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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Like your present the fifth annual. DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids moment that we expo. On Saturday September 16 at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale between over 75 activities for kids. Celebrity meet and greets character photo ops and more. It's sponsored by the law firm of in a charm of being an accident attorneys call 180747. Free that's 1807473733. For tickets and more info logon to the ticket Miami. Alongside Greg likens I am. Frito here were taken at 10 o'clock redskin or doing a great job. I so we're talking Greg going into the break about which road against your team your team was being no hit would you would you root against your Fave whizzer any scenario. Were you were truly gives you root against your favorite team now it's different because your favorite team is your own mater Syracuse mean you know if if a pro team loses an off the can get a higher draft pick that can't happen in college. And you're a cubs fan of your favorite pro team. Yet senator would be fair to say you have an NFL team your report. Well I mean have been done nearly so long and Andrews so close as those are the dolphins are you know. I'm I'm so dolphins center to be the dolphins are all sick of the constant that's your passion right that's probably more than any other team. You don't would you rather than get out a game again. Baseball draft picks are different is they take typically a long time to make the majors and NFL draft pick how you won't even certainly an NBA one can. Can make an immediate impact you can see them from day one and they can do very well baseball's a little different. Wouldn't you wouldn't pursue the cubs to get say that the first pick in the draft than say the ten pick again there's not passion for the draft him baseball. That the reason other sports let's say you like to an NFL team in and there was a big difference with swing say the number four pick. And the number one pick I outlook on the cowboys I've loved them since I was a kid I stuck with them when they were. One in fifteen when he will Troy Aikman but a couple of years ago they stone to an end the season was lost. And I kept wanting them to lose and lose and get a higher draft pick they got port pick and oh yeah they turn that in the Zeke Elliott. So the right materials it was beneficial and a game changer for them right so what do you look at it they were. I don't give a damn if they won six games I'd rather them win only four games they were foreign twelve a year in turn that into a larger ethnic. I understand we're going from just a minute changes are very quickly review of some breaking news view Ken Rosenthal. A fox sports baseball writer he says according to a source. Marlins pitcher Edinson vote is needs Tommy John surgery off. Issue is not simply is left knees under contract for thirteen million dollars next week. When we reported earlier that his knees because then Mattingly told reporters today that. A knee injury which has kept on his last start was July 5 and in knee injury was gonna keep him out. You know the remainder of the season and JT riddle the same thing a shoulder injury I believe shoulder right. Per for an old wrist was gonna keep him out the rest here and and and Mattingly reveal that to reporters today in his pregame meeting. But nowhere did we hear of an elbow injury at all and Ken Rosenthal is good as they come on the and so what keys essentially go on for next year and they are they all thirteen million mark McKay is relegated typically. Look at it varies from player to player Greg but I would bet that when every has it. You probably not gonna come back before thirteen months from the time surgeries made this is you may get him at the very tail end of next year right. Yeah realistically. There he's going to be out for most of next season and even if he is okay for the tail end of it's easing given but the Marlins history they probably won't be contention what's the use of rushing him back but this is. It already complicates what's been a bad situation for them. In a sense that while. Even governor contract with them and all my assumption would be that he's not gonna be around after next season right. I don't know what the only thing is if EPs coming back from Tommy John let's he's got among the prudent self. He no one no club is gonna give him the ball war money based animal he's got to sign a very. Lol contract. For 2019. And to prove himself and you know drinking you look up poly is bull has. And he's given so we ought to sign a relatively cheaply built in order for him to try to get any kind of kind sharper 2000 when he. They might be able to get him on the cheap that's true Souza maybe bring in that case. There and it probably would wanna be cautious with him at the end of nausea by. Man this is wanting after another forum for this marks Marlins organization she five my club play yeah exactly O'Dell on one point one billion so effective before it goes the other million so are you ready mean and all not answered questions in real. He this is. Quite a development beacon news. You know what when I saw that it was a you know indeed knee injury for him we all knew that's what he was dealing with but the fact of the matter is. And now we find out is this is not just that it's a problem with his arm gates this is booze that's like the worst thing you can hear if you're RE team. As a pitcher with an injury but it eats Tommy John like rats the last resort. And mercenary I remember one know when Jose Fernandez had he felt something at the start NCAA Diego. And we've gone a few days layers have to have Tommy John and say you know at the beginning of what was a very short. We now know. Brilliant career but here's the guy who just came out like any comment. And in all of sudden Newt Tommy John and but he came back I mean you know guys come back and potentially can throw harder than right where they atomic yes sir it's an amazing thing people said. That frank Jobe and people who the hell was that was the doctors doctor that really. Developed that procedure. You know he had Tommy John who added he won we went to thirty total games more after the surgery before and people say should be the whole thing I mean if he didn't develop that. How many guys careers would have been all over. Before they even were able to resurrect them does beg the question why is the surgery named