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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Listen for just showed him. It sickened there's warnings you need a clock power sponsored by schools public adjusters we've got your assets covered call 855 get ECPA or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com. Don't settle. Less and listened to just the tips on AM 790 and FM 1043 HD to the ticket. Welcome back here disseminated ticket Greg likens alongside the Miami herald's very Jackson as we continue on here filling in for Josh Friedman. On this Thursday night and a special day in South Florida as the dolphins so it got underway with their 2017. Season with the first. Day of training camp have been reacting to a lot of the news it's emanated from that over the next two hours will continue to do so I mentioned before ring here we're right tanning hill had to say. About his knee and how he's doing we will also I didn't do you of the topics as well we're get some phone calls from people on the line gets in Tex coming in. Cute those coming at 6797467974. It also call the show as 786360079. Now we're just. Reacting to it's Stephen Ross said to say about this would not be a good. Town for an MLS team to come to essentially because then. That's fan base or you know that franchise would be competing for people to butts in seats people be adjusted with the dolphins and I guess the other local teams if we read between the lines. On bury you were defending the fans of South Florida and essentially saying that it's not a very good baseball town at this moment but. The other sports seem to be thriving for the most part in terms of fan turnout. Yes sellout streaks lengthy sellout streak the dolphins are the heat. The sellout streak is the tenth longest in NBA history even though it's been three years since LeBron is gone. UN basketball has sold out season tickets the last couple of years so I think it's more. On the Marlins problem now scorers how much an analyst team to draw here. That I am a little bit skeptical but I'd be surprised they get to 20000. With the location the date selected in Overtown where people ought to take public transportation. Or take these ridiculous theory boats right park downtown and then take a ferry to the stadium and then. Jump on another bus the interesting thing is Atlanta. Is averaging over 40000. For their MLS team and they haven't even moved into their brand new stadium yet. The Mercedes-Benz stadium Arthur blanks new stadium for the falcons opens at the end of August. So it's that the hawks. Don't draw you know there are NBA in Atlanta is one of the worst atmosphere is the league but yet there MLS team. Is getting 40000 plus every sports town is different I'd be surprised if we averaged even 20000 per MLS I'm thinking more 171000. Range what's your sense of what's a realistic number in this market for an Alice well. And I figures there are clear. Dividing line between you know we talking about the heat and the dolphins who were very established in this market especially the dolphins for all the years they've been here. And heat having the consistency. With the winning. Between you know we know based on the cultural makeup of South Florida there are a lot of people who love the sport of soccer or football depending on where they're from and how they identify with that. They're the question I would have though is if you have an MLS team. It's playing. You know all of their home games in South Florida is there going to be that same buzz and interest level as compared to you know when you have last night PSG. Most popular team in France and you practice you know who's been. The rule is of Italian soccer in the last few years coming down to play an exhibition or Real Madrid to Barcelona the biggest rivalry in sports. It's taking place on our soul. On Saturday night I mean there's a clear difference between those high profile games and then a regular season MLS match up. So while I agree that we have a lot of soccer fans down here and that there were Beatrice level. I feel the net interest level would only bring out the fans. To a high number it's the product is compel. So you're starting off when if franchise. And it's an expansion like you many Minnesota's had this year analysts like Atlanta has had this year in MLS. I don't know you're gonna see a great turn around the beginning because the chance of a team is going to be very good. Right and that's just my take on and now the established themselves as being a pretty darn good team they're competitive then as we see in South Florida people will show. That we continue get a bad rap I think primarily for couple things people see it on an empty seats for you and football games except for the marquee ones and obviously larger Stater when Notre Dame comes here. So that's one factor in the others the Marlins attendance. As men among the bottom five teams. The last four years despite having a stadium at six years old. Attendance burst your moral spark was pretty good it was over 28000. And the Marlins and hoped every game with sellout. The first year 34000 that did not happen since then though it's been 20021000. Per game it's actually. Then far less than that if you count only people who passed through the turnstiles so I think that's why we continue to get a bad rap the sports town. The extenuating circumstance with that is. The Marlins have been irrelevant nationally for years right they haven't had a winning record this decade they haven't made the playoffs since 2003. Only Seattle as a longer playoff drought. And once again now they're in this Malays of five to ten games under 500 it feels like