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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Christmas and Augustin who. Football now. Dolphins started training camp few days ago McCain's. Had their first. You're talking. For the show false practice in the middle of summer. Tried it seems odd on August 1 but you know fall camp is under way it's underway and they all finally gets put on the pads and have. Tackle contact on their fourth practice which is this coming Friday but today. They had their first practice a little place a Mark Richt sound. A bit later in the show me your orbit this segment and 715 Barry Jackson who is out there today. Is going to join us while blue got some good sound for a mom remark re talking about. You know in the cozy pair re about the quarterbacks pecking order right now. Travis homer to be the main back up probably two mark Walton but there's a back up he says he's gonna get plenty of of playing time Robert Burns you'll with a shoulder injury back to the spring probably won't be ready for the were opening day and and one of the things wanna talk about as well when you kind of put the cozy pair ME more week rosier haven't sheriff's share so it is that. It's. Two hours to its. Eight took the number one snaps today and Perry and Cade Wheldon took me to win three. I think everybody assumes negotiate Perry eventually is gonna be. Put in that top spot and Ira arrest Merck Rick Perry wasn't eligible to be there for spring practice and end. Someone asked him. Is your quarterback here right now opening day of vote of spring practice it was not necessarily. End. Everybody expects a cozy Perry to be or eventually slide into the number one slot and I heard Perkins. And and Curtis talk about is is there a question. When you do that I mean if you feel that he's close to being ready. What do you maybe just to avoid throwing him in in the deep end so soon maybe just wait until after that third game that Puerto state game was ready to show. Mean when Mark Richt was asked about the quarterback position and you know wasn't willing soon. Don't really vouch for any of the guys who were currently playing and most penalty lawyer with the idea that. On the coaster Perry despite not being there was a big winner prospering because this leaves the door open for him to potentially take over this role. My question will be an obviously the coaching staff will decide this by. It you know will he come in as a freshman and just while them to the point where they say okay we we need assert the star right away or is or you're alluding to. Do you give him some time because. Don't Goodman Arkansas State. You would imagine they could win with anybody of any of those guys point quarterback right yet they did those are manageable games. The issue with this schedule is that at Florida State game looms as the big one already circled weeks three of the college football season. On September sand. So at that point it is very a big pets were your question needs to be answered and I don't know what the right. Response that is Joshua green because there are many different factors at play here. Is nick OC Barry are guys who psychologically. Is as strong as they comment doesn't matter he has a bad gamer good game he's going to be the same person and continue to develop. Or. The editors at Florida State game was so much hype. Nationally televised audience you know he is PA and being involved in an ABC game my 8 PM that Saturday night. If he doesn't have a good game will that hurt him to the point where suddenly he takes a few steps back because we just never know how one college students are going to. Respondents in areas like data into a freshman who is unproven at that level so I think it there's a lot of question marks there who to associate with. The topic did you just brought up. Yeah yeah you're right I mean it's. If you. You worry about that you know sometimes baseball teams you bring guy from the minors or be if he struggles to pass and send them right back down. The second chip away at his confidence and otherwise one of him a confident player now. Doubt creeps in and out you know that's why Mark Kirk is paid four million dollars a year as he can make these decisions but. We assure fuel the airless really pointing up you you wouldn't think. That they could be as good as people think they are released if Al gold was still open would be even in the same area code. And as the expectations are right now no. I mean. It. I did it goes out so ordinary candidate this this completely the good perception of the university Miami football program. And it they would been a fan base within them the media in the pre season. Prognostication. Everything has she drastically since Marquardt took over and had a nice season last year by. I mean expectations are really high this year I mean we talked about it a few weeks ago win. The pre season predictions came out I mean you're talking about. For the first time in program history at least based on. What everybody voted on in the media did this team is going to not only when the coastal division but play in. The ACC championship area just hasn't happened I know win the ACC was put together and they divided up. The conference into two and Miami beat became a part of it. I think we are all under the assumption that on an annual basis they would compete. Not just for the ACC championship for national championships and the the strange thing about this just they never actually played in the ACC championship game. So to answer questions are gold gold here it's a site now today it's the same old same old not a Mark Richt this year. Expectations have completely chip we will continue more of this you're gonna hear some Marquardt sound and just a couple of minutes. Before get to that let's go to Greg likens with homeless man. