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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. I. I backed it up here every Friday for. Crumbled early morning show is sponsored by a close friend rom taste of perfection award winning the French Rome Rome that is not just need but nurture. Loads reported just moments ago that the surprise her boy this came out of left field. Kelly Olympic recently his rights were announce we'll announce my Boston data square cap space when they sang Gordon Hayward. The heat have agreed to a deal a for your fifty million dollar deal with Kelly Winnick is he is now. Brought to the team and as you say great four chord depth than that this one bury this one us is gonna surprise a lot of people. It will not your Mike aerial. You get you have to admire Pat Riley. Is actually trying to do something with the cap space they had instead of merely. Bringing back last year's team so what's the getting Kelly Rowland a guy. Who has range shot 35 point 4% on threes last year 37%. In his career. I a guy who obviously can rebound as a seven footer. Four point eight per game talk career averages nine point five points or point seven rebounds per game. And to half a block per game. I decent defender I can get under people's in writing Weaver analogy Julia Kelly alone it being a dirty player. And of rallies are dirty player right right to try and of course he got under the sun Whiteside skin a couple of Oregon. I.s so this is an interesting development first reaction to this would be was a totally by the way that it got tangled up with Campbell over your shoulder yes. I'd I believe subtly to and our callers will correct this if that's wrong but I believe so I so the first in the cubs in my mind is boy they have. Really good power rotation now with the sun with James Johnson knew the heat is still Weiner resigning just received. A couple of text about that our band at a bio and now Kelly Olympic. The heat I was told believes that only can play with Whiteside he's also obviously going to be able to be is primary back up short Kelly Nolan. 278 NBA games over four years he started 36 of them only six starts last year so he's primarily come off the bench. But he is capable of starting and of course we saw Kelly Nolan again as best as we were talking about before the break in game seven. Of the Eastern Conference semifinal series against Washington where he was just incredible. In the closing quarterback Kenya to propel bonus fourteen points fortunate persuasive to a fourth quarter right. Right now wire and EI just as incredible an unexpected performance as you can imagine. So this is your team now all that's left essentially is resigning. I Udonis Haslem at the minimum. And probably adding one more guard with your exception money of the four point three million exception. Which probably will need to be used on a guard because you're not gonna have the cap space. To keep Wayne Ellington a six million that's probably though the casualty this and I would imagine. They would now pro released McRoberts right. I don't I guess I need to create cap space it would appear as though they would need to buy it that par I have not confirm that you would think. In order to fit James Johnson in. They would need to do that. 786360079. Yet by you guys a lot of the phones in this their empty now I'm shocked I figured. Be a lot of reaction do this'll Linux tiny it came out of nowhere I sure didn't see that coming. And a big surprise there is as as Barry says they add a fourth quarter Depp whose team. And was or was an asset to Boston. Is now NASA for the money and that you know that's the can take away from one team and add years. Always a good thing alongside Barry Jackson of Frito we'll take gipper another 2 hours 10 o'clock before continue its gonna headlines. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Hand I was gonna say the James Johnson Johnson watched continues and it certainly does is talks between his agent in the heat. Borrowing going in Miami run DM waiters back given full yesterday by agreeing to a border 52 million dollar deal allows looking to lock him Johnson. And it just came out to a few minutes ago Walsh tweeted out that the heat and Khalil licked. Have agreed to a four year fifty million dollar deal when it was a member of the Celtics but they had to release him. Announces the offer to him making our free agent because they knew the clear cap space. When they agreed to a deal with Gordon Hayward and USA today is reporting that in order to shed payroll to meet the Marlins more attractive. To potential buyers of fire sales now only expected but in minutes Carroll's car expense reports to the team is heavily scouting five other teams are systems. In preparation for possible deals. On the field tomorrow's fell 43 to the cardinals and ourselves who drove in all three runs and believe or not. Now leads the majors with 67 runs batted in Miami opens up a three game series tomorrow in San Francisco. To wind at the schedule prior to next week's all star game which will be held. In Marlins park. Alongside Barry Jackson Humphrey dole take you till ten. But clock go to the phone lines are open if you wanna get in 786360079790. Allen is in Miami hi Alan. A pet sir you're on the air. Actually piled it on to what we can acute that you are pretty crazy. I don't think it'll probably come as no no this is Bryant's. Yeah yeah yeah I did I mean I would hope that we can jump while we've still getting retain