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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. It's Friday September 15 from 7:10 PM at the museum of discovery science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I expect him to new parents can enjoy an evening filled with activities. Or about the latest products for their growing families exclusive discounts celebrity photo ops and chances to win amazing prizes and sponsor by pediatric associates. Loving care. 365. Days a year for more information go to pediatric associates dot com for tickets go to the ticket Miami dot com. One hour ago here Frito here alongside Greg likens will take you up until 10 o'clock how would you get rid of the home run sculpture reports are the Derek Jeter. Wants to jettison that thing from Marlins part by the way you'll ever gonna name sponsor will they ever sell those naming rights. We shouldn't mean that's that's one way to make up long revenue red green and no you cited very accurately defect it spirited have a very bad television deal. The attendance is a very good but yeah I mean he's been Marlins park ever since it was built why it couldn't be I mean every stadium across. All the major sports have naming rights deal the Marlins on powerful though they don't they can they never struck a deal now open there will host a possible. I'm pregnant the Marlins. Yeah exactly I mean ID gets his due is show you again I don't wanna continue to. Where you live in the past and in a sense they'd do veered there is his deal in place and we tickets highly highly highly likely that there's going to be new ownership group come October soul. With that in mind I mean you like to stay positive about the future but. My goodness I mean the long lists. Of missteps mistakes. And just terrible ways they've run this franchise is continues you longer and longer. He's Greg likens I am Frito again we'll take you up until 10 o'clock if you like to join in 786360. 0790. Ridiculous and dolphins talk in just a moment but first was gonna ones. Here's what's. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here okay. And the list. Players lost to season ending injuries grew by one after practice today at MD said the quarterback cornerback excuse me. Tony Lipitor is Achilles tendon during yesterday's practice Ole miss the 2017. Season in this policies and ending knee injuries. Suffer by quarterback ran ten hill and rookie linebacker re quantum McMillan and several reports have the dolphins are working out former Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga. Can John Carlson chemo is incredible power display while he's already done it as he hit his forty. For round tripper of the year often massive bomb garner it was his 23 homer in the last 35 games now. Right now the Marlins. We get this score here up on the screen right now the arch lead the giants going in here there in the bottom six. Four to three Marlins struck first person yellow which in the first inning and RBI double scoring stand. And arts and put them giants ahead two to one with a two run shot in the third inning bottom half of the frame. Jon Karl stand tied up his as I said 44 homer of the year. GT realm you tow and a sac fly in the third inning and put the Marlins had three to two scoring Ozuna AJ Ellis of all people. In a home run off from massive Bob garner putting tomorrow's a 42 but the giants answered with bomb garner himself. Having an RBI single soul right now. In the bottom of the sixth inning the Marlins lead the giants board three they are going for their fifth straight win in the NFL players association announced today. It is appealed the six game suspension for Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Wanna hear from you fans how do you feel those are how nervous are you with the injuries that have been set the Dalton's. No vote before is as Greg said earlier the second re season ten hill on for the year. Rookie linebacker second round pick over Rio second round pick. Re Kwan McMillan who was gonna get time in the middle Lawrence Timmons on one side and equal ones on the other he's going for the season knee injury. Right now Tony wit Pitt who was started thirteen games a cornerback last year for the dolphins was gonna be the third quarterback this year. He is gone for the season and a whole host of wondering other entries might policy is being held back. Likely to get some playing time here in the pre season because of you know hip surgery. There are other guys voters paying dubbed who want jeans and a bum shoulder has kept him from practicing for you ace Ted Larsen. Signed as a free agent the starting left go at least half the year because of a torn biceps. They're just one injury or rather of killed his team do you think of the season. Is sort of over before it starts 7863680790. Rob I'd go that far but at the same time it doesn't matter which team nor the national ball leaves you lose your starting quarterback. Before any game is played pre season or otherwise I mean that's a terrible sign for. The fortunes of your season price analyst Rebecca president Kurt Warner right exactly had to turn to bring her wars situation which reminded of that when that is. All fame induction speech oh vote last a couple of weekends ago however it was Trent Green there. User error and current quarter may be special thank you to him so what took those are really. Nice touch their behavior forgetting her turn to well different for you build blowing iron knee I would be here yeah I mean I guess if you wanna read between the lines that's essentially what it was but he said it wasn't really that it was. He praised him for his professionalism. In net since situation says you know would have been easy for. Any bus to be kind of bitter about getting heard everything review. Showed me how to be professional and you were so supportive and everything so I thought it was a really nice classy. Touching moment being in that speech or speeches that otherwise I wasn't really a fan of per Warner's personally. But I am report while I was NY times I was to sell them all these homilies stories in aegis it did not seem natural seemed very forced. When you compare he uses some the other is a decent Joseph do tremendous job yeah asides I watch that I lie and was eloquent and you know had me a message behind in meeting at pechora Warrick can't drop the ball in terms as the Lipper idol Dini Telesis up part of his