after the player not the doctor. That's good question right I I know the Tommy John underwent the surgery was able to come back when it's not lights he did anything extraordinary. Mean but the dot surgery was and the river the doctors the wonders should deserve the credit is should be named after releasing a frank joke it's tricky to read these frank Joseph surgery residents should read I sent a pilot maneuvered the French Open surgery. Could sit there and this is their F I it is television at the credit for a night on the job I've used this one before our credit George Karl with a like the other this on the news by two points or nearly collided they called your Mets well in fact. A near misses when two planes collide the almost missed the lack what is two points almost collide desk called near hit it should be for the call your answer misnomer. And I know what's gonna headlights. Use what's trendy now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Cool sir the breaking news in baseball we're just discussing as according to Ken Rosenthal and other reports. According to this Marlins pitcher Edinson Volquez needs Tommy John surgery. As we originally said that he was going to be after the season due to knee problems but apparently it is worse than that. And so this has since been no confirmed a seasonal local reporters are citing might kill. Who's saying it's beat debt is indeed the case Edinson ball as needs Tommy John surgery so. We will look continued on monus and Tim Healey covers the morals for the sunset so this will be bowl has the second. Tommy John surgery already and adds more activists so there ego potential and his surgery scheduled for Friday for privately Friday according to Michael OPEC scenarios some breaking news still developing or didn't know more permission if we. Have more we'll pass that onto you as for the actual game on the field tonight. In the bottom of the fifth the nationals are doubling up the Marlins six to threes in a strange one as Max Scherzer got out to a hot start not only would they shut out first inning but also hit. His first career home run a three run shot but then had to leave. While warming up in the next happening a determined he couldn't go any further and so since that time the Marlins of tacked on three runs after it was a six nothing lead. And right now it is 63 will update you. On that score as the night goes on on to college football this season officially kicked off in Coral Gables this morning as the Miami Hurricanes open up their fall camp. Plenty of attention being paid the quarterback battle normally Crozier here and Evan sheriff's. All worked with the first team today while highly touted freshman the cozy Perry worked with the second team. One injury note according to Mark Richt running back Robert Burns may not be ready for the season openers he recovers from a shoulder issue you are moving back to practice tomorrow. And finally to the NFL or the dolphins or the day topple returned to practice till tomorrow morning as well. And that will provide an update on running back to Johnny's injury status he left yesterday's session early and was being evaluated for concussion and those. Are your at. We are wondering you were saying why isn't Tommy John surgery Nina the surgeon frank Jobe so wondering. And I said how about a near miss it back in two points almost collide it's it's a near hit. It's misnomer some guy wrote in pre boarding is otherwise how do you board before you board. But this puts a guerrilla. And prerecorded same thing it's it that's that's redundant I mean record your pure record something it's but anyway that's. That's not right yet and I know this doesn't fall in line with the specifically but as worked on my airplanes and reporting. I have a deep did the airline companies just make up those words. Because I don't mean like I that's very commonly used now but I don't know if that was ever in a real worry. But they just applied a big uses getting off a plane. Displays haven't always been around. So they just came over this word two. It says changes getting off the plus right. And and you know like use your seat as a as a as a well I suppose I slice if you're going in the water less here on Chelsea saw the soul burns like this what you know I can dealers will take you to sort through. 7863600790s. So going back to our discussion. You can't envision rooting for your team to lose to a special football team rub basketball team to get a higher pick. Well I mean I know there it was very very popular. During. You know there's different parts of the dolphins center the last 1015 years in which really don't suck for luck jury you know all these different campaigns to try to lose to get a better draft and so I I understand that but. Overall though. It's not like as you stick it's. It is goes against everything that you believe is a fan David you go into say a Sunday dolphins game of the dolphins are your favorite team. Even if there would be advantageous for you in the future moving forward to. Lewis or get a better draft position we how can you say that say disabling the Caesar when the Buffalo Bills twice within a few weeks you're gonna really root for the bills to beat the golf. And if it meant the dolphins got the number one pick absolutely not look like I could visit the season is already lost its tejada talked about a sees a real got a chance to make the playoffs. I'm talking when it's hole there's the work. Hopeless. When the situation is hopeless yeah I'm because I here's what I'm doing I'm sacrificing the short term for the benefit of the team long term. You're not wanna do that I am not saying you're wrong everybody's got an opinion there's no right or wrong your it's your personal preference. But I'm willing to sacrifice the short term for the long term benefit the team that that means getting a higher pick. And and you know if there's clearly an a better player. And you know at the very top of the draft I'm doing. Was C I understand where you're coming from but I also feel that that is clearly a fan's point of view why I'm I'm speaking I'm not speaking as a talk show us I'm speaking Asif band of my right know and understand what you're like add that you said they don't as of spam your favorite team right jobs I'm saying like I think the players in the coaches you would never going to agreements and we wanna lose. In that in that status specific. Situation. But I'm saying even as a fan knowing that logic that you bring to the table knowing