wait until. Would have missed there's no way to keep all but ultimately you know we got that brought. Well they got they just signed a lick right so there is their four years fifty million now there's there's not just on the money you're around. We PayPal vote with Robert. I don't ignore it out of your story about Matt Roberts can birdies gonna get hurt at some point thanks a so 7863600792. He buried just. Seriously work on your. I'm texting Manny that number for the Asian particularly ill lit it up I tried three times today as someone to put Kelly we'll let it get my head was not able overreach of and now we know why somebody put Kelly a clinic in my head because he's a member of the Miami Heat tonight Joseph had blood drives are reliable in you know they we talked about about him being a dirty player this has been the subject of several stories. I eat you mentioned the Kevin Love to know when it made a name for himself in the 20:15 Eastern Conference first round when he locked arms with Kevin Love separating a shoulder after battling for rebounds. But when it was suspended for one game you were called the love miss the rest of the playoffs. And then his reputation took another hits. In game three of that Washington series this year where he says to legal screens on Kelly you bray junior. Which prompted the wizards forward to charge Olin at full speed. Already idiotic thing that was that's right right it wasn't that ridiculous putting me ahead of the team exactly so what it was asked after that game this is just a couple months ago. Are you a dirty player and he said that's ridiculous I know what I am what I do what I stand for my teammates know and that's all that matters. But there have been several players who chimed in the that he is dirty Kevin Love set of that Kelly who bray play I thought it was a bush league play. Bob bio clinic I had no doubt in my mind Dolan did it on purpose that's not just a bass that's just not a basketball play but we will take a look at it and it better be swept. And just in general Clark. Another player who's reptile Linux they pulled down someone you're obviously trying to hurt somebody and just being honest that's what I saw. So when it has taken criticism from other NBA players for being a very aggressive on the line certainly. Tim McMahon covers Basilan Dallas for ESPN and and naturally Zack is one that we didn't reach we do it to us to you and I. Core memory read two amendments tweet bearing and said according to sources the mavs and heat have had discussions as this was just before 7 o'clock. The mavs heat if had discussions about a deal that would clear some cap space for Miami. Will remain of see what happens there. 7863600790. I I give Santee are our intern credit just for spelling only that correctly nice job by you. Let's go to Christian in DV hello Christian. I I can wanted to create if they actually announced as Kelly already and you're like me are doing remotes as we do it's we did that what about today about when he's only five minutes ago yup happened about seventeen minutes ago. Police say he's probably a primary backer for a while white sun which are probably better because. It was how likely is developing jumper which would be nice all the passengers being a read on how you machine what kind of like a hundred Jordan. Become an act according to pop bands get an extra sound order. Cheating to release about 3730%. And has playoff experience which quite accurate the heat haven't been in a play a little while. Thought I'd give it wanted at the thought that went out and probably at ago. I'll probably run girder like you but. They mostly capsaicin. Woman grooves not going anywhere no reasons very GB is a one point three million yet so I the question now would be admitted that Dallas report that you mentioned. Who would be moved I sham is sure Renny yeah. Reports he's from the vertical leases as the heat. Tries to create space to sign Jane Johnson Miami's an advanced discussions to send forward Josh McRoberts to Dallas. So that would be at a salary similar to Ellington and thus would allow you keep Ellington. Are so that would be. That would be an ideal scenario I let's go back to the phones very Omar is an Hialeah. We tutor for a year ago solo homer. I agree on they took my comment you're. I actually did okay yesterday about the Rudy Gay rumors. I think it couldn't wait batter. I've been actually formally known they can kinda guy he will launch a much bigger guys coming into. Our dugout in the league that drought. I can get it off some arcade I don't left field literally no one expected this happened I'm really really really really excited about this shiny. What do what you guys are just taking the ball right now that would be awesome that week which I'll trade away McRoberts and keep I think that would be great. I wanted to ask you if that doesn't happen as we look at for an extra dollar to hold out there who can we get toward the money that we got left. I well it's quite possibly be able keep Wayne Ellington at the heat successful pulling off the straight. With Dallas for Josh McRoberts they are they make very similar money seat clear McRoberts exploit knock your cap. You can keep Ellington for six point three in that scenario. You would have to have James Johnson starting at around eleven million if you wanna pay him a little more. You have to clear a little bit off your cap. Pilots go to organ let's go to mark in sunny isles I'm mark. It was kind of it all comes