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. As Josh are just discussing the college football season officially kicked off in Coral Gables this morning is a Miami Hurricanes opened up their fall camp. And plenty of attention is being paid to the quarterback battle where Malik Rose Jere and Evan shares. Both worked with the first team today on wall highly touted freshman the cozy very worked with the second team. One injury noted coroner Mark Richt running back Robert Burns may not be ready for the season openers he recovers from a shoulder issue you're moving back to practice tomorrow. To the NFL with the dolphins or the day topple return to the practice field tomorrow morning as well and that will provide an update. On running back. Finally baseball night after nearly getting no hit by the nationals GO Gonzales the Marlins face another daunting task is Max Scherzer takes amount. The two time Cy Young award winner leads the National League in strikeouts batting average allowed innings pitched. And all PS against Baidu counter with lefty Chris O'Grady. First pitch is 710 for Marlins park this is a few minutes from now. Another Marlins news manager Don Mattingly announced today the ball Edinson Volquez and JT riddle miss the remainder of the season due to knee. And shoulder injuries respectively. And those are your headline it's. We've put those injuries in the corner infielders Justin Boras out with a injury marching probable for several weeks away from returning. This is just an injury bug and good luck to Chris. Narrowly you know possibly another Cy Young award them winner this year in Mac sure this guy he's gonna be a first ballot hall pretty breezy isn't just going to be all they were. He's going to be a first ballot if he wins the Cy Young this year. They'll be is third one he's already won wins one of six players I think two women both leagues. Got to go leaders whose name I just absolute. Stud pitcher first ballot hall of Famer he's he's in a lot for Cooperstown. And I would assume that he's due to be the beneficiary of this Clayton Kershaw injury right Kirsch promising senator to time because really those are the top two candidates. I know this sounds obvious revolves baseball but. Kershaw scherzer. And those on opposite coast they see the top two candidates over the last few years for that site general insurers are wanna last year. Any deserved reduce oil bought. And commercial me healthy. At the time Kershaw heard his balcony at something like a 145. Strikeouts and seven walks it was just. And off the charts reached strikeout walk richer you just use and oversee. An absolute dominant buster only keeps saying he could be your regard as best a couple times your health this health keeps up Ari are a couple of I hit some good some ice we wanna play from mark Rick this is a pony wanna hear. Ideally course of the freshman and then you have the other players here there were this isn't their first ball practice. Here's mark wreck talking about the incoming freshman how they were easy to spot. You can see the veterans on us every year but veterans of easy to see who they are they know how to practice. With the temple they were all that we want in ought to finish is true in a lot of they know their plays and get a bunch of young guys that stick out like sore thumb. Not sure how to lie and I'm not sure what do you can't really keep up with the example that we're going quite yet. From a mental and physical standpoint but they'll they'll learn. It's not a pretty Xerox that the source of growing pains and apparently four in the freshman and that it's it's humorous to listen to especially. You know it's a singer Josh this day and age in college football. Intel's fastball is becoming more and more common for players to enroll early. In school right and even you know all entire semester early so you have a bunch accused coming in during in January by. So for them I would imagine that group with a freshman they're probably used to that they were part of the spring program correct but first lose the freshman are showing their first college practice ever. Mean that's got to be different color it's got to be eye opening image as mark just describing. It'll probably not too hard to pick out the guys that have never been there were no yet yo you looking and they're not things are quite clicking just yet they willed on the road right now. As he said they're easy to spot a couple of hero Greg for Mark Richt about the cozy Perry first one is is his impression of the co seat today. He's got a very good passing fundamentals which is what I thought and I've seen him throwing camp I've seen him throw in several seven that we had over here but he's. In the in the context of what we're asking him to do. He really does have good quarterback passing fundamentals. Not a lot of wasted motion got my zip on the ball he does understand touch. He's he's really he's a pastor he's not just floor like some guys are. And that that's a great compliment you know is when you talk about. Say guy in the major leagues he eased he he came up as a as a thrower I can wing it 9798. One they've evolved into a pitcher you know they don't have to throw it. As hard as they can't all the time you always better if you change speeds and change the location well here's a guy. You know he talks about how he's a you know a not a not just a throw or you know and and a quarterback here and have been did you always have a quarterback don't touch on the ball Israel and you know I forgot to have that as an incoming freshman that's impressive trait that. So a sports jargon no can be pretty funny it immediate if you're not into sports league you don't folly we do annually to what I was saying in all if you just heard that then it's like. What's the difference under thrown or a passer a throw or pitcher you know we understand that there's