it is better for long term. You they're going into a game and the into the NFL season these days is always against a division opponent however there's a built in rivalry that. There's no way I can say even if it's better long term that I want them to lose the Buffalo Bills the New York Jets. Or the normal pace even if that meant to buy it losing you would clinch say the top spot in the draft no I'd so what's the game day comes and you're actually playing the game. I don't think you say all right old bills are. Yeah I hope Tyrod Taylor torches the dolphins' secondary or whoever that explain quarterback for the jets as a big game or Tom Brady and Bill Belichick who were probably sitting out. But expand and taken a game up like I don't think you can just carted off and say I want the dolphins to lose to one of the division Rath well you look. Ed Edward Graham brought up in a series samples suck for luck that went viral so to speak arming how many how many. That teams will never lose on purpose at least you'd ever see a player who because players can deliberately played bad and mean that one. Nor could pay him enough money and do it probably because they make so much anyway but to. If you're playing a bad team you're you're not only as we said. Playing to play for that team again you're auditioning for every other team in the league and deliberately throw down a plea poorly. It's their on film it's never leaving you. I'm not talking about players which bans. Of many teams that the year luck came out in the draft to 2012. One of their teams to do terrible in 2011. To try to get a crack in drafting Andrew Luck. Yes or no that was common among all the bottom feeders and National Football League that year and I get it right. Again I just a Keats goes against every fiber of your being your fury true passion diehard fan. In this case if it's the Miami Dolphins like I just couldn't do our a look at what's put out to the list is there we'd like your phone calls on this Emmy award you can text in a 6797 pork. I wanna hear also Yuri your detailed explanation 7863600790. Is there a scenario where you would root for your favorite team to lose to go when they're actively say. Yep I want my favorite team to lose because this maybe it's because the to get that higher draft Keeneland in baseball we're talk about witnessing history but this might be even more. Relevant because you can get a great player or what you think is a great player if you were team loses and you got a chance. To draft that player or 7863600790. I think some of you were out there. Q group Gregg do you agree that you'll take your calls next right here on the second. There's a book. Click fantasy football camp. It's special guest CBS sportsline James Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 at the sport of kings at gulfstream park. From six to 9 PM it's three and win some exclusive one on one time out launch would John Clayton Saturday afternoons. Does register now with the ticket Miami dot com. And a jar Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. It's sponsored by East Coast public adjusters call 855 get ECPA your visit East Coast public adjusters dot com. Don't settle for less and by god world of south ward. Once I Greg likens I am free we'll take you up. Until 10 o'clock. We are talking about. Scenarios in which you would root for your team will blues. Gregg couldn't see doing that he just couldn't root for his team lose out. Look at like Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team a couple of years ago they're their season was lost in Lubbock foreign twelve the fourth pick they turn that Lindsey Kelly. I've rooted for my teams to lose if the situation was hopeless and this season is lost. And by losing that he get a higher draft pick I would do that no one guy Texan would be as you said Greg to me during the break we got very good Tex tonight. Here's one emotionally I'll always want my team to win but if they are in a position where something good can happen. Excuse me with the loss net loss occurs intellectually I can accept that. Yeah I see I think that's a very. Accurate. Tex in terms of the way my my thought process would be as well because. What's the difference what he said what I said that the situation is hopeless no because what it was he's saying is an emotional you watch your team to win seat is still room for your team to win but he says if the outcome goes the other way. That he can still have the feel like all right well maybe I didn't want them to lose but I can understand the positive benefits moving forward. You bet that's exactly the way I feel about it like certainly. Intellectually you can understand the ramifications and how can help you long term but in the moment when you're watching your team play. EU ignored that in you still want them to win despite what could happen for the future. You put Tennessee football. Course OK amber. And I are pretty you knew that answer and all but there's a reason I'm asking that have you ever want now there's money at stake for you them. Have you ever needed a player to do well but it's against your favor humility was the dolphins right yes that says it's happens it happens every year are you so you're rooting against your favorite team on not necessarily a big period. You could you could spin it that way. But in reality. You're rooting for that person to have success while also hoping your team so okay let's talk I see I'm I'm cures my line in the sand. End of the game all right you've got to root for. Ought to give me a running back Marshawn Lynch let's say that. And soon raiders or play out what what what what's a team in the east OK who. Let's say it's time we junior running back for outlook LeSean McCoy are okay. Dolphins are pulling the bills' final game of the season all right. And you have McCoy. And he scores a touchdown right there are two things happened you when your fantasy football league. Finals. But it's into the game and the dolphins won't lose that game and the scenes Oriole for your group record score that touchdown. That's a difficult one. CFO that is right it is and you're you're part of a different direction until all hypotheticals are going to many Banda manually you'll yeah I mean in this scenario you're saying for the dolphins that what what would be an a lot of nothing the team that ended the season. This that's the last game of the season they're not making the playoffs. Win or lose their normal win there on the gonna play on guess I don't