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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Oh. Dion Waiters story broke. Tonight we don't hear or buried jacks were just waiting for the James Johnson news beat do you think there's a reasonable chance that before we get up here 10 o'clock this will be resolved and announced. Well I don't know if it'll be announcement from OK I'm all indications it's done do you think that. Guys like you more wolves will report that a deal has been reached. Gore's 10 o'clock that's quite possible it's like about it's gonna cost leave a lot of money to it's gonna cost in the neighborhood of the waiters deal will see evidence of being more than that. But certainly a salary starting in double digits which is gonna end up consuming a lot of heat up spaces we talked about the last two months this is what's gonna end up happening. He really wanted to come back here commented James Johnson. And you reporting you talked to last Friday said he was going to wait until you were situation was resolved. Barry as far as you know. Day I mean other teams do we wanted to come back here and other teams engage him in serious talks. No there were some conversations. With Houston clippers had some level of interest I don't know though that he got any offer beyond a mid level which for some teams is a half million in each case it's only four point three million rays are using tapper so I don't know that he ever got a double digit opera elsewhere. But frankly you know when Serge Ibaka is getting something. Over twenty million a year. And do is Evan Turner in Portland is getting seventeen knowing your James Johnson deserve something in the twelfth to fourteen million range and I know some might say look. It's only one year of really I equality NBA work this guy I was a journeyman. But to me there's no reason to think he's gonna regress to what he was because his body has been transport. Comedian and a utility if you disagree how I was talking history with Curtis. That to me shows me that Erik Spoelstra who was obviously going to be heavily invested on any big decision like this. But he might be really lobbying saying look I you know obviously now we see Pat Riley practices all the time. What do Spoelstra staff the work you know their their hip deep in working with these guys is it him saying look. Would Dion Waiters who James Johnson were just possibly scratching the surface with these guys they did the Errol was still pointing up even though Johnson's thirty. And he's been a journeyman I'm Tony I can get more out of a right I agree with that I think's. Oh love James Johnson frankly love this team. I think making the playoffs of the steam would have been more satisfying may be the making the playoffs with any team that's bolsters ever had but he here's Spoelstra used that term Swiss army knife. I know they have that vision for justice Winslow if you can use it on a player on the scorer roster would be James Johnson he can defend at a high level. We saw last year that he can hit the three. A career high in three pointers shot 34% from distance obviously can rebound. And last year that we saw part of his game that no other coach allowed him. To do which was facilitated. And being a ball handler Joyce center when exactly and James Johnson was so appreciative that he told the and other reporters multiple times Eric is the first coach that allowed me get a team into offense and show with skill that I've always known I had to. But other teams and Duane Casey in Toronto for example sure wouldn't let me show. So he's a very much appreciative of that and that paid dividends I asked spoke about his decision what James do that. And he said well we saw him do some ball handling in September during informal work out great we liked it he showed he can handle games without being chaotic and throwing balls away resolving to turn overs. And so they gain confidence in them and they let him do so took me by today's NBA standards he is worth. 101112. Million here. I we will continue with more this for a lot of heat talk and the only girl we don't talk met much Marlins general we're gonna have to USA today is reporting. That an off fire sale is is imminent we're gonna talk about that in and there are a lot of tentacles to that story. As well alongside Barry Jackson I'm Frito we will take you up is 10 o'clock both before we go further let's go to headlines. News ones. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. And as we were just talking about the genes Johnson watched continues his talks between his agent in the heater on going. Miami brought Dion Waiters back into the fold yesterday by agreeing to a reported for your 52 million dollar deal when I was looking to lock up Johnson stayed two and AM 798. FM 1043 HD to the ticket for all the latest he related news. As I just mentioned as well USA today's reporting in order to shed payroll to meet the Marlins more attractive to present potential buyers. A fire sales not only expected but imminent the herald's Clark Spencer reports the T the team is heavily sky. Five other teams farm system in preparation for possible deals. On the field the Marlins fell 43 to the cardinals now burial hinting at under the sentenced to years go on the Marlins sent him down the miners and kept him down too long numerous setback is. Free agency. But Marcelo Zuma he drove it all through runs and Peary he now leads the majors with 67 runs batted it amuse the majors Mazen Miami opens up a three game series tomorrow in San Francisco to wind up the schedule prior to next week's. All star game which will be held. In Marlins park and those are your headlines. So there we go. The heat have a decision make obviously they're they're they're doing their best to lockup. James Johnson his agent mark. That he Riley