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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. It's. A yeah she sure. We're under way here as well as thousand bucks just let's listen to the tickets from now until August 11 it's the training camp 1000 dollar for. Four days people would 1000 dollars or four times a day listen the ticket at seven and 8 AM it's. Four and 5 PM Monday to Friday. Just a code word text it to 72881. Mets 72881. And you just might win 1000 dollars to training camp 1000 dollar for days on game 790 inept immortal words read. HD tune it's it. We'll be back here 2796 record likens a lawn cemetery Jackson filling in for Josh Friedman. Freedom back. Tomorrow night. Normal on seven to ten I'll be joining him as so will be talking about whatever transpires tomorrow on training camp and also respect and have Antoine Walker joined the show at 715 tomorrow and I'm looking forward of that conversation. Before we went to break Barry we're talking about the top 400 players Lewis of the MM QB came out with and if you were listening. Twelve dolphins players were ranked on this the last of those twelve comes in at number 347 overall was quarterback Ryan Tenet now. Ten hill was the 22 of 23 quarterbacks ranked on this particular list Alex Smith was ranked one behind him. Period I know. You know you've written before you reference already about tales personal quarterback coach saying did he expects. But he has the potential to be a top ten quarterback. Tom this is always been a date for the fans especially. Of big talking point is were Centennial resides among the good QBs are great QBs in the National Football League. What is your reaction when you hear that he's ranked 22. Of the 23 on this particular list. I think it's too low. And I also think is a joke that he's 347 Jordan Phillips is 241 how do you possibly justify that. Based on career body of work the problem with this list is it doesn't specify whether it's based off flat season because of you base it off last season. Ryan cannon always top fifteen quarterback in the league. Before his injury he was twelve for passer rating and I know passer rating isn't the end all automobile all can be overstated. But his work last year during that winning streak with the exception the Baltimore game was terrific right I mean he finish the year. With a passer rating there was a career high of 93 point five. I'm nineteen touchdowns twelve picks. And so to me you could easily make the case now that he is stop whining even could make nikkei's I think that he stop the dean. But I think where he is on this list when he too was too low. Obviously the the coach who we mentioned Jeff Christians in the personal coach for ten miles going to be by its. I asked someone who's not bias is opinion war it would rank and L Mark Dominik the former Tampa Bay general manager. Who's done work three at the end he said he could make a case for top sixteen. But he said without question top money so I think at this point to put him outside the top twenty. Is selling him short and if you are basing it off last year how can you rank him behind Andy Dalton. Who'd been the better quarterback before last year but certainly not the case last year. How can you rank him behind Joseph Flacco if you're basing it on last year now career wise obviously Flacco should be added ten L a based on last year candle was clearly the better quarterback. And he was also clearly better than Sam Bradford who had a high of throwing one yard passes right so to meet can Elster be somewhere between fifteen and twenty. Sales what stands out for me on this list I think it's ridiculous. The Jarvis Landry is as low as he is a 178. There's Rashad Jones is as low as 142. NX cam wake is as low as 134. This is not me being in love with the dolphins talent because I think their talent is no the pack in the league. But I think those players deserve. Higher rankings. Than what they got what sticks out to you on this list. He had the Jarvis slander one. These are twenty firsts under the wide receivers. And that seems terribly low. Now again not I sometimes I'm guilty of aid there were very close to the dolphins and soul who we tend to be very dolphins sentry just because of who were living here in this is the team. But if you even take a big picture look at the lead. How Jarvis Landry they add in another were all caught up in his contract. Discussions or lack thereof I guess it's at the frail but you know the potential for new contract and how much he's gonna make. It's hard for me to believe that when you look at this particular list. He ranks below all the lights I'm gonna tell you though the receivers that are ranked just ahead of him Doug Baldwin. Brandon Marshall to generate Hopkins Tyree killed mark tape his Bryant who hasn't played. Didn't play last season Kazaa suspended for drugs the entire year Mari Cooper branding coach is Shawn Jackson Julian settlement TY Hilton. And so you know you brought to you I held before you know. I don't like it this is Bristol watching film primarily. A terms Landry to be jumps out on the film. But again I I don't watch film professionally. So 21 to seems awfully low for a guy period as you pointed out earlier he and his fellow LSU tiger owed about from junior said after a wreck were 288 receptions the first three seasons. Earned Regis the 21 ranked receiver. And it doesn't seem fair and in my opinion. And the dolphins players did much better by the way in the annual NFL. Dot com vote of their ears to players peers yet I Cameron Wake with top seventy. It's sue I think was higher on that listening is on this list that if you want or at least very comparable to a on that list Jarvis Landry. Was like top sub remember he was 98 and then he rose. Where where he end up in the forties annuities are yet is exactly buy again so it's right by his peers which I would take a lot more seriously. This one done by a writer no disrespect to the writer. But Landry won 78 seems way too low but I think they're still doubts about ten illness speaks to those doubts right. A does resume those doubts and so are out open that up to our audience here. Just in general what do you think of Brian Terrell of prospects for him entering this season because. Again I'm not saying that you have to be along with Ryan ten Ailes a quarterback but I agree review a 22. Of all the quarterbacks he being ranked 22 does not seem fair so if you wanna Texas 67974. Conducive to also call the show at 786. 