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Monday, August 14th

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Yeah yard pitch your. Who gets to grab at that to give Miami. The thicket of cohorts were shopping is a pleasure present the fifth annual Joseph DiMaggio children's hospitals kids Korean hospital. Kids love and family expo which Saturday September 16 at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It's featuring over 75 activities for kids but Lee meet and greets character photo ops and more. For tickets and more info log onto the ticket Miami dot com character meet and greets with cookie mouse sponsored by Skechers Skechers warehouse outlets have quote we are fully or. The entire family. And before we continue on this and get to our headlines. Let's go to the Coconut Creek auto mall training camp update Coconut Creek auto mall friendly and knowledgeable the price you want sponsored by CN bar grille in coconut grove old fish taco winning passports or 2017. By the Miami new times I concierge men's and wellness. EV PE guy you sidelined. Get back in the game concierge men's dot com and by Lexus of North Miami enemies in the automotive experience what happened dolphins camp today well there was. Helmet to helmet hit. By cornerback Torrie attire on Kenyan drinks break on the receiving end. Of that collision he left the field with help retrain or did not return to practice of the dolphins haven't confirmed anything but it's suspected the drinks suffered a head injury. We won't say the C word but they are suspect in the team what it's suspect that he may have suffered one but got swept wings he with the dolphins say tomorrow. At training camp and our running back. At the end of the first week of training camp and that won't want not committing to what Adam gay said he's trending toward pulling. And gates also said he wants and my policy to play at least what are in one pre season game he's yet to decide who will be this Thursday against Baltimore or next Thursday. Against the Eagles on multiple reports say the dolphins have signed wide receiver rating grippy. Some of baseball hall of Famer Ken Griffey junior. And that was the Coconut Creek normal training camp update Coconut Creek auto mall. Friendly and knowledgeable the Tracy wants sponsor by sandbar grilling coconut grove. All the fish taco named best sports are 2017. By the Miami new times. I concierge men's well wellness EDP guy you sidelined get back in the game. Currency are humans dot com and by Lexus of North Miami enemies in. Automotive experience and there were continued what's gonna headlines. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. It's about what one thing I failed to mention about the dolphins tomorrow was the final day of officially what they called training camp. It was to be open to the public but it now will be moved indoors inside what we call the Nick Saban memorial bubble. And so thus it will be close to the public. Other 83 game sweep of the Colorado Rockies and Jon Karl stand to see he's on fire. Is an understatement he is sizzling right now. And he hit a no other homer entering this game meted nine homers in his last ten games 21 homers. In his last 33250. In his career and if homer for four straight games it's now five. Straight games that senator John Karros then I sit around troop re in a two run shot in the first inning. But the giants have answered they rebounded from a two nothing deficit they now lead the Marlins three games to two Denard Span hit a ground rule double. Scoring two and then Hunter Pence and RBI single scoring experience right now. Going into the bottom of the third the giants lead the Marlins three games are 322 excuse me and Cristiano Ronaldo was slapped with the five match suspension after shoving a rapper re in yesterday's 31 win at Barcelona and those are. Your headlines we'll bring you were off last week I was off perk. It's it's been twelve nations have been on the air and a trip to Hawaii you lose a thrilling trip each row is there once 25 years ago. And it was abuse it's beautiful it's phenomenal they're one of the sports related things it's weird. Is there they're six hours behind us so NFL game start. At 7 AM on Sundays. And I talked a bartender at the hotel borrowers staying. And I send our bar is open that early said he they opened its seven their a lot of serve beer and it'll occur at 8 o'clock. I'm gonna be your short Gorelick hardly bride never like beer but even if I did. Would you drink. The year it's 8 in the morning I guess if you got used to it you know what can you imagine I want eggs sausage bacon and at a cold frosty at FF. It seems odd right I mean burden though those of us having to lead in losses you know on the weekend maybe you have some in the afternoon if you have a drink sprite and nine time. So yet to start your day that way does seem a little strange. But hey if football's on for a lot of people's traditions Willie you're the game were you watching on TV you have a cold one so. Whether it's 7 o'clock in the morning or for it's 8 o'clock in the morning when the the bar start serving. Why not the football talk it's just would seem. Czar I can think of other drinks I might have instead but you know bloody marys an ordinary guy because you have those some people have them breakfast or brunch or something right at the edges and if you bring your wife for growth regular mom also and you know that's how you start your morning it just would seem weird have to get up that don't elect let's get up that you know 6 o'clock in the morning to get ready to be at the bar