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It's sponsored by Goya foods if it's going it has to be good a weird thing happened in the marlins' game. We're taught America jurors are one and a splendid picture he is and you Denny in the in heat hit he not only is pitching well. Shut out any in the first and wish we would expect. But he hit a three run homer also in the game in the top of the set with a second inning into the unit yet the second inning. Came out for war most by the way the national scored six that inning. Came out for warm ups threw one warmup pitch in the bottom of the second and said I can't go. And Dusty Baker had a home from the game. We're following on Twitter now there's nothing that we EC yet it is indicated why he left the game. But that's bad I mean for pitcher pulls himself up that quick something he's peeling. Any Vizio he's is probably isn't bigger competitors anybody pieces I can't go that's that's not a good sign Rowley for an update I'm not gonna. Speculate what could be even if you feel like that right away I can't go. At the look good doesn't look good and it's odd because speeds his basic question did he hurt himself celebrating bravery that that is becoming a theme in sports over the years rain. To me the most infamous. Celebration injury was bill gramatica after making a field goal and jumper opened commentary is ACL. I in this case scherzer first when he got the Dario got the silent treatment from his teammates you know like big news or upper room Ron. And then everybody of course mobbed him and so he was an dubbed we were watching him on TV. Going nuts in the dugout so. Makes you wonder he pulled something if there is something he tweaked. During the celebration years ago when I play fantasy baseball I can raise morale is on my team was a really got a few minutes and then it'll walk off Grand Slam got a whole you know had jumped up to be in the middle of those piles and glared at royal hole played hurt his ankle from Bob the next year and a half. Was either out of missed considerable. Time he'd be yet he missed a long period time now he's with the blue jays and is back at. Right and it not only take one Tony back when he was. Really is sending is a lawyer capsule and it's is really can become a role blocked his development when she sure is or hit the home or Erica made sure is or his wife to weeded out. Shut the bleep up no way did that just happened I'm gonna hear about this for the rest of our lives now and actually tweets out so please get me a guy isn't she forgive us for years I've we have an. Decided that. Or a mile and is based going to first base as soon as possible this is too hilarious. Yanked a weak dollar right now she's won it wondering what in the world. Happened to her husband as far as injury goes this is you know where it's something immune to pull yourself out. In the second inning so I haven't heard anything. I haven't seen anything yet about his injury will keep you updated. Waiting for a pouring now and then you'll find out Souza in Texas is Gus Frerotte a close second with celebration injury. You read the if Israel all he had one of the wall and knew which was patted I didn't realize it isn't really a brick or concrete wall behind that. And James Overton gosh these are good that you would get to list now celebration sorry I hurt. And the shortest ten years we got some very good. Very good Texan as well you wanna join in 7863600790. Longer race wiry advertising for Guns 'N Roses while Rage Against The Machine is playing because I don't tell. Grants are cruiser one liners are did they aren't they aren't got the order which I read them and and I mean I could tell my guess. You know he plays one thing I read another. Sewell new wasn't was like granted that used to mess mess around with anybody put it. You do you got a reaction grant an earlier on four bullets also that was a floating liners like that was to be played whenever I was playing music and I happened to read answering all that musical is playing it's not like I you know pre planned that I'll ominous medically DNR under one guy wrote in my question is a jet or gift someone Guerin both are acceptable. And I I've never heard a consensus has got to be the gist is our peanut butter all. Right just reduce gradually always. Yeah I. And give fees as always go again I have as well for some reason doesn't seem right in. Josh unit it on the head every telling your just by bank of peanut butter it's. All right. You have release it was and has moved police's job on his rest it. But I knew we had a an injury he's a threat to fire everybody at. And have a little more fun here let's go to headlines and Greg like. Here's what's. