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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Show me 33. OK pull a really really arm Rea no one gets hurt no nagging injuries no Achilles tendons or new user. Shoulders vertically like that we're just gonna stay relatively still on our seats and there's no injuries please. Well yes it's very difficult to get injured doing a radio show. Admittedly I mean that we we got to do something kind of clumsy you're stupid here in the studio or walking out during a commercial break but other than that. I think the main thing is that you can guarantee that by starting to show is these neither us play for the money dull moment that just. You know I said last night I just want some of the CNN gays go to the podium signal more. Or find everything's been today's practice he. No nothing from yesterday's practice everybody's help or get that no not at all and at the Keats is become. Difficult for him it's your ditto for the reporters because they keep nagging him with these injury questions. And you know at certain points he doesn't have any information at other points like today we found out from Chris Perkins who just wrapped up most in the show courtesy of instant. That it was the last question about Tony what it did nobody guess what Tony with a big news viewers had missed a practice. Edited out for part of practice what it was like OK I mean this could just be one of those. Whole army injuries where he stub your toe and we've back you know next week or whatever nobody deal images precautionary with him and also anatomy gaze dropped a bomb which is the big story that tone to open is now off for the seats. It's just had one injury after another yacht the ravens were the ones that just were beset with injuries. Late in the offseason in the start training campus one season ending in drip another in the Balkans might have surpassed that I I think so because. The ravens' injuries go take nothing away I mean big can be devastating depending on what your plans are for some of the players and certainly were more in tune with. What the dolphins are doing in their depth chart but. I know the Joseph Flacco release right now you know he's certainly back. So it's not like the ravens loss of starting quarterback for the seeds it's a start right there the moment any team loses they're starting quarterback for the season. Then that's worse case scenario add on top of that. A guy who's your second round victory Kwon McMillan who came into league known as the run stopper they were one of the worst run stopping teams only last year. And now you add Tony would be when their secondary was already question mark and certainly depth. Was something that you were relying upon now he's going to be gone use or interception leader from a year ago started thirteen games yeah a four interceptions one of the best it totals in the National Football League. Ted Larsen is gonna miss extended period time win it on the real question in the offseason why they address the guard position more Wetherbee via the draft with a higher pick or. In free agency in Seoul. You start adding up the list of all these guys and even some of the smaller injuries that. We're not sure how long the gonna last week army days Mike how is gonna play Josh the list goes on and on and we need a second page program lists all the injuries what we need a second show. Before we continuing to add Beasley is gonna join us. At 715 talk about the dolphins. It was not a practiced today let's go to headlines. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. We're gonna talk about this is the big story the list of dolphins players lost a season ending injuries grew by one. And after practice today Adam he says the quarterback Tony Lipitor is accused tendon. During Monday's practice and will miss the 2017. Season this follow season ending knee injury or by quarterback Ryan Taylor hill. And rookie linebacker ray Kwan McMillan and several reports have the dolphins were you know former Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga. Can John Karros didn't keep up this incredible power display. Last night he hit his 43 homer of the season setting a new Marlins single season mark and always got 45 more games to play he's only missed two games this season. It was his 22 home run in his last 34. Games that's a shake your head stat right there are still leads the majors and round trippers. The morals will try to make it five wins in a row this evening Madison bomb garner takes the hill for San Francisco. But he hasn't beat the Marlins since 2014. While Miami starter dense really as a lifetime of the world mark with a 190 when he RA. Against the San Francisco Giants. And the NFL players association announced today in his appeal the six game suspension. For Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and those are your headlines you think. I've often wondered you know those of foreperson panel that did the investigating. They made a recommendation to Dell Dell made the decision. I I often wonder they sort of built in. You know sort had a suspension knowing they may reduce it by a little bit and then they get what they really want it. Perhaps I want to that is well Rick as you know with any suspension there will be an appeal as a matter what sport right I mean you have the nothing to lose by appeal right to have the opportunity to appeals he might as well whether you have a good case or not the interesting thing about this precedent it's been said is not a precedent was just