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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Total. Our guys born on December 2 and third. Why water will be there Saturday features he yells and Weezer to Andrew McMahon in the wilderness Portugal the man in more Sunday features KC and the sunshine band. Foreigners Lou Graham Morris day and the time with a tribute to prince Loverboy and more timber and their lover boy and more army announced. It's presented by in a journal lean accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. Underground music blue chair he Roma please drink responsibly. Tickets are on sale right now go to the ticket Miami dot com alongside Greg likens I am Frito a couple of hours to go. On the show these home. Are you kidding me John Carlos standish he's not human right now. Unbelievably just homered again Josh reading my idol when my. Wider here and also to look up and he's in the dugout on his give everybody high I was. He's 23. Homer in the last 35. Games right now and eleven homers in twelve tips. Just an off a phenomenal pitcher Massa Maghreb. Madison Bom Gartner V is I mean you should be shot at him and he's one of those guys that he gets real fiery and amounts a lot of emotion you was not pleased and they're didn't norm early on it's 22 right now. My goodness John Carlo stand. Meanwhile went on earth is this guy ever gonna cool off this is unbelievable we're talking a little bit last night about just they might serve pitching around them and not giving him pitches to hit. He just cranked it no bomb garner and just stared at the catcher home plate he didn't even turn around siren in homer when he knew who. From the sound of the bat and we have the volume off your view could just tell he knew. That whole world that it was over the wall and that's it and Annie was gone and and bombing errors just disgusted with himself. Per per furlong that homer all right. Why don't we go to headlines first that we're gonna talk about Jon Karl stand. And the fact that the possibility exists. That he could be treated the hottest pay your time the hottest player in baseball right now. Could in fact be dealt the first of its gonna analysts. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. When you call. And you said Jon Karl stand just homered to left center his 44. Former all of the year it tied the game at two apiece here to peace in the bottom of the third. Now lies in Asia and Denard Span had a two run homer in the top half the inning Marlins went off the scoring in the first inning. With Christian yellowish getting RBI double to right now. John Carl stands eleventh homer in the last twelve games his 23 round tripper in the last 35 games just an unbelievable streak. It's idle more teens walked in Skype just. Rolled four bulls. You don't do it you can't do that up you intentionally walking I just have to tell the Olympic and the dagger was the first wire team's pitching that's righted its. It's a process then and renewed this more after the headlines but he's on pace for sixty home run all your apps look at green which get idle 44 home runs appearances sixteen more bud. With 45 games remaining it's like oh my gosh remain 45 games to get sixteen more home runs suits well within his reach of beacon stay healthy you know when he goes on the road if if you work. Planning to go see the team that you know you wonder where he's visiting. I I would take my son my daughter my wife girlfriend and anybody accused my buddy OC's Carl stand appear if the morals are coming to town. He is right now in baseball as as good a reason as any to buy a ticket out for sure these these must watch. I used described in one article very accurately be hottest hitter on planet earth and it's true. There is so much buzz about Aaron judge after the home run der Rea and yell rightfully so but. Stanton. His credit he stayed healthy now for the majority of a season that's always been good paying the Knox is not to him because. When he's healthy he produces and he's been able stay healthy at this point oh on jinx anything especially considering all the dolphins who's been talking about when. And he can stay healthy for the next forty plus games. Who knows we can re talking about. Post steroid era sixty home run season that has no question mark surrounding it and would seem to be the first. Sixty home run season with legitimacy. Roger Maris there's Izzo who could. Yeah yeah right I mean we would no questions about whether Sony's. Up performance enhancing drugs associated with the I mean that this could be huge for the game of baseball. And I don't do this more a second but didn't you Dietz does make you wonder though will he do that no Marlins you know. I as well we'll talk. Bellamy only finish with the updates here another list of dolphins players. Lost to season ending injuries grew by one after practice today at a decent quarterback Tony Lipitor is Achilles tendon during yesterday's breakfast. And will miss the 2017. Season this policy and ending knee injuries by both quarterback ran ten hail. And linebacker Rico on McMillan now several ports of the dolphins are working out former Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga. Who played in Cincinnati. Where then linebackers coach and now dolphins defensive coordinator. Matt Burke in the NFL players association announced today it has appealed the six game suspension for Dallas Cowboys running back. Ezekiel Elliott. Now the Marlins. Cleared waivers on Jon Karl's state that you don't know what that means that after the trade deadline in July but as before July 31 before the trade deadline