8-10-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, August 10th
The Miami Heat apparently have some big news for today, Tobin says it better not be a schedule release, cause if it is they're catching a block. Tobin loves himself some Baker Mayfield, he was slingin' it out there last night. Justin Bour got traded to Philadelphia. Kelvin Benjamin wanted no smoke with Cam Newton. Bill Belichick is surley as always to the sideline reporter, Tobin says Belichick wouldn't dare be like that to Kim Bokamper.

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Back everybody. Klesko a seventh test on his comments your favorite sports updates. Bush it's smaller shows hosted. Abu Ghraib who. All of our nation added advocates turned on in settings read about content over everything on and seven F a more appropriate to take a guess so yes today. As we left the show the Miami Heat. Posted this video. Do you send us an idea we didn't we see widget that you already some big income and yet it wasn't an Oakland on the phone is that big news and it was a picture it was James Johnson with the video. And there isn't all that Trajan Johnson which is stupid I don't understand why you idiots thought that anybody at the university so hostile to this third. Answers appease I was getting I was getting loaded and I love this as a lower followers and all that stuff but there are people who think in the hole. There's been JJ trader was ordered tea bag movement is to put at a height video of somebody and then Trace their ass it's almost. As good as bad as congratulating her coach. For winning coach of the year after after you fired him it's. A cup oh it's well. It's not disease concentrated and had so. Everything at once and ignorance what's the big news is is. Is a trade is their particular look the heat if this is it the heat aren't going to tease a trade. Like the summer blockbuster. That's not that that that's how rolls guys. Then today they doubled down. Which a little skeptical that do it because everybody is getting already hype it is big news thing and that they hit it as with the states you'd and it's chilly season the big old dark. Again what filly she's been visible via Maria. The tees in Philly cheese docket and the Dublin down so I'm just told the right now and I love you know you guys know about it Philly cheese Duncan over the Celtics. I'll tell you right now Miami. If the big news is the schedule getting released at 4 o'clock course with warrants a blocking you. I'm black and eat a blocking you and it's a Graham and a block and you on Twitter I don't think you're gonna go through this I will block them. Amid heavy apartment block that you'd you'd bet that. You're definitely gonna guess is that anyway it's also football season you getting a suspension. To like October. Until until further notice. TCB that's what it is and those of of there's nothing else that any illicit. The only thing can be is the sign of waiter you DN. TB did and they wouldn't they wouldn't use change jobs or Philly cheese to announce that. Somebody was a schedule are they go announced that wade is resigning now become the cool. You know I hope while we enjoy how the video to other people can't show video of wade it's too obvious you'll swerve. Here's what I think I've he has by the guests do vice. I think the releases New Jersey or something that we would they release the dirt why wouldn't they release video of of the in the vice Jersey from lack lobbyists too obvious now to Iraq a lot of it's just the schedule you gotta throw opposite no it's just beast the scheduled to hit. Have anything that says big news and stay tuned in your view this and you're getting belligerent towards lake or wind yesterday because that's what he tweeted out that it's a scheduling nearly bleak view viral. First of all you really revealing private tax. Well I mean. And second of all. I just think that it's rude but I can't about it an organization that is as good as marketing at the Miami Vice jerseys white hot. Court culture all the cool stuff they do. They are not hitting us over the head with and they know how thirsty. Beast it's a barren wasteland summer we're Thurston percent who most. That's why they're over hyping it did tonight overhyped and tell me that you opened up against Orlando. That's what's happening now. No like you're in denial right and never lost no. No I'm talent we're a better be get a cool Jersey. Or some cool theme night that's common. Orbiter to get Dwyane Wade back or Udonis back it better be something cool. Because of its just scheduled any released at 4 o'clock. I'm awfully well we just got a tweet at us regular check your own Twitter account. Richer and oh pizza. Boo him now can this be believed. Me and it's what I thought. Of those who reveal it to everybody issued just let it may spoil by. If those are nice I mean. Well guys you just kind of really theoretically if they were that day right. It. Theoretically be your. Really. What's. In spite of that. Oh well I wouldn't and both seasons note forget that the census says there's we'll look at what it's a four balls and yet you have me we got all preaches it breakaway and hey if you put up high videos. I'm just saying you better live up to muscle tone. So if if this what we just got treated was what it's for and then