set by the end of fell below we even saw a cornerback the Ben Roethlisberger situation where. You have athletes who are charged with anything. So easy Hewlett despite the fact he said a history of incidents that have come up. Where there have been legal elements of them he has never been charged with a crime in any of these yet. You see him being suspended for six games so. I think with the NFL is consistently telling us whether right or wrong that we can have a whole other conversation about whether this is the way it should be or not. And whether Roger Goodell has too long overreach year when it comes as some of these suspensions and doling out. The penalties my personal conduct policy is not about whether you did something illegal or not it's about whether. You tarnish the NFL's image essentially shield the shield right you do if you mess with the shield of view you make the league look bad. That's what it's more about wood and Josh. On the surface and I know every business can run its itself the way they want suing the people in charge and you know Jersey audio lookers the same way. I think you're charged with any crimes here in doing criminally wrong that that's never been proven and be. Innocent until proven guilty here doesn't. Apply to the personal conduct policy and national and I believe this was collectively bargain with the players the policy well they write read it to the players I think many will admit that when they've put together his latest CBA. Very big emphasis was on less practice time in the off season rights are yet you know if you want something big you got to give up something right that's the torrent one of the things they sacrifice who is good you know Roger Goodell still is the guy who reigned supreme here today. You may insults a group of people as you just mentioned the other days it's his shorts when they're doling out these suspects. 7863600790. If you want again analysts is that standard notices last night that he didn't. He didn't do anything right now the game starts in just a few minutes here. Like with Tony lit bit. You know again they're ghost some depth the cornerback ten hill. You've got of course ray Kwan McMillan and you've got other injuries as well you got an offensive line. That. Really has no chemistry I'm I think the dolphins are wise to. Preserve the snaps preceding snaps taken by my count Siegel getting to a game whether it's Thursday or next Thursday I'm gay says he's going to see. Some action some pre season action. We don't expect a great deal that we don't OP plays a week from Thursday will be placing the entire first half. Go to the locker room. With some of the halftime adjustments come out procedure resort to the second half I don't know. What they're gonna subject my policy to ten Larson as you said newly signed left guard. Out for at least eight weeks with a torn biceps could put on injury will be put a major preserver. You know we'll with a chance to recall him from that list they can do that with two players take them off the tireless. You've got literally console. The week we were gone you are ball out of town he was a wave per week dealing with a family matter who want jeans a shoulder injury has prevented him. From practicing for you know. A few days so it's a Z in the oval all the units or any chemistry the old line is perhaps more than any other on a football team and there is no and that's. That's alarming. As we head into halfway through the pre season games yes and you know it. I have to wonder is well a noted Adam geese and Mike how to kind of collectively said that he is going to participate neither. The game Thursday night or next week in the blue dress rehearsal. Game I really wonder though that gays serving second thoughts and I know that he has consistently said we talked data Beasley about it. When he comes on next segment but these this is presented as a football and has suffered can't control get a deployment. You have to wonder if madam gacy is looking around and seeing every get guys going down non contact injuries they seem to have this stroke back bad luck day after day today. If he's gonna outs in saying. And why risky why put him in a game I know we want to knock awesome we'll ross' bunt. Oh Tuesday that he has to be second guessing that idea. Mean there's there's certainly a balance between just going toward business as usual and I'd imagine it's hard not to be affected by all these players getting injured others the. There's a delicate balance with Mike counties you say with Jake cup war you know I don't want to risk another quarterback getting hurt. By the same token. You need to get army brain ten hill spent the offseason off campus because you're not allowed to do it on campus with receivers practicing throwing them routes okay. Any organizer receivers they did that he worked with them in the offseason. In practice but guess what he's wearing a colored Jersey he can't be tackled. This team in games OK in pre season games. As as the bell rings on the regular season on September 10 and so what do you do if you're at a gays hmmm how much is enough for perjury color took all the first team snaps recently. But I would think you have to get them and of course this Thursday think he's gonna start. And I would think again just like all the other starters or the dress rehearsal game. Clear through the first tap into the third quarter and then get him out you can't. Can't treat these guys with kid gloves even a guy like how CIA no reason you know he's a former pro bowler. What