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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Right right into the Josh Freeman. Alongside the Miami herald's very Jackson really take you up until 10 o'clock. And man we got so much to talk about today as day one of 2017. Dolphins training camp officially in the books Berry was out they're gonna break it all down we got all sorts of sound bites. Near madam gay Stephen Ross Ryan ten hill. Among many others who spoke today tell you all about what happened at practice some of the story lines that are emerging. And of course Sartre many other topics across. The world of sports everything that's going on if you wanna join the program he can do so by giving us a call 786360079. 67974. 67974. Or if you want you can reach out to me on Twitter as well and Greg likens. And Philip for Josh nine to be back tomorrow night you know beyond and looking forward to that would very. I got that first of all welcome you here I know you've been doing shows for a while 79 reasons not not anything new blood. It's fun for the first time you and are working together and we've known each other for a long time. I read your real work constantly because you absolutely have everything covered. From beginning to end in terms of sports down here in South Florida but it's a pleasure to work with you tonight. Thanks a pleasure to work with you too and it's appropriate that we're together the first they adult constraining candidates. Whose deaths. The government is dolphins' practice do you over the years yes and today started on an exciting note with Dovonte Parker catching along as so right then and arrows ready to start bringing up Super Bowl. You know I have my machine you know it's churning them out one by one and there were probably a thousand fans are so I started giving about it. Right I mean that that much excitement to it he talked about things he won a seat from the steam. That would have to be near the top of the list the dynamic combination of ten hill to Parker Parker finally developing into that. Legitimate number one receiver obviously he's not going to be Julio Jones. But that they can get someone. In the conversation. In the next year under Julio Jones then you're on the supper. Yes and you don't live up to real fourteenth overall pick a couple of years ago entering your number three. It will get into all the different story lines but I do think did one of the big story lines from a roster standpoint. Will be the potential emergence of him and Jordan Phillips who's resurrecting their thirty years both the high expectations first and second round pick. And both who have shown flashes. That they can be really good players bowl. Physically have what it takes to be really good players the question is from. A professionals and standpoint a maturity standpoint a consistency standpoint I think both those guys will be looking for. Quite have been having a a spot channel on them to see how they develop the strength there. With Phillips is not only consistency will we have the energy in the stamina to give you forty quality snaps a game. As opposed to the twenty to thirty that he could be boarded Darrel Mitchell was here. And sue said today that he seen certainly renewed focus from Jordan Phillips he says he's serious about his job than even sue admitted we're not gonna see the results of this until the games start September October so we're not going to know whether this is the same. Jordan Phillips who flashed one out of five plays used very good three was mediocre one he was below average are we suddenly gonna seed transformational and Jordan built. And the other thing Greg that concerns me is what's behind. 'cause there's just so little defensive tackle behind soon Phillips there's another person in the equation. I Julius warns Lee told me today that even though the dolphins have always listed him as a defensive end. He's now the offensive tackle so basically behind Phillips and sue you have to lay around rookies. In god show and Vincent Taylor you have Nick Williams is a journeyman who got pushed around a Pittsburgh playoff game. You have duly sworn sleep. And you have Lawrence quite a who's a former British track and field star who lost his job with the Arizona Cardinals because he parked in Bruce arrogance parking spot. Of all things up after those with a five. You know it's it's an odd fact cast of characters you have competing to be your number three defensive tackle. But they're talking to the dolphins at my understanding is that they're gonna look at these guys for a couple weeks if they're not happy with what they have. And I think you'll see them sign or trade for a number three defensive tackle there are guys out there Dan Williams who had. Obviously success in Arizona and Oakland Paul Soliai who would love to be back Jared dodger is out there but I don't think the dolphins have much interest. Roy Miller the former jaguar starter who worked out last week does that position concern you. It does Saddam would do Vickers is at least as we evaluate those names that you mention. Proven commodities there and it wing. One of my big question marks entering this whole season is Jordan built some whether he is going to flourish in a starting role now that it is. Definitely he is alongside Ndamukong Suh. If bird of questions about him. And we don't know what pace behind him than I did get all compounds itself. When you take a look at the entire situation outside of Madonna consider. And linebacker now question not that anyone assume the column EC would be able would be healthy for all sixteen games and the dolphins did believe. He was going to be able to play at some point this year they thought it would be early on even Adam Gayssot today it was a surprise we found out. This week that the test results on the next showed that he was a ways away from playing so he's on high are now out for the year. And today one of the surprises Greg was we some might call. Take first team snaps at linebacker during the initial team drills everyone just assumed that rate Kwon McMillan. Would start he's still the front runner but this is going to be a legitimate competition gay said. He wants to take a look at McMillan obviously noble Hewitt. And might call the dolphins view holds more than just a special teams player they think that he can becoming capable defensive player now that being said of Mike hill start to be shocked. You know I would think it would likely be McMillan I think he would would have an outside chance they did like MW plate second apple last year. But I think the ideal thing for them would be if McMillan has a really good pre season and settles in either at Mike linebacker or strong site. And we it's we've seen them do this well last year's wellness coaching staff -- where I noted you know where we also get into who were the first team offensive line but. But guard position I think will be fluid throughout the practices I would imagine the same thing with the linebackers read all the different position battles and what we saw at least in day one. Out in Davie book before get to that let's get ahead Lutz. