphins. Better than their first rounder you're not my thing. The United States and Africa. And be great yeah. I I I don't think the call and I agree he's a talent. But look. The patriots are going to be pretty good football team this year and they found placed the roster for David pairs and they weren't worried about stunting growth they're younger players because they thought. Who need the key to offseason personnel is getting as much talent as affordable possible and the dolphins had an opportunity twice now. Two to bring in upgrades over obstacle BC. And Ann and Andy with both times and an accident before I'll say it again. Yes. Requirement Millen is a talent yes Kiko Alonso is really good yes Lawrence Timmons could be a star led. Well one of those guys gets hurt your back to my colon company in public they wanna do that. Well I think that's the larger point is that the and we've made in the first hour if you go back and look at the names that played defense for the dolphins in the playoff loss of the Steelers lose. I mean they were essentially decimated by injuries so it's not about. Trying to stifle your second round picks development and not putting you on the field I big databases made it clear ever since he took over did. He wants competitions so that's healthy for everybody in every position so break moment no would beat out Zach brown they wouldn't. They wouldn't look give back and say wells that runs a more experienced. Or he's being paid more money they would rightfully given to reply McMillan so addicted to answer our calls question is. It even if you brought him in it wouldn't stop them from putting requirement no on the field. But if you think to be sixteen game season and the injury rate especially depositions that's with a thought processor us alive because. Based on what the linebacker situation been like for the dolphins you are going to need a solid fourth and fifth got a police still at least right. And when you talk about. Look every coach wants competition and Adam Gayssot shown. He's out of a straight to make changes right no bench you don't do well look at a look at Byron Maxwell right I mean look at the 3-D linemen they could cut one day it was. Dot Douglas. Jameel Cook Douglas. Odds on how some current and Billy turner one day goal on trust me that got the attention of the entire locker. It would take the first trip will have a training camp right out of the game as the regular season starts are your staying at home this guy he you don't playwright you don't play by the rules. You'll do right guess what you're not playing. Yes I did all this has taken a lot of medical gambles this year and the other we talked about obviously is Mike bouncing and I mean I think that's the biggest gamble there is an open when cut up solicit some of those cut ups. I Joshua Bell went when he's was asked about out county. Why it's clear to things are clear. One of the dolphins think that how having Alcee on the field gives them by Ford's best chance to win and to. There's still nervous privately as to when these can be able to play because they keep saying he's on a good track. They can't guarantee is that he's gonna be on the active roster come Thursday we'll find out I guess tomorrow when they announced that UPU list. So I I I think that there's there's a real strain there there's a real conflict. In the dolphins because they could've blown up outline they could've used the money that debt. That they are paying balance he did to rebuild an inch here often supply instead they'd be as we brought back the same group except for Ted Larsen. And and my balance is kind of the linchpin. Well yeah and deal and to add another name list of players that we saw and not give preferential tree no way out to Peru I think he's correct category. When MarShon Scott who subsequently are yours is going to be an appeal viewers where it's officially announced but. He was above him on the depth chart in terms of suiting up for games late in the season because. Even though they've moved up the draft to get Caruso there's been countless examples with his new regime. I since it's been in place so one other point on the Comesa scenario and you know I know that in each NFL draft to knock an errant you know about a thousand. But that also hole almost wraps a bowl on the 2010 classmen we still have Rashad Jones was trumpet. But otherwise it lets your daughter go cold Macy's hasn't been able stay healthy the other names and I class John Jerry AG's Nolan Carroll Chris McCoy and Austin Spittler. And Austin's if I don't that's a blast from the past it and and so I by no account there am I saying that they're gonna hit on everybody because it's unrealistic and I think it just goes to prove to you very. More times than not. In recent dolphins memory they haven't hit on enough of these draft well or those draft picks haven't panned out will be your team. And there the reason there a decent team but not a great team. Is look at their history and second and third round so they're pretty good the first round I could it go Boca starter will get a quality player. You go back look at the last ten years there aren't too many misses. It is Jordan being the most egregious or okay yeah but that's. Name me another one navy and others can spot out boss since Ted again. Not a hard time doing Jake Long yea got hurt. Well it was 2009 was at Alcee punted it tells us he was later Vontae Davis. I 2010 was dirt otter and use a solid player for them pals he's obviously been