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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Yeah. The training camp thousand dollar four days you can win a thousand dollars more time today. Listen to the ticket at seven and 8 AM at 45 PM Monday to Friday. We get the cold word and text it to seven to 81 that's seven to 81 and you just might win a thousand dollars the training camp. Thousand dollar for days on AM 790 NM immortal for three HD to the ticket. He's got to be easily alongside Greg likens Frito here we'll take you till. 10 o'clock. Jon Karl stand by the ways goal for a record here remember Adam Smith you mention is my update as well. For multi homer games this month the record is five held by. Army killed grew longtime player long time ago Paul they were Edwin Encarnacion who decided to deal with Cleveland this past offseason. And Albert Belle. And Greg you brought something I hadn't even considered about aids in in July and particularly why that's relevant. Yeah I do don't have as many days because we also operate right is always had a problem he doesn't get the benefit of having say you're thirty days of 31 days in a month. Where he can maximize the opportunity and have. And most number it is possible to give that feat accomplished so. The rate that he's on since the home run to read Josh we talk about this last week that home run derby seems to affects everybody differently. Many have said and there's this perception that if you purchase Renault home run derby messes up your swaying and guys are a little president. A putt for John Carlos Stanton maybe he was a blessing in disguise that he was knocked out in round one. By Gary Sanchez because he would Wear himself out and now is gone on this unbelievable. Historic run hitting all these home runs in the month of July. And I mean guys I heard judge say on the edges yeah after the first round struggles like drenched in sweat this is an indoor stadium and what they I mean they you know. They were exhausted by the end of that last round I mean it is. C'mon the professional athletes are slowing and a bat it takes a lot of it really does I mean that's it's as Jon Karl stand this year. When we get my stats right here. He has played in every single game this year tomorrow oh. Marla simply an Australian entry exit near Josh given his injury history like he's clearly has played in all 97 games that's remarkable in the past. Now the mics fires wondering got hit by the pitch that was in September he missed the last seventeen games on the same played every game until then but. Don't even late in the season he was hurt. But he's just he hasn't been able to stay on the field whether ham strings are that. You know squeezing the bat too hard breaking his hand there been some freak injuries and to someone that just happen players. And I I think it's and lastly show I've asked him in the past is you war most significant number game's played because everything else emanates from that is absolutely no question about it. Is number games I play by play you know the numbers can can can show up and this year tied for the Major League lead moments. I can I am that a hockey so I want her. Speaking of games played that there is and very encouraging post on my counties insert Rampage. You taken from the Hospital for Special Surgery which I don't know where that is but pertinent things new York and picture of him coming out of the tunnel looking pretty amp doll and the caption. When you get the news you've been waiting for god is good hash tag sixteen plots. City's east beat that he's on the field. Thursday morning doesn't sound like to meet that he's going on Pulte thousands of SARS we like any limitation yen with when you get the news you've been waiting for with more exclamation marks got his good sip hash tag sixteen plus. There you go out as a Eric urging companies anticipating another playoff run yeah the plus news I don't know I don't think it's above pre season games. Only man. I don't play at all or pre season game news and then just lost were in the season this terrible man that's terrible honoring the sixty Google+ and a few significant period you know as we've been discussing. Will they be able to build on the playoff year I know that our guests coming of a 915. Doesn't believe so right to go there if we if we read his article. And so I think this is going to be interesting to hear his perspective on I would. But with this and how Susan refined by UB squalid side to give credit where credit was do I think mark Kelly saw wouldn't put her purse but. Hey I saw a second there ago. Now throw that merry go aren't before continue. Was good headlines. News ones. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. I'll just have a little deal looks like my calcium is instant rampages. But a message out there bush certainly infer that he got the news as he said for the at the Hospital for Special Surgery I think that's in New York I'm looking up right now and check that. And he said good news got news I wanted to hear that he said Adams had four exclamation points on sounds like Thursday morning. When the team suits up and takes the field always what you were inferring is he's going to be there is not going to be on the physically unable to before was the only dolphin. But Ashley will be on the list is wide receiver Shaun Scott. I called me C was thought to maybe be on the list but he's out for the year already because. They neck injury he's gonna miss the entire C it is indeed in New York City east seventy street all right there you go sell. Policy should be flying back tonight or tomorrow to Miami and looks like he's gonna do it again were inferring is gonna take the field. Thursday morning when the dolphins open training Kim on the did the dolphins did sign. Al tour and burger. Say that right altar on honorable and I know I'm gonna get that wrong every time who played the last three seasons with Tampa Bay's quarterback. John Carl stands to warmer game last night even 32 round trippers for the season tying him for the Major League lead with the Yankees are judged he's trying to make history and tie. Three other players that have hit five homers