do you really wanna throw me in with absolutely zero wraps in in a pre season game and just roll menacing our game one. Guess one Yuri you're the guy go in there though the whole game is yours. I would then say the play devil's advocate Oregon had what happens if Thursday night to say aside he's gonna play the first series cystic knock the rust off and you're really going into your point. He's got to be out there at some point and they don't want his first action to be in a regular season game there won at least get out there hit somebody. And give back into game action and all the sudden he tweets is here. And we realize that it's going to be a chronic injury that continues to repeat itself and he's gonna miss the beginning of the regulars. Our law that I could argue wanna play contrary view. You know what. Something like that probably would happen in the first game if they hit is that fragile knees and surgery I'm bold it isn't it it's that fragile and you're doing it in a pre season game perhaps against guys that bit me you'll. You that are gonna be first teams for players were other teams and guess what when the real guys get in there. You're gonna face even better competition and and bigger hitting faster hitting. And and guess what the same injury probably would crept up again in week one it might be Joseph McCoy whose inflicting that it. You know a good defensive. Lineman who's a tremendous player from the Tampa Bay Bucs I mean it's a fair point the way I do think that at the end of the day Adam days Tass supersedes. With caution but perceived as usual mean this is football we're talking about here and I know we brought the support for the show just that. Now back in the Dade you know we're in the good old days in the NFL used to play. Went 63 seasons every season games and have 1970 have two days they'd have three days depending on who's telling his story and who's. You know maybe on the bad side a Don Shula lecture spreading here more hitting their mean. Why do we didn't see this injury rate to the same extent now at the same time. Also are dude the terrible stories about those some of those players that generation who now are dealing with. All the side effects after effects of that including the CT and it's been really scary so. You know I don't roll where you draw the balance there but it's amazing that the injury rates for this specific team has been so high. This year and now as many people know local writers are starting to pan there articles this evening for tomorrow's papers it's like. You're almost two point refuel at the 2017 season may be over before even started because of always into wall. One thing don't talk about Lewis who Adam Beasley with blisters after that at some point. Is. I don't know what should give up on the seas where you are having your first ring quarterback gone I think the dolphins were lucky. And and Nolan knows how Jake color do but the thing is Jake how we're speaks at a decent language they were together you know very. Jury. Jake color at a very successful year of the one year than Adam gays work with them in in Chicago very good one. And it's not liking you bring in any guy who's got to learn a completely new system brought BP played very consistently. Under Adam gates. I think the dolphins caught a break here requiring Millen you know again you're you're you're testing linebacker depth should they've signed Zach brown is and what if one year. Roughly four and a million dollar deal. With Washington when they on the dolphins that negotiations would them. They're bringing in Rey Maualuga now for tryout. You know that's the second. Court requiring building the sale linebacker that you injured out for the year Colin BC being the first one his career is probably over. But. This is football rating you look at requirement Millen nothing was egregious and him getting hits he went down Tony got it wasn't huge contact. But there and and Channing hill again coming off a knee injury in December it was a night cartel did three went to the sideline and just collapsed. JH IA. Just came out of him concussion protocol but the dolphins don't want only running back out of that so Kenyan Drake went right in the concussion protocol. They're just beset with injuries but this is football this is just in this is the game there's there's a hero risk. I I just think some of these. With the exception possibly Tamils and I'm not making a medical judgment call by to do that more than they do the right thing by. Not having them have surgery they made the best decision at the time based on the information that they knew in consultation with doctors. It's some this I think is just random and just bad one. I agree bad luck who we talked about within the context of fantasy football last night and IP for the dolphins and you know. Every year there are certain NFL team uses his kids absolutely beset by the injury bug and in this case. Miami Dolphins all of that category before even a regular season game has been played at before the second pre season game has been played so I'm with you for the most part these things. Our luck certainly now it's easy for people look back. In hindsight which is Tony Tony and this and that all the other things but. There are where they are and they're gonna have to make the most of it and I did this is going to test Adam gates and his coaching staff to see if they can maximize the potential of what's remaining. And the healthy players. In this Ross one of the things OS can be easily text or writes in do you think the