on that date. There's always a player does have a note Sri contest you got to ignore clause in his contract. You can trade you don't need to clear waivers only permission from another team we don't mean anything like that. You can treat anybody now once the trade deadline passes and July 31. Turns in August 1 then you need to clear waivers on where I want a trade. You know Greg likens I've got to pass them through waivers he's got to be available to every other teen star and and and they can claim him. Starting with the team with the worst record moving up to the team with the best record he goes unclaimed. Up he goes claimed several things can happen because these are all. Called global bully approach if Greg gets claim on the GM of the team and Greg gets claim. I can just let him go to that team and that team assumes his contract and they only nothing for compensation. I can negotiate with that team and that team only that put the claim on him that that was the team with the worst record who claimed him. And we can try to work out a deal if we don't. And I can just pull back and he's a member of my team and any cannot be dealt until. The offseason. And so those three things now. It's no surprise at all that Jon Karl stand clear waivers because. If you pay eighteen put an acclaimed the Marlins could say. You know what pint he's yours because first leading her to run Carlos permissions got a no trade clause but. Team we didn't wanna risk say assuming the entire contract it's a black and there's ten years after this year. There's ten years and 200 and 95 million dollars left on that deal that's a lot of money. To be responsible or and they can be cleaning team of the Marlins simply let him go to that team. Would be on the hook for every penny of that. Now the Marlins. Could negotiate with another team because he's got to be dealt it the Marlins are gonna deal him any approves a deal. It's gotta be by August 31 because then and only then. Would he be eligible for the post season with the team that you would be dealt to insult to epic contending team wants them. They can't trade for a month's cover first and he be added to the web prospers so that makes no sense why team. Would do that. They and so often teams port. Their entire rosters through waivers at one time everybody and hundreds and hundreds or players are put through waivers. Often at the same time any clubs go through all the names. But you know it it's it would be unlikely any team put in a clear for now he might wanna be dealt to me. Contending team after all it you know the Marlins while playing well recently. Are not gonna make the playoffs and play for keeps saying don't let go of the rope and you know it there's too many teams to climb for the Marlins to crawl back in. To the wild card race. Then the incoming ownership group with Derek Jeter and then and and the money man brochure and and other partners as well. They might want stand to be dealt that's a lot of money and as is. Unlikely as that sounds it sounds color or intuitive but the reason that they might want John Carlos stand dealt. If he does that a lot of money to be on the book 209 by a million per guy he. Win till this season this is Ben an enormous injury risk and he's missed two games this season that's it's. And that's a remarkable accomplishment for guy who's missed so many games. Over the last two years. He's he's played in Contra runs until week 37 years old now that contract might look like a bargain in a few years are right now. It it it it might look like he's he's overpaid plot on the upside in this he's the hottest player in baseball right now his stock has never been higher. And maybe just maybe. They could get a ton in return for the reason by the way also. Of new warship group wants him dealt they might convey that they probably would find a way. Directly or indirectly to convey that had to Jeffrey Loria and David Sampson because they don't wanna be the new ownership group that dealt. The hottest player in baseball that would be a black eye coming out of the gate right away for the new ownership group. Better to let Jeffrey Loria take just a another black eye he's taken so many of them from the south or media and fans. And people say why would you do this you know Marlins fans are going to be angry. You don't show up anyway. So what's the point I mean it it it it's fine to be angry. Put your money where your mouth is and go walk to the games it's like someone complaining about things in the old bowl will that stop complaining you got a chance to vote and you don't. Got nobody to blame yourself if you're complaining that stand might be dealt but yet you don't go support the team and go to any games Walden you know it deep the opinion. The effect of your opinion is lessened because. I guess the same time if you don't go to games because overall the products are good outside of one guy. I can't blame people for not spending their harder and money and knowing it's gonna go on the pocketed Jeffrey Loria. Mean that that's one of the things I've heard from a lot of fans is that it was separate Lori is the owner anymore. Then also are going to games I don't know if that's gonna happen. But I would argue against completely guess what you're saying Josh I mean I don't think the arguments lesson whatsoever. I would say that it if fans say right now they don't want John Carlos stand traded doesn't mean there are any less of rampant are going out watching the games. There watching on TV every night and those are the ratings up blood and sort worst in the major leagues is terrible. Really good player besides