8-17-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, August 17th
Should the Dolphins pursue Teddy Bridgewater? Tobin is not having it with people sending him video of Jay Ajayi getting blown up in pass protection last night. Beast was kisses up to a super suit at last night's company party. Tobin wants the opponents of Tyson Fury not to act like the fight is fixed. A Midday Radio Show in Atlanta reponded to Tobin's braves rant from yesterday. Leroy has issues ordering socks. The guys try to make their Doom Picks but then Tobin goes off on Atlanta fans in his mentions.

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What I would remind you of skip as we're talking about in Miami Heat crowd when they saw on five it is electric it is special the problem is most of the time that not. I mean for crying out loud it's raid in the dated you have a full arena at the beginning of the game's most of them don't or at least happened a no show up until halftime it's really like that so LeBron James exhorting the crowd to get up when your feet whatever. In most instances we it would be about grandstanding you've got to take the home crowd in Miami in the consideration. Because as much as out loves South Beach in the city of Miami it is note that there is no doubt that when it comes to it being a sports environment that's right I'm we'll say it on national television it's relatively lean. Disney. I was training in the big. Want to look back everybody will live it was a little hard rock poker room. Yup I did the exact no limit hold on going on you guys get over here get a mill canceled steakhouse is next door they've moved directs the poker room. They'll live entertainment Sony at 5 PM. Of course the hard rock events that are always has great things going on horrible rain is going to be here on August 25 next week. We got Amy Schumer Rezko and at the end of the month on August 31. 8 o'clock the events center on August 31. Take its bill for both events at Ticketmaster. Dot com. All the that the second pre season game tonight which means we get ourselves. A second help in that more Dick Stockton the old goat. And agrees I can't wait. On him. I tell. Them not remembering me in answer I just think it's fought minutes because it's almost become like thing for dollar advance the realty to gather around him and listen to these three. How the other called the scheme that's what's going on badly. And a team hit it and it ends and hilarity. That does it felt like last week that we that we missed that we missed a real prime windows and we're here we're we're playing poker and we missed some gold and gold targets when it came to the dolphins broadcast some openness I hope they can keep up the pace tonight. Oh this is a one words like that there was a couple kooky things there but now that that the strike is too weak to. That's open for Tulsa. Once you can help play a little bit more. Residences title at though. In the got this guy that's got backing up and fails an arm sleeve and rock costs Wyler and understands. Just because the guys as success. Somewhere else. Doesn't mean he's gonna have success here. And if you don't want Ryan ten who. Death's fun. But it doesn't mean that you often decides that you could just plug another guy in his current role understood by. What did you like to have a better insurance policy than what you got you need to bring to order was ghost would we be an insurance policy. Will the UME does you do you wanna go somewhere and know he's got no shot like with the jets and mean Sam Donaldson and the guy though. Put it makes him before that story yet heeded don't know I don't deny that but now he's maybe go to an opportunity he knows got a quarterback. Is that injury problems to. It resonated this injury. Anderson same injury but slender problems that led to years when muscles and aren't there. Michael injury prone but he's editor problems. Coming off an injury that urge others to at least I'll Puckett Puckett to. And to go wrong. Poor. Think you complete all again note he looks so good and good judgment what it was before governor. While. On it. Team with the play they won't make them move. There in Florida it's a doable more north. Thank you. See I can understand if you would say it about granting him his team hasn't. Done squat and a couple of years. OK and you can just went to the AFC champs again yes analyst and yeah and not do you think you were the list was he at the reasons. Fifteen you. Well there's eleven players on defense though the knocks that out for net I'm gonna go all the opens abundance don't know. Don't. I give loan. Of the 22 starters. Put an eighteen. Yeah again but yeah I think that's right put him. There Willie Woodley road as the all right all right and just do ugly makes that the breath he just doesn't wanna like he does have the strength to argue with you. No it's not it's not that like I can't. Yeah it was there where come from an all of these conversations. I don't put an old one guy. OK in my thing is is that. If the rest of your team is perfect. In that you save we have another guy disposition we could whip farther. Dead. I'll buy it even though still won't accept it and debt. If anybody has a complaint. Or