training staff the somewhat to blame for some of these doll injuries. What kind of the Mets have had tons of injuries in baseball there's talk they made just replace their entire training step. I don't know it's it's a fair question I don't. Think so but it's something malaska. And easily when he joins us next right here in the tech. Please fantasy football camp. Win special guest CBS sports dot com is hitting guys for. It's Saturday and August 26. But the sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM it's free and win some exclusive one on one time when John Clayton Saturday afternoon. Just register now at the ticket Miami dot com. In the journal Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Sponsored by East Coast public adjusters by gun world of South Florida. And by late storage for more details on attending for free go to the ticket Miami dot com that is a great events that third time we've done it. I I get so excited to get a chance to pick the brain of Jack Layton and Jamey Eisenberg who we had on last night. If your principal ball where this is a must attend event and as we said it's free go to our website the ticket mammy dot com. For more information it is a fantastic and bickering informative. That speak at a very informative Adam believes he Lewis saw what it means something about childbirth class what's he's got a extra bill is more or what kind of priority my god is on his unborn son Frito Beasley or equipment that offer or show. He joins us right now in the orient fuels and down posters convenience or gasoline they're truly steps beyond convenient boy you know yeah yeah yeah you'll see your son art show my god. The other priorities messed up pot hole was deeper thing classless. Will say that. Don't ever watched the video. When I lived it I was in the bills in the room when my my kids were born so well yeah. You should come on the show last night. I. That it and so we just about the little things I need to be petrified about those good you. I everything on everything will go. Just fun I have to ask is is the media healthy I mean in anybody liked I get injured watching practice today in the bubble there. I mean it's and I I just want one time Adam Beasley become the podiums again everybody's fine and healthy who I was. Yeah group. I out there that that has not suffered catastrophic under I think offense defense. To me in the coaches so they can. Do you agree that yeah you know at some point in the gulf and look what content and and then get by the better way forward but absolutely not mean today was. Another gut punch because that on the lip itself for the season with a torn Achilles in Kenyan breaks up for the foreseeable future with this country and it's. This could have their man is yet I know these and GM's goal is not the man rosters and and then the B 53 a couple weeks to. Did that to keep it carries contingencies but you in the deepest team can't tell about it blows the dolphins suffered. Now now. And we're joined Matt and easily herald's dolphins beat writer are dolphins and Saturday are 790 the ticket a tax rates in do you think the training step as someone to blame for these injuries now. You know you had done that the play our front robbers in Tyler earlier who was when it and he can. Retire or retire. That was a mistake by a rookie trying to make the team but the other injuries it's just football you can say you know Ryan ten it'll should of had surgery. Shooting out of what they made the decision based on the best medical information they had at the time. You know ray quandary Millen didn't get hit too hard I think a lot of this is just. Random and it just bad luck and happen when golf was how do you view this collective. Group of injuries. Yeah I think you're right Credo you look at them individually. And decide how to handle it and I also want because. He probably could have had that surgery in December but I. I remember you immediate result single to Corey they they were going to be up nine at twelve months in and that halo book that was really disguised as well. The dolphins have played you know play yacht there and then and then it must make guys write it matters is that that fit that the only one we could even be slightly. You know questioned their methods everything else is just don't believe them luck and mean they've they've been really don't want. You you mentioned that no one injury and we talk about outcasts just absolutely. The ran just fortunate. That hit his first play as a pro covering 800 people like log on special teams because it. What can second round if that's what they do and we was gonna play 30% of the Mets pitcher. On defense of the to have an active yet to place special teams and the pledge that continue to practice. And that engaged dancers but he's going to be out there week one for us on the down Hixon and ponds. Yes no he's doing so. Again that that totally fair and recipes what are you gonna. Gonna do about it a guy like when you look at jumping up and make a play when he lands and killing ops. That the argument at all admit I think it's a pretty pretty strongly as. Well if we think that we can really prevent or install multiple injuries the strains that cools things like that you miner. We know muscular injuries. That in turn to to bring forward record deal. Aside from the wolves are shot you'll but it happens and that happened and work out. Zone they really haven't had too many of those we talked at length about the topic Parker has hamstring in the last few that I hadn't been an