3600790. Will talk more about that in a moment what right now let's get to headline its. Here's what's. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here okay. Lot of dolphins kicked off the 2017. Training camp this morning in debut with practice number one of the new season. And there are largely healthy is Mike pouncing Rashad Jones both worked on the side with trainers but mainly as a precaution you only a few Fasano. Excused from practice for personal reasons quarterback Ryan ten ill said that his left knee feels really good. And that there haven't been any changes since he returned to action this spring. In other news owner Stephen Ross addressed a number of topics with the media today including Jarvis Landry saying he's unsure whether the wide receiver will be signed to a new contract. Before the season began its. Elsewhere in the NFL Steelers running back Libya bell did not report to disperse training camp today after failing to reach agreement on a long term deal this off season. He's yet to sign his twelve point 12 million dollar franchise tender. To baseball words after scoring a franchise record 42 runs in a win over the Rangers the Marlins who have return home tonight the open up a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds. And right now it's not going to be a were close to 22 at least at this rate but they are ahead of the reds two nothing in the bottom of the fifth inning. And Derek Dietrich itty solo home run to get them one of the runs and then the other Ron came courtesy of reed Derek teacher walk with the bases loaded. John Carl stands scored so that gives you two runs for the Marlins with Dietrich accounting for both of those RBIs who continue to update you. On the scored that game until 10 o'clock we were off the year but those. Are your headline acts Barry I'm reading somebody's tax rises here regarding rights and a one of them says attending those the only thing. Holding his offense back from being top two you're not saying you be good or bad but imagine the rest the offense with an Aaron Rodgers. LO. But what you're talking about the top five quarterbacks are always a force everybody would be better feel bad right Brady. Or iron I mean who else would you include in that group at this point beyond Brady. And Rodgers and Brees. Right I get maybe press Scott won yours are awfully small body a war Yemen Yemen that groupie may be a big and right from shore in terms of accomplishments but. Matt Ryan against this museum be absolutely right growth Cam Newton it's been one great year right and then a significant regression right yet Ryan definitely should be on that was so that's five right. There in as slight as is loads your former Durham looking at as we were reference in this list here in QB was they've got here Brady isn't. He's number one overall as far as the top 400 Aaron Rodgers they have is. Sixth overall. Ben Roethlisberger sixteenth. Matt Ryan twenties Andrew Luck comes in as the next highest ranked quarterback even though he he's entering this season with injury problems. Our men and Drew Brees still rivers Eli Manning Matthew Stafford dirt car. Those of their top quarterbacks a criminalist it is reported in back tenure although. I know you brought up a couple of names that you would argue Cheney who could rank the ball dispersant based on last season. Arm I'm not saying to a couple of these guys don't have terrific potential. But how how would you Amos wants to be rank dead right retail this. Right I didn't seem Mariel would right possibly because I want to show as last year and write a one instance in need that would be a bit of a reach yet. Even if you project in to be better than to and a long term. Which would be a reasonable projection. Right if somebody came to me instead this is a list of other quarterbacks you know we think will be the best and over the next couple of years and Davis was is right ahead. I'm I went back. But you know bring some last year and again I know that. This list we already. Told you what the baseline is in terms of what they were looking at. And a lot of this is just doesn't player Eddie do his job better or some player B according to vehement QB. Brian tanning dole I think largely deserves credit for the team going to the playoffs enters from the quarterback position. Adding that means something that's why Alex Smith being ranked below ten male I have been a consistent playoff quarterback William you don't think he's a great quarterback or not. I don't understand how you rate some of these other players who revenues sniff the playoffs. And may have some nice talent but it's like. If they're not leaving their team's new what's a quarterback position based around primarily expect the same question the right ten he'll sort of pose to the media today we some of his goals like his goal is to win games and get them to the playoffs accomplished team goals some are putting up individual not. So bright and imagine if every player in the league was made. Freeagent per draft obviously Ryan Daniel's going a lot higher than 347. That speaks of course largely to the need for quarterback. But at the same time. If you're just had a quarterback draft. Because of his age obviously you know still being in the prime of his career would you think he'd go top sixteen. Top seventy may be even higher right beat is such a premium a deposition right to energizing you might have made the case could have gone higher. Both for the last year who now you say wouldn't go higher I wouldn't draft day Andy Dalton higher than to an ill. Based on last year and certainly Teddy Bridgewater. Who some a year ago he were to happen go might have taken out of ten hill he can't now because of the serious knee injury he in the beginning year it appears on PUP in Minnesota so there are a bunch of guys who have fallen off the map or at least. Have fallen are considerably in rankings that Ryan seems to have surpassed them. Right in the point you made you bring up Bridgewater his replacement there in your Sam Bradford I mean. I don't you talk to anybody I'm on the stunned to see his. Name a bald delights of Kirk cousins markets Mary Oda told and sanitary announcement like Arnold anyway. That just doesn't seem to. The attach any logic whatsoever are real quickly just they're looking at the division. This will surprise anybody but you Mitch is that the dolphins had twelve players in this list. The team with the most players' analyst was the patriots 120 players appear on this list. The team with the least. The New York Jets what a shock. Five players in the