an argument against that point it would be Tobin with Blake board. Because everybody else audit team. Was ripped through lists. And the star of the team is like I got an easy doesn't it has to do. So men and I want to be like trash. That. A lot of say trash you at this hour is lame. LA MP lame as you heard Stephen A Smith with his terrible. Take about Miami sport mime is a sports down those are great lame LA ME shot. Agreed to compared to John-Michael state. But you're getting get some Paulson homers and they are swooning over your Tom Brady being good at 55. And as a Cisco were just perfect probably people will he pick he is when he went in the song we played so when you can also believes currently. I hate that song lightening and thunder and I threw. A net. All right let's let's get the headlines than suit he's these hacks in Atlanta that. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at that HD you'll Miramar. Radio dot com station. Motherland and just got proof redeem our newsletter that was an every Friday to our club members. Yeah and certainly in there about amber responding to beast rant. Well what would it ships this morning. She resist wondering like what would leap was getting talked about it because you were peppered her during our show this and I told her lows because you've bailed on the show right. And so. That's at zero say anything she's responses like she said that you know she told me that you like doing shows by yourself. Does what she said. I mean I do like doing so by myself but I was hot and the like dice. I said late you wanna do shows with you because apparently as a talking and you said I like doing shows the bass myself. And you'll have princesses now know that you like. You like the couple want to work in space with Hillary's I put myself on the schedules because I didn't want to leave amber hang in to do a show by herself. Because she doesn't feel comfortable doing the show by herself so I've won them holder and Coca. Well I don't think you original amendments the issue Kayla three amber it's you by yourself for three hours south on. If you don't want what she bills and even if you're going to be in town. I don't know maybe at the other statement you never know in the distance traveling yes. A moment account. To be torn to get a connection from the mountains and Colorado that that guy you might. Speaking hacks. Dolphins tonight against the Carolina Panthers up in Charlotte seven the most annoying thing that dollar visit doing to me what's way to do. Subject items below note all note last night on a pass protection. Pack. I mean they've five another dollar and fans sent me a video of that. I mean I'm gonna block all of you in all honesty will we know that's. Yes why they are at the Miami Heat trust me there's not with the fact that there's there's no there's no there's no negative for me doing it mean in all honesty. You know costs often sounds dolphin fan if you send in lives that is. Pass protection. In the pre season sorry in pass protect Patrick Chung better he was too busy. Whole house a Super Bowl ring you know the game when he late Patrick Chung out when it. The game in the late nights very disrespectful. On a big game era. Wrong with you. Demand. And is tied to a lot of them had. And that donut or passion. All basket is the better. It all depends. On your side you I want to an injury to be awesome mode. In few minutes. Music and. Being. You gonna say the same thing. What's the you've nicely here they would Tobin is basically saying to all of us. He better pitcher now it is good as me at this. Yes. But you are and movement it's too late in Israel and it is pretty that. I don't come but. We do this everyday. And you have to strike there's Andy do once in awhile it don't care what other headlines gotti's. So you don't just put it on the game as we know Kenny stills know Dovonte Parker souls get to the young receivers 730 kicked off. 330 pregame on our sister station to be Q Andy you hear the game underneath you and make his country if he'd like. So we have a conflict with the four hour pregame show who with there has tied third hour. Yeah we will we will go. Up against that for half an hour. Also freed oh will be up against the game will be on tonight. So let's forget. May want Purdue is on that one out of three shows preemption on after us that no Nanette. Listen I'm talking about on our sister station. White congress' decision right now mentally and no we advocate a couple of cocktails is why why would you here's why. Because. You mean. In every. Opportunity. He woo a clear. He scared even as he leaves us as debrief. There was the suit that was that was the right on the premise of pursuit Ruth and he's like brute. It's yet no idea who was no idea she goes. Here S publicist he has. Just trying to enjoy hook report via. And it's and and and he is scaring the hell out of her Europe is a strange man by the way. Dripping sweat down his face right while he's talking more room. Is Jesus here on a visit trying to get the lately and he's given our. She he's spitting her bio at her she doesn't know she is to argue and Collins. You look very freaked out you know later she gave it a point to think I got you. Get a