in a calendar month those are hall of Famer her kill grew Edwin Encarnacion and Albert Belle. Each of done that stand has seven games to go to attempt to tie that record right now. The Marlins are in Texas and the bottom of the third. They trailed 21 they went out in the first inning with a lead yellowish and RBI double scoring. But then when the Rangers in the second and third innings have sold over from my Mike Napoli in the second. And Joey Gallo homered in the third inning did Australia on the hill for Miami Cole Hamels the Texas Rangers in south ward is only Brandon Knight. Who's on the suns will miss the upcoming 201718. Season with a torn ACL the team announced today. He sustained the injury last week here in Florida and all undergo season ending surgery the suns. Are his thirteen since entering the league back in 2011. And those. At ports. You've ever run and I he's good guy and pine crest high school island Ort Lauderdale now wants a final fourth Kentucky in a really good thing for him and again this is into a consolation prize by him by any means right. He's made some nice money in his career but he was once thought to be booted the potential you know. Star point guard for whichever franchisees going to be wind and injuries and some other issues. Cause he's. Her to be derailed a little bit so it's unfortunate to hear that especially when it's duty injury in this case and offseason injury. It's it's really too bad by you didn't play a whole lot especially at the end of the season when the suns came to town the suns were. Not hiding it they were blatantly. Taking to try to get the best odds in the draft lotteries sold guys like Brandon night Tyson Chandler it's a higher what's among others did not play in that game against the heat. Laid the seeds you know I understand taking I mean what key your comes in so much they did it that's who they did they'd they'd lost every possible game. To try to get as high and I dresses like a good time it was disappointing for a friend algebra the Astros are among the best teams in baseball right now there are they just lost Carl's Korea for a couple months. It may be some people haven't heard a group shortstop for the Astros a future MVP east the nominal. And they're not and then seemed to missing a beat. They tanked they got the highest round picks they could the sixers have done it will wait and see how that turns out we haven't seen the last chapter of that movie yet. But cozy little World Series Astros could be very well in the World Series. If if a team that does that with the light at the end of the tunnel and Kevin. The a team can't go on record and say hi were tanking our were trying to blow every game we can't. But if they can cryptically say that and sort of explain that to fans would have to understand yes. We're sacrificing the short term for the long term. Might be tougher to do go to New York although Brian Cashman treated some. Players last go away last year at the den on Carlos Beltran Loral's chairman Andrew Miller and got a hole in return and now they got one of the restaurant systems in in baseball they were in full retreat. But if your team isn't porch REIT I got you OK with that. And read a city criticize the cubs but now we've got the benefit. Of looking in your rear view mirror and I'm not talking specifically about them are talking teams in general could we hear that term applied. More frequently. Across sports are right and I enroll in Tikrit from wrong it's seems like that's an easier strategy to apply to baseball because you can trade away your your current assets four. Minor league. Fox pressure and so if you can revitalize. All the prospects in your system and then the debt that has made more sense words. You know in the NFL or in and the NBA's all your game easily able treason. And you know so it doesn't it doesn't equate in that sense what. You in all I can look at different examples working out others not mean that the Philadelphia serie sixers it's taken them for ever write with this process so I think within reason. I would be OK with it I understand the the thought process bud. There are other examples in which either doesn't pan out or just takes too long to come to fruition. Off for a team like the Chicago Cubs you know minority bent over a hundred you can Christopher is that won a championship like it was a lot of century so what's another few years right. At the same time some may say it will spread so long what's try to win now let's spend the money the whole deal. So. I think that the difficult part is if you're in the fan base that the team is going through this process. There it's like you're already writing off a couple of seasons probably. Can you really see our our fans able to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak you. Confidence in your front office that they're picking the right guys nosy. Morals that some high picks they have been largely unsuccessful in the first round they've done some the last great one was Jose Fernandez who tragically passed away. Last September but they've also you know had a couple recent pitchers that have had needed Tommy John surgery. I think. Trade for the rank guys but they're gonna pick for the right guys come to look cups and a Freije appears or Scott Altman. All right with the sole purpose of trading with the deadline they did. And one of the guys coming back to some bending tree curious well just two years later won the Cy Young but the first when I first got to assemble minors. So. But you know teams eve they'll sign guys with knowing that they're gonna do is deal with the trade deadline. And but so they're gonna try to lose many games they can't but. I will the jets are doing that this year the jets can say whatever I hope Todd balls for his sake. Gets to keep his job because the team clearly isn't trying to win anything this year they're doing anything and everything the candle Lou they can't say yet. But they're doing anything and everything they can lose every possible UCO 116. Will be celebrated in those office. Well and that's why I do Q of the Philadelphia 76ers credit for is this is that they have been in. Absolutely patient with their coaching staff