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. The college football season officially kicks off from Coral Gables this morning as the Miami Hurricanes opened up their fall camp. And play and attention is being paid the quarterback battle normally rouge here and Kevin Sharer small work with the first team. Why highly touted freshman a cozy Perry worked with the second team. One injury note according to Mark Richt running back Robert Burns may be may not be ready for the season opener as he recovers from a shoulder issue you only back to practice tomorrow. To the NFL with the dolphins or the day off what will return to the practice field tomorrow morning as well and that will provide an update on running mate she energize injury status. You left yesterday's session early as being evaluated for concussion. Finally in baseball as Josh was mentioning a night after nearly getting no hit by the nationals Jim Gonzales the morals are off to a terrible start this evening Washington owns a six helping lead. In the top of the third inning starter Max Scherzer belted his first career home run a three run shot and Howie Kendrick also left the yard. Which scherzer has left the game with an undisclosed injury after pitching. Just one inning when we find out more details on that injury. We'll let you know but or early on the Marlins find themselves in a six dumping whole. And another Marlins news manager Don Mattingly announced today that both Edinson Volquez isn't JT riddle miss the remainder of the season due to knee. And shoulder injuries respectively in those are your headlines and I thank you Greg. So. March at these caramel Hugh lasted just ten days with a trove aspiration for general Kelley came in and said. Your service is no longer needed. Andy got rid of him so we're wondering the shortest ten years in sports I throughout their. Mike Piazza and again we'll take your phone calls of you wants 7863600790. Lasted eight days with the Marlins which incumbent in a note encompassed five games. People throughout their DN Marino I think US with seventeen days and dolphins executive Marissa Nathalie this I can make more money in were far fewer hours right angle I was due I don't make it time. Perhaps it he would talk through. All of the hours he would have to put him in that type of role. And your right Josh mean. Even now mean Dan Marino. Yet and now he's actually in the front office capacity in terms of helping the team out but it's not as involved as. The original role that he. Taken years ago and bury very Jackson was on earlier in the was our memory if you will because Chris Perkins we we brought this up her own Curtis and perk early and studio and Greg and are coming in. And and perk so that was on all heat guard whose only with the heat for a couple of days and Barry knew what Brian Roberts we looked it up. Brian Roberts was acquired by the heat in the three team trade on February 16 2016. Two days later was shipped to the Portland trailblazers so who'd he interview with a us but never actually took the court. How odd would that be if your Brian Roberts where you would Tressel local media. I assume you which most people do say really good things about the new organization in the team Richard joining. Only to find out that you never actually appeared to gain from missing those bastards scream for it if I can I do that press conference over again this threat as. Let's see. Ted Turner was 011 that's right out of your room this where you were alive. He was a braves manager late seventies he went down in all of the Braves any manage one game in the bully Kuhn. Then commissioner said none of them though you're never doing that again you can't do any bar him from ever being in uniform again. So that teachers and we everybody was up in arms when Dan Jennings just went down and became the manager of the Marlins by tightest Ted Turner has set a precedent for that in the late seventies on. Not not from C a general manager. Vantage point but from the owners ships and as vantage point it's that's a funny one I hadn't realized that. Some of some White House a wide receiver Anthony Carter drafted by the dolphins were never played it down. Okay how I or that. You see what else. Well. Let's see what Torbor WS and louder Culpepper lasted awhile here. I mean ERC is a pitcher who you may remember his best years with the cardinals he most recently at all he was on the Braves. And about a week or so ago was traded to the twins he made one start in six days later he was shipped to the Yankees so that that also. That one completely through referral loop because you know I follow baseball pretty closely at play fantasy baseball and so I saw that he had been traded to the twins. Like okay those twins decide that another starter there you know they're kind of in the mix there in the AL central. And the next thing you know I see his name in the headlines I was like query is joining yankees now. I mean each has started the edited the twins and now they should moderate down for a doubt no more dolphins being the AFC east Bill Belichick. Was hired by the jets I think US could one day and then quit that's the real tough one to beat in terms of tourism monetize I got one to beat. Number Adam Greenberg. Was a player for the cubs. And played against the Marlins I think the pitcher was Valerie de Los Santos. And unfortunately he hit Greenberg in the head with a pitch obviously during batting aroma but it really didn't matter. Greenburg never as far as I know never played in the majors again it lasted 21 pitch is Major League. Career tragic sad story very sad story all right let's let's go to the phones here. Let's go too deep in North Miami hello Dave welcome to the second. I god we alligator arms speak about Billy Donovan non tenure with the magic which. That a week. And before he went back to University of Florida and he had do. Promised not to. Coach in the NBA for another five years which. The problem. That's right that's a great one thank you for that that's right I was surprised or not you think about it it was a week it seemed a lesson that it was a week okay. Well thank