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Has buried or just discussing the Miami Dolphins kicked off their 2017. Training camp this morning in Davie with practice number one of the new season. And they are largely healthy as Mike pouncing Rashad Jones both worked on the side with trainers mainly as a precaution. Meanwhile Anthony Fasano was excused from practice for personal reasons quarterback or Centennial said his left knee feels really good and that there haven't been any changes in his health. Since he returned to action this spring. In other news owner Stephen Ross addressed a number of topics with the media today including Jarvis Landry saying he's unsure whether Lander will be signed a new contract. Before the season began its. Elsewhere in the NFL Steelers running back Libya bell did not report to Pittsburgh's training camp today after failing to reach agreement on a long term deal this off season. He is yet to sign his twelve point 12 million dollar franchise tender. To baseball were a day after scoring your franchise record 22 runs and win over the Rangers the Marlins return home tonight to open up weekend's series against the reds Cincinnati users to an eleven sincere also break while Miami is coming off before and two road trip. Lefty Chris O'Grady takes amount for the fish. And he'll be opposed by Robert Stephenson first pitch is set for just a few minutes from now. Coming up at Marlins park and those are your headlines so in conjunction with talking more. About dolphins training camp the first practice Berry was out there covering everything. Let's get to our Coconut Creek auto mall training camp update Coconut Creek ought to Mel auto mall friendly and knowledgeable the price you want sponsored by. Sand bar grille and coconut grove Paul with a fish taco. Named the best sports or 2017. By the Miami new times by Hans year's men's wellness EDT got you sideline. Get back in the game cots year's men's dot com and by Lexus of North Miami. And amazing. Automotive experience so with that in mind let's start with one of them the big storyline is bury you kicked things off tonight by mentioning Dovonte Parker's name this'll Adam gay said to say about the third year wide receiver and his performance. Entering this training camp and of course and they want. Just seeing him. Come and you. Really to toe with him with just his body in and how can you looks and it was attitude in music. In that news editor today he's prepared all summer and you know. These guys going down here for a while they took a little bit of a break it all sounds like the majority of our. Hand out all summer working together. I think he was not looking they have a decent chance. In the last last night when I talked on the news. He was ready to capture at work. All right so looters coach gates talking about the vaunted Parker and really it was his rob Parker Berry was also about the rest of the skill position players and maybe. He goes for both sides of the ball depending on the didn't. Reference players specifically but a lot of guys staying in South Florida around the facility throughout the offseason to get an extra work in anticipation embassies. Yet this began and mark trying to an Angel said that he was throwing to guys back in March at the nova southeastern facility fielder Jason. The dolphins fields I talked to Ryan alone for a little bit last month when he said about Parker. The line he used what it's like we had a Ferrari with four flat tires and he says now we're finally seeing the speed. There we knew that he had. Op I'll give you story on the last day of the offseason program and hill told me when opt out and gays and said is that mirrors Dovonte really fast. You know and can ride in his life he's really fast. So this been something of a transformational because of the injuries in the past obviously with the legs in the hamstring in the went. We never got a true sense of Dovonte speed we always knew that obviously he could rise for balls we'd seen. Few flashes of the speed like that touchdown in the Baltimore game in his rookie year we hadn't seen consistently. Like we have in the sox' season. Now today second play of training camp. Can hill throws a perfect ball. Into the corner of the end zone. Parker lunges forward extends over Zabian Howard makes that catch it's what you would call a very good to. NFL touchdown. Pass and catcher you're watching it you know is alive regular season game. And that passed the mile we see Mora from Parker you'd like to think that the two of them would be able we get. Close to double figures and touchdowns this year as a deal ought not well above. Yes and it's you know again are are always warn people and I think you would agree that we can't get too high or too low about some Wii's training camp practices right. But the same time you would much rather have an extremely positive start especially on offense because. Typically. And for president attending these practices you can vouch for what do you have in and out they're typically what happens is the defense is ahead of the offense in the very beginning and in the offense has the work out some kinks and all the solo stuff but. This sound like it was the opposite of that. They're the offense in year two now. Four under at a decent this system at a really high comfort level and you just described. An awesome way to start training camp in 2017. With ten you