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Josh Friedman
Monday, August 14th

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It can be yeah. Sign up for the ticketing insider and you contest videos inside info register that ticket Miami dot com. Players we usually come to the ticket third annual and a journal of being John Clayton fantasy football camp with special guest. CBS sports dot com is Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 of the sport of kings at gulfstream park. From six to 9 PM it's free and win some exclusive one on one time when John Clayton Saturday afternoon it's just register now with a ticket Miami dot com and a journalist being accident attorneys call 1870 or 73 that's 1807473733. It's sponsored by Tommy Charlie they're always going to be one draft pick by rip it energy fueled by creed jerky and by champion four by four. For more details on attending 440. Go to the ticket Miami dot com. Alongside Greg likens I am free don't take you up until 10 o'clock we have Jamey Eisenberg on earlier in the show we used. Just terrific after headlines we're gonna talk about something he said because he really surprised us with advice about when to draft. Right now suspended for six games easy Kelly we don't know. If that's going to be certainly be upheld it and maybe you'll be reduced shaved off a little bit. Orasure. About that before we get to anything let's go for one final time to headlines. Use one string. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. And after being on the receiving end of a helmet to helmet hit from cornerback Torrie retire. We're back Kenyan Drake left the field with help my trainer and did not return to practice round all the dolphins haven't confirmed anything. I suspect in the tree suffer a head injury now jet when he bacteria GIA is still in the concussion protocol. Following a hit at the end of the first week of training camp now or not committing to an ad and he said he's trending toward playing. On Thursday against the ravens the final home game of the dolphins pre season the next two being on the road. And he said he wants senator my policy to plea in one pre season game but as yet to decide if it will be this Thursday pursue the ravens are next Thursday against the Eagles. And the dolphins are reportedly signed wide receiver a great great piece on a baseball hall of Famer. Can repeat junior one more note about the dolphins tomorrow was to be the final. Practice for training camp app that we're gonna go to war regular season practice schedule. It was to be the final one for training camp thus the final one for the public to view but just here we want to let you know that the dolphins tweed earlier. That practice is moving indoors into the practice bubble and thus will be closed to the pub for three game sweep of the Rockies and Marlins are hosting the giants in the first. All of a three game series gotta say John Carlson is on fire is an understatement. He had a hole where tonight five straight games 22 of his last 33 game 34 games. He's homered and going into the right he had nine homers in his last ten games. It didn't take long to do that tonight he had a two run homer in the first inning. He also had an RBI single in the fourth inning so he is. Driven in three runs Marlins lead the giants sixty remark soul was soon up at his 27 round tripper of the year. Off for Miami so the Marlins reader Roy re lead right now in the top of the seventh inning that we the giant 63 Marlins winners of three straight games. And Ronaldo was slapped with a five match suspension. Didn't know no you can't do it each job Iraq in yesterday's 31 win at parcel. The crazy thing about. That room quickly Josh is that he had scored an unbelievable goal. I disagree to play in transition on a counterattacked. And in his celebration he Rick Fisher. And so he ripped his shirt off when he looks super human because it mean he is. I may not even an ounce of fat out of its all so lessening and I have a cup or if since it exactly Seward to sure up what it's automatically yellow card if you take your your Jersey off in the middle game. There is celebrating Sony gets yellow card and literally a minute later. He's going down on a potential break again and gets a little bit of contact. And it looked like he was trying to simulated dive as oppose actually. Going down with legitimate contact and the referee fresh off gimme yellow card for signature off. There's in the yellow card for diving. We took I was a questionable call but that's to your cars equals a red and he had had enough shelled the referee and five match suspect can't do that. Like him bull Durham hunter were silent movie bull Durham. When Kevin Costner. Says a no war begins with a seat. He calls the reps are that the umpire something and then got thrown out and someone Mosul any weasels new game on the radius and he must've called me we. That digital era whenever the counsel law is only letters sent letters. A and that'll get you probably game while shelving their arrest an umpire and official that's gonna you're shy about a game two there's and it. Yeah and soda out of many games are to be sure. Real do you just want to do it back to something new kind of Bronson called. And asked a question Mo with a doll and she just has ordered back. And if it's an interesting proposition. I wouldn't again wit to see what happens we have an entire season to play before we get to that point so. I guess is never too early debate about the draft Smith fits especially in certain and a pro markets where you notes to be really important. But the jets fans are you looking forward to the 2018 track correct they're playing this season with the in. It tire intention of drafting very high. I think the dolphins should look into drafting a quarterback higher than they have up to this point rebooting draft when this year. The season before that it was Brendan dowdy in the seventh round. But I do