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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Check out particularly FaceBook lite doesn't seven winning ticket we've got breaking news. Behind the scenes videos pictures articles and sometimes our thoughts on things like gods 790 the ticket on FaceBook. Throughout FaceBook. MySpace right I never had a MySpace page. But Facebook's only about thirteen years old think about or is it mark Mark Zuckerberg animal's bile like. You know. Half the NFL. And who didn't go check butchered the name did he Collison might might snap I know he's got smacked basis and some pays out based that was at. Any butchered since the grammar something out of it. It suggests that base or something you EP completely booked yes the F slumped 786360079. B is the number rollback to the phones Victor is in Miami good evening Victor welcome the second. I calorie it was not. Well my way home and LT. You're asking. What I think I would be different media and I I mean Pat Riley the man I have a lot of respect for him. He's made you know a lot scream booster. For our young. Organization. By. The band pink I think he's a great player but I necessary don't they keep it what we're look what we really need we just like. Bosh has been gone her own wobbly officially you know that's it we locked in and I feel like the role that he played for us with a huge role. It's a very rear exit very. Almost like a player that it's hard to find you know or I can stretch the floor real night. And I feel like that's so we should have pursued harder at Napoleon the most. And I think maybe we should have gone through May be forward in the draft a small forward not a powerful work. Okay aryan consummate well I think the natural question now is are you a little too power rotation heavy with bigs you know she do you that is another shooter instead. Now Monica obviously can choose for seven putter. A by and at a by his range at this point is about fifteen feet it's a work in progress. A scout for another team told me this week that is jumper does not look naturally need to work on the rotation of the shot. But the questions of this offseason will be bits should you have drafted TJ leaf the soft shooting. You slurs from UCLA instead of out of by you and should you signed Rudy Gay. Career nineteen point game score. Instead of Kelly of one we're gonna know these answers in the next year it is going to be clear to us if the two players the heat signed are better or worse than TJ relief and Rudy Gay offer ruptured Achilles who's now San Antonio about. I you can educate us I don't know how far. If talks got far with a thirty year an opportunity to a development in the heat get a look at his medical I don't believe they did I was told the last couple days there was some level of interest but not that the money that Rudy Gay was. Seeking for a couple of reasons one the ruptured Achilles to. Questions about whether it was a heat culture type person. Third op perhaps not considered the toughest of players. So I think he would have done it to add there exception at the four point three he got more than that from San Antonio seventy over to exactly right. Most bands I would suspect would have preferred Rudy Gay but if you presented Rudy Gay and tell Leo linked to thirty NBA general managers. My sense is that more would have wanted only neck. Because easy younger player not coming off a major injury. Load against weeded out four years for James Johnson with the Miami heat's says breaking news right there when C. Yeah free agent James just has agreed to the framework of a four year deal to stay with the. Heatley sources Tony as you scenario right and I was texted a bit ago that the game Johnson deal is done. I it would have to be a money in the range of ten to eleven and after year in order to have the space to be able to retain Wayne Ellington. As well assigned Kelly alone tonight. Will usually have my. Headlines written down under is gonna and limit right now with a all the stuff going on so Barry if I'm wrong you correct me on the spot here. I won't take offense slowed for a continuous benevolence. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Slime who was my memory area nothing written down are right. They do a lot of things my load your various is confirming a reporting a lot of things as well are what we know there is a framework of a deal. Between James Johnson and the heat for a four year deal that's gonna be done deal. Kelly would agree to a four year fifty million dollar deal. With the Gil looks like Wayne Ellington is probably going to be the casualty in all this amazingly the heat. Guided Dallas to take it Josh McRoberts contract the heater shipping McRoberts. And a second round pick. To Dallas for senator CJM a second rounder out of Purdue blue. It's in talks as happened on yet. Well we'll vertical reporting the trade is going to happen but nothing is all texting while it's it's it's always a work in progress how about that. If they can do that and when they're showing that. Game seven World Series here on fox. With the Marlins and Indians going back twenty years so that's a deal on progress that hope we'll be done that would free up for a million dollars four. The Miami Heat Rudy Gay thought to maybe be coming to the heat he's goal of the spurs two years seventeen million Vince Carter the forty year old Vince Carter. A one year eight million dollar deal with the Sacramento Kings and a missing any other big deals have. Those are the significant ones tonight and of course the McRoberts deal is critical because that would allow you potentially keep Wayne Ellington all that's right he chooses. To guarantee his contract by tomorrow night's deadline he has to decide whether to guarantee his six point three million. By 1159. Tomorrow night. The value of Ellington obviously is he gives you another quality shooter and he would basically give the F five quality guards again you have Goran. You have Dion Waiters Tyler Johnson Josh Richardson and Ellington. That gives you depth and Casey evidentiary of one of your guards and it also gives you the ability to play one of those five. A lot at small forward ideally Deon or Josh Richardson which means you wouldn't necessarily have to or speed. Huge minutes to Winslow and Magruder. If neither proves worthy of major menace now Winslow is obviously going to play some. Because he's a former high first I'm sure Terri can defend he can rebound obviously. A good ball handler and has all the intangibles the lights. But if Winslow is gonna play more than 24 minutes a game. He's got to