8-2-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, August 2nd
Ryan Tannehill threw 3 INTs to Xavien Howard today in practice. The guys get into the Urban Meyer saga. Writers and players beefing at Dolphins camp. Tristan vs Draymond.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. I want you. To get up milk. No go and you'd get up out of your chairs. I wanted to get up right now or go to the window. Open which means stick your. It's well c'mon and everybody has to start today's show we did a chance to earn some cash. You wanna do that against LeRoy. Together headphones on some of those very window via windows. The controller at that was an Islamic yeah we get a DiMaggio streak here yeah. Window W I ND OW window tax cut to seventy anyone he had a chance to win a thousand much aware this hour. Is window. Tax add on in one day today camp stock up stock down. It's it's that high times right now boys we got ourselves a real draw the okay Davey corral. Bryant and held gunslinger that out there royal unfortunately. Until the ball hawk out there name is Avian Howard. Just snatch and things left and right LeRoy fully. Three interceptions to law cannot three cannot give you all of not once. Not twice. But rice. Three ticks. Can. Can they give you. What probably really happened. Is a good news tab arrives every Zabian Howard. Maybe. Then no. Early in kick them. It's early case. What it problems. You need to pay attention to. It is good route. For example. If you run a slowing. In your rounded off. You gonna get what happens. Who would happen in the super mobile. IDB's going to be able to jump underneath. Now you only run and a handful of routes. So give Zabian Howard some credit. He's probably jump in some routes in the east cheating. That's your job you read Roger took it. But at the same time. Sometimes. Those interceptions and not necessarily quarterbacks well. But they are that will be received. There's some amity and there honestly since Candace Hartley he has been he has been balling out O says he practices that rolled out there men and everybody's Kyle has potential and everybody says that this guy's got. Made the most. Probably good to be the dolphins certified Pro Bowl this year. And it's. He's seems like he's shown up in getting things done even if it is a practice in me and they're all in practice and he's a wanna stand out amongst them all here's what I. Here's why would taper you're in Louisiana's import something that happens in. It's training camp training camp practice. If this. We're sort of happened in any gay who. Did us. Attention three picks in training camp wreck this. He did pick up Tom Brady twice last year Ramon and for Opel need to do that because he's good man he's good yeah yeah. Yes and I'm not even doubt me. Dead heat complain. Believe me I'm not saying I'm not trying to rain on Zabian hours parade physically you are what I am trying to do is deeper. Everybody's enthusiasm and understand. King who as a receiver. Rumor that's more important one. Here. Wanted to problems. Dead the dogs that we terms it isn't that he would run as you know. He would run his own reps. Also debunked tip markers such an colors intercept is not you know hoping so far right where I eat it happens. So why. Just take for what it is. Why do we okayed it. Kitchen three weeks of practice doesn't mean go to Jose held DB from Dallas. Call it to a three picks in the Super Bowl against Neil O'Donnell eco one that was meant for the content barker. Okay warrior those for Kenny stills okay and in the one mr. I was a three separate receivers suck so this it sounds like a blanket itself that he's cut the Stuart go all over the place and you know something that XX is covering it. I think excuse is that evidence. He doesn't talk the trash at the jail and Ramsey or Richard Sherman does quite yet. And so that's why no it's given them this this elite corner status title yet okay and echoes what it is. It's valid it's got to be great. When you got those position yet tell everybody how great you are just to let him know. That's what Joseph the red zone economy Gregor the NFL he just goes and there he talks so much trash and jackets and we'll talk more trash like. So this guy. OK okay I'm a must say yeah Ramzi Al I am look. If he's made that next step. In you guides itself. When those guys. It would mean one by one of those guys is a guy that on Sunday. You were about to detain you got to where biting. More position you get like that. Very teammates to the headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WX at best and then BHD to Miramar. Leo dot com station. And these headlines are brought to you by air Italy. Roundtrip flights are from just 394 dollars from Miami to mow lawn lots lots and lots of guys really yeah most of have a lot of stuff. And you know lobbied you borrowed that the duel between Ryan tennis they'll end up those elements of a duel that it can it can Lisa I mean I can still politically I don't know if it was a fight it would have been stopped. Isn't that supports up. Don't forget about took both an alligator arms on offense. As those you've probably Baghdad to mitigate problems. Moon. Because only the rest of the stock got stuck down. Tests are still parts work absolutely you know or sooner or goes to. Well yesterday canyon Drake was on the stock down. Today his stock has backup on. That's was you know what I bought low on him yesterday at all good so unhappy that stock is up today and teller paper. Why are you guys to inspire. More to look this could be. Tipping. Joseph beautiful ultimately he has. You have gay beautifully you do not have to want to amid tighter and has spread. Robby well it is for robbing the ravens are two and a half point. Oh. You kids everywhere can I can't get an odd see saw it's out there that's normally the whole thing you should be the tiebreaker. She