you're not gonna block them known. No that's that's genius. Can look at that have a cooler cooler video that come along we'll is this is a case in a boy in the red zone that it should be coming in next week to. Lots of stuff as well columns hits the W president. Had to do it looked. That they have to come strong you know come in with a big. We wrote we who arrive this year big news we read Doug Robinson who might not play stroke and soon. Might that play is plan. You don't you don't run with this the year of Jim Jordan oh gosh that we call this the year the leap. This is when ten Jordan you know he is going to spread his feathers like a peacock. More time for bam this time politicized. You do realize their race he's in sweet nothing else. So it's just us. You off the sun. Although anything may have a Renaissance in the game that are reform I hope that a son turns around and a heat fan of his plan for the you don't want to do well a rude I don't actively results and I'm not saying is that on the team that I root for. You say right now you'd rather have them in there instead of the sun. I'd just like watching them what basketball more. Deathly yes and yeah I guess is that would saying yet. You know I just I opus on his turnaround I just don't here's what it just come out with a son LeRoy. I und dot I'm just tired of the story line news would be just tired of I'm tired. Every time so that doesn't go his way if somebody else trying to write an entire him not just in the organization. Which is the only one in the NBA ever imagined so he's got a little beast and his shirt what do you do when there lots of talk to animals no no no Madonna Madonna is always somebody else's fault. On nine pass the buck. It. Student loans. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami and got the US at best advantage BHD to Miramar. Radio dot com station. Person to chant yes thousand bucks right now in the summer swindle you Wear this hour is edges. ED GE. Edge yes cholera. Text that's good to hit it live and you registered and stick 76 at the seventy anyone. We got beat first real app Toledo that this headlines Bruntlett air Italy. But to get myself over to Milan. Some nice stuff. Let's start with the fact that. We did have some reason football last highly dubious title and a New York. I ate a pick the falcons in this from my doomed makes Detroit and Oakland after that both are on the NFL network if you'd like to tune in for some more pre season football. The president wants the players to find another way to protest the NFL Hussein. Are a Stanton hands and is the same. They have no stance in the NFL stances gutless have a stance it's gutless it's got this this gutless you did you mean. Day they had a stance in the mirror like. Thousands devastating blow them they made rules and they took back the rules and then I don't know what to do the sense is godless. New York. You are rare and reform muted Emmy viewers of liberating your you do slow footed Pat Riley say when things get typical. You gotta have the guts. And you don't run out the first door he just did that to get the Brown's day. And the first time that somebody got mad on television. The NFL it. And they ran away. Because the government's it's not someone. That he wants a multibillion dollar business. It's multi billion dollar don't. Look at the PGA judge image of leaderboard at all spot to add a logical shots on the nine today a 100%. Satisfaction guarantee serving golfers a rally under the country since 1968. LeRoy when we got on the course there. Gary Woodland is still leading the way at ten under. Of follow up a 64 yesterday with a 66 today that's some good golf very dear Kevin Kim 64 days and nine under. Brooks kept a shot 63. Boys you know 63 is the lowest score ever shot in major championship. He's at eight under Dustin Johnson Charles Schwartzel both tied at seven. And where your. Name's. John around. Is that five under. A millionaire Rickie Fowler's a 500 tees off. You should be teeing off here shortly. Jordan speeches at three under they Ricky Allen C and so tasteless days as the re under he must go out stupid Retief dollars freaky none of our it and the outfit choices Ricky Fella to go with the vice uniform and see little Palm Beach. You know a lot of movement is to help golly his race right right if you look at the tiger can see tiger. Murky. Blue team. Well isn't he just he just to you know he does so he's on he's all one but it's enough to have some where you. Who says well 48 year but he could be that central as whereas this could be central time you know it past me because I'm in Saint Louis and that is the Gomez later Tina from the 104 group are just stepping onto the on court okay. Our so others that even waivers just started. Phil Mickelson. Two words trump slowing. So if you if you've visited you viewer wagers. Bullet moves and terror of your paper. And you're done. Often. So yesterday baker midfield that man. Really the the look at the moment swagger though that's tiger. Brown hump I'll tell you joke you. Holes that dude Callaway got arrested. It had to literally noon movie that literally. Had to live up pay every player in an embryo. Good geek call. With some weed in guns in the car. Is never go beat the games man is never any biblical beat me and lays out of the way we do. We'll