down to win win shortcut and you know nor want a comparable it would upon one. True what's recruiting let them know want to content of what we're going to work world war yet slow base a lot. Your Markel has you covered Berkshire in these in your professional. Heard that we use these and why it won't want to go to Cleveland player who want the warriors. Out. Yeah Aerosmith is not a knuckle and right you know he's he's he's one of the most saying guys that wanna go to Cleveland is clueless LeBron. Where compare Clinton not a starter player LeBron dream is someone who you know signed Whiteside tools for your ninety million dollar deal last year. You have to because he was his only option OK but but you are what account wave and then really cut to start. Well OK look what he's gone all right that's it you could say would've could've should've that's that's a divorce is just not getting on done. So let's move on to talk about the future rather than dwell on the past. It's of them we have to accept the road is not going to be able to get. You know the freeagent what we have we did in the past. Ocalan Ocalan I'm not trying to be difficult or let me just challenge you here. What would you rather have Reilly who who what free agents got away that you think our own Riley's fault. For getting away and let's steal one of time your dream to me one or two. This is free agent class and not so pretty okay we go to like I would avoid being. I looked at interviewer what equipment I would regret. Well Griffin and there is signed a five year deal with. Waited to remain with the clippers they could offer him that he appeared no other team could do that and and I would have been a little bit nervous signing congressman just because he's missed over eighty games in the last three seasons that's a third of the games. But that's that he heating give anybody a chance to two to sign him very very quickly agreed to return. To the clippers saw America Paul Riley that that was clearly what word reform a water main which other ones. So so reducing them took colonial and act. I think it adds depth to a foreign court. I I I you know I don't think is gonna break the bank looked okay and let it instead bullet you're you're you're rising Pat Riley who what do you do is that. I think you'll I think your old captain went from the trade deadline. I think that's really worked out the other because I'm a player that we can traitor and all of that on. Well I looked at mark thanks for the call. Well I eight I think case can be made if you look at what they've done tonight that they got the best remaining players critic I know some would say Rudy Gay would be. But the concerns have been raised to me about Rudy Gay the last couple days. Had been toughness had been coming off an Achilles which is a major injury for any thirty year old right and whether he would fit into the heat cultures that's why. When I initially reported the receipt interest in Rudy Gay had tempered at the last couple days noting the Miami was not interest in paid substantially form the only exciting. Gives you front court depth not only that you can use obviously in case he had injuries but also assets in the trade. I would know whether James Johnson Whiteside at a bio that could potentially be what one of the top. Six group of power rotation player easily certainly it in the Eastern Conference utes say. You know top third power rotation the up Whiteside who got custody and all NBA's senator James Johnson is terrific player only and who was being pursued by a lot of teams since Boston had to renounce and got a few days ago I guess the only concern would be. Would do your roster be better served by having. Another shooter who was more than two or three. However that concern could be mitigated if you are able to trade Josh McRoberts. To Dallas is being widely reported that their advanced talks on that because I would like to keep Wayne Ellington. Eight no wall just we had a typo here here's it's we needed it all on go says sources corner sources. And listen as carefully Miami has been working on a Josh McRoberts salary dump to Miami and so like they're gonna treat themselves emits doubt it too. Little little little cycle there. John is in Fort Lauderdale hello John welcomed the ticket. And I got to doing the right moves up crow I have personal automobile and ignorant like. And ever thought about amount like current you know it kind of makes sense yeah. Whose club square feet. Not afraid to back down from anybody you know him and light side a little probably won't brag aren't as good baca. Defense in my old little bit into extra support she did you like almost forty Cooper you big broken foot in now. You don't have riled that hopefully I know people hurt a little skeptical maybe because they're inclined. Think it just we want return of the white got its policy you know B cup and intimidate LeBron by. It do to actually about bad scraping up the bench and I think he does make it a little bit bigger Charlotte Ross we need a little energy Israeli. The other college somehow we lost weight yes the past well we could put luckily lulls bird man like even him off the bench their energy you know this suit you know all the nick isn't totally different player bullet. You know he could church supports a totally different look what it's like I comes out which is important. Being in the shot locker room protect their big man he is. All right thanks for the call on the greatest told me Meyer Bleacher