you for the call that's that's agree when that's your memory it is for now he's emerged with a Oklahoma sitting. We've heard yet CES but right now is there a really strange one column we got a text from Anthony from Miami's is Mario crystal ball from UN to Alabama this is when used car sales was down out in town Al Golden. River that Mario first of all on the same offseason took a job. After being being let go by notify you right to job on Al Golden's staff do you pursue Miami. In the same offseason and left to go to the job and Elvis he work for uncle Nick Saban Al Golden mcsame and an exit. What would not only that. But Nick Saban pays his assistance really well there so it was a no brainer from bowl stamp points one did you get to go to the best program in college football. With a policy get paid nearly a million dollars to be an assistant coach is really the main recruiting coordinator now your zip ace you know he's moved his way up even on that staff so it was a wise move blood. At the time rightfully so he was partially criticized down here. Because you you make that kind of move. Al Golden. In a way I don't wanna see takes a chance on you but he gives you a landing spot after you get let go by a fight you and you don't even stayed there for an entire offseason level actual cease. Clark Spencer put out a a little bit here and it shows. Scherzer Grimm were still no word on why pulled some pop he's grimacing in the dugout app creators homer maybe. I would think it is the sound silly but hi driving somebody maybe hurt himself or running around the bases maybe hold something we just didn't notice when he was running the bases. I don't know a war were waiting to find out it we're following Twitter soon as we see something as soon as somebody has announced in the press box by the Washington Nationals will keep you updated. Steve oh sorry wants it is in Miami hi Steve go. 820032000. Or. Or are Rasheed Wallace trader from the blazers to the pistons he actually played one game exactly one game of the Atlanta Hawks and scored twenty. If you look at his career stats you'll see that out liar as if his career I've scored in the season twenty when you see the James played in its old one game. Is kind of funny. Marico that's a middle. I'm trying to think other let's see any other coaches that that would fit the bill or players were trying to think 786. 3600790. Here's a very good when I won't spoil what George is in for a water oh hi George welcome to the second. Yeah I heard them what's going on. Are. O'Leary. Former Georgia Tech. Coach going to Notre Dame has some inconsistencies. In Iraq as a way up and didn't let Terry long I don't remember timeframe ago. Yeah he didn't out of the ever coached a game don't know ended before the Reza Mayo of faulty Resnick on up with a I think we're Central Florida that he never dated a bear resurrecting the program UCF accident nice job there aren't yet it's still could those. Resonant issues I think you're taught a lot of people were so young people want are jobs I don't fudge anything in your resonant now if it takes the call sing your coach. This is that this goes back several years when he lost than hurting job. Your coach and you see what happened O'Leary put your established. And your resume as fudged by that point. You confess and possibly lose your job work and press news so you take whatever slap on the wrist comes your way or you just pray Noll never. Pulls back the the curtain and finds you all spider Reza what is gonna go. I mean I don't know I mean go in the view Internet dodges what do going hope that nobody's you know figures it out. But in the case of George O'Leary it's amazing. You could argue mean depending on neo what you believe but somebody stated that Notre Dame the head coach Notre Dame football job is one of if not the most prestigious job in college tour. So you have the potential to be. At that level I mean the ultimate level of your college football coach and you get the job. But then you lose it because of I again I don't think it was a huge thing on his resume that was a ride but. That's certainly not to insert any relationship whether. Eight is a in employee and an employer or or you know if it's a personal relationship you don't wanna start with a lie is the first thing they find out about you write me that fifth. That's like relationship 101 so. Man George O'Leary that that was a huge let down for him personally no win without a doubt the someone said by price and Alabama forgot about that. Oh we'll talk about him last week Bremer. Dove on him. Being in in the spinster clubs are Mary's double we Stewart on Hugh freeze it. It's a Mike Price and Obama he's on the recruiting trail only spending dollars and were associated with the recruiting budget he's known roles Tyrell. Yeah as its surplus. At. Do regularly you'll keep some guy taxing Greg Marlins sign Greenberg to give them one at bat is last week in 2012 when he struck out other than that. Some was a look a bleary Yeltsin out dumb grin you brought up Billy Martin who was hired and fired. Five times what guys are doing marvelous player in this press conference is that we think we've got to look that up I'm there so we times way back when. All woolly back when with the Diamondbacks Yang heat. He got on spring training. That would be a good one summed boy you people have well in crash. Double memory I just just a quick Google