8-10-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Friday, August 10th
Tobin is so done with the Summer Swindle Contest. Texters keep giving him grief because they say he can't spell Theatre. Dolphins lost to the Bucs last night. Brock Osweiler sucks, he's tall for nothing. Where's this great defense everyone was talking about? Beast wonders if DeVante Parker played last night cause he had zero targets, Leroy says it's nothing to make a big deal about. A texter accuses Tobin of being a Trump supporter.

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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at best Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. Show. Well it felt the Protestant citizens so we review of credit for the last three games and difficult this is unsure if they show ahead you can. Can you could yeah you extremely war. You were you by surely away news. Freddy's. Is looking like a second home you guys by the way boys and a little myself last night. I was feeling good corrected his split and we. Waited every other hand. Which at a break. I had to make it to breaking news served food to debris. So. The last one I was over there early. This early. Well not that I I was the food early and there wasn't any food out except for these pretzel rolls au over in the corner and it is a nice little display. But I you know assertion didn't seem like they were anybody's threats of role players. So I decide to help them myself too little snack and an ill and I've a guard's own comes over Angeles. That is not availability to nines. You want back he then. No I I've appealed and appealed dirty look wait I got one right. There was no fluke so how would get a read through saved my way Havoc. I have already remarkable popcorn. And I'm like did well who wouldn't have to do with that scenario kept the crowd was on 9 o'clock this exact. Deal that it was a bloodbath. Both. Here's what you know like. Gamblers don't hear you explain to the audience that they listen actually what you were doing we played into that Jeff Conine celebrity poker class right. Lower case on celebrity for yes. Cocktails were at 530. Since being in total were already here. That means that we were open and to do some celebrities or lower on the totem poll. And then. Dave Barr around orders now. He stumbled. Right. I don't need him to take the meat ball. Imploded its own single. Personal container oh yeah with some type of dairy juice on the bottom residue loser toothpick with. It was likely to bury your head goes meatballs that I immediately that it was like but it was it like a little box each individual what is its own trophy case yet. They had. A watermelon. When a state yet but. Like some I would gelatin note was watermelon obstacles you wanted to constantly use frozen let's hope. That's not a delightful even as much as. It looked much like what about. Even I have my limits. You go to frees him to a known state it was not designed to be liked it. Well before you back in the last violence judicious when a thousand bucks right now on the summer swindle your way this hour's. BA tonight. You we its theater OK re election on drugs like you have to do that he hates. EU widow eyebrow and it's it's it's amber Wilson's relatives talk so that's it went to a piece on it with the our year the IR. This one is RE. Is that right. Yeah as that the Canadian market boom that's hosts don't gates. We each day stop you all he hates it. Hey buckle when you do that British accent like you sound like you're country British but when you try to DJ guy you sound like I don't know what. A because all brits also like man U I get the right broadly to Tyson Jerry sounds a lot different imprints there. Well because this in theory has snorted a comical if it. Okay. I think in that area has had its. Glass of wine every now it may reach their Prince Harry has asserted Monica okay I'm British or prints are a British here. A business party. Yet. Has been our hospital over the if I promise you listen he party elect rice appeared listen listen listen. You ever gotten that was a royal money. No yeah. Quirky radio would be. Mean the queen is because Amy is now for good twenty years it was alleged use of the party to get lose he's still drinks a day. Was it when there was a speak easy beat that she's children's everyday right. So I just read your article about that last week she still got pruned well I'll look up right now and tell you this this woman is a believable and tell you we should all be drinking as much as the queen. What is less time to better her. The queen speak. Did you show her she never says anything she waves. Which I'm not in agreement that's not a side board yet. Don't want to pick us aboard eighty. You don't as the queen in the narrative and married to grieve yet. The headlines. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS at best at NB HD to Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. He needs she likes gin and de Monet. Should this as it has well is she had she'd. She does like a large gin and tonic occasionally eat. What did you have heard of rich rich person. You get down with some gene listen listen to me listen listen on the tight right now surmised that theater does we're teacher he spoke to right. I don't know what that's the that's a big I don't want to disrespect. The royal majesty her majesty queen. I just know that rumors and reports for awhile have been. That she likes to. Political back if you. Takes have a nice dry martini with lunch and I know she liked to drink a glass to one launch drive martini later in the evening glass of champagne after that. Come by the way text or Times of India thank you spoke to. Is the Gator ER not the is dyslexic way. Children do look at other I think lords that's how it's done it's not into not theater right. So I don't promote the decode words I'm sorry