think they need to invest a little higher in the draft any quarterback coming up because. Yes Ryan tales expected to recover from this ACL surgery and by all accounts you do recover from that but you just never know right. And the same time we met in this off the top of the show. You do wonder behind the scenes there having a conversation about whether they wanna keep Bryant Danielle around here. And again. I'm not saying the Jay Cutler's some long term answer quarterback now that's that's now we're talking about went. I think you can envision a scenario where they it only costs of four point six million dollars in dead money gets a tap to get on the rights and no contract next off season. And they could decide to do that. Move on from him invest in a younger guy that they can develop wander Adam gates who news that's what he does that's his specialty is a quarterback whisperer. I think that's a possibility and yes. Possibility number one know what I do think that there could be a happy medium there were any returns and you'll also get a guy did you feel legitimately. You can develop to be the next quarterback after Tenet. I wonder what that means I certainly for a guy like cam wake he won't be around if you if you draft quarterback in development that takes a tie it's rarer. When a rookie particularly a quarterback makes you very quick imprint on the league dec. Brusca was by far an anomaly in the red rarely happens Russell Wilson. Made somewhat of an impact his rookie campaign but it doesn't often happen usually takes quarterbacks even older thrown into the fire. Much earlier than they used to be and the case in point Carson Palmer was coming up a Heisman Trophy campaign. A USC drafted number one by the by the since they may angles. And sat two rows of Jon Kitna had no idea took every single snap. In Carson Palmer's rookie year into what he watched the entire season. It do what part because of all the money is going to these quarterbacks and that was even more or there're there are bonuses were limited I mean. You know on who's a Sam Bradford at eighteen million dollars guaranteed forever took a snap the year before that Matt Stafford 41 million. And then finally Brad from being the last one. They limited the amount of signing bonuses guy Cam Newton was that first traffic into 2011. His whole contract or tweedle. But now I wonder. If you are drafting you rookie. If the dolphins do that relatively high. It's gonna take awhile my point is it's gonna take awhile for him to develop within that he does. And some don't to be sure were. It's gonna take a while guys like cam wake won't be around when that turn around or that the guy subtly plays a actively. Ndamukong Suh. You know it might affect their decision what do we do with the Ndamukong Suh because of the quarterback is gonna take time to develop. We want to pay this much how many more games come we win was soon with the rookie quarterback at home. It would the money be best spent elsewhere so either don't lead ripple effects are in my opinion if they do that. Right and I think there's the issue with Brian Tammy hill. As it stands is that you know there's never been a consensus were everybody's dog yet snow is the franchise quarterback we feel terrific about him I know Adam geese is probably supported him as he should. And he was on track to. I think have a really good season had he stayed healthy I agree now reaching a everybody can look at these things in hindsight and say. Army should that be the procedure done already returned by you know what Thanksgiving or so so again we going to go down that track. I think if writes hale was. General who were we compare him to if you if you talk to ordinary and should collar but it British ride but it if we're saying that. You know Andrew Luck if you like he's the guy in Indianapolis despite the fact he's got his own injury problems but there's no doubt about it right they feel he's a guy who just need to put better pieces around him. Then I don't agree having this conversation but I do think there is a little bit of doubt about Ryan Tinny on whether he is the legitimate. Guys moving forward and so because of that and because this injury which injuries are never well time I think that's what's leading to some respect. TI and I I was much hiring ten help to last year or so then others were I was a bit skeptical first but I thought he did well last year. Under geese and I think he would have done even better this year how I was very high on him. I some people or so all of you know collar and practiced out DV sort of some crystal balls that are you know there there bullets he's thrown out there. I don't he's only done it with wearing a colored Jersey which means he can't beat tackled OK let's see how he does it. Even in the third game the pre season dress rehearsal. Yes it's it's the best measuring stick with which measuring him in pre season but it still is in the regular season I have no idea. Whatsoever RJ Cutler is gonna do. The positive sign is he doesn't know the system right there yes there been a few wrinkles maybe put a few tweaks by Adam indecency came from the bears zero by large. Jake call or speaks this language what to wait and see. But I was higher on ten and Ohio I don't know should they draft a quarterback yet perhaps because. You know I think it makes all the sense for the reasons that you cited as far as what type from the Bronx said. Eleven wins. Everything and everything would have had a brick right. Whether he was color now or even more so with ten hail them to win eleven wins I just don't see how they're gonna improve their play a much tougher schedule. They still of the thirtieth ranked rush defense they just lost their quarterback they just lost the middle linebacker albeit a rookie. They lost to guard you can look at her like perky thing you know when you replacing guard with a broken shopping cart is trying to think. But it's nonetheless they're getting