talked last night they said they're gonna talk today I assume they've been talking on and off all day. It seems like both sides want this enough that our deal is going to be struck. But now they've got a decision by midnight tomorrow right to weather decide to pick up though the one your six point three million dollar option on Wayne Ellington. Yeah you leaning toward what you think they'll bring the band back together with Ellington. At this point I would lean toward them bringing him back for a couple of reasons one. They really valued everything you gave him obviously he's known for his outside shooting was very effective at bet but also prove to be total professional. Good locker room guy was willing to defendant did everything Spoelstra Aston. Just a true pro and I think they really liked his presence in the locker room. And he has clearly an asset that works well with this roster which is someone. Who's able stretch the hour which is a stylus so successful for them last year so to me Ellington six point three million is good value. Now I know some people might wonder wait a minute. One he's caught Wayne Ellington and use the money towards somebody else my response that would be that's one another teen can pick him up off waivers from the six point three million. And he must report to that team this is not a case of the heat being able condom and then Ellington can strike a deal immediately with Miami race there be some risk in that the other thing is even if you cut Ellington and end up with. I don't know ten to fourteen million cap space who do you wanna give it to lose all that attractive whose remaining now some people are gonna shower Rudy Gay. My response to that would be this is a guy coming off a major Kelley's injury. Who is not generating a ton of interest in free agency certainly not at the dollars that he wants. So I think while there some level of these interest in Rudy Gay I do not sense any appetite to give him an enormous contract because I. Yeah go ahead and hopefully I wouldn't rule out Rudy Gay by any means but I I I would be shocked if they he gives him 141516. Knowing your 'cause nobody's offering that. He turned down I believe a fourteen point one million dollar options remain on Sacramento to any not exactly happy I want out now some guys like David West David West. You lose to your two years or three years ago. Would've earned two years go would have burned about eleven and changer twelve and change with the Indiana Pacers he was under contract to turn down that option. To sign for one million and change was San Antonio because he'd I'd read at the time. He'd already earned 87 million dollars more than enough if you investor correctly you live. Twilley lifetimes. AP saved his money well he wanted to win a ring now he didn't know that last year not this past season the one before. The San Antonio get knocked out a second round. He then went to the warriors obviously this you know last month he he won his first ring. I wonder if I don't publish Rudy Gay has made. But he comes here lock it becomes your Barry he's not looking for. A ring I mean the spurs had a chance to Winnie ring. You don't meet I was good is golden state Golden State was the overwhelming favor and they wondering if re gauge comes and he's got a place here he's wanted to play here for a while. But he's coming here at least in the near future it's not too until hoist the Larry O'Brien troop you'll. I there's no question that I can score he's the most prolific scorer remaining in free agency now that know what's key is going to be off the board. The questions are three gay toughness that's been raised OK some people also wonder well. Is he someone. Who has been part of winning organizations before. Obviously there have been places where he's been moved like Toronto which started winning after he left so this is not to blame Rick Ayers said that he. Yes yes and that's it this is not to say that Rudy Gay is not a winner it's just say that the places these play historically have not won the for factor certainly partially beyond his control. So their issues with Rudy Gay that I think any team a lot to consider. So for those who say okay it's a no brainer to try to clear up thirteen or fourteen million spaces and give it to regain it's more complicated than that now beyond Rudy Gay list of free agents left is very port there's no one's worth giving and 1112 million to maybe some guys worthy of the mid level Marreese Speights. CJ miles a guy who's a good three point shooters played for Indiana. And elsewhere. But if people look at this list beyond Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo. And Derrick Rose and obviously no need for Rondo and rose here no there's no one on this list that your really clamoring to get app space. Or that's like you know when they sign when they greeted DO DR I mean you I mean he was my opinion about shooting guard out there I mean who was out there that we who usual rather how it is people. And I haven't heard of many. I tell my show yesterday when house filling in free that are scene techs were people so all know we should assign waders I mean I think people were impressed may be some people think that. Are there wasn't large enough sample size and maybe have no or little skittish about a warrior 52 million dollar deal. But he remade himself peering out a lot of credit goes the coaching staff the market for shooting darts pretty this. It was TNT Henry signed Dion Waiters your other best options for starting shooting guard. Where Aaron a swallow whose age you know mediocre starting NBA shoot your card been around knicks nuggets. Thought that most supple OSHA who's more back up at this point rate known for his defense not much of the shooter who Gerald Henderson a guy who's played. For Charlotte Philadelphia and