search on Larry you don't. It's says acorda Wikipedia and so that in that result bonuses for professional baseball player you don't. Who's younger Brothers hall of Famer Robin you out. Holds a unique distinction of being the only pitcher in Major League Baseball history to appear in the official record books without ever actually facing a batter. It is only Major League apparent September 15 1971 he had to leave the game during his warm up pitches do danger well. And that's. That's the definition of a really really short tenure and of course if you watched you'll dreams moonlight Graham got one game never came about them was the outfield for one game in the right into right field for the giants. In 1905 and never played again and they made him. It 7863600790. Is the number he's Greg likens them Frito. Back after this. This is one of my favorite. Yes I can't wait to be their fantasy football players. Some of the tickets third annual amateur I was being John Clayton fantasy football camp with special guest CBS sportsline is Jeannie Eisenberg. It's Saturday night August 26 at the sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. It's free and win some exclusive one on one time I want shall John Clayton Saturday afternoon. Just register now with the ticket Miami dot com image. 180747. Free. That's 1807473733. Its sponsor by army Charlie either always number one draft pick. By rip it energy fuel real energy for real people by crave jerky and by champion for my war south ward is number one Jeep truck an off road customization shop. This is the third is that said the Weiner says a third time we've done it. It's great I mean debt so responded to as big John cleans brain and people asking questions he's fantastic Jamey Eisenberg. Is equally as good he's terrific he does all the supper CBS sportsline. I do to admit I like once a year during my Tennessee graphic text if they say what's our attacks them and said you know how's this Heidi what our roster he writes back you know and that was that's a different definition of Chichi Derek unsolicited. They say Oprah that she cheaters as you know you can check off the guys are when you're drafting you're on your own in your back pocket there I told the story once years ago when. I when I covered the Marlins in spring training I was up there. And the Expos were still around and all Mormon Iowa's the GM of the Expos. And there was the pitcher Javier Vasquez who later pitcher for the Marlins who pitched pretty well. Who was the we are we Mets only Enron myself. We have an update here on Max Scherzer. A net spokesman said insurers were hasn't had a neck spasm evens he'd slept on it funny. He came out of the game as per caution that's why he pulled himself from the game. The upper one more picture on the bottom of the second inning. But. I was having wash in the media dining area and Omar and I was at the same table and it was a question of Vasquez opinion knee injury how worn when he'd be out. You know and and so I just casually asked them he said no he's my second miss anything and I draft and the fact that integrates it. A talk talk about is I didn't really I guess since I've raised a lot of I'm sitting there at the table with the GM I can get anything of course I'm gonna get it that's a winner and do it in who and who better to talk to right. Years ago when Deanna and Stu got you step Chris Morton. Mortenson on the show every week these bands would disguise questions. There are fancy questions but. The or disguise on the how do you more how do you think guy you know solves those gonna do this week you know what my recipe and sequence right at your advice on this kind of experiencing its united. It's it's pretty clear you generally between alignments of the white guy comes across the 786360079. He is the number alongside Greg likens Humphrey also guilt 10 o'clock Chris give more doing a terrific job. On the other side of the glass will take your calls rule in anything you want let's coded JD in Fort Lauderdale I Jaron thicket. It was squander our great which foot was quoted at one of sort of I'm their tradition crab of the west course but urgent care. Mark we're a little pork dimensional board as a declaration. On the sense. That you would Barack and target they are back this great. Brought I'm looking at your schedule this year. This pretty easy to make that proclamation and a declaration when that storm which I am you ought to SARS but he. Early dole I okay an old topic that you can hand. It's sort ETC gold you can and the weaker start of the division where he where teams like Duke University. Really shouldn't be competitive Ricky but for someone who really are and then you know don't. Trauma compared to he really Virginia Tech to act an honest and to make that declaration that you are bad and introduce. Kind of surprising term growth what what didn't want to witness program at all until you officially what schedule would meet before he came along. Poor now and they're scared of you would be given in the schedule that week where he would start speed and are bound years. We wanted to give him starting off our feet murky types of patching like there even this short Alabama and and queen this year. Miami with a parent or she would have good opponents took what was in the mind stop turnout liberty and and in debt strategy to schedule week. You regain the confidence or should schedule hard she would