7-27-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Friday, July 27th
Pat Riley speaks to the media and says that he expects a decision from Udonis and Dwyane by Mid-August. Adam Gase's old raspy sound is back after 1 day of camp. Chris Sheridan says Bam Adebayo has superstar potential. The guys make their Doom Picks. Tony Burns of the Hard Rock joins the show.

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I'm just a little. Hard rock poker room. So little hard rock poker open is coming that way next week three seed August 10 through fourteenth start on August 2 you get more information. That's at this HR PO dot com. About this priest abusers. Yes she's here for. Tomorrow and Sunday tickets still available at Ticketmaster dot com you're obviously Brittany I've seen her concert that it Alia. She had back. On her second tour. And yet worked out really give us something popped out. Yup it's human sues the wheel at Vegas to assist here the I think it's Clinton Hollywood CA. It's the one I mean no judging but I took a fellow co worker mail. Secret. Mean former. WQ. In. Current. NASCAR and drag racing division and a joke is still. Went to the port excuse can't get. Its. It. Thought averages 1000 bucks. You're the Sowers did at the AD lead ticks that Q seven Q rating of one lead to. Text at the seven to anyone in your register to win with a chance of a thousand bucks in national contest messages that are its may apply don't text and drive. Pat Riley is some things to say I don't know where he's talking specifically or why he's talking but what's the reporters. Our getting a chance to get some stuff from him in a part to read some stuff out. He is many Navarro Maria from his Twitter account and they got Tim Reynolds what are count as well. Riley. Said that he saw her friends are from doing and Udonis around mid August. Riley also said that he looks at justice was though as an anchor of the franchise. And Tim Reynolds says riles says was those Contra situation will be addressed next month. And indications are now that the heat are striving to get a deal done. Of course they don't becomes a restricted free agent next summer as they got to qualifying off route them. And but they have decided to mean more time to decides there are expecting an answer sooner that didn't happen but apparently he. He is he's not going to be. He's not going to be getting an answer by next week and hopefully by mid August. He Riley results were minis to account Riley's edifice on what's that plays and they pure heart. And not with a mixed up mind. And have a great year. Well that's. Really yeah you're going to receive front and highlights. Now clear eyes full market lose. Let's assess network. Amid all the state championship. And like season two we don't work in this case I don't know enough. Riley. He also said court amenities that are count. That continuity is important. Quote you can't keep ripping it up. Says he feels good about the heat and where they are doesn't feelings I'd be forced traitor give a vital assets like tractors you but I agree that like. From my standpoint with pat. I don't want them to just go in and blow the whole thing up I I have at it's also I agree with what. The spurs are doing that I can respect what the cavs we've been doing in the bronze at just his his next departures. Is another wrong with going up there and competing it's it's it's very good to point in this conference and say very conveniently always do the sixers did forgetting how long it took him to do it. Forgetting that the NB a had to basically hijack the franchise from them. And you still don't even know if you're secretly jailed for ever ever. Wherever it to be in the conversation. And so I I I give I give a lot of respect to the teams that go out there and give because look shipments of our great. But as a fan I also watched 82 games of regular season basketball I don't want it to be an awful experience. What do without the ball right now they go to the war's run difference leaked it's a terrible loss it's not for. And yet maybe eventually be great but. For right now I like the fact that you're going up there and trying to compete do things and trying to have the jug as about. As exciting Chris Sheridan a boy shoot hoops. If there's dissent yet on this new exciting ready I don't know what day it. Scouts. For rival east team has told me about a body. And Jordan. Has taken Jordan yeah has yet superstar potential. The ads by the way you just on one Duchscherer he had Bruntlett in the pots and he adds by the way. East. This doubt this particular Scott. Does not throw around the term superstar. Loosely. You don't. And months. He speaks WP XY AM South Miami at WS at best at and -- Ito Miramar. Radio dot com station. The hell is going on here rather have a teleconference by the clippers analyst. For what purpose just because this to say hi. Is still looking old and promoting it walker when Hanson is how you disrespectful bastard. Tony of that soccer game away. He looked like he wheelchair what I would he is to book his hands in the past as Pat Riley at 73 years old. Crazy. A bit old folks home cocktail of these old people look. Just look at weathered in Brinkley it's just it's very depressing. Is that when you have an ID six year old grandparents. They've looked better than pat Wright who look at least I don't grip right now. Be prepared to economics to a still shut out sock it to. Better I'll send the picture you can do you can do whatever you want. Well though for. Meanwhile we have some sound finally in does that darkest actually doing his job but don't