entry this year. Over having his all full catastrophic. Errors like it's you know it is just rip it. And I don't think any amount of preparation is gonna particularly in about that is just it's really bad luck. Maybe zone with all that in mind did you get the sense that Adam d.s will just anything in practice or his approach is some of these the remaining three pre season games considering how quick whose injury rate. As piled up for the team. Lawyers did write that. He basically simple practice a lot this training camp rhino. Some fans are disappointed some even didn't get the message that that the practice is close and and showed up because there was a lot they can't. Blake you and the rest put these guys. In danger again. He shut it down I don't walk through the ball well they were on an hour and change. So yeah is already kind of you know change direction change course from what he's seen I doubt we'll see it on a gay guy this preceding. We already knew we're gonna chemical might have a much in my county. I would be kind of shocked at the plate now there's a concern didn't just basically walked through. The week three preconditions. More likely. But who we talk about the so one vote that would both you guys. You can't win this tool on this particular with a it and most teams they'll lose their starting quarterback of course most Matt. There's seemed doomed and I get speaks. Adam gays might come along and they're levels of persuasion the power of persuasion and the money is safe again salary cap they can bring in a guy like K color so we're not talking about 2008 he bought the fact that they can bring him cut and color. A map or sort of sixteen game tonight though the three of us saw that as an affinity for Matt Moore. The problem look it up by the eleven person content in just because of what history told you about it. They're not that position now and and and and that that gives at the very least bulbs fans have mental or two and monster com. Jay Cutler we'll probably I guess we'll start on Thursday Iran mean to you took first team reps. How much time do you think he'll get a couple of series may be an and then come a week from Thursday in Philadelphia. Do you expect color does he needs I'm peeled raps with these guys you know he needs they need to work on the timing as much as they can't. Will he play in the dress rehearsals brew the first happen even to the third quarter as as the starters will. Yeah hooters girl I still questions for Brad engaged I think that'll pretty close. How he goes against the Eagles that we can between practices Monday and Tuesday there Philadelphia practicing against the Eagles so that. As much. A way to look so evaluate how how far he's come than anything else. But there is about the Iraq. The first practice yet it was spectacular art at all brawl on the floor. Those who make a huge making what were were were great. Albany came back there or was it Saturday or Sunday camp over the is run together these groups he threw two picks in the red zone including a pick six. Yesterday it was better an opposite there was a walk Earl but you've got a way to go and and he needs to work so. Is it that fine line I used to be do you let him you're protecting put in that bubble wrap to talk about what might bouncy and not at risk much. Into the opener against Tampa Bay and you still try to figure out the offense. I wouldn't wanna be Adams is hurt happens as the tough decisions. Yeah NBA's along those lines so will Jay Cutler I did their pain in ten million dollars and yet he's gonna be disorder opening the regular season assuming he's healthy bud. I do wonder if the Matt Moore scenario considering. Gee is status and his presence in the locker room and being well respected and you know his teammates knowing what he can do what he's been Donald fielded do you think that that was a sensitive issue for Adam gays to bring in Jay Cutler just anoint him the starter right away. There was absolutely a sensitive issue and it's one that Jay Cutler. Understand implicitly. He is gone out of his way to be deferential. That and that meant more but the the rest of this team. The the very first he was here that Tuesday we goat today. He got second in line to put himself behind Matt Moore and all of the wraps. Used deferring to them more law this is still you're still acute spark this team that you deserve the respect of going first today. You know everything. You don't spend ten million dollar quarterback can be your back. That more plays as yours opens on wrong indicators hurt or up playing well. So you've done that there's a photo circulating on Twitter came out to dinner what all the wide receivers that huge I mean. Key I don't understand where this secretary incompetent and a and I get it I understand that yeah. Have been the most charming guy in the in years past I know. You and the coaches that in Denver. It will we can get along very well that's why I got traded. But I I keep looking for evidence of this entitled kind of lazy. Whatever you want whenever that. The cliche. You know not opt not to play. What what whatever the reputation Cutler had worked here. I just don't see it now again it's easy to be up beaten a team player. And then and then and then and. Great just to the media when you don't know and haven't Sony real picks and real gains and and then there's no criticism. But I think yeah I think companies that things are play your one somebody's reputation may not have been deserved to yet. As a new lease on life now particularly you know