with this marlins' roster we can play twenty years and always be five to ten games under 500 writer right so I think I think those of factors there now as for soccer we we were talking. In break about the fact that Saturday's game which is a big deal by the way for people who are not soccer fans this is a huge exhibition at. Steve Ross has put together this game's not sold out yet. Now I know it's a big stadium it's gonna seed over 75000. But there were still thousands of tickets remaining as of the beginning of the week organizers expect that to sellout. It doesn't surprise you that we entered the all star game week in baseball tickets available that game and we entered this week with tickets available this game. While we were lend credence to what Steve Ross said. And it does surprise me a ton especially for the soccer match now. Let's pause and a percent we're gonna hit the headlines and momentum up when we. Return from headlines will take just thirty seconds or so. Unanswered question on that and we're gonna get to Chris and Joseph been waiting by on the phone lines so will continue this conversation Mona let's get at what's. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Miami Dolphins kicked off their 2017 training camp this morning data with practice number one of the new season. There largely healthy is Mike Powell see in Rashad Jones both worked on the side with trainers mainly as a precaution meanwhile AP Fasano was excused from practice for personal reasons. Quarterback Ryan cannon also that is left knee feels really good that there have made any changes since he returned to action this spring. Other new ST owner Stephen Ross addressed a number of topics with the media today including Jarvis Landry. Saying he's unsure whether Lander will be signed to a new contract for the season begins. Elsewhere in the NFL Steelers running back led beyond bell did not report to Pittsburgh training camp today. After failing to reach agreement on a long term deal this offseason he's yet to sign his twelve point 12 million dollar franchise tender. To baseball word day after scoring your franchise record 22 runs and win over the Rangers Marlins returning home. Tonight to open up a weekend series against the reds and right now. That's scoring has not followed them into this game is the bottom of the third in its scoreless from Marlins park. As the reds and the Marlins so far have combined for just two hits in the both for the reds. So at this point it's a pitcher's duel early on but that can change so we'll keep you updated throughout the night as to what the Marlins are doing over there as they open up this so home stand. At Marlins park those are your headlines. Getting back to the turnout and your question very regarding. Mean Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this is unbelievable and all we're always impressed. Here in the United States with the numbers that you get for a Super Bowl ratings right he had over a hundred million in every year seems give bigger bigger. I was reading over the weekend your colleague Greg Cody had a a column about it. 400 million people tuned in to one of the more recent regular season matches between this is worldwide now between Real Madrid and Barcelona. So this is by far away the biggest rivalry in sports across the world. You've got some of the biggest names in all sports some of the most familiar names. And ESPN came out with that fame 100 list earlier in the football off season I say offseason I guess are always thinking in terms of American football. And Renaldo isn't likely to play sets that's a blow. But it was something I was like somewhere between ten and twelve of the players of the top 100 in terms of most recognized athletes in the world than famous athletes in the world. Will be on the pitch. On Saturday night in this game so to answer your question. I'm pretty surprised it hasn't sold out. Why as you pointed out your article if the ticket range from around 250 dollars were the worst seats up to 4500 dollars for club global seats. Then I can understand to a certain degree because I was biggest soccer fan as there is. Having lived in Europe when I was young and have followed the sport really closely throughout my life. But I don't wanna shell that kind of money for really bad seats and those would be receipts and accuracy of forward you don't mean right so so I can I can understand from the fan base standpoint. At the same time though knowing there's a lot of people coming in from out of town with a B internationally or from. The United States domestically. Near times surprises still tickets available. Well I think. That if they do get to sell out are out to close to it it's not going to be an embarrassment to because we're talking about 74000 or 75000 people what's funny to me is excuse to people off the news about why Miami isn't it great sports on saying there's so many things to do. He used the old boot John Beilein it's not like everyone's out wind surfing right I know there are a lot of things to do but not everyone is on the beach at as you know on a skateboard. By the beach or surfing so I think that arguments a little bit overstated that's true. There are a lot of people lead very regular lives you don't go to the beach very often. Who resides down here yes in this area are let's go to the phones and some people win by patiently we appreciate that let's go first attempt ball were Chris is standing by Chris. Thanks for joining the show are you doing tonight. I'm doing good how are you to Walker's what's going on. So unfortunate obviously album champ. I'm a native of Miami and all born and raised in this city brigade. And