know making a connection with. Parker down the field I know that there's been such a magnifying glass and so much attention paid on. Ten hill's ability to push the ball down the field in his career. And so I don't wanna make too much this this wasn't your you know fifty plus yard touchdown but. I I would have to say that if you're looking for anything encouraging right off the bat for them to do this that's that's a nice way to start the new season for the dolphins this year. No question about it and I think the whole narrative about ten you know not being good deep ball or you and I both seen the metrics that's not true right is deep balls been good to the last couple Beers above average. By NFL standards. One point that was made to view the writers today. By dolphins executive was a look how much more comfortable and confident and assertive. Can hill is with a coach who believes in him compared to the last guy and I think that's made a real difference because rank and he'll always knew that Joseph films not a believer. He knew that the preference of the old then was to go out and draft their car which obviously the dolphins ended up not doing. He knows this coach believes in him so not only is there a better comfort level in the second year in case the system. But he also know that he knows that gays as is back which is one of the first things gay set him when he met with them last January. It met somebody had. 91. Of the reasons he's been so successful is that. He communicates very well and he doesn't sugarcoat anything so whatever he thinks he's gonna tell you and you bury you brought up a really good point about gays having faith in Ryan ten ill because that's one of the things. It's always bugged me about Ryan tanning hill's career because I can find plenty of reasons to criticize Ryan ten or critique him in terms of his play on the field. But when you examine what's happened behind the scenes in terms of not just Joseph film and the bill lasers the offensive coordinator. And then we find out after the fact that they won't allow him to make changes to the play at the line of scrimmage it's like. How on are you expected added to developing your franchise quarterback when the front office is paid him as such it if you're not allowing him to do one of the basic tenements of all of what you expect from a franchise quarterback. So to that point I I was so happy to hear you say that and then follow through. This previous first here and before 100 got hurt and now entering 2017. That he believes in him ten hills responding and that there are allowing him to do what you expect from a guy he's being paid that way. And we both remember the funny line from Greg Jennings saying that Daniel was quote baby to you know that I had a pacifier. In his first three years of the league. But you can see the confidence rising and Ryan because of the faith to gaze has tournament because of visibility exchange place couple interest in things ten hill said today he said I do feel like it's my offense and might team. Great we've been around the sky before I don't think he's ever made a comment quite like that now where he's talked of the himself. As being the leader of this group Isa I love the fact that the guys come up to me. And say to me hey look what I'm doing watch me. Almost is a ten hill is a second coach on the field. That's what you need to from a quarterback Rich Gannon made the point to me last year. At some of the best quarterbacks not only obviously have the scale. But also have this element of respect in the locker room doesn't always have to be the year but something between respect in the year where the players want the admiration in approval of their starting quarterback. I'm not church all the way there yet with ten helmet it's certainly getting there it's much more so than it was a year ago right. Yes yes for sure and it all off a bigger picture look imperious if we remove football from the equation. I want our audience is to mistake about their own every day life the workplace wherever they're going to work. And by no means do you need to have your supervisor your boss whoever's in charge. Outwardly displaying. His support or her support a view. But imagine how much better you feel and how much more effective you can be that's a W effective if it's the other way around but if you have that faith and there's positive reinforcement so. I think did while you may be you know and some might argue he's being paid well he's real performer at the highest level regardless. I take all the of those things even though there smaller very important when it comes the psyche of Danielle as you just described very. You know he's speaking now like he is in command of things with that in mind I wanna get to a more sound but before we hit the commercial break. This is what Adam gates had to say. Earlier today about how rights and it looks vs asking that they might mainly about the knee. But this is what he said about how tanning it looks after day one of training camp. These are attracted me about three times complete calls so. It's just more comfortable list. Everything else and in see that it's including twelve model. Mean those guys to average out that communication was really good today it's it's something I don't. Wasn't quite right on what happened. You know the defense plays right. Did you how to talk to each other's cars are usually got to do justice no they're making those changes animals coaches have to make. There are. Come immediately got to do this is necessary and your likeness and for those like it's not only in its just that route skilled guys you know. Just that possibility. If they have an idea what's going on it's like flash and walking in this list. All right. We're going with this caucuses work when things don't quite right what's current and other kind of one step ahead. And yes it was fun time go through that it is those guys look like we just had to go to Italy British. Yeah it looked really comfortable in. Speed practices. Barrett to renew caught up sometimes and hearing you know coach speak move we hear certain phrases or certain terms. Terminology being utilized every year at this time by. I do believe that is just makes sense if you look at it you know very straightforward for history burst report manner that. Second Europe and often to system or second year doing anything there's going to be higher comfort level. And here at a basis every today sounds like the players are chomping a debate team and be ahead of their coach when it comes of their first practice in knowing what's going yes. And for those who wonder than he was no issue at all today there really hasn't been since may we haven't seen any evidence. A diminish mobility it's funny tanning hill got the obligatory question today about the knee east and I knew I was gonna get that its spine and then someone said OK how's your other neat. So that's by two but can help me clearly said he still wants to run. And I asked Ryan last month are you going to encourage gays to still run read options and do all the things he did. For the knee injury even while wearing that brace. He's an absolutely. 