scoreboards you people's one yup she did. These well next time you do you yeah make sure. Well I don't know about two over fish from the camera got it so that'll be equality you vortex and it has did it look over arabians might you at a poker up to gnome and a that ain't my thing insisting. Not my thing. The the kids have moved into their practice facility. So let's get it they also painted all the golf carts the used to drive around campus. With to turn over to him so this though become a thing. And there Marty was a thing without really thing and there notices segment on ESPN. They were debating whether to turn over chain that would make a resurgence are being mocked. All year long. The as the Pentagon that are yet to go noted that the bill doesn't depend on how good they are. It depends on how good movie roots years because if he starts the road to the team they mocked internal which excellent point if that's a continent. The patriots top drop point draft joys there off the linemen. Isaiah when towards Achilles needed to issue. I'm get. Back. That's it that's the best that's the only animal disease autism some linemen from the Pentagon what you wanna go over tonight's late in the NFL. I don't care of the pre season it's otherwise the only good match appearing as a double vets euthanized golden brown cooling all that's going to be an important gold. Well who reviewed and yeah because you Tyrod Taylor in the New York court Coleman. That's coming at you from both sides to. Her vomit it's gonna be and it's going to be a stable all the hard knocks is a teacher listen listen listen to me. The only thing I'm looking forward tonight is a rapidly. Response tweeting to dolphins television broadcast other than that. I don't care. And easily and implement you can have vacuum he wants the ball for the human on a separate device and have Hassan. To her though these games also likes them there and yet most of divorce there's choose sevens into 730s yeah I noticed a mover Casey Atlanta seven New York Giants and Detroit at seven buffalo Cleveland 730 minute you know somebody else and I kept are indeed PM that's. So take this yeah would suddenly. Action and it. There you go from that affiliate to 790 anyway just to fan. And this low would for the stations and shows really makes me. Couple and in the car. There's few months you know. Two and it will what happens beyond it wilder of situation Tyson period. This rematch in Belfast. To visitors fighting his second comeback by this week which is obviously fixed. This up ties in years. Like gimmick like that he's a clown in your opponents act like it's not fixed. You know when there's a fight that she knows fixed your opponent should play the art of to each. Average idea and you'll Tyson period. These guys the that they got the first guy two months ago. You're like maybe at the ways. And this time his opponent was taking self these with Tyson fury at the stage. On can we actually this is the circuits. So yet presenters by if he wins he's despite the content while later this year. Possibly Vegas. I was in public where do you know. Being silly has no bounds. What gets to use who does spirit yes it's not him though it is opponents you let them do. Old but his opponent should be acting like that played a part. Of me. In about 152 that the port act like a loony toon. Anyway that's how we got switched places rent Austin. Let's note these gentleman who is the show John Michaels who ankles and Somalia. What's the other guy's name. Somalia. And this is their midday show via the and there are what does it. On four hours yeah it is and jelly belly. All right let's hear what so that it for those who don't know. The Marlins got new dust up the Braves couple minutes ago Jose Arabia hit there. Star outfielder Iran and when Yahoo! at home worried let off over the last three games voted five straight games he's tired and out. So those diary of first missed the game dings it right in the elbow. Everybody acts like he murdered somebody. And their people like Keith Olbermann bomb he says they should spend very per year. And the thing that annoys me about this to peoples and it up with. It's a it's wrecked him line and John Michaels on the midday show a 929 the game plan I'd go. Now. This semi down a dark path beat as we talked a lot about the rules of the game the sanctity of the game keepers of the game. The number one team. Is the Atlanta Braves this is the team that has passed down from generation to generation. They are the keepers of the game. And navigational ST because wrote when he gets a little boo boo on his arm from a from a possible that he dove into. And I'm. Open to. Drove into. Don't mean to me when. He dove into and we have to get get to this rampant in the side now talk. So. It's his set into a dark place because I hate the Atlanta Braves. I hate them and at least. Huge balls and grown up still at the molds but you know where I don't like right now but little Tobin was that we would it was a wee boy. Well for sports love. Once loved and hated the Braves and they're also choking bombs because they want division every year. Never won the World Series. Esteem when. ST never want out of retirement fund noted that five of the