top 400 according waltzed. Who were those ball following. This is and who else helpless defensive linemen in in Richardson and what are items on the exactly after that and in the bills just so everybody is aware with the division eleven players on this list so much. Guys tend to think the patriots have gotten even stronger right I was ready for Steve Ross asked today they want to New Orleans get more from Brandon cooks are. I just talked to I got a had to cooks and to add Stephen Gilmore. And obviously they lost Martellus Bennett to but to be able to sign Dwayne Allen who I mean they've made a team that was nearly unbeatable. Even better and that of course is the conundrum that the dolphins and the rest of the itsy space every year idea possibly. Be a team that seems insurmountable. Which would mean you're basically going to be battling likely for awhile card berth you know with. Pittsburgh or Baltimore Cincinnati whoever loses that the vision then whoever loses among Tennessee Houston an Indy. And then probably Denver Kansas City or local loser so that you know the problem is you're gonna be again battling about seven or great teams. For two wild card berths in the odds. Would be against that but you do know he did last year so that gives you feeling you can possibly do it again albeit with a more difficult schedule. I will say this you need to start strong and I don't say that in a cliche sort of way. I you need to start strong this year because about half the schedule. Is very very difficult to write you need to emerge with the war three or four wins from that opening stretch. Of obviously home to Tampa Bay to start then at the chargers in Los Angeles then at the jets which they actually have to win. Then London to play New Orleans and then Tennessee at all Irene don't do we need to win at least three probably four of those games knowing how difficult the rest of schedules. I agree with you whole heartedly I mean if you go 401 realistically in that stretch it is again Nate if I I don't think. Anytime you look at his schedule and just say I had to win mets' loss in Maine it's a little too simplistic real low with the parity in the league period. We too weak just never know us or one I pick is a reasonable if they can do that I think yes that's highly necessary if they're going to even sniff. You know what a lot of the local expectations are based on the ten wins a year ago. Right and they have very difficult games out of conference and out of division once again Baltimore again having to go to Carolina on a Monday night. Oakland which will be the dolphins' first NBC Sunday night game in many years price its flex out. So the schedule in November and December not to even mention that New England Thanksgiving weekend this is going to be very grueling so. Yeah I think at bare minimum three into an even that would be a disappointing start I would think four and one would be needed to be legitimate playoff contender in December. I agree and you can go five and on mean you know it's don't going on T yeah I'd do it. I'll look quickly move forward take your time on I'm on Rivera would talk about Ryan Terry hill. Let's go to Miami Beach and the phone lines were Gordon is standing by Gordon thanks for joining the show what's going on tonight. All right. Does or does not there. It was a go back Gordon. Funny on lower sometimes on Barry and we would I want to touch a number of those things it's more phone calls and we were talking a lot of dolphins home. The real hot topic over the last couple weeks has been carrier ring and that possibilities are do wanna touch on the NBA with UB use you read a report of the last couple days. About whether that would be realistic or not forward the dolphins do with the dolphins the heat to potentially. Pick him up and be available so we come back we'll do that plus. There's some doubt. About who owns the New York Jets the news Hillary Stephen Ross spoke today for the dolphins we know Woody Johnson owns. The jets but there's some doubt about that I'll explain that next year and seven out of its. Every Friday was Wahlberg. Tells us about Beauceron run this taste of perfection award winning votes from Rome Rome that is not just age but nurture. Welcome back here's senator ticket Greg likens once a very Jackson's billion forward Josh Freeman on the. Thursday night open everybody's having a great evening in insurer. Lots of excitement. From the dolphins fans not just here in South Florida but all over the world news of the season is finally honest 2017 officially begin today with the first practiced re talking. On all the different angles elements of that is the show has gone on now to one talks on my MBA in just a few minutes my man Mitch for the break. There's some question about who owns the New York Jets. Now this wasn't suppose this wasn't some trick question that I put out there who we all know and nothing's changed Woody Johnson does actually on the New York Jets. But it's. I guess there's a glitch in the Internet Berry is this is interesting is who's gonna trending today on social media by and I tested it out I did it myself. When you Google search. New York Jets owner. A picture Tom Brady comes. All my guys snow responsible for this we're not sure who's responsible but then I I looked up. Jets older older than you are just a different you know phrasing a little differently and each time a pitcher Tom Brady comes up says. Tom Brady owner New York Jets. Wow what was this the same guy who stole Brady's. I think I'm miserable the Jersey Jersey brought it I don't know but he does every 23 and seven. Career record against the jets so he owns his own channels is your job big debts what are readers getting at of course although. Our outlets in Boston had a feels they were this open the northeast arm but yet this was something that was trending today. I haven't tested it tonight. Maybe Santee contestants out to a quick Google search if it's still the case now they fix it. OK with for a few hours this afternoon if you looked up food in your jets owner was in its owner Tom Brady on the takeaway and how they link Russia. In this tribunal be I'm not sure how deep this don't he has CI eyes that the senate committee and investigate and assured this is like Sully in his basement in New England where he decided to pull this off orbit goes little deeper than that. Yeah such as oh that money but to yeah its so Woody Johnson now an ambassador. Right yes yes but yet Jeffrey Loria not ambassador. We thought that he be ambassador to