camp. And Adam days wanna make it little comparative situation between rake bond and Ryan. And in their. Recap I think did a good job of pushing each other you know 00 is competing. Nor need you hate to say it was it was good that people pad each other go through that way as I mean hurt us. You know last year book. It was good for those two guys to. To have that other guys to really nature there and stay focused on what you're doing and plus you know players now though they're competitors. How does somebody should he was staying in Dallas. That I hope to assess. Is always is back in his pack yet and you because it only took one they're screaming. To get his voice back. Learn let's Thackeray. There's a lot of miracles here was BS who has one day less than the day so you can you now believe the coach Brock is gone and coach gazes back PDI not a black belt coach broad as the voice coach groh was the fact that he's based timing with his wide receivers. And also. Went backwards baseball cap with the Covert gusher that's right. The show did Joseph rose woodland just walked out of a frat house. I'm. We do this video. Until I still to WB are alive back in the day. There's a WBR widely. Who's to rubio are we talking about the bullet looked frequency was imparted with pirated the highway station 1640. I don't. I think actually our aid and FM station now. If you look at the foundation that built we. Literally in the signal that's like three miles long that if there's a traffic jam metered in daylight want to read that New Year's that there. That's where you got your start. That's amazing. I love that I was program director fewer need. This a lot of money that you money. Lists. Scholarship money or use our students don't Syria's UN doesn't give crap to be on the exactly modem B I got I got money from me in the sports director one year ago we've seen the he'd be the next here. It's basically for free when you being on the radio. Listen doctor Driscoll you're out there we got pocket man. They're now the mix 995. Shot up Perry. By the way don't be afraid update your is to go on everyone's all Christ them Barry's got in the mix the cult in the mix 995. Some sad news in the headlines. Caves fans of Los member of the family Tyrone mosques the former running back died the eight to 33 yesterday still. Unsure of what the cause of death was no there was some reports. But it was maybe due to pneumonia but that hasn't been confirmed as of yet so we are still waiting for that and that is really sad. Here's a bad parent there's a bad picture of mine and secure program parents. Look man. Owned this is quite grandfather my grandfather at 96 looks so much by the riles. Your grandfather. Looks very good for 96 correct he does. He does not look as good as Pat Riley and probably did when he was 76. That's seventies excellently fit ignited interest and now we used to cut me some cities. Doing butchery shirtless shoeless I can't imagine how dare you which I can't imagine which are good for the skin. It helps them. Iron of these guns like putting a stop slandering him. When I see an immediate day he's got tons of scud he's got he's got the he's got those lean muscles man. Well he does. Why we wait until I see an immediate was it riles at CS AM that's gonna happen to me this guy. Set pieces you washed. And you look like it'll go. So many random pictures on the analysts say don't pay what you mean at some ligament. Best picture ever. Off the greatest it's ever sat out golden. He didn't edited with the. One of the islands vehement. LeBron James says he put too much pressure does get by naming him LeBron. How you did yet. Stephen Jones the Jerry Jones sons as they're gonna cut any player that meals. So I don't buy it unions and haven't now. Honestly imagine if that happens do you know what decree the craziness of the of the players association how it's gonna go. That's very bad news for the cowboys is going to be bad is from. Hello Lou Juan. Got a five year eighty million dollar deal with fifteen. Million in guaranteed for you left tackle the dudes did. I think one lump was recruited by the U I don't know almost positive. Out of Arizona. Passionate dissent. I went to Michigan. Me she did and that's that's about it then superstar potential and Jordan. It doesn't a couple of who is. One. Whenever he wants to superstar of off once it there's different. With a superstar Jones from the superstar wants. He's Kim Jordan. He's been things he's Pat's plan. He's the bee's needs. I got as about Duncan Robinson and see if you just sweats excellence. They that's weird. And we're questioned a spam yes. Maybe you should what I did you do you feel Tom about airplane mode Derek Jones junior. This made about some at least one ever now. It's quite possible. This this is this is this is really really good. I'm very excited about this mennonite of one subtly convince it to me it's certain guys took a resident does the last segment gets us will go about what's going on over here with the poker open that's going up next week's show we get to it depicts a little early. Which means that come up next. Our guys welcome back several hard rock of permits over the beast. There's competition will be back next week. With the campus in the woods is finding bigfoot. Stolen out here at the poker room which does it and get out here register though gets you on on your table has come PS chairs TVs all around you'll vicinity action. Just what text that I wanna get too before. We get toward dude next whom by the way guys says. GT FO weights that's get that out of here so in case 110 years of buildings team. Over