know that might be mylan Sana might have to report recorders were the touchdown it's it is top though when you see you know like at the middle of the season you've got to root for guys. And he's playing your favorite team that's because. You know I've I'm so invested in fantasy football it's got I want the cowboys to lose by any means put. You know yeah it's amazing how. Tennessee football can turn you around emotionally well like financially still there's so look for you as the cowboys fan if there's say they're playing the giants you have older American junior. And right are you you want to have a great game the cowboys went right yeah you're one of like looking at the scarlet over the Fallon was sacked press got does disease Kelly had you know. Forty times that it sift it variety yet so yeah you might have few might have found were prime might swing a little hundred. My half dead they're visible always throw that in the mix that up. That makes it even more difficult another text are great text or he or when when local fans rooted for their team to lose you remember. You said you'll hurricanes player Al Golden. Great is they knew that was likely that if they kept losing gold will be out of a job and it turns out he wasn't rosy final report by games to go. And of course now he's with the lions. And neutrinos they converted that in the Mark Richt but thousands time more hurricanes fans as a love with they were they were in our weather team. It ended in the air reminded benefited them short term. Her long term I should say. If the canes lost the world long to that he didn't know they are gonna get Rick Rick the Rick divorce from Georgia was just. A gift from the football got right you know they were talking about Butch Davis or. You know bringing back some other guys IDA which never made sense to me I mean it clearly to me once once Rick became available he was the best choice. Of those available. Mario crystal ball I was completely against you know it he's that good wise and anybody else tired right he wasn't good enough by you. Guy he's been in the system was Saban for a long time now moving primarily UC into a work record later which is a critical job within college football team. But he was alone will bring back Mario well you're only saying that because of his connection to the school if he's that good a coach why isn't somebody snatched them up. Yeah I mean it's in fairness I mean are you had some good years with him and he did I done a nice job with the program but there the last few years. Prior to him being let go you know they struggled again so I'm with you on that. Lombard Mark Richt I think that was one of the more surprising. Coaching changes or read seem like we Georgia was consistently us ten win team he was in areas and their fifteen years and it's only decided it's a resist one of those scenarios were I guess the program thought. Hey we're national championship or bust right I mean I who's gonna fall weather remark rate or anybody else never that conference not being able to beat. Nick Sabin at a certain junctures soul that was that was a tough one but you're right here really worked at the benefit of the University of Miami. I I am looking at a couple of these other text messages that we have coming in here somebody says I wanna the heat to tank this season. And was all for the suck for luck it's like sacrificing a pawn in chest to get an advantage. Now I I understand it's certainly not something again nets are. It goes against the way I would handle things I understand the logic behind it. Somebody else uses the same reason I don't play fantasy football I cannot see myself rooting for another team's player. It's a conflict of interest. Soledad we have. Whatever texas' flat out he he he or she does not play fantasy football because you're she does not want a root against. They're favored and felt like I understand that I do but I don't look principal ball times you have to. You have to make that decision what's more important well right in and also I would say it is day as much as I enjoy the NFL. As a global makes it much more enjoyable mean outside of the so if you're cowboys fan Josh you'll watch the cowboys game. But you know maybe the rest of the NFL schedule for the weekend isn't as interest in TU outside of following the standings and stuff. What do you have fantasy football play then you have interest in. A lot of the teams throughout the weekend it is makes it more entertaining. Victory heartbreaking on one hand or can be very joyful experience on the other you know it's it's some. You know. If I once said if you could somehow eliminate gambling. Yeah and that I mean football is the king of sports are entertaining the ratings are just huge. But if you somehow Hillary balloon when they gambling that interest would just. Football's great sport. And a lot of die hard people. We'll still watch football when it's the only ones are the die hard that are that watch Ian and those eyeballs watching NFL. On one platform another because they're betting on the game and one former up and are you. Considering crystal ball gambling all absolutely no quite legally in Vienna ball can disguise it anyway they want. It is absolutely. Gambling. And it'd they say all we wanna be associated gamblers you put on your own. League web site in a seat football stats don't tell me you sit or don't support gambling when you from you you your promoting a you can call it anything you want. You Roger Goodell apps so little we promote gambling. PSE football is a multi billion. Dollar industry. Well it is like if you examine the ways Rosie Daley fantasy sports the fan tools the draft kings the world. At least in a number of states across our country they've determined that it's a game of chance or receiving game of skill. And not a game of chance and don't which gambling is so. I would I would say do you. Dated we're talking about gambling by the definition of gambling even if they took that away these and so thrive because you would have fantasy football. But if you're saying they wait gambling and Tennessee football like I put them all in the same umbrella Coca beat someone would put aid. Dividing line between those two and stated mothers are gray area that they're they're different but I'm what you would take it no doubt about it preserve their a lot of fringe fans lot of casual fans who are more interested in watching all these games and providing monster ratings through. You know the various platforms CBS fox NBC ESPN. Because of fanciful. 