it was great yeah and and he's you know a lot of them seem genuine whether they were the best message or not whether the you know not everybody got every guy is as well spoken to say Jason Taylor by. It is there's still genuine and with real emotion McCurry Warners felt a bit detached. Where it was just too scripted and no it's rare when the Renault the teleprompter but. You know it just didn't seem as heartfelt as somebody knows this that was my interpretation but I did like when he. I think Trent Green because certainly I mean. The other side of that sort we all know about it you know the terrific Kerr wore gold from bagging groceries to becoming well have been a future hall of Famer. And in the other side is Trent Green and any injury history that he did you dot shake we saw with the dolphins as well. In that they're the only golf contingent for 12 Corey continue here there's no way to answer this question. You just wonder how many guys are out there. That it just given the chance being that. They'd be in the right place at the right time in all the stars would line I mean. Kurt Warner was in a perfect spot they should they be donated his receivers and everything the greatest show on turf there was dubbed. And had the arm. Tutu to make that happen and he just right place right time or an office coordinator Mike Martz the head coach Dick for meal and everything just where. But if if Trent Green remains healthy. This never happens and core quarter rose weary as they but he doesn't make all their money and he's never heard from again maybe. Probably right so you wonder other guys were so word is given. Just the chance. Their other stories out there we just might never find out about. Yes that's true and you know had it not just critical Warner may be catches all the different team and things work out form. But it's hard to imagine that worked out as corporate leaders they did is you just described. But certainly I pick it all sports looted there is that looming question because. I mean look at even the NFL draft process comedy years every single year doesn't always have to be the dolphins to veer around the National Football League. There are undrafted players who end up making a huge impact or I'm becoming starts or late round picks so. In all the scouting evaluation process is anything but a science I mean they have. What they think he is a processor which they can have the best odds of hitting on the east picked it. Just never know I mean there are. Our stories every single year of guys who fly under the radar to your point. But some of those guys don't get the opportunity so illiterate little of it is locked like anything in life fright then we gave back to the Miami Dolphins mean. Lose your starting quarterback before pre season game number one. Usually doesn't bold well for no occur Warner example aside than not that's not yes so that's not a good sign now. I still wonder means getting Jay Cutler seems like a bit of recoup because of his relationship to that of gays because available. And you can bring in a guy's seat on after lime Mal Moore there got to bring a quarterback. Either way but map more now doesn't have the burden of being a starter for all sixteen games in who knows you know he'd survived the sixteen games he may have injuries as well. But I don't know Josh I'm feeling. I wasn't feeling great about the season begin where. I you know I we've talked about before I felt like because the schedule the strength of his schedule and some logistic summit in terms of the travel everything. It was very difficult for them to try to do it ten wins from a year ago anyway. Even even with the full team healthy but now you've got all these guys missing so poorly in the process knowing that there are likely more injuries to come. It just makes you feel like. You're already getting off. On a bad. For a year and this season heck we avenue and play the second pre season games so I just I don't wanna be down and out already because you know stranger things have happened. But it's hard not to feel like. The season's already a little bit duped. And I and I hope they can overcome a lot of users were. Her for another guy goes down at the players the coaches the staff pistol you know has that all my guys here we go again branded this must feel. A bit stay likewise is happening to us you know and some non contact injury is well. Besides he injuries to ten hole wreak on McMillan and and and and now Tony look it. You know the nagging injuries as well as the little ones were keeping guys out of practice whether it's Mike Powell's Julie came up major hip surgery. But edged one genes that shoulder. Is canyon Drake and Allen concussion protocol he enters the concussion per calls trade tried just emerges. From an agent they just can't seem to catch a break and I wonder. If if the season fall short of expectations. Will fans out there you know be willing to give say a mole and into the steam. I would imagine so we'll go straight. I wondered just in general if this stands. Outlook and expectations have shifted already I mean had we took our call last guided we've sometime in the Bronx news say an eleven wins out there my guy got Jay Cutler and everything and so there are going to be a certain. There's a certain segment the fan base is going to be eternally optimistic regardless of the circumstances regardless of what's going on. And I think part of that plays into the fact that people feel competent Adam case's ability. As a head coach there's a leader and he exceeded expectations last year with their group despite the really really slow start they overcame that to make the Playhouse when. I don't know this is this is gonna be difficult now. Again they have played a game of the regular season yet Josh so we're always agreed that there's no reason for us of all the sudden right off the season right now. By any means well. But if you take a step back and look at this varies from very straightforward. And unbiased perspective it's like man this is an off to a good start and the defense as you pointed out the star of the show already had all sorts of question marks surrounding it and you're you're not losing what would have been a starting. Linebacker and a guy who started thirteen games were in the secondary last year and MacMillan and lipid. So anyway and it's just it's not off to a good start. Things can change maybe they'd find lightning in a bottle may be Josh some of these players and flew under the radar that we don't even know about her haven't even thought about. Played well over expectations are we have some nice surprises this year but on the surface on paper right now. Not a not a good start not three to repent. 