there's a real art to both of those things as you pointed out there's inch priciest. Between each of those distinctions but it is kind of phony on the surface if you take this sports Allman out of it and just listen to it. And listen to the words he's using in our English language it's like. It doesn't sound that complicated passers thrower whatever just get the ball lowers holes debate that got the right there is if you're not used to the nomenclature you're right probably has heard what I said you'll. Rosie talk about what it is. Hi highly complimentary when you consider he's a freshman and he wasn't one of those guys who's able roll early and be part of this spring as we were just talking about so for him to come in the first day of practice and they see him throw before but to be in this. Traditional environment and moral formal environment to start things off. That's a great start and I think wins more credence to which you already pointed out that it seems inevitable that at some point this season maybe in the beginning he's going to be your start the incoming freshmen and especially the quarterback and cozy Perry have a lot of info to absorb and here is a mark Rick talking about. How much is actually sinking in with the cozy pair. He's. I'd say maybe 50%. He's getting right now which is probably pretty good first day. Feel that the pace that we're going so long but that's why you practice this YU film. Why you study film and correct things. Yes to world war would stall at a pace that is faster than comfortable for everybody. You'll catch up to a picture of. And their talk about he's talking also about installing they're gonna take some twelve days to install six parts. Of the office a couple per per each days before as they get the often as more and more installed. All the time couple other important things DJ Dallas wide receiver. He's gonna keep getting reps right now wide receiver sure Barry Jackson go over the sup as well be a bit somewhere down the road he's doing it wraps. That's a running back as you said Robert Burns probably not ready for. The opener Travis homer did well now he's he's gonna be the backup to mark Walton and as a back up. Running back Mark Richt said he still gonna get a lot of carries. As well so pretty good first day of practice and Daniel who who else was I mean it's great that an offensive mind like Mark Richt. Is is going to be so closely. You know Washington coach repair you know and can develop him well he's he's great offensive mind well. Yes and it is interesting when used you know make the comparison of the contrast between. Calls the ball on the pro is it you don't want the big game with the dolphins has been. The comfort level with the offensive system and Eveready knows it's a second year soul Ryan ten hill on day one according to Adam days. Is correcting his coach because he's so familiar with everything. And that's one thing that this may seem obvious to Carl's football fans might. Do you have to at least point out is it. And it's difficult when you have so many people changing and people graduating or leaving the school on for a coach like Mark Richt. If he's relying on potentially a freshman quarterback and you've got a very limited amount of time in the NFL. Mused as we go over the offense maybe not. Formally at the facility ripping up the playbook with them and they can be doing things on their own is ranked tale has led. Some passing. Sampson suffered his receivers they can be working all the time. A college aid it's much less sophisticated is not as much time being silly rules don't allow itself. You Mark Richt and all the head coaches that are offensive minded especially a lot of credit and they gotta crunch a lot in in a very short period of time before that opener against him could. And you know if you startling Brad Qaeda started right out of the gate no kid from high school we started. If you install a true freshman and a star you're gonna have growing pains at first you don't pay off I think in nurse is second. Particularly as thirty Euro sport the B sticks around you're you're you're gonna he's gonna make some mistakes may be some glaring mistakes at first but. You know do you sacrifice a little under the short term for what you're gonna get hopefully down the road as they all really experienced quarterback. Summon your tooth certainly your three and especially your four. But it's it's the same balance you bring up there used you make some of those sacrifices or do we find out as this competition takes place in Moly rosier where sheriff's. Maybe right now has a better handle on things maybe they're not the better quarterback rejection wiser mean. Pilot house to go super is going to be that guy at some point right but if if they determine you know entering a week's three game against Florida State did you don't want those other two guys is better right now to give you the best chance to win. That may be a difficult decision at a coaching staff estimate what might be the right one that do. And so maybe you don't sacrifice some of those. Earlier I yelled learning mistake sitter and bound to happen with the freshman amid you wait till later in the season because. This team is gonna be upset if they don't win one at least ten games now thanks so bright soul. That certainly is going to be huge imbalance that mark protest strike especially when it comes to the most important position on the field. We will continue York talked after the break when Barry Jackson joins us he's co hosting would be tomorrow night at seven it's an. But now he was out expert at almost that spring practice at at UN practice today and and we will go over that next right here on this. Training camp updates on the also sponsored by sand bar grille opening. Aren't going named best sports bar. Of 2017. By the Miami new times. Guys sideline. Back in the game concierge men's dot com. And by Lexus of North Miami an amazing in the automotive experience the bins are under way on AM 790 NFL immoral for three HD two. The ticket. We'll get Barry Jackson of momentarily. Alongside Greg likens real here. We will take you until 10 o'clock so I just texted the show after me about a cheese steak place and who I I've only been a Philly once in my life that was probably. 