by seven. It is you know it seems strange I'd you know I've been corresponding with dolphins fans for a long time now you know being in my roles as covering the team. And in being around the dolphins are right through and so I've heard from fans who live out. In Hawaii and they say yes that's just every Sunday for the dismissals 1 o'clock starts there up. Extremely early morning and some have told me that instead of going to bed. As a stay up for the game I don't party all night and just stay up for the dolphins game. Which starts at 7 o'clock in the morning and in the go to sleep after that they don't care about prescient relaxes Lasik as the dolphins can pilot stands up again we'll keep you updated as to what he'd do would be a shock to be doesn't hit home right now. A lot now you're big soccer PSE UD I know you've done this before one guy says and year correct about me you're not correct about Greg. Attacks are rights in your not EPL fans every Saturday morning and having a beer 9 am if that is what you get up early to see the English rarely I get up early to watch it does or review the good match or opening is merely drama Byron Munich France they play in the German Bundesliga. I've their playing early and it's on I did a lot when Josh sent to admit I'm not usually cracking open a beer. When I watch other games at home now if you go to aid. Some sort of drug drinking establishment than that maybe if there's you know is there are some bars that opened up early for English premiere league game to a four. You don't if you wanna watch Lyle league in Spain or Syria opt in Italy another name mares in Paris says to watch. The French league one. I don't usually Josh if I get up and I'm still my jam as I am in my contact lenses in a and I just get on the couch and clip on the game at 8 o'clock in the morning and are not drinking a beer at that time now of one guy right bodily Stanton. Went to the warning track in March Spann was almost up against the wall to Pete from the wall in front of the wall. That's how deep sand women instead of a home run it was a fly out but he. Deep while Bob as far as you can yell about a goal yes man was almost engulfed by the T-Mobile advertisement on the wall right Amir's right there against it. My goodness talked about. That you're you're right it's as close as you've yet to take him. Hitting another home runs John Carl stands so we'll keep watching this throughout the night because it looks like he's is so locked in that at any given swing he can leave the arc as the announcer used to say one more biscuits for breakfast he would have little. But as someone said deathly drink your college tailgate he OK you're right I did way back when but for me that's a long time. What I can handle it that early lead it's just I mean I've read he's. Even if you didn't drink beer drinking or whatever. Football at 7 AM the act if you're used to it that's something but. It you know I would I would see like at 1 o'clock in the afternoon they earned Alec I was concentrating a ton on sports but as you say a lot did happen you drop last week as well. A ton happened when we wrote ball ball the year Ryan ten who got hurt Jay Cutler was signed re one McMillan. Was knocked out for the year the Marlins got sold. You know I mean I just didn't hole any else early on my goodness that's I was just South Florida linearity Zito he gets spent right. Had some crazy trades that you don't usually see to start earlier in the NFL. From my good I mean there's just one thing after another resist such a busy sports star. But I would occasionally glance at my phone see updates and just to have the East Coast baseball games you go to baseball fan I am. Begin at 1 o'clock you know or my show was beginning at 1 o'clock Hawaii time. With that it would stir. It did is really strange and I I think it's error host of very difficult adjustment when you go to the West Coast of the United States you know would be California Las Vegas. I family in Arizona. When I go mirror and you've got say the Marlins games starting at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. That is hard to adjust to your point I can't imagine it being like a 1 o'clock in the afternoon start for 7 o'clock. No first pitch here or as you're pointing out I mean NFL Sundays. I always enjoyed kind of the build up you wake up in the morning and then you added a number of hours to prepare a resistor Tennessee line up on a Sunday. Oreo being in this business you know having a pregame show sorts through Miami Dolphins. And then you know early afternoon that's always the appropriate start time. Us to wake up that early in the morning mean I've woken up for early soccer matches. When the Olympics are on a bit of a time change very real do that. Certainly when the World Cup is in different parts the world I'll wake up went I it is against the grain compared to what we're used to we're used to having. On the weekends primetime is in the afternoon during the evening and certainly during the week you're sporting events aren't night. And that's what we've become accustomed to I want to. Excuse me I wanna say two things here that I'm gonna rail against regarding the true or not the trip itself. We're coming back yesterday now it's Miami airport Miami International Airport Greg. We arrived at where plane landed at 7:15. In the morning yesterday after traveling. For all including only over about twelve hours a long. Long time that we Italy over an LA did you get to sleep release them I know everybody on that five hour red eye from LA to Miami everybody was asleep. My wife and a I was wide