France but that for whatever reason that fell apart. I ask somebody about that they had no explanation. Little like trump was considering Lori and then apparently no longer considering losers so Lori can't be an ambassador to cancel steam. He would do much of anything right now adults you know or or get close to 500 right. Right are very rude talks an MBA in a moment you wanna Eric Gordon call was back salute so let's go back to Miami Beach Gordon you there this time. Yeah here oak or Dyson join the show what's going on why. Record and hit a record book I didn't think he can play I think last year are changing my whole opinion and I knew we had a lot in the back in JJ IA was emerged. It felt a tool around this year and in England saw the Pittsburgh. Playoff game. The defense. Critic wrote about I mean I mean it would be a decade ago over in the first quarter. That was the real problem. Why didn't want to let the offense to me greatly backup quarterback but it would I would at a particular detail but. I don't employ legal problem he's got it could mean they increase stinks this year to get girls to older companies gonna have to go right I. I do agree that this is. In a way a make or break year for general terms was contracts are Levys really bad they might have to move off room. I don't anticipate and be really bad if you stay healthy but I I agree with you Gordon did there are more lingering burning questions on the defense side of the ball and office. And then hit a real quickly on the NBA. The future and vision that I mean I'm I'm following but I'm not only so much is are you Irving paying. I mean. I think any. You know I don't think about it you know about being Gilbert made that comment about how you know they shouldn't that be a bit betrayed that we proposed. We Burgundy. Proposed eighty damper on. Well Paul Jordan a better deal enables just that maybe maybe they want them out maybe any decent look at what at the Eastern Conference. And we and we don't want to see him and blew out the last couple of the western comic. You couldn't see anything work if they trade curry Irving Eritrea in the Western Conference team could they don't want faced them three or four times a year and they eat. If we don't get I hope it goes to Minnesota. A critic of deep in the. Porsche yet it that's a possibility gourd vase in the phone call appreciate you chime in tonight com. What we'll get to the heat perspective of that the second if I'm Kyra Irving I'd like to stay in the east considering the competitive balance their buddy he does not have a sake users have. A no trade clause so certainly we going to wait around for what over the best offers assuming they do make the deal. And as a Ralitsa he they'll bury you read the report this relic June take the floor on the despite in terms of there interest in the possibility of this happening what do you Clark. We'll leave it certainly is explored this but at this point they have no level of optimism that all about being able completed deal they believe that their assets. Art simply not good enough in Cleveland's as the nation so that does the sense I got from the heat is that they don't expect something happened. They would be surprised if something did happen at the same time nobody's able to rule out because it's possible if everything else that Cleveland has working balls through. Possibly they could circle back to Miami. For package that would include Goran Dragic and probably justice Winslow and perhaps Josh Richardson as well. So a bit at this point other teams can simply make more appealing offers remember Phoenix in Minnesota have two quality young players. At wing positions the type of players heat simply does not have to offer Munich says Eric Bledsoe. We still is a mid to late twenties Andrew wigand's from Minnesota is only 22. The heat has no one like that that they can offer project obviously talking about thirty year old. Justice Winslow doesn't have much value at this point ES to rebuild his value and he has to show that he can shoot. And is that low for me is the end mention. The last thing LeBron wants is a wing player can't shoot and that's at this point would justice Winslow whiz. Until he proves otherwise you can come up with a list of the dozen teams that can offer something more track. Boston certainly could with a Isiah Thomas and Jae Crowder and some of their stable draft picks Charlotte could they were off for Kemba Walker. On the pelicans could if they were dropper to mark his cousins that Anthony Davis pairing. With Tyree Irving the Nixon they did relent and offer tours Hingis who did this point from all indications they haven't offered. That would certainly be more appealing offer if they were offer where's Hingis and Carmelo. For package of high reinstate Tristan Thompson so I would say the heat to offer. Would be probably. Of the you know bottom half of the league in terms of quality in Cleveland's size. Of course Gilbert said yesterday expects Irene to be on the roster for the opening of training camp which might have been I did you know disingenuous. But I don't think they can be ruled that because I can easily see Tyrod Lou trying to get LeBron. And hiring in a room together just trying to have more of that and say let's go at this for at least one more year see if everything works see if LeBron is willing. To make some compromises the so confusing about this is. Hi re average more shots last year them abroad so what exactly what does sky re want. He simply wants his name to be topped the list of stars on a team right I mean to me this is so purely ego driven. Because shots are not an issue he's taking more shots per game the rubber on it. And LeBron. Again I don't know what happens behind the scenes but. Outwardly he has spoken so highly of carrier ring and talked about that bill needed they wanted to be the go to guy annals of the stuff so again another. LeBron James could be you know very calculated in all the moves he makes and outwardly his public persona very important and he always does things. That I think on purpose in terms of how he protects his image and his brand. So might be completely different story behind the scenes but I'm I'm with you it's a very odd that this would come up at the same time. It all. As difficult as for us the proud of me to fathom because they're having some success and it's almost a guarantee they'll be in the NBA finals again if they come back at the same way they have the last few years. Is that if you're Irving and use signed up to beat these