although I would say if if if we have these bills save multi use spell words. But it is now supposed to work yet no wait. Technically. They have set up this thing where if you missed on the word if it's close enough that most work. Are we wanted to something you thousand dollar cheap bastards public this. Want to take your point 009%. Chance of winning the thousand dollars she is just a couple of theaters so yeah it's patent and theater. You heat things. And as I'm sick of doing it every every time comes up does that help our ratings quite frankly it's had no impact sometimes erupt sometimes they're doubt it doesn't matter hey. This out because she is Kelly Jo. I. I wrote I hate Cognos eight stupid words the original catch phrases we have to make Summers who wins. What's. You say hey look we're doing we should call it a guess what guys were try to trick you listen longer to keep our rating meters to go up. As we have this antiquated way of of divulging how many people actually listen or show David you would some cash. Beast part of this right now. This is upset this is from sheets. Beats. I actually hates. Left unchecked in the cash count as words right now now you how do you spell it how the written on your page. Ahmad Paige who spoke THE NA TO RE. Yet again setup. In my defense that technically I believe was supposed to be caught by the system. That's insane led the no because they said that a memo a corporate memo that said if there's a word that has multiple spellings like here fairer whatever like they've set it up to catch all of it. Lot of people I do have to tone list if people are texting and that word and it's getting kicked back. Like I feel like something's wrong because it's posted exposed to take that they've won so many of arts groups. Revolve around me. Yet I mean the cut I've filled my way to the top what do you want. That are I mean I am I've I've he I entitled to his way to the top I've pulled off the Cam Cameron. I thought you guys guys degrees from the flea market you've pulled up the camp Kerry better than him terrible about the tennis correct. You know. Yeah he had to say they THE AT are looking at a right now for corporate but exposed to catch the other one even outside. Oh wait. Yes I messed up I checked I don't know. I've been pretty good lately. I mean Tobin messed it up himself recent and going. That was an amazing. Boom he city dual. He Eads said enjoy he Spellman going though whatever elegant beauty. Spell it turnovers and you what you have I'm sure you have an iPhone or android approach does for you dummies. That's with a guys as a lash out I have lashing out much yet you Alessio this contest hate it. People are accusing you've been on the white powdered and media. Wish. But we grew on July 1 to refer today's show that just hit the buttons you can learn about the fired it's gonna have this and that green's phone. Please have them at impala collision as well as I look at Daytona. There we did that I was better to that offensive line look not being coached by guys who snow blowing. A Muslim look good that is the game period OK and or read what you do eat into the game and I'll. The war. Will we Italy debate in here they were put they put up Brown's. Mad amounts that. Browns giants that put up and then we got them both TVs and then obviously there was some in great giants fan who wandered back on giants rounds. And so that I got the far TV from where I was sitting was the dolphins game. And the close TV was it was a brown resides thankfully the and it felt like com puts up like the entire game basically break. Any headlines based yeah you know you all do because an earlier is ready for a look at the PGA a timid to leaderboard plus megawatts golf shop on the ninety day hundreds of satisfaction guarantees every golfers around the the countries is 1960 daily hero we've had some movement. Have we. Well last time we let it left Rickie Fowler right. Was lead their five under ia by this evening wave had hit then Gary Woodland is Killen 86 under yesterday. He is now three under today. He's nine under having kids there. I had this guy is always up here we you don't have whichever Q is there is little Bulldog he's always up there Dustin Johnson. Is at seven under Kevin gives new women or at nine under Brooks Capcom. Is at seven under in his own Adams god Charles Schwartzel. Zach Johnson all at six under. Francisco mylan there might do Justin Rose has beaten hanging right now any idea big names not to make this guy big names. Let's look I'm scrolling down because that's the way this works. I'm guessing the cub will be right around even one under. Yeah you know there's even even par and yeah effectively right now tiger is the move hardy tees off at 148. But I got to tell you. He was three over after his first three or four holes. So it's pretty good that he got back to even par. Though. Because I guess a so we really care about very. Tiger of I mean yes the head to headers you know they're making their retirements ten million dollars excellence and that is the photos so for those pro. Are at plus three plus three so you will be doing to try and slam and again I told you before his term started. Don't ever take tiger. In tournaments where drivers require a majority of the time. Because that guy has no idea where it is if things go more visibility Phil Mickelson or divide their Parker. Oh would you be more dune. It's a you know watching him last night you didn't miss any about it Parker. Can get knows zero target us news. Oh goodness it exits the game works that way now. I mean I think it was like Simon told and how many receivers were totally target lesson like forty. I think the team yet I don't just that's yeah. And then finally you want to book get open like movies you want you want just brought to depart depart because we the first round pick yell give me York's