you. Entered you're really good team well. Unless they're really ask you gentlemen would you rather mean knowing the state of the program right now in new Mark Richt entering his second year especially with the uncertainty the quarterback position when you rather face of it to cook went off the bat and face Laura stay right away. We don't know the computer and about if you aren't the best thing you want to challenge himself against the best. Aren't because it could mean that could sort of very. Gregory JJ I I understand where you're coming from but I mean this isn't the late nineties early 2000 more for the canes football programs so where Alabama prior source great. Because they are the best minorities right now are the best let's be honest about it they mean they're they're trying to get back to that point where they're not record. Look at look at look at the HTC uttered in the bottom dwellers to cure the Burger King that we don't expect anything from cricket council. Eighteen that are considered different teams look at who you were weaker part of our. A mile and should be measuring themselves against the cream of the crop in HTC. Clinton going to article and all of that they don't brought cannot control I don't control the conference at. We're different between a point reference and it seems to me you mean you know I got back the extent that when government computer course and the if you're out there wrecker who it would responsible schedule usually on the part the cream of the property. So I'm not a lot that they're doing the JJ early and don't. Arms are now we go let's go Rick listened that the of the fact of the matter is they're not the cream of the crop in the ACC until they prove. How many years they've been in the conference that never actually appeared in the conference title game I'm sick and tired of everybody being delusional. About the Miami Hurricanes football program I think they're on the right path is Mark Richt. Have a great first season yes I think as Barry Jackson said it was earlier if the recruiting continues the way it has. There are going to be back in me to potentially be having a conversation about them being the cream of the crop of the ACC but right now here's a reality check for everybody out there. They're not there yet. And they're not going to be there until they do it consistently. So I mean listen I don't want to rain anybody's parade it's a fun day because football is back. On the college level but Josh I mean let's be realistic here you can't just come out here and complain. It at the schedule and say that they're they're one of the best programs in the country. They're not right now do they have the capability of doing so of course we all know that put like tickled what's happened the last decade this is one of the top. Teams in the country of programs in the country is a currently stay especially as you say since they've never played in the conference championship than ever gotten that far so you can't you saw about these some of them playing national title contenders the first week to prove themselves. Themselves in the conference went for you say that they should schedule things differently than the ACC. Listen I guess what works they don't control their ACC schedule the cop pretends that that's schedule it. Controlled and on top ports. Cease fire like this this is good you'll textures or agree with you. I hear some tax hang up on me thinks he knows he's hard headed and other guys in this guy's an immediate. One guy says exactly they're on the right path he's he's talking oh no I says we open with LSU next year. RA and somebody else's there when the gators in 2090 and so says fact check this guy. So. It's like listen I I don't I didn't never want to suppress. Fran optimism. And listen you got I'm a Syracuse fan so bull basketball football. And a football program has been very good for awhile what every year at this time I did. You know it's renewed optimism for for any of your teams and I get that but there's certainly a balance between. Being optimistic and hopeful. And then also understanding. Where you resign. If we're talking monarchies football in the late ninety's in the early two thousands and yes I agreed have a legitimate conversation but within the context but Miami Hurricanes football 2017. I mean I think most canes fans who have their heads screwed on right know where they're at. And I mean the most important they won't want to know where they potentially can go under mark protecting the future's extremely bright as bright as it's been a long time. But right now I mean c'mon what's it's like hey take a dose of reality here Mark Richt one of the things he says Greg we've lot of sound bites from mark. Here's one from today he said it's great that our fans expect great things from. I think that's true everywhere on air base excited about the season. Everybody's undefeated and everybody's. They get their team has a chance to do great things and we we expect to do great things here I like it when the fans it's like when the fans have high expectations. We want we want those that. We're embracing it. They were trying to practice. Like he came and so they'll play like. Terry go and you know it it's written last year. I'm to bring up the cubs again I'm sorry but it applies here. They were favorites to win at all and and Joseph Maddon didn't want his players to back off that you rated teachers