guys in the franchise the franchise player. And then a month or two later LeBron then decides he's been returned to Cleveland. Because you know he's he signed a deal before LeBron decided to come back. Then in a way I can sort of understand this wasn't what he signed a four and that he thought he was going to be the guy to try to elevate the franchise and LeBron does so today I'm coming back home and old Dielman you know write this letter Ripley Dickens on the size website in and outs of the world. All but I'm with you very loose this has a ton to do with ego. And I think we all know in following these sports special the NBA was only five guys in the court. If you wanna be great you gotta have a certain money go pat Riley's Gundy go you don't dare do overs got eagle all of these people were involved these situations. Have egos of certain degrees and I don't all but certain times he gets the better of them and if that's the case with carrier. I know people got excited when they read that Tyree was on the list of fourteen it's. They'd prefer to go to but I mean I'm not holding I'm guilty Barry I got excited rice thread that means nothing because you think Cleveland has any inclination. To sentence to a place he wants to be. And not get assets that might be better for routine they're he has won a bait and even if kite re threatens that he wouldn't resigning. Two years is a long time in the NBA and the team that acquires him pretty easily trade him in a year and a half for the trade deadline. Brass that at that point I think the team best equipped to do so that would be Phoenix they can offer Bledsoe and a draft pick. Josh Jackson is a player that probably would come out and discussions Phoenix high draft pick and I think. With the wolves could be as simple as Andrew weekends and then maybe Jeff Teague but remember the factor with hazy can't trade players he signed as free agents until December 15. So perhaps. This deal would have to wait until mid December which would certainly creates some awkwardness in Cleveland and if that's the best deal with Cleveland's offered. Than perhaps just wait this out till mid December. Couple other quick NBA things from today by the way I've been impressed by what Orlando has done in the last week. Getting really good value signings with Jonathan's Simmons from this birds and Aaron of wallow. Took a minimum deal. He was one of the best players slept in free agency and Marreese Speights is a big who can shoot threes so quietly they've improved their depth. Maybe they can be a team competing for the eighth spot. Golden State today added to or signed JaVale McGee so so they continue to complete their roster. So not a lot left in free agency either doesn't appear to be anyone that's worth beats or point three million exception. I had asked the heat about Derrick Rose I know they like him as a player. But it never reached the point of them offering him their four point three million exception because the question was where were the minutes come from damp by guards and wanna play. Goran obviously is entrenched as the starter. The one interesting thing about rose Greg that I that I thought was. You know it took me back a little bit during the press conference for the cavaliers yesterday was Colby Altman saying that Derrick Rose is going to be the back. Ear and saying he's prepared for that mentally. Why would he say that with the Specter of the possible Irving trade does that mean that he assumes he's going to get a point guard back. In the Irving trade because to me if I'm Cleveland. What I do is of by each retiree Irving I want the best player back period does that three point cart if Andrew weakens as the best player offered to me plus something else. And that's what I would do in Derrick Rose could easily be a stop gap point car per year so I thought it odd that he said sort of unequivocally. Derrick Rose is going to be a back. Here yeah and it is odd and in the parts of that press comes watched it felt like if Kobe Altman I thought came across well he's you know yes you use impressive guy. Dan Gilbert. You know these usery is that they you know he'd lived up to his reputation to a certain degree but. It's filled both of them though at times were trying to force the mirror of a message that they you know I dictated. Set themselves upon you know they they went you know with their PR crew were maybe just a tool and they decided it is one accomplice in this press conference so maybe he was just kind of overdoing it with their Rosen Mike. Trying to leave the door open retiree would stick around incident yeah Derek would be comfortable with that but that is odd that he would say that's so definitively. In that setting records it's not really his call right to Libya to tie Lou. Isn't telling. VO rice who's a start right that decision would always be left to coach now as far as other teams that can make a bid San Antonio they were proper Aldridge and Tony Parker. You know we talked about Minnesota. Sacramento. Might be able cobble together some draft picks although I don't know that they can operate the appeal Denver would be an interest in team is they have some young pieces. Some quality young players they could offer so they're probably about a dozen viable options. But from all indications Cleveland once the mother alone I mean they just want. Eight ton and another disadvantage at the nets besides lacking a skilled young wing player. Who can shoot is the fact that they are the only team in the league. This cannot trade a first round draft pick before when he 23. So Cleveland from all indications. Wants to quality starters including one eye level player and to draft pick. And they eat simply cannot offer first rounder to 20/20 three and who knows who's running the cats that. Right exactly based on the track record of Daniel rubio a different general medical rights on the ironic part about a dozen Minnesota deal which it you know you're aware of is it if they dip back into Williams it's like you know big trip drafted him number one overall. Initially so that would beyond and then if the Phoenix still does come to fruition is they're Bledsoe and then there's draft picks involved. It would likely be the heat's draft picks the patient rights for drug use steel right that would get the job done soul. Maybe inadvertently it might be you know roundabout way but the heat could potentially have an impact of Phoenix is the one that doesn't do weekly. And even if we were only gets decent value. It again Bledsoe. And nothing else