there. Barbara brown has been allowed to stick around and see this whole thing out soul I would do if I'm the jets. Or Todd bull's eye go to the jets whoever run on the show they're now. Especially you owner Woody Johnson say listen this is the roster you're giving me to work with. I would assume that you're gonna have some patience tackled my job security because otherwise it's it's just extremely on reasonable. Do expect him to really any significant number games with the talent they've assemble. And rights and how many rounds in the baseball draft fifty that's yeah 62. But you're right I mean it bulls has to be able to go to them and say look you're not obviously in behind closed dorks. Obviously and try to win and why why should I be penalized for or strategy that was crafted by the foreign office you know may be approved by me. Yea he can't do that you've eaten no one should lose their jobs. If the ultimate goal is to lose everything and separates the short term that ought. Right and it would have cured did it's if it's not the jets mean they're one of a few teams that is already. By not saying it would base on the evidence we have there in the Sam Donald's wheat states say they want to USC quarterback or whoever they determine is the top quarterback prospect in the draft. Off for next year because that would be the NFL equivalent of it. Where is in the NBA it's got his best player is notified because the court once. In Major League Baseball not always a pitcher but oftentimes it's an ace pitcher or whoever whoever the top prospect is against the draft. In the NFL it's usually is certainly one position it's like let's. Come up with a way to tanked and lose games so we can get our franchise quarterback all right it's all about the quarterback in this case IDS with the jets or don't. Speaking a quarterback were to come back and talked to Nate Davis he's NFL writer for USA today. Wrote article yesterday predicting a record for every single teen dolphins he predicted B seven and nine and missed the playoffs and something called the patriots he's verdict you know go sixteen. And oh. We'll talk about that next and with Nate Davis right here in the ticket. Yes support me doing this thing about what it was. Dolphins training camp is coming in particular will be all over what's nearly an hour you hourly reports in this Saturday joined Curtis and Greg pearl a live broadcast from his camp from eight to 10 AM. Presented right in the journal of the accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Sponsored by Coconut Creek auto mall by concierge men's while list. By Samar sports real in the grove and at Lexus of North Miami. Pins cupboard right here on AM 790 and happened moral for a three HD to the ticket. Josh Friedman here alongside Greg likens and dolphins beat writer for The Herald Adam Beasley. We're joined now by Nate Davis of USA today and apple right or he joins us right now on the Orion fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line. They're truly steps beyond convenient Nate thank you for taking the time to come on the show tonight we appreciate it. Seventeen things to watch the seas were gonna get to the record article hero yesterday about predicting every team's record. But. I don't listen in in the first ones what the patriots do occur on or were talking down here about my bouncy that opens us sent her probable senator. Who doesn't seem to be able stay on the field I want to what he wrote about the patriots. We are busiest season when Rob Gronkowski complete plea on an entire campaign. Well you know to your question is do what they they and factors that they're trying to do kind of shield them some degree when he's not. Julio Villa and you know weaker collect last year or at the back problem. The kind of welcome back in oh there was they've missed the first two games. Both before he got back and always started six point eight. Yeah it's it's a good question because probably why they went out got we've now coal remarks oh but it did a wonderful job polling brought. Last year armed men and back toward certain things but you know I respect it validates the record is back suck it in a downfield. I let's get to the juicy stuff sixteen and so explain why that. Yeah also he. The patriot last year you know I went went up what you want when that was Tom Brady was no. They go out met on Gil Morgan lip rhetoric marks. And you know for now will assume they get regular Rob Gronkowski back percent all all we can assume. Right now so yes when and then adamant about it from my work that's obviously took throughout their. Winner loser broker but it is tantamount to the revolt within the turtles and for. Urged each team man yeah patriots don't sit you know what would not would not put my border. Biggest songs on that happening but you know. Ten year anniversary of those sick you know last time a market that beat these guys off one bit you break it all up model but it is out by the remote possibility but I. There there are there's in my the only person Belichick is teaching in any regards a coach is Don Shula. And I don't know what her local coast all enough to get the wins record. But that is the only thing truly hosed on the no one else is gone. And and that's run the table do you think that ballots checked his blueprint is obviously he controls personal side as well. Has been to put together in nineteen no team. Yeah I mean I think. I think he had us I mean again I'm happy they are good they've got potential to do that he's Delis or anything else. It is intention I'm sorry that that that's an overriding goal for him to get to that that's the one thing that did that saluted them. Right yeah so. I think he has put the roster together to answer your first question what went back for the Hubble league roster last week at pitchers come on out. Number two overall terms roster in and out mostly because you know not quite sure about their bill back to Rick about what they're wanna go. Palm by the bureau questioned Suze do they hear about it what they'd do it and you know I suspected that if they get in December they're twelve or Kirk bell. That the they would probably go forward they would they