100% we've been running her full gamut of run plays and that includes zone read play action inside zone outside zone everything we've always done we're going to continue to do. So I guess the question is how always slide right that's going to be question. With the brakes and will gates ultimately feel the comfort level in running as many read options as he would've Ron if this knee injury never happened. All very good questions and certainly you reference French generals Thomas will have those of for everybody coming up here very shortly Rainier from what a Ryan tail had to say but I agree until he gets hit for the first time then it could be an entirely different story there Centennial tells of course they're nocturnal and gated until. A team scenario but lots of story lines and different news items to talk about after day one of dolphins training camp including. The owner Stephen Ross addressing the media for the first time at least to start this season. And had many different things to say talk to a Jarvis Landers contract situation also. Questioner whether. Miami and South Florida is a good sports town world hear the sound next very Jackson alongside Greg likens filled in for Josh Freeman we back here on seven and detect. 710 and zero launch site Jarrius Jackson filling in Hayward shot for his comeback tomorrow night by the way. Tentatively scheduled a news teases we are. Literally 24 hours from now if you're listening around 7071. Tomorrow night we are terribly schedule that Antoine Walker join us on the program former. Champion with the heat he's gone through some financial. Issues that have been well documented now has remade himself giving. Advice and guidance to others to avoid the pitfalls that he has encountered so we'll look forward that conversation tomorrow night oh they told walker Seoul talks and he'd obviously but also talked about what he's been up to. Celery tomorrow night about 715. Are in the meantime. Perry was at dolphins' practice as this morning the opener for 2017. Who got a ton. Of different story lines to discuss though with that if you wanna do involve the program we will take your phone calls 786360. 079 you can text the show at 6797467974. Arm and needs it to sing buried at not a surprise to get to some of these sex little. Why detailed tax reserves all rights and you know it it doesn't matter when we talked to any ill quarterback in this town it's always a hot topic that's for sure. But is he still so polarizing I mean don't people realize you could have Mike Lenin or you could add that the Christian Achtenberg and are you could have brought us Weiler. Rights and yes there are many other alternatives that are. Are positive to be sure. But yeah you know it's funny I don't think until ten hill takes the dolphins. To know are off few different playoff appearances of me because I think that those detractors. Would say it was naming him about the middle class last year recognized actually played in a playoff game. But I pig it's still gonna take a lot for those who don't believe in Danielle. Branded. Make them think otherwise there are some that steadfastly stand by him but you know on the vessel the Waco is especially when we ms. baldness now when Dan Marino. Was playing quarterback for so many years. Now going into last year of the twenty highest paid quarterbacks in the league on a per year basis including the length of their contracts there were only two. Would neither had a winning record nor playoff appearance Sam Bradford Ryan Canada so even attend ill didn't finish the season but he still gets credit too bright for the winning record and the playoff appearance so now it's just down to breath. Forget just Bradford do some reading knock down offers to do listen right exactly yeah. Was it contracts. I know one of the big story lines its entire offseason and one of the big storyline is that I think will linger throughout training camp in Berry has some insight on this would root for you'd sure. Report on this though wanna hear from Stephen Ross about Jarvis Landry. Jarvis landry's been a terrific player for the dolphins since it took him in the second round a few years back and you know if he had no Dell Beckham junior. All tied for the most receptions through the first what three seasons in the National Football League. I as far as the record is concerned but. Stephen Ross say the owner address the media talked about a number of different topics one of them was Jarvis Landry is the question that was posing him is he optimistic. Jarvis will sign his contract for the season begins with Stephen Ross had a set. Tunnel before the season but what they say it's not really mandatory. And we were reports that. So that was pretty quick dinner another fold question was asked about Jarvis Landry Stephen Ross went on to say that's. He's a great player that's no question about it I think his film so well and you know didn't hold out it's not a question if we don't China now we lose them. The loan and franchise him and go from there are so there's a lot of opportunity for him to stay here obviously he's here he's a great player. So we go let's Stephen Ross had to say this is itching very nobody Assam while the franchise static. And he volunteered that. Follow along with saying that they're not sure if they're gonna get something damn flu season even though as you have reported. Between him as Asia's