Report is reporting that the heat of agreed to send the Roberts any second rounder. Ought to the mass for aging center AJ Hammond is that right. Yes it's actually multiple reports sir you're okay ESPN's got its new yet a lot of Eagles AJ hammonds played Purdue seven on I'm an Indiana guy that's are trying to he a second recent. Of Dallas last year thirteen months ago to 46 overall was actually Nate. In 2016 and first team all Big Ten. And a three time all Big Ten defensive player of the year. If he makes the team he would obviously be kept as a developmental. Third big. Played some for Dallas last year modest numbers peered 22 games for the mavericks averaged 2.2 points one point six rebounds. I only played. I seven point four minutes per game as a rookie second round yourself. He had received somebody back they get AJ Gammons. But boy what a coup this is to be able to get rid of Josh Robert chip salary off your books and only have to give up a second round pick to do it unbelievable work by and deals Bergen Pat Riley. Absolutely great job Robert invoke Ashley's gonna shift gears and talk goal Marlins talk we come back. Others are he calls David Mike robbery you guys hold on. Others are welcome to join 7863600790. Back after this. Come join us that they get a head the ticket promotions. Broadcasters. Black market in downtown Miami. It's just off this team we're giving away a pair of all star fan fest tickets every half hour. It begins at 4 PM in the will be all for specialty and more black market Miami it's presented by red rabbit it takes the Miami sports fan back to. The eighties black market the future of the sport far. Of the sports bar with a history of Miami AM seven idea that the moral for three HT to the F crucial radio partner. Of the 2017. All star week things are moving fast and furious by half hour or so ago modes weeded out the heat and Kelly you'll win. And agreed to a four year fifty million dollar deal Barry. Is reporting Barry Jackson by my side of the show. The heater still attending a working very hard to sign James John this will preclude that they have agree or know there are reports that they've agreed to a deal in Dallas. Descendant. I Josh McRoberts and a second router to Dallas for center AJ hammonds right. Right former second round pick of the mavericks. At Purdue last year to need a more amazing accomplishment of this evening it's not signing Kelly a clinic at four years the team but somehow finding a taker. Ford Josh McRoberts contract thank you Mark Cuban that's cleared six million dollars off your books and now you have the money. To be able to keep Wayne Ellington assuming that James Johnson is willing to take a deal starting at ten million and Rudy Gay thought to maybe be coming to Miami when that when the evenly started. I'll load is reporting he's agreed to a two year deal worth seventeen million plus with the San Antonio spurt sort of things you're. Dominoes are starting to fall yet he was not willing to go to that level through to get I have been. Guy did the last couple of days to not overplay they gay story because of concerns about a day his toughness beat. Whether using heat culture there and see concerns about anyone. Who's thirty and is coming off for a major Achilles so a political over did you agree with that is a limit the better player. Yes and also gave worries niece thirty years old wounds coming up Achilles injury and and that's that's a concern you know and he really doesn't one. Most of anywhere he's got a rehearsal and a member John how launcher went from ESP into an executive position with the Memphis Grizzlies. He came up with player efficiency rating and all that and haren is executive. And I think one of the first order business as he shot. Ship our Rudy gate off to Toronto I think that was like our pews and it is desk for a four minutes and we just got rid of right away. Right so Sansa don't like this move will probably say okay what are we gonna do small forward. We're now it's gonna either be justice Winslow. Or Rodney Magruder you have to hope obviously that window Winslow was offensive game develops. But keep it might you can play at least half the game with three guards right I mean just for dragon and Dion Waiters both very quick to be able to defend. Opposing team's small forwards. The heat's numbers. With three guard line ups in the second half of last year were terrific. They did it a lot. And most of the best lineups that they use after the all star break had three guards so I think if Winslow does not prove that he's a substantially better offensive player. I think you're going to see lineups of jotted some combination Josh Richardson Tyler Johnson with Dragic. And with waiters may be some Ellington three of those play out once a lot of the time that was. Gary Jackson free double take you up until 10 o'clock. And a shift gears here with this call because there's a lot to talk westerly were dominated by the heat. But the marlins' fire still story is a big one that at some point we intend to get to a lot here on the show Robert is in Boca Robert thank you for old. Hey thanks Terry McCall you know when I used to be able call your moral up when we talked about like sports book without. Be the new book by Richard Vladimir about the making The Pride of the Yankees. Excellent okay look up to that but what they have to get there if you're one of these. Groups that's looking to buy the Marlins. And you know. You know you you see what you're getting and