Portland. So Dion was by far the best shooting guard left so for people wonder about the money paid for years 52 million to meet. That's good value form remember with Deion not only did we see the evolution. In his offensive game he was a very good defender last year he held the players he was guarding. Two among the low shooting percentages are only of any guarding top three. And that category we also saw in the second half the season he became a better clutch player at five for nine on clutch three weeks after the all star break. Are we saw him be able to finish at the rim more officially sudden you and I talked about jobs either start a very slowly their he'd get he'd get to the red meat penetrate. But then the percentage airway were we will wait too well exactly I was looking it up today. On baskets. Our shot attempts in the basket area right under the rim. Last season he missed ten to disperse fourteen you know how hard that is as easily act as an idiot let the guts significantly better as the season progressed and the other big thing with keeping him is he works so well with Dragic that's why men responded that she they gel so quickly. Yup they I mean they basically great together they'd be really did absolutely and when they were on the court together the heat shot threes. An incredibly high rain I looked this up today as well. 47%. Was the heat's three point shooting percentage when waiters. And drug which were on the floor together in the second half the season that's just remark. I don't pay as aren't gonna care about this and probably doesn't think it translates to the floor maybe it does may be it doesn't put. One of the things you do settles Wayne Ellington being a good locker room guy and maybe it doesn't make a difference but if you if you go to the locker room. Guys who adjoining lockers or Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters I mean they just they got along very well they they talked all the time and you know this would ever. We worked on the floor it it it worked well maybe some translated from their I don't know that may be their rebel talk basketball off that they could. You know that help them mold you children into playing well together. Yup this team does not suffer fools and they don't want knuckle ants. And just for people who think that may be the whole issue of the guys' characters overrated. Keep this in mind when your ten and 31. You need good or 1130 and eats case nearly all star rate rise at the midway point rather. You need guys who were not gonna be cancers not gonna be distractions guys who still want come to work every day put any effort not be driven by personal agendas and they had that last year because if you don't have that there's no way you're gonna dig out of a hole were ninety games under by Roger you're gonna have players were thinking only about themselves looking for their own shot thinking about the next contract and the fact that this the eighteen was not motivated. I selfish motives. I think is admirable and it's a reason why he wants to keep so many of these players. Peoria and we'd like your calls comments or questions about the Miami Heat number 786360079. We've opened on the phone lines for that several questions we could talk about are you. What if if they do sign Wayne Ellington if they agree to deal James Johnson. Your socially bringing the team back together yes there are few changes. Your your minds Willie Reid too I hear me may end up in Golden State you brought in damn hot out of bio I I still gonna always question upon pronounce that right. So yeah there are some minor singer may be some guy with a mid level exception of basically the roster is the same. We Jewish fans be OK with that now again this is a roster that. When healthy and even know Dion Waiters wasn't healthy toward the end of the season because he you know that bad ankle but. What 1113011. Excuse me and and and Curtis and I got new debate yesterday. He thinks they'll win fifty games I do I'm not. Ready to drink that much heat Kuwait now they were 41 and 41. After a dreadful evidence thirty start. I think that it if they are remain healthy 45 wins possible 47 maybe 48. Fifty I could I hope I'm wrong I'm just not ready to go that high. Right I'm now ready to go with ties that either I think it's possible but I wanna see more and their three variables that we don't know. We don't know if justice Winslow can shoot right correct thought that there be improvement last year but because of the rest. And all the other injuries weren't able to get a good sense of that we don't know how good band at a bio will be in his first year music going to be a rotation player who's actually had to make an impact. And the third thing we don't know which is most interesting is the Dion Waiters we saw. Last late February and march is this a new Dion Waiters will he build on this gender com. Our guards who would be in the discussion for an all star appearance or Willie were he revert back to the first four years to Dion Waiters and erratic guy was basically a fringe NBA starter more of a back up. That two knees is because anything knowing whether this is a 41 team or potentially fifty went to. That was Barry Jackson Humphrey oh of course. You're listening to AM 790 net immoral for three HD to the ticket will take your calls it like to get in lines are wide open at 786. 