that. What else to write home about you're gonna blame missile of France. I don't put this argument is less and it's not lessen the problem is. Their whole scenario as fans has been lessened because of jumper laureate David Sampson and everybody's been running the organization into the ground for the last. Holland who knows a home run number of years I don't say you can. I disagree to completely get their their argument is lesson because they don't go to the game snow don't have to go to the games of the product is terrible. And the product has been very good. Outside of now one surge where Jon Karl stand yes it's exciting but doesn't get me wanna go watch him play I'll watch on TV I'm excited to watch him but. I'm not gonna spend money on the Marlins will Jeffrey Loria and David Sampson are running things I think that's fair for the fans have that stick. Lob IKE. Jeopardy Horry could say you don't. All fans are enraged what fans of TV ratings stink okay nobody goes out to see the product whose fault is that. It's not defending Jeffrey Loria and I've been as critical of him as anybody. But better for him to suffer this black eyed in the new ownership of the new ownership group might save themselves. Why should we do we can get a kings ransom that we deal a shock or should rephrase that. John Karl stand is dealt return on investment would be. Higher now than probably they ever would get four he's never going to be hotter than years right now and his stock has never been higher. So trade him now. Guo Yong and I'm the new ownership group guess what that's where I want to I'm not gonna spend. I think it makes all the baseball sense in the world. And deal him right now because if you get a ton for him. And teams now are going to look at it pits at the trade deadline. You're probably getting a more than you would say in the offseason just that's the nature of the business. In a you can get just eight hole and in return for Jon Karl stand. As you say the team isn't going and it's it's in their chasing the nationals even with all the injuries that appear that team the latest one being Bryce Harper. They're light years ahead of wow awe of where Miami is Miami has no shot despite were crisper it says in the all star in in the wild card race they just don't enter too many teams. Two to overcome. So upon the new ownership group I conveyed that I convey. To Loria Sampson whoever I could get in touch with. Deal this guy if you've chance do you have our green light to deal one. Because but this is not you've got up you get this is a team. Ratzinger to scrap everybody that's the only positive thing you have going for your not gonna get rid of because you could get so much from her turn their. I wouldn't it they're sold deficient and pitching right now. The need help and if you can get. So really good pitching for him right now. I would do I would make that trade I think it's the Smart baseball move its the right move at the right time. I mean listen I you take a look at that are overall Rosser pitching has been the absolute problem we're used to mean between the starting pitching has some is due to injury. The bullpen has been very good so I agree we need pitching. I I would just questioned it when you look at the grand scheme of things. There is one reason owning positive. For the Marlins this season and has been Jon Karl cent sure it's soul. Well you know I think did. That would be a difficult sell. In general of whom in general Aviv dip till these nonexistent Marlins fans aren't the Marlins fans are there there's ought to support his own. Do you model I'm going often attention here. Derek Jeter bicycle he buys the club tomorrow obviously and sing months for this to be approved he buys the team tomorrow there will be. Briefly. A small ball in attendance you know what that's can have off and then the team has to Lincoln says Lee to maintain. The fans coming out of the ballpark again I think it'll be very short lived bump and attendance. And then things we back tomorrow there will be the loathing of the club but we hate the lakers heat ownership. But still I don't think I think. No one goes out there and he's money to see the owner OK here can on the clock cheaters going to be in the owner's suite. All right he and his decisions wolfpack club the decisions he makes more likely deciding who runs the baseball side of the club rather than himself. Who makes those decisions. But. Their dead bumping attendance will be. Very very brief. Why don't disagree viewed as a matter was a morals or any team in South Florida you have to be consistently put a good product on the field. If you're going to give the fans to come out consistently but. I just worry I mean John Carlos stand outside the injury history he is a proven commodity. That's an enormous contract to a studio is but just shy of 300 million dollar was and your putting faith in the idea did the Marlins are going to make that a proper move via trade get out of the proper assets there that's another discussion and they they haven't proven that they can do that at least with the current leadership in place greed so you know I understand what you're saying completely Josh and makes sense in terms of they can get more now than say the off season. But I would argue that in the offseason would Derek Jeter and Sherman. You know we would assume officially coming into the fold and putting people in place that they wanted to be making these types of decisions I would have more faith in that game. This group currently trying to get prospects or proof you know I don't know what they were get in terms of whether be current and only players or whether could be a bunch of players for the farm system but they haven't proven that they can identify talent at that level on a very consistent basis to civil weeks. Now lie and the Miami you hold on others want to join once again had to chime in on this or anybody wants to. 786360079. You'll take your calls next right here it's. Okay. But Berkshire. 