what you're getting into. Why would you want the current administration. To have a fire sell well at project pocket to trust the the front office. Barry you Tweeter now comic you've got a whole arm out here Richard dorm rocketing up and yet I don't I don't think this was today necessarily be you tweet it out I saw something that. Rob Manfred insisted on being consulted the Commissioner of Baseball if he were if the if the Marlins were gonna do something like this while sales talked wrong going is that accurate. Yes rum man for me that commented Craig matched jump and we know locally and Jim Bowden on Sirius XM radio so well last rob Manfred next week when he's in town what does that mean exactly does that mean you have to prove anymore once trade with substantial salary at this point and just what is substantial salary in in by his well you should know what. I read this article and an enriched Robert this is freer to. Column by Bob Wright Yeltsin they which I I put on her FaceBook page. And I didn't know that the Marlins and this is largely Jon Karl stand had more in the long term commitments than any team in baseball almost half billion dollars. In long term commitments now lot of that is eaten up by Jon Karl stand. But still that's that's exceeds the Yankees the Dodgers the cobb's all these and Boston all these high spending teams. And all the clips while Marlins who draw about four pins again. Now we trade. Which contract would you get rid of if you had a choice of way inch understand. Which Q is the bigger albatross who had her burden. On you going forward knowing that weigh in Chan is gonna be owed. 20000021000022. Well over the last three I would says there are recruiter why would I would stand though because he starting next year and he's got ten years left after this year. And he's actually paid anything less than 2.5 million and as I've said before. Seems he signed his deal the market is particularly this past offseason for power hitters has just. Fall off the cliff it's it's gone way down to just it's it's simple economics why it has. Is is teams value that differently than they used to so. Any team that they're gonna trade stand too by the way he's got a full no trade clause. He got the wave and age you may trade and do they're gonna have to pick up a chunk of this that but that's the bigger albatross I think right now even though others cost certainty which Jon Karl stand. It's also aren't a ton of money way more than you would get right now be if you were ain't going for similar deal. I always have this picture in my mind that when these guys on which cell team. That Loria and Sampson like Eddie Murphy and they enact right at the end that move it. A looking what are Billy Wright really good look at Lewis has threatened and Robert thanks for the call appreciate it I I've a question that I put on her FaceBook page and I will. We're certainly were to take your calls. But I have a question for all of you out there regarding the Marlins. Looked up according to Bob nightingale USA today he is he Loria. He's looking to shed salary to make this team more attractive. To potential buyers. You know to make it either that shed the payroll and that includes anybody Stanton yellow in Cho soon. Anybody right now stand again has no tree he's got a wave that to be dealt I'm archery wanna stick around here. Anyway. And Michael and this is really the third fighter still the first one was by winning rising after the I 97 World Series I don't really count. Letting Paula walked in treating Derrek Lee to the cubs after the 2003 World Series as a fire sale I I I I just don't. Put down in the same category. Laurie did a fire sale with the trade with Toronto in in shipping all of app I hate to admit actually to not be. A good deal for the Marlins. Ali ship calls players it's Ronald call that a fire sale and and this would if this is true beat the third one. So my question new listeners is this you Marlins pins out there all six of you. If you hate to wait if you met him if it meant taking a fire sale. And hitting the reset button which could take several years recover from because they don't have a very good par system but you'd think they would get back some good young players in the spider silk. If it meant taking getting a fire sale. And hitting the reset button is it worth it if it means that you get rid of Jeffrey Loria war effort. That's my question is that you read off work that. 7863600790. Back to the heat we go Rick is in Boca hello Rick here on the trip. Hey Josh you guys have a great show. I have two things I don't know what to street reversed course you boil Moreland goes on it talked about the heat so let me just try to get to to a woman. I don't understand and they eat so psychology behind. Getting rid of people like you ouch. Re you don't want it built a little with a guy like geology why would you what he couldn't get rid of them getting young guy and and spent four years. Putting upward guide to our knowledge as I I don't understood well. Actually let me get this Rick especially he sent a seven year 49 and a half billion dollar deal that's a good deal for the ball club. Why jettison that contract. I am I and I think if they could delve into need to cut the convention. And trade talks and and each okay yeah when they find in. It was ridiculous deal. But those who order yeah which one either got to wanna build your team on that you. Well as soon might be he's got one or your very ready thing before it goes free