360079. You were back after this. Let us. At the ticket promotion team for all star broadcast this Monday at. Black market in downtown Miami just off this game. We're giving away a pair of all star fan fest tickets every half hour it begins at 4 PM rule the all star specials and more black market Miami presented by red rabbit. It takes the Miami sports fan back to the eighties black market the future of the sports bar with a history of Miami. And AM 798 after a moral or three HD two the official radio partner of the 2017. All star week. Reported that he go to the DR Michael the futures game re going of that. Not to futures game will be there Monday neutral as I stick to EI and there's going to be a lot of activity I know for media on the field. On Monday afternoon all the all stars are lined up by the outfield walls real and we get to talk to the I can't remember which is first but they're both teams will get about 45 minutes with sees just approached players on the outfield wall but by the up till wall. You and I cover it and we'll get back to the he had promised that's Barry Jackson of course I'm Frito. The general baseball general managers meanings a couple of November's reading his November 2015 or your Boca and the cool thing about that was. When they made all the GM's available to us I'm not telling you anything you don't know. But it was cool they put all the GM's in this very big room and ace right amount and you could just walk up to any GM he wanted for instance. Brian Cashman was talking to New York media they they had a long time with a and then they dissipated and and what's other people I didn't I was waiting in line patiently and then I had about panel for five minutes alone. When Brian Cashman I was sort of the head of the line and other people waited behind me to get what they wanted but. You could walk up to any GM you wanted to any team and if you just waited to the other people were done. Guess what it was your turn that that was a terrific availability. You know that's one of the perks of covering owners' meetings or general manager's meetings in this case the way the NFL does it which is great is. Every march they have their owners' meeting has been a while all the coaches come with their wives and the owners or their two. And the league allows reporters to spend an hour. With any AFC coach one day any NFC coach and a great they also that enables it starts at 7 in the morning and I was there so rights that we both sad and Adam case is table before before that Joseph Philbin stable which was already with which was always drilling. I'm not. But I don't. But again this is a destabilized or it's funny bella checked shows up late to this traditionally and then he says nothing. Of course yeah so it's almost worthless to go to Belichick's table but there happened to pitching coach Rex Ryan will always draw a crowd at these events. But that's the best thing that the NFL does Barack strike giving us access to all the coaches in one room over to. Yeah in the AFC is one day the NFC is is another it's fantastic access in U. If you wanted to stand around a table you know we're sit there if you can Anita Gambill talked for an hour and then the answer any and all questions I won't say who. Put Adam gates I think it was his first one. One of the reporters local reporters asked him a few questions things like who were your sources they're terribly Ehrlich all for four and Allen and I was just thinking about Daria I'm not I'm not through bears the guy no no but that was lol I like Mike how he's climbing guide from all this on the record yet and we knew at that point that gays has a little bit of an end George Jones. Which he had shown since right as luck at a gates little tolerance for anonymous sources. Doesn't like players in his locker room speaking anonymously told his players that's and in fact now. I was telling you this Josh if you use an anonymous source as a player you don't give the player's name. You'll in all likelihood receive a call from the dolphins telling you that Adam gays is quite mad at you okay I've never seen that before yeah covering sports here for thirty years never seen another coach do that. All right well. Yeah he does have an edge absolutely. That's Barry Jackson the information guy Frito here alongside him 7863600790. Let's get to your phone calls a lot of our conversation of course initially about the heat and first up this will in Miami shores good evening well. Or you can call your welcome our. Bush or talk about over a perspective oh but it got really exploded about these bad bank. Shirt go to court and they were at stake so you know. Something. A lot of them that I ought to ought rampant a couple of more on Gordon Hayward like if this guy who really war. Marty back on track and I really couldn't get a lot of people around Miami having all action and that bad. For me. I'm not much more comparable. With Dion Waiters or years. 2 1000000 that I am Korda they were four year to 24 million I mean. Forget deal where you bought your whole. It really reached the crime his career. Separate career you have a great as an air in my. And you know what a huge grant agreed that this. And he brought out of the upcoming beat them because. You went birdie it'll wondered where you looked finally healthy you're really have been assured me couldn't you gotta get pulled them. Where you know you know pull off the practiced the get go back in shape and show together again correct but he nor are all part. But you let them. Our audit took a product broke yup them and bring everybody back together on edit it another way that torrential look at that there. We essentially a preacher like addition met Joseph blow. Out you can play. Where that went birdie what inducted because of what you're getting a the great addition to that one out and not talk about apart by the that you got mentioned Matt Dion Waiters. I'll read about your New York but he. Rude surprise to me and I would highly Dion Waiters up. But pop the shooting guard garlic just wouldn't look so forward applauded her beat her. Got from that the current. MGM an idiotic guy like bomb white but the fundamental. It can be ordered about I'm going MBA very anxious about to what do you respect them on the bottom of the product on