78636007. Tiny and again not to be too negative but. Will be you'll a negative here is the offensive line just you need these group. To play together unique chemistry along the line I would say more than any other unit in. In in the game and you've got an offensive line that this is an incomplete disarray might policy may probably will get into. One of the pre season games Weathers this week or next week which is a little bit I'm sure. You got Larry counsel who missed eight week. Dealing with a personal matter you've got drawn James who shoulder his moon and improve from from trained very much and you've got ten Larson. A sign is a left guard and he's now out for the year so this this unit which actually needs cohesion is getting anything but that. Corrects and Larson their open will return at some point right. Did the thing is having right now than you're working in a pristine as it left guarding Gregor rate Herbert has been playing center in place of my bouncy when he's out in policies are just ready and all the snaps of rounds by any means you know he has return which is encouraging but. You're right I mean that is always one of the I don't wants it's a cliche of one of the storyline every training camp Miami Dolphins or otherwise deserted. The offensive line Kenny did it together it's got to be cohesive unit can they be on the field long enough together. To feel like they're ready to go regular season game number one. And all of the different factors that you decided Josh it's a whole there's no way mean it just physically impossible his admin on the field together another still. Two more games really to try to get some of those Don because there is that not gonna play increases in game number four more than likely they'll. Com arts. I would argue in my policy doesn't really need to play in the pre season he can step on the field. Seasonal put her and I the and anybody can do what he can be OK but I do think it's. Vitally important britney's team to work it. Offered a barbies last year he was the backup at center to my bouncy and didn't have very good reviews so can he be the left guard for them. To mom bush rod he's a veteran he'll be OK I Jordan James. Played alongside Jamal bush Ron all of last year so I don't the right so that opens a lot of okay we're. The left side I think it's a legitimate question between you know every tones make the transition from left guard left tackle on an NFL level. And then of course in pristine if he is indeed. Your starter left guard while they're down to douse a total I don't I think he's going back to what he noses home and I think it'll be fun there I don't have huge doubts that I just think it. He could use the playing time at left tackle in the pre season not a lot but he could use it just it did. Himself situated there on the NFL level on me yet it's it's a big difference applying SC football and being in the national football. It's not often Greg the U hearing general manager in sports saying I believe I blew it I'm me I'm an all up to this mistake. I screw up and I am responsible for this we got a GM in pro sports. That did just that yesterday we'll talk about that next on ticket. The flip side music festival power by force and is December 2 and third. I'm Fort Lauderdale beach Saturday features cage the elephant Weezer. You know McMahon in the wilderness Portugal the man and more. Somebody features KC and the sunshine band for owners who ram or more is day and the time with a tribute to prince Loverboy and more to be announced. Presented by in the journal Levine. Accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. By East Coast public adjusters don't settle for less. One with life organic tequila please drink responsibly tickets are on sale right now and go to the ticket Miami dot com. Freed earlier alongside Greg likens we will take you up until 10 o'clock. Now you don't often hear general managers are almost anybody in sports Greg say boy I screwed up but Jason light. The general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it just that I think your brownie points with a lot of people. Last year he treated in a wanna get this right here. He moved up in the draft he traded a third round pick in the fourth runner to the cheeks to move up. Number of 59 overall the end of the second round. Who's set to draft Roberta LaGuardia from Florida State the most accurate kicker. In NFL history drafted him in the sector rom moved up against a double and that I scene suitably what I said in a tone is an NCAA history excuse me far from it and and try. I hit. And any moved up to get him give up a third and fourth to draft a kicker that high. And McGwire oh from the start was a disaster I mean it you know it's a lot of pressure on 21 year old kid to come their. AM church pressure and off his as a kicker you kind of feel isolated you know. UPS don't up and seat practices they duel little bit in training camp when teams practice that the offenses they are sometimes against the deeper and sometimes on their own. In the office of they don't go elsewhere there's just actually segregated from the team if the teams out of the practice field these guys are in the bubble or the global. These guys are on the practice field they're on their role in the rural little cocoon. A week from the ball and you got a 21 year old kicker. Yes he and all that success in the NCAA. But now look we traded up. 22 picked UN and almost unprecedented level now Sebastien Unocal to pick in the first round but it was a lot of pressure forum any succumbed to whatever reason he was just eight dumpster fire. That happened last year 2016. And just a few days ago Jason white the general manager said I'm owning up to this I screwed up. And they released. A release him. He is just so forth kicker drafted the first two rounds last 25 year so you mentioned. Genachowski who is the seventeenth overall pick in the first round of the run to raiders' 2000 Mike Nugent from the jets was a 47 overall pick in 2005. Jason Hanson 1992. By an alliance 56 overall t.'s net that I end up being a really depend on them I had a great career in Detroit. So yeah I mean he comes in with. Unbelievable