open no it doesn't work like dead draft you think. Work late dad to it opened because of that there and he gets picked out you political. And quarterback and say why deep throat he was covered a violent it's this you know it is business was up. Productive. OK fine it's breezy again misery to vote over the story elements like of the things they tend of the river lagoon drive rent this. The of Islam look overall total. Okay so are remembered currencies we had a couple days you talk about giving up sacks with no pads on you shut up with dead now. Like just admit it can't. Is camp don't read into it too much you'll know if you're a bit of line is bay but steady opportunity to determine. Him his latest. Notice you know what others narrows up and Aaron we have our kind of moderate markers arrows gone down you can do that. With a lot of positions. With offensive line did hear that. Only group. Dead hero to each other or success so you can't pick pick out one guy because he'd. Mr. block what no kids rely acts fair enough we'll get some more what and what Dallas and all around the NFL. As the pre season kicked off about justice yeah. Or just as an everyday torture is about fits your particular brought to buy it makes jewels and coconut grove. Visit that do experience age an age difference or discover the net HH jewels dot com also brought by middle off from 100% dedicated to your financial recovery. But the answer is nobody is worth it and by Lexus of North Miami always an amazing deal. We have live from the hard rock event senator of these several hard rock poker open main events started up today three million guaranteed his literature said. But it users want to acknowledges that I was 151000 for his view co and a bit take take a bill swing at it. Which is good meadows a fund Thomas the cone on poker tournament thank you for them for inviting us really really top notch event a great time in the said it was. I mean I think they said it was it was hugely bodily the most it's ever been sold they're gonna make it even bigger next year so props them and also the Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Really really good job. And just to clear things up to there was Colombia for being cranky last segment here it is just a thousand bucks and works all hours like you know a time until the next word. It's theater. Not yeah it's theater TH EA TER. Text the unit a seven to anyone. And registered to win a thousand bucks a yes say the dolphins but themselves a little pre season action and a tight loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team patio we'll try to back man. Team Betty found Isiah for a couple times now in depth two point conversion team bedie was role that the Italy in that game. He gave of they give believe the label it's sort of the bucks. Those cool it was good to see a tight. Presuming here with Lula fund I did lose that led to our border do what's it sucks. I. Was. Pretty impressed by the score. Mean coups contrary to popular belief broke. In the last few years the dolphins. Score and has been. You know minimal at best. But. As you guys beautiful what you guys tell me dolphins' line held up. Give give better. The one thing I'll say is is. Where and offensive lines. If they can stay healthy all pre season. Okay because there are a couple of new guys who's in new center if they can stay healthy all pre season. They don't have to beat the best. But as long as they understand. With each other strengths and weaknesses or when a guy's gonna need help when you need to stay with him a little longer before you move on to the next level. Once they get work and as a unit you know you'll be able to protect rights and who creates molds put running backs that double things. We look with a defense that side of things. Music you know ladies and it's small sample it's hard to know what's real what's not. Yeah it is going to say you have there's guys that might they be a team right Ryan annoyed it's that little bit with with baker midfield in the second but. With regards the dolphins so we've all been ravens David Howard and how Brady looks and he's in the he's been picked monster in camp he's been taken. Like vacuum yet on locking down the month at Parker what is. You know so vote whatever rice and with about this of the prison to getting because it's not that he's torn badly it's like they feel like he's not performing at all but it but. It is a picked on little literally on the dostum a couple times. And so I guess the question is wouldn't. Do you make too much of what it was doing in camp and is in maybe is the Ide chain overblown on them or is it just received what does. Yes and yes. I would say. You know. It's hard for a quarterback. To just go out to corporate. Okay. Would a game plan. And tendencies of rewire receiver. You can kind chief who Britain and that's with a good. You know professional. Quarterbacks do not only do they have great athletic ability. But taking used that ability by being able to reader receiver or a game plan it and be headed to game that way. The guy catches three picks in practice late may come Percival. If you even continent as a team like you don't know what the current situation is. You know I mean at a place and a fees go back to resign his locker and like putting up a tactic. And I think a lot of quarterbacks get into we DB's. That's the reason why. Like do you count on him. You know so I wouldn't worry about that too much. You know a lot of people have always been high on him. And it guides and radio season. I don't know whether it's him or deepens as a whole. In a lot of times you know remember. Nnamdi Asomugha yeah. Who was he started with the Eagles right but he saw the raiders went duties to others got paid by the U by the Eagles. And everybody made him. A lot down quarter. But he wasn't. And he went city Eagles they tried to make them