30 here alongside brag likens talking about possible dealings of John Carlson and we we didn't say by the way are we say enough. He's got an archery he's got to approve any deal but if you Jon Karl Stan had a chance to get out of dodge here especially if you had a chance to go to the West Coast. Maurice from. I think you would approve it in in the blink of and I literally contending team hit a team that is going to win more consistently. Yeah I without Donald playing may mean essar the Padres are some because they're Favre then Dodgers could absorb that contract the angels are always going to spend money. Same for Cisco's having a down year but I still think very highly of that organization you know put him and AT&T park not that any marketable to him. What's so he's park for peace ease that score yes that's for sure and gays are gonna take that deal we know that. No no mom. By yet sees got to sign off on it. And the Marlins you don't have to make sure that they're gonna get enough in return in this hypothetical and I I know that. I understand what you're saying Josh and maybe that is that the best thing long term I mean hack really spears with the cubs right where. They hadn't. A couple terrible terrible seasons and to us a 197 games over two years or right so that they were. Really put in the work in terms of losing what they dated for what we ultimately saw result in a World Series and the Astros in thing. Well a bright they've they've done that in there on the at the cusp of bone being the favorite in an American League entering this year's playoffs. It works for some teams I think it works so when you have USC running the show and he's got the track record now as you know championships in Boston should probably usually install favor you will be elected to Cooper senator Susan writes that's my concern like I don't disagree with the notion necessarily. That might be the best baseball move for this organization used to hit the reset button and stand would be. The one that you would have to make that happen with why. If it's the current regime that is making the move then I have Mel trust whatsoever in their ability to get the proper. Assets and return before saying people are texting in in the Coral Springs normal on attacks on 67974. You know I don't trust this regime this in the same regime that tells Miguel Cabrera to the tigers well. Mom might kill all the current president of baseball operations was the assistant GM of the time he certainly. Was in the room when that trade was made to worry bypasses the one that had the final say. And something that they then head across Laurie is desk. To be sure but you know at that time the trade look good they got to. I want it turned out to be you could make a case that that's not to be deemed most lopsided the worst trade in baseball history. You could make an argument that that was the case and any and I would be hard pressed. To disagree with the U. At that time the two front they got six players none at the time to win them were the main parts of his deal. Highly highly regarded prospects outfielder Cameron Maybin. And at that time starter now reliever Andrew Miller we saw shine last year in the World Series. For the Cleveland and right right. We never saw you that will Marlins. And maybe insert himself into a decent Major League Baseball player. You know but post his Marlins on. I've talked about this before someone and in and out he get in this could be addressed to both of us I assume was for me because I'm a coast and we you are too. Would you trade stand for Theo Epstein I said this before I would not trade the U Epstein one on one. For any player in baseball noble. Because the general manager. He's worth more than any one player and it's not even close and one of the main reasons is. First of all. Single player is not gonna make you know I turn an entire team around you go look at the angels once they get the best player in baseball and Mike Trout they've also got control pain were. Our pool since Anne and Mike try himself one day be in Cooperstown. You know what I mean what have they done with those two guys on their team. You Epstein has affected the cubs more than anybody. And guess what. You trade a firsthand or Mike Trout even up or anybody at Bryce Harper. Those guys he'd injured tomorrow. And never play again US TA is all he's got his mind. In one of baseball team as long as he wants okay. There's no injury risk with the with the president of baseball operations none whatsoever and no value to the team by far. Is is more for general manager of that and a great general manager than it is for anyone player and it's not even closely my opinion well and so the question is phrase would you treat Stanford you'll have seen so while I was in a morally yeah there's the question you won. But the cubs aren't going to do know what they would they would hang up the ball well you wanna come down here he is. The children under the wonders like it's a signing operators who also take a call let's see I can work for Tom rickets is give me complete freedom more to work for Jeffrey or I am. No I don't think so and we talk about those great article in the New York Post about what kind of manager Terry funeral be if you think he's