the socked him without gates tells timeouts for the other team that you'll have a case a disservice look. Let's say that in gates. Is asthmatic coaches joke though. But yeah to count back a little bit about their memory bank remember what are sold I would Joseph Philbin. The guy next to Aaron Rodgers brain trust of the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers that I realized. A lady and he did really do anything with the Packers he made binders and things organized. So we all we all think that we're getting it all but the drew with others cam Cameron Bright spot all but the brewers get a credit gonna revolutionize things. And I'll tell argue that case yes he won ten games. But he did it riding a player he did it wants starting where we want to so. There's still a lot of perfect but saying he's not he's a buster it coached or can't be a good coach sing I don't know yet and neither do you. And I don't act like you don't know. With what jobs later saying to reporters that it's not true what that it doesn't have credence that judge should be upset about that. So let's get to a duplex. LeRoy he is in last place that he is got his picks and are ready he has nationals Marlins for Friday and Sunday. He has to the nationals twice. So there's that okay he has the Toronto aren't nots against. Winnipeg something after a blue bombers. You bombers went about his eleven point favorites. He's taken with a late in the big action. And finally British heavyweight clash. Joseph Parker against Julian white. Loads of markers from New Zealand. He's taken job market. Beast what he's gotten and Mardy lost last night yesterday. That move my part I just rigorous Strasburg. Com and at two UFC fights and I've got. Skewed victory so but the victory first it's a horrible match up. The one win trilogy gets the knowing those collars. That goes follows lineup looks horrible everything looks horrible month them. The trilogy are these defending champs yet still I have a little faith struggled until the pride game. And and now the FC what you know I know and absolutely nothing about and out of these four fighters is only one name I know that's Jose Aldo. It's just whatever salt make him. It's does that help him. The other flights. It seems to be. This guys thinks is gonna knock this one guy in like two minutes. Against this other guy that thinks is gonna win three rounds well salty guy with the French name that that Olivier Auburn messier I'll take him. Aren't there enough. Hometown not to Canadian once in Calgary totally outlast as opposed to Quebec which has candidates can't vote counts and I want to eight Olympics in retrospect how badly do my picks of the please. I think you got the Olivier one I think you know about one I think. Because this is my opinions shifted just album lost. Says it you know he's coming close to the end here. Yet rob would you comment. RA a sort of with some Big Three power against the killer threes now. Powers and really good bought. Lieberman does not played her medal addicts in a blow to face this key element to the killer threes public vehemently Q under the command of IQ alleged Lieberman. Three lead late to the front of the hometown fans what does that. And after that. Lieberman. They are not running three's company gets tristate. I don't know how to cope three's company even has three wins but I'll I'll take much to go with the Tri-State and by only BC SUV at the even more stock markets immediacy is here. In this crazy is a good even recognizable star more so. When I saw these others that he thinks is gonna launch back into a come back off hurry up and there's a gays companies came in one place so about Arnold Arnold Arnold red blacks against the Hamilton tiger cats the the tiger cats of one half point favorites they just traded to him until you know why because it is Jeremiah muscle and he's a ball. On a tip that the tiger cats to cover the one that. All right. And I got USC. Dustin or year against Eddie Alvarez and Eddie Alvarez insulted him by calling him undercard fighter that's not a boat while Eddie Albert from a take dust in Korea. All right Robby got that and his that I got I have nationals Marlins tomorrow night Imus take the Marlins. They got three headed monster against ball hogs hogs coach Barry Rick burying about Brian Scalabrine alike that guy. Does easily tilt it that's right. Three headed monsters they're coached by Gary Payton he champion also. He leaked trash talker during the victory he never shuts up so I'm gonna say they stay undefeated. I got yo on ENJ chick taking on teacher Torres. Lot of trains and American top team these doors I think used to I don't think she does anymore but I'm gonna go with you wanna. Is us former champ and only one person in the world beat sir and that's rose the army units so many go you'll wanna. And that they have the Calgary stampede ears against the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. I argue that this has got to Rough Riders have one of the greatest names in all of sports the Rough Riders. And their names the statue normally it's to cool city name and it brings you back to the Panthers game back in the day when renewable it was called they talk to Billie Lindsay is like all. One wanna be elected and that's legally is the Scots want Billy don't wanna end up like that. Came loose jump anyway I'll take the Rough Riders. Sources on this case of the world's personal before we get that Iran is like I just text and some given respectable enough. Is ready free boxing for me to watch as we can well there's dilly light against. Against a marker which