786360079. You let's go to George in Miami hi George. Edit that you have they Michael your lung cancer. Houses and into the conversation you're gonna above the coaches and are you mentioned what a crucial or your strategy built up or you. I didn't have exactly right in front of me if I was wrong and that but I just remember. Or was fired from their. We want because you see in most crucial to global former war. Every year before all it was was rising from one doubled April Bhutto wanted ordered a Turkish change every year. So you know that become judges are getting better every year to record wasn't all there so. And it was just rock right after the fight with the U hammer it regardless of the billions every year the couple to compete better cricket cheating and they want to. There's been. Spending on a level playing to liberty. Critical critical chart which is so or so. Your career coaches that were scheduled different teams. And so I guess the multiple overcame that went all the cold beer or and me want one more game. And housing unit that you on the current state and in the only Libya but it'll get to Bogans a little slow. Well my putt was a lot of people were pushing for coaches in my opinion the didn't deserve the UN job you were pushing for Mario crystal ball because. He went to the school whereas if you just sit. For good recruiter let me put it would have been a decent start myself because I mean each and we're learning already got experience on an experiment. And dump in and you've W have been rumors of talks are being I don't have a coaching jobs available and again the only reason why. He got Kosovo taught you about your well because he's still build offers. Why I got a source George take a break there or short iron to about George. Take a breath. This could be a dialogue okay. If he's that good lies and any other school higher. Nobody has he's free to Ortiz the recruiting coordinator. He's done a great job you were Alabama gets great recruits every year although I think because you agree recruits a few diary recording coordinator. But why why. Why hasn't anybody hired MPs had good my point was that. These UN fears were were one and all these you will mobile homes or people with you on connections. To be hired when in fact if you just blindly showed on the resonate they didn't see your name they didn't know that that person had a connection to. To you limit anyway shape or form they won't want to miss coach. Richt was the exception rich richt. Had a great record George are right and consistently year after year they were competitive team. And and so when they got he got divorced you and was very very quick it in pursuing him and I give you them a lot of credit for doing that. But don't we don't complete a. Date on this situation. As I was mistaken on this and I I didn't realize is the Amare crystal left Alabama. Went and joined the organ coaching staff this offseason which I did not hear I IE. Either forgot about it or was unaware of but I it is Google's stand. And yeah he left Alabama for organ. In January. And decided it is Willie Taggart took over as the head coach at Oregon. Once they made the moved here. And he took he is now and I guess the top assistant there under him at Peter what's this title isn't going to assistant head coach. I'd leave so on take nuclear com. But yet he's she's joining you joined him earlier this offseason so he is now or wild okay well now does that coach would as a top assistant and a big timer progress it was a crystal crystal balls on the organ or office according to wow while I didn't know that. Sony right instead of not that everybody down years following everything Lamar crystal balls don't literally stood up to it and I hear someone who agrees with you and again there's no right or wrong to this sister personal opinion. Used referring to say if he's referring to his fantasy football team is anytime a player team what he meant as a player his fantasy football team. He's facing the doll was his goal of the bench that week no ifs ands or buts we if you have a last year for instance if you had a Levy on bell who didn't have a good game against the dolphins. Like the guy is just or at what CEO Antonio Brown again who would against the dolphins have a good game. But the guy's just an absolute monster on the football field I could never see. Even by an Antonio drownings Payson cowboys importing them. Clearly this the cowboys is steeped in their defense stinks man I mean I muzzle cleanup today if you're talking about one of the elite players. And it it their position I mean Zeke Elliott is gonna Ohio in this year's draft. Yeah Debbie differ Columbia I I appreciate what our techsters saying there. But that would be a difficult decision to make recorded update the Marlins score I know we are making fun of them earlier in the night to speak years ago says a slow start who have nationals leading what six up six nothing it is now seven to six moral it's really go all the way back from a six nothing hole Ozuna had a three run homer in the fifth and then. Are also in the fifth inning Derek Dietrich had an RB I triple. And so now it is seven to six Marlins have made the comeback complete obviously they've benefited from the back to match yours are only lasted one inning because of the neck spasms but. Just update everybody on the. Larry go dogs some second pitcher hit his first career homer scherzer did it he's been in the league what ten years now. He is first Romer and were watching you are cubs fans Jon Lester that come close he never his first career homer. And he did right after three innings cubs lead the Diamondbacks 821. So why he has first were when a tree surprises anybody. Yeah and a good thing about this scenario for Jon Lester the cubs is that he came back out and is now pitching again only pressure spurts where it's all rademan is like I am not out of you heard our shore earlier but Max Scherzer is Greg said in the spot in the top of the second inning hit a three run homer his first career homer. And they eventually get retired. He comes out rose one warmup pitch. And then says you know signals the dusty I can't go and no new for a few minutes were we were scouring Twitter Greg and I were an angry I was back there. And we finally got an update that nets the national spokesman said he had neck spasms he slept on it in a funny way he is now. And and finally was too much form and so after he could see him. Wincing in the dugout Africa's