agent he's pricing himself on the Marlins I know what. Every Marlowe Sam has a right to say it looks real you know what that's the kind of guy you sign look what he's done. But they're knocking a lot of before they're not gonna wanna pay now maybe new ownership would add an and I have to say by the way real quick. You reported earlier that looks land while the New York Post is reporting. Then a major group is now out of the running. Right in New York Post is saying tonight Duane Roth on the Mitt Romney that group test run and tag Graham Nash it's a son of Mitt Romney the former Republican presidential nominate. That they have stopped their pursuit of the team. Have not confirmed that two and we've talked to my colleagues and I at the Miami Herald Doug thanks Clark Spencer and I've talked to people tonight involved with the group. Who said they were under the impression that there's still open to buying the team if Lori comes around. To his price now they've offered one point one billion. Loria has lowered his price from one point three billion to one point two billion Roth Bob who's now the leader of that tag Romney group. Has been unwilling to go any more than one point one billion cinema York post reported tonight that they're stepping away whether Lori changes his mind accepts one point one. Potentially they could be re engaged in other also reporting about Derek Jeter yes. Young the New York Post is all's reporting that Derek Jeter has lost a billionaire who was key to his group. A gentleman by the name of Richard Cheney fits a Chicago billionaire. Now they're saying that another billionaire stepped forward named Bruce Sherman who's the co-founder. Of late Mason's money management firm private capital. That he might be able pick up the slack with some of the money lost. But the bottom line with Jeter is he's now been trying for about six months to raise enough money to approach the one point two billion dollar price. He's been unable to get there Laurie keeps giving him more and more time because Gloria is infatuated. With Derek Jeter he loves the man so it appears as though. Jeter will continue getting time in the meantime there's a third group. It's warming a led by Jorge mosques a local residents some prominence from what I'm told he is not made a formal bid yet but the Marlins are aware of his interest. He's putting an investment group together. IE have concerns about his bid only because I know he does not value the team at the price the Marlins want. So while he probably could afford the team I'm not sure he's going to be willing to offer one point two billion. All right and back to basketball. Barry won't lose our reporting how long is Vince Carter Urban League since like 1950. At rights into the 206 years he he's agreed to a one either he's got he's getting eight million bucks. Modi is reporting that the agents have told him. That. Vince Carter agreed to a one year eight million dollar deal with C Sacramento. Incredible and the kings keep batting past their prime piece and Zach Randolph. Certainly they added it added it was a career was to Yakima were ten and I was I think fourteen million a year for wow OK and by the way George Hill as well who's still certainly in his prime nor shall Sacramento George Hill sat out the last couple of their bomb and Memphis epic announced her retires Akron arts uniform right and I thank you for livers and I absolutely. Let's go back to the phones let's go to Luis in Miami good evening sir euros ticket. I don't let's. I was not a question you know I like the fighting I think that he broke the orchestra and you can pick in the implement the starting lineup. A movie Batman. Well he accused complete non nimble and all you have to come off of that. I these events buddies coming up mentioned being primarily white sized baca barrier it's that'll be the most interest in line at decision that Spoelstra has would you rather start James Johnson. Actually play wells starter very late in the season when battle with Saturday starlet who's been mostly a back up in his career. To me there's a case you can make either way are obviously the appeal of having Johnson coming off the bench as you keep together. The great bench tandem of Tyler Johnson and James Johnson. Where the highest scoring bench tandem in the league last year. Odds are that would certainly be the lure of keeping James Johnson off the bench and starting a lack. I wish somebody would describe me at Chicago billionaire Josh remember that last those words will never be uttered. Chris isn't Tim rack I Chris. They breed other big Mac and I'm no great I wanna com touch on that question you had earlier about would you trade. People want viral in its statement you get rid of Lorena won the pearl. It would it. What if tomorrow residual fire sale with a fire still be worth it if it meant that led to the sale of the club and Lori would be gone forever. There cannot be irrational Marlins and I'll that you could be her that would not taken that deal in a heartbeat were art we are aren't that the minority so batter right now. That we're not gonna be relatively competitive bringing people up over the next couple years anyway. So of the eagle as much about what Christine yeah Alex Marcella as soon enough John Carlos and it as much I love all these guys that huge violence and the fact of the matter is. If it means we get rid of Gloria. There's there's no way anyone can be like I love it got so much else we keep that now because they're