after the strike. He was anti everybody left poop I. Guess we got him back. Steroids. The miss. I will hear these dudes next. All right welcome back everybody. We're live in the next hog. At. The well the civil law rock poker room get on out of here for great time this weekend. On Sunday August high hands up to 500 dollars every thirty minutes running from 10:30 AM to 2 AM. Qualifying begins at 10 AM no suggestion night now hi hands went on about every thirty minutes are yet to weigh in the tentative for everybody wants to. Who with those owls. Who didn't pay go after you to Robbie thing in my other. Only one that we use a Jermaine Dupree as we did exactly you see him ahead chains. Who who who do. I will allow lovers got widow listening. Lyle lovely Julia Robert Calero drew Roberts of life. Now. A built by him is he's good look at Maine earlier reserves out of me during the break why. Is why. Okay. Because. Last night. We was way. Enough figured I would do is we'll top it off in just pass out in India may do we everybody could go home so I had Leo full glass of boom. Which called it Tito and you say it and I quote. You get the way of the bureau this thing. Is that not correct. Deputies. So today. We have in the conversation. Takes to chime in. And he says once is three times distilled. There's really no difference in the vodka. It's only. You know marketing exactly and so vomited don't thing I heard was you were right. No no does not choose to note that you. What he will you read to me with three times distilled there's no difference that's what I said. You said. Averaged during any vodka no I said Michael looks other liquors in a marginal difference on a low to high no no you got I'll know. No no your argument was not that it wants me odds my mind they'll do is what happened is I don't. I'd support you guys didn't know it you particular point it's a justified that whatever makes you feel better. All right because guys are both small about this and telling moment. The U. You don't you try to throw it guilt trip but they just do make you feel good I'd be pretty good it might have to I picked. I I never feel small by the way. I think eager. I think right now guys are being small main game. Yeah Yang. It's Raines who OK if you hit it. So. Has its. Suddenly split last last segment these Atlanta people are pissed because of my big mouth. Surprise. So this is not to nine the game in Atlanta via ground John. And Rick and John. Is bad to say. We're not plan. Against scandal avatars we're not gonna go that route over a that this is an Intel avatar really don't like avatar look at times to God's awesome. It's like rent control in these London illegally lord. They're great guys. The Miami mark. You are about to hit. It. Talk about the Atlanta brave. Doesn't give a crap about the Florida Marlins payment yeah average try to called on the Florida Marlins 'cause Miami's too cool of a city that own them. Tallahassee or Gainesville or Ocala or Bushnell where rainy one of the other SaaS pools in northern or Central Florida. You talk is quietly having a nice young star we do you know the Marlins are. The technology of baseball after all are huge you. On to bigger and better paying jobs hard Bettis. And city. They pay tax payers out of billions of dollars for a stadium that nobody wants it goes through. You shall go to San Antonio from. Better maybe if you go with you the Guatemala and make nice that you. What now that pop up like a bad for Rick it's got that operates the step down after they hit a home run good. It does not do not think Richard you can you'll run where Stanton he's in New York that was. Pitch well and you know the only thing the Marlins actually did that make you eat crow. Not only. Yeah actually made him eat it alive well no I'm grows it did probably eat crow and why he's a Christian college is terrible and he never hit one home run. And any eligible money home runs into ultimately eat crow. Ellison told the Marlins you guys get socket and he was off to Milwaukee because he used them like Nazi. Picked legitimate the mileage of the took Marlins bands 200 grand. You know why you bought yourself a starting pitcher advocate throw a strike in the first inning. Atlantic united. Soccer in two games and the Marlins draw on a much. After. All odds more brands and the Marlins went all out now that's that's that's FAU my bad. I think they're the Hampton school did a particular who knows what they are all the Weller puts Davidson Ken Dorsey even had to fight you. On college football legend. You gonna affect your neck you know the bit about the game tonight in the fourth quarter but what are great the Marlins game that's your second. Basement you got that right away the hell is their second baseman know who it doesn't matter he's a double A scrub its masquerading. As a Major League player you've caught the Braves they've rat branch called the Braves eight rat. Franchise. Rats down in Florida party Florida Panthers game maybe the pet scans should throw. And players on the ice after they score a goal instead of plastic rat. In action called rat branches of France's I'm not sure what that is is that like a side issue to Cuban restaurant. Not really sure. Pitcher's