I would tell you guys this is it's correct the Marlins really did didn't give us. And then see any when I mean any. Bidding give us any credit for when they started. This check in the Pat Riley college got down to the mine he. My that you became something obviously the dolphins. Are growing up down there are the my dad always told me it's dolphins maybe it's the dolphins. So we have bat for the dolphins. My and we came down around the natives the Miami Heat the Marlins to think it was any credit even though they've won two World Series in their in controlled state. There were always sold off. My finger positions we have David Beckham. A predominant name str am the last four all stalker. Thing you want to put money down. I kid who I pity you guys. It's where it's worth the investment and I'm from Tampa and I come down for a purging games Dalton games in the marlin games and obviously games. I come down all day every day one why come from that town it's my count. Our guys who do you believe that if David Beckham does build the stadium. Brings a franchises South Florida that dubious success. There will be a success even if it can overcome by the way I'm probably backed an eagle on the morning about the morning introduce those from a group forward counts. Justification. Even in Tampa it's happening and it's happening in Miami but it happened and more and more areas just sort of become more solidified by corporate entities however. Income the last two Overtown in Miami is a good thing all right it's. How does the bone smokers appreciated. I appreciate it all right. Yeah I mean. I don't doubt going to be some enthusiasm Chris that you know they're a bunch of people like him made it's gonna be success that. I still would question though and I'm not be against it trying to revitalize a part of the community by building a stadium there but as you went up before Barry there's some. Totals over common terms of fan convenience. Action is getting to the stadium at least that based on the proposed. Right no parking garage is within a third of the mile. I even as much as half a mile. And the other factor is are you gonna draw people from Broward and Palm Beach there's someone who's in the Wayne Roth bomb Marlins group. Who told me that the one concern that they have. Actually among several concerns. Is the fact that the stadium location costs and fans from Broward Palm Beach I think this would be the case also. Within MLS and because of your long time for Mario strikers spanned from the NAS old days in the 1970s. Who happens to Livan camera. Right or somewhere north Broward are you going wanna schlepped down. Two Overtown. And then not only make that drive but also then have to park. A mile away take a water taxi to the game writes a book or just take a bus it just seems too inconvenient and lets you build. A real emotional attachment to the team and the only way to build emotional attachment to the team is deceased success. Initially at least that's the most likely way right. I agree with you there there's success part Israel draped a let's go to Miami were Joseph has been sent in by Joseph thanks for the call what's going on tonight. Again the what you need element like cherry picking on me criticize this is of course yeah. Injuries were probably don't. Yeah being pretty much like the rest of the country there's the case elect. Towns that are political great works down the lane but people the northeast are much more upset about we're learning throughout the country. Well look into the element as a comparing us to. New York's place Chicago in the last deserve their sport that although we heard the rest of the country I think we're pretty much in line with a ready else. Yeah it's that's not a bad point Joseph because. I don't think I'm speaking candidly I don't think anybody looks at and Miami were South Florida says that is a great one of the top sports sounds of the country. Well according to the rest of the country like all the ladies sit there and look I mean that oil would oh look there's pretty about the day did he sell out streaks took the way that. Those are hard numbers again you can look at it. Yes for certain at but I think that the point the Berry made which geez I'd be very accurate is it it's just not a baseball town is now right now. Based yeah. Those are those are the greatest baseball into the world and they crippled offense. Well it seems well. The people cherry pick the date toward. They compared to cement Dick I think the right and most. Los Alamos county in America like horse worked okay exceptions in the loser of the houses as the butcher. Bill and that the only rule book when it. Baseball in certain this sort of terrible summer time. And that's a riverboat apologists Ohio he'd been able it'll leak. And. People doing here but I mean they have this the stadium now on the or the roofs on the stadium now for a reason there are evident. Money you're here in London is the big look at what could there that are here are usually don't based upon it. OK I don't think you can judge hockey. Until esteem consistently when gas which might not happen in our lifetime. Irish republic which I had to re conveniently avoided that no this topic there is therapy that goes out saying Brit. Yet Joseph I don't I won't. Argue with you that there's certain people who own some identification they're not your. At the same time he can't say that the heat and humidity has an impact on baseball when they built a new stadium and one of the main features is that has. A roof that they can either open or closed and I got a big you know screen and the big wall in the back. But the state and they get open and