a lot down quarter and he got posted for whole year. So you kinda have to be careful with. Is a guy great quarter or does he played the system well also witty Zabian Howard. Let's just let it play out a little bit. See when they get into a game player maybe a third pre season game where they actually gave play afford a guy and see if they go lie down with him. Or is he gave a good game playing guy yeah he's able to read a defense or read a play. In joked a quart bag because either way he's apple what you just really don't know. In the first pre season game he must say. Are used and abused children see. Lyoto forgot that if that's at the level but that's kind of what I think you were maybe expecting a bullet with all these tweets in the in the first couple weeks those guys. Seem to showed themselves real quick notes they need to be successful. At his position. Jim Ramsey has been do you rent since day one. You have to say it won't check out this young guy coming alone. You know what I mean so let let's just you know let's just waited out a little bit less he would you know because a lot of times the coaches. The coaches are doing to. Like they like to do certain things with their defense. Went over the course of three season what you're doing is kinda. Speaker now what the restaurants. It weaknesses or as the unit as an individual players and are trying to work to your defense around those strengths and weaknesses so. If it Zabian Howard can be a lockdown guy in some situations. Then it'll help them as they can you know role opposite him to leave him on. Yet there's an there's still a lot of uncertainty with that core position on the other side note I think they came into this thinking night. You know it's going to be you know the patter or court or take after the new guys is also emerging but I think maybe they're just. I think there was a ball with a little bit more unsettled on the other side so. Right so you're gonna see a lot of here here's what's gonna see you know see a lot of safeties rolling down to that side. Probably try and help. Those guys about those guys up now is Avian how we're gonna be good enough where OK he can lock down a guy because what offenses will do is. Did you start singling out by put mystery into it other side that you wrote your defense over there it is we can on Zabian. So yeah it did it's like it's a complicated thing. But it'll all play itself out depending on the strengths and weaknesses of one Zabian Howard and other side whether they can. You know play more men play. More out with a two deep safeties and not have to roll at a certain way to protect again right. Those the football those those those sexy football but we guess one. That's how it works you wanted to know works instead of some guy just sitting knew that text they stop go stop stop doubting you have no reason why and I told trying to implement it to you know it's about the green rather an Arab. Larry you keep me in the simple to you there's a sixth evidence of course services to over and to hear much from the at the tweets are getting old even among his supporters like this. Just assume because you like geared that you live in Italy where you do in your jaguars and it I don't know a year knack. Home and pretty cool you neck. Poll Poland is your lot just look I know I live in the boon docks but there are levels to that game week when you get up there and used it and used again the to the back and out of the news sealed they resume of the confederate flags you realize oh my god. This is a different banjo level stuff back here. Look man. Am I'm tired of him as well I'm I'm with you guys late. This thing he used you know I know a lot of our audience gets exhausted with the stuff and it looked with it thing. I think the players were exhausted with the two and yes Kenny stills and Alison. The kneeled on the National Anthem to protest racial injustice that. But you know Kenny meekly after the game yesterday too is one you audience start having a conversation with a wise it would do witness how would you give Eric Reid and and I can't governing jobs again like they're clearly worthy of being in the NFL. And neither one of them as a as a gig right right now to consider it Colt McCoy was on a football field last night gets a seven foot quarterback is getting batted at the London. Decorate text conversation you and I mean hell here. And so. You remember yet you know last year and subsequently pedestals and let's start out last year taking and he did it the first year people were doing it. And then he didn't do it's our last year and then the president came and called them facilities. It and they're doing rigidity. And just. If you or departed from some more which are. And on either side of things war in this one of the things I've found very. Austin this world saw deviant from the anthem thing. I think in this world is becoming eggs it's become exhausting. That is. Because we're getting pounded with these things every single day and if you know one side your on the other and owns and yours and your cast out and the thing I found very very frustrate LeBron does what is it. This divisive like honestly you're isn't exhibition to lose their job over this. Over this. America. That's not me I don't care you know who you voted for or what policies you hold. That's a country that's. Being able to speak your mind. A difference discourse on things and I think it lost its been lost its human beings you hit it. You know open up your phone it's a toxic waste these days and the fact that that the leader of the free world choosing that. That that absolute power outages sendoff messes left and right because he feels like it's easy Hulk Hogan moved to hold his hand to his ear. And get all of largely praise because he's getting blast left and right. I just find it very very frustrating because. I think we all know