Wii U is a war devices. Take drugs. Beat neck no there's two things that need it the the owner of the colts. All right oh with 7000 don't Fiat and housing former cowboys player who has the resolutely pounds and pounds and they knew yet. They knew got arrested. Released on bond in figured. Well since a month they won't catch me again. And got caught again the judges here Matt Jones was that the token this car but only after the company in the air he has topped the accuser until and forced to quell the two of the dolphins offensive line did he didn't go the other way Eagles quarterback they moved to wide receiver is there yet. Is it they did superfast though it fast. He was like the little garden gnomes that the that Belichick likes to poacher on deck and I sure. No doctors not sure he's got to go deductible that's what the deck is going to be amazing. Who I have whatsoever and again twelve and 1012 and to implement at 12100 run of the residents on the run with my do guys I mean Tony there's no way. So he lit it up but here's the thing. Not starting quarterback. So he's getting some run against the twos. The second so it's muddy up like this is the thing I have worried about. Right now browns then you it's about thirsty no it's their support quarterback like the grounds correct even the dolphins. Had a thirst did like the browns have for QB. When he had this victory to my seasonable overall pick. Don't I gotta go see him sink or swim because that's everyone's gonna be Null for that's. Every sport. Every year mean you have saint Maarten. You just don't normally do. Is. Let's I was a browns fan right now. Did she owns and be like Tyrod Taylor yet. Yeah with bricks here you here's what you have to do. If you have tyra two you have time. So relax. Don't rush him out here. You teams not ready to have him as quarterback. And he gets in some bad habits because they're not protected don't really. I don't get David Card to pay yet bill that did David Card looks acts. 131. Man. Let's what's seems to get them from the roundup. Okay. I will look good. Though it bigamy field if if you eat let Satan the first few games and he starts whenever that is. Looks like halfway decent. Yes do you whirlwind day in the city I mean they're going to so you know what you know as questions. You ready yet marked as an account yet. If rules the coat gives an intensity eject it goes to the podium. He needs is these words. Did to witness to recoup those you can smile. Like the way. Big to me proof progressing and let him get some room with the first group. An event that we've had a well let's get that weasel Todd Haley who's probably. But when you're. Did you know is the one. They start off this year against Pittsburgh. Who home. I don't want to ways obviously taken on the kings of the division most aching go badly but if it goes badly has done. Then the next week the stuff on the road and Portland's. So not ideal for. I'm on a flop it up and waited for the old jets get down week three. That's on you know an aging going to be detained. We we we can rule in aid and now they weed them. We live don't exactly have a easy credit that start out Tyrod Taylor and then you know. I mean if they win a couple of days ago it's. Host Pittsburgh at New Orleans post jets. Oakland. And then they come back in the host to games that hosts the ravens and chargers so. Leave the ravens in the court. As to deepens that. Don't bode well for young quarterbacks. Of the zero that they got the okay was of these get over the browns I mean. At a secret that like Ohio State that knows a bit of states in the league I'll go with the fiftieth. Played out so I think maybe that's the big men here. Two things that he. Stop determine his troops scheduled before the season starts. Because football has the largest turnover in playoffs so you believe to be tough for Nat. Until the season starts. And Astrid schedule will be different at the end of the year that it was when the season's start. So get over used to go tomorrow's news four at the wreck would happen. It was. That's right I see that just aboard got treated I. Disdain of big Fella in the gulf after the 61 it was for the those who. Loan. Athens in his gloves he would use them. Seriously do with. Bear a lumberjack all the all the bad. Sodas are Richard let me Wear that the cardinals. Yeah although he. Each. As they did that oh he left a breaking ball a little bit high and I'm like oh. She's not artists they hit his while to bust out this week what. Inherited and I think it would. You have a lot does that mean unless amounted to a large. Oh they were those jerseys oh yeah I saw the minds on the minds of the team picture. And it. They took and that the subsidy that's nothing happens in the mid day show. You'll have been this year you'll get nothing yet you'll give gifts you'll get even know. We're doing OK for a so pay. This more thing I mean I know this untreated asked and as some other stuff but do we have Blake. Actual confirmation from my AM LB. All I gotta from Ken Rosenthal you can look at the duty senate to us. A pact enemies pretty regular yeah you guys aren't baseball reporters it's. Yeah against sentiment which are part funded because the the normal las suspects that normally have the Marlins. Above have not said anything yet. On this which report