hit with injuries. Right now even if they were healthy I think eleven wins is way too optimistic that team well. You're right. Area I think we have this conversation as the training camp in pre season were about to begin and I think legitimately could take a look at this team win a healthy. And put the asterisk next to win a healthy. The data may have been a better team on paper better team with the eye test they wouldn't of won the same number of games. As intended they did a year ago because of a lot of the fact is it you just mentioned I think specifically the schedule because it's not just that. They're playing the sixth most typical schedule based on last year's records but Josh even look the fact they're going to London against a miss a home game. And they're playing the saints in week four and then they asked the NFL if they could bypass the typical bye week so. We five Vick come back home that the way the titans and they go to a different continent to play game and then have another game to play in six short days so. If I think there are a lot of elements of the schedule in addition to. The strength of the schedule that will be prohibitive for them in order to duplicate things and I thought that was a case. This even if everybody was healthy even if ranked ten it was a round to be a part of its analogy Cutler's in the makes a mean that's a complete wildcard. We don't know what to expect from him certainly has all the armed town in the world and yes you do have. The track record were the one season he. Played under Adam Jensen was his most efficient and best as a quarterback the National Football League but he's 34. And he was just out of football the entire offseason not preparing to play but to be a broadcaster soul. I don't know other there are a lot of different elements of this and as your pointing out the defense especially there were many things that they had to improve. And only time will tell whether it will be an improved unit when the games actually matter. This is apropos of nothing in a non dolphins related Ingrid who was he gonna be teamed up with you guys are Trevor did did. Greg you know. Who was who was collared him the color man he's gonna do Charles Davis parish as and is. And then. Trying to remember the Plymouth played I was and they announce who's gonna replace them close going to be a three man blue okay so Charles Davis is going to be the third broadcaster. So now I don't know they're gonna replace. Color or religious gonna be Charles Davis says the league champions. It up with John Lynch on that team. John Lynch was not well John let's I think originally OK and colors taking his wallet that's I mean John winters aren't that broadcast I believe so right. And it's a Kevin Burke aren't they might be okay the Plymouth where ya so I'm just worried because they know this is a last minute for a network to replace an analyst. For sure and I know that when I'd heard the you know I guess the suits from fox when they've first announce is Jay Cutler was going to be the guy. They didn't say this. That outwardly but it seemed pretty clear that they strategically for guiding them any broadcast experience and was known to be kind of a malcontent who do get along with everybody. They want to put him at three man Booth the ease the transition process so. I think Rick that's set out whether they had foresight or whether this is just a coincidence. This allows them to move on Charles Davis has worked with remember there are two men who sabonis and need to replace. Jay Cutler but. Don't you think Josh that in general when you have a guy who are here Tony Romo or a Jay Cutler the most recent examples that these. Networks have a feeling that there is that possibility. That they could. Get the urge to play again the bitches there and they wanted to scratch it and they wanted to return and try to maximize their time because they only have a certain shelf life in terms of being a professional lot and it's riskier with. Tony Romo because he's the number one team right and and that's cities the only analyst there. Certainly riskier than and Jake collar betray color now hear what one year ten million it's pretty tough. Turned out a lot more than he was Macon. On TV are when Jamey Eisenberg came on we had a question by Z Kelly and of course it was just announced that Eliot. Has been suspended by the NFL for six games he's going to appeal a bully he's gonna file that. Tomorrow I don't think this is necessarily gonna get litigious and go to the court system is Tom Brady's. Appeal did but he's going to appeal to the two week. Maybe the shaving gamer to off immediately keep it to six games we wondered how this would affect. Elliott's draft stock we were both surprised to be dean you're the interview Jamey Eisenberg. At what he said we will discuss this next I think you'll be surprised is aware Jamey Eisenberg he's going in many of the drafts. That Jamey Eisenberg has been participating in since. The suspension talk about that next right here in the tech. Fantasy football league it's not tickets third annual NHR and look. And clean fantasy football camp. What special guest and CBS sports Jeannie Eisenberg Saturday night of August 26 that sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. Each week that's right 31 week there's more. On one time with John Clayton Saturday after. Register now with the ticket Miami dot com put tickets during and you. Both John Clayton fed. Fantasy football camp would Jamey Eisenberg presented by and a jar and look being back. Accident attorneys call 180747361807473733. Also brought to you but Palm Beach currently there are always the number one draft big big big energy fuel real energy for real people create your life story. It's your life start with care and by champions format war South Florida's number. To that ticket Tex gloves next joy in just 67974. Losing more messages didn't raise me up like don't text and drive. The ticket