very good day outer quarterback if they hadn't signed sue bright. We get an hill who was 2030 he was Dion Jordan. Fourteen would have into on James he's gonna have three year starter Korea. And then Dovonte Parker will see who you know you at where they're you know when a jury comes in on that but. The second or rounds has been a graveyard it's just been absolutely terrible and that's the reason they have to go and and sign a guy like. Like Lawrence Timmons for a bunch of money because they can't hit their own guys you talk about policy years when gays had to say today about policy being among the best centers in the leaked. He's gonna lead player you know that is position and you guys have been around him line up his leadership skills are just natural. You know I mean people gravitate to him well there's players coaches. Fans. Mean we just got you know whatever that it factor he has and you know any time that you can have when your best players in the huddle every game hustler vantage. But can you count and how much I agree and look he's in a week senator and he's made the Pro Bowl few times for a for every say that's worth bought. You know he he said he was OK with the depth that senator you better be because I don't like cold air only. My policies happily all sixteen games along that he's history tells me I'm right on the uncertainty over under on number of teams at my house starts and finishes. At nine point five what do you take under. You think he's gonna have to season into history tells me right I hope I'm wrong. I hope Josh is wrong as well but if I had to pay. I would probably go under as well. Just based on the injury history and he's taking it sort of money and both tips of given a proper such as one has been recurring readies it serves are both hips but the wind. I'm not gonna guess I. I'll look it up which one that. He broke and then re broke last year and that's the one he's wearing his end. He's in a five year 45 million dollar contract. His base salary this year guys is eight million dollars. His cap hit is nine. The dolphins would have saved. Forbid if they had moved on from men and then they wanted to free and clear. His Al is next year that's the dolphins have to make a decision on my county this year. They know have and I just a two million dollar cap hit a cut and after the season and hear his case on what exactly pounds he can do right now is training camp is almost under way he's been able to. I'm Ron he's I mean he's doing everything they needed dude kind of show that is good shape and feeling good and feel stronger. And you know you know right now it's like that. A final check of the seeing. Exactly or at once we get those results and I feel kind of move forward after. We're gonna play some more gay sound when we come back Anthony in Miami you hold on others welcome to join. 786360079. You're listening to the second or back up to list. And there are only a few hours left in my discounted general admission tickets for the 2017. Red kite festival and powered by Ford on December 2 and third. And when it's cold. Are you able to buy tickets at full storms rip tide will be bigger and better than you ever imagined. Get 29 dollar discount a general admission tickets now hurry over to the ticket Miami dot com both. For the pre sale ends in just a few hours that's the ticket Miami dot com Frito here. Alongside Greg likens an Adam Beasley will take it till 10 o'clock join in 915 talk to put all NFL writer. Nate Davis from USA today let's go to the phones have to wanna join in. 786360079. You're reading of some Adam gay sound as well if any is in Miami hi Anthony. The Reagan had a right to do. Well it is gone or hardware when I was three years. Oh dude I don't regret what I would talk about the Marlins put out one of tribute brought out. I wanted to could grow to two years ago when he had his problem. In the dude got him in any coach cremate tool that that's so bad I want to cut it but you what I wanna exude. When the Marley is going to turn out if we can go to where they don't eat they have shall. You win Marlins should or shouldn't do stand shirts are we paid minimum order a big old old the other beta. That's me I'm sure you want to get things that Monica and yeah. And it didn't it show leg where great vigil on the stand a little bush preempt. In this day in which banned it overrun and they wouldn't I mean in outlook wondered are beat up man in order all of them around on the ball fruit. But yet I was in Texas is applying normally in Texas now I know long term a part of shall. Yeah yeah you're right it is it would take too but I don't trade him. I do actually that I really a map the Marlins did they have renewed it would go to campaign. No I'm talking thousands of people there's there's there's a few fans here and there sprinkled in but it's not like win Dawson. This is only when the Yankees don't travel day of fans everywhere in the red socks the cubs and the cardinals mean there's certain fan bases that have a significant presence. And away ballparks anywhere in the country the Marlins have Marlins man. An attitude of the bride sprinkle and comes went to Milwaukee aero I was of where they go just a while ago. It was Cincinnati and there were more it was a console game base would appear on the road rules console game. As more people in the stands. Or Milwaukee. Well even in an amateur and I'm miles apart hearing Joseph block interviewed the day after game seven of the World Series and he said Dave if you