name is your rain yeah. My wife's name is your audio only one of hot. She doesn't Wear that ugly orange hat. Time for a change even make the Marlins school. Patrick Paterno coaching coolest thing college football that could help that candy blank franchise. Nearing a drop his gloves. Let's actor kick is rare in the Marlins you don't want these problems. More and more. Then worst Atlanta choked up since way to threw home all off. See now it who I really. Committed. It would be somewhat of behind me. But I got blood omen major. Nineteen. Minute in nanny a could be there. He wants me to and its partners the hawks game. Presumably give your if your big argument is attended Slaton holding Atlanta opens the pillar. When they're not selling out playoff games the ball's about attendance record for World Series. Thatcher go to an effect that you guys have to resort to reading pro soccer just shows what a terrible sports you are. I like that here. What's likely it is the kicking the ball and mortgages mortgages trick me into it sounds like Hiller the same. Raced all my eighty completely ignore the Bryan McCain and hold keepers McCain is completely ignored it. Course that. Ignored they know I speak the truth Robby and don't speak the truth when I say that there. Organization is a bomb branches and I don't even called franchise because they're not a franchise that low rent. And they started this and a cornea deserved it. Also it you deserved it out too much bail himself out too much and Ruth in the us must be said about this like. Honorable. Terrible. I mean but I mean it's cool that you at a target them for hours. They have four hour here we get to we have to via enters. You know and we work would soon. We were with a suit still can get crazy to me and exit in the war resisters actually you know who would be doubly scrubbing days ago tenured veterans starlet Castro immediately brought. What is the beau most of their response late the most lenders months since. Well nobody goes them all season the terrible breads at the debt we now. We're trying to pretend we're something we're not. All of join reveal to use this Atlanta Braves that Utah is that they with Atlanta Atlanta feeds itself the good sports down when they're really the worst it back. And more good things that Miami has every time Miami gets a good thing. It's big it's ridiculed. Or it's ostracized by the media and become jealous stills Atlantic is that it was ultimately quite frankly. And their kids like to host those games Atlanta Braves mother good. Watches when they get us there will be nobody there are going to hurt when it suits on during the game it's because the more votes when they're there they're in great city in franchise that's when it comes down to. You had to have or the blanket is whisked yes mustache. Yet just how much is not spaceship. I don't reports. Who like me if I've spaceship middle track we go to football games. That's how it goes. The price and that rents with all the sound effects to the I would be time it is begin. With that's their blood on the major my manager one point six billion. I don't want to. Sound like the hype mean he. It's okay it's I don't you wanna back to this that's fine and dumped the hype man that was getting facts wrong. These are facts. Are facts are facts are facts and the Russa and then you're saying in a nineteen year old. Deserved it would have ignited some as well I think almost turning I mean. Moment did do some again with a with a baseball and how many get murdered hey how would they its. If you would. To give somebody to music. Don't that you while dispatcher do. Used and the mounties have to be to go on the mounds of it out and got amendment we got the got to go out there was what's the message is following article but to do to have a big restart the game with a body had to do was was a lot of the next day. You Zeus faking it. But he also. Seemed milk it milk it. I mean like baseball or did you get hit with in the army don't rob he's up. The apartment. Ohno was thrown out at here maybe they'll do something like take off my shin guard and be low rent like the rest the Atlanta Braves throw it. Jose Arabia for his mistake. Good god. What is to bring his wife and and what happened in room I don't know doesn't reach. Because it was almost the same name as you arena and get jobs at big John Michaels pulled something without much you've reached that rants. Which is just hasn't shown. Croats of throwing the rats that the president council has become plus funny days it was going to reduce its news or blogs please. Boy died. Do we package them. You don't. Hear you Cleveland 010. In has LE. Better teammate and he. Sally Beauty of him to ultimately have in chuckle at that that was humorous you'll find it at this that they that. This the whole thing that they missed the point before there disuse and the entirety with the attendance ships right there because everybody goes Miami it is. Cocaine no fans are fans of shows up because we have beautiful things to do when people wanted to screw. Like it's it's understood and again it's the same material over and over Norton will say this is what you've at least do viewpoint this group. On with Atlanta. It's like