republics were shopping is a pleasure present a memorial family birthplace may be loved event it's Friday September 15. From seven at 10 PM at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Expected to new parents can enjoy an evening filled with activities. Were about the latest products for their growing families. Exclusive Disco celebrity photo ops and this is where amazing prizes that sponsored by pediatric associates woman here 365. Days he. No information go to PG pediatric associates dot com and for tickets go to the ticket Miami dot com alongside red likens. Leo here we'll take it at 10 o'clock you know the speaker this topic here that I just read an liner Adam Beasley was supposed to calm. On our short and I wanna get its texture only to make sure I've got this right. Is Adam Beasley was supposed to come on and many any excuse why he canceled his canceled too often very rarely MIP the first time I can remember doing it. In childbirth class come. Tonight you take this way they're expecting their son which have recommended to name him Frito Beasley. That's. That pass Muster but some cracks from Dublin we heard that a while back there are tons Erik Prince Maria. I honey let's ever get treatment Beasley chiefs fuss about and your president took the day here's little Prado at. I'll try to enjoy so he talked child he prioritized childbirth class overcoming on the show with us to. The nerve of that guy he's got a priorities Oscar. I was gonna say I mean talk. In sports with a less than nine about the dolphins and the injury problems and who's gonna play in pre season game number two cancer. Versa is preparing for the birth of his first child he Diane Adams said he's taking three weeks off in November Ernie said the child is due. During the bye week. I said Adam your son Frito FF FF doesn't there doesn't go to bye week is okay kids can come early kids can come lately he's gonna come woody comes. Yes he had no control of that and hearts game we have twins they came. Seven and a half weeks early. But it they there's those people on August 11 they came in June yet to do debuts highly tentative restaurant is just dudes is a ballpark. But it is interesting in hearing him describe the fact that it. That the baby's due around that time he seems to take pride and he'll say he's got them looked. Like he deserves credit for. You as if he had some something to do with the affected through the timing was going to be good form but are. Yeah I you know what I think we've whose lovely wife he made the right decision tonight to bypass talk he does I saw that he can maintain that. Good relationship venturing into the birth of their for I hope these he's brave during each. Albert everything obviously hope everything goes smoothly but. You know OP doesn't get nervous or anything companies. You know states cannot have these state called. I was in the OR. Because it was you know with twins C section now is in the air and armor one of our first daughter came out. The nurses said she's not breathing. And I know this happens occasionally with kids and I I amazingly stayed incredibly Tomas and myself all right this is going to be corrected quickly. I don't know why I bought them but I know it it's not. Holy uncommon. And within seconds that are sent are itchy spot. But then I did I did remain calm down your your heart and skippers are you know ailment goodness no the only Simon did is when the Doctor Who had done this guy province fifties or sixties he done thousands and thousands of birth and through. The entire process he was great to we love this guy in Tass stick. You know obstetrician. And during childbirth decent old Lee. For kicks it up but that's not what you'll take it certainly poll rhymes with me it's okay okay okay well that made me nervous. Yeah that it apparently turned out fine if the doctor explains that's and I knew I was in that that's not well. I will say this lower in. It because I can understand you might get a loan are resisting general but especially if you her own she's not breathing. But the same time it's like whoa what can you do in that scenario when your child notice your child but the same time like to your credit saying comets like. Made these professionals let them do their job bill figure things out. When you you start tanking you know it's like what are you gonna do remain well you know medical expire at all but you know it says the man who's not a parent when it's your kid and and that you yearning you know I. I'm trying to give you credit though because you stay calm I did you let the medical professionals do their thing and everything turned out. Right and I thought all right this has happened did I think things will be okay and and within like has it within seconds probably thirty seconds everything was. I can understand if you had reacted differently effort she hurt her in what I'll believe you me get a perfect for. CBS sports and we asked him about. Zeke Elliott now came out yesterday easy Kelly was suspended for six games. And I now how far is it because he certainly would have been a top buy it probably atop the repay you know you've got. Maybe for the latest I mean I would think that the top guys at the top many draft particularly PP our league. In in any given order in David Johnson. Lobby and bell Antonio for a loan. And and and easy Kelly. And may be others but I think that would have been the top or some more were of most drafts and we wonder how far. Has he Kelly fallen out he'd Jamey Eisenberg. Is that a couple of mock draft since this relatively new news. Has come out and and Greg you bowl both you know you can summarizes both of us were surprised. At how little. Seek only a felon and an average rep position into Matra. Right yeah he was describing a couple mark dressing he'd been involved in in you know the great thing about having. The Delhi Jamey Eisenberg on as he gets only resource is at his disposal so we don't through CBS sports