listen back to the final call his final battle of that Al workers' rights slips and gets the out at first. Rizzo he said it would is a strange experience for him because there in Cleveland. And if you listen. You normally are on the road game if the road team is about to win a huge game I bet it's silence right he said it's if you would and wouldn't know it sound like they're Wrigley Field is there's so many coast fans cheering as a lasso was occurring at a federal law office he was giving that final out when the cubs came here when the cubs clubhouse trying to couple injuries or Nolan Kasper portions of former Marlins play by play guy has been the cubs upper. I think like at 1113 near some like that. And he had a long talk and he said that same thing he said it was 60% cubs fans this is in Cleveland for game game seven of the World Series. And it was a majority it was a cubs home crowd base yet has cavaliers and cabbages Indians fans and there are fans in Cleveland the or stand down America right. Imagine if if in Miami in game seven that the moral stance sold all or it's kind of hell we would take. That's only people like my with a body that took me. Was EC he went to Cleveland for game seven and that was just the convoy hundreds and hundreds of cars now going hang on Easton turnpike and I said what do you pay for the tickets. Whatever whenever. Loving care that was the thing you're so many people the wanted to be there to witness the history. Very you know and I'm not a minority has this luxury but did the price wasn't an issue there like this is a once in a lifetime thing I wanna be there to see. Okay if if if if the Indians salary thousands of dollars were shot right if the Indians down Rio when their tickets went to. I understand you don't wanna go we've if you could turn a balk is it was game seven you said that's how I. I don't pay any I was in Chicago on my own season tickets for the cubs and was game seven in Wrigley. And they haven't won a World Series yet that reduced as a baseball I have all I don't I don't I guess there will be some point when even meet even I would sell the tickets. If someone so I'll give you maximum dollars per year of tickets. And Osama said. 20000 dollars for your pair of tickets weigh as much of a concert exam. Shall happily concern to capped at twenty grand. Rattle our bring all your friends are washed together and sold 101000 dollar G Apollo some places were charging like 500 dollars admission on Wrigley Natalie give that bird for 500 bucks to order people Stan grant right there and do so freedom let's tell let's go back to the phones Valdez is in Pompano Beach show Valdez welcome as a. These legitimate right bill or good. Great great great great economic course in the record books it is called. Now other global cooling and so won the next challenge to salute so there's just so awful it looks good and try to even par or produce. I mean we've yeah that's that's that's a great question I think what they're gonna do. Is they're gonna give him two weeks to three weeks to see how he looks. And then some of these guys in these bets that might be a real Turkey to the tires on them. Dana even could wait until final cut down and see if they can pick up. Somebody from there I'm not so much worried about their starters and yet Jordan Hill needs to be pushed. Put beyond turn your radio off beyond that it's gates said. Eight worry because that mcwilliams I guess is in the mix. Rationale to rookies hundreds of Taylor in the bug got some notoriety and it does like any of those guys are ready so. If if if I were Dalton's ultimate and a bomb I would be working out. Every free agent defensive tackle the dolphins confined. And and have one ready to go. As soon as they make a decision on any of those players I think Jordan Hill is gonna get a pretty long leash. I think the rest those guys though it's amazing because they have so many defensive ends and quality defensive ends. In my you know if you agree or not Greg. I cam wake and Andre branch and William Hayes and Charles Harrison. Thank you in today's a pretty good player has a pretty good number five to have an Terrence today. Depends avenge not going to be an issue defensive tackle. Could you imagine with its defense is gonna look like it's whoever gets hurt. As I mean knock on wood he's been their most dependable player on defense but he ever goes down oh forget about you we play in the got Charles habits and Taylor to the world. Yet over in real trouble on the 1 guy did I am looking at entering training camp really be in this mode now is looking at. Always wears a Jewish warms Lee who had a decent camp last year but didn't know it was their idea is the breakout guy cam right didn't work out the and didn't keep him around right he's a guy who. Dimension wise he might be able to shift inside as well. Submitted to keep them around I must say he's a really restore order by any means but maybe he can play both spots defense attack on defense event. And maybe that's the name but I think generally speaking. Career point in this is the same I hate to be repetitive but. If the injury rate in the NFL is such that you need to have all these different backup plans so. It's who does go down even if it's for a short period of time can your relied on Jordan Phillips and whoever else I do think. That third defensive tackle while won't be on the top memories bliss in terms of story lines entering training camp are taking is something it's a bit underrated right now that