awake absolutely wide awake at the spotlight in this stock. But that aside the plane landed at 715 it wasn't crowded where the baggage claim one as it wasn't crowd and we belly were the only flight there. It started coming out on the conveyor belt at. 383785. Minutes that we landed. Any non peak time world Rivet people were screaming I wasn't one of them. At that at this New York Miami you know American Airlines agent like she had anything to do with the but they were mad and I don't blame everybody was mad it was just come on why does it takes every time is one guy said in the and I'm quoting him not me. There's others rifling through suitcases way back there are figuring out what to take I. I'm not gonna come along more in the other but. You know was exactly five minutes from no there was no what's waiting to go from the time the plane got to negate I'm sorry that was the time pulling out of the gate 750. The time. Pulled out of the gate to the time it's sort of coming out seven by minutes that I got real prize in Miami airport the baggage it's the baggage handling stinks they are okay. I know promising I'm I've never waited that long. But it's always a long time it's ridiculous they've got to improve that. Business partners with the Miami Herald I got a bone to pick with Miami Herald because I've put any patients stop. I'm one of the few people that gets The Herald deliver OK I got like it delivered right I read it online sure but I might. Holding a newspaper in my hand again it's liberty my house. Every day. And the Miami Herald when you called the schedule vacation stop it says you don't get credit for the missed papers unless you were. Missing at least fourteen days so the first fourteen days who goes out of town for longer than that. You have to pay for the paper even though you've canceled the delivery up. It's ridiculous. So if you're gore won more than fourteen days then and only then will the Miami Herald start giving you credit. The papers that you're not receiving in the first place and I and that that's that's come we unfair Syria to leave for a full two weeks. Before they give you credit Lama yes and I I I canceled it for earth. I want and I Kessel slight off Thursday the the fourth the third. And it just candidates through the fourteenth so I canceled for ten days eleven days. And I still the paper everywhere mostly papers that are not getting in the first what's and I got a problem with our business partners Miami Herald anybody wants to call given explanation are mall leaders. That's unfair. That's very strange now. It is pursuing him in the newspaper business is you know going through major transition and you're right I think you're in the minority now that you actually receive a physical newspaper. Most people just access the articles on line. Soul you would him I would imagine that if I am the newspapers that you're still loyal loyal customers I say as the paper delivered. To your house that they were to bend over backwards to make sure that your happier into accommodative as long as you're gonna continue with your subscription. Text Theresa and by the way your luggage was laid probably because the airports and have anybody to unload the plane I used to work at the airport and that was typical an early flights are at a plausible explanation. We're still the robot was that were livid all right we are all it's a plausible explanation but doesn't make sense we really know the flights coming into Tyrus on the flight really gives changer so I didn't know the schedule I still alike and only explanation but that's out of you're right it was just it was on it was terrible to awful service. And Miami International Airport baggage handling stinks in the first was I got no problem selling our. Jamey Eisenberg from CBS sports stock I was coming up next fantasy football expert he will be in. What are John Clayton special on August when he six at. Gulfstream park and we will have a great special than that great event and we'll read more about it later. But he joins us coming up next he will take your fantasy football questions. And you can wind up starting right now 7863600790. A lot of you like Greg and myself we are having fantasy football dressed. Upcoming if you have questions. Once again for Jamey Eisenberg 7863600790. He's up next. Fantasy football week extent tickets third annual candy jar and look. And clean fantasy football camp. What special guest CBS sports Cheaney Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 that sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. Each week that's right Tony. But wait there's more. Collegial one on one time when John Clayton Saturday afternoon. Register now with a ticket Miami dot com let's take its third annual John Clayton fan. Fantasy football camp would Jamey Eisenberg presented by at age aren't Levine and accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Also brought to you by East Coast of the protesters call 855 yankees EPA or visit East Coast from the good just to dot com don't settle for. And buy them on the South Florida. Joint ticket tax plumbing get all the news first. Texture going to. 74 annually in the message configuration may apply don't text and drive. With regard at all. Are we training camp updates on the ticket Coconut Creek normal friendly and knowledgeable. More of the phrase you want also sponsored by Sam are growing Covert role hole. The fish taco and they invest or twelfth 2017. By the Miami new times. About Lexus from North Miami and amazing and automotive experience the fins are under way on AM 790 NFL mortal for free eight