would say as much out to do pull it down but I do think they're probably also yeah. I know we didn't best equipped not to be distracted by that kind of thing not a competent and that. That being that it could happen more naturally. That being said to look at the schedule what kind of identified. You know weeks thirteen to fifteen that are there at buffalo. There at Miami the following week on Monday night at that you guys know up or receive real warm clothes were Belichick and Brady. Our moral about Barbara clamp down there over the course of their time together. And after the other Pittsburgh so to that that is looking to be destruction pitchers schedule. But we're the most susceptible to look through trip at all. We'll speak your the dolphins are you have him finishing seven and nine based on the schedule as you talkers through rather than before Los either one behind a coming up with. These records so may what is the thought processor overall on this dolphins seem that surprised everybody who making the playoffs with ten wins last year what do you you have them winning seven games this upcoming season. Yeah. Again my well I would trumpet the games are trying to do want like biblical Europe. Large European record I think about it Matt I do you think the doctor Feder and I got a low you know at a base coach. Tom you're a big questions around that you mark. I'm Ryan and I don't come back from the injury does he continue to send up under gates you. You know on the court quarterbacks in the other breast your group them. I think for me the questions are you guys who do some. Juno line then maybe you were my counts you know exceeded Jai UB a little more consistent you know we had the order your games last year respect and eleven of so called game you. Oil a hundred yards on the news people and I like the parts Herbert is that you guys would probably it's just a Billick. The whole world was less than some reports. Like to see a little more outside. On it otherwise you know there there are drawn in Essex south we want to be very tough decisions so while modular and want some of those games mood of the top ones. Might do haven't beaten the ravens at all or at all or are actually the ravens would be north Carolina at home in Miami beat the raiders and just think it's hypocritical steadily Lugar they're good he. I'm does not quite sure that meant a special or Cuba over the front ball. The bulk of that seven. Or that neighborhood get back in the oil. Nate Davis covers the NFL pretty USA today you can follow him on Twitter at why Nate Davis may. We've talked tons over the years about Ryan tanning don't we we've all express our opinions the listeners have the fans have. What's an outsider's view of Rand ten who were you re him among quarterbacks on crescent for specific number of top half of the quarterbacks could eat. Eventually emerge under Adam geese radio or couple years under his tutelage Hussein go to be a top ten quarterbacks on timers that too ambitious. What were you see him. I think I think Ryan right now it's probably kind of in that. Fourteen to eighteen hearing you know legal legal why you know I thought he chose mice. By the progress under Adam last year and has at least you know out of gates who won with everybody from from. Then you go. Peyton Manning to ditto to everything in between and with a quiet and I hope it might not because. Nobody can that you might think of them and cannot but feel like you know use you showing that. Last year and I was on the way upn and the one thing that. Yards after the gulf and a committed the gates is it should be they are the good thing that would most benefit aren't oh. Well attempt to continuity there you know have a that they report for. You reported your neighbor to develop minister before. Nice weapons around him with with the guys you know what looked to profit Parker opiate we here. And we don't know about tort slandered. We Thomas you know probably got a note that all the the through it could this intimate level popular at that point home you know the line itself become a chill with you know every couple Mubarak that are. Who a couple of reports around Ryan and Nolan and it doesn't you know really make that leap in the next year tour of the hour. Yes so you have the jets won in fifteen that may be generous. And the niners and in the diners at two and fourteen on a neutral field who wins between those two teams that's the. I would I would probably put suggests is the most Buick. You know they used to last week down a lot of honorable person had a bad here that don't recruit and tell people you bet it's on some weeks. Development small items that can address at the open MITRE got that where brought. I'm blown out Matt Forte pre not worry about dominate there's not gonna do of those guys. You know movie secret knock and spirit is on guys in the box because the mark of respect regard. You remember senator go to the other that would that would obviously gives. There or me or pay for participants. They Nate I I know you wrote about this in you're seventeen things to watch what I do think this is one of the more interesting captivating story lines of four. NFL fans not specific to a team but how how will the falcons bounced back after that historic demoralizing. Collapse in the Super Bowl on your print. Yeah at the request or does go to what is it either lose the Super Bowl that a little while to get computer group of about these and you don't whether that. The proverbial school crying over williams' situation. What were tendered didn't hurt last year or wherever else. I do think that there are good spot is to move forward door to cutting the unicorn is wearing the blue literally right program. But down there I'm an inaugural roster you know exercise that last week actually had him coming out about roster lead from looking at them. I want the 53. The the defense we're obviously Windows Mobile. You know it bad not very pro that a draft back McKinley on doesn't truth squad did not win the Super Bowl couldn't hurt feedback. So I feel like outside the ball better to me the big question with the falcons. Are inevitably lost in the key players. The big question