develop last year seven for 35 on threes it was not a good gauge because he was battling injuries that has to improve significant was. Really awful shooting or was it the heat and the wrist as he claimed her him from training camp on eye and right at the opening goal of the season. Wolf wolf find out right to you have to give the ban does the Dow just because that injury you would think when impact shooting our video waning era Sierra left wrist was a one was hurt. And our USA today is reporting that in order shed payroll to make tomorrow's more attractive to potential buyers. A fire sale yet there's that to word expression fire sale. Is not only expected but very. Imminent according to Bob nightingale in Miami are there of the USA today now the herald's Clark Spencer is reporting that the team is heavily scouting five other team's farm systems. In preparation for possible deals not heavily scouting is that is the key phrase there because every team in baseball. Has scouts that scour the minor leagues they have scouts that. Are signed a certain clubs and and they scout all 29 other teams so it's only all they're the ones that are. They're only scouting these five teams but they're investing more in scouting these by Teamsters say the other 24. Now on the field the Marlins fell 43 to the cardinals are sold soon drove in all three runs. Any leads the major leagues now was 67 runs driven in Miami opens up a three game series tomorrow and Sampras Cisco to wind up the schedule prior to next week's all star game which will be held in Marlins park and those are your. Update 786360. 0790. Is the number. And out. You know we're gonna talk a lot about we were gonna talk go a lot of I'll worry but then this he news. Broke but I to me I would make ashtray -- I don't wanna see other fighters say oh you're someone said by the way that. A forest fire sale could be that the Marlins trade. With the tigers selling Miguel Cabrera. And Dontrelle Willis to Detroit opera really. Parts he knows Cameron Maybin and Miller were the main ones are they came back in that deal was a six player deal. And need neither lived up to the billowing into Miller has had a Renaissance as a relief pitcher not so much this year but the last few years he was invaluable. As as a reliever just. Unbelievable boy he really transform himself from a Boston starter. Two. Oh for your 36 million dollar contract as a reliever getting one year left after this due care maven engineered by your when he five million dollar deal. Our little bit earlier in his career and you still doing that right now he's on there on air time and he's doing quite well oddly out there but neither for till they're promised. With the Miami. Morals I don't call that a fire sale sending. Willis and and Cabrera that was one of those deals Kelly could Josh Beckett to Boston deal fine you want Josh Beckett you have to take. My school's contract with the time was it was really underperforming. If you want Miguel Cabrera guess why you gotta take on Don that controls operating NC a boy that was a fall from grace I mean he. He rose up like a meteor and then fell almost as quickly I mean it was 2005. Perry led the majors which way to win as it was secular messiah according to Chris Carpenter. Right while the Cabrera trade will obviously end up being the worst tomorrow to street it's just incredible how the men and Andrew Miller last certainly within a year. It became a good pitcher than he became a very good pitcher has had success everywhere he has pitched for four American League teams. Since the trade now obviously came up with Detroit than trade to the Marlins Marla straight and he then became good sort of like what we're seeing with Brandt. Awful for Amare got traded to San Diego and how good at some point you have to wonder. About player development right I mean there has to be some Marlins. Accountability without. By the way a couple of interesting things sure Kelly 010 OK I ESPN says ESP and sets and information says he is the second. Seven border in history. With 203 pointers and 400 assists in his first war NBA seasons the other. Dirk Nowitzki. So he's in some very good company there with a future hall they were. Someone from ESPN's Mike can Mike shall tweet how ridiculous it is that Kelly Nolan. As fifty million guaranteed money compared to 43 million for Julio Jones the great receiver vlan bowden's. So we're seeing a lot of those NBA NFL salary comparisons. And you know what NBA sellers are always going to look better because there's more there are fewer players to spend on said the average salary is gonna be higher. What city are souring MBAs is a five million dollar you may have. It's great it was anymore yeah it's going to be it's and going to end up being more than that as part of I this huge cap increase. By that we've seen in the last couple of years so why it. I wonder heat fans reaction to limit is it. I it seems pretty measured I don't know the level of enthusiasm. Well here it's let's take the temperature remind me and 7863600790. How do you feel like cellular. Now becoming a member of the Miami Heat for years fifty million. Dollars. If you wanna call it we've got several lines wide open one of things don't talk to you also Barry is. Chris Bosh. His Jersey being retired. I'm just sound like a cold jerk when I see this. But a factor in that had to be that blood clots and his career if he just simply were hired. All right I know he was part of forestry championship appearances two straight championships. But of being just simply were tired or was treated to another team. I don't think his Jersey gets retired necessarily stated not not what this witness which appears to be done. Right yeah I think there's some sympathy is part of this not the same time he is gonna be in the hall of fame. And his accomplishments really shouldn't be understate the helped. Two teams one championships the rebound that he got lead to the Ray Allen three speed obviously would have lost that series without him. So I think it's justified I know Tim Healy the Marlins writer for the sun sentinel sort of mocked. The fact each retiring his Jersey in any Healy was attacked on Twitter. But I think it's just by you know it's funny standards seem different. I depending on the sport and the team and retiring jerseys the dolphins traditionally. Ever tired jerseys only of hall of famers the heat of course has done it Dan Marino. It was all a favor and just not their sport and Michael join Michael Jordan right all favor just not on their Tina never meet. Says who look at Michael Jordan. You called the greatest player of