the you have them you remember a goat. The court. Well I just got a phone call that man has actually been invited to it to the arena to take heat add to us. Architect because that's exactly what the organization would tell you right they're getting a new player per actively injustice once that's one way to look at it sure. What is it like when rookie. Is out for the year any sport you know next year Roy essentially to pursue routers are when he addressed the last year you know maybe like a Dante Fowler Jack's third overall pick. Minnesota down his rookie year. And then next Syria too for her now all we left that was at the second year exposes some they're gonna be better and our dogs and American Airlines Arena a taste better could've added that as well. But you know what it's going to be a fascinating lab experiment I think Josh to see this team together again. Because now you'll know if what we saw second half of last year was. Some sort of just crazy thing that can happen in sports a bunch of decent players getting hot and putting together a win streak that would never be repeated again. Or Woolsey if there was something to know whether this team can sustain a fifty to sixty went paste it to me it's gonna be very compelling. I have slowly Emmy last year how many teams even the great ones when thirteen in a row. They were 1131. At started they were coming off for road trip in which they won in six I do remember and I've said this before that. Spoelstra came. In that was based we'll West Coast road trip that ended in Milwaukee. They took a day off they went back to practice since both sit at that price is not on I don't know I've sigh some really good things on the road what he. You what 16 I know that's a really good things they rattled off thirteen wins enrolled. In that thirteen game win street they beat Golden State best team in basketball the time best record. Houston during that streak they beat twice and both times Houston in the third best record but then later in the year. I use this line is because one boob shot on the always be used they lead it hurt against the knicks an ice howdy don't lose that Friday night game against the knicks and a couple other. Loss is reader should cure I think it was Philadelphia one of them. We won't look doomed them right they did lose a LLP also the Denver loss at home as well they lost the knicks and Denver two home games in badly needed. Went ultimately doomed them as well. Was the bulls getting hot late because they heat the final we took care of business they want a big game in Washington that I covered. One in Charlotte on that final road trip is woke came home beat Cleveland again. To meet one the most impressive things you mentioned two of the goldmans say when. And certainly the Houston when we owes them to both of them exactly but to me it's third on that list of impressive things was winning back to back games against Cleveland. And I know that LeBron was arrested in one of them but to beat them. Obviously Cleveland shorthanded in Miami and then go to Cleveland right and went to me was very impressive so I'm fascinated to see how this group. We'll play together which Lisa a question what's their ceiling deal. Think all right that's a big you know throw that out molesters as well I get IE. I'm guessing. If everything breaks right 4740 wins that's that's my guests. I could be way off I hope I'm wrong and Curtis is right that they want to UNC if put to you what's against your question. I would say I would go. Fifty as a ceiling just because even though everything when have to break right for them to get there I wouldn't rule it out as our seating. I would say what's likely is it their sex I think their roster. Presuming they bring back Ellington or get veterans Kabul would be similar to the Milwaukee Bucks which would get you probably the there's six macondo well okay. The the teams that are better than they are right now certainly Cleveland Boston Toronto. Brought back to Barca and Lowry I think Ozal surprised Lowery your turn I put them better. The wizards by the way they're they they're gonna match probably got a border righty so I'm Max 106 million dollar opera sheet with the nets yes I would say they're better. Who am I missing issues are more well Charlotte to me would be in the five to seven range with Miami Milwaukee might obviously have gotten better with Dwight Howard assuming that Howard doesn't follow the clip. Amelie mock. Right a very good value for them at their place in the draft so I was say those are the 7 likely Eastern Conference playoff teams eighth as a wide open on paper but the teams that fell back. Atlanta who made the of the don't Dwight Howard traded at Windsor are certainly a trade Dwight Howard Charlotte. They lost. Paul Millsap signed an opera she worry and to deal with the with the Denver. And walk talk by the way about the migration from east to west a lot of that Hayward it was the only big player I can think it went west to east. Chicago pullback there released Rondo they treated Butler. And who am I missing them all like India and of course the trade of Paul George to a two Oklahoma City they got petrol depot. And a huge for your 84 million dollar deal but those three teams all backwards I think by the heat bringing everybody back they stay healthy just. Because of what the other teams did I think the heat we brought them right. I do too at this point I might give a little bit to the ocean the Milwaukee Bucks because they get to part Parker back right and you guys is that we have reason exactly they have great. Chris Middleton the whole season last year missed the first half of the year but I think their rosters are very similar. To meet the fascinating thing is. Is it possible he could catch Toronto were washed him because if you do that then your in the