feet to. The ticket when I was in Hawaii Greg I actually was killing time for a little bit on my wife and daughters doing something went to a Barnes & Noble store went to the fantasy football area. CBS sports had a magazine there of course they're senior writer one of ms. Jamey Eisenberg Texan and I said you expand the Pacific Ocean if you're all the way out here and I tell accidentally rolled back to me and Jamie is kind enough right now was busy is he is. He joins us now Neal Ryan fuels in downstairs convenience stores gas line their truly steps. Beyond convenient first off thank you for taking the time to come on the show tonight. Aloha. I was talking to a guy at the magazine rack Jamie. This guy's probably in his sixties he's been in POC put on how this is the 34. Year of his week I was only aware that it even. Went back that far and early to make light of this but he said this league has been around so long that the some of the original spotters have actually passed away I mean that's a long this league has been around but use and the Pacific Ocean this has got to be. Elect a tax attorney come April this has got to be the busiest time a year for you. Which sound effects and you them probably as your. Ally for I appreciate your letting me know that our magazine has it is is knocking the shelled and in all I hope we've flying off the so. I see you by radio spot. Packet interface and by I think they call you want the month exit bringing on as as an NFL insider. On in in Hawaii and for the allies. Like that on my heart monument has a token. Read we did we know wonderful time Jamie recommend at a restaurant or hide and that's how we Iran but they were booked up so he gets in I don't he's got all their fifth. If you wanna have your fantasy questions in for Jamey Eisenberg CBS sports Lisa Collins it's 786360. 0790. You'll take your phone calls Jamie one of the first questions I have for you. Is Z Kelly I don't know if you have. A mark right now is how far his average draft position has fallen. But until the recommendation for a where people should maybe start thinking of Zeke Elliott as is the draft unfolds. There you know I I think denied being isn't and I'm sir are you tired both play and be sure most most the people that are listening I gonna do their draft probably unit in a few weeks. Call what we have an answer about how many games actually will be you know we know that sixers is is the maximum. I would hope Erik Erik not to make light of anything that you know being suspend or let you know from eight grant you perspective I hope we get knocked down a little bit. So I prepared wrap up barriers to keep some some perspective I took him out there between the perspective around. Most of it was on purpose. For content reason because. What development is it in I'm also thinking about my or cops are so. Does the drop of other analysts from other sites and I just wanted to let you know play out. We did another draft today. Becky one at the end of the second round. You know go back to the when he Christine you know when Tom Brady with doing what the plate good and you're not yet entered and won so many people the elite because he was drafted. Past the first round. To be conservative. It Elliott and you know good and injunction and does not. As any game and you Japanese second round third round he knocked the ball really more than a third round you're probably are there at the when your parents and you've got appropriately so. It's a position you can backs go on and and get through those first it it it unfortunately it. Not gonna happen until week eight because of their Byron. But you can manage and if you can they're gonna have that you remember a great opportunity to potentially a precursor to get beat just recurrent theme it is you know up to now. Jamie take elected to some your content on CBS sports dot com I see your. Obviously William bell is rated very highly however he continues his hold out how is that impacting his draft stock if at all is there's this assumption that he's going to return or what's your take on that situation. It atypical by the news reports and then in the expectation is he's gonna be different we want our accurately what my number one overall player I'd drop out of it because it was quote. Going in between him and David Johnson. I don't think right now that he's gonna fall farther now last you know upbeat about the third street easy game but you're gonna miss regular season game you know just the further his stance but. I think another provocative Freeman got his contractors that they aren't dealers may or may not want same effort are they wanna go that route so we'll see if that impact anything. As far as I know very very beautifully on a non book got in with the one of the first real topic. Couple questions here one for a tax thirteen US Jamie of Winston entertainers winced as the top five. Fantasy QB. He got we have the potential I don't wanna drop in the top five UB particular you'd think that there's some. Room for other guys may be a little bit better and you know it's it's it's really nitpicking because right now there's averaged opposition on our side but he guests or. He is going and are up by a guy like that would be uncertain what Andrew Luck situation is that going across all but also we're both the make. And you're good so you don't get back on the on the practice field on a consistent basis and and move edit them as well but. You know he he's a guy that's certainly turning America Rex you know when you that this contact has our group starting out my gathered. Cameroon great who is very good