expectations remember when the pick was made in a move was made it was like what on or to be doing green just. You don't take it kicker that high in the draft regardless of how good the guy was in college. Any way and this was such a bizarre scenario one because that have more than two to give up on him after just one season but Josh. To take a look back at last Friday night in there first pre season game he missed an extra point and then missed wide right and a 47 yard field goal attempt. Missed extra point in the national globally in the mood to back a little bit but that's not a good sign he kicked aegis sit on 71% of its global Temps his rookie season. I don't know this is one of those were I guess you'd give credit to Jason white for owning up to put it. What else is he supposed to do I mean he obviously made a mistake we can all see it they decide to move offerman. I mean I don't know bleary are used so are you saying that perhaps issued a star of the moment all hurdles. Why I look I I admire when people can say I screwed up I'm owning up this I made a mistake. If you realize it's mistake it's probably. Not fixable. Then then take care of it right away I had another example that all I've got to add a postscript to this won't keep talking about it but. They're an ironic post script all this is when they drafted a YO in 2016. The Buccaneers cut their current kick were at the time Connor Barth. Who's now on the payers. So who picks up McGwire oh from waivers from the tip we've a leaders. The Ayers so here is Carter bar six would like you to get away from this economy and the cost me a job in Tampa now he may cost new job here Richard buck. Connor Barth is doing this guy again oh my goodness there. Grizzlies acquire oil being decorated in college. A big many was saying that it's maybe a psychological thing for him because you know he's improving college it. Physically he uses good news is there once in NCAA history as you pointed out so. On this is a strange one for him Barack borer while assemblies but again weather is Jason light or any other general manager in the the National Football League just you resolves all of favor. Don't drastic kicker that high okay are no matter how good you've been accused he's not a great deputy of a dip. Why you know and another example of admitting they were wrong who's the Seattle general managers and John Schneider what's his last name it it's the Seattle see the Strider. I don't know who calls the shots there it's it's it's Pete Carroll or Schneider I don't who has the final six. Well yeah I mean we didn't want him has the final say but well only Bill Belichick is not the GM I don't know but they bounce things off each other map and hurting David. Carroll's when making decisions Snyder's alone usually gets the credit for. OK well back in the 2011. Season heading into the 2012. Season they signed free agent quarterback Matt Flynn. 2.5 million dollar deal but the important number was ten million he guaranteed him ten million dollars. And then the following month when the draft happened or two months later they draft Russell Wilson 170 Bible brawl so here is. That that they gave Flint ten million just upfront guaranteed that's yours no matter what. Wilson gets drafted. And right out of the gate they realized Wilson is better than Flint even a we draft what the around 75 overall. Flynn never saw the light today at all with Seattle Wilson started from day one and so you just. Almost right after they made that detonate sends a free agent they realize they screwed up and the 810. Million dollars I give that looked. Yes they made costly mistake. But boy they realized that very quickly and they and they they just never fully fluent yet they'd pay him the freedom William. And and look what happened as a result of that. Well in that case you know I'm I'm all forward in terms of even backing up that decision speaker's. Third round they get Russell Wilson. And obviously all the other difficulties passed up on them and didn't they use said that the size and strength measure bulls that that you wanted to know quarterback and then. Wilson came in and as a story goes showed not just the leadership. Although veteran quarterback but also V play making ability go hey we gotta alerts you are on this guy at least offensively. So I'm with ya on that. The takeaway I'm not given Jason line any credit for that even though he owned up to. His mistake like what else is he supposed to do he looks like an idiot for moving up in the second round giving up draft pick compensation. To take it. Earl I positions so I in in both those scenarios laid out there Josh. I would air towards the Seahawks is saying hey you moved on good job by you because you know what. They had Matt Flynn was wasn't just them it was opens fans it was all of the markets across National Football League. Who were hungry for the idea of Matt Flynn to come and potentially be their quarterback of the sodium in Green Bay so he at least was really in demand you can understand spending some money there. Kicker in the second round as we point out statistically that's almost on precedent. This is where Joseph Philbin could have actually made a right move behind the scenes 'cause no one knew. Matt Flynn on the market better than Joseph filled rant over Rosie opens coordinator he. Designed the offensive game plans he didn't call the plays he designed the game plans piece off win every day whether beyond the practice field. In the meeting rooms in the weight room. He knew Matt Flynn probably is good or better than anybody outside the Packers organization as they nude in and certainly on par with the Packers organization. I gotta figure he told a maybe the dolphins and and Jeff Ireland were going to spend that much money I'm Matt Flynn anyway. I'll give show the benefit of the doubt and say you know what. Fellas they're guaranteed him ten million. On two debt he isn't worth. One of the few things did well the dad whose futures are missing out you know I don't know that to be the case but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was on his advice that they don't gold. They don't any it was much money as Seattle it. It's easy thing about Joseph Philbin if we look at it after the fact in listen. Great guy great person but certainly no leader of men and moose was kept Ralph wait too long. As a head coach the Miami Dolphins by. If you believe the reports. And again