got got by a fake rose bundle John Hayden goes Justin board goes to the Phillies with money Marlins get prospect. Bombers as you might need to do to roads are all in why is that you know you know on the role. We're back up to this home. I want to back everybody relax a little hard rock book events that are with a similar program opens. Minutes aren't up today at noon there's more room of the day tomorrow. Roll on through he was in fact give a little tricky break. Incidents it's allowed him that's fun of that atmosphere is great. Everything here foyer says stands Roland you get this little program grows hero. What's the united accumulate go to pull it atlases atlas is there yeah. He's got some bouncing their. We usually brown and pink then. And you know. As of that gigabytes huge to our fourth annual visit football draft and another man and a beautiful hair beautiful pony tail John Clayton. And as football expert Jamey Eisenberg it's Sunday August 26 at twin peaks in Davie. The city star at 1 o'clock with a lot broadcast the draft Libya four if you hold these drafts at twin peaks Jon and Jamie you go from table table offering expert advice. Although. I gotta make sure you get like our I would have to bribe them if I'm going to commemorate the best advice. On the Jamie done. Sabotage my opponents give me the best advice. That's the way out you think the draft matters. They have pulled it off he did auto week and won the term one movie. Yeah he did that right so I don't think that's that's like me less than a poker like him when he ridiculous hands on trying to get out of there. Early in all of these chips. He has a better Apollo creed is do so which more than me. Then that I thought I was due while I get the leader is table. My many of you here he's like Scrooge Mick duck with all the chips. Got on this is what it'd chips how. How I'll I don't really know Booker works but how far did you get. I guess I troubling for wealth or 500 people a while ago to like. The last four by tables wow. Was confused east. Who surrounded by millions the other effort in the threw two early Alia we. Just didn't know that I got yelled at first because. I went over there and got popcorn. Right the problem seems out of beautiful popcorn I don't know who wasn't ready so like grabbed you know one of those popcorn cubs to how to hold on to some popcorn in Delaware bay to get more and the guy says a damn yeah and they had a whole platter pretzel roles and off to a guy like the idea of a pats rolled it is actually like the pretzel role well let me tell you. No no. The two would not go. Yet knows Hoff and and how how deeply she's on the top no eighteen year olds you know on ways to look as a bagel. It's. I mean it's a collective bagel wouldn't like the same pretzel concept and you may but it's small little evasive and it's because of my yeah. Tribal chip. You that they wrap everything in a vague and papal press that a via via the as a child should get to claim bagels mildly to our winning silent lie it. My wife meets homemade wings and pigs in the blanket since he takes. The little baby had doubts. And rules of individual leads into one of those little hole we've been noticeably time what are 10 Matilda may step look look look look. What we have -- this special treatment is with him about when Norman as well one little special little hot dog treats. She'd tell me to kick rock was says for a show party what would've know what if I bribe Rebecca did tell her that you want. Com. Got to tell you it's like yeah it can happen. Enough farms in the Mac and cheese dollars and is now telling yes a font is. Is Google the loser when we have Vince over there thereby making it to Israel fondled and I had shoes. Got to make it sees. Don't buy it ironic is Alaska who's winning on them and yet that that probably won't if regular weird we're. Confrontations. Those Kelvin Benjamin in the they got into areas that before the game kind of kind news we're well I think of guys go to the background of McAllen batteries went through the were. The catalog at there shut up fat but not when they were good. We're certainly no good teams are with a good user and when he came back is that. And candid was listed but he had this whole thing yours to on the athletic that. You know felt kind of sabotage haven't Cam Newton is as quarterback early in his career and I ever did you like all of management and do that's going to be. Dating right and it was just never worked out never panned out so. No but it got even you know candidates you know did some disagree composers or boot. Now listen to buy haters although he clearly is listening to his haters and so candid chose evidently. Almost as if it was at WW script. The Panthers and bills how to play each other week one of course. Of corn sellers can't do and tries to go up and guests washing it or just talk to and watch digital video would you make him if you. The win over there and just like god this face like it was so well which got US arms say to me like dad like byte look. Well let let hold on look let's keep her real. When a guy goals over the year. OK it's not that ninth comes season that you think personable he wanna show we're by the moment ago you know bright. He's a shoot off a guy. Burn he's there right. US arms they'd be seated tomorrow please