for him last year. There's a monster are you with the running game because of them aren't suspension so Erica became a battle monsters eating out by. I think it's gonna be really listing of all the hard rock. Story line and be you know if you if you watch the first episode he was great for 45 minutes the last five or. He can look like you're kind of had her break out campaign by the lady get in the better off you are he's certainly one of those quarterback they're gonna have a I can't repeat. Jamey Eisenberg. Fantasy expert for CBS sports he couldn't follow him on Twitter be one of the 104000. Followers and he's got. Jamey Eisenberg we're gonna go to the phones Sean is in Miami is a question for Jamey Eisenberg a lotion on. Yes I area okay. Number one pick Ronald film accounts PPR. Who have done with the David Johnson who. Jamie Townsend Bell or brown and current toward Iran. OK it's OK there you go for PP our league. Jamie I'll tonight Jamie. I dropped to my mistake we'll get him back I hit the wrong. I had the wrong but what we'll get Jamey Eisenberg back so number one pick in the PP our league by the way stands up again. Jamie eyes are who Jimmie as a birds are number one pick yeah I was you say credit for fantasy advice is pretty Antonio Brown David Johnson. Let him down in Libya on bail out he just said he dropped bell. From one to two movement because it David Johnson so and beat because of the hold on me David Johnson. William belt seems like those the top two if you look at all the experts and CBS sports stock Tom Jamie and his colleagues those the top two guys but it Susie interesting. Debate disable its. Let's go back to Jamey Eisenberg Jamie there we go I'm sorry I am I messed up they're caller asked you. For a PP our league number one pick overall he Agassi's got the number one Antonio Brown Levy on bell David Johnston. Ominously David Johnson the argument the Arctic call recruit guys. You know based on certainly brown what he doesn't the first year and then on the other two running back we'll figure out a while back about. You know they're talking in Arizona about you know David's not trying to become the next front in back to be a 1000000000. Russian partners even. And Assyrian or they get on the ball thirty that came in and he specifically mention it or not running in between the tackles 35. And that's abusing his body enough as we had to take what you gonna be heavily involved in the passing game. Ever so grateful to offer by the David Johnston as a safe choice in any format in a bottle. Jerry taking a look did the dolphins from a fantasy perspective how do you envision Miami's offense being affected. We Jay Cutler now being the quarterback. You know I mean I think Yasser sort of adjust your perception of the the receiving corps a little bit note and Helen Landry got such a strong or. You know entry titled go back on for the most receptive of any receiver in the first years of their courier. That's obviously beat the Chicago Atlanta has been fairly via. The production are you had with the quarterback but he did play well with Matt Moore last year. I just think that the critical plays based on his track record history he's not gonna do a lot of the same you know under Niekro the check down passes that that Ryan probably did. But that's gonna leak and may be giving them more opportunity for the rocket barker and can still I really haven't moved Parker at all with the with what the quarterback change because they are I think echo maybe. Could elevate your game a little bit but he still you know on the cost of a number three receiver certainly got outside I'm I'm a big. Urge your receiver Brandon I think that that that theory does. Then it happened for guys like Parker and and so we hope that they and then goes you know he's not a corner got done with it this year nobody will be an epic seven ain't but that's only put them on the table. We're very around election. Doing comic after the belfry that the signal from Britain last year but the track record that based expert softened and gave. Back with with the tried and you know the groups but he Cadillac a peculiar group in Miami last year the group which Kabul Opel groups. Would have combined to be a cop and right and I know that that's kind of a dispute that because what the group would probably be a cup and president but he did you you know good things with less than seller accountable what you do maybe with some what he didn't Denver. And that the big guy though it did I no longer my copy copy it is because situation. He could advocates are big big piece and so hopefully going to be helping public companies in the optical. Jamey Eisenberg will be featured a one a mod my absolute favorite. Station event John cleans Tennessee football camp Jamey Eisenberg is also going to be a special guests there could be Saturday night August only six at the sport of kings. And gulfstream park and it's reed again you can pick the brains of Jamey Eisenberg. And John clean a couple of guys changing teams Gmail I wanna know how you think it will affect them and perhaps the players they play with Sammy Watkins I was surprised Friday. Tyrod Taylor was a quarterback with the bills not always with Jerryd golf what is underwhelming freshman campaign. In the NFL the rims how do you think washed in stock what happens to that also Adrian Peterson. What happens if his stock and out of Drew Brees now that he's going behind them. Why I think when you look at any lock in yes it was a big surprise everybody. But that's great unfolded validated by. Blocking a little bit nominee go to a situation