this year so it's just blood cell and a draft pick would they still clearly believe the front runner in the east. I mean why would you say Boston. We even necessarily be close to Cleveland that Sarah because they have LeBron and love and in this case Bledsoe may be weakens. It's still have some decent NBA players around them with Tristan Thompson and Kyle Korver Derrick Rose accent or Shumpert JR Smith. So to me this trade does not change the balance of power in the NBA this year what it does potentially. Is diminished Cleveland greatly long term if LeBron Lee. I agree with that and also I think it'd. It will slow LeBron is there right PPP will be the favorite to win the east. But I think it might depending with a good return hurt their ability to contend in the NBA finals himself right so a big storm pride you will take care of everybody including Boston in the east but then. I don't always depends it is certain scenarios may be would work out I mean. If that Paul George trade had a current. Like who we believe in India too was Kevin love the Denver and then some was young players are tumbled from Denver and draft picks to the pacers and then the pacers ship. George to Cleveland and diary still there I think appalled George fit as compared to Kevin Love being on the team. Would match up better with the you know perimeter oriented. Golden State Warriors but again that's that's not gonna happen so. If it's blood so it's Wiggins. Four tie re I don't know I still would wonder where the scoring punch comes from that bit Irving provides his. Yet LeBron puts up the scoring numbers when he passed soon especially in the finals he's proven that. But that that's not really his game and I think that's why he and Erving played well together seemingly deserving you know is a very willing score. Right to be right to be one of the more interesting teams spots that they even make the legitimate offer the offer that high Brooklyn tech. For next year may be Jae Crowder along with naturally Isiah Thomas is that something Danny Ainge would even offer and if your Cleveland would you even have interest in that package. Now it's all a lot of really interesting intriguing fascinating questions before we take a break what's got the phone lines. Daniel is in Miami Daniel thanks for coming on the program what's going on tonight. Oh they I'll be going great guards calling about car Korea African Queen when you try to get your guys the car and being. Karim beat you know beat so much with LeBron budget more so I think would abroad countries deemed a public period there where we waited. They treat them prompting Chinese. And probably be the march operative that your men are anywhere current Israeli. Paralyze the organization obviously queen's quarterly it would have anything. Buddhists all these are this summer. And he's really being that there are being or reluctance among hook curry though frustrations look we went in and out between them lose energy around the world. Only the martyr which either speak or that they cute. Okay thank you Daniel should the phone call yeah I mean David Griffin immune from all the reports it seems that that's any big deal because he was an ally of carrier brings had a very good relationship with him. And also I think Daniel brings a good point period in that. The way the roster is constructed is certainly accentuates. LeBron James strikes. And it's not eighteen old issue a lot of reporters that gets opened on the floor at a very high pace up temple style they can score a lot. And they can shoot the ball effectively from the outside but you know I I would imagine Irving's skill set is probably more suited for. Run up and on the core Taliban he did. In this year this presser with the corn dry reason Dion Waiters and James Johnson to a certain degree we the way so I think there's something to that. Armed by again to the point you made. With the ego getting in the way here you still would've thought you could suspend that for at least one more year try to bring another championship Ron. And don't overlook that for the sake of trying to win another title. Right right I think urban wants to be more of a playmaker to I think what frustrates him from all indications as LeBron. Having the ball in his hands so much of a couple things to keep in mind on her back. Cats three of thirteen when Erving played in LeBron did not. Okay I cavs outscored by ninety points and 574. Minutes during the 201617. Regular season and Irving was on the floor and abroad sacked. During the NBA finals when Erving played in LeBron did not cavs outscored 3713. By Golden State so there's still real questions about whether I re Irving as immensely talented as he is off principally. Can be the best player on a championship game right I mean. Or perhaps he could do it but there's just no indication yet that he can't. No there is in and he wants who thought of them away by net. Many times as we known till. You prove that you can bedecked guy and nominate people willing to give you that chance that's bird Jackson I'm Greg likens no one more segment to go. A before we wrap things up I do want to play is sound we try to play as much sun as you can but of course. You know mess tends to happen we get to talking in. In time flies by quickly we're gonna hear from Jarvis Lander would come back because. He's been in the news because of potential contract situation led very reset that news is well. Four take a break while what you know you win a seat at the sixth annual Jeff Conine celebrity poker classic. At the seminal hard rock hotel August 7. And you could win 101000 dollars and other prizes proceeds benefit Conant clubhouse a home away from home for the families of children. And Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital take part in the live and silent auction enjoy VIP party who wrote Japanese restaurant for the tournament kicks off. When his seat by registering at the ticket Miami dot com for more information on the tournament or to make a donation please visit conine poker classic. Dot org Jarvis slander sound next here on seven night. Where is slash and Duff why Axl side and were giving your chance to see them with our resident rocker. Romberg quote Ron Roman pours present road trip with a Romberg cop on our jungle on wheels secede gee and to win your way on register at the ticket Miami dot com slash road trip. Didn't win on line. You have one last chance when a parent to pick up spot twin peaks in Davie stopped by at 5 PM Mon August 8 in registered with a chance. To