you know we're not sure exactly where they're coming from so who knows what exactly transpired we do know that he had a contentious relationship was in the end. With Jeff Ireland while Arlen was like oh. We believe the reports. He pushed for the team to draft or car I know that sold it you know. As much as we can criticize Joseph Tobin and I still don't think he's fit to BA head coach he's certainly a can be very good assistant coach the National Football League. He I think had a gut feeling there on Derek Carr who now is. No side is huge contract with the highest paid paid player a disarmament for average salary now to overtly friendly today in the NFL so. If they have that report is true he had to at least give him some credit for that as well. And that was two years after ten no draft no drafted the same draft as Russell Wilson 67 spots ahead of them had not and Hillary overall. Yummy it I see this done sometimes and not wait Carl went that are in the second round of the fourteen propels a great draft by the raiders. Dip overall pick pick pick collegial Mac. And then they go the other side of the ball the second run I remember one exactly pick in the second round. But then they they Derek Karr so can I on the record let me amend something has said earlier design elegance I don't organ mostly in the count on James ones in charge of slandered. I guess still terrific duo refers to exploit a I don't think anything in recent memory you know top clue Mac in their car. Read it that is that is unbelievable. I I will say this this goes back to the sixties. And I think it was the same draft. With the Chicago Bears I think in the same draft. Drafting Gale Sayers and Dick while it's too old neighbors in one drag out any ought to the Steelers by the way they had. Some unbelievable ones Lilly threw for a papers but you're right we'll Bakken and Derek are both sides of the ball right phenomenal. Unbelievable and both is such is their products on the field but also their leadership and the in the locker room news is unparalleled in terms of two young players coming in and really taking over. And it to have a great respect for each other I think they're good friends and soul you you delegates spokesperson. On either side of the ball in terms of leadership what Jack del Rio's back as well also it just worked out. Personally for them I'd like not this past year but the season before we'll Mac was named all pro two different positions. I remember that outside linebacker and a defensive match since he played ball and that's how good he wants. So yes I mean it just goes without saying that they they hit a home run a bolt of those it. Now this is an example years ago twenty years ago of realizing mistake that I the money out of a member of the money that the dolphins sign him for as a free agent. But the dolphins signed Jack Del Rio linebacker as a free HI I think it broke the bank. I thought they drafted a fifth rounder out of Texas Tech some guy named Zach Thomas it took one pre season game for Jimmy to realize. This guy's pretty good does that guy and they cut Del Rio I don't amateur ever played again in the league are big noses or anyone in the coaching of course now is the head coach of the raiders. Yeah he's been a successful coach in terms of getting great opportunities. In the NFL so things are worked out fine form but it is funny how that worked out is an NDP pick back on that and Zach Thomas. Productive in college where he's undersized as well didn't fit the measure bulls we're talking about earlier. And you put the game film on you watch him in the game it's like holy cow this doesn't department. Now we brought up this topic of Jason light drafting or rogue YO last year and and a couple days ago saying to Monday Morning Quarterback I own up to mistakenly released. Any and you were describing how fans let's go all the what do you do when church and you're giving up a third fourth router to move up to get a ticker for all people. In in the second round. And it just Iran -- fantasy draft when you see a guy in a most these drafts front line you're not in the same room with these guys but. I get a fantasy draft or some guy just. Completely goes off the grid. And reaches up to a guy that he may be cutting got its reruns later and you're just at that point they got that guys generally don't like it. They're good at. We didn't make sure deserted paid his entrance strategy right it's funny B. As we have one of the guys that's in Miley I've been doing the same league for our I think we're going on like ten years now so we've been in all this league for awhile and this was. I would say maybe. A year or two after Ricky Williams returned from you know being suspended for weed and everything at any came back to the dolphins. He picked Ricky Williams. With the number one overall pick all of the draft. While we all actually tried to say like come on you like this is a joke you can't really be serious because this was a lie draft this wasn't an online draft. And we're actually trying to talk him out of it and he just insisted nope nope I feel that he's gonna have a monster year this year so a guy he probably could've gotten. Fourth fifth sixth round. He London taking first overall. I'd certainly got to sit next to go out to dinner Sunday. Per his career money yelled at some soda so by his got to drink a home at every and to this day we still rhythm about it. Every single draft pick comes up does he admit that he totally screwed up. He still defends that picks somehow has like you know what I had a feeling I had to go with it. There's a guy who's a host now on another station I guess you guess which station in years ago I was in his league it was an in person draft. And one of the guys in our league didn't do was hold this. Didn't know he's you know you guys got your homework when you when you're doing a fantasy draft and this guy didn't Italian murmur of the player we're talking about but he picked a guy. And the commissioner who's now most of the other station said. Okay your pick its own so now you're sure about that. Deposit that's the guy award are we got injured last week he's out for the season good job by you. It's just a testament to the plate. Home and I just always. Oh look at news special to me if you're in person with a everybody here who do little mock Q. Endlessly port Reich is that's that's like half the fun of being offensive football easy to talk trash