home win so he just he could go to it look at if your Max Scherzer your teams in first place. That you don't wanna take a chance either you feel well and change mean in your neck just get out of their brawn and sacrifice the start right and they made a wise choice on an unfortunate for the nationals great for the Marlins that is opened up. An opportunity in a morals and take an advanced now that 76 we have a fourteen game lead over the mark yet so. And it's it's not going to be oh really big blow to them they handle losing this game by. I speak as you point out scherzer is long term help is going to be the real concern has right now they're matching number against the Marlins this 45 going into the scale legacy can probably start coming measuring numbers that. Had to pay a big sell. Sell our you know earlier in the evening we had a Gary Jackson he covered you on this first practice today in. And I wrote a lot about it if you want to read it at Delhi sports buzz is his Twitter handle. And he was a lot of good information we played some must sound from Mark Richt earlier so a lot coming up next here on 790 that tiger were to replay that injury that he was Barry Jackson. It'll play that next right here in the thick. 2017. And doc in this lifetime to work. And the ticket is giving you the chance to be there. Join us inside it will lounge at the epic hotel in downtown Miami and Saturday August 5. From eight to 10 PM we'll be giving away seven pairs of Guns 'N Roses tickets. Including two pairs of premium tickets the come with a night stay at the epic hotel. For more information on the epic hotel concert series packages visit epic hotel dot com. Guns 'N Roses not in this lifetime tourists coming tomorrow's park in were giving you a chance to be there. On AM 790 and after a mortal for three HD to the ticket our rights. Tomorrow night from seven to ten Barry Jackson will be by co host tonight he is our guest he joins us right now. And you'll Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas when they're truly steps beyond convenient dirt before we get in the UN. I'm throwing your question action. Because her tonight and and and and Curtis and and Greg were trying to think of a player that was on the heat. But I might have been a guard for about a day or two was acquired and then traded away almost immediately. With the last two or three years that ring any bells in your mind. I guess what there was a point guard that they teach trade Brian Roberts. It is what he's up or day in and ultimately ended up with Portland need and what Charlotte as well. So it's funny came out made comments to exit is going to be a loss number they each should. All of ours he was dealt I that have to be the shortest and you know funny. I saw them I father of the point guard. Believe his name was Brian Rotella check on that are sure it's been a veteran 98 point going. It is Leo yeah but. It largely. The rose regard and error Moochie. That I would say yeah sure and hundreds of players that's we're gonna talk once and don't say any morning. It essential that got us they can about this a right up per. Don't text saying that's it OK we eat you he's listening to us right now driving home but now you he's got the answer. Greg and our talking you were on a UN practice today. And Greg and our talking about. Right now Malik Rose Europe insurer there they took the first team snaps today and cozy period a second team you know that's according to Mark Richt. At some point we think the cozy pair is gonna slide into that starters job. If if everything was equal would you rather him sliding after. That Florida State game rather than make room in the deep end too soon. No everything is equal I want Terry to develop immediately get a game under its belt against the zone Pope meant that play at a Arkansas State which will obviously be slightly more typical of its own equipment. But not an alternate test either because it's not a power by honest to me it's Kerry it's every bit as good as chair and rosier. You have to start ticket because he's your long term future. And got it I invested in. Now multiple players have indicated over the summer that they believe that you took our runner for the job based on athletic ability based but what they've seen in voluntary work. Now that being said he's got to convince Mark Richt that he knows the offense. That's when they immediately he tends grows berries and that in practice these labels to decide birdie chances to be able to pick up what since. To be able to make the right call the line. And most importantly to know that the playbook backward forward to these are all things that this really could not equal your teammates. During that informal seven on seven drills in the summer when all you're doing is throwing the ball. So all of these things have to be determined over the next couple weeks and there's one other factor too and that's simple exercise guys. Of the center quarterback exchange apparently. Gave the coast to carry problems today correspondent starting side and sent it says that he fumbled a few times so after practice Margaret grabbed the ball. And the senator and he ran through some experts now exchanges with Harry. Awe at the far end of the field just to get more practice sit back. So my suspicion is that what leader Pete Carey or roads here. Church did not do a lot to impress me you know when that time I was able to watch the spring of course vote practices were open but feedback I got on church backed. He just wanted very impressive now he wants because of the sides. Able to see over the line better than road series substantially taller than a week so that's one advantage. He has occasionally able to get the ball rifles that generally the thing with charts that that are not great and the accuracy in Iraq. They've very considering ended the Miami Hurricanes have been picked to finish atop the coastal division in the ACC so they've they've got a lot of talent on the roster despite the uncertainty at quarterback. Based on that data hours a balance between the all the talent kind of overcoming the inserted the quarterback position in terms of what they need to get Weathers rouge years sheriffs or Perry who starts over the course of the series. I think it merely average quarterback play would be enough to get them to eight or nine when is that they wanted to get upset in program. And went ten or more this year they're going to have to get you know. Superior quarterback play and I think it's anybody's