mix for home court in the first round right Toronto. Their performance against Cleveland in the post season was embarrassing short and they decided to bring this group back with flowery and Ibaka that you wonder. Have they maxed out two will they be com. Somewhat disinterested. After realizing that they're not gonna get past Cleveland with this group. With Washington obviously injuries have been an issue in the past with Bradley Beale. Are you wonder if we're Todd is going to not be as effective as he gets older. So those two teams while better than Miami on paper I wouldn't bet everything that I owned. That they will definitely be better than Miami come February march. Text derisive freed only chance we Reese are in read I don't think there's the money. They're especially if they if the pick up the option on on Ellington and come to a deal with James Johnson he can get more elsewhere absolutely I'd be surprised of Willie doesn't end up with something in the five to eight million range because teams. With a bigger salary cap exception in Miami has an opera not money can now Miami can offer the four point three exception I don't know that that will be enough and I think at this point two that the sense I get is that they -- expects that he will not be back. Let's go to the phones here let's go to David in Hialeah hello David you're on the ticket welcome. And gaga going guys thanks for taking my call you'll concern. And you know I gotta agree with a lot of a lot of corn could go back collar made yeah. Really excited about this season. You know as far as as far as the people of this whole. If everything breaks right you know wind blow comes out and turned out to be a revelation like as he didn't think it was that we that he can beat. If you see that continued improvement from the core of this roster which Bjork and they're capable of doing. In I didn't all the way that the east is good kindling a week it definitely Cha change everybody in the east including the Boston Celtics will I don't think got much better by acting boarding -- by the wake kind of glad we didn't get kind Gordon Hayward and the Cleveland Cavaliers yes they have LeBron the deck Kyra but the rest of that squad is old. It's kind of fragile Iowa and I could see them following a part in the east I don't hold -- while I -- and -- homework but I'm excited about this season and then yank and we could see how it turned out. David what did you spike your peak Kuwait where I mean yeah I just don't think they can challenge Boston at Boston's better now. And I think they got better with Hayward while now I'm I'm make it funny you'll little bit so I'm not trying to be mean but all kidding aside. Why do you think with the heat essentially bringing everybody back. The good the Celtics. Adding are you might not see you know he's maybe not a number one player but adding the best. Free agent out there I'm not counting two ranting Korean hero always gonna re signed with Golden State. What did the Celtics are signing the best ridge available the heat essentially staying the same why do you think the heat have closed the gap with Boston. I what I don't think as we speak we close the gap would bust an arms saying best case scenario to meet personally. Idol I won the box and is gonna lose some pieces by adding Cortese. They're in our shopping crowd were Smart a neighbor Bradley neighbor right Jae Crowder potentially going to Utah on the sign and trade okay. And they already lost and the elderly and actually have really knows I you know so matchup would would Hassan Whiteside. And out of notre restaurant that bad that roster I don't really see the point guard being that much of a starting police notes defense. Gordon Hayward he's he's whatever. How he wants to me because of the kind last year from Atlanta. Yeah. You can whatever truly glad a scholar in the country I don't see. I don't see all we're all local buy in Indian in Boston about he had a guy lucky last year and abroad decided not to break. In the last five games or whatever but they're not good let's let's be doing what their coach can see that matching up with the warnings tonight I know yet. Now thanks for the call we were up against a break. I think he's a bit too optimistic but. They what he said today it seems obvious that the ND I groomed no they don't matchup of the warriors were by the same token Cleveland doesn't match up of the Warner is no nobody. In my opinion Barry is within shouting distance of Golden State right now still even after the draft even for free agency. There are still in my opinion a huge gap between them. And the other tween ninety. No question you're just competing basically to make the NBA finals who could lose to golden state of final liked that's all your. That player would have positioned due to be. The favorite in a post LeBron Eastern Conference around if he does go to LA next year and now I think any reasonable person would say the Boston would be the favorite. To emerge as the Eastern Conference. Front runner if LeBron leads especially. They're young players Jason Tatum and Jalen brown developed what we've seen in Jason Tatum and summer league which is sort of like NFL routier's you don't read too much into what we've seen so far from KM. Very impressive mentioned Balkan Nicholas in Coral Springs John in less than you hold on I promise we will get to your calls. After the break others welcome to join 786360. Sera 798 I'm I've gotta scroll down to find a pyramid during the break. Collar header text or a couple of really really good he related questions will get to that I promise a richer all warned I hung up already. I got from Coral Springs so there are several lines open if you wanna get in your comments your questions about the heat 786360. 