all time and I'm back and argue but he's not Jackie Robinson whose numbers were tired by every team Robinson deserved a Michael Joseph you're retiring Michael George uniformed and never ever. For even a nano second made sense to me I I wholly disagree with the decision that he organization made and that went well the jerseys displayed did. Are far less prominent than they once were in the arena for both Marino and Jordan do you think there's buyer's remorse there if they all I would have to think this could take him down they award. I would think so right it just seems like a decision that was really a necessary would be back I have no issue with bosh and Jersey be retire I do agree with you that sympathy. Certainly played a role but it was nice to see. Then end on good terms 'cause there was some real rank her there at some point but bosh wish that he well I know he and Mickey precedent spoken. In the last few months and and that's important as you don't want lingering and higher between the two. I look I agree I mean I'm glad it's being retired it was an incredibly classy move but I just that part is the way his career ended that accurate decision that's also right. Right I'm with the on the Acela has Marino's numbers are retired and they can someone worth thirteen and they decide when I'm terrible Jersey numbers I. There's not a worst person who are contracts and things like that. You know how many years how many dollars for some reason that part of the brain works when it comes in Jersey numbers there might not be anybody worse than I am Santa actually just mentioned Mike Miller was number thirteen okay Sosa retired it's just his Jersey thing in the rafters Berra. All right so I stand I stand corrected and that. A sum symbol room will brawny way it will lead absolutely. He he weighs only have a number charities and have a statue eventually I mean there they haven't announced that that that that's an capsule given their Gundy was Dwyane Wade. Statue LeBron you know yes eventually. Everything will be smoothed over everything will be fine. And Ian and Reilly give a bro hug to each other and then his number to be up on the raptors. And Shaq ended his heat tenure on worse terms and Ron candidates I mean Jack forced his way out. He wanted to be gone so and that relationship was repaired so there's no reason rigorous a lot of risk on it and my candor and rod Cole the trainer right. Right right so employees are Riley's closest guys by the way. So what's that got to bio is it worth your team. Boy when I'm bigger mistake guess what. I really make a mistake welding heat I mean they did announce needs several years ago they were retiring Marino Jersey now has been warned by other players. But they he did say we've retired the Jersey this case though apparently doesn't prohibit other players from. He's the one that hired Dave Dombrowski to run team. And in spring training when your I think it was 93. Maybe Barger passed away spring training of a heart attack now they were tired. A number for Karl bar or they retire number five. Because his favorite player was Joseph DiMaggio who wore number five. And then flash forward appears later Marlins. We're via Logan Morrison from today and aid to betray Foreman trying to remember. Where it worsened come through of course he subsequently heard Aaron I am cracking recently had a yes. I am going to look. They've drafted him. Believe they might have I won't have your right away from the same community college so many pools went to an end in Kansas yet he began his career with tomorrow okay well he came up when he won and were number five and so the Marlins. Decided you on to retire if you will the number that they given president Karl borrowers so there you are attributed to him so. It numbers he had numbers could be on retired. Yes look Morse and twice second round pick of the Marleau that's right 2005. But yes I know some people were offended that they dead man's Jersey would be on retired. But there was no association between Barger and Jeffrey Loria obviously that was the original owner. Wayne eyes and. I text her race and just tune in any details of that James Johnson contract always knows that the a framework of a deal has been agreed to raise and rise out of their way to put it and is it likely is going to be in ten to eleven and a half million per year range because that's the money that the he had left. After signing Kelly Nolan had at least before that Josh McRoberts trade. That should open up space to keep Wayne Ellington potentially who we give away free tickets for anybody that spell political on Google it. Well there is one continent kid in order yours twice that's right and I'll tell us right. An out of anything to give away all right 7861 about Rudy Gay somewhat Tex and Rudy Gay agreed to a two years seventeen million dollar deal. With disperse and attorneys are now wanna go to that money with three gate because of concerns about. Ruptured Achilles and whether it be good this year there were willing I think to offer. Mid level exception time money but not significantly more 7863600790. Frank Franken Adam you'll on others welcome to join we're back after its. Join us and figure promotions people. Broadcast this Monday at black market in downtown Miami. Just dolphins came we're giving away a terrible all star fan fest tickets every half hour it begins at 4 PM there will be all star specials and more. Black market Miami presented by red rabbit he takes the Miami sports fan back to the eighties black market. The future of the sports bar with a history of Miami AM 790 and FM 1043 HD two the official radio partner. Of 2017. All star week. If you haven't heard of the day I say that ticket reckon pay that much money. All the heat have agreed to a four year fifty million dollar deal with cal we only pick and renewal framework of a deal. Oath without James Johnson another four year contract there are seems pour your contracts are the normally history was a four year 52 million dollar deal. Would Dion Waiters bury your reporting that the James Johnson was probably in the ten to twelve million dollar ring somewhere in that neighborhood right. Yes that would give the heat room to be able keep Wayne Ellington if they want to buy tomorrow night's. 11:59 PM deadline basically. And very odd contract with Wayne Ellington where they had until the day after the signing moratorium. To decide whether to keep them in guarantee is contractor not. All right now is very Jackson. And Lucy what I am I missing any other things right now any other. I mean your old Shearer and and I I got to must balls