are common. While via the web sites you can do mock drafts of they have. So that information coming in where the average draft position news. For all these players how it changes as time goes on and some of these new developments occur but he said in the to address that he did in one of them. Elliott was picked in the beginning of the second round. And that this second one he said Ezekiel Elliott. Was picked to be end of the second round so either way in both these drafts the Jamey Eisenberg who is the expert of experts impressive football. And what he does is marked Jessie does with other experts were following this is closely as anybody. He sure it was a second round draft pick despite the fact that as it currently stands he's gonna miss sixteenths. This season. You only back to week eight because of the bye we racy music spite of that he says pay it because Bakken plays the way everybody it is respond and offered sublime and has the same impact your goal. These cities you can survive those first six week or seven weeks with a bye week you're you're gonna you're great value and he could be the reason why you win a week. But we are talking off the year as they do more about it that is an enormous risks and especially at that point I if you said. Zeke you there was a fourth round pick. Then I you know I think that's probably more understandable and the risk reward make sense Damon amid some entities don't have this ports. You don't that I can jump on the back over and he can ride me into the playoffs. But you're talking about a second round investment in a guide it's going to miss all that time. And when you consider the fantasy playoffs start before the end of the regular season when you're gonna miss a bunch of games there. So I don't know Joshua where it is if you were the one. On the clock to the second round Ezekiel it was there in your draft coming up in a few weeks would you take Ezekiel early in the second round fight earlier cowboys ran into exile is how I wanna get. Trevor their but he switch Mike's Lisa has Mike isn't doing it was a big fantasy expert as well. That would be I mean I don't think I would stretch myself and pick him in the second now. Last year Levy on Delmas the first three games that we do a suspension. When taken in the second pick relate the first round because he's so good. I can understand that this guy in an in your right Trevor right I mean they've six games plus a bye week. And and so my most every fantasy league goes through week thirteen earned thirteen games right. I guess that's week fourteen. And then they start their playoffs you're he's missing. You'll have to games bright and and more almost half the games I mean I would think Palin or if you are gonna take the risk of drafting easy Kelly that high. You have to just hit on pretty much every other draft pick you make I think the margin of error I understand what Jamie was saying. And he knows far more than I do about fantasy football. But I think the margin of error on your other picks on your roster is so slim and they I mean you can have injuries you can have. You know huge drop offs in interaction because of you couple that with the sixteenth he's gonna miss I think. You're you're you're toast of the week or listen Amy what is there there's no guarantee that you're gonna make the playoffs in this situation right so mean. The scenario that you you hated dad he's an actor wanted to you can hit on all your other draft day to meet you have a great season up to that point. And then you get a bonus of visual Elliott you know who would normally be a top five pick. I mean unbelievable but there's a global never works out that way right I mean let's just some dream magical season. So I agree might be too little too late by the time you get him back in the lineup. To turn your season around before the playoffs that that would be markets. And yet I I tweeting this out from vacation. I just. Fast Tennessee football drafts are. And just fascinating to me and I know law I can't wait to participate in mind. I peaks seventh overall and attend team PP our league and you walk out of draft Siegel Travers on a ton of when you've done a ton of Miami as well. You can feel great about your adjustments that now may not turn out that way or what I'm paper you're walking and you're just have that straw like oh man I I really dig rates than I did my homework things broke right. And in things worked out well and had there been other times I've walked out of the Trappist. Lower than low thinking that sit on my seasons on the forty restarted. When it's at its eggs in a draft they're exhilarating event. And it's passing you see where guys go particularly if there's some kind of you know chaos in their lives in this case six games L-3 games. And it's just to be passing any who's the worn in in in our draft your draft Travers dressed. Any trapped two and any anyone on her listeners who pulls that your on and on Zeke Elliott and when I guarantee you'll be a lot of guys typing and on those dollar dress real. Reactions to whenever bell and Eliot ghost. Right in I suppose it's a USO followed question to Jamie about. Elliott vs Rob Gronkowski you know in a hypothetical. Peace at all gronkowski but if older albums secular available. But that is risky as well no listen I did it's the NFL we've been talking about with the dolphins injuries can happen to anyone I mean nobody is immune to that so you get a we have a guy. Like Murkowski is his track record of getting injured every single year and last in the patriots. Overcame his injuries still won a Super Bowl. Mean there's so much risk there are I would be very hesitant to draft Rob Gronkowski to Hari. Be personally. But again there are a lot of these decisions over the course of the entire draft depending on how many rounds you have read these risk rewards all the way along. And you've got to kind of balanced set out and try to make sure works and that's part