where he's got a base Patrick Peterson quite stricter terms quite. That's not going to be easy for him Derek officers no hopefully down the road is the better quarterback are terrible right now that's not the case. Are having to learn a new offensive certainly that you're somewhat similar terminology you can make it very picnic there's on the basis the movie better than what Rick senate at the mark. In buffalo by locked in lose a little bit you know this was the what was the quicker quarterback. He's more now you know you're going and they're beginning of their third round artwork of tropic. And I think when you look at Peterson you know it's very distinct blocks the average draft position between mark incriminate Eric Peterson. Because I think people get over excited about the name they think that he's gonna comment on the Ingram. Plastered in my power at a 155 cut to. But the very big number for backup running back in a easily something that could think McCain and probably a little bit more if he's healthy but he 32 year old coming off a lot he's wearing a new problem. Your deposition that breakdown in the end and it's hard to get back up so. I open you're the only guy there I don't think you could change the offense I did speak to Mark Ingram. Few weeks ago we're trying to get started he trained on your dollar beach was. One of the best that are a trainer Tony Gilani enact these court. And Ingram says. Drew is at the point your career when the only thing that matters and that when he if you are running back to say that when you're not the quarterback beat you or stop by. It does speak volumes to what the papers on the bringing Peterson they're bringing Kumar they had the tropical climate strap. I think they're gonna be a little more about what breeder bill Arco look at the third best quarterback I've got a. Jimmy don't wanna ask you about would be in the years seized the New England Patriots and the other bad. You know some additions on offense this offseason but do cooling your opinion is the most attractive fantasy commodity on the patriots. It dropped my account is not close you are at greater Tom Brady is used you know arguably the best friend a quarterback. Are you Reba quarterback while I'm critical but certainly be a dynamic and Brad. Do we know omens so you know started PP aren't in the qualities that yachts as well. Some of the running back you know that got to a point you're probably might go for your chance to separate the with Europe or role. Where he's where he can cause some luster but if you get thirteen twelve scheme to Rob Gronkowski. And you're going in the second round and is the third round. You can we knew we were skeptical on because he dominate the opposition and copy. I don't think that going now in branding cook in and settlement and all the other options are gonna take quick profit spent in the red zone. I loved that quote Brady's fortieth birthday wouldn't what are you get armed for the first thing that I can let our. Even get that for a lot of fans in order to the ball well graves community is the EU leak fantasy option on the patriots then as the biggest difference makers listen. If you're sitting there toward the end of the second round and an on the born and PP our league is rock. And easy Kelly. Resume Islam or games like rock and grunt maybe put to be healthy APEC. Aren't they in crock you know I I I think for two reasons one exactly what you said. The fact Rick rock you know if eat eat eat eat at least on on on schedule the place it in game and an early commit some are the guilt of a better effort getting Elliott in the third round and your Brock in the third round so. I think rock opera singers all that out there and there because both are. Is there anybody on on the any average track position that has climbed more than you thought and on the other had fallen more than you thought. Same same backfield. And and you know looking out kind of pick it up out but the guys in Seattle you know they are that he late tee off early and Ethiopian met all the way armored. You'll come in and take the job that mark someone's lap two years ago and nobody really well last year. Our promised all the all the reports are he's been your First Act grew on every pack strapped and are repeated again be the first back through and you know I just looking at the average raptors Bailey he's already ninety spot. And Rawle require big roles are making Utley follicles are what they're getting called to every article to marry you cleric who apparently like. Your pop when he running back coming into the opt he's not you know they're quote the 36 in all the right now 38 we very clear if this goes through another preceding game morale Oprah. You know quote unquote starter off what that proper role of correctly. Jamie I want to ask you about this news where you put the different positions in terms of priority because I notice on your rankings at least entering the season Aaron Rodgers is ranked number 31 overall. Your top quarterback. Win you don't quarterbacks often times are your most consistent producers maybe. They don't put up the big numbers and maybe there's a lot of them ate in that you could. It from and is not a huge difference between them bode well why are QBs perennially ranked so low overall. When compared to say the running backs and wide receivers. It's it's just because the guard commanders there are so many great quarterback he really only to our corn. You know to separate conversation when you're talking about a two quarterback lead were clearly that position to pop up a little before super flex week. We