or you'll Walsh you guys are lanky phenomenon honored to be in his this company's leave model for reporters I guess Rudy get me off to. Santonio right two years seventeen millionaire with the heat unwilling. To match that money. I admire Riley for wanting to do something bold and not merely bring this team back I just a little bit. Concerned about committing four years of basically a back update which is what killing alone because bet now we skilled he can shoot three's good passer. Are we saw Kelly a Winnick at his best in game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Against Washington when he erupted due is best up as a game of his career that Monday night. Odd to advance Boston to the Eastern Conference finals all that being so he's basically it back up big do you invest four years and tie your cap. At twelve million euros a year for backup big I'm very very mixed on this move well the. It and you said any ended this pretty much handcuffs he when it comes assigning any kind of whales are big free agents and the next couple years. They really have to they don't live shot at doing right now right they're there capped out right I want you'll break I perhaps Bergen up last segment. Which used saying do you think that if Riley is forced knows he's got a wish to short of a major raid. That he's got to wait three years before he really can dive into the deep into the free agent cool. Would this possibly. Reads his departure from the team sooner than later if Pete Pace we just got to sit on his hands. Well he signed a five year extension recently. Andy he told us through the heat's PR staff that even though his new deal allows them to spend more time at his home in Malibu he has no intention of doing that. So the indication is Riley's going to serve out these five years who treat taken. Into is a mid to late Saturday announcer I have recently seven exactly I had to I had the Euro earlier this and then it would be difficult to see him going beyond that because frankly why does he need the aggravation. But he loves what he's doing now so there's no indication he's going to step away I would playing at the very least he won a playoff team. You know 88 team that is not barely eking into the playoffs the team that's a legitimate playoff team before you exit right and he doesn't ever on wanna leave on good notes or I don't know that he has any. Realistic thoughts of winning a championship again your shirt probably. Hopes you know the hope of hopes it will be able do it but it just doesn't seem like that that you know would be in the cards with Golden State juggernaut that they are. 7863600790. And again that the heater trying to work out a deal with the Dallas that would still would brilliant salary dump. Of Josh McRoberts sending Rick Roberts and makes second rounder to Dallas. For second years senator CJ Sammons rite the second year player out of up Purdue. Who I'm an Indiana got a crews are tribal and you look back to that summer losing LeBron how you make commitments to Danny Granger Joshua Roberts thinking about that and Shabazz Napier will entice LeBron to stay here he none of the three worked out Granger is knees. Never yield to such shipped off to the next. Couldn't play yet here and now I out of the league now yes we had to cover enjoyed talking. And beyond either via at Selena good players prime of the Indiana but his knees eventually gave out and then make Roberts you know you can understand the McRoberts signing at the time. Forty years 22 million was an outrageous for a guy. Who was sixth among all power forwards and three pointers. It over a hundred threes as last year in Charlotte which is why I got the contract. But just could never stay healthy here and he had one of the best lines in the heat player of the last four years he says people just seem uses big white guy who's heard all the time and so so he certainly have self awareness. He just didn't have. The genes necessary right to stay healthy. Where is Napier now. I Shabazz Napier was in Portland and Orlando so he is bounced around. And it really has not had much of an NBA career size. The issue there. Not a great defender to shooting percentages haven't been very high he's now with the blazers. Okay all right 786360. 0790. Frank is in New Jersey good evening frank welcome to the second. Thanks guys. You were and what do Miami heat's been predictable and it I know you guys are talking I think just sell in a way short I think we've seen enough problem. In the last three to four years. What he did in the playoffs this year in just seven footer who can stretch the more peace talks he can read about anyplace he I think he'd say. An upgrade to book to read and he's probably everything we haven't got it from like Robert I think he's a phenomenal kick out. At all add to that. Look at what happened to pop in now that they were told that they're having to get rid of all the talk at them all the different players just to make room and I think that would have happened. Had we taken Hayward and it would depleted. Probably another three or four players that we really need and lastly. We have the best record in the league. Or three months with a team that we have that Riley brought back I think it's. A fantastic group. By Iraq's only winds around Lindsay at this. They went through how you think he concludes that humans. Oh absolutely really actual notice absolutely okay no doubt there are as matter of fact are gonna limit I'll tell you that we will be meeting nick out of playoff. And the read and I'll tell you doubted I think if we had made the playoffs we couldn't stop with anyone of these teams. If not beaten I think we could beat the Celtics. Our police are we can beat them now by that could beat them last year I think we could stop with anybody I do. Heidi we need hi I ask the question of somebody else that was drinking a lot of heat Kuwait saying they can be he can beat the Celtics. How do you figure I know that that the Celtics have to jettison some guys they did Kelly when it who came down here. Yeah there you know they've they've gotten their shopping Marcus marching Crowder Avery Bradley is set her. How do you feel the heat of close the gap on on the Celtics. What the couple things for all the Celtics are gonna get rid of I think the liquid one of the toughest guys they had. That they're gonna get rid of Avery Bradley who was there might be in the best defender all they've got and you saw what I did on the label would do against the Catholic guarded him. They've got a great score I he would fantastic but he was shorter version of Allen Iverson and