25 or thirty years ago and I don't know anything of money restless or cheese steak place is their oral practice and I I don't know of any other you know any white hero back balls were shocked. At fort like this. Wealth of knowledge of our restaurants across the country. You know that's intersect Marius I guess by a Newton on the bill touches logic there was worth the shot from did just. It did you have a she's sick or near their. Only limited Philadelphia where action evidences any time in the city I'd go to the airport once for work well is not in this business and I I was there for couple days. And it's take a plane back to Chicago's looking there at the time but that was such a bad snowstorm. I was snowed in to the Philadelphia airport for an extra eight hours that was now. My middle of those boring days in my life the view we stayed in now persona I don't know what I do want to undergo real there was bad it was really boring our rights. Tomorrow night from seven to send Barry Jackson will be my co host tonight he is our guest he joins us right now. And you'll Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas when they're truly steps beyond convenient dirt before we get in the UN. I'm gonna throw weird question action. Because her tonight and and and and Curtis and and Greg were trying to think of a player that was on the heat. But I might have been a guard for about a dear to was acquired and then traded away almost immediately. With the last two or three or is that ring any bells in your mind. I guess what there was a point guard that they huge trade Brian Roberts. It was what he's up for a day and then ultimately ended up with Portland he's been Charlotte as well. So it's funny came out made comments to that this is going to be a loss number they each should. All of ours he was adult I let that pass city the shortest but you know it's funny. I saw them I thought of the point guard. Believed his name was Brian are telecheck not for sure it's been a veteran NBA point Korea. It is Leo yeah but right now drill. The rose in regard and error Moochie. That I would say your short and hundreds of players that's who we're gonna talk wants an old saying morning. That's special in that and as they can about this a right up perk. Don't tax saying that's it OK we eat you he's listening to us right now driving home but now we think he's got the answer. Greg and I were talking you were out you have practiced today. And Greg and our talking about. Right now Malik Rose Europe insurer they're they took the first team snaps today and co superior the second team you know that's according to Mark Richt. At some point we think the cozy pair is gonna slide into that starters job. If if everything was equal would you rather him sliding after. That Florida State game rather than make room in the deep end too soon. No everything is equal I want Terry to develop immediately get a game under his belt against the tempo than than play at Arkansas State it will obviously be slightly more typical of the subcontinent. But not an ultimate test either because it's not a power by the owner and certainly it carries every bit as good as chair and rosier. You have to start ticket because he's your long term future. And god and I invested in. Now multiple players and indicated over the summer that they believe that you took part under the job based on athletic ability based on what they've seen in voluntary work. Now that being said he's got to convince Mark Richt that he knows the offense. That's when Manny Diaz is defense throws various things that in practice to be able to deciphered heat sensors to be able to pick up what's who's. To be able to make the right call the line. And most importantly to know the the playbook backward forward to these are all things that it really could not be cleared teammates. During the informal seven on seven drills in the summer when all you're doing is throwing the ball or. So all of these things have to be determined over the next couple weeks and there's one other factor too and that's. Simple exercise guys. Of the center quarterback exchange would apparently. Gave the coast he carry problems today correspondent starting I don't sense that says that he fumbled a few times so after practice marker grabbed the ball. And the senator and the ranchers and experts now exchanges with Harry. At the far end of the field just to get more practice sit back. So my suspicion is that leader Pete Carey or roads here. Cherished did not do a lot to impress me in the when that time I was able to watch the spring that the course votes practices were open but feedback I got on church backed. He just wanted very impressive now he's words because at the sides. Able to see over the line better then road series substantially taller than a week so that's one advantage. He has occasionally able to get the ball I falls but generally the thing with sheriff that the target not greats and accuracy is Iraq. They're very I considering ended the Miami Hurricanes have been picked to finish atop the coastal division in the EC season they've got a lot talent on the roster despite the uncertainty at quarterback. Based on that data I wears a balance between the all the talent kind of overcoming the inserted the quarterback position in terms of what they need to get Weathers rouge years sheriffs or Perry who starts over the course of the series. I think it merely average quarterback