could start at quarterback in the flex spot but. You know when you're trying to look art to running back in some cases receivers he got to go get those elite level guys and yes you may miss out on a rockers are afraid what do you all make art for cousin who are out our quarterback last year are about seeing what they're like. He could potentially give her credit seeking Andrew Luck than of all you know just because the shoulder injury tribute can hear you get those two guys are. You know are picking games under percent of what their their best as they need a lucky when he Ortiz and when he fifteen you can and we nearly spyware those guys are going and then. You're you're gonna be guys like Eric Carr Marcus Mario or not your. The bomb on Ben Roethlisberger because of her home road split the replicas and down but with marketers are back UPS to our again. They're just so many great quarterback so yes Rodgers as the best britney's not far behind by. On the left most are the way I dropped on the little guys go come out trying find that next guy that can be a top five quarterback and a quicker and with a great team around him. And you know it probably gonna tell you wanna get that that I your quarterback like well all adult black at a practical and personal. With some light vigil to later and that helps you when you're nearly. For great fancy advice followed Jamie and his colleagues Dave Richard and in other guys there at CBS or stock common I will say. And I said this before not chooses he's on the line the best week to week alma fantasy sports at Tennessee football. Is Jamie stardom and Saddam column comes out every Thursday afternoon well in time for that may you know any game. That's a Thursday night game who'd start who sit and why it's a nominal. Advice column every week it's an absolute must retreat every Thursday during the season Jamie thanks for tonight we hope to have you on again. Before the regular season starts as some drafts are gonna be a leader in in pre season so thank you so much for the time. Oh my but it that they cannot be gotten quicker. You bet take care of that that's can be agreed event. On the 26 at the sport of kings a gulfstream park Keeney Eisenberg and conclave that junk in and cleans fantasy football camp. Well lying 7863680790. Is and number he's Greg likens Humphrey go back after this. On December 2 and what type music festival 2017 powered by Ford returns to. He issued a list of bands is growing beyond all expectations plus yeah catch alternatives best include. Weezer Portugal and Andrew McMahon in the wilderness she'd be out. So we're running out of Porter yeah operable and tents in the sand with Shannon Maurice Taylor time kicks you in the sunshine band. Our tickets to the wind died music festival 2017 powered by Ford are on sale now and that to give Miami dot com. On so mark your calendar for December 2 and third because the biggest party of the year is about don't beat yourself on the shores of Fort Lauderdale. Everybody's invisible power by force structure might intervene accident attorneys call when hundreds of reports of a furry blue care rob please drink responsibly. They're presented by underground music it's still going to be the tickets. Now for the ticket inside. Country. Rip tide music festival power by four on December 2 and third on Fort Lauderdale beach Saturday teachers keeping the open Weezer Andrew McMahon in the wilderness. Portugal the man and moral Sunday futures KC and the sunshine band corners Lou Graham a more stay in the time. With a tribute to friends lover boy and more to be announced presented by and a journal Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807. Point 73733. Underground music and lose share of pay wrong please drink responsibly tickets are on sale now go to the ticket Miami dot. He's Greg likens I am free doubles glad to be back here behind the might have been gone last and also on the air was. August 2 so. Nice to be back in town took a trip of lifetime to Hawaii with my wife and our daughters our readers asking are you bringing your kids yeah I mean. You know be nice to get some time all of my wife but I can't cede markets I wrote a wife three days your staying home had to lock you had good luck with help. Allison or sort ten year old twins went I told them they were all. You know they'll never forget this trip and they would do if they don't they won't it's been it was a fantastic time it's just a beautiful beautiful area. Great ratings on Maui alien particularly sit out as a high letter to from the trip. Not anybody's been a Molly or heard about this on Maui the road Honda is an incredible bought three hour charts only 35 mile stretch. But there are 600. Some curbs their fifty plus one lane bridge UC Rea to take it slow. And then this the scenery is just actually directly and then the loo while we went to this thing called the old line allow. Highly Rita mayor Rudy is the best one on the island by far and it lived up to its building that was this memorable. And and you walk in their drinks are limited they should look what they're charging us so my ties to very quickly daddy what's that something you can't fit if it. As just the the entertainment was great food pretty good entertainment was to speck tack on that and that just that it's beautiful sunsets. It would never got overly hot loses you know there at night don't get to the seventies just didn't think Justine crow were were hotel right on the beach. So the the great five pools of the hotel and on the ocean was right there it was just for us. Yeah Hawaii you could argue if it's not the