is is Saturday GAAP go more from Palestinians he course he course Turkey here who has when you're coaching experience. At the upper level epic you quarterback coach movement corner so. Mean that's the biggest thing they got to overcome a bidding probably planned loot stadium might get a little bit on such reduce bullet. I think this team's going to be OK I have gone twelve orbit of technical pieces in place you know as long as there's no mental angle now. That big law I think that we really good. Nate Davis again joins us covers the US covers football for USA today covers the NFL you can follow him on Twitter by. Nate Davis I played a game on my show last they called three years I picked a bunch of people on and off the field. And one of debut with a occur organization three years only purchased a couple of claims that yeah. Nobel check and Tom Brady will they be three years from today July 25 2000 when he would be on the patriots. Yeah you know put requests I've long wondered Condo. Well one would breed the you know Belichick go with them we keep it close to seven years old earlier actually. You know inquiries like you know choice can do it again into the drop lower members cornerback point. I wouldn't they may be yes propelled check just because he's so proud of them and legacy and history of the game you guys mentioned that true. Often know what Brady two of us feel like. You know we we saw Brett Favre have a great year in and all the clip at age forty slow Peyton Manning nor expect great good to have to go quickly petered. That it might just take a couple bad it's a robbery at his age you may be that same kind of our demise 33 years you would want proper but or. Who's the there's one player mosque site a seat as chairman there's obviously. I think Aaron Rodgers is due perhaps to monster game the talent they have around and this year adding Martellus Bennett might be his best friend that's my person. A paper I think Aaron Rodgers could have a year he does this year when your money was safe to say. Yeah I mean like a source with important you know how they come back after they're there mocha float like so bad prediction. The guy most privacy. How to earn those marks somewhat on. Just because you're so invested in an open that team win for Oakland and you gotta wonder. What this you wonder the bureau that was fresh and Ricardo worded bureau. At a earlier roster and but secondly if he isn't newspapers Rupert go. You know when we see what this guy did behind you know what they average at best Seattle Seahawks offensive line. What you gonna do moderator proper for one would severely Dominic your. Yeah that that video we saw from ruin Del Rio Agassi PE TP. But he posed a a clip from practice and just they expose a pistol is there it's incredible. Yeah I've had that he's gonna be really exciting and you don't want one of the order. With greater deguzman's and the Packers. I would I would Jericho in the playoffs last year with Roger. This signing raiders got a good bit overshadowed what you know Derek are Cooper. Crabtree and hatton was injured coat opened up with the wind the minister here really knows to be an effort by what we competent. No one asked you about a Josh is their team the Dallas Cowboys. That there in the newsmaker. Little long you waited situation. That I guess more of a bigger picture question I know you have them going 115 they certainly have a lot of talent but. I think there's always for these NFL teams a balance between bringing in. The high character guys in Intel to players they would do maybe some character questions due to debt is going to catch up to the cowboys with all these incidents receiving before training camp begins. It had a great question and obviously these peculiar thing that you and I over the you don't really delicate and there's the not. You know prevent two guys on the defensive line suspenders or Patrick got arrested this off season. Get the continued defend the character of the team and then they would make their grip for the guys who broke bomb. It is it's a great question our commitment to a back hurtful to personalize the equipment that you spent. I looked so many new parts and I'm not sure grip ports are what. You know I think the numerous you know when we you home. Some guy out your organization and look what you white admits a pre ordered. Oh marks the talking about a team that got so many you know you on the questionable players. How they react that kind of thing you know Pete people can't say enough about the kind of guy. Colleen are back rust that it was still talking about. You know guys who used a new player on you that went in the pencil was kind of spoke that remark government may be backfire. They don't go so well you know especially in this area were particularly in the car. The first two games maybe it'll get off to a good start. Five coaches in the NFL as you mentioned in your article. I have been hired as head coaches they've never been beyond a cornyn are there no retreads in this group including UBS Joseph who was a defensive coordinator down your name the head man. With Denver Sean McDermott. With the bills San Francisco Kyle Shanahan. If any winning San Diego and and Sean McVeigh. I didn't know which way it was up when I was thirty in this guy's going to be head coach in a bell at age thirty. Is this new trend in the NFL don't take retreads take guys that maybe you feel worthy error was going up or either you know maybe you forgot got fire before I'm not going to be the guy that hires him. Our goal some new blood. Could be but I mean I think there's probably one of those you know. You call trend probably going to be one of those are suited and well a lot of this goes out Sharma a short term better unity guys. 45. All you know while I'm on the based group that that's organist via my turn next year being like we're trying to commodity you're the coach Bo does it this morning on the coach and stuff runs in cycles like you could kind of the new guys they repealed. You know which you are so many years when that a player's coach and your team. You know what he's been there for five years. Are you didn't disciplinary or try to soak. The those