don't seen know. When something like that it and Jones him Manning got tough for you. News then you just trying to follow him like a regular right hours and it looked at it was ignored pocket it is owed it looks like the looks just like with their tweets it. Cam Newton winning front government about the immediate sick like really open here is is Kelvin Benjamin after the game like competition. That's right I'm eligible. We'll go from August. Investors who have. Moving on from. Please click yeah. Got to move it all from. You into New York. What was he trying to save you. This knowledge on this. I do try to do that even showed us just two words like don't don't like. 00 you don't come over here like first of all is not like basketball. Okay. Because that basketball two guys got beef like that it was god go over there it. If you possibly dailies have a slap fight asylum. You go to Zain but it. You go but it too mentally that you basically goal insular but concede you your eight necessarily go in there to squash anything. Because if you would squash anything you can get a hold him. Without. All the pomp and circumstance of you know what I mean and so you wanna go would assure everybody so you can live he would know. Oh I way to confront him about debt. Like any. They Jimenez and isn't isn't. I mean I get I get Camden not one year like he's a man. You know as a muzzle the you know you wanted to see like it's my fault that things don't work out Seward out just fine when you were here. It. Ended. Game and they're not to say a lot of times. Here's what. No probably could says. It seemed as if build this. Would've worked a lot better than he did it for some reason it just didn't work out. Which would have been fine. Because we all know. In usein in his second and what we already know. I mean I'm not beyond doing this because I'm trust that the first one but if your any kind of a public figure. And you're gonna throw selling out their to the media you should probably be prepared to confront them that person. I guess simulate Britain via. It. Here. Oh so people brought hope. No enable and have a seat a god who brought adult visual it was all a Twitter whatever UK UK about. Yeah you think you posting about that win he says that well these Edelman at the awful. There's a thing to be there is a thing with receivers though was when they're going to a new place. If they're gonna be asked about why they weren't something the previous record was supposed to go to I mean it didn't germs they do the same thing. Yet the Mayo civic Jarvis though is Jarvis that they didn't like him. Bring up was Ryan's work ethic. It is I thought I have that was kind of look does not always right here proving you know here's why I think the routes are what they are I think what you did on the team is what you do on the team. Police say somebody's not a hard worker he's. We have no we have no evidence to the otherwise it's it's it's as though that what's Wright's most media puts at a Jay-Z had video obviously but rather than that how is he supposed to battle back here in his. There's the problem with that is is that. We you want to throw shade as somebody. What kind of stage tour rides and who you got a hundred plus balls right every UU wisdom and in so you got to find some mills. He can't talk about oh. He'd into a ball to lead into the bay due June you broke it of no record right well it would be adjusting like let's say were at a world with the dolphins did wanna pay Jarvis Landry. Do you think you take all these things and brought like do you think you would have felt like. They are doing everything to make sure I wasn't the face of the franchise. Steroid not mentally know what to do list is for the past is the fifth different eyes I would say it is. The one person that I don't have a problem with throwing shade at his former team. Is. Rules the short point guard. Where Isiah Thomas as well as on site is when Isiah Thomas and Jada. And Boston I typically don't know I have no problem with day Tuesday. I mean do you also my the money with that neither Leahy IG in the entertained going back there. Yet and I typically don't have a problem with with. Players doing it at management or coaches. Again. Is that that's where the decisions are really made on your career. But to do with players it's times like you guys with priority idea that you guys were playing together how Howard you're supposed to defend yourself in those terms you don't. I don't now you don't you don't you just move on if you revealing clubhouse secrets or if you're revealed behind the scenes stuff. What is or what what what could ten hill do for stars Landry to show the two showed more in the receipts of how hard would it show. Page Jarvis we're gonna meet her for throwing on Sunday in April right. See there but Zia to release screen shots I don't understand what it would have to do. I think. That you take it for what it is. When you've never heard hey here's one of the things that is great about just life in general. That win you win to people close to unit of people around you know what kind of person you are in somebody says something and that doesn't fit what you know but a person you'll have to say nothing. So if all the people in that organization. Know what kind of work rented a bruise. How he prepares for