camp everybody associates are recited there seems to be this deadline of before the regular seasonal. Right and it's remarkable to me that there has still been no offer from the dolphins the dolphins who have given no indication of how much they're willing to pay him. And this is just so puzzling to me because lead at seven months to do that's why is still an issue now was even more puzzling to me is I can tell you the dolphins have not even told. Is representation if there's going to be an offer made. Before that September 10 self imposed Landry deadline so what's almost as though as you said with Ross is comment today. It's almost as though they would prefer franchise him. Then give them a contract now that he'd be looking for I can tell you Landry wants a lot of money I'd be thinking in terms of five years 75 million accepting marriage TY Hilton got five year 65 million and a case could be made based on numbers. That Landry is the better player not at all underestimate with TY Hilton has done with the colts. So the question is is it more economical for the dolphins just a franchise and next year. And keep them this year and under a million dollars in salary which by the way is below at least a 105 other NFL receivers. This season. Either franchise tag next year Kerry salary of fifteen million range possibly something a little beyond that. Jarvis Landry has been a good sport about this throughout I think he's handled this like a row. I asked him specifically today would you be upset. If you don't get a contract would it mean any DT one way or the other. He plots. And he said I'm just out here focusing on now focusing all the things like in control everything else is out of my hands out of my control and I leave that with god. T you grade is it a mistake for them to not even have made an offer the sport. I'm stunned that they would not have it be even give an indication that they're gonna provide an offer to him because. Why noted the likes of Kenny stills and under branch mean their contracts expire they were true free agents. So I know that you know chronologically you had to take care of them first that makes cents. But when you're looking at the contracts of you know Kiko Alonso Rashad Jones that's up all make sense to I figured once they got all that taking care of then it would be very clear priority number one is Jarvis Landry and I think on the whole. Was this is my opinion he should have been priority number one to begin with because I would argue. Date he has been their best player. Either side of the ball for the majority of his time with the dolphins be because he does so much. And I know we had a discussion about this one time very when you run as a guess when Josh Tehran and I I agree with you did I don't often buy into. The idea date somebody brings added value outside of just the numbers well to do on the football field but that there are these if you know the extra curriculars everyone described it. That he brings the table. There's a reason he's nicknamed juice and edit it emanated from college we use it LSU does he charges up everybody around me get some Jews stop. He brings a certain. Being that is that it factor. That oftentimes they make you know we might say that it sounds cliche and everything but jar that's a real they would Jarvis Landry so. It's not just about a modest it's unknown whether he's a slot receiver true outside wide receiver if he does this he does that. That guy plays football and an extremely high level for the dolphins and he should be a top priority. So a long winter and answer your question very but I can't believe that this wouldn't have been it will be at least broached. Up to this one into. Yeah it's stunning to me too thanks a by the way for memory my point yeah as the weeks ago yeah you're right I mean how many times have we seen the dolphins come out lacked in games over the last ten years and Landry is directly responsible oftentimes. When they do seem to have energy. For when there is that pep in their step right cells that I think cannot be undervalued. Now if it's funny if this were baseball process were went to arbitration. You know the case that would be made against them which is the touchdown numbers right thirteen in three years. And he's aware of that he was asked today where do you most need to improve and he says I need to get the end zone more. But the same time he's doubled a lot in the red zone I think the dolphins are aware of that. A lot he doesn't get as many opportunities downfield as I think he would like ideally from what I've been told he's never gonna complain about this publicly but he believes he has the speed now. To beat people deep. We saw an example of that the jets game right in New Jersey in December by. He simply not gonna get that a lot of opportunities on those deep patterns because he's on a team with Parker and with Kenny stills and still specializes in that. So it it looks as though the franchise tag might be the most likely scenario I still think there's a chance ball make an offer to before September 10. I just had serious doubts about whether it's going to be at the money that he's looking for and I do know that even though he's handled this like a pro. He is not going to be thrilled with getting a franchise tag. Or even worse transition tag next here comes that. Yet and I don't blame him because you know he's as you mentioned me he's been underpaid based on what he has brought to the table. However minutes with a system worked so you know to a certain degree we get a that's what happens your second round pick key base we have a case slotted contract number over the course of your time but. May he bring so much of the table Adam Gayssot and police in that you just wonder what. The other thought processes behind the scenes that we don't know but hey I know the people have. At least looked ahead and symbol may be used to vaunted Parker does have his breakout season that brought to separating then does that make Jarvis Landry. A guided the don't need anymore and they can move on because they're gonna have to pay Parker at some point. I still think with what Leonard brings the table tech I if they wanna stop investing in you know high price tight ends moving forward. The that would be a big lead would