yeah. Believe. That you want to retire back in January I think he was kind of forced to retire so it is no appreciation all of these. And Gloria I think that India has its funny at least because we know it didn't count while. Intense but it is a calming effect on Jake. Other two personalities mesh pretty well and so people succeed anywhere in his career and then we're opposite hill under the now it's gonna be here with this team would this coach yet. You receivers. I can just see out to dinner with the receivers color turning a winter and so we immediately got to deal I was. Broadcasting and they gave William. A to. How concerned you were joined by Adam these clear how concern you about the office of winding up like pounce he hasn't taken any steps yet in and may not for. In the pre season we don't know we we think he will little bit perhaps in the third game when actual work. Larry tussle list time a week two of a personal issue. 21 James has missed practice for a few days nursing a shoulder injury ten Larson's out for at least half the season. They're zero chemistry along the offensive line perhaps the unit that needs more chemistry and any other on the team. Yeah I couldn't put it better that you didn't help veto it's it's a culture insert a picture. We saw so little of them. And out people were proud that we starter. And that the starters are out after. You know we snapped the person receiving game they don't want some consistency and to see what they can do. I don't know what amuse. I could pick up and answered just try to sound Smart I really don't know what to expect in this offensive line just that we haven't seen it yet. I think Tom would you mentioned without allow the personal issue you've got. The I know I know county the heart soul opens but he's got kinda have to be their best player because you can't count on sixteen games. A pilot on my county at this point it's clear because it is. Deterioration issues and nobody else on the line that nearly a town just console so yet for this team be successful yes it'll open very. Powell yet to be healthy too on teams have to put last year bad seat in the group premiere and they have to make this collection of artwork that there. These are you said before that in terms of the injuries that are putting these players out the season that he really did kind of question Ryan tale decision but even that's a bit of a stretch in terms of not having the surgery before. But in regards to require McMillan while you can't. Look ahead and account for the injury did that transpired with him I do think it's worth pointing out that they could have signed -- brownie could have been more proactive in free agency instead they relied. On call me see who knew I was gonna get hurt we don't Israel for the C we knew was gonna get hurt. I think it's fair to second guess the decision making at the linebacker position now that we see them with. Either Mike Koehler level Hewitt as it currently stands as a potential starting middle I'm back. Yeah you're absolutely right they're not on either worked out some some linebackers today it sounds like my colleague on their rejects report. So. Dawn but you're absolutely right they have to cap space and interest among the players to come here and those background visited here in little. We'll sign here. Quite and he does get dropped around a lot even terrorists now we don't know how much yet left but I would take at 32 ever. Israel. David Harris over now what they have now my call and benevolent you wouldn't. That means you mentioned so yeah that the one area where I you can really. I don't look at them a little off side and say we solved that problem coming down the pike we knew. Told me he's got a very long. History. Being hurt and he's coming off. You know home meter meter neck injury. You could not envision your you know your map meet your best. It hurt in the person that these are perceived as a pro but nonetheless there were options there they could walk away from BC use some of that money. And background didn't cost too much more than meet you would of there were other rap music has taken for sure great. If the run defense is bad again this year and its linebackers all. That could be one place where. They have the answers questions in January. These thanks very much for taking the time and tomorrow you'll be sitting in the chair here with Barry Jackson be the three of us to a show for the seventh time. Not real it's been way too long knives genuine and on to this. That's cryptic and we'll talk to illiteracy tomorrow thanks that was Adam Beasley. Pro shop childbirth class as you say you do you're gonna give him in person and try to continue to convince him about the name of his unborn child I think we don't we should late. Pebble contest tomorrow what is he knew it was unborn son who are not have to take audience suggestion that's right that's right you know best one gets. I don't. Pair tickets is something okay you know out of line you don't get away and you got connections ready to make an app it will seek a look at right now organist and take your calls on the dolphins of people like 7863600790. We're looking to Jon Karl stand right now who singled by the way in the bottom of the first in the home. And and he dodged past of Yahoo! Sports reportedly cleared waivers clearing the way for him to be treated as long as he approved the trade. What does that mean will the Marlins moved him and they had discussions with the other teams. This could be a big deal can be just a routine thing that a lot of teams do putting their whole rosters through waivers once the trade deadline. Passes July 31 walks win all the ramifications. Could Jon Karl stand at some point this month. Be moved well he's the hottest player in baseball right now. And his stock has never been higher what does that mean we'll examine that next right here in the tech. Pre season football updates on the ticket Coconut Creek bottom all friendly and knowledgeable of the price you want. Also sponsor my sand bar grown coconut grove home of the fish taco named best horse park 2017 by the Miami new times. And Alexis birth Miami an amazing in the automotive experience the pins are under way on AM 790. And after a moral 438 feet to the ticket their questions or comments about the Marlins. 