games and what he does to help this team win. And then somebody who leaves organization. Negotiated a dead. To say about this because people would have better know. That a person will kind of player would kind of professional you are you just move. Yeah but I Curtis override it would be hard because the I would say has the divided sport amongst the mandates of over the put it lightly. And so if you do a dozen player he doesn't know that. Call Kamal are and you do it you gotta be kidding everybody molecule man. Like. It. I can honestly say wanna play skis with skis yeah. I will not deny that sometimes I have a warped sense of the world. However. I after the story broke. Did not put out a hype video of myself. Throwing five yard passes to geez these public service announcement. So I think he's well aware that he has that interpretation and decide you know what. But time for all run Roddick you Lou love. I'll go back to save the franchise from the stink Cutler you think he talks on a sudden a third person is right around. I think every athlete does I think Franken who knows this is a chance for him to actually be embraced and loved by the fan days. They had a terrible year last year last he has the has a chance to come in here and say oh you want to know so that we can do some good things in football this year. Old Ryan's you have to hand the man to see you had in the mayor announced in the man's time of rockets used. You bit out group Abu. It cost. A lot. Here. You have a bit about to be certainly yes. I'd be his Bill Belichick at halftime of yesterday's patriots can. Military now has picked it caused Bill Belichick and coach receives a football's not about winning or losing what you hope to get out for staff. Obligated pretty much everything better just. Not good enough and an area. It's good to sees good situation football it's going at the end and happy anyway. Yeah about 38 seconds a good football. I think he got elected that going on to look at Zagat corrected him hard on my rigid I'd go to Bill Belichick. You just either me. It. I know it tell you that we tell you there's got to be no more uncomfortable position. In sports. Because Belichick doesn't do those on the regular and a plug it right now he doesn't know he doesn't they wouldn't do that to kimbo camper now can report to write the phase boo holed it would whose Steve DeOssie who was that for the I don't gentry and as for the patriot TV broadcast and a lot of that up because. He indulgent doesn't do those like off the field interviews so. I could anything make you more miserable and god I've been the Dixie BA all. Of that over to television deal they. I think like oh. Some national on no no no the jet game does the as I did USC game yet Bill Belichick does not do the running off the field interview or the running on the field like he and the only and only usually you get the seller Bordeaux and he had just got a Bill Belichick in the tunnel and he symbol global LeBlanc. But even that's probably had them talk LAU the dumbest one is the dumbest one is in college football with a do. Right before kickoff I hate that. And they do they do get her. It. In order no don't take all basis taped during the birthday okay there might replicate. And the of that drug craze is the only person to talk to saving his Renault. That's cardinal is the only person gets to it is a solid that's not true what's her face. Gregory Taylor yet no final I thought she got to at least a couple times I don't think so man and I think you would toss of Renault and holly Rowe maybe. No I think only Reynolds. You did this contract I think he looks because you're not and all the he's eaten at Santa regardless of how you guys would be if you had that type mother I used to have to use those interviews at the half with. I did it was silent seek Coker and Shannon and oh geez you had some room like congress find. Reddish and the toilet that was not a media halftime question. Late this week you sound like you're award winning I'm not alarmed when I'm not let it means. Still not fun. Elected judges a member island whenever I I had to go in every radiation and it like Joseph was sicker some siding in or we radiation of the pregame show. And I'm just be like they would any appointment made he knows I'm coming out around there at the recorder. And I shall do his office and you know than the secretary calls in a coach obese is here to do the pregame I blocking it was obvious they. Hell you want. Save it also does well Marty. Is it Mark Morris uses excel lovable EA or course. Borden board lament that so. You're 801. Yeah Emma a mode Lemond but I don't days left in a do vick's next. Back guys. Election though that the take resents the total budget Children's Hospital kids expo on September it is upon that. Mike is this like every year cookies. And music discovery sciences really cool place. They have sent over 75 Steve activities. Science technology entertainment art and that you live concerts by Genevieve go to Disney junior and Kevin Quinn who plays and their on Disney's Balt. Plus votes aprons during school BOC kid friendly demos throughout the event and it's thoughts by going mainstream so I mean by Goya stool based. Brought to a Goya moment god Bruntlett had a heart attack main street children says street north and onyx. And Paris