in my basement or run cycle but we'll put our heart goes I think the big debate to me is particularly compelling. You don't pocketed guys from Washington and Obama obviously has big charges are going to be to get here got darker than the guys that. You know he saw work with Kirk cousins of the year for the young quarterback and he saw with did not work part three so at least you could create our respective. A term had a Romanian restaurant or Barack boulder camera on the. I know that dolphins fans on your love of another team hired either Tony Sparano original film and they'll so you can have a at least go and hire employees. They got to Mike Nate thanks very much for taking the time come on those we appreciate it. Art don't expect argument pure drama that Bernard Parker yeah I would probably into my eyes and talking we think the dolphins could be better this year with the worst record is that plausible. Yeah I mean. I think pro democratic part of it isn't just was scheduled to replace. They've I think picket picket picket supported them throwing a record of again I think propaganda and then you know there there are well over at the number you've got to see an elegant from time to remind you it's so that's kind of the view or correct. Wolf thanks very much we appreciate it hope be on the show again thank you record thank you that was Nate Davis covers the NFL. For USA today we'll talk about what he said there's a lot to cover we'll take your phone calls also one final cycle of Greg likens that I'm Beasley. I'm Freel back after the. Plug for my whole. But I'm sure. Our thanks to Nate Davis from USA today. Roy informative he did my own view is an encyclopedia. If he knew his stuff seriously he knew every single team that was good he was a year and he really backed up his opinions and I was saying the other day on the show CPP says the pitcher and he'll watch he said he went through every single game. The win this knows that ever all sixteen games for all all the seems. I still say though that if no is gonna have a discussion error I don't do it it's sort of I possibly could have on the air because six you know because a team wants are two maybe. But sixteen or no generates clicks it generates Pete calling him texting him and saying you know connect on my show. And he's right he's a genius and it is wrong nobody remembers O'Meara perceptual. Seven a 636007. ID before we get some injuries and other an apple talk we gonna shift gears here David in the gables wants talked. I heat trade with the caps I don't think you're talking about. Tyrod Lou coming up for Erik Spoelstra right. Now out in a I heard it's a long shot for the trading pertussis when bill would not be beneficiaries discuss we need them to lock down wings moving forward but it. What do you think in your opinion would be a very enticing trade. Given that they need to play makers and getting their grosser so cheap if they had a practice and around corn tragic. Who else would you put it that packaged. So you don't wanna give them justice Wenzel. I don't think so man I mean. That means Roddy recruiters are starting small forward and women don't know what it justice was only and did. Pretty decent freshman year here and then nothing in the south were campaign he was injured pretty much the entire year what what's he showing you that he's an untouchable. Well. I think uses is a good group guide to very Leeson is a very high ceiling at the best that we haven't seen enough to them. Do trade him away I mean for all we know he hears. Yup Butler coli Leonard and in that seems a little bit quick to say but as long as he progresses each year an offense I think that. Is this starved you know willing to we should hold onto it but it's just hypothetically I just want your take. Given that we can't put any players that we just signed in the package or trade them for six months not to the super good week. Who could react she put it together besides you are thinking Josh Richardson. Com. Yeah I mean news or Johnson who like who blows would that because that would tighten. Yeah I think it it's got to be Dragic is going to be in there and then I you don't boot the thing I've heard thrown about there is the potential for. Also having just as Wenzel along with a Josh Richardson north Tyler Johnson out Tyler Johnson if he gets involved. They might have to include him on Shumpert could come back with Terry Irving but I guess my question would be. We're in just examiners scenario you wouldn't give up just as ones will be a deal breaker for you to get a twenty RO curry and Irving who's who's already. No way our desk Richard M I'm just wondering if there's always that we can keep justice went bonus sunlight but and then those two pieces are definitely. Pieces that we should hold onto but I mean everything on the table writing that's report give them justice. I haven't seen enough of justice to say I really am committed to the guy he was a very good defender right out of the gate his rookie year I mean Derek falls for putting on LeBron James everybody else. And justice earn distrust offensively very quickly a problem shooting. He started off Lester week we turn around York and we learned his wrist was bothering him right out of the gate dating back to training camp. And then of course you're schori was done for the year less yours and complete I had this thanks for the call I just don't see. Why he won't be willing to put a minute deal to uncle drew why he didn't Harry Irving is is is one of the top ten maybe top fifteen at the most. I best players in the MB output among analysts want to get back to the Whiteside Winslow thing I mean. If the cabin that you out of the catalyst for Specter's I think it's very easy for us here in South Florida. Who followed heat so closely did you want all these trades to be lopsided in all I usually it's kind of the mentality so they want to maccast respective. You would not do a deal. In this hypothetical without either Goran Dragic aura some Whiteside being in the deal. And I think. Based on what he has in Hassan Whiteside they prefer to keep MC put rockets in the deal than what other pieces can you include and I noted you know our