079. So important just to fit within Iran figures Thursday morning's AM hour sponsored by East Coast public adjusters we've got your assets covered. Call 855 JE CPA or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com don't settle for less. And listen to address the tips on AM 790 and after immoral for three HD two. The ticket. He's very Jackson I'm Frito we will take you till 10 o'clock o'clock happy to be with you on a Thursday hope your weekend. Goes wells the all star game festivities are are beginning and they're gonna have been passed of course there whole bunch of activities and then. Home run derby is Monday night I I wished and they're I wish and there are gonna do this. This really favor stand in or judge that they would measure of the home is not the number of homers you hit. But the did the the worst piece you did I would be cool to see. Jon Karl standing at four miles a poll worst and that would be and I know ESPN's gun -- all sorts of bells and whistles about distances and other things there during the broadcasts it'll be broadcast by the way without Chris Berman for the first time since 1994. We will not hear back back back. On the home run calls this is one of the assignments that he lost rush part of his new ESPN deal so we get. Carl Ravitch on dvd and blu shopping chairman radio right here. I I don't know how many people are gonna miss that may mean an easygoing guy memento I don't know how many you we're gonna mr. back back back back back. Yeah I should Figueroa yes I mean I think you grew stale EL I I agree I talked with Berman about this over the years. And his explanation to me. Had always been well there are a lot of people who have never heard my nicknames or the back back back so he says I'm doing it for them. And I said but what about people who say and I about a good natured discussion with them about this a couple of times by so what about people who say it is just enough already. You know enough with the nicknames enough with the and he said he just doesn't agree with that. Tonight we don't look I'm a huge pollution on the fan and I think he does everything well. One of the things I like about his home run calls easy he doesn't have won the just whatever comes to mind at the time is what he sets media doesn't do the same one the same. Cookie Kirk call which we here in town here all the time. Up up and away all the time with every homer made it it never varies I don't like when it never varies just hallways in your mind don't automatically go back to. My X this is my expression and I'm never bearing yup yup we've had some good baseball man to pass through here with boob. And Dave O'Brien I know Joseph Angel what some detractors but. He was regarded as its good days on as one Casper I think well Casper is great Eddie. I will say this my joined a nice guy when the Marlins won the 97 World Series his call was. The Marlins are in the win column like I really. They just won the World Series that you can't bury you just giving that seems Steele called to say you could come up with something better you'll never have that chance again in that sits. Yet he was rip for that bright that was hardly an original call and virtual Waltz I think it's I like real received your idea he really grows on people yeah I'll highlight racial lot 7863600790. Mitch in Boca has been hauling home picture on the ticket welcome. Hey guys tell you elegance and what's not. Could show every time spoke about it I'm talking that he unit in the middle on ninety degree weather which it agreed to. I'm com about article almost on an issue three question that I'll hang up to look further radio. I'm number one and the heat keep Magruder act and act starting level calm because you know that it is bush live on low Magruder but still he doesn't give you all locked up number 20. And I think they're you know everybody want to blow Josh McRoberts Al away including myself but what does a guy peaks and so now comes back healthy and he'd be SNB you know what happens if he becomes on the yet someone problems else. Up from a couple of years ago and then number pretty on can you waste a lot of rock I lol pat on the mall lever what he's gone like everybody else can you wait the roster spot within that veteran minimum. When do you really wanted to help bombed AM. Are the direct XR it all hang out listen thank god. Thank you Magruder was number one you know 1000 Erik Spoelstra is. Media availability on the first day of what training camp for the you know the summer league which was I guess two weeks ago I wanna say. Couldn't say enough Obama Gruber was disappointed he wasn't on the all rookie team was disappointed really that he will get consideration for the all defensive. Yeah we saw such progress in the grooves came over the second happen. The season ideally he's not a starter. On a good team I mean ideally using your rotation coming up the engine as a ninth or tenth man. If they don't sign Rudy Gay and again I'm not ready to rule out Rudy Gay by any means it's possibility. If they don't sign in the near front runners to start small or would be justice Winslow and Rodney Magruder Winslow is healthy if he doesn't have an abysmal pre season. I think he would be the favorite over Magruder for if Riga is not on the roster. But keep in mind that he plays a ton of three guard lineups and those lineups during the second half the season were by and large. Very successful lives here Dion Waiters can guard opposing team's small forwards Josh Richardson. As the length in the defensive acumen to be able do that so you'll see this team play a lot of three guards so I wouldn't get too concerned about who plays small forward because it's possible. The Miami could go with three guards perhaps the game. Now as far as the property rays and rob us right or is there Josh is there are more unpopular. Well south far and I was just thinking