been embraced the target while that's in the canes are favored to win a national title by any means. But if you think. If you if you're coach you think your you know your good looks at least compete for an ACC championship. Embrace that you know and and and welcome the challenge who don't back off don't be nervous about it embraced the challenge try to live up. To maybe expectations that are higher now they've been several years. And a follow up on Jay's comment I mean Marquardt has no control over the schedule right here. Mean he hasn't been a part of the program for enough time for him to impact schedule by only looking at a future schedules just to confirm what's over text or said. 2018. LSU they're gonna play on open the season and Arlington Texas and in 2019 are scheduled to play Florida. In Orlando so yes. Those will be terrific test to start a season so to answer Jay's question. What do you could bring you know perils of comparisons to those 20 opponents obviously Brad but that's. What's going to happen in the future Brady campaign you know saying the Mark Richt is describing what we just heard that some by the justice talked about. And then blaming him for the schedule which is no control. As as he just sits around Josh she'll have more of an impact along with the athletic department in determining their futures up. 7863600790. Is the number. Well no concern about that. Remind of some guy Texan remind yep as you printed up as she plays. Charleston so please Charleston southern in the US up last year. So you don't want to play for a but you have doesn't want a one they put Florida in Orlando 2002019. Through open the season and I lobby UN political cover that in. It's an excellent game I won't be a fun game that's a room real future requests I was trying to. It two years from now how one put in this record it's the cover of a new one guy right in love hearing coaches with a knowing answers how many coaches do you see I agree of these sometimes we. A lot of times we get from coaches and players Minnelli answers I completely agree with you. But how often do you see coaches or players give real candid. Honest answers it doesn't happen all that often you hear a lot of the same stuff that you know coaches to want the same thing maybe it's gonna. In for a sling the buyers if you will bulletin board material for her opponents I don't you know I often wonder about that. Because coaches are so afraid of seeing something that might take off their opponents. Like what will we know let's say the dolphins played the bills and an adult and clearly say Jarvis Landry bad mouth. The bills are paying the bills are gonna put up in the locker room and Orchard Park wherever and and and use it. Your play any NFL the only sixteen games every game is critically important or it's Alec. Baseball are we lost one their 161. Other games. You really need that he uses motivation I'm never quite understood that premise that I'm not voted motivated enough by Kate. Quite get myself to the next level motivation boy I need something the opposition players said to ratchet up my intensity why shouldn't need to be ratcheted up in the first. Its debts of SharePoint dom you mentioned jars letters in some of the bills institutes is about the patriots this offseason saying all adult is gonna sweep the patriots. So I actually you know Josh and it is as much as I agree with the point you just made I do wonder. You know Bill Belichick in the week of the dolphins patriots game if he brings that out the geezer and Peter King was there to witness star resigned Hussein and any wrote about it it was over when he was in London doing a tour. Off for the National Football League. I do wonder if they use that as motivation and listen I I understand what you're saying Josh that you should be motivated week in week out. The problem I see go in certain situations if you don't have the right coach and maybe it's up to the players on our own with the one moment. There were certain late game scenarios for the dolphins are late season sure is under Joseph Philbin where they they played like it in care. And it's a model Waco and that was kind of a one of these signature parts of Joseph opens ten years they took on the attitude and disposition of their coach. So even though I I'm with you that these guys are being paid well they should be highly motivated on a weekly basis does this is their job and there's only sixteen games. Sometimes he needs something else to change of the season a little bit spice things up and provides Matta motivates. Now yesterday. The Marlins. The nationals GO Gonzales who's from Hialeah. Sort of a no hitter into the ninth inning. And when you Gonzales was taken out immediately after that hit he was taken up by Dusty Baker already thrown 106 pitches. And dusty took him out for a reliever. And the Marlins park crowd stood up in Europe maybe in bad part because he's from Hialeah. They because they appreciated the tremendous effort was in your no hitter. But Greg and I discussed this just in the last few minutes of the show who wanted to bring up site we are little more time. To discuss it if you were in attendance. It really this almost only applies in baseball. If you're in attendance what ever team to root for you were. Watching your favorite team. Plea that he would say it's a whole game you could be you know White Sox been in Chicago way yankees been any he stadium