integrated Allen Iverson was. How many championships the US I think I keys great but I think with a lot along. Athletic. All seem like we're gonna happen we bring in James Johnston back or let it. How hockey taken it to the hoop on up. A plaque with nine guy he's great I've that you are the big span when he cannot take you past where he's taking you are and you take a way to get the sense their toughness I don't think there's good that they were last year. Okay thanks for the call I I don't I'd just on drinking Amish he who I'm not I'm not that optimistic now and Boston's top three of Hayward Isiah Thomas and Horford right. Is it you know I think many would say it's probably better than he stopped three of Whiteside. And Goran and Dion and remember Boston. Has two top five picks and he would that Jason Day and Jalen brown. Who are going to be very good player on the commercial is also they do it right ravages talking about the players Horry on the Iraq and I know right yet they have a future. On number one from Brooklyn as well fax 71 round picks over the next three years so I think most people would say Boston has the brighter future than nuts not to solely chart. You know their playoff team. They're probably going to be a fourth fifth or six seed. But Boston on paper has a better roster all that being said that caller is right in the fact that they are gonna miss something with Jay Crowder. They are gonna miso when X toughness. Is passing obviously is three point game not clear that they're gonna have to necessarily move Avery Bradley. You know one more thing O'Neal went exciting. It becomes clearer and clearer that the heat has a model you must have a toughness to your game. In order to play here bright and he we saw that with waiters and Johnson. We're seeing that now with deal when signing this is not a place for saw players. Because it's disorganization. Is going to get you in shape and then they are going to expect you stand up to any challenge any. What what essentially players over the years obviously LeBron into waiter doing the best players in the history along with chat. But what essentially players are the players with toughness right Udonis has Dan Marley Alonzo Mourning. And certainly Olympic cannot be what would any of those yet he just joined the team today that he does that into the theme of you needing new needing to be eight. Tough guy not me to play here I agree I mean it would go really what's hasn't done on on court production last Theres nothing but. He's in influence in the locker room and and on the bench and just the overall that team he sets its own when it comes up it's right and that's why he'll be back on the roster century as a player coach who will play sparingly with a win exciting he might get one minute all year and you know what one day he's gonna look up and see his number in the rafters absolutely. Apple islets go to Adam in for a water Ohio out of walk when the second. They I don't let's not. I like feel any. Ill. But however for maybe 78 now you're. You record you can't replace the key issue but I don't see him. And the player getting mordant irony earlier and I see that part in forty went with it. Like you know you need the expression is your worth what somebody says your worth guess what somebody tell you were fifty million a year twelve and failure. Any did a lot of interest and a Sacramento when slamming Indiana overall interest it. And by today's standards he's probably a twelve million a year player. And it would have been ridiculous to give him this contract five years ago before the cap spiked dramatically by over thirty million dollars. But you know it by today's economy this is a contract that is market value warmth that being said I agree with the collar I would be a little reluctant for this team and this roster who have gone as high as they did but you know I'm I'm reaching into another sport right now but you know people say how highly paid ten adults when he one million. It's the cost of doing business. Right that's just title quarterback that cost to write decent apple stories we're you know you might see a player and bass balls overpaid but that to simply the cost of doing business particularly there's more than one suitor has what. The price goes up. Right let's go to. And. Roberts in Hollywood hello Robert. They're guys. Just don't wanna towards Islamabad. Well. Which I would handle that contract with the way better now mean nearby a year can't go wrong with that so kudos to adults for that but my my my acting news. If we're to talk about Boston's. Recipe for success isn't that what would be easier trying to do just built up a Geiger like. Named McNabb big names because I mean Isiah Thomas is a big name. Al Horford you could say was big name but not you know as productive whose production is like you know more listed in the production what might that be key chain. He changed can't see that. Pretty much they either trying to do the same thing in Austin I mean my cabinet piece just do that and compete since we got the runner up go to the years and I mean like. Note Brad Miller trying to you know. It's what everybody you know I mean we do not coaching and what's who says we can't be in the Eastern Conference finals I mean like. It was just do what they do and we got the same amount Taliban that we showed the last season. Oh what who likened the guy just can't see the odd side that the glass castle on Mac. Well I wouldn't rule it out but at the same time you're clearly underdogs to bots and obviously are underdogs to Cleveland as well. So to me it's a stretch to think eastern finals. On I would say. You know a good good goal would be second round of the playoffs to that effort to get the sec around the playoffs you have to beat. A Washington or Toronto you'd be an underdog in both series barring injuries but I don't think it's out of the question that the heat could rise to the third or fourth seat. Are they that much worse or roster than Toronto or Washington know I give the other team a little bit of an edge at this point. But you're not as good as Boston on paper. 786360079. B is the number he's very Jackson. I am Frito who'll take you until 10 o'clock Quebec after this one final segment. To yield is man man. San. T. Hedge our will be able minded you the football season is coming in the ticket has you covered from training camp which starts at the end of this month. Through the regular season and Super Bowl. In the journal of lean accidents earnings call 1807473. That's 18. 