on Bahamas visiting in my sock hop aboard. The little motor about there today you've got to. I've not elegantly cuts that that is there which I think I mean here we hear. I L-3. Days. But the lights through that pretty. I'm button and periodically like. The hallways just feels would people we have people coming over a Stanley wrote the gulf scoreboard is up and I've been listening to the morning show a little bit this week a lot. Actually and human testing out there to man. Angry and we. Yeah no no you have been you have been you ether to probably 56 B wouldn't do this is rare week for you do you pistol is often much. We're good. It is stressful week house because she's back at school muscles on new daycare about. Both schools are for him this week. Go base my daughters are schooled extremists on started this schools like nursery school they care. But people at every Gomes yeah it's in new places weeks of restarted nuclear series get used to new faces and he's not he's not about the summit being done is elect the damage to go to the pool and whatnot so and I'm not. I've been one when provoked a strike that's how it works about Viagra is yours under the heat when school starts in the garden yet stuff like that yet. Well this is going to be is good Wheaties diary it is Kazaa to district you'd go on and what he's an effort parent teacher meetings going to be like. Yeah. US run. Doesn't. We will with the you. Know he doesn't play well with me. He you know he's played it's really mostly the punching. Throw it he's a climber. Why does he have his bid is similar under the uniform. It. So that's that no actually I'm the one about him being a climber like I mean you know if you've been apparent little boy. When you get that Yemen yet President Obama did take the good speaking made money we into amber here's your turn to speak. What's gonna do you know his first loss deterrents beat which gets out of the box pattern every single. C. Is the funny thing about your box reform. You just put people who like I give and take away point. Yeah right you just the people and about your points aren't aren't aren't justified by what it puts in the box it's always a finishing move it's like you can't get out of it there's no. There's no getting out of the box when you won't hear the argument box you're locked and but it's a cheap eats. Somebody's who's a shark week for children as we call it in my house once a month for my wife not shark we hold high and what pets. Old tired poll. Has been good to look at just said cut line we did a vigil. Know what to tell him not those that award I mean to Austin listen listen I don't like I've been in the bad news this week after I got a good time less that the poker tournament. Yeah it was it was a good time we've had two plus days geared so Berra Longo. You know he walks like Google walks in he's real thin. How can only lock. Blame he walks like he wants to goalie gear it's weird but I need and he did that this text like a cowboy at least what how well they get these bullet with a catalogs and a slew and that's our myrtle long walks it's amazing the taxes coming of the 9514 to six that keeps telling us. Its stand not steam we know that. We came up with our own term. I had nothing to do is that this was a corporate thing they came almost steam. Which is like sized technology. Entertainment art music as opposed to what stands stands for speaking the steam where's my heat news. We o'clock where's my data he 4 o'clock 4 o'clock discuss where the guys' schedules coming out of 4 o'clock there's no other news. You'll be getting an ex post from me if it is if the only news the schedule the next thing you get from Miami Heat will be screen shot of me but locking you. Blocking you there but it decent I'll tell you what a forward like it is the schedule the last time we did today against with the heat. Gets spoken to well you wanted to something. Everybody doesn't that your feelings of that organization or about that certain player he was a bomb he's only Pearson's money and he was a seven foot stiff. Who never scored. Ohm obviously talk about it suck worse you play able to. Not even close. He did do a nice photo shoot don't dude just took me years and money. Got a bunch issue rooms when a spirit quest in the desert never to be heard from again. Just that one time when their play in the Dallas Mavericks and wanted Jason Jackson Scott shot was late it was like the pits quack. So and so we'll do we'll. Will call Wilson's during test. Did you think the fact that it. It. These ads on a yet new vocals week. So it's America Tommy what is four plus four Pat Riley eight and up at these got eight. Donnie what six plays six petty. For. Initial police and college and rat bastard. Don't usually you're addicted to it has day there at our levity. Maria who activism like these these these these hacked parents who have that it was stuffed mergers is around. He took it right you want to get to get a point guard Jersey tomorrow in Jersey throwback. The article. But what they got to build a guy is too soon to its about the killer crossover. And throw some YouTube. And it does wonders these days you'll let these kids learn. A wicked cross over. He's within the killer problem so that was the killer crossover. He's doing a pro. I would talk deals Monday.