is enough for Rhonda and I imagine that's probably Avila got Showtime's phase of vigilant two on their FaceBook page yet is in London tonight and carried on the television station. And then. We can get Smart TV work. Hello works cattle those apps I don't know what to do with them and then at night is really good fight the mighty RCA's Taylor Robert Easter. And and a boy Louis King Kong Ortiz and his return will really. In congress that. It's in the stables that are so there's I'm my Aspen notes on showtime let's and so to until the. Hall. Like we sorties. And then fox you have seen among. Totally defied can't go princes are at a case on the one thing I Lola training camp. The only thing the backup quarterback. They'll probably a little bit of a feel. We all like more as we go through the training camp practices and then we in the pre season the resources to see if somebody separates each. We don't want the other and that's why we're China give them. Both on equal wanna restless with different groups so we can get a clean evaluation and what's going to be one of those things where does it feel like this guy's really accelerators is good things happening when one's enemy and it's okay with the other you know sometimes I think that's what kind of cleans up for a special union in the pre season games. Yeah that's career rushing for I mean backup quarterback Tom maybe circle around the training camp stone monument. It but it is that the top well I would go but it would suit your fancy bucket you something that maybe you'd like that your tee offs. Where you team fails I'm details. This is the RC Datsyuk no because Brock cost Weiler is quantum leap and so is that. Yet the that we have team that jerseys. Appointment. To Betty anymore it's over. Yeah but your hope Japan is a done it for now like your time and me against LeBron it's gonna have to do the whole thing if you have a conclave. That's what they have what it vote the white smoke. That right word out. I don't know I think I think the papal Conklin I think that's what it is public Apogee with the right terminology but you're right. He didn't have too good cuts and I think he you would like to I'll play with you I'll play I'll play this game with more look this is just talk about to be cut off Frank Gore. It tore the agency under. The tour that. I'm I'm not paying attention was age anymore. Because I mean he did the only difference. Poland ten years ago looks the same. I mean it's the he does a phenomenal job he's. He's been preparing all spring all heard about his weight training camp which changes in my mind I'm like I got you I believe and trust me play. He is the last person I will ever know. Just seeing what he's going through his career starting college offers he's proven every person runner up. Kimberly said the cut. So honest by him. Robby and gazed up from yesterday verses one today its review so gravely. What happened I believe there are probably them. Or whatever he's like new easily and probably he's gravely. Gravely ill it's terrible. What happens. I think we have a lot of options we have a lot of guys that have different strengths. Was like titles he's very deeply what happens. It's just like he got kicked right in the junk before you went up there not play the who play the yes column we're player Robbie. We don't the dolphins lose and everything right with the have ears everywhere yet. Do you think he got back to him that we're making fun of his voice and he changed it back what is and that's just from the yelling. That to do. A theory. So it's that hey hey if coach. The words on the street coach you that you sound a lot different blog note note word mystery coach you sound too positive yet we sent to a happy coach what happened and what happens of the miserable bass today you were last year coach that's not go with the identity you'll want to portray. Coach coach. It's all well and good that you refreshed and come and camp you know with the hat backwards but turn the hat around and and man up that voice a little bit. Because it's training camp time. The possible. Then I would ever get image director because there's somebody there selling the there's nobody who's just telling them like how they have to portray themselves yes of course. Have to write importantly don't on the table and let's say the coming to psyche there. I think he just has to keep. Keep getting better keep working on his knowledge of the game because a lot of times it's runner and rob you may have grown. The same Rockport and sometimes it's important for coverages. And I think the more that he keeps taking it in learning from that's going to be beneficial to him. Bureau yesterday. These losses likes a little bit you know her parents in my heart I'm. I think those are good. You know some of our young guys are going through that right now on realizing OK and socket change. So it's about recoveries and sleeps well hydrated and also things put yourself in positions where we go out they're committed poison. You know once we really start picking it up a solo third down stuff in the red area I think you'll see him kind of foolish are being more involved. If we get to helmets and this play just go there and jump for the football. Other than that items around me know what you think about tight ends they're not usually the brightest bulbs in the lamp episode saying like how dumb does he have to be that he can't be smarter than we had Rob Gronkowski. But Robin does he ever rowdy gigs and 69. People into volume on your man doesn't doesn't quite it doesn't quite know football yet I mean sees this. I hope he's the