78 Marlins dolphins 786360079. Yesterday was the official end of training camp they designated the end. The last practice before. Each second pre season games so that this was supposed to be the final. Practiced that bans could observe but they they announced yesterday we we announced that several times in the showed trying to get the word out there of the dolphins weeded out. And we're repeated many times that today's practice on the new yesterday it was going to be moved into the bubble let's close to the public so yesterday was actually the last time. The public could see the team not practice well when it was announced yesterday there was an explanation just that that was happening so I was. Trying to ascertain what the reasoning for was an it person poll maybe. They're expecting bad weather and so they're gonna move it inside any way to don't want you know people will be out and stormed by. As enemies loses all those last segment that is essentially Adam gays waving the white flag on the remaining gave training camp we. There is no use or purpose considering the recent run of bad luck. For them to put everybody out there for a full practice part of the fans with the injury rate as high as it's been so. Yeah we're already seeing him react to that I don't think that's gonna affect me so his strategy so much in the games we talk of the percent of by. IP that was a Smart move just have a walk through hone it down at least get to this team Thursday night and and go from there I mean it's just it's the gays has been shaking his head like what more happened in nineteen every time you think. I Ari does me a final major injury something else happened and juniors only look at yesterday to. You know wasn't gonna start this year started thirteen games last year but you we don't provide quality depth and what does he interceptions or receptions and now. He's gonna talk of the season yes and I mean the four receptions tied for sixth. In the AFC. And you know you're certainly be the number three quarterback and while. You'll Bobby McCain right now looks like he's going to be that slot corner in the nickel package so he'll be the third guy out there. Are the chances are between saving power in Byron Maxwell they're not going to be completely healthy the entire sixteen game season. And it's certain defensive formations they're gonna need Tony look it up there on the field so now this puts pressure. On all front burner and it's interesting green who we did the show the day one of training camp Josh. And we're talking about them signing all Tron Vernon who they brought. Literal on the eve of training camp and now I picked it. As much desire I've been criticizing we've been questioning the front office for their handling of a linebacker position I think this was a nice move from them we'll see how burner placed. He certainly. Is a few years removed from his Pro Bowl appearance and needs to get back on track because his time and in Tampa Bay. Oh left a lot to be desired basins contract but he now is going to be thrust into possibly that third quarterback role. Worse before thought it might be compete you about McCain is a nickel right looks like he might be that third guy on the outside and suddenly as well. Corporate Tankersley retard is and have a redshirt season and eventually next year would be his time. To step in the spotlight with Byron Maxwell potentially gone but. Next round operas they say in that there's really really is magnified now the quarterback these Ferrara those that he might be thrown in the fall. Or sooner than than what they want right ally are reading armada sog aero. You know he's just not ready yet but that might not be them in a manner you you you just might need the guys sooner than that and then then you wanted to bring more data it's interesting in. I actually had a chance to chat off after practice you don't during the first week and a half or so with Walt vacant soon. He was drafted as a quarterback out of liberty but in transition to safety and has been a special teams ace them. But you guys really excited because he's been playing at cornerback in training camp. And do all when he told me that I was thinking well this is terrific the versatility. Is something that'll keep you round on a team in the league. For longer but. We might actually have to see Walt Akins listen quarterback as well which you know probably wouldn't have been. Somebody we've talked about a deposition seriously as of just a few days ago book because of the domino affected injuries occur. You know all all of these guys now going to be under the microscope Micheal Thomas as played that nickel corner of Smart before so. All these names were not three monitoring to see where they resign on the depth chart. For the upcoming