Kenny stills and stills is is the really good football player is it really good dude he's been about it isn't it at that dolphins. Humanitarian of the year who has twice yes you can tell he's always at a community tell me what he's doing is disrespectful sorry I can't I can't you know. That's and I you know by the way OK these news it is under no circumstance if that dude sit me. This is what it's about. Did you take him for his word and see. OK it's over and has about American guy by the way by the way I I mean just my own personal is. You know these guys are choosing to do this to protest something they believe in. Which is a choice as opposed the ass hats that are the anthems playing in their busy you know yakking it up or you know not paying attention or there again. Their beer on or what how we elect could care less don't don't care at all yeah I mean like let's let's not really for for years we only use they have them the only time if there was ever mention was a prop up close of horrible right. And FF I like we get the debt and cash on this thing. Among Christina I want to look a lot of a couple of we use it for action and now all of a sudden become like it's it's become this thing like. It's all it's you think you're in church and endear and you're not junior flexing at the right time right you know like. I am it's it's a weird holiness has been blown around a song that's just up there for profit. Like let's actually this is something that is that is some secret ritual we've been doing forever it's not. I agree with them again. But the political play they've. Again it's like man but he you have to understand where Arco. I'm from New Orleans in. You know I had again tell you give stories from my grandmother my great grandmother told me about. The freedoms they didn't head. And so there's a couple of things from here in their stories that I would never do. I would never ever. Take the rights of an individual away from them how will always. Always support freedom of anything. And whether I agree which are freedom's home of the discussed. But I will always fight for those freedoms no matter what they are. And so especially heard from my grandmother and my great grandmother. On a big believer of women's rights. I mean keep the money. Out before I was born. It would be able women thought what I view though so keep that in mind that's not that long ago. Is the fact that we all have these freedoms. Let's not try to take them away from Jerry you'll have to agree battle to have the other way and what anybody has to say are we also losing. Side of the fact of what we're talking about. It's a football game to game gets entertainment be it it is it is but with the debris to problem is is that. It was all dying down. Okay. In bit ago personal. And then. It got to the point where you know way. I was cool we just lived it died down we made our point. But two K rod said that no I'm taking they needed it what do you say about that great presence on you to be cool man. Yeah I'd be happy be cool. You have to be cool because the whole. Low. He cool. I get the hell out of here be cool I mean got to be out of your bleeping might be cool stamp probably through nationalism or be suspended without. But be cool. I'm equal in the room because he is sending them doing that it's just for mobile home. And by the way all. That that camera you that they even had to go find it would what was the secret bowl camera because those guys were. At the back to the bench they were sitting down the song started they knelt. Well it was the way that you'll find secret it was it was a player that had a fist in the air forget who accuser Quinn Robert Quinn yet. So the first picture that came out of that. Was from like parts unknown but I had a zoom in and like you do all sorts of tricks up my phone to even see what he is doing to four late later on there's a picture. You don't head on but those like Jesus. That manga for Geddes those good presents those. Knew of what he believes in Africa is still stand up for his friend. Who thinks is being wrong as well and being kept out of Beckham's in the Cisco missiles just looking for penchant. I mean if if that's the case we ask you this if these guys a little attention. Why aren't your cameras every time they go into one of these neighborhoods and help but accuse the brackets what was the mediator Fredette does that do you don't know like. Come on late no less stay away from somebody. You can have your putting into whatever. Which much time and effort and community work these guys do and nobody gives a day. Nobody you don't go out here in support Tim did. Social media. Doesn't go out here and in state look at what these guys are doing for community you know only time you see. When it's when they do some put community. It's when it's a dolphins sponsored me. When they give it away turkeys this up like debt. Did every cable does they want to be cool with the dolphins these guys all summer long. But doing stuff for underprivileged kids for communities for hospitals and stuff like death and all these people don't care about debt. But taken me four issued that day believe in. And no help bring to spend the time and effort. And of resources and go help your community and do these people who don't have opportunities that you had. And then you can talk. And I shut the hell up. We're back up to this. Everybody we'll let you know the thing is once again party with the local time weather authority team with chief certified meteorologist Betty Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross you got stay with all the latest on news this season are still covered take it is sponsored by the anti services protecting you. PGT impact windows and doors. Keep it up today at the circuit he's ready earning seven the F 1043 institute ticket. The radio dot com station. Give you guys such as a