everybody right there media guides you type in your your trash comments because I'll do that sometimes you an idea to do online for sure and which is. What I ask you I was explain why leave last night a result all across the country now will blue won the week started we are all in the same place we talked trash Hutus faces a now yeah it's all digital in terms of that. But yet that those are the days Regis thank. The lord did that person is in your fantasy aria. It's also agree it is when you're doing the like delight in person drafts there's usually drinking involved and as the draft gets later on in later on people's targeting more and more drunk and the Pixar becoming more and more outrageous. But see if I was in doing it in personally gonna borrowing can rent rumor bar I would just tell that the server to be water Tenet spot to be honest that. Closer to exactly right. So you know draster coming up then and it's a great it's just a fantastic time EU could fuel so high after draft like me and I do agree at least on paper right degree you know I was gonna unfold. You know with the injuries and everything. They're been a couple times that many when I just walked out of there fueling my season is done and it hasn't even started I just hold week. Does armed in this room where you're right but do and yeah I gathered couple times I felt that it just a you know I'd. It was a horrible day at the office so to speak let's NC sometimes. I really have ever felt like that but sometimes a Philly now and I'm not sure right I don't feel great about it I don't feel bad but I'm not sure. And then sometimes those seasons turn out fine and it seems though that this seasons where I feel like the draft when really well. That it did team never lives up to those expectations. So I don't know if it's just you know it a lot of birdies as psychology right use psyche yourself. Colin exact opposite have you. I have felt really good about two drafts I won both of those leagues while other than that. I feel good about most of my drafts but most of my address I feel like at the end of it it's like. If I have one or two players get hurt I'm done and that's usually what happened. He has quick advice we go to break and then one guy in our leaks in an emailed everybody else saying. He wants the person that wins the regular season to get more money than the person with a championship I'm gonna send an email. Completely disagree 'cause he said at a fourteen week season thirteen we seasons a better barometer than three weeks when anything can happen. Anything can happen to those three weeks in a you know beating injuries whatever. I think the personal lives that title should be given would be given more money than any other person in a week or like having your reward for winning the regular season has its record that's fine but it shouldn't be more than a champion you know he's arguing that the championship viewed less than the regular season and I think that's completely aspect courts do you relive that is a just gonna rewrite the rules all of fantasy football does for your own selfish reasons to care when he championship and make a lesson the person that came in second at -- -- slow trust me I'm gonna send out an email saying you know no that's that's just not new. Happen you know earlier in the night we had a Adam Beasley at Beasley by the will be on meet tomorrow with Perry Jackson three of us will be doing. Seven to ten tomorrow. A lot of insight a lot of injuries to gold or without him b.s we win a lot of discussions about what's going on with the team as they head into the second pre season game and we'll play that next break here. On the ticket. Click fantasy football camp with a special guest CBS sports dot com. Hey guys it's Saturday in August going six. But the sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM it's free and win some exclusive one on one time when John Clayton Saturday afternoon. Just register now at the ticket Miami dot com. In the journal Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Sponsored by East Coast public adjusters by government of South Florida. In my life storage for more details on attending for free go to the ticket Miami dot com that is a great events or third time we've done it. I get so excited to get a chance to pick the brain of Jack Layton and Jamey Eisenberg who we had on last night. If European simple ball where this is a must attend event and as we said it's free go to our website the ticket mammy dot com. For more information it is a fantastic and bickering informative. That speak at a very informative Adam believes he Lewis saw last night I mean something about childbirth class what's he's got a extra bit more what kind of priority my god is on his unborn son Frito Beasley or equipment. Off or show. He joins us right now on the orient fuels and Donald steers convenience stores gas line they're truly steps beyond convenient boy you know yeah yeah yeah you'll see your son art show my god. The other priorities missed a putt I was poor thing classless. Status. Don't ever watched the video. Why lived thousands of barrels in the room in my in my kids were born so well. Yeah I am on the upside. That. You should come on the show last night and. That it spread so we've just about the little things I need to be petrified about those good. They're eight and everything on everything will go. Just on I have to ask is is the media healthy I mean in anybody liked I get injured watching practice today in the bubble there. I mean it's it I I just want one time Adam Beasley become the podiums they got everybody's fine and healthy whoever wins. The group. I out there that that has not suffered catastrophic under I think often defense. Debate and the coaches so did he took. It was pretty. You know at some point in the open look with content and and then hit by the better way forward but absolutely not and today was. Another gut punch is that going to lift itself for the season with a torn Achilles and can enter excel for the foreseeable future with this question it's. This could have their man created I know what he says he hasn't told you not to man rosters and and then the B 53 a couple of weeks to. Did that to kick it carries contingencies could you in the deepest team can't tell about it blows belt and suffered. Now now. And we're join him Adams easily herald's dolphins beat writer are dolphins and Saturday are 790 the ticket