most beautiful place in the world it's right up there at at the top listed as one of them because. I went the number of years ago blood out I'll never forget and I mean it was just stunningly beautiful to different Lance gave the water being there and your right to. The climate bill good temperature me resists. A great experience so it's that's awesome military your will take. Between two daughters as well have mixed. Aren't silly thing we didn't get is we of their August of course UN and December through me as we all watching that's when the humpback whales come. And everybody told me it's just off the charts incredible and so if we ever go back and it's gonna be a long time before we. You know I assume we we we were really spent a ton on this one this is it until the girls next next year won a mere. Yeah. That's going to be our summer vacation. But it used do we love to go sometime in between December and may is that they say it then the wheels are just unbelievable seeing them. As as the Euro it'd be a big give birth there there's the young will they do when they're and then you know after me they go to Alaska. So they they migrate a long way to go. All right let's go back to the phones but it's nice to be back on the air you you were always well so I'm sure it's good for both of us we sure missed a lot that happened. You know here with the dolphins dolphins probably preparing for the second of four pre season games. That is this Thursday the final one and hard rock stadium the last two are on the road biggest one being of course. Ten days from now week from Thursday the quarterly quote dress rehearsal. Game against the Eagles in Philadelphia Merck acted goldmans will be heading up the Philadelphia. On Sunday because they will practice against the Eagles Monday and Tuesday day off Wednesday. And they will play the game on Thursday let's go out to the -- 7863600790. Is the number hi is in the Bronx hello tiger on the ticket. Hey welcome back Frito I don't you do great you are much more hectic trip tomorrow vehicle seat whale season home phone ecstatic. Slam now look bishops and other places very beautiful and you may not think it is put ice in the mountain West Coast. Vancouver British Columbia as apps through the GO trop. My wife is a few years ago had a veterinarians conference in Seattle we are their for five days not to Vancouver for two. And as makeovers the Pacific north west Vancouver to stunning I fully agree with you. I'd if I know I commitment Portland for that city is this oh my god this. Press take this they've released by really have to let them pick a shout them out the Mali. To be seen December remain right. Make it fifty feet away or sell a policy that says that that must be a beautiful site everybody's in the room. I'm I don't like. You doing. Currently before if you guys vote on both from questions. Always did that I can't phone on YouTube. Eyes should be soon tae rules see is the F pre season rolls Lars just said I was away for a little bit but I don't have exact date but it will be up there so you'll you'll see when it's up there. Mike is he got the voice of god man. That is good government puppet dolphin defense. Now that they've lost McMillan OK and look like we was getting things put against. Not advocate that Michael K by a bomb them all week into the consummate. And paid in and out September. Faris and try and pick preventive and because I think they knew better than to play Eva position the outside the week. Or audience because you could like ten minutes and all Alonso win in the middle of we want to put. I'd rather have a veteran out there. You don't know how to play the game. And I'm referring not because there's. And look what color I'm so excited to see what this meant to do with these weapons so we have on offense. And Greg Gutfeld is before you two free hopefully not the because a couple of weeks ago. I have complete confidence. In this coach. That we can give them wins this year what in the wild card game in volatile even New England has provoke them because. When that date yet but I'll say this number two quarterback a separate. Do you guys think we should draft a quarterback which could undercut team now. And I think mic here are going to draft it was looking more and more like best player available. But now that he's sorry I was seriously with this quarterback draft. I was seriously consider drafting a quarterback that's put me at one forced into their laps. All right thanks Ty will answer your questions I'm sorry we're late for break Carol we'll talk about your eleven wins I want to know. When you went to public was the dolphins Kuwait on sale was a buy one get one free urge you after you. Pay full price eleven wins werewolf talk about that answer quarterback question next great here on the ticket. On December 2 and it. Powered by Ford returns okay. Maybe your militia bands is growing beyond all expectations plus the cash alternatives nasty crude. Weezer pork shoulder man. On Sunday and run out of Porter yeah purple paint cans in the sand with Shannon Maurice Taylor time keeps you in the sunshine band. Our tickets for the overtime music festival 2017 powered by Ford are on sale now what that to give my. And we dot com so mark your calendar for December 2 and third because the biggest party of the year is about don't beat yourself on the shores of Fort Lauderdale. We'll powered by Ford has brought you might get in Germany then extended the earnings call 18074731. With what we're getting tequila. Please drink responsibly East Coast public adjusters will sell for less than 790 the tickets.