gonna come here bring tons of analytics. According to a New York Post Comas that isn't the case going to be going to vary old school baseball. Oh valley talent evaluation Anthony is in Miami hello Anthony. Well I disagree you can borrow beg god it'll be that the law does say I didn't say I I you would depend on the deal. But I'd be open to listening deals and lit them up and I think I was trio outlook but he. It didn't try and get an apparent brought little salute the blues wouldn't have been don't upended duke owns you. I mean what lobby that came payroll or expand a popular guy you want it that bad boy do you. But in order basically to dilute community and it didn't already but don't work our roots deep in grand jury. Welcome them every page now you're eat it jeopardy or we don't. And I don't want to give it a dark art will all of Europe we didn't need him to trial and you've been keeping up while we don't. Hi I'm gonna get that pitching if you know to stand American assigned thirty cent one high praise freeagent Wei yin Chen five years eighty million what's that got them absolutely nothing. Missouri right now. These are here. Yeah so where you require this great pitching a cellular vault the Marlins from second placed and it distant second place to suddenly contenders. At least in their division or for the. Right now would garbage can gotten a big number Greek if they would deny Ingrid how much do. Armitage none yeah I guess what I really don't like to dump my two watts. I'm rated it out. Compartment. Okay there's still look at the wild card standings right now they're one Marlins right now. Our. Eight games out of the second wild card spot. Don't you break it when he had the whole Internet essentially we have them. We have we will be widely abroad to. Jose Fernandez has passed away and we mean if we had a that's next should happen anymore sorry to be blood and try to assure you bet you mix it we allow that big old year deal. We John Carlos and it would all be dead Cabot. Bigotry or somebody get a committee about who try and spend them and nobody know make it wouldn't quite good at what you're cute. Are you pitching. Okay are we would you Garrett is somebody good are you gonna sign and what pitching. Is of the deem most expensive commodity in baseball by far okay. I get Esiason guise of free agent mark the Marlins are gonna write that check in after gonna trade somebody. We are willing to give up from your roster to get quality pitching you can't give up garbage and get something calling in return it doesn't work that way. Just because if Bibi in Miami is a Marlins fan. Well today will mark I was Margo do you say I was the way to use the built crap. The government if program do the eclectic you know we can build the regular tees have done. One of the Yankees the Yankees made it then we go to get Amylin could come back. Well they looked they did some Smart threatening but they also traded players and got a and the answer to Afghan war. You know we don't need champions league pitcher and ego it. They also signed to you do you like coming to me it made me a bit chaired by companies don't each quote do or don't put it back on it. Well this is where I would agree with that the meego and I would doubt disputes of what you're saying Josh is said. And right now we're operating the under the assumption day you know Jeffrey Loria and move the group is currently run the franchise in making these decisions and if we wait on the stand trade. Until next year right so let's pause on this for a sec all right and wait for an offseason to transpire in which Derek Jeter. And Sherman are the main owners and they're putting their own people in place and then I don't know why you would just assume that they couldn't go out and acquire talent or why they wouldn't be willing to spend money on talent. It's out there are free agency or make some moves I mean you're you're you're acting like. Well that that they can't sign a pitchers there's gonna cost too much do we know what our payroll but they're they're gonna operate under. We don't like I can look right now would take a little bit more time and have during the break as to what their payroll. Obligations are and ended. But we don't know what this ownership groups approach to payrolls going to be no but I would I would right now to the payrolls 115. Million I. I can't see. A seismic shift upwards and say aren't were summoned him go to 150 million I think the losses will be too much or Bruce Sherman or anybody else to absorb. Answering the revenues are that great that would support that and because again a lousy TV deal that runs for another. Three or four years the attendance is next to nothing. Yeah I just don't think the revenues and there are suddenly support a spike in a significant spike compared. I'm gonna sell you one way the revenues and increased tenfold. And it's if you base basis on the report did. Johnny Damon had about Derek Jeter he has already stated at least behind the scenes he's getting rid of the home runs that needs right. I think that's gonna look morale throughout the in all of South Florida baseball fans and otherwise to get that stupid saying. That is actually an abomination. Otto of center fielder Marlon spark you just remove that that. What I want you know maybe a bit of a stretch and well we don't what what what do you do with the statute you have lately. Ceremony to but to destroy your feelings don't use you sell it to somebody who is are we want that displayed. In their yard I would argue Josh that they might be a will sell more tickets to a home run statue. Demolition didn't they