everybody's. You know. Eighteen favorite city to go to we don't view it. And haul all my god like you were a talk about a transference as the hawks. Holy crap. With those Highlander uniforms. All member outside of the got to get there this selling the hawks are the hawks and I'm coming home ceremony for Dwight Howard the guys outcast from. Only a third of the league wants him gone and acting like it's LeBron james' homecoming for him like. He's comfortable and this is gonna fix it for us yes. That it's crazy to me. Written with the trade young sign that's gonna work out while drafting him and not about its. As Albanians NC go to work and now. Looking good man. World. Portfolio the go featured which like Goran Dragic for now. Like there's been stops you don't like about going Dragic when he works out you know all these adjustments he worked out it's going on the he has. Like. In the woods Mikey he got his work outs looked like Slovenia looks terrible. Like he's jump up on wood boxes what boxes. Because you'll see at Shea. And love the dog. Dues shuttle. It's got to Beasley and look at his jump. He's got that he's got those those would box that is about it. Wherever he has it looks it looks like your whole. Albania and now with snow again timely show of countries like that of the snow did it looks it looks got awful. Looks like Atlanta. What's. Mean. You want to do it's I laudable it's no public. Big side. He wanted it oh yeah that's why you that's why he eSATA two Atlanta but he he thought Atlanta's comeback in. Rooms to me. And with the dead was. The jump to big old heard. Of attendance jokes and I love John Michaels monitors they're eight. And nobody at least ugly. Did the crack in but today. I've birds that I can say this I know that when you granted it was just you going there was nothing written in front of view. It didn't seem like that was the case with them ran. Heard about ram and a sound effects. And post production. Or our post production I mean and you could tell it did some research is it part October eating crow they had to do some goal for that. This grid and so he is a national towards where army should know that we'll get a good at all and it script because exit research that I had notes and read everything author notes. That's why tomes of professional you can just rant. And just ramble off dignity better if it was rehearsed like home. The you can you can have played man you've got to be genuinely meant I wasn't an. Update like that's the other thing John Wells Miami. So. I don't I don't think he can insult the city he he doesn't despise he likes it here it is I mean we're here. I love to even though it never movement leader and you would never burn them. None of you'd never I mean I'll I'd make more religious than anybody almost more than Atlanta where. I don't like that franchise that don't like dealing braves. Yeah hello there importantly. You know I'm from New Orleans we have our own issues without an engine. Because it's awful and just it's always been that's been our biggest rivalry Atlanta's not an awful city. Those that I've been too much worse best attractions are overrated. Russ Davis they about Atlanta's as it is a running back during a stupid bird dance. I. Mean as long time ago exactly but at the aquarium and that's awesome. Did well shucks look if Obama goes on down to go to well amid a broad elements of the anymore but I'm Donna this is a whale sharks Paulson which I mean he stole them from the ocean we that you and be the good the good thing about Miami's Little League you go to a boat go find me some whale sharks and I wanted to the ocean. That's smug jerks that's dangerous. Naturally with Atlanta. The best thing you have as a fish tank. The good city accomplishment for you. Never heard anybody wanna go in the hope these are our. Idea of time but most of the have little time it no little glove. And they have orders. Indices yards. Are African or Australian. And there's two there's charter boat charter gating and shark fishing dock port do. There's no there's no. Depth without the purported new way. Most. Careful with those kind of bits. You CNB appetizing. No I think you called green speed to watch TV too and what to do. It's that we that we got it we'd like with that time above make. Everybody get it means. That. They really have 37 people 37000 people don't watch soccer. Christ yet they they do they packet for their soccer games. Allman. One a tremendous wisdom I mean it's that you won't even be 35000 right now. How big does that mean I don't know just some public ultimately has to watch braves games when the score three runs but they sit there like a bunch of idiots that watch two goals. Public weird to me and drink it's weird to me. That's a weird sport that's a weird standards. Oh no like yeah I mean. Is little worried about is that wearing. We call those things layers the layers into staying you think it's because Atlanta's wants an excuse to Wear scarves. Storms are huge soccer fans yet it's it's a thing. Renewals Tomlin had a secret star finished. You have to finish last then don't go into it. I tell you would evident will. I don't like Mexican food. But whatever it was kind of taco. Oh yeah. We get to a