whatever. Your tennis washing your own team in your own team is getting no hit. Would you root to see history made if you've never seen a no hitter. Would you look at that no hitter even though it's at the expense of your favorite team. We'll take your answers next 7863600790. I think people would as long as playoffs were on the line at that moment. Greg I'm archery agrees with the they're following your opinions would you ever root against your team to witness so called history we'll talk about that next. Wow and it's an. Six annual. Hard rock hotel on August 7 then you could win 101000 dollars in other prizes. Proceeds benefit coal mines club house a home away from home for the families of children of Joseph DiMaggio was Children's Hospital. Take part of alive in silent auction and enjoy a VIP party at coral Japanese restaurant before the tournament kicks off. What is seat by registering at the ticket Miami dot com. For more information on the tournament or to make a donation. Please visit call nine poker classic dot org alongside Greg likens. I am free you know 7863600790. Is the number was a player of the got hurt at Miami for a league that we're Brandon Knight Brandon Knight that's right he's now going to be out for. Probably probably season in these horrors they Steelers meet and apparently in the mine properly when this happened was at halftime these wanna forward on. And just came down wrong tried to walk it off and was limping and then I see you know raises serious knee injury now this is played it we're at. I'm trying to room where one high school it's played out and Hassan Whiteside I think one of the play I think that he put the kibosh on that right they said no. But one of our former interns. Santee. Said he goes there I mean he being Santee goes there. And right did you see any kind of worked Souter surprised him a part time job that he and whose matches their guy who's playing sort of migrate between photo you both three tweeted. Yeah I view if you go to Twitter you follow Josh or myself harm our at what Ed Greg likens Jerry GL IK ENSAM 790 free 0790 FR IE. James Harden. And John Wall are playing together on the same team and apparently according to Santee who's been feeding me information. James Johnson Miami Heat is sitting on the sideline watch. So we disease star studded affair tonight in the interesting thing about this is it was just earlier this week or over the weekend I should say it is in the famous drill we do in Los Angeles James Harden Chris Paul played together for the first time and that videos were circulating all over the place because. Of course they're new teammates and these are rockets we won't. Get to see them play and so the pre season together and rockets uniform but they played together. In the drew a week pardon now a few days later is in Miami decides to show up the actually tweeted this out. Earlier he has since deleted the tweet so. I'm retreat out earlier today that he was going to be playing in the Miami pro league and sure enough he showed up John walls there as well and hopefully remain healthy when it's pretty cool anybody's red gym tonight is checking out some basketball's an adult professionally. And James Harden. And John Wall show can imagine just you know being there are no cameras have casual watcher of women that that beard I know the beard. That's hard. And there's wall bright new slate. Wait are those same guys that receives a is that it's this really the guy who was the runner up from most valuable player in the National Basketball Association this year. By the way it. We talked about his last weekend his Jersey retired at a strip club in Houston the same guys at the same guy is down near the mine pro league how much money yet despite how much money you think he spent in their more than. It's got to be won't six figures at least have your New Jersey retired by a strip club yeah. That's what some hard about this time analysts say John Wall karma James are right yeah let's make it clear that's a ton of money. But whose duties and exert its so we'd run a hypothetical. Because yesterday when GO Gonzales. Nearly no hit the Marlins he was holed. After he kept the no hitter is broken up in the topic in the bottom of the ninth inning excuse me. By. And our question do you would I'd like your more phone calls and text that you want it's 7863600790. If you really witnessing a no hitter. Would you root against your club just to. Say the you can witness history in no hitter or even rarely more Maureen or error a perfect game. Which root against your team I mean if if if say you know this wasn't a winner take all game Morari my team has to win. They all make the playoffs we'll of course you're gonna rip your home team but if you are. Three outs away in this game Rui is of no consequence. And you could witnessing no hitter even at the expense of your favorite club would you do that 786360. 