close so you have a climate controlled environment. If it's too hot if it's raining because wasn't that the excuse of we all made when they were playing it. Right now hard rock stadium or some life or you know whatever. Version of the Dolphins Stadium that they were playing in terms of the identity of the time or whichever sponsored last on. That was an excuse right it was a football stadium and any of this in the sun for me right. So now the only valid excuses are prolonged losing an irrelevance and also disenchanted with Jeffrey Loria. Yes which I take is a valid thing as well alright Jesper Jackson I'm Greg likens were continue on here lots of things to talk about where to reach of your tax rises more come back it 67 item for a one hour. Neglect those would also we've been teasing this we'll hear from Ryan Tammy hill himself. What he had to say fresh shot the practice field. Earlier today about his knee is recovering his comfort level that will be next year on seven I detect. Here on the ticket. You've covered training camps in the regular season and Super Bowl and a juror Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. Units 180747. 3733. Football here on am seven ID and FM 1043. HD to us this ticket. Greg like sincere alongside Barry Jackson filled in for Josh trees and who return tomorrow night on the program but we've been. Talking all about the different story lines and emerge from day one of dolphins training camp including. Some Stephen Ross's comments which does discussing the Marlins say dole ad apostle MLS team so. Even though it was a real dolphins news filled days it's a kind of take us down a few different avenues you wanted to involve the program you can call 7863600790. Can also. Texas show is 67974. Are very do wanna Rico was text messages or speakers. I mentioned before rely on people are texting about ranked and it really hear from him in a moment. Alms to have some able cards is clearly against the idea of having a soccer team down here. I including somebody saying that they don't like David Beckham I'm going to added that you know for radio purposes. Com somebody else's it's cheaper to watch Real Madrid and Barcelona by traveling to Spain and seeing each other. It's great so possess is a game against the yes it's on ESPN and as Barry wrote about in the Miami Herald they also. Are having all sorts of a major coverage this week in terms of sports senator. Locations down here and you'd have a bunch of anchors and reporters and then of course the game broadcast. On Saturday night from. Somebody else years says only non soccer fans little problem with deuce non parking garages weren't 2017 there's a million transportation services come off. So I guess you could taken neighbor down their puts you where you live I mean. It seems very involved rights even if you drive part of the way find a place to park that you feel is safe and secure and taken over from there. That's that's a lot of effort to go through and not to mention you don't Wetherbee pay for the gas have been paying for Hoover or taxi or whatever might be the big get to a state. Right everything that the team has presented involves two layers of transportation. So parking your car somewhere and then taking either a boss or water taxi. And then of course having to take it back. Just to get to your car so how many people wanna deal with this is the question yes. And so there are a maybe either or 20000 people on it on a given night did want to do that by. I don't know I'm skeptical bomb somebody else is it will work you'll succeed. All another says the Seattle sounder Stewart. Look at. The Bryant Gumbel PC I mean there is a really nice feature on real sports news last couple years and HBO about Seattle mean and that is a really soccer Kris. Part of the country in the northeast even the only team in Vancouver does well Seattle. And Portland I mean all those teams draw really well so I don't know we can draw a comparison. To South Florida when it comes that's overdoses we have too many transient citizens down here everyone is from someone somewhere else let's true bill they would say that though is most of the other places that are the United States the number one sport is soccer. So I think that's probably the thought process of David Beckham. Our new addition to. I quite brilliant that you pro wants to lived down here as well as you it's Miami but. And even in spite of that though I'm surprised that Beckham's patience is not right now with Miami because they have presented. Red flag after obstacle after orange cones you know it just add one thing after another they wouldn't give them. A site on the water there wouldn't give them the port of Miami sizes is the ports site. And it's by far the worst of the sites per number of reasons and the fact that he's allowed this to continue and been pushed around by the city of Miami per stadium that by the way either privately financing. Any gas to buy the land although at a discounted rate. To get the stadium done I'm just amazed why he continues to want to make a work in Miami when there are other possible cities. After the way to Miami street and. Yeah very true because he goes somewhere else that maybe doesn't have other professional sports teams that would just be. You know really really hungry for the idea of having a professional sports in weather be soccer anything else that maybe would be more profitable blunt. We'll see what happens from their transition back to dull the dolphins' practice today and bury you were there covering everything. One of the story lines that were watching EU's Ryan tenuous recovery from the knee injury from last season he would