guy got really about the judges all his play making tight end let's go. I don't really want to be good. The good tonight admitted how long forever beat Michael that was just. Emmett Michael Johnson's little little little sprinkle Charles play and Dustin Keller will be good as thousand jinx that's true that happens. Should the hard. Illusion legs than it was the list of people whose moves that those ruined. Yes two on the list quite frankly really we should ask you all know. Mentally overwhelmed. With Google well great me it would view. To putting the freedom picture on the wall. Yeah that's a pain in the ass. There were overdue the battery freedom does not be picture. But average Eddie's office let's. I didn't do that she did pizza sort of guided who put up machetes and I'll have no there's a lot of people that cause mischief in the office. I don't pull the same point twice that number. One person when it comes to putting any that you might not true. I've I've only to a bullet pops up under a distort one's. And then I took a lawyer Tom Brady picture correct I'm never put up anything else. Again Tom Brady picture back. After his in the dumpster. Malia scrutiny. She pestered. Stupidly morals nearly choked against them. Ways to. Make them so madly morals. And Ed jaguars Twitter account stopped and the 52 clips of him only good pass. With your bulls hope. I know that edited. It's more pathetic that ride they'll put on a slow motion Jay-Z video doing fist bumps. Sneezes what are we doing your men. Oh by the way so we got an answer to the turn over chain MVP chain and whose idea was whose whose laws Cameron Maybin. As of and is the other he he brought the the idea because of the championship belt from Houston right. So as they got them as people think it weighs four and a quarter pounds. As worth over a 100000 dollars worth over a 100000 that's. What's on. Everything. Everything doing the worth of the hurricanes turnovers into under the early not a hundred thou out of that I don't that's put in regulations of the NCAA knows not but when you have a bunch of millionaire or baseball players Likud block. And I'll think about all the original make money in a terrible on the team. Compete wage and gives you margin product I don't know elect heading out out Camilo have been behind a hundred of evil guys. It could have been involved has all the wears both is is feeling it he's rehabbing with the Rangers has been banished. So yet you because I don't know whether. That's with the that's of The Herald said. It's likely worth in excess of a 100000 dollars for change now. My guess they'd they'll get to Wear it after win right after a wind yes so so for chip does not that he used very often they spent a 100000 dollars steep price. It seems like that's a bad investment. Why it. And it wears. I don't know I imagine they got to have a gatekeeper like McCain's do who's that guy is guilty to a Rodriguez yeah he's the keeper in the have a Joseph well. Expect as fight making fifty grand is double the chain network ponders the proposed seems credible on jobs. JT real regularly gave him. But he probably did fourteen bill economic rent. Tony birds from the settle on rock the boat tournament director he's gonna stop by next. I'm before we get out here and send you over the weekend is going to be big times over here at the several hard rock hotel and casino coming up next week we had several hard rock. Poker open it is running August 2 through the fourteenth that means we need to talk to the man himself. Tony burns who is continent to Jones on the Iran does announces to me as soon as guests on Tony is. He poker tournament director for the Seminole hard rock and he's got all the information forces the comes down Q the hard rock poker open. And what you guys to do if you wanna get involved. And get a seat and stop play get in on the action here for the settle hard rock poker open we're we're gonna talk to a guy Tony burns he is the poker tournament director is is upon us it is getting there he's several heart on poker open it is less than a week away it is August 2 next Thursday. And we are talking it's only on the Iran does does is to be used as just not true says the ideas don't Tony man. Barbara Howard you know there's a good bit ago amassed so how is this don't boy you thought were close in on the in the poker open. I how's it been in the lead up to this thing he would be excited nervous that this is all is all happening loses it all happiness boy how does the the countdown don't Soria. I'm never nervous anxious ready to go. Dalton former. The them hard rock meant that we felt Los Vegas that the real. I'll get a good out there promoting the upcoming theory. You know we don't wait two or three feet. Into the championship event that a lot of flood new faces. No fault too familiar one than those of great opportunity be up their offers sudden we promoting the upcoming series. That's very cool meant solid what do you want when you're out there like what are you looking to do I mean obviously promote the tournament but you re looking to see how. They run things there you can pick things up where you are in the canoe for certain time a player how does that go for your guests. Well we've setup right outside of registration we've got a really good duplication. And we actually give away swagger giveaways wag bag than enough recap for people that stop buying wind up with a drawing. So the great opportunity to you know that was the third year we've done it. And it's amazing like obviously people like west of the Mississippi from Dunn. It's old like they haven't thought