thousand bucks coming up in about eighteen minutes. We are gonna lie to you from the hard rock event senator decently hard rock poker open going on right now three million dollars guaranteed the main event time. Over here at our rock a lot of laden getting in on the action great top notch of of the put on last night. And a leader is get himself some food from the cafe Elsa oh my goodness I had to run over their life he is a three times. Meant so tell me about that. Again tell me about the game because did there's in and here's what I'll do there's there's a couple of things that I wanted to see. Okay office to line their progress. They don't need to be great rain did Miller get it did OK there it is good okay mother. Point. The emphasis was linebackers how these dot did you stop the run. Right the defense as a fantastic yeah he could well that was that was. Because mine little one as well Amber's got her last night but. It's not over yet because they'll they'll come in in Cuba mine. The flexibility that they have defensively. They're gonna take Rashad. Rashad Jones. And they're gonna take meat of his country. To get a more politically. One estimate that is suitable lodged mobile no. I guess it's so that's the person who today. I. Think that's not dangerous streets he is into your. It's 101. Minus one and that's one of its. Own I'm out here at bush. I'm in my comfort zone or what my friends. I'm here were my friends. You re. Well at the table. Here's analysts because I thought he looked really really good but he's got a little fancy with the footwork at the end and he want to do the hurdle. Lost the football well the movie complacency. In almost say this just in layman's terms. There's certain this is your body gets it would listing going to mine is where your own positions. That leaves you acceptable stuff like that it's so he'd jump in when you jump would supersede your arms go up like this and it. Never Qaeda met late. Into the scale unlike any others go to war. A grown man running full speed yet another making come in poke him in one spot. That colors the ball comes love them hurdle if you pull off the journalists like the most disrespectful movement sports blow him you don't coached in a defense. You carry which carries these. Another accuser if it's not a good. Audiences CFC much to psyche had you hear this good route but. Fails on he's from a stinker. So you would out of this. But this I think he had some hops on a given that I got to take on the back of quarterbacks but it's first for seizing him. Hey Yost one thing that is nice thing former bronco. You would it would do you boys solid. It's time to move on but guess who quit let's let let me let sales flourish living answered this question you have. We just sort this out there for the general population. The browns really neat quarterback. If they get rid quarterbacks. How good you think he's going to be here. Must have a question is. Did did they hit the starting quarterback is big. Guy yet. Do you think he has. He's terrible. He's not accurate actually I thought rice paddy looked better I'd also do. No. I think. I didn't but the other than a than he did on the artists other than David Bell's arm sleeve tattoo which is questionable. Com and then the IIV he was good and I think what's good about him is like you know you're groom that brought yourself. And so. I think it's just I don't know like the idea of you know you got this guy who started kind of craft of what's there but with with honest Weiler its just lake. Will man the tallest guy in the field. Watch a throat of the old line. I don't get it noticeable that thing inside armored. Oh maybe he's so tall so somebody better stop doing it sometimes. You do things to a comedy. You sound so. When you're 68 you don't definitely boasted ever give block where as you look at a guy like Drew Brees he's really over the top because he's a little shorter. You look at you know like a son he never sees the ship coming. If that AQ that's owed to Africa received so. Defensively. They were. They stopped a bit they do against the run of the rookies the good how do look against the run. OK okay defensive all right that was it though so this past this game yesterday. Was all about listing of it this way. The one. But we all have from what last year it was office production. Yeah okay in the office looks like you're going right direction so office is that they got some talent. I don't think you really notice and they have what's did he looked fine I don't know just say as not in this is not even. We're not even play aggressive with yes there was a line. Even even the reserve guys like Andre did you play lasted only use. Rezko get pushed for their running game so that's all I was very hard I'm I'm I'm looking at it. Big picture not individual guys like the hurt gain in Beasley. People want to hear about individual guys what guy looked good what dilute and come. Obligated as a unit old world the offense. And that's why is that when I saw the total. Of play. Su Wu we got here is in so I had these questions about the game. Defensively again. Public things always are to defense him pre season games. You're not a game played before anybody. And in defense is believe and I'd do the do the game plans because you're not ever gonna just physically go vote in just beat somebody up you know going to be able to strong arm. You gonna have to have some game plan to cheat who bit. Likable fashioned things those incidents of one new orange. Dust. It's a way better than that and injuring nonsense here to descriptions. And outs by the way did anybody much needed browns game. I heard bigamy to look good in the good risk I was that they commit to think that it's fascinating here with the authors like bit the Thurston. He the Ferris and he's put numbers are low backhand so gets about it in the SATA back up to this.