play would be enough to get them to eight or nine when is that they wanna be upset in program and win ten or more this year they're going to have to get you know. Superior quarterback play and I think it's anybody's guess whether there. Capable of getting that ever or else they're either good or excellent. I would say did the positions of concern. Would be. Defensive tackle behind your tops three this suffered some atrocious there court told Jenkins was strong enough to teen Terrell Willis. Taking a leave of absence for personal reasons. They will have trouble running back at mark Walton gets any sort of injury try to solvers at very good number two. From all indications that they had very little depths. Behind him and the only freshman running back Robert Burns. Is not gonna be ready for the opener he's never been a durable player in high school now he has shoulder problems those these two areas of concern. Depth at running back and defensive tackle and they need to just figure out it's less guarded centers competition at both of those spots. Other than that so I think they're very could ever look. I'm not Tyrod defensive end I mean David nice problem to have how do you divide up the time between. Several great really good starting Calbert presidents. Like that's going to be a challenge for critical we're asking the defensive line coach is regarded by some of the best college team like coach in America and Manny Diaz chat columnists emerged last year of bitch Hedo it's going to be compared to -- we both say as a guy coming out of high schools in Dade and Broward who has never been anything close to vote so what little I have staked and then obviously with the chargers Chad has had a nice career but not a fight star caliber career but he has an apple crossed that he can rise this year from six grounder to potentially much more to get to Goodyear you've got to to Jackson's no relation to me you know Jackson Demetrius Jackson -- quality young and he's such friend Harrison would loom guys build a lot of things well. So he's got four. Quality starting end and then you've got to really interest in freshmen and coming in John guarded a kid from Palm Beach County. Who had a just enormous sack numbers in palm beach high schools and then Dionte Johnson accused that you don't somehow able to apply from Sacramento. Who had more offers than any player in the country last year each reported to have received under rocks or he's just arrived in July. That stretch right there or spark action played only six snaps last year. Because the knee issues that is Manny Diaz joked meets six very good match so much he's got seven defensive ends he shared time with such a good problem. Yeah it's a terrific problem to have very among Richards mark Walden the headliners of the skill positions on offense but. In your opinion who who has a chance are the best chance of breakdown on that side of the ball. I would say Richard Doherty had done so. At our young players I would keep an eye on just combat something UN told you know all the players UN signed in February were which most excited. Abouts chest comets. He's a speedy wide receiver from east saint Louis Illinois. The skill he has that special UN how to analyze that in recent years is a works goodness after the catch it got a second year after he catches the ball. Not a big kid at all but very fast should be. So I would keep an eye on in the slot and I think Travis homers mark Walz primary backup is going to impress people. Are people who is Travis homer coming at a high school. I down here that's where we're based touch kid but he also has with top next to him he was able to break tackles in the spring or in people who watched closed practice and this brings something. Those two cute keep an eye on everyone wants the Arctic Mullen to ballyhooed receiver to take the next step he was okay in the spring they'll balk at the end but their two weapons offensively were still primarily the Walton. At running back who is an apple prospects you know when people talk about whether they'll turn pro lapses here and I'm on Richards. We cannot turn pro for another two years are so we shall have Richards for two more years. Attraction very upsetting is the other Syria it's worth mentioning because he's a veteran guys their best route runner. Didn't play a top sensibly last year. Our teammates that he should play more he was very good in the ball game he's elusive after the catch he's really Smart and he knows how to get open. Burial Mark Richt when he was up on ESPN's campers central to that the car wash of interviews are wont point he did say. There you is backed and you know I don't know how seriously said that but. If you're looking at Dei his tenure here with the with the program and another there's been many years the fans. I've been hoping that the U gets back to where was not on how realistic it is for them to go on such a long streak of winning like we saw late nineties early two thousands blood. What needs to happen in your opinion thrust to agree with that statement. Well they they need the Khyber recruiting classes they have in line to get next year to happen over several years at. At the moment they have the number one or number two recruiting class in the country somehow quiet state slightly ahead of them what they need is that year after year to be able to get back to the level. You know the great UN team to the level that Alabama is that our clients and employers statement but that's. At times certainly over the last decade. Well I have sparked what the EU is back now they're certainly not back to what they were during the years of dominance but they are actually back this year in terms of being a top fifty caliber program at the quarterback plays good. It's a quarterback play is average you mentioned either a range top 25 team. You know