not there'd been on the body got. Okay. Let's click. Well the farm system is pretty deficient it's one of the three worst in baseball and hasn't helped. That's their two top draft picks their first round pick 20152016. Title with the required Tommy John surgery exactly Tyler cola high school right hander. It was exec and overall when he fifteen in the Braxton Gary the lefty. Who was their best prospect a another for a player who was their first round pick 2016 now is also gonna get Tommy John is going to be out for over a year so that's hurt them but the other thing that heard the news. Just their inability to draft quality position players they have. A third baseman named Brian Anderson is a pretty good prospect. He might step in if prod those traded in the next month. But beyond that it's a pretty barren systems are its position players we've got lines a wide open alongside Barry Jackson Humphrey 0786360. 0790. Is the phone number we'll take your calls your questions comments or anything you want we're back after this. And it. Season is coming and. Training camp which starts at the end of the month. The regular season in Super Bowl in terms will be an accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Football purity spirits are an AM 790 NFL moral fourth three HD two. The ticket Credo here. While inside Perry Jackson best information guy in town. As he's working furiously all these stories are going on right now but little less than an hour ago in case you just tuned in no Loge tweeted I'm the first one it's weed out the the heat have agreed to a four year fifty million dollar earlier with Kelly Olympic. Very quickly checked with his sources say in the heater still. Working if you're feverishly I would say the reason to bring James Johnson back in a poll it doesn't preclude them signing amended. You know if he can take a little bit less than that deal could be consummated. Yet the James Johnson deal's going to get done has been portrayed to me. As being finalized OK so here's your team you've got Kelly Nolan James Johnson. Hassan Whiteside a ban Matta by it was your power rotation players Udonis has Lamar obviously would be that this coming back in a minimum deal OK I you have. Justice Winslow and Rodney Magruder for small forward so that seven. Your guards. Will be obviously Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters and Tyler Johnson. Josh Richardson and now potentially Wayne Ellington. Off your bench. Now you're in position to be able get Wayne Ellington because he was fortunate enough tonight to find a taker for Josh McBride assets of six million dollar contract. They're trading him to Dallas along with a second round pick. In exchange for young developmental senator former second round pick out of Purdue who was a rookie last. I if I from the heat I'm giving Mark Cuban ol' F for Josh McRoberts a lifetime supply fractious at. It yeah what a nice gesture by you mr. de gras you'll give him a massage therapist for Josh McRoberts or trainer per year exactly so with the young senator that gives you thirteen players. You have four more roster spots remember the NBA now allows you keep seventeen players. But the last two of those players are developmental players who can spend no more than 45 days with your team. They must be primarily in the minors so with a two extra spot to have options you can sign another guard. Op perhaps some small forward depth the money that he would basically have in the scenario would be either four point three million dollar. Exception which can't be combined with cap space so I would expect to probably another shooter. With that money. But to basically we know your team now we have thirteen players 1003 signs and then got two more cheap additions and this team should be. To meet my expectations don't change dramatically with a line judge I still think a fifth or six C what what what's your expectations has tonight's news change them. No I mean could lead to another victory so maybe maybe it gives them better depth up front. I still don't think I don't think this moves him up in the seeds again I think there at least five teams in the east better than the Miami Heat are. Right now you know if everybody is health is constant among all them we know that never is the other some catastrophic injuries. Across the board when it when it comes to any teams. But I still think their. May be as high as a succeed amateur beyond that. Right right I would agree with that the thing Leo Linux thing does is it makes it even more clear what an already bad apparent that they eats. Not gonna have cap space in the summer 2018 dollar joined this team yes exactly exactly we're going to have to move a bunch of contracts to be able compete. For Max player next summer. Now it was always unlikely that they he would be able land or Russell Westbrook will bronze return I know George DeSagana throughout last night. That's a possibility but aren't everywhere he could come here he did the George mention that last night. I think most would agree that LeBron is a return would seem unlikely so. In order to pursue any only players next summer you're just gonna have to trade a bunch of contracts because you're going to be capped out to. By resigning James Johnson now when neck and Dion Waiters to multi year deal. I would guess by debenture Ghassan you know solid come as his group would say coming on the mound with the tablets here. But twelve months from now I had I don't think we'll browns in