would for a any of these games the rest Lucy so you don't what you have an auction. It's depress the button and it could lead blows that thing up yeah and most of the time these things would go toward charity instead this is gonna go towards the payroll. Right so you know what we're gonna help out a little bit. So hopefully somebody really wealthy in Miami. We will put a ton of money and they're using that money turnaround in investor and pitching you know what I mean I'm Tony if you if you have like a fund raiser and then. You sell tickets and putting golden eyes bitter you sell raffle tickets winner gets to blow up the home run sculpture. You know I think I would raise a ton of money. I do to winner gets the press that. Just part of it is is going to be everybody's jubilation that the ownership group has changed and so are we all know mobile fixed. Jeffrey Loria everything that's transpired there is so part of his memories of giddy about Natalie I'll go to that I'll spend money on that I'll buy tickets that. And then the other part of it is nobody likes. How would you we'll be talking like that homer and such I don't it's not that I like it I'm just so used to it by now but if it goes I'm not gonna miss it whatsoever well apparently releases the core news report. They're Jeter wants to get rid of that that's one of the things he wants that's fine as at this you know what that's fine does pull that damn thing out of their way guys that. Techs are racing you guys haven't mentioned Jordan and all Jordan brand Marlins year old increase revenue. That's true I don't know that would happen because the armies would base was own deals and everything but if Jordan because he is. You know I've buried it. Adult he's invest a lot but here is an investor in his ownership group I'd be cool when they started producing Jordan brand Marlins gear. A mall and on that I love the Jordan Brown. I I told you last thing you knew I was going or united CNN a year and I got back but my family and I. What for eight days and I came back to were yesterday to Hawaii. And so were flying back we Leo we'll have to Saturday got home on Sunday that's all it took to twelve hours of travel. And so we are returned to rent a car to the airport in Mao. And we're just taken a little shuttle bus to the terminal in upper part just couple blocks. And I hurt to do that the driver had his radio. You know is is not radio like you listen to us on the radio biz radio network radio on. She could hear the other drivers talk to each other and all the things to mention 6000 miles away in Hawaii Acura driver eight seeded driver B major the Marlins are being sold. I look at my wife and she's is laughing at this. And driver be said he had heard Michael Jordan part of the group doesn't he own in the in the east trying to think and he said. He said the Washington Wizards and I sort of yelled out no the Charlotte hornets and the driver is is no it's the ports. Spot in us trying to get in on this conversation your bootable all the things to bring up 6000 miles away the Marlins sale. Was brought that was the last thing I thought I would ever hear about right there. Yeah especially among Joost Hawaiian citizens' right to me. These guys who are overdrive and every round that's what they're talking about a whole thing you know it's funny because I saw in Hawaii and and and and you know the just the news the nightly news. And the guy was wearing it was a man and woman to a whole why insurer that's how we didn't shoot news anchor yes and she's wearing this Hawaii in flowery dress. That's how they dress. Cool it and there's a broad collections and well good. I was gonna get online and Republican war on line yes this was only a casual Friday abuses that are in there was no error as far as I know I didn't watch your news for album and I just happened looked like oh my god that's the nightly news and you don't chills through little comfortable. I 7863600790. Billy you hold on others welcome to join. We're back after this and 79 the sick. All players when your lead come the tickets third annual and a journalist being John Clayton fantasy football camp with special guest CBS sports dot com's Jeanne Eisenberg. It's Saturday night August 26 of the sport of kings a gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. Heat's three and you can win some exclusive one on one time with John Clayton Saturday afternoon just register now at the ticket Miami dot com. In the journal Levine accident attorneys call 1807. Or 73 that's 1807473733. It sponsored by army Charlie either always number one draft pick I rip it energy fuel. By crave jerky and by champion four by four more details on attending again for free go to the ticket Miami dot com is a great Korean events. I keep saying this every time I read out liner my favorite. Annual event that we do here and AM seven tiny NFL moral force three HD two. The ticket it's a third time John cleans bend their Jamey Eisenberg he was on our show last night provided. Some really good advice you ask eight Holland of questions to these guys. And they walk they away answering give you fantastic. Off beat UC football vice as draft search just starting to get underway you said. Yours is gonna be this weekend mind as usual we in the league I'm in usually doesn't just the tier two before the season starts so. You can account for all injuries that may happen between now and then and it just it's it's a great great event I can't recommend highly enough. Coming that again that's the sport of kings a gulfstream park August 26. From six to 9 PM come out and and stop by and and sail alone