guess what they're. Capable of getting that ever or else they're either good or excellent. I would say did the positions of concern. Would be. Defensive tackle behind your tops three this suffered some attrition there court so Jenkins lists try not to keen Terrell Willis. Taking a leave of absence for personal reasons why they won't have trouble running back with mark won't get to any sort of injury Travis homers and very good number two. From all indications that they had very little steps behind him and only freshman running back Robert Burns. Is not gonna be ready for the opener he's never been a durable player in high school Mallory has shoulder problems go to these two areas of concern. Kept it running back and defensive tackle and they need to shoot just figure out to left guard and center there's competition at both of those spots other than that though I think they're very good ever. I'm not talk about defensive and I mean David nice problem to have high do you divide up the time between. Several great really good starting Calbert presidents. Like that's going to be a challenge for critical we're asking the defensive line coach is regarded by some of the best college team like coach in America and Manny Diaz chat comments emerged last year of bitch Hedo it's going to be compared to Joey both -- adds guy coming out of high schools in Dade and Broward who has never been anything close to votes it was an Ohio State and then obviously with the chargers Chad has had a nice career but not quite star caliber career but he has an apple crops that he can rise this year from six rounder potentially much more to get to Goodyear you've got to to Jackson's no relation to me Joseph Jackson Demetrius Jackson's equality onions. He Dutch friend Harrison who guy does a lot of things well. He's got war. While would be starting ends and then you've got to really interest in freshman and coming in John guarded a kid from Palm Beach County. Who had I just enormous sack numbers in palm beach high schools and then Dionte Johnson accused that you were somehow able to apply from Sacramento. Who had more offers in any player in the country last year is reported to have received under rocks or he's just arrived in July. That stretch right there what sparked action played only six snaps last year. Because the knee issues that is Manny Diaz joked meets six very good match so he's got seven defensive and used to share time with such a good problem. Yeah it's a terrific problem to have Bob Perry Aman Richards mark Walton the headliners of the skill positions on offense but. In your opinion who who has a chance are the best chance to break out on that side of the ball. I would say Richard Doherty had done so. And our young players I will keep an iron just convict someone UN told me you know all the players UN signed in February were which most excited. About just comments. He's the speedy wide receiver from east saint Louis Illinois. I have the skill already had the special UN hasn't had a lot of in recent years as a works with miss after the catch it got its second year after he catches the ball. Not a big kid at all but very fast chipped beef. So I would keep an eye on him in the slot and I think Travis homers mark Walz primary backup is going to impress people. Are people who is Travis homer coming at a high school. I don't hear shots where we're based tax kid but he also has its top next to him he was able to break tackles in the spring or in people who watched closed practice and this brings some say those too cute keep an eye on everyone want to be talking Mullen to ballyhooed receiver to take the next step he was okay in the spring they'll balk at the end but their two weapons offensively were still primarily the Walton. At running back who is an apple prospects you know when people talk about whether they'll turn pro after this year's Panama Richards. We cannot turn pro for another two years so we shall have Richards for two more years. Cracks in various sitting at the other Syria it's worth mentioning because she's a veteran guys their best route runner. Didn't play at all offensively last year. Our teammates that he should play more used very good in the ball game he's elusive after the catch each released march and he knows how to get open. Burial Mark Richt when he was up on ESPN's campus and go to bed the car wash of interviews are wont point he did say. There you is backed and you know I don't know how seriously said that but. If you're looking at Dei his tenure here with the with the program and I know that there's been many years the fans. I've been hoping that the U gets back to where was not on how realistic it is for them to go on such a long streak of winning like we saw late nineties early two thousands blood. What needs to happen in your opinion thrust to agree with that statement. Well but they need the Khyber recruiting classes they have in line to get next year to happen over several years at the moment they have the number one or number two recruiting class in the country somehow quiet state slightly ahead of them what they need is that year after year to be able to get back to the level. You know the great UN team to the level that Alabama is that how were the clients and employers statement that that's. At times certainly over the last decade. Well I've as far as what the EU is back now there's certainly not back to what they were during the years of dominance but they are actually back this year in terms of being a top fifty caliber program at the quarterback plays good. It's a quarterback plays average mention neither a strange top 25 team. You know possibly top twenties football and that the top twenty but they're not back yet in the traditional conception UN being backed. Which he needs what and twelve when. He'd American Idol. Right yes certainly a high standard did music history within the program has set for itself it's an exciting time of the year now with the hurricanes practicing the dolphins returned to practice. Tomorrow I do wanna ask you about. What transpired yesterday. Dolphins practice I think it was fun for the fans for the media for the players to have the full pads alive tackling however. It obscures a scenario they use face with where he feels they need to get to the tackling experience in practice what he knows that there's an dangerous there who would you think about that in terms of Adam Gates's decision to have that. Transpired yesterday. I think all of your player has to have