get on the bus and road trip with a Romberg quote Tron rom. The taste of perfection award winning both from Rome Rome that is not just aged but nurture sponsored by Goya foods if it's Gloria it has to be good. Good stuff there move Guns 'N Roses. And man Robert. I had to be fun that'd be a fun night of fun contest to win and Al Romberg OC Guns 'N Roses be on the party bus. Sounds like. Tell you begin some trouble with Sully would be a fun night welcome back you're seven under ticket. Greg likens her alongside Barry Jackson filling in for Josh Friedman. Our final segment here on this Thursday night what's been a very busy sports day locally with the dolphins opening up. The 2017. Training camp. Just a quick update for everybody on the Marlins now lead three nothing over the reds in the bottom of the seventh inning. As they've extended the lead Tyler Moore flied out to writers a sac fly that scored Christian yell at so it's three nothing right now. Marlins so far have a shut out but a far cry from the 22 run outburst we saw last night in Texas. Armed bury one of the big story lines among many use the Jarvis slander contract situation. Our before. We have you provide your update on what parents or maybe more probably hasn't happened. In that regard let's hear from Jarvis Landry as. As you can mess you yes I've read the transcript and you're there and witnesses various you can describe it a once we hear the sound but you don't you possess a number of different football questions Solis and all about the contract blood. Certainly the contract came up in this way is the first thing you had to say about being out on the field meets all these contract discussed its. They're very you know I guess it for me may have been a leader and have an opportunity to to taken another step you know we we we we we don't need anything. Opinion us off that path so for me to be here and to show the guys you know it is it is about about three. You know that's sort of the. Yes so he decided not to hold out I think it was through the Genesis of that. Are you went on today and get asked once again about the contract and this is weird to set. I guess that Manama here just focusing on now you know focusing on the things back to throw. And it's a must have when the field and everything else it's it's out of my hands out of my control of the the devils got. All right so. Very you're there you witnesses say exchange there between Jarvis and the reporters and he's saying all the right things he does wanna be distraction. To his credit he is reported to camp win it all they do receive many other instances in which players have held out of me. Are not happy with their contract went. As you told us earlier and I if you don't mind repeating it did. On the surface I think. I've assumes everybody else is assumed that there have been ongoing negotiations or conversations about this would you for otherwise. So right in tag that is not the case the dolphins have not made a single offer this offseason to Jarvis Landry and in fact they haven't even told Landry. Or is representation that they intend to make a contract offer. Before landry's cell composed September 10 deadline to meet that shocking because everybody assumed. That if Landry did things the right way he didn't hold out BP showed up to the entire offseason program that Miami would present. A formidable offer for a man that simply is not in the case now could that change in the next three weeks certainly. But the dolphins and given no indication if they're even going to make an offer and in fact today Steve Ross brought up using the franchise tag is a possibility. Next year Ross was last at these optimistic the deal would get done with Landry before the start of the season and he said quote I don't know where this season. But it's not really mandatory that we do it before that season. He also said that. Odd that it's not really question of the peace he you're not if we don't sign him now we lose and that's not the case weakened franchise him. And go from there there's a lot of opportunity for him to stay year I hope he stays series a great player so that pretty much showed do you. What the dolphins thinking is that they're not going to make. In enormous offer they might make. A good offer but I don't think they're going to make an enormous offer in the range of five years 75 million or that type of money that we see top receivers get. I so how I see this playing out as even if the dolphins do make an offer. I'd be surprised if it's the money Landry wants almost landry's willing to compromise for the long term security. I think the dolphins do feel like they have the franchise tag in the back pocket and they're willing to use it. To me here's the complicated thing great about determining what the right values are Jarvis Landry. You can ask yourself is he. Eight top flight number one receiver war is he just a great number two receiver or is C. Pretty good number one. And couple numbers that speak to this quandary have in determining how much stopper on one hand. He has the most catches he you know they'll back him up the most sketches of any NFL players in history purse three years to 88. He was tenth in league last year among receivers and tight ends. In yards. 1136. He was seventh with 94 catches but then the flip side it is. Average per catch seventy in the league among receivers and tight ends a twelve point one. Touchdowns 48. Among receivers and tight ends with more east tied with a bunch of players. From 48 until about 62. With only four touchdowns as thirteen touchdown catches and three years he acknowledged today that something's got to do better job but so do you how do you reconcile. The disparity. In these statistical measures of receivers and come up with a legitimate offer. Yeah it's it's a really good question and it's not. It's not a come a black and white scenario right here you that your it's very convoluted. In terms of all these different factors that you bring to the table and the numbers yet tell different stories right and so I can. See his side of things should these negotiations actually happen. You know he and his agent could come at the table with stood favorable numbers and the dolphins are on the table with a not so fair rule numbers and so where do you find a compromise in terms. On the financial compensation. I was something that you brought up before and and I would like to echo I do think there are intangibles that he brings the table which. You can't quantify or measure. Through statistics. And