of the intrigue and part of the strategy that's involved if you want. Played Tennessee football which. Millions and millions of people do. I tell you want away or if wanna take if you calls are questions your comments on Zeke always aware where you might draft to appease available EU. Artists you know talk my fantasy football in general or the dolphins what every wallets open up the lines for the the final segment we love to hear new Yor opinion. I'm what you would do easy to Elliott and win seven a 6360. I 0790. He's run likened some free one segment to go back after this. That ticket is powered by Coconut Creek on. We capping the football week. Creek miles long friendly knowledgeable at the price you want to stop device concierge mental wellness. He got cheese sidelined him back in the game comes via Lehman dot com and by the Florida lottery and just imagine. Like they've taken on face. Local law. We will find you and well this is just such. Yeah look out it'll be really bad. The red tide. Fastball powered by Ford on December 2 and third aren't Fort Lauderdale beach Saturday features cage the elephant Weezer. You know me man in the wilderness Portugal. Man and more on Sunday features Casey and so turn me. Those days in the time when the tribute to prince public voice and work to be announced. It's presented by image our movie that actually it was earnings call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Invite East Coast public adjusters don't settle for less. And by one would wipe organic tequila please drink responsibly tickets are on sale now going to the ticket Miami dot com. He's right I can I. I'm Frito Trevor Murray behind the glass to a great job producing the show we fixed my Mike earlier in the in the moon in the night thank you very much of that terrific job by usurped. And we'll take you up until 10 o'clock we're talk about fantasy drafts. And how many times during a draft Greg and Trevor you you two to wanna speak on this. It usually happens two or three times maybe more when you were gonna get a guy and you think he's he's always used on T respond to you. And then a guy from B snacks and food it to Seoul for a street and you do that to other people to on the bully me it happens where you pick somebody got behind you was just gonna actually picnic. Right usually become you know. You enemies with those are drafting right before or after you depending on how things play out because you're you're you know it's inevitable you're gonna steal somebody's taken they wanted to they've been planning for over the last summer and it picks. Or of the other way around somebody picking edit view yes that's one of the more frustrating parts of it we're talking during the break you were your draft that your gonna do coming up. It's time right. No white yes probably a minute or so between nine seconds whatever I remember we have ninety seconds between picks but I remember. That when the league first started and we did it in person and everybody was there and there was no timer. And mayor so it was fun user person memories there and you can you know make fun of each other whatever. But so those drafts of for ever we don't have the timers that I've always found that. If you're doing it online especially with a timer there that is is highly necessary otherwise he going to be on your computer for. Well really probably too much time it over the course of an Tennessee to Walter. Yeah I I I look forward our draft as stunned as I say last few years it. Right after the show almost these guys are Arizona so they agree to wait until my show's done at 10 o'clock they wait till 1015 to start. Summer time to get ready and everything and I'd I'd say I'm out of here by usually. 1130. Dollars a bottle ban all Trevor was saying he. You know he does he's a few leagues and one of his league's auction league and you said it won't be a one lasted five dollars yet it's. League that ironic typically lasts for a half the five hours sharks we do the same day it's it's all in person none of its online if it was on line I'm sure it would go. A lot quicker but it kicking get a little tired and we take breaks and stuff too because it's an auction. You know there really isn't. A time for one person to get up and go to the bathroom like if you draw on number twelve in a serpent time draft you banged out twelve and thirteen. You've got half an hour before you pick and again so like if you got to go to the bathroom you can easily do that come back and get caught up in an auction. Everybody's involved in every single pick and if you get up to go to the bathroom or for any other reason you risk completely missing and let me difficult I mean I've never having never done an auction lead before I mean Paris. There are so much fun yeah that's where I would I would love to do a mock rap before hand is just our Tom I don't usually mock drafts like I'll look at the results of mark dressing an idea of kind of average draft positions so went. I might have to do that did you used to BK is you you have to obviously very good excuse me strategically plan out I and utilize. Put your allotment of money you need to lose your investment write about you budget right right. 