possibly top twentieth or and at the top twenty but they're not back yet in the traditional conception UN being back. Which he needs or less than twelve when. He backed by the. Right yes certainly a high standard did use the history within the program has set for itself when it's an exciting time of the year now with the hurricanes practicing the dolphins returned to practice. Tomorrow I do wanna ask you about. What transpired yesterday. Dolphins practice I think it was fun for the fans for the media for the players. To have the full Cazalot tackling however. It appears that. Adam. Scenario that you space with word he feels a need to get to the tackling experience in practice when he knows that there's an dangerous there would you think about that in terms of Adam Gates's decision to have that. Transpired yesterday. I think all of your players cut that out sobbed tackling during camp. But I think you have to be very judicious with your best players to me I wouldn't get energized more than just two or three carriers and all receipt just because he's still value the you know so I'd be very cautious with him in particular because of the lack of depth piece on. What shouldn't break deep you know a nice piece on ascent but there's no evidence we have yet to speak indeed. Our guys carry the balls on each odd guy out there are so that's why. You know as my colleague LaMont as the bureau has noted he believes the dolphins are exploring. Citing a veteran back just haven't placed in the event that Jai is never injured and misses a lot of gains there are a lot of options. What unity Angela Williams is certainly one guy's still out there but I would they would your handful of top players have to be very careful by exposing them. To tackling and allied action during pre season because it's just our. You've got talent along those lines total spam and act as you've got talented as you say back a burning next Damian Williams can injury. At a redwood Armando wrote to on his blog. Where the dolphins perhaps delinquent and and not messing anticipating edgy guy injury but. As an insurance while the policy to bring in both for now when there they haven't signed anybody as far as we know. Maybe earlier in the year signing inexperienced backup just in case something happened it'd drive. I do not sanctioned Patrick and the area where they were delinquent where I really think that it that they miscalculated. In that dissent is tackled behind stupid they'll at least eighty I thought about even going toward a lot. Can be above average on balls starter what are strolling out now at backup defensive tackle was not good enough and that's no slight. Against node. God show and then some killer but their fitness expert says there's no realistic expectation of them coming in being able to provide twenty to 25. Quality snaps a game which is basically what you need from your number 3-D tackle. That's what Earl Mitchell was supposed to give you last year. And then that Williams is playing on the second team that he tackle. He's a journeyman who Pittsburgh ran over and play out in to me that's where they've been going well not signing a veteran number 3% to apple could push forward so it's. And can be counted on to play twenty to thirty tons Guinea. You know snaps a game and I think that is something you'll have to address the mid to late August which they aren't able come up with a quality eats. They're going to regret that. Someone inside at all it's that it won't necessarily be a waiver wire pick up. Could be you know someone like Roy Miller and Williams or send their mark in that you could be trade as well. That he is the area that the most delinquent and he took one Harry could question would be should say it's signed Zach brown not a Pro Bowl linebacker last year and now obviously with the Redskins played for just a couple of the box right Aminopterin is exactly what you what it's like you're into the quarter five million range which cap space they now that decision. Obviously was called into question again last week with colon he's he's being placed on IR. To me it's statehood decision that you didn't sign him that's great one McMillan great. It is great quad McMillan doesn't have a very good rookie year and certainly isn't good early then you have every right to question about fighting background. You know urged Jordan Phillips came out of Oklahoma this is his third year right. And he came out the reputation the guy who takes off plays in in what we talked to him during mini camp and I know you were their Barry. He came out of the podium any summit differing guy I've learned I'm I'm paraphrasing here basically I've learned my lesson I'm not gonna do that anymore. You know what he's one of the guys find talk the talk let me see you walk the walk it's one thing to say it it's not losing to do it and and nothing gets him but I don't believe it until actually see it with my own eyes that he's gonna just give it appears all the time is. He can say that but at least this first two years it's all evidence of the contrary. Right and Josh pleased are harmless up and I'm methodically cut jumping off sides he's had. At least three off sides penalty so far in the first five days to camp I looked it up he had nine up. Up penalties last year would try 22 Emily sue was right behind him with eight penalties and student normally it's a double figure penalty guys. So stop jumping off our sites for starters out of work against the law that most of that without ads has been decent so far there have been a lot of holes for the running backs to run through but obviously the true test will be once the regular season starts can he give you. 35 snaps gain that are high quality where he's not gonna Wear down at. A where he's actually going to be at least above average for the majority of those thirty cuts. Okay Barry