may be sincere on the film maybe you just realize it you know maybe the coaching staff cannot form in that case soars teammates. Lateral how much that comes into play in are we seeing a scenario potentially very aware. And again I don't I don't claim to know more then guys I respect like in my ten a bomber Chris Grier knew it's what you do for a living so. I. I think Jarvis Landry is a terrific player has been one of their best players if not their best player of last couple of years so. Why they wouldn't be more. Urgency to get is done and to lock him up and make sure that he is part of the long term plans because. One of the themes we saw this offseason was the loyalty and keeping guys around like steals like branch and put in the work. I'd like Rashad Jones you don't hold out you know what's mean no not that nonsense off we will reward you rewards you for your hard work. So far hasn't applied to Jarvis Landry I'm surprised that don't wanna ensure these part of the long term teach. Right now I guess they could say they want to make the argument look. We waited until February to make an offer for Kenny stills aren't we waited until February to make an offer for Andre branch but obviously winter talking about different players document player. Who's put up historical numbers in terms of volume of catches. This first three years in the league. To me this might be case of them. Just not wanting to over pay in their mind and if they feel they have to overpay. The preference might simply be to go year to year franchise and next year. An NC a a legitimate number three receiver develops behind Parker instills whether sleep on take Peru. Whether they uncover some in the next year's draft because ultimately everything comes down to value if you can get a high quality number three receiver at a million dollars. And if Dovonte Parker becomes an out slow start to. And if Kenny stills repeats would do that last year. That's the one of its that the maybe consider moving on from Landry not after this year. But after next year it would be impossible for me you envision a scenario where he's not on the team. And 2018 because he had the franchise tag and it spot in fact Stephen Ross as you said. Raise that unsolicited today. So but the question is if they feel like the numbers that he wants it's something they're simply not comfortable with if he doesn't up asking. You know thirty to forty million guaranteed a five year deal with 75 million range which I can easily see in masking or if the dolphins are not comfortable with that number that I think. This could come down to them simply going. Year to year keeping them next year then reevaluate again after 2018. Yes so only you know. Take the emotions got to take all those up which you know they tend to do I especially in football where it's at to cut throat business. Armed by maybe it makes sense for them to be patient when it comes in this matter as he ages detailed their blood. Still you know this to me seem like he was a pretty simple. A simple decision for them to make in terms of keeping him around. Now that doesn't mean he's gonna play ball in terms of you know compromising with them because at the same time I would argue on the other end of things in terms under wants repaid like the top five wide receiver. I don't think that's realistic either. Are even though he's put of some of those numbers soul certainly. You know what we don't know all the full side of his story either by well all of this will eventually be taken care right I guess. Right to and a good uses the dolphins have one of the better top three receiving cores only this year did you have got that going for it guys Jai going form. They've got a left tackle who could be in the air rise of future hall of Famer that's with Dalton's executives have told people around the league. They think the council has all thank Allah while at left tackle and a tight end to cut 24 touchdowns in 28 games the last time he was coached by Adam gates. Oh by the way Peyton Manning was quarterback you have that I had a lot going for them offensively. Questions still obviously our defense. We couldn't judge much today because there's still modern pads defensive things of note today's Avian Howard got beaten for touchdown. I debunked it Parker. Portrait Tankersley got beaten for touchdown by G Keane grant on a long. Crossing play across the middle I think they'd like ideally this to be were a richer a year per Tankersley. I think they'd be more than happy to have their top three corners of Maxwell what it. Howard be their boundary corners and then. They're nickel corner obviously being out front burner or body McCain depending on how that battle. Plays out today. Couple others things from today from a defensive standpoint my whole surprisingly got first team snaps at linebacker when he started team drills today it was Kiko Alonso. Lawrence Timmons and Mike Hall. As a starting linebackers. We asked that and gays about the battle for that third linebacker job. You mentioned how noble Hewitt and might call. Have really improved. And feel more comfortable. Obviously McMillan is going to be huge factor it would be surprising if he's not starting either the beginning of the season we're midway through the season. But he's not to simply be handed the job I do you know they love how McMillan has picked up the system. But they can't have any conviction yet about how McMillan will do NFL game because they haven't seen in pats they can think he's going to be good player and a dolphins official told me. This week that they be in view him it's a three down linebacker eventually but they're not gonna know that for sure until they CNN has an NN and then they semen pre season game. And I noted it's. Everybody's different but they seem to have done this with Larry console even Charles Harris. Where you do the beginning offseason workout program beard training camp they you know put down maybe you're below where they should be on the depth chart at least initially. And it seems to be an what they like to do release firm initiation standpoint. Beta rile up a little bit but. They're very it's been fun it's been a joy to work with you tonight Doug Josh will be back tomorrow night I'll be with him we're expect have Antoine Walker on 715 tomorrow night grant Matt Santee great job guys is upon work with you tonight. ESPN radio's coming up very well be reading your work him move jury on seven and again soon so long coveted that is well and we'll talk to everybody tomorrow night seven attack.