260 or whatever it is like for mine it's it's 200 dollars for sixteen players. So he has come assure you decide to draft. That the auction order. It is randomized it really doesn't matter it's because. Everybody is involved in every player's Soviet deal the order itself really. But these pairings are the are you wanna introduce easy Kelly and watch probably. These are someone's gonna spend a ton of money this guy like to call that lobbing grenades like I'd like to them. I like to throw a lot of players that I have no interest in in at all. And just watch everybody else did autumn when I know with a high priced guy you know like I did it. Who was always the thing is we are most over area Elliott might be because of the six game suspension. Who we think is going to be. And people were really a pale for the may be doesn't deserve. The first in the comes to mind is actually Mike Evans. OK I don't know that the that the amount that the volume targets and he had last year's going to be there are additional which we go back and well. The majority of what he did last year was done in the first eight weeks I read the stat the other day and I think it was. The last. Maybe seven weeks of the regular season. He finished outside the top forty in week in no fantasy points alike he was a monster the first half of the season and pretty well fell off. The second half of the year an idea and Desean Jackson's in the mix you the the tight end from Alabama whose name is OJ hour thank you voting power to the mix. They just had a running back to. Or prime. Make a met Tom I remember maybe they didn't but. There's some other stuff going on in that offense that leads me to believe that Mike Evans is not gonna get. That chair you know that target chair on CNN and you know as average draft position I think is still inside the top ten another guy might be AJ green who knows how healthy is. Coming off that injury and he's been routinely drafted in the first rounded team both the IISELY. I have AJ I mock draft it's a ten team PBR I've seventh overall in one of the mock drafts house AJ green number seven like. I don't politics and that guy and he's awesome if he's healthy for all a sixteen game is a lot last year yeah well yen and looking at CBS sports art comes as we head Jamey Eisenberg on he and to lose other. Colleagues they all have all those names used mentioned as. Top seven pick sin and had he is AJ green it and number six in terms of their overall player rankings Mike Evans at seven and then. The other two haven't flipped around a little bit so. To your point me in those days are all at least according to the quote unquote experts. Since there they are all unanimous top seven picks. In the in whatever fantasy football draft agreement and the fact is this happens every single year. Somebody inside that top ten or that top twelve if not multiple guys completely washes out for whatever reason whether it's. You know an early season injury an injury in week four or just. A complete lack of production that you didn't succumb and it happens every single year get a static kill me last year was Todd Gurley. It is we when he came merely missing beginning of his rookie years go back and that knee injury but still was. A phenomenal. Productive back. Even then build the latter part of that year in and won rookie of the year and was it was awesome and it's US despite the fact the team was terrible the offense is terrible. So I thought you know based on what to do his rookie year that. Despite jerk off being there in the quarterback situation I'm being great that he seemed to be kind of system Rupp that it didn't matter who is there what was going on wall. Obviously I read that situation raw and battle those impacted users on our knocked Stew in their protect human or Ingrid. He was awful forming last year yeah he was terrible he is another one who I think is overvalued isn't does that average draft position somewhere. Late first early second round I mean. I've got to look William Moore mock drafts and seeing I just got my horror. Alex look at contrast the argument draft order to unaware Pickens right wizard. Otherwise is not a typical are determined yet you take all gonna draft number but I know Augusta looking at and it's likely your sand aggregates it doesn't make sense to give a whole lot of fun to David Johnson vs Levy on belt when you're picking separatist movement in there is no reason to spend all of the other of the two years ago I think it's only a Broncos going 12 or three it was you know. And for some reason he felt he had drafted him like nine overall op and as I mean it's a finals. But the guy killed me Lester he did great for some. Great for someone goes Drew Brees and then late Jiri 193 quarters untouched that's just that's it game set match I was done I was out. Over so the only one cold spell Nestle prolonged one forgot his talent and the second I was eliminated the need through the late next week like 400 ER. What are what are your taxes says I've made a decision that I do not draft anybody in the AFC east unless there with the dolphins. I cannot root for a home. Now that's pretty extreme and mean you're you're eliminating three rosters. Saw Brady's very you're not picking him well that's I that's the thing every now and every we've had this conversation before removed in a different context about. You know principled ball affecting your rooting interest calm and they know I've heard stories of dolphins fans in this instance maybe pinching. Eight patriots player of the week they're playing the dolphins but. Two completely eliminate yourself from saying you know any of those guys Brennan courts to win gentlemen Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady. For the entire season that seems very shortsighted and I'd like to sign up for that leaks right very cute and do so spaces and all. The very first year I played fantasy football was 1995. Lifelong dolphin fan. One of the teams that always loathed outside the division in this continues to this day is a San Francisco 49ers. Hate that team and at this point I don't even know why like at this point and so far removed from the any reason to not to not like them I don't even know why I still hate them but I do. First year and I did this on purpose specifically to go against that line of thinking that that text or just admired her very first team. Ron Amadon Thurman Thomas Andrei read all my first. I. It was a yet it is it is the exact opposite Novo VoIP are textures is writing you're lucky you got time you don't play those two games that's why the white eliminate the other. Eleven that are gonna maybe get to the. That that's the thing I mean especially when you're talking