I'm gonna go off topic permitted on her way up because some guy earlier in the show before you came on. Wrote any Texan of the show recent free on your feeling about to go for cheese steak guy I heard Jim's steaks is on the spot give any opinions Ira back I was in Philly wants. I have no idea about any restaurants over thirty years ago work she's take place is so one guy wrote back. He goes Barry knows everything maybe he has a Philly cheese steak location suggestion to the previous record if used properly heats are used to travel to Philly any cheese steak recommendations from. The herald's Barry Jackson. Yes I have two recommendations first Billy reading terminal is a really fun place it goes right downtown or you can get any kind of food you want they're about thirty food stands. They're also used to market type items as well but there about thirty ban on restaurants and there's nice restaurant downtown and a bunch. Things like comfort food including cheese steaks cultural. So those would be the two two suggestions letting terminal which would require walking around or Jones but that's quite. I know you would notice this is as I don't think. It's great hey thanks a lot somewhat thanks for coming on and we'll see you tomorrow night you'll be on Opie and seven cent. I care but I had. Just. Hey Barry does know every pitch us now without a doubt he's courting all these you have players in this and that it is it the guy is a computer. It units and and I was talking him last week when united children for you in our same man I give you lot of credit because especially on these college rosters it's almost turn over year to year. Added the Ross's so enormous. And he knows those names like that and then for him to David to the dolphins then pivot again. Two Philadelphia. Cuisine recommendations of rain that that's an impressive in reiterate there has very Hutu with the beginning of the his segment. It eager and Mariucci entity. Scare Moochie. Last attendees. With the Truman administration Peru's electoral yesterday it started us the English were ten years in sports. Who's at a shorter tenure than those ten days. We got some suggestions will take yours next as well you can call me and having little funnier 786360. 0790. Or you can text the show on the Coral Springs auto mall on attacks line 6797. Board Greg like a desire back and you. Ready for football. Experience training camp easy way to money but no sweat no aches and pains don't work it. The tickets training camp. For a day it's your chance to win 1000 dollars just listen medical work weekday mornings at seven tonight and weekday afternoons at four and five texted just seven to 81 that's 7288. Quiet and you could wind. 4000 quarters or jets is doing it for a time today for a day was under way now this is a national contest methods and data rates may apply. 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I was talking how amateurs are the starter for the nationals against tomorrow's night is not only a future hall of Famer Marcus he's one. Had to sign awards won the league he's thrown a couple of no hitters he's. We're with Kershaw out this year he's probably gonna win it again this year assures army Kershaw opera or six weeks. He's probably gonna win again this year and right now how. He just hit a three run homer against the her this is hurting this guy doesn't do and it is an amazing hitter. Well right I mean we we were talking all about news exploits as a pitcher and you're right every tonight he brings the bad news. First over the played a mean. This is already a long night for tomorrow sort of person Brady. On the left the served one up to Max Scherzer of all people mean the lineup for the nationals is so potent and we were talking last night about how. Our review we are looking at one of those stats are into 77 as a team which is the best. In baseball but there you who would have thought of all those names the all stars of Bryce Harper Murphy. Zimmerman rained own all those guys in that lineup and Max Scherzer is the one who leaves the York in Marlins park I'm seeing a piece ever had a whole roof for. Oh there and bring in. Outlook seeing his batting stats I'll look at a millisecond here but. There we go see lets you sure yours ever hit one before. Home runs know this first Kirk are well. It's it's a it's a it's a second season for the Marlins so what do we we let off the show with the headlines saying it'd and it's a vote has is out for the year GT riddles unfamiliar you point out just some board Marti pronto continue to be hurt. Other team. Isn't going anywhere we're not sure there and resold and on and Max Scherzer his his first career home run in that night the night after the Dole's got noted and this is a guy who is a balky 88. Batting average number you know we put a lot of seasons with Detroit but still. This is this if you're in the National League too with Arizona. And and three now this is third season with with Washington are right time for the. Training camp update it's the Coconut Creek auto mall training camp optic Coconut Creek auto mall friendly and knowledgeable. At the price you want it sponsored by sandbar guerrilla coconut grove told the fish taco name the best sports bar 2017. By the Miami new times. By concierge men's wellness. EDP. Guy you sidelined get back in the game with concierge and concierge men's dot com air by Lexus of North Miami an amazing and automotive experience and now with the update here's Greg. It Josh not too much to update today because there's no practice for the ball easily back in action tomorrow's appointed now will find out the injury says its age I believe we look at the first part of training camp of this point one of the big story lines of course. The first round pick Charles Harris is offensive and not a Missouri in his. Progress up to this point and I