they need to address some let's. Voice and sound from at a nieces press converts day here's one about the mindset he wants for the team going in training camp you know. Staff we're trying to unit in all our guys in the right mindset we yes sir that one day at a time mentality right now it's easy to look ahead that your. Some people are are talking about first game of the season like clearing up the first day you know and and there's just. There's a lot of meetings there's a lot of practice there's a lot of walk throughs. And you lose focus stuff then. I tell you beat. Point 11 more fellows and then we're GNU and discuss this year you know gays last year was his. Burst training camp hears he heard somebody about what you learned. From last year's training it. One thing that I did learn just was kind of trying to match up offense defense. Do what's best sides of the ball. Understanding. Offense leads you just can't just say hey here's our in salt and outward collar defense does it we kind of took a little more time of its start in the spring of a lot more of that game plan type feel the same time install an hour. Our base stuff but we were just making sure that went up when our players on offense at a disadvantage in mass and sinking on defense. Yeah I think the one thing Adams always want to do is more competition in and it's hard to be competitive when. You're you're you're set in a deal between the defense to fail because the way you call so. Look these guys love again after I mean you watch practice and there is prickly when they get mad that act has bubbles that Nixon memorial. It is and and their army is really intense sure there the one visualize and is. Late in mini camp. This past spring. The Monte Parker eats a Byron Maxwell ugly mess out round the corner in the corner. One handed incredible catch for a touchdown. And he gets up and lights up. Our Mac cult it's directly in his base and talks trash and we never heard about hypocrisy more than three words grow up so it was it was jaw dropping and then the yen higher all and swarmed. Maxwell and Parker. It was not so yeah I I I think that's what gaze once it was funny because that camera who was he was asked a goal that's spelled Landry. Kind of pop off about how they're gonna sweep patriots this year. And and use as well the deal will they deal wanted to hear that he's like well I can't tell what to do. We like our players to have a personality we want them to have that age and yet maybe we don't wanna you know pulled out onto its people did bush. They way they want you gays who wants his players played like at this much they can I like. That mindset you know I mean in my. You know can be pulled some more mature of the other seemed I want my guys confident I don't think the patriots are going to be focused anyway right away I don't I don't dislike the confidence I like the confidence I just think it'd. You know we've seen over and over again during his reign of the New England Patriots you know does not to be just from within division but people brought the NFL taken shots of the patriots before. And the patriots continue to win and they still have the same characters that are so. Mark my point when that happened wasn't that it's the end of the world by any means but if your Jarvis Landry. It will speak volumes mean much more did you actually go out and do that mountain and if you don't. You're just putting it out there's so you don't live up to those expectations that you've set for yourself. Suddenly now there is a bunch of ammunition to criticism from everybody else says hey you spoke up. Oh what you do about your word in your team didn't follow through in sweeping the patriots in Seoul again I like incompetence. When it's internal or maybe that's one of their goals that they have that we don't find out about the when you put it out there suddenly Jarvis slander is putting the pressure on the rest of his team right. To come through and if they don't then it's like well you failed. Look what you did congratulate and and in that he is a bunch of credibility that next time we talk to lead just access to pull stuff on your backside right so yes there's only super competence of some reserve for. I you know I think his nickname Jews is because the fact that he juices up his teammates and that happened and LSU when he got the nickname. And happens with the dolphins we've talked about already with this contract scenario so. I buy all of that. This particular scenario it's like are right. I activated lends itself sued the same. Overriding question that we all have entering this 2017 season can they sustain what they did a year ago and if they do. And they come through this and they have another playoff season good for them and they're on the right track if they don't. Then it all goes back to that same theme words like all right. The patriots are still the top dog and everybody can talk all they want but until you back it up it's just that just can rent. Now just one final point. In that seem I believe interview no use he was addressing a crowd in London and he talked to king afterwards. He said we're tired of being the patriots little brother. It they are there little brother they have been for a long time I would see a little brother grows up to chair. I 786360079. Is number will take your calls and comments about the dolphins or anything else stop and training camp. Of course opens on Thursday morning alongside Adam Beasley great likens Credo here. We're back after this.