about. I mean I can understand the dolphins Lawrence a division where either of their dominating every year or it's on two teams are tiger when he made in an hour. All that explosive when you got a guy like Tom Brady and and all his offensive weapons he can throw to the year's dinner. Automatically for the draft starts a limit off your draft board because you don't want somebody other than the dolphins. To do well I mean that's a typical way if you want to win a fancy. Now guys wanting Jamie as a percent only gear while Lester I think that it Trevor stays with killing a right. Lester didn't score eighteen touchdowns or something Didier Jamie rich enough and Jamie said Mike Gillis Lee if that name sounds familiar it's because the dolphins picked him in the fifth round a million years ago. If Mike Gillis Lisa Mike mostly could take idling Garrett pork roll now you know what when healthy Brady has. Wrong cattlemen he's now about branding Koch's. What can you see how livid Dalton pins will be of Gillis and what's even got double digit touchdowns and touchdowns might kill a sleek. It would just have the dolphins fans once again shaking their heads like really you just gotta be kidding me. I he's been route pretty darn good lesson after the bills. And that's that you know hasn't started as much because as the bills rather than the patriots but yeah he he seems like you're the one of those guys are Galloway and it's it has been just one there's been numerous over the years. At the summer is this in these guys you go on ABC's team and producing right and not the jets this year though let's go to Jonathan in Miami as a panacea questioner right Jonathan. Negative he told our guys what's up. And just make a comment on our blog actually texted. I would inject an opponent on the AP OK. Everything that I read them though. Second 2000 Alito in 2008 com I drafted Tom Brady. And that's giving you go look out for the whole year our economy in the first game. And then I went every year will attract anybody else until last year I drafted Rob Gronkowski. And misses the majority of the year so I've just made a decision that dent in the picnic under contract anybody else but up. In total of quarterbacking like you agree you bring up good argument up. Oh what Tom Brady there you know. And it's something that. In Eagan we've been going after twelve years almost. I yet thirteen years this year. I want to eat it up thirteen current and I always strictly quarterback around the 68 round. Because I mean this in my appoint the quarterback but not much of it that between the ranking up like want to try and also I pretty much weight on quarterback. It's. OK I mean I guess I get yet spasms and the scoring system literally you don't mind quarterbacks are to valued a little bit in OK it's no use what's. Six points for touchdown for quarterbacks and some leagues for others it just largely depends on how much the quarterback is worth for forgiven touched. Why group either beaches with every scoring system that that really plays saw a large impact. Because if if you are a league and I don't think many are like this anymore but it you're in a league where every touchdown counts the same. And the distances don't really matter and even have a passing touchdown passes say it was a rushing touchdown right a quarterback should be completely. All on the top list in terms of their value however. If it's like you describe it is like three points for a passing touchdown and six points for receiving or rushing touchdown that obviously that that's which is things but it. Appreciate the call from a caller is suggesting really is it civic. Here's a one Texan that and apparently has affected him that much because he says he's done pretty well as late this time the bus is just a bunch of dolphins fans. All in a room and they're all drafting the other none of them are taking India sees players you know what I love my. Cobb was a huge cowboys spam and around Washington Redskins player. Is available and I think he's gonna have be stellar it's a great value guess what I'm pick up I just I mean. I I can sort of separate there that the hard part is. When a player that you you don't even if he's not an ant like NFC east rival anybody's going up against Dallas my team. He's on your fantasy team. You know that the ideal thing he is a great game but his team loses that are jobless but that's always the case that's when the your Ural region has tested what's your priority money your your phantom. Right yeah exactly adding that it's tested quite a bit on a weekly basis because of fantasy football. I don't there's people that don't root for specific teams anymore and it is their fantasy team Suze solid report NFL team. When I'm with you either there were a lot of weeks where. You know active if it's the dolphins are you rooting for one of their opponents have a great game but the dolphins still the win and general. I look at the statistics the dolphins' run defense has been really bad the last few years of give a running battle okay it was always a must. Barton must start like you be stupid to put him on the bench even if you are big dolphins I paper big dolphins fan and I looked and looked. The teams get to give up yardage anywhere from what is we'll get something for atletico lesson cushion the blow to your team to give you a so many yards on the on the ground you're getting something for at least something positive comes out of India I'm with you on that. I Trevor Maria again a great job producing a show thank you so much for fixing the microphone your terrific job. I you Greg you and I'll beyond tomorrow right can be easily. Fresh profits childbirth class tonight that he had to give up appearing on the show for. He'll be on tomorrow night. As well and coming up next here on 79 its ticket. I'm Josh Freeman he's Greg like it's coming up next ESP Henry. And make your team start to stop it from AM 790 at them 1043. HD to drag it.