our caller and had been steel relented a little and about step back after saying it wouldn't wanna trade just this one's a bit. You would do it if you have do I understand recover from. My point would be very. Carrier ring it is 25 years old is still so young in his career that I'd be willing to give up albeit prematurely on a twenty year old justice Winslow. When you've got a guy who. You can argue isn't even in his prime yet. Is it got an affordable contracts under Contra the next three years to the player option for the third year mean you do whatever it takes to get a guy like carrier ring. As long as the money works and as long as the cavaliers are willing to make that the I agree and I mean he's he's one of the best players around. Look he's that he's shooting guard disguises point there may be mislabeled as a point guard now she's he's a shoot first guy. One of the best guys getting to the rim and finishing the air I mean it and I think if we did come here I know defense isn't his Forte you play on her Spoelstra there's not much choice in the heat culture a year I think would be as such. I haven't focused more on his defense I I just think that you convert guys when they get here I think it if they if they're soft and defense. They're more intense in in working out once they arrive here in Miami here's. And here's who the lens to which I see this I can you win a championship with just Winslow is starting small forward. You know you can win a championship with carrier Erving as a starting point guard and I think that's weighty to look at you you paid a champ B chip level pieces. And yes it's gonna take some who's gonna take some pain to get a player that however. You'd be the end game ultimately asked would be win championships and and the Indy give up what you had to get champ to put in players was. But he you know or rulings what you said Greg. Whenever people call shows just. Before you propose a trade which usually is as Greg says wolf Lee one sided in in the big Yelp for the team that that you root for. Put yourself in the shoes of the other GM and if someone called you with that deal. If you would actually say no and don't bring it up here on the air because you know. It's not realistic try to make as realistic as possible or the other team would say you know that's fair to both sides and the thing I would say about the questions about his defense. Is that yes. I would imagine when he gets integrated and heat culture he would played better brand of defense more intensity but the same time if you're. Putting him head to head against the opposing point guard if he's averaging thirty points a game and his opponent is averaging fifteen or twenty points a game. You'll give usual something defensively. If he's get out score everybody because. Yes it would be ideal if everybody played top level defense and you don't ever really would buy yen. Puts systematically of people boy good defense around and he's got a Brit protector hypothetically Hassan Whiteside behind him. Then as luck Zell storing whoever he's guarding. That's what the MBAs his days as Sully stepped Currie is a locking anybody down on defense or are you named a high scoring players in the in the NBA it's not like. There's a lot of them easier to great defender too that's right just you always bring up. Again there's a great example on Kauai letter that's what makes him so specials are you doing player that plays a ball ends of the floor but if you're looking at what's the other high scoring players. On the NBA's top scoring was it's not necessarily a bunch of lockdown defenders as well where you are hoping Friday he were right were you I was gonna you know this is and the Currie story broke I think just before we went on the air. I was very surprised I was caught off guard because most of the people the Calder text that our show. We're against bringing Tyreke and here they didn't want to do a drug targets right it was a combination earning hero Dragic and 25 year old kinda retirees a much better players in order to try and your young girl was well residents it's 31 years old 206 years now. So it's there's not just the difference in age but it's also just. The the overall talent level and I can't. I keep the industry for almost we all appreciate were grown drugs used on for the organization had a terrific season last year. And was the best player on the team that almost made the playoffs despite all the injuries literally the most injuries any roster sustained in the NBA. So credit. We're creditors do grow on drug use was great for this team but if you have the opportunity get a 25 year old. Still entering his prime four time all star an NBA champion and a guy as you pointed out just that everybody was praising not Burgess is ability. Two MB finals or go to hit the biggest shot in Cleveland. Cavaliers history that reporter who helped them win game seven but also then everybody is lauding him is the best. Under the basket finisher during these years this year's playoffs because what he can do around the rim. It's like that's a no brainer if you can make actually let's go to the phones excuse me. When racism pompano will always here on the ticket. It was our first round caller I don't question if the keyword betrayed. Them just summed it. No doubt to a body about if if if the cap wanted to trap. Wouldn't you wouldn't accept trade and I'm wired white side for maybe one or 21 round pick to get it. And then not tell your Olympic be your senator your starting center. And I am tickled pink in treat them with Cora to. Choose the capture card derby would not accept. So you're saying two different deals sought payments trader white sides of the now are there checks. No I don't know like take up arms in his contract that I'd I'd like for him but I keep it a little bit overpaid he's not a policy of the senator. You know what you know when it comes scoring. You've graded the blocker good these good rebounder but. I don't know I instead if you do that he can happen at every. One or 21 round pick toot -- then package that would go on and should be cute. To the cast were for or read much. Might be. That would make sure. Potentially mean you'd either