think it's fascinating every single person that has spoken about him has raved about his ability I spoke to draw on James last week he said. The kiddies got so much speed William Hayes yesterday resume to the fullest extent and then Andre branch. Had this to say about the potential Charles hairs. It's very very very eager. You know Charleston he he has stretches. Where you see like OK you can be a dominant player initially. To show that the senate term but he comes in each and every day and he wants to work and he wants to. When shape horse big. Septa because we already accepted. You know as a as a little brother but he works actually on that so. When you ask questions if he sees that I do something and then he says how did you do that. There's already have you shown improvement showing growth in this day. There you go sauter branch high praise for a rookie doesn't play a game yet saying that he has the make up. And this skill set to be a dominant player one final point on Harris Josh to wrap this sub is. What an encouraging sign not just hear from his contemporaries are on the team that affected he. Reached out to Jason Taylor and Jason Taylor oblige the two of them worked out this offseason together. Sold off guy is going a hall of fame on Saturday nights spent time already with Charles Harris before his rookie season. Mean who better learn from within this dolphins family and the organization and the greatest defensive player in franchise is. It's fantastic I know of that NEC UAP's gives by the racing Thomas declined to say they're coached yeah he's going to the whole thing this week innings and went flat not a bad credential. That was the Coconut Creek normal training camp update Coconut Creek auto mall friendly and knowledgeable the praise you want. It's sponsored by sand bar grille in coconut grove home of the fish taco named best sports bar 2017. By the Miami new times by concierge men's wellness. ED PE guy you sideline get back in the game currency or Edmunds dot com. And by Lexus of North Miami enemies in automotive experience. The move until. 1011 days ago we never heard of the mood. We for a bush in in Bronx tale but the march. Anthony secure remote she would do whatever when I first heard this guy I personally Steve Mariucci suspect you know of the former NFL coach him and realize that no he's not getting into politics is no known knows this goes a former finance here on Wall Street and Donald Trump name who was communications rector. You lasted all of ten days actually like six days because you enjoy the administration insulate the 25 or something like that but. You know he was named the communications director on the 21 and then Michael on the 31 ten days. So we were thinking. What's the shortest tenure in sports another one that came to mind even shorter than that. Was Mike Piazza who lasted all of eight d.s. Which encompassed five games. With the Miami Marlins back in May of 1998. And he was acquire from the Dodgers. In the Gary Sheffield trade and then treated to. The New York Mets I remember just kidding around. In 2011. The Marlins made a lot of their former players available because I was gonna last year they played it was now hard rock stadium. Before moving into their home park and indeed in all these former players for several lights. In a sweet and I went up to piazza and talked to him in knowing full well that eventually he was gonna get into the hall of fame. And I said when you go and your moral test. If it to. Cipro as it turned out you know that there was a question Dodgers or Mets Dodgers they were met sent. Naturally the whole thing decides the player and express referenced. But it's up to the hall fame I'm always of those little string blogs I want decides I'll tell you why because. I'll Wade Boggs who of course had his best years were Boston also played with the with the Yankees. And mentally you're too who wanted to screw him and campus and we will sign you. You weary Red Sox cap. In to the whole thing. And he agree it's a Red Sox are rates at Tampa Bay Rays he finished up his career with the rays right and over you just sit in the rays the rays said we will sign you if you were absurd to worry raise our trousers I was raised cap into the hall thing I did the whole thing might be to I think they'd be told that but after that they decided. The whole premier the ruled that the player can. Express a preference. What it's all paying the decides Andre Dawson mountain course now has been an assistant with the Marlins for many many years. Wanted to Wear a cubs cap into the hall of fame and the whole team overruled and and worse his. Plaque twos have a Expos cap partly he wanted one thing any and they said no you've got to Wear a C zero and X was an idea it's a bogus rule. I mean I understand for a scenario lightweight dogs and you step incidentally it's not some financial consideration or he's making. Well played Andre Dawson who had great one and MVP with the Chicago comer once you want as a Kolb. And not as an act as. A member of a franchise doesn't exist anymore right and let him do it like it's his day he should be able to represent whichever team he feels is. The misrepresentation. Of his career we're gonna talk about shorter tenure is this caramel cheese but we we run out of time in the signal do next segment. I there's attacks here in the I've seen just all over the Internet records it's diluted corsets based on bohemian wraps the IC a little celeb to love romance caramel can scare Moochie can you do the bus and I. Has been all over the place so shorter tenure is that the ten day. Job he had in the White House level funnel that if you want a taxi in your suggestions 6797. War. We welcome your phone calls while not just about this what about dolphins or anything you want. At 7863600790. Alongside Greg likens a real were back after the.