some tackling during camp but I think you have to be very judicious with your best players too many who wouldn't energize more than just two or three carries an all receipt just beaten you so value to the you know so I'd be very cautious with him in particular. Because of the lack of tech Jihad what. Shouldn't break beat you know a nice piece on ascent but there's no evidence we have yet that he can beat. A guy carried the ball plenty target Jai there are so that's why you know as my colleague Armando it's the bureau has noted he believes the dolphins are exploring. Citing a veteran back just haven't placed in the event that Jai is never injured and misses a lot of gains there are a lot of options. Last unity Angela Williams is certainly one guy who's still out there but I would say with your handful of top players at. To be very careful by exposing them. To tackling it's a live action to increase these speakers just hours. You've got talent along those lines only experiment actors you've got talented uses a back up burning makes Damian Williams can injury. At a redwood Armando wrote to on his blog. Where the dolphins perhaps too late Quinton and not messing anticipating j.'s eye injury but. As the insurers follow the policy to bring him before now when there they haven't signed anybody as far as we know. But maybe earlier in the year citing an experienced backup just in case something happened. I do not think so without checking the area where they were delinquent where I really think that it is based miscalculated. Is that essentially tackle behind sue themselves at least eighty I thought about even knowing important so can be an above average on balls harder sports are struggling out now it backup defensive tackle was not good enough and that's no slight. Against node. God show and instant teller but their statements expert that there's no realistic expectation of them coming in being able to provide twenty to 25. Quality stops the game which is basically what you need for your number 3-D tackle. That's what Earl Mitchell was supposed to give you last year. And then that Williams is playing on the second team at. He's a journeyman who Pittsburgh ran over in the playoffs and to me that's where they've been going well not signing a veteran number 3% to apple could push forward so it's. And can be counted on to play twenty to thirty tons a Guinea. Yes Nazi game and I think that is something new have to address in mid to late August which they aren't able come up with a quality eats. They're going to regret its. Someone inside the Balkans it's that it won't necessarily be a waiver wire pick up could be you know someone like Roy Miller and Williams are stub their parts in that you could be trade as well. That to use the areas that the most delinquent and the book one Harry could question would be should say it's not that proud not a Pro Bowl linebacker Lawrence you're with who and now obviously with the Redskins played for us a column box Reinemund opera it's exactly what you want that's why you're going to report five million range which cap space they now that decision. Obviously was called into question again last week with co BCB placed on IR. To me it's a good decision that you didn't sign up at Torrey Kwan McMillan grapes. It's great Kwan McMillan doesn't have a very good rookie year and certainly isn't good early then you have every right to question about China and background. You know urged Jordan Phillips came out of Oklahoma this is his third year right. And he came out the reputation the guy who takes off plays in in when we talked to him during mini camp and I know you were their Barry. He came out of the podium any summit differing guy I've learned I'm I'm paraphrasing here basically I've learned my lesson I'm not gonna do that anymore. You know what he's one of the guys find talk the talk let me see you walk the walk it's one thing to say it it's not losing to do it and and nothing against him but I don't believe it until actually see it with my own eyes that he's gonna just given his all the time is. He can say that but at least this first two years it's all evidence of the contrary. Right and just leased a fumble out there and on the phone could have jumping off sides he's had. At least three offside penalty so far in the first five days of camp I looked it up yet nine. Up penalties last year which ranked 22 in the league. Sue was right behind in what they penalties and student normally is to double figure penalty guys. So stop jumping up off sides for starters out of work against the law and most of that without ads has been decent so far there have been well all during that strong through but obviously the true test will be once the regular season starts and he'd give used. 35 snaps game that are high quality or he's not gonna Wear down the where he's actually going to be at least above average for the majority of those thirty cuts. Okay Barry I'm gonna go off topic permitted on her way up because some guy earlier in the show before you came on. Wrote any text to the show recent free on your feeling about to go for cheese steak guy I heard Jim mistakes is on the spot give any opinions I wrote back I was in Philly wants. I have no idea about any restaurant sells like thirty years ago work she's take place is so one guy wrote back. He goes Barry knows everything maybe he has a Philly cheese steak location suggestion to the previous record for used to cover the heat so used to travel to Philly any cheese steak recommendations from. The herald's Barry Jackson. Yes I had to recommendations were busily reading terminal is a really fun place it goes right downtown or you can get any kind of food you want they're about thirty who stands. They're also used to market type items as well but they're about thirty to ban on restaurants and there's Mike's restaurant downtown and at the bunch. Things like comfort food including cheese steaks called shelves so those would be that you two suggestions riding on at all. Which would require walking around or Jones but that's what's. I know you would notice this is just I don't think Larry it's great Pate thanks a lot someone thanks for coming on and we'll see you tomorrow night he'll be Donald B 7%. Thank so much I care but are right our thanks to Barry Jackson for coming on he'll be my co host tomorrow night from seven attend. Greg thinks great job appreciate all you did hear grand skid more terrific job by you while I'm Josh Friedman coming up next ESPN radio.