be a better investment. Six point you know exactly and I don't wanna say they better look Julius Thomas before he even has its chances shelves open they haven't had very much like connect candor the last couple of your right. Early as well. My colleague Armando so gear raised a couple of possibilities of what the dolphins the beat thinking he said because Landry is an emotional player. What are Mundo has been told is that there was some concern on the golf is part but giving him an offer that might insult them. But yet the dolphins didn't wanna come to initially with their best stopper. Because that's not how negotiations work but at some point you have to overcome that obstacle and make that guy and offer right. You know there could be other things in play one is as you said to do they. Spine that Dovonte Parker this year breaks up becomes clear cut number one receiver steals as number two does school route do something remarkable this year if given a chance because of injury. Will another slot receiver developed not that. Anyone can count on someone like. I drew Morgan the undrafted Arkansas kid is becoming that but a lot of things can happen. That perhaps it's slightly lessened landry's value to the point where maybe there's a number of the dolphins aren't comfortable going to with them whether it's 75 million whether seventy million. Whether it's forty million guaranteed money all that being said I expect him on the team next year. Because a dolphins want him and I believe they were just franchise and they don't have a new deal keep this in mind about Landry. He has no deal Beckham share the NFL record for most receptions by a player in the first three years of his career to 88 and I know some people with Landry. My try to prove that a bit say well look there have been some of the month screens some of them on short patterns. I had 288. Is a huge number and you cannot sneeze at. Know you've ticked I mean. I agree there you can look in mid there have been times were ten Hillis is locked in on him and you know there's been some short passes what. That's a really impressive accomplishment for both of them also speaks to the way the NFL game is a ball as well as the passing numbers are continue to be enhanced by that they gates. Credit to what Jarvis Landry became right when he came in here. I guided his very quarterback friendly and has proven to be a playmaker despite the lack of touchdowns. Relatively speaking all right I teased before the organ get to some Stephen Ross comments about the fan base is down here. We're gonna say that till next segment because we talked a lot about Lander because of repressing concern before your break. Let's go up the phone lines and let's go a little rocks were Ty has been sent in by patiently. Tied thanks for join in the program are you doing this evening. Greg you know I love doing union or that Mac campaign Barry break it correctly match you do fantastic work in the weight you well who the rest immediate. Down there is still. A mystery but she beat to get the job done as talked. Thank you so much respect nicer volatile I don't think it's mr. really buried his works really hard I think that's probably that has I really. That you don't you know we got some it is sort of comedy so sound is well. All. I want to each guy first book before I do all want to say is isn't it grateful that you guys. Right now we have the dolphin team that we can really value route and watch role. Onto great mapped the mind like Adam peace. It's certainly encouraging after we receive in year one dot I will say this type then I feel a lot better. Being optimistic entering a season with Adam case then I did under some of the other recent coaches. And not to say that we didn't feel optimistic under some of those dosage is this the time we're ever heard optimism but I think. There's just a more solid feel what Adam DC is doing at least in my opinion. All right let me get it and let me get to what you've got to control the ball real quick. My entry differences problem to me. He he bailed out for the Pratt as the notable the quarterback. Is all right let you know me in the mountains but simply wrong okay. What an entry goes to in my opinion to make the people upstairs happy. You're shape battery Indian zone a little bit. As far as oh vote let's be honest. Until he put up numbers like 38 a found fourteen interceptions in 4800. Or more yards. He's not a little bit promote national. Almost filling this right now. And it Mike policy is how. And long. That offensive line itself beat Greg I don't think you remember this money back that you too young that we would know this guy. JH eight. If defecting calming. Oh what Kelvin Williams should have been and never looked up this week that they now have this surgery back in early seventies like between now on the site. This guy. Is the new franchise back this guy is the face of the franchise. And it's very refreshing. Don't look at the NFL. And every time. It pops up when it around the dolphins felt anything else to do what Miami is always JH yeah. And I am so proud of what this case it wasn't exactly your goal. Don't worry is now and hard work he's putting in our current he'd look very good catch the ball on the back of the bank. Yeah he's he's well he's overworked him on that anti I don't mean to a job we got a gun. Okay yeah a great night I'll beat this thing Jim Barry obviously. I want to comment on that Barry. All right time pursued a policy is good here in. President Coleman for years about the dolphins was good to hear from tie he follows me from dial the dollars and matter where were broadcasting from. Well this hour it's a good break we'll talk about a Jai a good offense you talk about his gyrate. Ten hill and Landers who talked about. That Big Three of sorts for this dolphins' offense we come back plus here with Stephen Ross had to say about the fan base of South Florida when it comes to sports you'll want Imus said that's next here on 79 detect. Financial side and we're. Lumber. Both from Rome and courts present road trip with the lumber hop on our jungle on wheels to CG and when your way on registered the ticket Miami dot com slash road trip. Did went online you'll have. One last chance whip terror at the pickup spot twin peaks in