back. Heath Bell to Sammy Smith the guys who. People wince when you say their name to JP is a very nice. Guy he just always hurting and hasn't lived up to expectations I'm let's agree question guys that are just. I'm sure there have been guide Randall Terry you wanna say one of them. Now is gonna say we have breaking news was set. Miami Heat assign Coley Kelly all ethnic really Kelly wow. More wow multimillion dollar contract warriors fifty. Wards reporting this. Well is reporting it it's so funny because I called my agent today and it Curry's telling you want. I called his agent Greg warrants today could not get a hold of them just to inquire. About Kelly Nolan and and sit there you go. Why raising amazing well he was probably the best free agent available. Right yeah he's seven feet a senator naturally can play power forward. Does have range. And now this so this I'm wondering how come I like this comes out of left field it did it did as it's funny to someone mentioned his name to me today and I called Greg Lawrence is Los Angeles based agent. Several times did not answer and now we know something was percolating Kelly Nolan you don't hardly hear things that are kept quiet. Ray them so many are now is typing away furiously to zero on the air here and you guys are the exact don't always remain in available right right. Exactly if you saw your wife are expecting and how he's like Rick he's a while this lives at a level take your reactions that 7863600790. Number he Whiteside he he baited Whiteside a couple of years now and got tossed out of a game a belief. Right exactly yeah the other there is some some mystery there on Al dissipate very quickly. Right to yeah I would think so you know I we saw Kelly of one obviously at his best in that game seven. On veolia 126 boys are finals write to right that was Kelly when nick at his bets now natural yeah that that was an amazing game right. You know that it's it's one of those. We make 73 point or something like that it was hit you over the basket must look about 21 right. Right exactly what this will take up a sizable chunk of their cap space for years fifty. So yeah now bumper. Well the question is say it has been telling Johns are gonna pick up I mean I was trying to figure how how they free up money now. I well I guess with twelve million that would bring him down to. For years what do you would start at about twelve with a raises every year so 5% at 2.5 million right so that would get you alert than you could still do Jane Johnson if you want if you get him to Greenwood deal eleven million. Are you could get a little bit more by cutting. Josh McRoberts yet and an outing his countless real sport two million this year of four million this year that would free up for Mel born doing the capital to milling each the next three years saying. So. He had this but I tell you what what this gives the heat's. Is great front court depth because now you have whites they have a limit who can play alongside him because he does have range. And if you want the best free agent out there there wasn't a total of analytic arguably. Was the best for agent out there when Indiana. Among the suitors. I know Atlanta had some interest according to reports. So yeah just a fascinating development. Had just told me gas and looking up Kelly when it is 26 the reason I ask is. Load is reporting that according to Kelli when X Egypt there's a top player option for the fourth year or so between nine. You know that's still in his prime right at age 29 right. Meanwhile big noose again that while that's that's huge judge John isn't west in good evening John. We think I'm being out thanks stay in my called kind of shocked by the my question was going to be about. Where is Josh Richard Shannon Taylor dropped Johnson factor and after this year. But after that contracts. Johnson isn't anyone beginning Jan Johnson. Tyler Johnson and five not five point nine million this year do you buried next year's host record about 9090 healing goes up to next year and then dale a lot the year after that it's it's heavily dates have it's a four year fifty million dollar deal. Heavily back loaded last two years correct correct. So do you answer the question against her. Where we're a big factor and the guys envision I think it when doctor good and healthy and consistent more importantly. I'd Keeley a huge X-Factor for the team making three playing defense I mean we came back from being angered at the end of this but even. Incredible little while to get back in your group but once he started. I think trusting himself he played a lot better and you can see him playing much better defense trusting himself. And helping your team a lot more. By. How does this factor in the future he played this whole year healthy consistent. Between himself Tyler Johnson and I guess future contracts that they may be handing out. I hear pace of the cars are Lee's got to get there were up against a break here Barry. Well I take couple things I've learned lots he missed the intention. This still to try to keep James Johnson they are still working through that contract what this does is it makes Wayne Ellington unlikely it looks like. They won't have enough cap space for both so looks like Johnson and Ellington. And we have a little more clarity and then James shots and he still looking to keep working on a deal Ellington probably no room for. All right 786360079. B Robert in Miami you'll Arnaud is welcome to join your reaction to the report I won't bush. That they seed and free agent Kelly a Linux now his rights and be renounced by Boston. In order try to clear cap space for when they sang Gordon agreed to a duo of Gordon Hayward. And they brought his talents on South Beach agreed to a four year fifty million dollar deal where your reaction 786360. 07 tiny back after that's.