get some great Tennessee writes. There in my case my trapping his weak economic about parent figure wanted to write what I did wrong in my draft Soes have my results in the news it's my advice from month John Clayton and Jamie has there are you got it now is Greg likens I am Frito here we'll take you up. Until 10 o'clock Billy's on the line hello Billie welcomed the ticket. Even got a I got was. I have a quick question and I'll level with the much your time I ask that question knowing full well all the Jeffrey Loria had the right to self. And get the most be that he wants from his things so I'm I'm assuming you. BG group that the number that or a mark wouldn't fit well reportedly one point two billion. Right imminent and that bat before that guy that goes to MLB ownership approval the other owners. Kind of have an obligation. To look at the other committee accent laureate packed course types. Because. If you go to a group went 77. And you know obviously we're talking and fade from the money your equipment millionaires. Who will be great again I don't number. And I really can't get Buick and the payroll as opposed to a billionaire who might have a a couple of other investors. That didn't get that might actually be willing to spend. I I feel like Oreo will tell that are going to Jeter. No matter what either one of them hit the number and maybe maybe not valued the people who evaluated the team a little less. At one point two. And decided that you know we can get. It brother the only laureate to Kerry's gonna get at one point two really just want to sell to Jeter definitely is not always true that the fans out here but you may be. Send them back up to my great people in my group product out there yeah I don't know. Okay got a body jurist and analyze. There're couple factors here I don't know he were none of us know exactly what's going on behind the scenes now reportedly this group the Jeter group led by money man Bruce Sherman. And when you heavy conglomerate of homers the weather in baseball requires. One guy. You know Paula this anymore but it it's this it's the same thing aid to be managing general partner one person and is designated. As above all others in calling the shots are passed meaty the greater revolt equal so to speak that's going to be Bruce Sherman. He will point Terry Jeter who won the reportedly the business side in the baseball side but Bruce Sherman everything every big decision. War ultimately crossed his desk if he wants it to. Now support it reportedly this group bid one point two billion dollars for the Marlins let's say the mosque group. The only one point one billion. You know would baseball wanna give up because you know would would they wanna sell Coca everybody benefits the higher than the cost of any club. Benefits subsequent sales you know from other clubs as as the years unfold. I in and I think on policy Roger Goodell excuse me rob Manfred the Commissioner of Baseball probably has a lot more sane in this and we know. He might have insisted. Derek Jeter be part of any winning group enough so that he could say all right. Jeter's gonna be party or group and and he could shift to Jeter from one group to another. And say our and he was in group may now raising group B and I if Jeter is a part of the group guess what I won't get the eight owner I need. To reject this sale be only eight owners to reject because he needs 75% approval. Rob Manfred as commissioner has enormous influence and baseball. And he could give in seven other owners to vote no unless he rob man for does what he considers to be in the best interest of baseball. And baseball and get everything about old baseballs getting. You got a chance to get rid of the most unpopular role not only by the fans of south ward but probably among his poll owners were sick of him. Pocketing. You know revenue sharing money. You can get rid of him and bring in whole femur Derek Jeter and what are you gonna do or and that that to me is an absolute no brainer for any any owner to say yes. Right it makes sense that Derek Jeter be part of baseball in this capacity. I guess a question would be eight of Billy was kind of inferring did Jorge mosque would invest more we we don't know do we know it is what it. What a mosque you know I mean act. How much these guys have to spend you know and and they're not gonna let these guys borrow tons and tons and tons of money. We do know Hamas is is a marlins' season ticket holders from South Florida has a very good reputation as a businessman and is very well respected. In his community and you know throughout the business world so. We know that he has it. At least a very good holes on the team and what's transpired over the years in South Florida would baseball soot that's one thing did. I take. Really works in his favor but. I think at this point it's time to move on from that because he's not part of that is sold the question I would have any we don't know the answer until they start. Taking control of that won't become official until the beginning of October. Based on the vote that you were just describing. Alms but I wanna know whether this ownership group is planning to spend more money been Jeffrey Loria had for the majority of his ten year. As an owner and as you alluded to earlier Josh it would appear that der Jeter is the baseball guy is gonna be look looking at things and having an approach it's a little bit different from. We're the team seems to be headed where it's all of the numbers in the Saber metrics and all those types of the Ohio I was. Read a column by Kevin Kern and columnist for the New York Post. Initially asked