Davie stop by 5 PM on August 8 and register to win a chance to get on the bus. And road trip with a Romberg quote Tron from the taste of perfection award winning boat Tron romp. Rom that is not just age but nurtured sponsored by wisdom can't Sears for the ride of your life wisdom 'cause years dot com. And by live nation for music and live events check out live nation. Dot com welcome back to disseminated ticket Greg likens alongside Barry Jackson filling in forward Josh Friedman he'll be back. Tomorrow night on the program we've been talking all about day one of dolphins training camp getting under way. Very must have been I think it's always a fun day I know the training camp. You know can drag on to a certain degree but for the fans are rooting go every day but I think the first day especially. Has a special feel to it views as I alluded to earlier doesn't matter fits in Davie or any other 31. Training camps across the country there is a renewed optimism as the new NFL season is began. Yes no question and there were dynamic offensive plays and had fans excited and there were at least. A thousand people there today. We mentioned at the top of the show about the vaunted Parker's 32 yard touchdown catch from right to an ill it was a terrific catch over Zabian Howard in the end zone. I was on the second play in the team drills today. Another thing that was notable encouraging. Was she keen grand jitter bugging across the middle to catch a touchdown pass in the least 35 yards from Matt Moore. I beating court Dre Tankersley on that play and if we concede that type of thing from eighteen grand. It raises exciting possibilities right because we thought after watching that giants. Game in pre season right last year we said oh my gosh what would the dolphins have uncovered this potential. Offensive jam this gimmick deal and supplier. Might be able to give them some lightning quick place as it turns out didn't catch a pass all season. Had nineteen offensive plays. Dropped the ball the was thrown to him during the offseason program we saw nick scientists are several good catches in May and June. But of the seven practices that were open to us in May and June he also drop three passes today he caught the one that was thrown to him and turned it into touchdowns so that's exciting. Quite Christiansen has said. We need to get too keen grant more involved in the offense because of the speed and because it is a way to know it's whether it's on and surrounds whether it's on short the rose. Question with him though is. Hands and also. Understanding the options he's a Smart kid but sometimes he wants to do things too quickly. Right in and doesn't. You know doesn't make the progression he needs to. The coaches tell him to do the game moves very fast for not only easy pass of the game at times moved to pass more. Yes and I do think from accountability standpoint it was refreshing to hear him beyond tick rule among others who. Spoke about the disappoint seasons they had a year ago incident and we will work and hard to try to make amends for that so at least. Woolsey you what do results in ultimately in what type of role. They played but certainly you're right I think that we all had maybe over inflated expectations for how they utilize. Two team grant last year in just didn't work out for whatever reason but certainly that potential was still there arm. Steve drops when we heard a couple of soundbites from him last segment regarding. Jarvis Landry and this is typically the days you know started training camp reduces kind of state of the franchise address or you know what whatever. Questions he feels it's it's it's that kind of a field to put. He touched on a number of different topic you bring about a for the hero also check that out. I'm in the Miami hero Lou with Perry Jackson needs is a terrific job covering all the different sports sound here but. One of the main topics has you covered Barea is the potential sale the Marlins and that's an ongoing process. So Stephen Ross was asked about the potential sell the Marlins and had this to say about the asking price the Jeffrey Loria has put out. I think he's holding out for dollars right now that are unrealistic to put it yet you know. And they have the real issues certainly and that's their profitable but I think it should. I I love that that's their problem right. I had to throw that in at the end yeah that's that's hilarious well he wouldn't directly answer when we asked them about a Wall Street Journal report in May that it wants when he tried to buy the Marlins morals have told me that's untrue the dolphins at that time told me. And told others who last that he never made an offer my senses that he poked around a little bit. But I don't think he values this team anything close to a billion dollars well below the one point two billion. The Jeffrey Loria wants but how long was that for you to see another one owner reference another and other disparaging way but certainly not positive way. No not a positive way and then yelled effectively throughout the day that's not my problem. As an odd appeal so it it to slip of the park in which it you know I he kind of step back it'd. A little bit by saying that well I don't know for sure remember they're asking for too much I mean. Would between the lines he thinks they're asking for too much for the Marlins in the stadium one point two billion dollars which. Act that's what I thought to when I saw those numbers originally my goodness that that's how much that they're gonna command but. It is strange to me did one owner would say something so candid about another owner in town it is typically. Don't boot the customary saying the special thing to do is say hey that's their business not mine and you know wish him well with whatever he's deciding to do right we hear some PC answer like that. Steve Ross capitol's always felt about. Right and I was then expectancy for us to say the it in Indiana Pacers didn't get enough for Paul joint strike and expect you to use the Dan Gilbert like yesterday so I know where it was gonna take that but the one other thing with regard to the Marlins and Steve Ross was I did ask in the current. People who were pursuing the morals are approached him last name to invest he said they have but