a tax rates in do you think the training step is somewhat to blame for these injuries now. You know you had done that the players are trying to robbers in Tyler early who was when it and he can. Retire or retire. That was a mistake by a rookie trying to make the team but the other injuries it's just football you can say you know. Ryan ten it'll should of had surgery. Shooting out of what they made the decision based on the best medical information they had at the time. You know re cloning Millen didn't get hit too hard I think a lot of this is just. Random and it just bad luck that happen when golf was how do you view this collective. Group of injuries. I think you're right veto you look at them individually. And decide you know and I know it is a class all its own because he probably could have had. Had that surgery December put out. Remember you the rebels saying it was a great thing they were going to be up nine to twelve months in and that halo book that was really disguised as well. Don't have played you know they got there and then and then it mostly guys are I mean there's that that that fit that the only one we could even be slightly. You know questioning their met. That everything else is just don't believe them luck and mean they they could really unlucky. You you mentioned that no one injury and we talk it out just it's just. Absolutely. Horrendous torture. That hit his first play as a pro covering 800 people like log on special teams couldn't. What can second round and that's what they didn't we was gonna play 30% of the snaps secure. On defense so that to have an active yet to place special keeps. And the place that you could practice. And that engaged dancers but he's going to be out there week one for us and them Hixon and ponds. Yes no he's doing so again that that totally fair and recipes what are you gonna do about. And a guy like we will look at jumping up and make a play when he lands until his ops is that he can at all to me I think it's a pretty. Pretty strongly as. When things that we can really prevent or install bookmark Wenger is the strains that cools things like that you miner. We know muscular injuries. That can turn to to put forward record deal. Aside from the quarter charge of that happened and that happened to him work out. They really haven't had too many of those we talked at length about the topic Parker has Amsterdam last year that hadn't been an entry this year over having his all hope catastrophic tears like. It you know ended. It's just rip it. And I don't think any amount of preparation is gonna particularly good about that it's just it's just really that. Maybe zone with all that in mind to do you get the sense that Adam gays who would just say anything in practice or his approach to some of the remaining three pre season games considering how quick whose injury rate has piled up for the team. Lawyer did write about. It is quick simple practice putt there training camp rhino something under disappointed some even didn't get the message that that the practice clothes and financial companies as a way. It was the last day camp. Play you the rest put these guys. In danger again. He shut it down I don't walk through the ball well they were not. An hour and change. The is already kind of you know change direction change course from what he's seen I doubt we'll see it on a gay guy this pre season. We are who we are gonna chemical might have them for much of my bouncy. I would be kind of shocked if you. Plate now there's a concern didn't just basically walk through the week for increasing need some more likely. But who we pocketbook so one vote that would both you guys. You can't win this tool August that you could lose it and most teams that lose their starting quarterback forcible Matt there's seemed doomed. It speaks. Gays might jump ball and their levels of persuasion the power of persuasion and the money is significant salary cap they can bring in a guy like that color so we're not talking about 2008 he bought before activate a brilliant copper color. And Matt Moore is sort of sixteen game tonight though three of us saw that that's an affinity for map more. The problem look it up five and eleven person content in just because of what history told you about them. They're not that position now and and and and that that gives at the very least bones and the mental torture and monster com. Jay Cutler we'll probably I guess we'll start on Thursday Iran mean to you took first team reps. How much time do you think he'll get a couple of series may be an and then come a week from Thursday in Philadelphia. Do you expect color does he needs aren't peeled raps with these guys you know he needs they need to work on the timing as much as they can't. Will he play in the dress rehearsals route to first happen even to the third quarter as as the starters will. Yet Israel he'll questions for Brad engaged I think that'll pretty closely at how he goes against the Eagles next week and you to a practice. The entries that are built up it backs against the Eagles took. As much. A widow says evaluating how how far he's come than anything else. But there is about the Iraq. The first practice yet it was spectacular art adult role on the floor. Those who make a huge making what we're we're we're great. Albany came back there or was it better Ayers on the camera that did run together these groups he threw two picks in the red. Including a pick six. Yesterday it was better and then obviously there was a walked Earl but you've got a way to go and and and he needs the works so. This is that fine line I use to beat you let him you're protecting put him in that oval rapid talk about what might bouncy and not have a risk much. Into the opener against Tampa Bay and he's still trying to figure out the offense. I wouldn't wanna be Adams is very happy that the tough decisions. Yeah NBA's along those lines so will Jay Cutler I did their pain in ten million dollars and yet he's gonna be the starter opening the regular season assuming he's healthy but. I do wonder if the map more scenario considering. She's status and his presence in the locker room and being well respected and you know his teammates knowing what he can do what he's been Ottawa's fielded do you think that that was a sensitive issue for Adam gays to bring in Jay Cutler just anoint him the starter right away. It was absolutely a sensitive issue and it's one that Jay Cutler. Understand