107473733. Football hero and on AM 790 and FM 1043 HD to the ticket. Very Jackson I will take you up until just before 10 o'clock. Showing game 797. World Series on fox works Florida. Twenty years aren't they haven't like Aaron at the Austrian art though it may seventeen to get some kind of reunion only a bunch of players they're serving in the various roles Moises Alou. Al Leiter is going to be involved. Louis cast DO. A bunch of 497. At 2003 Marlins are going to be here for all star weekend. Not school's going to be a lot of fun. You can afford any part of that men more than other I mean I've never really been a big home run jury person on TV but I think. Seeing here and judge and seeing stand as to who goes in person those might in you know engenders a loser not a. I think says to like talk to Joe Buck this week is gonna call the game for foxy said Major League baseball's all star game without question that's all star game so it shouldn't even be discussion. I was asking about South Florida's a baseball market he insists that it is a good market if the team has a winning. Now you and I have debated this even if the team is winning. Will this stadium. So 30000 people I'm skeptical I think the ceiling probably. May be averaging 2526000. That are around 20000 this year as usual and such just tickets distributed or sold. That's not actual people in the seat city get a really popular owner than maybe. You know yet to some early likable or release an owner that make Smart decisions puts the right people in charge. Drafts well develops well. Noted dips his toes and move free agent market when necessary but you know gets a consistent winner and we have a CNET. I mean. The they had the U world wild card team in 97 and 2003 they won the World Series in both years how many winning seasons having an amending. And no no I think they've been how much we do business wondered too mab and you know the two weeks after the Ulster breaker going to be fascinating to see if they dismantle its roster. I know Clark Spencer my colleague and I each talk to someone with the Marlins today. The sense we get is that virtually everybody is available. I now obviously there be more interest in moving eighth Phelps or Ramos are pronto. Then there would be a yellow which born Ozuna right I mean that's stands to reason but they will listen on everybody including Stanton. Does that mean there's going to be a fire sale I don't know that I would go that far but they are eager to get rid of money they're not going to give players always get nothing back. But there's a willingness really to consider trait for anybody on the roster. Think most likely to stay would be real mood though. As they have no catcher in their system Thomas police is not an option he's not hurting our nutritional Juliette really exact reason he's cheap and he's a quality player citing he'd be the most likely state and JT riddle as a cheap shortstop. Who's gonna cost him nothing but the next warriors right guys and earning our Tricia notably Muslims keep my new heights. And war I don't know why there be any answer to trade war is going to be very affordable we have control on him for. Actually threw 20/20. I know the Yankees are interest and Justin bore but. I would think that to give the Marlins back something very enticing to give up a player who's under team control. For another four years and very affordable and Bob nine yell at the U baseball writer for USA today said that. Mark mark you product my employer for both the Red Sox and yankees are sort of an AFC. East battle form right. Right in someone of who's close to produce so that actually he's sorry if we are very elites AL or AFC but right I think proud of those brace for trade that was a contract that they probably. Should have given him last offseason but the Marlins really liked his leadership. So I he would be at the top of list of guys likely to be moved along with our Tom Kohler David Phelps and major Roberts. What does it do to the marlins' asking price and you or you're poorly nursery when we get the street the New York Post reported that the one of the big groups in the running for the Marlins. Led by tag Romney in the big money behind it would loses I wean Roth all of the above you know Brazilian air that nobody outside the financial industry's ever heard of they're out they they just want goes hi Laurie won ago. Right I know that they offered one point one billion Marlins rejected that offers I reported last week. And the Marlins had hoped that they would continue to engage from the negotiations. Maybe they can get them to go up a little bit. Apparently they're not interest in going up and they walked away at least according to the New York Post reported that we have not independently confirmed. My colleagues and I dug Hanks and mark Spencer spoke to a couple people have been involved in the group. I tonight to they have said they're not aware of Roth Bob and Romney pulling the plug gets. But to what we Juno which was clear last week this that they are not willing to meet Laurie is asking price of one point two billion which by the way. Is less of a one point three the originally as a sport that nobody was going to play. Yeah I mean in if you lowers or even further right I mean I guess he could have won during order a hundred million dollars put. You know again under the axiom your worth what somebody says are worth of if nobody's gonna pay one point two billion guess what either either yields are the club which I don't he wants do. Or is got to realize got a or they ask embrace even further. Right right in the Marlins it's a privately for months teams the team will be sold yesterday. Was the first time that they have set it on the record unequivocally. And Bob nine deals USA today piece David Sampson said this team will be sold. I don't understand why anyone would pay billion dollars for the steam knowing they have the worst TV contract in baseball. I tendons bottom three in baseball their stadium revenues are much less than they thought. When they opened this place so it's it's baffling to me why Smart people would wanna get involved with that state. We will design. I just lost my train of thought here. And I can arouse your zone know that that that's fine it's just that now people looked at tomorrow's books say they're not lying when they say they're losing a ton of money. I know projections this year have been sixty million in losses because of payrolls the highest it's ever been at a 115 million. They make only about twenty million from local TV money here which is lowest in baseball right so. This market. With this attendance and this TV contract simply cannot afford the payroll over a