have surgeries so we it's. Field naturally he's wearing a brace on his left the after practice today Ryan ten hill coming up the field of course if you look number of questions. About the B. His first he'd get a quick response everything's fine and then somebody else asked the little two minutes later more about it this was his more comprehensive thorough response. About just how his knees do. The slowness. He is really good is really good that I haven't had any changes since the spring so let's hope to see spring and so so far really well. And right now it odd that the just anymore right. Those monies go to yeah. You know it's. It's been a journey right now I'd be good doing injury like that first time it's a process for me but. The building everyone around me who supported me throughout. That whole process and but in the afternoon. It's good to see him back out there appeared Armenian he sees you moving well. Again not I don't want rain memories parade and he says since of humor about it and everybody is in great spirits today as it typically aren't they wanna practice would no injuries taken place. But at the same time I you know I've said all along bid while this is encouraging. I do wonder both from a psychological standpoint emperor fiscal standpoint when he takes that first hit. Any pre season game assuming that happens. That's going to be the true tests and not you know him running around would no contact in a practice in the environment that they put in place or date. Right and what we seem runner read option play as well as he going to be as effective as he going to be is elusive. You know we saw a human side of variety in hell with this injury where we saw tears rolling down his size and space. After the injury in the Arizona game and he told me last month that one of the reasons why he did shed tears is because he felt the injury came. On the exact date that the game was finally starting to slow down for a he said that day I can peel everything was clicking he says it takes awhile to get used to new play caller and he said he would finally reached the point without him gates. Rican anticipate what gays want it to happen. With plays that he called and he suggests does that happened I separate the century. So that I think was part of the reason why he was so emotional at Dei about getting that injury which he knew that the time was probably gonna. Sideline him for the rest of season that being said he's very optimistic that he can pick up. In year to worry left top ten year one. He does a personal quarterback coach who's done some work Wear them. A guy by the name of Jeff Christiansen no relation to quite Richardson Nadal opens up it's a coordinator. I Jeff Christians and has worked with several quarterbacks Italy and Jeff Richardson told me that by mid season Bryant and hill's gonna be one of the top eight quarterbacks the week. That to me seems a little ambitious. But one guy who's got supreme confidence in Ryan can help. Well yes and I remember when you wrote that it sutures staying. That he feels he has to do the make up to do that and of fiscal skill set to do that but certainly dolphins fans will be thrilled that it teacher saying did. As we enter this new season despite tanning hill there putting a nice numbers before he got hurt and the dolphins are we going to the plows the first time there is some. National. There are some national outlets that feel otherwise and that's a tear when we come back we're gonna break right now but won't come back next segment I do wanna get into that because MM QB. Not Peter king's website through Sports Illustrated has come out with a its top 400 players listen the NFL. And which is always interesting and fun to digest and to examine. And you know what it means big picture I don't know it's one person's opinion or one entities opinion. The rights and held. Not ranks very favorably that I'll just say that so we'll get to the details are coming up as very just mentioned that went. Another thing rights and you know had to say today. His goals for the 2017. Season this is how he responds. At candidate doesn't matter to me on. Individual stats. I wanna win games but as the playoffs. When the division. Municipal you know that's that's our goal that's what we set out each and every you'd use this to win games. Make that play Oscar's winning division and and beautiful so. So to say what what exactly is the success but. Yes yes that's my goal right now is just put this team position to win and win a lot of games and an upbeat retention. And I think that's the right thing to say very calm we all get caught up in the fantasy football numbers because it's so popular in the united peak. Everybody remembers what Dan Marino was able to do in terms of putting up these prolific passing numbers over his career in Seoul while it's never fear to bring out Marino's name were some other dolphins quarterbacks like Brian Tammy hill. It's it's it's what people are familiar with what people lol. Com I do agree that to a certain extent bill Vick if he just wins games they make another playoff appearance there isn't really happy now one would have to assume. He have to put up pretty nice numbers were to do that so I don't does wanna talk about the individual accomplishment. But those stings ten to go in and am most top. It's right and this softened should be in the top half the league in points scored they got over 22 game last year 25. I think would be the magic number they can get to that then you're gonna have an offense its top fourteen you know wake. Off from the skill position standpoint. You have only talent I would say it receiver. I Jarvis slander asked