0790 now as it's stands I've witnessed a perfect game so I've. Witness is good is that comes actually you know what's even rarer. Because I've asked people would rather see a perfect gamer twenty strikeout game their I think have been 2223. Perfect games in Major League history. There have been five. Twenty strikeout games so it's by far. The rarer you know when you compare the accomplishments but Torre strikeout game. Is much rarer and yet I'm guessing if you gave people the option of doing one or the other they would pick the perfect name. It's available at four times as many Major League history. You're you're witnessing. Even bigger history. So to speak if you missed toy strike it right with the appropriate game has more mystique to it doesn't I mean didn't invent something new yours talk Russell like Kate and I remember when I guess struck out one lead in its edges of sound the same ring to it in terms of baseball history but. Lastly you are saying Josh then. You would root for history. If you imagine if the legendary cubs in the playoffs when online the cubs reader in it or out of it now you don't fighting for. Tooth and nail for you all playoff spot. Yeah I mean be a test to witness history like that I had ruled against them it's just one game SE. I don't think there's any way if it's in my favorite scene that I am is so passionate about there's no way I could root for them to lose in any scenario. Doesn't matter what the scenario is doesn't matter find their and I could witness. Historical achievement by somebody else on the other team I still could not comprehend or fathom the thought of rooting against my favorite team. In any scenario I don't care what's going on in fact. They last night when. GO nice yet yet a nice outing but you're not gonna do that to us not tonight even though we're right in the wrong direction you guys are in the opposite direction in terms of nationals go to the plows well most polls lineups in baseball and the Marlins right now rudderless in this lost season. There's no way on earth mama passionate Marlins band that I even eight. While rooting for witnessing history if it's being made by the other team. Seaver giants fan and are expected maybe to compete at least for on the outside. Per playoff spot they're worst team in baseball right now there they're 27 games or 500 date they played the Dodgers. And there's. Yesterday it still July 31 it was like a 34 game gap. Between those two teams I mean there are Sunday night. But by the dodger ranking which is one of the great rivalries in sports thirty. Four games separated them and it and the counter honeymoon struck August which that's a massive number of baseball so if you. You don't if you are facing a dodger win not that that's a big rivalry let's say that. The giants were playing the Phillies that's really of no consequence there's a rivalry there between the two teams. And a Phillies pitcher was thrown a no hitter. You know I'm a giants fan I've never seen a no hitter and that in the season's lost anyway why would I wanna see no hitter whatever the teams that my team stinks this season stinks it's over. I might as well see some history in person. See I I can't. I can't wrap my mind around that if it this is your your favorite team if you're a die hard fan of the team I don't see how and any scenario. You could say yeah I'm okay with them didn't noted tonight it's just one of 162 and I know that this conversation largely only applies to baseball. Mika is we're we're trying to think of their other sports in which. We could draw parallels Armenia for in the NFL somebody's going for you were single game rushing record receiving record passing record. Or you know in basketball if you know Kobe Bryant's that are aura you know LeBron James is going for some sort of Indian scoring record that kind of horror isn't just about done with idol they anybody greatest rival wilt Chamberlain's honor points anytime soon but. It if that's that would be a team the always context and some of the other sports. Which you don't I don't you can argue made maybe doesn't have the same way news. It achiever like. A no hitter or per per game in baseball you know I. I would normally agree with you but I would say that I think that's. Everybody that was there to witness that Colby eighty point game like you now wilt it's been so long it's you know nobody really I mean he wasn't even televised so really nobody saw it. But I think people that attended that game and people that watched that game still remember that. That game like they remember where they were that was major like watching a player score eighty points like. Literally nobody's ever seen it done before because the other game wasn't even televised. I would that's true Greg have you ever rooted against your favorite team because they lose they get a higher draft. No I really wanna know. All I was all on board that suck for luck campaign I was all in on that. Well I mean I look let's put this within the context of boat went which which of your teams that you root for. Easily use the one that your most dire hour about. The comes from right mind would be Cirque du sport salute the draft pick and wouldn't apply but in no way shape or form would I ever loot and root for. A Newser eased into high Willits who were were late for break here we'll continue this is I'm I'm gonna try to. Find out where your line in the sand courage and if I think it's somewhere you sit aligned you're trying to break me down here I am women when I just say it as as a sports fan I just don't understand mistress is. Listen I did if you're casual fans and team just. When you were for the Marlins is did you live in Miami but you don't really care that much that I didn't know this is like your team I'm. I don't know how you can root for them to look I in that scenario exists I will try to see if it exists somewhere in your mind next right here in the thick.