implicitly. He is gone out of his way to be deferential. That and that meant orbit of the rest of this team. Those are the very first he was here that Tuesday we go to the day. He got second in line to put himself behind Matt Moore and all of the wraps. Used referring to Matt Moore law is still you're still acute heart this team that you deserve the respect of going first today. You know everything. You don't spend ten million dollars quarterback and the back. That meant more plays as yours opens on wrong indicators hurt or up playing well. So you Don that there's a flu circulating on Twitter about the inner with all the wide receivers that huge I mean you. He I don't understand where this secretary compliment and a and I edit I understand that you. And then. The most charming guy in the in years past I know. You and the coaches that in Denver. What did what we can get along very well on that flight got traded. But I I keep looking for evidence of this entitled kind of lazy. Whatever you want whatever it. That the cliche. You know not opt not to play. What what whatever the reputation Cutler had worked here. I just don't see it now again it's easy to be up beaten a team player. And then and then and then and. Gracious to the media when your don't know and haven't Sony real picks and real games and and then there's no criticism. But I think yeah other companies that inter play your one summed his reputation may not have been deserve to yet. A new lease on life now particularly you know yeah Natalie. To retire back in January I think he was kind of forced to retire so it is new appreciation of the only amber yeah. I think that I'm gay has its funny that these down because we know read it and outlaw. Intense but the key is a calming effect on kcal I think. Other two personalities mesh pretty well and so people succeed anywhere in his career and then we're up. In the tail under the now it's gonna be here with this team with this coach yet. You receivers. I can just see out to dinner with the receivers color turning a win recently immediately got to deal I was. Broadcasting they gave me clearly an. Attempt to. How concerned you were joined by Adam these clear how concern you about the office of winding up like pounce he hasn't taken any steps yet in the end may not per. In the pre season we don't know we we think he will little bit perhaps in the third game when actual work. What are we tussle this time a week two of a personal issue. Drew one James has missed practice for a few days nursing a shoulder injury ten Larson's out for at least half the season. They're zero chemistry along the office of wind perhaps the unit that needs more chemistry and any other on the team. I couldn't put it better did you get rid. Now we go it's it's a cause for concern big concern. We solved so that. And captured but bush I was that we starter and that the starters are out that her. You know we snapped the person receiving game they've got one and consistency and to see what they can do. I don't know what amused. I could make up and answered just try to sound Smart I really don't know what to expect an assault and sublime just that we haven't seen it yet. And Tom were you mentioned without allow the personal issue you've got the eye and I know I know how you are. Art store opens but he's got and I have to be their best player because you can't count on sixteen teams of high level might count at this point it's clear because this does. Deterioration issues and nobody else on the line that nearly hit town this console so you. For this team be successful yes it will open her eight. Powell yes you know be too on teams have to put last year that you in the group premier and I have to make this collection of artwork that there are a lot of lips. These and you said before that in terms of the injuries that are putting these players out the season that you really did kind of question Ryan tale decision but even that's a bit of a stretch in terms of not having the surgery before. But in regards to require McMillan while you can't. Look ahead and account for the injury did that transpired with him I do think it's worth pointing out that they could have signed Zach brown they could have been more proactive in free agency. Instead they relied. On call me see who knew I was gonna get hurt we don't know Israel for the C we knew it was gonna get hurt. I think it's fair to second guess the decision making at the linebacker position now that we see them with. Neither Mike Koehler level Hewitt as it currently stands as a potential starting middle I'm back. You're actually right there not on either work out some some linebackers they it sounds like my colleague on very Jack's record. So. Dawn but you're actually right they had the cap space and interest among the players to come here and those background that it's here and would have liked to have signed here. Quite a team that could drop around a lot even terrorists out we don't know how much he has left. But I would pick up 32 whatever. Is your old. Even terrorists over now what they have now Mike hall and in public Hewitt and names you mentioned so. The one area west where you can grill. I don't look at them a little soft side and say we solve this problem coming down the pike we knew. Told me he's got a very long history. Being hurt and he's coming off. If you don't meter meter neck injury. Your you know your map meet your best. It hurt in the person happy they're perceived as a pro but nonetheless there were options there they could walk away from BC use some of that. That's design background didn't cost too much more than me she would of there were. Music is taken for sure great. That if the run defense is bad again this year and so linebackers ball. That could be one place. That answers questions in January. These thanks very much for taking the time and samarra you'll be sitting in the chair here with Barry Jackson be the three of us to a show for the seventh time. You know free what's been waged long knives genuine and on to this. Test prep. We'll talk to illiteracy tomorrow. Thanks I'd that's gonna do it our thanks to Adam Beasley for coming on adamant Barry Jackson will be my co host tomorrow night from 710 Greg likens thank you very much shall be with you. Friday evening from seven to ten grand skid more terrific job by you appreciate all the hard work that you did coming up next here on 790 the ticket. ESPN radio.