today where do you think this top three of receivers that view of onto park and Kenny still should rank in the league top five I said. He said no number one. And then obviously with Jay GIA you have the bell cow back with Julius Thomas you have a guy who's had success in gates a system. Big question obviously I know for both of us is the offensive line today's first team group with my county still being brought along slowly. After the health problems was Gregor Beckham senator obviously console into one Jane to tackle and your guard Jorge Armando shrugged at Larson. Larsson I've been told as the front runner. Offer one of the guards spots Isaak I see out of the rookie. Will have a chance to compete there and Aussie out is older than most rookies in his mid twenties and so he was saying today that he feels more urgency. To be a starter more quickly than perhaps more traditional rookie who's 2122 years all that being said. This is Larson's shot to use to lose advantage or staying. But the dolphins had no interest at all in Orlando Franklin. You know pretty establish up until line in most recently with San Diego Franklin signed with New Orleans today after working out for the jets yesterday. So Miami is gambling that Ted Larsen. Who was a serviceable starter in Chicago and Arizona is going to be good to guard here. The dolphins don't believe they should be spending much money are they made that decision months ago. They feel like the patriots got away last year with having two guards earning a combined. One million dollar slightly over one million dollars sedate feel that position is no longer one that they have to throw money at like. Previous dolphins regimes did with Justin Smiley as an example. Yeah the answer. Our. Remember the that offseason which would justice Miley and Jake Grove came in right here from local 128 million for grove and writer. Was quite with the expected growth in particular was a bus ride and I'd there was always funny to me dead. You know there is most of beat you couldn't talk January until Prejean started its I was at midnight. For the doll for not installed for the FO free agency to begin it was like 1201 virtual five there at the domes announcer Jimmy grove. Or was reported Jake Roberts signed a multi year deal with them for a lot of money. And you know it now that we believe that these guys are having these conversations behind the scenes anyway. And tampering I think we all know exist but I'd always found that funny bit with Jake Grove. Now the NFL has changed is usually what 4 o'clock on all week day which the open up free agency. So it's a little more normal hours but at the time was midnight Dick grove was the first signing of free agency. In the NFL when I was like yeah and Bill Parcells might have spoken to his agent before hand. Very high and what you think it be easier to find Wally guards and dolphins. I've had and the look at all the guards they've cycled through. From dale Murphy's kid to Jameel Douglas apparently charter so many you know high picks investor second third fourth round picks. And virtually none of them. Handouts and they had to go to German bush Ron was a long time to act almost twilight of his career make him a guard another going to Ted Larsen. Has been something of a journeyman and hoping that'll be something of a stop gap this year is just amazing to me that there are always in this predicament at guard where there never able to find. You know all pro tight talent or even anything close to in the last decade. Well and then you know the wanna go back just not that long ago but. It is interesting they had made it actually from a talent stand point and approaches temple on the field of very good. Guard enriching talk needle going all movement in the zone that. Worked out so they finally had a guard that was pretty darn good. And actually ranks pretty highly in this set top 400 listen I mention he's doing very well the bills but now we don't need to get in dude. That that whole scandal and a bowl. During their Pernod. But the good news on the offensive line is patsy was cleared so he's able to do football activities. He did some individual work today they're not gonna haven't participated in team drills. In fact he left the field after several minutes of doing individual drills just to do Carty a war. Which made Adam gay scratch he's given and Jane Fonda tapes of notre pouncing new Jane Fonda wants a vote regardless. I.s so he's on track to play in the opener the expectation is that you play in the regular season opener. Whether we seem to pre season is very much in question. On the Craig or Beck will be the center if god forbid patsy cannot play. I can tell you that some players were not thrilled when Anthony Steen at center last year because it felt like he was in recognizing play calls quickly enough. And shouting out this calls are not so there's no question herb that would be the center. It counts he has any sort of setback and the dolphins are braced for the possibility. Policy setbacks they're still cautiously optimistic. He's gonna be available at the start of the season and throughout the season but they also know they have such a sensitive area. That their braced for the possibility they could miss games this year in spite of the fact the patsy keep saying you know sixteen games as the goal sixteen is what I'm gonna do. And I think all of us are bracing for the idea of these are missed some time Wesley do you reference before with told me see. I know we're all I'm surprising he's out for the year at a DC admitted he surprise up for the year but. I don't think any of us anticipated based on his track record you would play