be talking about two different. Trillions freeway or a or B three way deal in which is and and what would be left for. For recovery to play with here. Well I knew would be a lot of perimeter players I mean they already have an overload at the gore position any guy gore on DI think fiery. Goran Deon curry plus Josh Eldridge and Tyler Johnson Wayne Ellington. And Rodney Magruder potential playing the gardens and all of our basketball for the heat related to reboot that's 200 and let me get over hundreds of Italy are true yeah mobile ring bearer today in Seoul. I understand a word you're coming from there a blood at the same time it also. Brings up this the topic and the fact that the heat don't have. Any first round picks they don't have. In a draft they don't on both the first and set a pick until 20/20 threat they can't cut and bronze medal at these waivers so they've they've given up so many future assets and the irony here. If this scenario plays out because there's these 32 teams right now that. If you believe the reports are kind of in the lead potentially. The Phoenix Suns are one of them because they can provide airport's owner what some could come in and fill role for carrier ring ended the cavs may still win the east. With that cork and adding or what's so. The irony there is they also have a couple of first round picks and they give up. And those first round picks one being unprotected in 20/20 one came from the heat in the war on drug used to deal. Soul. It's interesting if they did it could be blood so oral one of the players or player would be involved with and Tyson was 21 round picks which used to be the Miami heat's they could land. The carrier ring in Phoenix senator what's so include. Dolan and the other one is Minnesota right that the other two guests that it would people say Jimmy Butler but. They're marketed. Well I captured they're saying now literally in brilliance yes but it just gives Jimmy Butler. Is the reasons that he wants to go to Minnesota Carter won in Chicago Roger republic restraint so it's like this is all about Jimmy Butler said the cavs get back into against. Potentially pass next of our understanding is it a five year deal for 148 what's what's that I don't 240 million dollar deal yes that's that's what would be. In my next like a wanna beat them but here's the thing is that are the caps is load up from one more run because they assume it's gonna blow up that next year will Chauncey builds was saying he feels that. Everything about this new guy Colby all in the new G amuses and Jia. You want to sounds like a stake economic losses real hornet's nest. It's because every Irving wants to be traded and who wants a guy on your team if he doesn't wanna be there regardless of the sport. And always L LeBron I'd say it's a better than 52 tee shot I'd say a lot better than 5050 shot that he's gone after next year once that you. Well yeah I mean if there's only thirty in the world and Albert. That's part of him and he's already bears are the key figures today I had his chance they'll probably builds not taken audibly him all specially when they mobile Alderman terms of the botnet that and I was going to talk to situation resume and for Penney's and a dollar OB IQ's the report was that -- for startling one point eight million dollars when that job should fetch at least four million and they countered with two million dollars so. Even being raised even with the counter was happily woody should be making so. Yep Billups I agree completely Josh I don't blame him for that. But bigger picture I think if your mobile manager Dan Gilbert you try now with this trade assuming it's gonna happen before the season starts. To put pieces in place around LeBron James the release try to make it as enticing as possible for him to stay current Cleveland. Because that's your only shot is about Riley tried to and if if LeBron wants to leave he's totally right I don't think there's anything you do about it that's why I brought up. A new it was partially ill may be a fantasy news scenario but last week we're talk mothers brought the idea. Do they try to trade LeBron now did you say hey you know I won't care about Carrie we'll get or LeBron and will masters essence forever hit the reset it and because we can see the writing on the wall which seems insane consider that been a three straight can be fun but if your team. As great as LeBron has really got a couple minutes here. Do you give the ritual Brian knowing that he's likely gonna be with you for one year how much you give up. For a wild years you would have had discussions with LeBron before I don't know I don't think you would commit to a 'cause he has the way of history no trade clause right. I'm it's it's interesting thought process that their cavaliers they. As of you know last Thursday. Or yell I guess now the we know the time on a little differently but before they heard the tiring wanted to leave right they probably never even one of fathom. This is opposed to a detachable outcome of this would now it's like well the bronze leaving next offseason anyway carries on like we're gonna rebuild Iraq Kevin Love. That that was the crazy thing is do you think the that the Celtics who were obviously and Paul George sweepstakes are kicking themselves now in being. They take much when he says this. You know even if LeBron Terry stadium they would at least give capped the cavaliers are raw and for sure and now it sounds like with all their assets they may be in retiree. Mix as well. As nomads of Isiah Thomas goes from Celtics the cavs. Anyway what lasso intriguing sinners and his MB offseason either so what I gipper LeBron is a bronze aka the signed a multiyear deal. With anybody anybody to waive his thing he's given you what he wants to the next offseason and he's who examined the landscape. Before he does. Yes so he's not gonna commit to anything in July 2017 well unless you can out of Houston. And a boat crew that's right fellas that's gonna do it Adam thank you very much and LC one training camp ends late should wait to prepare for Greg likens they Hugh Grant skid more Santee appreciated all the did I'm Josh Freeman coming up next. ESPN radio.