Cleveland and more mature areas on the LA I I'd be surprised he came back down here. But I don't think he's with the cavs in a year now which is one reason besides being low ball that opening Chauncey builds. Excuse me I fierce these I apologize. The unavoidable thank you. You know Chauncey builds reporter we use low balled by eating Gilbert in trying to prove to be GM paying Gilbert's never value that position. At all in his twelve years as owner but I just don't think he values align if I'm Billups and I look besides the money. I'm guessing you know he he might not think that that LeBron is going to be dirty urine so look how attractive is that Diop. Right right yeah I'm with you I can't believe they'll Baltimore that even though he had no experience the going rate for GM's and four million range and to offer mustn't have that. Is sort of insulting and you can completely understand what John to build stated ESPN. ESP gave mores but did not match the offer that Cleveland's. Gave analytic if you're aspiring GM and you got a decent chance of getting a job you want you may vary. Vary you mayberry the only Andy Griffith who. Yeah you might all kidding aside you might get one chance you might not get a second one in a power Hamas they actually go to what great team and I want at least team. Or IPO I got the resource is a talent to lease competes and NB competitive unless they have to be a week. But Pete thinks LeBron is going. That might be as one and only chance at running a club and and you know what might not be very good one. All twelve months from right right exactly without LeBron that a team that. What is with love and Irving what are you and amid CN AV theft at 67 seat and did Gilbert in his twelve years old percent for general managers he's never rendered the conch recommending a one time he's not all go after the first contract and one former brother he's Daniel Snyder who with a championship bright that's right just the guy. Was never happy with the people running esteem and apparently not as coaches either having cycle through my round David blatt. And now Lou obviously has. At least some security until May be they lose diplomacy in the finals again next year. Look like Rudy Gay who a report league we did agree to lay a one year odd to your seventeen million dollar deal just weeded out let's go spurs. Vince Carter who's I think collecting Social Security just agreed to a one year eight million dollar deal. With the Sacramento Kings and accused. How old is he forty skis cracked forty years. Yeah let me check Vince Carter's agent he's got a before this Keith Olbermann assays on the 706. Right let's check. Vince Carter's aged but yeah it's amazing that he's still climbing forty. Is even harder playing at forty he's not gonna quit until Ichiro quits you are right right. 7863600790. Is the number and again we throw them moral question if you if a four would you take a fire sale. If it means that Loria it would facilitate the sale of the club and Lori will be out of paralyzed forever is that they fear. Treo 7863600790. For those that are wondering how the heat should've signed Kelly a Winnick. Or they should've walked up somebody else may be the issue of going after Rudy Gay. Are you happy with the moves the Riley has made thus far and if not and this is the bigger question. Well when you moved on it's easy to Seattle like the moves. You put yourself in pat Riley's scheerer. What moves realistic ones mind you. Would you have done you play general manager this is the part of talk radio mellow by job. But challenging listeners who set policy you know I wanna fire this guy well okay firing is the easy part who's his replacement realistically. That you would you know replace him with. That's the difficult part the realistic. Decision that you have to make it's not that easy 7863600790. If you're dissatisfied with the moves thus far the heat and made. You pick the ones that you would have made again. You know don't say always treated for LeBron or talk and realistic ones as much as you can put yourself in the chair of a team executive. You know I'm Nixon meal when a move I liked the fact he bolster your front core I like the fact the you know haven't accidents trade a bull. I don't like the fact that you're taking on another long term contract now even without away. He was not gonna have much cap space next summer they wouldn't have any of just Richardson were to accept. A contract extension which he can be offered beginning next month. But now you definitely won't have cap space and you're not gonna have cap space two Summers from now we either. When it's another good free agent group led by Klay Thompson's so. I wonder about giving this sort of money. Q a player who is a pretty good NBA player but not a great players seem to me. To be Reilly just want you to do something and hacked boy after being spurned by Hayward so I'm I'm lukewarm on this move. I Victor Miami you'll get your call right after the break Kerry I've a question you answered after the break. Affected or what your saying that there really handcuffed bathe the hearing handcuffed in terms of going appropriations. In the next year to the pretty much capped out. Does this mean the Riley knowing that he probably kit many Mitt unless he makes a massive trade that he can't make any free agent moves in next two years. Is this per. He's earlier departure perhaps new does he want to wait three more years before he can go into the deep end of that free agent pool.