all sixteen games but we'll see you yes you can hold. That make in the trend up to this point in and they can overcome these sorts of things so. I'll we'll talk more about some restore lines so with the dolphins tomorrow training camp for the news show what you're more up for some of the players but they're coming up next Saturday Mitch in this. NM QB's top 400 player listen the NFL we'll tell you where the dolphins land on it and by the way there were twelve dolphins among the top 400. Which you may be surprised about Ryan ten hill's spot on the list we'll explain next year on seven and detect. With the daily and hourly reports and this Saturday joined Curtis and myself live broadcast. Instead of eight to 10 AM. Presented by and a German V accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. Sponsored by Coconut Creek auto mall. My house years men's wellness by sandbar sports room to grow and by Lexus of North Miami. King's coverage right here on AM 79 inept immortal for three feet deep to. The ticket we'll come back here to 790 Greg likens loans occurred Jackson filled in for Josh Friedman and that is to follow format Curtis are looking forward to being out broadcasting live. From the third dolphins' practice on Saturday morning so. We encourage you listen here on 790 but it they're going to be out there come sail alone should be a great environment and I believe. If Forman. Adam Beasley is correct I think you and I both agree on this so marketers is completely put him on an island preside pixels open. Berries sees Saturday's practice the first one they can haven't pads. And I were talking about that I believe that's the case that I need to confirm that okay yes it is you are both on the same way I thought I remembered from years past that news of their practice where they can Wear pads the first time. Either way I'm looking boarding up their response to that put the pads on for the first time and then. We might be able to see a little bit more involving the line playing dead enemy we can draw some bigger conclusions stand in the past me offices were. Right and it dolphins also announced today that there will be scrimmage and hard rock stadium at 11 AM on Saturday August 5 so week from Saturday. Will be able see scrimmage dolphins and have won last year because of stadium renovations they had wanted to buy you a couple of years ago because of our rock stadium upgrades. In August of that year or so you know that'll be fun thing for people to attend for per. There will be yeah notify you. Scrimmage are remembered that it was in question whether order Kirby is a weather. There was some bad thunderstorms a lightning alarm went off soon get delayed by eventually they got through yes yes. I didn't helpers those on deadline right ago. No you know it was a abortion night from that's never but a lot of interesting things today. I think we talked about the Monty Parker making the big catch keen grant obviously with a big play on a crossing route. A couple of other wind up things for people who wonder about it Zabian Howard was a starting corner opposite Byron Maxwell. That appears to be his job to lose Tony what it is told me it's starting is really important to them. And he's not gonna concede this job. He did have the port picks last year frankly he was better than ours last year in the limited sample size we saw of Zabian tower that says Zabian Howard. As the higher ceiling as a corner I think everyone would agree with that so this is eighty hour each job to lose and he did play well spring. I had Larson was the first team guard Nate Allen was that the first team at safety. The question is come game nine Greg will Nate Allen beer thirstein safety or will be TJ McDonald when McDonald comes off suspension I think. Most people believe would say McDonald who's a better player. Nate Allen was a competent starter for Philadelphia a few years ago but he's been by enlarge a raider backup the last couple years. But not a lot of competitions anything strike you as a competition here eager to see work itself. Well I used she talked about it before I do think the defensive tackle scenario is something worth watching obviously offensive guard is going to be. Intriguing just because. It always is right we've used dolphins team. Other than that I mean I do think the count of the fourth fifth and sixth depending how many keep wide receiver position. Will be intriguing and you've written a lot about two Morgan. And the potential he has and then obviously the the expectation surrounding me uptick rule and whether he's gonna turn things around a second year GQ grant as well. Somebody others that are in the mix. Arm and then on the defensive side of the ball I think. You know and you hit on the head with a quarterback spot hitting a spyware the most competition is and you've got a lot of names there but they've got some nice talent in terms of depth blood. It's unclear who will play each role other than Byron actual being one of the starters so I think that's intriguing and then. Finally something did you've been running on about that that linebacker spot in an elite you off the top of the show you're informed us about my whole. Were you with the first team today but. It seems like there's going to be. A lot of folks working in that third linebacker spot with more Simmons and co col art key classical music Kiko Alonso. Right to write I think it be surprising at McMillan doesn't win the third linebacker job. I will say it is the dolphins like ten W played the second half of the year dolphins official told me yesterday that he progressively got better. As he played the second half of last season he ended