bill and they know the hard rock brand. But Fulham like to eat you up poker I haven't been down there yet looked great opportunity to have a one on one. You know in your face conversation about property. What we're doing and had to fight them. And we told you about the quotes over rates that are were our hotel room rate for the period well pulled out of the the other day. But that arguably the film you know hey c'mon down. And a book your hotel room than and they did it right there on the spot so what do you great opportunity and anybody that's really serious about Volcker. It up the World Series. That's very awesome that's Rizzo went when you when you meet all as you've heard different places. I'll what is your go to anyone a cell self larnaca that's got to be and it's a different perspective to go from here in normal clientele. I mean I'll order print until the level that you you you think Florida that somebody you know they think poker vacation. Well you know we felt about the property you know or boot you know how the properties flash unit shall all the background. And a lot of people know about the upcoming year you know expansion. And they are excited to come down feed the guitar and you know how how about dressing though you have stopped short of the pretty beat though and you'll like it that a political poker vacation off orders please they. Was Arizona burns poker tournament director for the Seminole hard rock the hard rock poker open is gone through August 2. Through the fourteenth. Ten of the 143 million dollar guarantee championship. So the the setup for that we what are you what are you expecting for next week as as things start to unfold here. Well we're opening up for the 500000 dollar five million guarantee. You know that have been always is that enough. It's a great way to get things kicked off. No first plate usually does that over quarter million dollars you know for a 570 dollar investment that. That brings them out the great way to get things started until it's one that the fence and over forty that a life. I can we bring back the big for overnight America where where we ever fight the championship with a three million guarantee you spoke oh. Coupled with the when he picked fifth 1000011100. Dollar half a 1125000. Or Cairo or humiliate your feet. So it's just the great string of events that you know the post or vent but on the final table. You get him in the same room and we why extremists and film for BB where both CBS sports. It's pretty awesome man Austria also Nunez also via the Jeff Conine poker classic coming up. On August 9 it's it's it's always going got a guy like nine or covenant and doing something like this how does that how does that nor org if you wanna get in into that black. Get to the day before the championship event will be our Jeff Conine event. The perspective here having the event last year we have 307 entries. We're having over 30000 dollars in cash and prizes are firstly if they keep into the fight you championship. That simply getting the trip up to the new Atlantic City property. Up from hard rock her to ring up people there and check that out now like that cash and prizes like gift basket. From the hard rock fine by you know different things and think they'll find it guitar this year for one of the winners broke off packages. You know dinners to Ker oh health blow felt just a great up and get everybody together and you know all we have that's for the kids. Jeff Conine as the Coleman clubhouse. At the DiMaggio Children's Hospital both I think last year we raised over a hundred and apple over a 139000. For the charity. So great night theater by together and you know Jeff just float Volcker and you know. You think about South Florida and and baseball you don't just mr. Marron will salute it hurt you know it took him again together worked side rather than against. He doesn't go to SH RPO dot com if you guys want any more information. And on the run down the schedule of into the do this weekend every single weekend stood up the July high hands and everything that goes down. Thought does does every thirty minutes on on tonight. So tell it before we before let's ago here wartime for the for the poker open now what must sell for anybody who's thinking about getting into it. What is the best way for them to get involved. About regularly bald as you know just get it done itself lord obviously who wasn't there is thought. Local players registration book available you can come in look today. And you can buy your ticket and event. Are ignored them and they'll you were going to be in the event thunder again suddenly six table we're also opening up a one of the new alarm. During the period for the high roller and a couple of other events the villain theory felt great opportunity to beat the new event senator. Yeah haven't checked it out already and if that thoughts on appearance fees. And this great frightful than great out here to be around sounds awesome now we're looking forward to it. All right appreciate you have me on a poet. He started by as always love haven't always stop by with us here on the show everybody have a great rest you re going get on down the hard rock you don't have to wait until the poker open if you guys wanna get down here. Just this weekend tonight July high hands were out of thousand dollars every thirty minutes now until midnight Somalia a July big slick deep stack. No limit hold them with a reentry 11 AM thousand dollar buying 30000 guaranteed to get on out there. For that if you guys wanna have some action this weekend we'll talk to Gaza Monday have a great weekend.