CS a trip passively I mean you say the nickel that you are you probably play that now probably what 67%. Of the time. It's it's. It's calmer more common than would be more common perhaps in the base the right and and that's what some will say between you know what requirement Millen news on play 30% of the downs because. On Mozilla does either have the third corner in their right to be a fourth corner in their depending on the down and distance but you're right that's why you need the depth in the secondary not just isn't injuries but because. Your policy we throw the ball over the feel. And requiring Miller run stopping specialist he probably would have gone on passing downs he probably wouldn't index for nickel corner anyway I'm not trying to soften the blow. Did priority has to be stopping the run I'm in this Google what the dolphins rank thirtieth in rush defense. Last season. What this is a problem it's it's been it's been problematic for 34 years right now this is this something that's new to the Dalton's big pensions rule. Bottom of Peter rush defense were several campaigns in a row. I yeah I agree and it continues to be an issue and we don't. Between the linebacker position between the additions they made in the secondary in this offseason and Eric I know one of the story lines and I'm watching for on Thursday night news who's starting your defensive tackle mean so far. Mean George Phillips season been replaced by divine god Shaun Wright you know Lou rookie draft pick out of LSU so. Is there's still a lot of question marks two point Josh it's not like. Mean the dolphins if they came in this season completely healthy on defense but Ryan Terry no one out we'd still be like god this is tops my. You feel like okay this defense is a chance to prove itself Narnia a more holes on defense but just Burleigh complicates we got a text that. From Dennis that he. Text or rice and maybe the golf and should've listened me enough player Dennis that. Then that then whatever roster problems and Nicky Nicky was listening to show is that hire him was are firm hammer firm of family members I think it's an essay itself somebody connected to strike. Is did anybody hire him he came after working for eighteen years for Tampa. Worked for mark Dominick who was leg goal by Tampa and when he was like go now I ticking nice guy. But he was only he was in charge of one draft that would 2000. Fourteen draft I think was his run in the equity data mean you can criticize a small school players and he drafted but he's dressed to draw on James and Tara slender yet. Mean. It's it's hard. If you look at any other team in the league. To point out too. Of your your first two picks in any given draft having Mormon impact on the franchise in those two guys of that. Positive gap and I don't as anybody hired him I don't know I mean the fact that Tampa Bay. Didn't consider him to replace Mark Dominik. Was to me was that it enlightening but in Hickey was like oh my Tim mom came many. You know he left stickier for one more year in the Nia. You let him go he goes hired by the Buffalo Bills as a senior college scout okay there you go so what I meant. I low density he's a great I had really good dealings with them I actually thought he denies job. For the most part but as you know these things aren't always fair and the politics. Come into play when it comes to NFL front offices as well now this is let's go to your right now this is. The Coconut Creek all animal training camp optic Coconut Creek auto mall friendly and knowledgeable corporation want. It's sponsored by sea and are grilling coconut grove home of the fish taco named best sports are 2017. By the Miami new times. I concierge men's wellness EV PE guy he's finally get back in the game currency arrangements that comment by Lexus of North Miami enemy easy in the automotive experience. And let's see the big news today out of dolphins camp. Was Tony with it was announced by Adam Beasley hurt himself yesterday in practice he is now out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon. Third season ending injury by the dogs and don't count call me see that might be career ending any was he never. Recover from last year's neck injury. But of course you've got ranked ten hill out for the year with a knee injury rate Kwon McMillan out. As soon as he did canyon Drake. When on the concussion protocol so he might be opera a wild adult who ports are the door opens. Are working out former Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga he started a linebacker for Cincinnati. For several years and in 20142015. Current dolphins to offensive coordinator Matt Burke was the linebackers coach. Or Cincinnati so he is very familiar. With Rey Maualuga and those are that is you were training camp. Update this was the Coca electric auto mall training camp optic Coconut Creek auto mall friendly knowledgeable the price you want to sponsor by Samberg real coconut grove. All the fish talk Tony best sports are 2017. By the Miami new times. And by Lexus of North Miami enemies in the automotive experience we said we will get to the stand news that he was he cleared waivers clearing the way if he approves a trade. To be dealt with on myself in its success on the Enron. I might set a wrong word there. Will be new ownership group. How will they look upon possible. Jon Karl stand Sri could they be behind the scenes. Hoping. That a deal was. Consummated before they take control of the team looks point why they mom might want that next right here in the thick.