Derek Jeter I years ago about possibly owning a team and and Derek Jeter. It said can hear this is from the come consider the common Jeter made to me at his locker several years before he retired. Here's a quote by Derek Jeter everything is about numbers today's game is more than numbers buddy. He went on to point the value of scouting the value of allowing two player for that thing for so open not becoming a numbers robot play the game. Not the numbers decent funeral will use analytic to some degree but he's not gonna be ruled by analytics. I'm not saying Greg and analytics and say are metrics are the end all be you'll. But you know within the Billy Beane for instance you know the subject of money ball. I believe now because analytics has gotten. That's you know there's so weak there sort of slim margin of error maybe one club does better than the other terms of analytics does a lot of them have. Such sophisticated analytic apartments now I've heard that Billy Beane has more scouts in the stamper and nobody ever pets. So I I think that the Smart clubs use both I think the Marlins were one of the last teams to hop on board that analytics train. If I. Which doesn't surprise you does opponent had at all but if it Derek Jeter go was backwards I think that's a mistake I think you need to use some combination of both our remembering a boob shot on the our old friend. And you know he's been big scouting guy and now is a big analytics. And just to treat two schools of thought Noah who are bypassed to I don't plea was got a job in baseball since he was like go. But. I asked who shot me once or heard him say. It I think asked him if if the numbers told you one thing but a scouting report told you something else see all you should get this player he's great with. You know Cipro very simplistic think he's great with two strikes and men and scoring position. And scalp might look at his eyes and say that's one nice Tellme but the numbers might tell you you know he's not as good as you think that's that I'm I'm making and as simplistic as possible. I said boo to the number soldier wanting a scalp to leave something else more jubilee beside the item got this quote. Group set I believe the numbers eleven times out of ten. Or bypass I interviewed once and he said I'd I'd go with the scouting report every single time over. The actual analytic numbers so it's it's different schools of thought I will say that Arizona had. And Tony La Russa. In charge of the baseball operations and couldn't have gone. More backwards and they didn't they just weren't. In tune with the times we just when he causal Russa years ago was was viewed as cutting edge when McCain was. Using numbers everything like that and now he Keyon and Stewart were his woefully behind the times I hope the Jeter. Won't do that to the Marlins in terms of player evaluation. Yeah and. I'm where you wholeheartedly about the balance between the two B Terry is yet you have an example and you just gave. Where it's clear cut. The the numbers indicate hey this is what has died as well or he doesn't do well I mean why would you argue with that right to me that's he's very straightforward. But I do think there is some intuit and neo you can make the comparison to National Football League as well right when. People get so caught up in the numbers from the com Biden verses actually watching like Jarvis slandered for example. Jarvis Landry isn't gonna put up impressive numbers when it comes to. He's physical. Tools but if you watch him run a forty he's not through the fastest guy he might not jump the highest he might not have the measure bulls that your looking for. From a wide receiver in the NFL. What do you get him out on the field on game day and he is going to be if not the best one of the best pure football players. Out there and so the dolphins are on got a steal with him in the second round but again if you're just going by the numbers Jarvis Landry. Is it a very good football player but he he put on the film. Then it's like holy cow in this guide as a matter if he's not as pastor he just finds a way to get a and so that's why I do buy into what they're Jeter. Police articles describing Derek Jeter as is that yes I'm with you can't just have a one or the other you have to have the numbers there anybody who's Smart. In any a lot of work baseball sports any kind of business if you could take the numbers and the paired up with. A when you're evaluating character or determination drive to win. And Theo Epstein talked a lot about now when it came to putting together this championship cubs' roster where he won the right makeup of people not just. Good or bad baseball players I think there's something to that so der Jeter to bring in good people. With a drive to succeed in a willingness to put forth whatever it takes to win and combine that with the numbers that I make sense and that's the best of Baltimore. Whoever anybody listens to my show knows that I'm an enormous comes fanning cowboys in any of diametrically opposing. Priorities the cubs put it I know with the cubs put us recruit the cubs put enormous value in character the cowboys don't give a bleak about Carriker and look at all the drug history. You got to Allah will will bring you hey don't give a week about character and it's come to bite them in the ass again and again and again and I think they're Macon. Wall full mistakes when they sang guys were just character of risks are we comebacks beacon football wriggle the dolphins. Has this season comes to a halt before started because of all these injuries we'll talk about that next rate here in the sick.