duplex next. It is doomed. Olympics. Marty in the hall some. Blast went down last night yeah massacre fuel. Yup yup very. It doesn't it but it do you put guys. If it. I've already built by life. What is happening why is Google laughingly how it becomes and here they want to break it down before we got into our. Here's what happened. How orgasms Sox both because the budget for its. Ordered to coincides with different stripes because my wife on with white sides. Black sides together so I'd never have met spears sought after a tri colors this turn these school colors is only to be too. Right. Ortiz last week. That please and in Deerfield. So I haven't heard from them so I've been calling nothing. Right. Finally just on a whim. I'm sitting here I caught a guy. As today. Oh. Yeah I am able to within one to two. I'm like third you know I wanna know why he need this ridiculous. Is that well. We as a Sox. You know you're sick every atom and stop. Who we didn't see yet you say that so people who still order it once you get the money you don't give a damn when they get these stuff. So he says well I got it he should be in the port tomorrow. Didn't. We get a moment date into a male model Monday. I'm like really can't sit. Right so a zip line and then go back and read you an idea thing it. It is well. Go back unreal. This thing you do understated customer service. You think like eleven by Amazon. But in the zone right. Don't collect no money into would issue. And right. If you returns. This second tour retire sick you bring it back to you. Get wherever you return it. So this is bull. 'cause urban these. Companies with his garbage Customs Service is Arab. All the people below Central Park. Man so resulted Richmond's amendments that's so cute John-Michael lives in the rent hi hi everybody. Urgent Marlins were hit an eight you guys that are relevant. Right now to make no honestly hey Andy graves guy. Won championships and both teams existed. Indeed in there and since the mold of come into existence. Championships. No division titles the waves Brazilian. Division titles. One championship. So you don't it's open and find that a relevant as a 162 game schedule that none of us care about. What are others nothing and you still bitching about 1997 strike zone still both teams had saved strokes on. It strikes on tellem Robbie. Matt of the complaining. Fit to resume are typically the hell out of here to Miami Atlanta and into Atlanta. Again you wanna be proud your franchise and you really happy about it when you by the way you guys at 68 wins two years ago 68 so. They were literally that literally doing the same things as franchises. So all the studying you get hot twenty year old prospect to everybody baseballs in love with a and you get mad because. The Marlins are trying to take the fun out of the game. When you ask clowns did it. Two years to go to Jose Fernandez that was the sanctity of the game DC a puck pursuit of that. You or is that just a Georgia education is this why you have your state representatives in full by Sasha baron talent. What is is that is this what goes on Atlanta I don't know I'm just trying to figure out because you're coming at the balls it was to appoint a relevant. Be irrelevant with championships. Then be consistent and have one. Old old every day so please stating Elaine race fans enjoy this little ride that she got also realize. Euro bought its franchise. You've been based on mistakes and you're just fine that's it. You're not the Mets fans not the Palestinians. Most sought. At least that their bases care you don't care we as the most its view was made eight. It's what the with a disasters that we have some grand delusions. That was something or not. We now average guys we run by crook. Our art our stadium was stolen a city like literally. Put McChrystal and money. But we don't have any great illusion that we're something that we're not. Do. Think that you're the Phillies and the Boston and Chicago. You think you put your. You're basically us two hours because you think you're good you think something highbrow yourself. Boxed wine you think your class but the average. Life. So please Atlanta Braves fans check you're so what you wreck yourself I'll state my mentions. Stay out of my mention because you sound like a bunch of dummies. Having any criticism of the Marlins. Searches you do since they've existed. What are you doing. Nursing yourself you are the greatest rotation known to man. And you mustered up eight title when watching with everybody. Back on the game because. They struck so please. Leaves have some damn self awareness when it comes to this. Because you you are coming off as a bunch of hillbilly dummies. Ruined. And so were you break youths because people need to realize LeRoy when they're being stupid. And that's what Atlanta Braves fans are their stupid. They're dumb. Mets fans and other team has had at ways at least they're passionate. And they don't they are they know that the second class of the Yankees early departures and and they love the hands. Some warped sense of reality that there's something they're not we regret just. It's. Two years ago. Now. It's trashy. To be. Extra economy McGregor yeah. Third hour. Duplex next.