hundred million that's the sad truth of it. Now if you get a TV contract worth three times that they have now ensure they can have a hundred million dollar payroll but to make the math to work here is just so challenging. And that's why I'm don't have much hope for this franchise no matter who wants. And they just we just found out they extended recently amateur when. Several executives and might kill Bob I go reporting you know a five year deal worth in excess of ten million dollars. Right Laurie wants to take care several of his close. Content on this top executives before he leaves to the new owner will be responsible for paying all resellers even if he does a lot Michael L. I he's going to have to pay him humility here over the next war. 7863600790. We have several lines open right now bomb. Is there anything differently. The U would you if you were apparently I mean yeah I know you've been dubious. Reason marginally dubious of this only exciting. Is there anybody you're going after that he didn't or. You know any decision that he you would have different. Not really I know the heat really wasn't all that enthralled with a bock go or with Gallinari two guys that they missed out on while waiting on Hayward. I think there would have been a pursuit of Blake Griffin but he was off the board last Friday night while we were doing the twenty and a half hour radio. So. As far as what was left in free agency it was not a good group. You know the last couple days. I mean the best names on the board were essentially 01 and it was supposed to be restricted to the than the Celtics had to renounce and to make room for a were. I Rudy Gay but after that it it's really a bad list the names available the top guys beyond those two would amend our son Elliott Selma. Bob a simple OSHA CJ. Models. So with what was left that he did as well as they can possibly do I think. Most executives would say that'll when it was one of the top two players left on free agency as of yesterday. And may god and as a result they're going to have a very good power rotation the question is will they have enough shooting and that hinges in part on whether justice Winslow. I develops his range. 786360079. He is and number. By the way you know every week in the leagues in baseball. The fans vote on one final player to elite roster but Justin Turner third baseman for the Dodgers and Mike who sockets. Who plays for the royals those have won those two then competition my boy Chris Wright for the cubs. Post Soviet donors like cater to them just what he's not he's not part of that. At least the Marlins all have a presence more than a one have minimum required player right Borges Beers and a lot Stanton. In the game Libor in the home run contest on Monday night I heat that rule now I hit a little less because. You know I I could stay in the rule requiring what that we swan clear from every team I thought was antiquated. I like it was this game had consequences the winner the winning league has home field into the World Series I thought that was terrible at not just who we've got to. You know just the is that that is wrong to do it that way now about the team with the best record. And I was just offended like you want to teams do the best team than you've got to we have one. Clear for each team that made no sense. What if you think if there's one player from San Diego it's only the readings in in San Diego organ just go preach we up because. You know one bumble clear from that team is on the all Bergen. Why have I told you a year and a half to go the Brad and would be the all star game Marlins bark. You you'd asked me when I was smoke ads exactly in a few years ago murmur Mark Redmond he worried GMA any pitcher for the Marlins the last thing latest regulator went to Kansas City he was Kansas city's lone representative they need is somebody. Theory in any area 586. Like really that's an all star yummy. Believe in kidney ER well every team they feel like every team should have someone's is that there's interest to those markets the watched easy I think that Nokia is is Brenda comer with his young team yeah. Okay do you honestly think and I'm I'm not picking genuinely think I am arms pulling you know. A devil's advocate. Is anybody really think it's CAD eagle. But the answer gonna clamoring to see a middle reliever ray tolerance maybe eight inning guy in ran handling really. That's where you're going after. Yet the experience of sir I'll let let's let's not go out tonight let's like large realists out now to this has ran a hand might get in the middle innings well. I think that's partly a function the Padre is not being very good for years he was the best option because he had to go one on their. 7863600790. Is number who was the player that I said Perot local city Andre Roberson exactly very good defensive player can't choose free threats. He was someplace Reese Leo I've got to look government USA today there was a 487. Dollar bill. Any leftist thirteen dollar to. And the waiter or removed the bartender. Put the you know that the receipts on the I I met him in the Inkster Graham might have been Twitter and social media. To show and to show the the name and the and the signature everything. A thirty dollar tip he wrote he he tweeted back. And he wrote I guess that we don't was like tons of drinking it was one bottle. Team that cost that much money. And he ordered. And with just one body said he said and is tweet you brought debt from bear to hear. That sit IA SU I him on the bottle rest this time. I make everything can you know how I I liked having bartenders I do I I tend to do a lot but. We need 20% for a bartender when he just brings it like a couple of feet. You raise the question of going to a place. Or take out not elaborate yet but take you get take out food and they bring it from there. To hear. Listen as somebody that worked in their services people two steps. How much of it to do dessert well buffed es I think you do leave it to because they're clearing your table right that's certainly the right thing to do even though they're not actually bringing you food but the tactic you have to realize that you're not paying. These guys normal wages these guys will all work for like. Two dollars an hour or something like that they're basically getting zero money on their paychecks so all of their money. Is generated by eight hits so he knew. Tip them poorly it's Alec they can make it up somewhere else Ari figure only didn't do a whole lot. That's all of their income based so why am I tipping go on and take out when that will be on the person brought it okay from