up starting by two games. And when I said to the dolphins officially yesterday look without mis Seattle we were linebackers. You need to sign a veteran now. The answer I got was no we F five linebackers. There we can count on in my colds that the votes. So they believe the Mike call can be capable defensive player and not merely a special teams contributor in fact there was some thought and and The Herald reported this. Some thought last December to having might call play Mike linebackers the starter in key December games and moving Kiko Alonso outside. They ultimately decided not to do that because it in one industry or he go that way the season after playing middle linebacker all year that they do believe my call can play. Now all that being said. If they aren't satisfied with what they have the MacMillan shows growing pains if Hewitt doesn't prove a lot over the next three weeks and they could go looking for veteran linebacker help. They also want a long look at Dion lacy. Who's the CFL guy who got interest from the jets and patriots and a bunch of teams in the off season. You know the dolphins have been looking for another CML's success story great like they had obviously with cam wake as the quintessential example of that. Last year they try to kid named Leon Lang. He hung around on the practice squad for awhile instead. This year Lacey is there COL project. A guy who's good in space made a couple of nice place today I think he caught people's eyes today so I would watch out of that name. And then besides linebacker the other battle we didn't mention you touched on corner but specifically. Verner of former Tampa Bay and Tennessee corner is going to be given every opportunity to beat up Bobbie McCain. But verse one of those rare stories where you could have a guy who winds up starting in a nickel package or guy who just to make the team at all right I mean it's a very wide disparity of what you could see how to Ron burner beat. And the reason why he might not make the team is. None of the 900000 dollars in these do this year is guaranteed to the dolphins state zero cap it. Zero financial obligation if he stinks up the joint in August and doesn't make the team. But if he plays anything like that guy was a pro bowler for Tennessee in 2013. And that would be an upgrade over body McCain. Who frankly has not in the playmaker the dolphins I remember this was a guy at Memphis who picked up a lot of balls in college you talked a lot about him over the years. And one interception in 32 career games here. And a passer rating against last year of a 113. So he's simply been too erratic. Good athlete I know we works hard. He's got upside by. Verner at least on paper would seem to be the better player if he's anything like he wasn't Tennessee rather than the version we saw on Tampa. And you bring up the contract situation because that does play a rolls pursue when they're making these decisions on some of those last. Moves are gonna make on the roster in the 53. Gaza that's going to be Jazeera by McCain was just. And Assam playmaker. In college and we haven't seen that same thing from him yet so we'll see by. As Adam days lulls in preaches competition he certainly has at bringing in burner. On the eve of training camp this summer around in that secondary. Are very let's transition to this top 400 players list in the NFL is unveiled by the MM QB. This week and so just so we're all aware the baseline and how they decided is this is the description that providers is ranked you put ball players is an imperfect science. One position is far too different from the next to counter that the criteria for the MM QB 400. Is does player a do his job better or worse than player B does his job. It was too close to called on the play were more significant job got the knocked a player's raw talent cultivated skill set and roll with in his team's system were taken strong recent consideration. Results still based. Very rarely were stats a factor 99. Times out of 100 the film shows what the stats tell anyway. The beauty is of film shows it was in context it's in the rookies as specialty Merz not part of its. So. To get right down to it there were twelve dolphins players who made this list of top 400 players in dom or consume was the highest ranked player on this list. At number 51. Mike how outs he was the second highest ranked dolphin and number eighty overall. Cam weighed in at 134 Rashad Jones of 142. Jarvis Landry had 17 B eight. The other players are made it Larry tussle 182. 186 Jordan pills to 41 Lawrence Timmons to 75. Julius Thomas 32700. Branch 330. And it's 347 the final dolphin represented was Ryan ten Gil with 347. Ranked overall player in the league. Many would ask word is he resign among the quarterbacks. There were 23 quarterbacks. That were ranked on this lists only 23 quarterbacks made the top 400 players the scorn MM QB. Writes any ill ranked twenty sec. And the only quarterback became after him was Alex Smith's. Now will take a break and let everybody room and eight and big about this. But the notable for being QBs at least in my opinion where he can make some arguments there were ranked ahead of Bryant and ill. Include Andy Dalton Marcus Mary go to Sam Bradford Carson Wentz team is Winston Carson Palmer. Joseph Flacco. So those are some of the names ranked ahead and we comprise you know went to fall into voted for her out the other ones but. Very pummel you think about it a letter audience think about it when we come back wanna ditch your reaction to tan he'll be ranked the 22. Best quarterback lead by the MM QB we've got back to get to and much more coming up next here on seven I knew ticked.