he's not interested so anyone. Anyone who wants Steve Ross is money forget that he's not gonna give it to you. But in the weather lorries asking prices too high I'd certainly heard that a lot of it seems hard to justify. One point two billion per team its last two league and TV revenue. Third from the bottom in attendance and their in stadium revenue. If not the worst in baseball certainly among the worst you know Tampa and Oakland without new facilities are down there as well. So this asking price is always struck people as too high. And you just wonder is anyone ever going immediate right is celeb the three groups of George mosques Wayne Roth bomb. Who has teamed up with Jeb Bush who as a modest investment in the Roth bomb group. And Derek Jeter who seemingly could go on. For the next eight decades trying to raise one point two billion dollars through without any success because he sewing and only 25 million of his own money so it's very easy right to go around asking for people for money where you have control they have no controlled by the way can he write me a check for 600 million all be nice -- I might even sign if you baseball cards and run right I mean that doesn't even one point two billion strike you as ridiculous they've dropped it from one pointer but does either one to ridiculously. Well it just seems a little out of whack considering what we know about the Marlins and all the different factors that you mentioned I do think it's very presumptuous of Derek Jeter he is as your mentioning there that it's almost like. Hey you get to be associated with me and I think that's a privileged and I'm a big shots are all huge deal so you need do is put up whatever money we need and then just deal with right. I almost expect or Jeter to go up to people like the people who were stopped by cops there have been several leads people over the years I think Reese Witherspoon and others where they're called over and they say get a cup you know why am I look like Jeter goes up to rich guy you know can write a check for two ultimately you know who I am. That's that's that's that's the line and it's a go to. Well let's quantity all right so it wasn't just talking about the Marlins sill but also the idea of are you there are so if you could maybe frame this forests the idea of an MLS team being a reality in South Florida how was this question posed to Steve or prosper. Well see Ross was asked about the possibility them having any association with David Beckham. Either hosting his games are going into business with them to me it's always been very foolish at the analyst has insisted. On soccer only stadiums because you have. Perfectly good facilities in hard rock Steve I know it's probably will too big for MLS at by US a decent facility that's been upgraded. So it just seems like a waste of everybody's time and money tour choir backed them to come up with a stadium which is going to be in a location. It's not ideal in overtime simply because there's no parking. Right so out Ross said that that we did talk to Beckham he didn't make clear whether they'd spoken about him investing. But he didn't sound interested in pursuing it he said our facility is too big for them and then he wondered whether MLS is gonna succeed here he expressed some skepticism about that B. Is this is what Ross had to say a good sit on their mulberry and this is exactly what the dolphins owner had to say about that. Miami's it's a great events that and that's what it's really don't have it's not the great sports that it reflected the frequent. But no end that. Coming in to compete with the us I would want to. Now compete without us pretty nothing not not the Miami Heat to produce can like us now. We ended their. So I now open this up to the fans of South Florida I do wonder what Tuesday when you hear that because essentially you know my interpretation that is. He doesn't pay it he says it's a great event town. But other than that. Is kind of questioning the fans of South Florida in terms of supporting another team I agree or disagree with that. Well. I don't fully disagree with him I'm very surprised if he said that because it you know. These same fans that he's describing are the ones that are potentially buying season tickets for the dolphins. And potentially are the ones who were attending other events at his venue and hard rock stadium which a demonic red in the world for funding. The renovation that Tate took place but. I don't know why an owner in any form or fashion would do anything. Two alienating fan base even if it's this could be construed as a mild criticism but that's my take. At one point I would have agreed with greed within the Miami's and a great sport Sambo would change my mind is back. That the heat has sustained its sellout streak. And success even in the post LeBron era and in the one year of the post Wayne where. Miami so a street is attempt longest in NBA history. So that says to me it's not that were about sports town it's that were bad baseball cap because the dolphins are selling out their games I know Ross's had to buy some remaining seats over the past decade to ensure local TV but the fact is the dolphins about every game on local television promotion of the century going back well over a decade the heats selling at every game so to me. This is a Marlins issue and obviously UN has some trouble against some secondary opponents drawing fans specially for noon games. Yeah and you know Miami FC is not in MLS but they've had a great season and be soccer fans of South Florida have supported them. Obviously when we anytime day South Florida gets these big events involving international soccer teams whether B. In the national teams or you know like this weekend muted L classical Miami between Barcelona and Real Madrid there's a buzz around that. What we come back period as we continue this. Our conversation won't get some phone calls and text messages but I do want to. Maybe two of support Stephen Ross is theory bring ups of the you wrote about earlier this week about. The ticket sales for O classic no. It's gonna take place Saturday night so we got a lot to get to the year on this Thursday night edition of the program Greg likens along so very Jackson filling in for Josh re rumored back in just complements.