there. Three feet away and handed him. Take out you usually making pretty close to. Minimum wage may be just a little bit more IE the summit summit who's been in the restaurant business yeah I I worked at chili's for a number of years actually and I've done take out and I've been a waiter I've done a bar tending had done at all. And yet to take out it's not as big of a deal because they're actually making an okay hourly wage right. The servers in the bartenders they make nothing like you have to tip them no matter I easily drinking a lot never had a problem to me on to say I used to enjoy going to you know bar semi shots a southern comfort and you know with the surgery now I rarely ever drink. What I I would secure the bartenders I figure I take you're the mark of the first tilts that they'll they'll take Jeremy and so. Tip your bartenders early and often and I think you'll you'll end up. Doing Lothian so where it's not the right. Is there any scenario where you should not. This the right thing did you obviously journal com. I was in restaurants Ashley red lobster of the two wooded the service was so bad and I complained throughout dinner. How bad it was this was an ongoing complaint it was just terrible. And I don't want the guys think that I forgot to leave it to slow off the ball in normally am Tony it's only 5% guy. But I wanted to make a point this'll bad we recently had a recent trip to Baltimore for my nephew's wedding and we went to a restroom balls Lothian harbor. Worst service I've ever had and we just you know I Ira Glass a water and the guy wasn't particularly busy 230 minutes to bring that. You know and that I in ages it was that was just them two weeks of his problems using competent he was terrible. And again I like tipping big I do I think it's only fair to do. I left now I know I'm sorry I left. Four hours on an eighty dollar. Our tempers which gets the message across yet your service for our studio 5% to right right and I just I'd I wanted to show all the way he did was awful is beyond bad. Yeah well there's a former Miami Heat player not gonna name and a former Miami player prominence who have been very. We're tip at a restaurant. And word gets around on that and I know a couple of people who were not. Sports fans had heard the story they shared it with me. And that completely affected their perception of this player who by the way it was a popular player here I can't confirm the stories and certainly not gonna besmirch the guy but. That affects perception. Of athletes right. If it if an athlete worth several million or hundreds of millions. Leaves a tip that's completely insufficient. Do you not think less of that person. I would think a little Harlem US is when you tip. Q did you the amount before the taxes and I think that's only fair. You Grassley got me as a guy that it's based on pre tax from. From although we've been told them last year's right it is absolutely based on pretax however I never do it because it's always easier to just look at the big number and figure out well he percent from there I do the math very quickly in my head I've always been Google map. But now you'll see on bills it says that the bottom 15% is this amount 18% of this amount Tony percent as a smile and it gives you the into the figures of about you know what I've noticed that and I've also noticed that it's wrong while lot well and Albie you know and you you why you think it's wrong wiser because most places not all. And I check this do it for the taxes you're looking at the bottom the year with a tax nor equipment that we percent as the right. To put before the tax and you'll see those figures are that they could be what it is because I've actually looked at him like I would have given you more money if you had Jeffrey wrote this tip on their that I am supposed to give you don't know I'm gonna give whatever you say now. Yes so. Odd I that's likely to look at the Roy is it's possible yeah that's why so the restaurants that are I I. I I applaud the ones or two before you add in the tax why why should I hit you more because Uncle Sam is charging me. You know taken a bite out of my wall. It also annoys me when you have a large party and they give you like like 18% automatically included. Think I tip 20% no matter where I go it's like if you wanted to just jet yourself on that possibility that I might not give you a full 18%. That's it's gonna be your loss because I'm not gonna tip more than you predetermined well you can if you realize that they've already had a AT and if you want to more there's a super polished well I'm not going do that if you're gonna tell me how much I'm going to tick you because naturally I'm gonna take you more than that anyways. But you decided that you're going to tell me how much I need to take you now. So now I'm gonna give you exactly what that amount I am into a food truck dollars and a longtime middle want to be I guess you would tip the source said. Tip for take out or food truck. Will Ford truck I don't know if we get their food trucks it'll a couple of local parks here we are making your food does that count. Or something overwhelmed sometimes a majority of the money and look there's nothing wrong with putting on the bottom of your bill. What's the tip would be at various numbers 151820. Even summit Tony to the thing that I resent is when they include the tip and don't tell you what you view high end restaurants do. That to me is unacceptable you don't tell you what it is if you wanna leave whatever percent you wanna leave. We don't included. And and try to fool you it's like network to tell you. That our coverage for game starts at 338 your pregame starts at 330 the game starts at four right. It sounds like 790 the ticket well we all heard that little or Treo is doing narrates ruined all that. So that's our minds me that so we got to lessened minutes ago oldest. Overall how would you grade the heat dust are they routine Johnson a big got a framework reveal the deal's gonna get done retain waiters. Brought Olympic in the older possibly. Chip shop Joshua Roberts and his albatross of the contract to douse. Yeah I give them a you get Dion Waiters James Johnson Kelly 01. And potentially tomorrow Wayne Ellington. To me pretty fair trade I'd rather have a door number one with Hayward but door number two is an aspect. I we got to finish right now Bob bear you and I'll be on tomorrow from seven to ten wolf we have some breaking news that about. When Alex and grant in Santee terrific job by you appreciate all the hard work you guys did I'm Josh Friedman coming up next on the ticket. ESPN radio.