picked point total in the in the bow tie all view. The three of us you know these are rub your all five minute we got to figure out who the hell lost you we throw a dart. 01 as we get what we do want. Well let me one dollar highest total. Highest total ass as a silly way. You want to. I was part we'll Altria to be here. Well I wanted to falters they are double B cost him say I don't wait we'll do it on beat another Texan points out. You like it last year in training camp and released we'll start to see yet but Benny had a strong finish. What. You did come booed one Buick Open eyes in the Smart. X I can't deal were 40 yeah. Robby is that how you started right finish. It's both. Vote but more so it's it's I finished right finesse aren't there guy if Russia when they already out of it. Was not his fault is Dick coastal. And this is. One of those guys do here's learn a loss is a stock is up yet why. Well yesterday Vincent Taylor loaded up and tackle so jordin Phyllis Allison got motivated 'cause his stock is up. Two defensive tackles list pigment disease in my contract year. Dominated the back of centers today and as our quote today from Todd generally were his late. Guises. Boat whoever set. As it is like and it's as a Mets say about my a million having not true. I. Follow. We were as wrong tonight is exciting it is and we get Lamar Jackson and you don't have wrote Portsmouth bidders which. Either way. What he she easy. To dirty. Low down thing to do to play yeah originators are split does to us yes I can explain and you know why is Smart he's got signed here's what to dealers. You ready for this yeah what is Oakland Smith known for its hits. They wanna put a clause in his contract. That if he gets suspended. For. Illegal hit. They get some are saying emblems on its ridiculous. That's what old bits that is trash. Think. I'll all the coaches. A goal and say do not somebody's head you know. Call the bears are now offered next year's one and a three Perot oxman who you saw and wrote once that you love them. They'll routing moser got okay you know it was a big breaking news of Urban Meyer you know getting paid leave and Ohio State this. Is cores. Ray. I heard Hamburg this morning. She you know she don't like it or rely here here's what makes this. Craze. Basically he hired his guy as the hookah. If he says his mentor his grandfather. Of this K. So. As this. Goals Owen and Owen and Owen. Net tie in is what keeps him to devote. So what do you do with that. Might because it. We all need to have a way. To. You know sometimes giving it room. That was his way it now what he did win. Is on him. But what about the guy they gave you. You know did did he seems like he's got a really. Huge relationship with the dudes grandfather but right. I mean. The man. My brother Meyer is that this is a chronic thing with him throughout his career want to talk about the. She hasn't got it this is the other thing. Now. If this would only incident. I would go. Main. You know. Like I understand. You know do do them root out looking out for. You know a young man moving up into this and you try to. You know helped him through certain situation. But. When you look at his career. Urban Meyer's career. In look at all the exceptions. And all the things that he overlook. That's the thing that bothers me. That it's obviously how horrible what happens to to this does this woman and and have this guy I was a word informed of the thing that bothers me with Urban Meyer. And just the whole system of that is. This guy will overlook. Everything. Murder. Drugs. Abuse. All of for the sake of him to skin a huge raise the next time that he can win a title and no player will see a dime then and these guys is put in this position where she is. They're there and such. Powerful positions. And there's so on question and it's all it's all on the situation to cover their Grassley knew they won't let a player. Transfer he would let a player transfer to Toledo without taking a year off. Or something like that if he thought it would if it's there if he got way in that it made him look bad. And the fact that. This just gets swept under the rug I'm just as easy is what the mercantile thing man I am tired of these godlike figures these coaches. Using every corner trick in the book to. Make themselves seem holier than now now. Let's take this step first. Everybody. Knows about his history moon okay everybody knows about this past import. How many. Criminals. You know he. Overlooked to win football games and win national championship. Ohio State hired yet so. Would you say. Okay. People gonna keep hardened because they want to understand if you're an athletic director your jobs too. I think the thing if your how stately they don't look great and neither is it a hard time believing that a lot you'll have state didn't know so it even if it's a school president or whoever comes down on it. Yells and they're not gonna look great either. But that guy works directly for urban and even if he's followed from Bowling Green to Florida or Iowa State bright. It's it's it's hard to believe that that guy as close as they are doesn't have any tie do what his character is and yet Urban Meyer will come out and why a finger. At the media and say I. Know off what he he really he didn't wagged a finger. Bush. Humid out we always do is I will say it's. Your wife knew that you didn't. Com. Certain the sale right in so that's where. And into explained it the way he did. Like. It's kind of a way would he tried to do was. Saying new. As a vision. But not clarify where and he knew. To try to soften the blow there and in to make it sound like as soon as he found out he did directly. And invest would. Bothers me about the whole situation is it's not necessarily. Then it. He fired again. Okay because you know as some glory. You know does gonna catch up with him. On. Boy. You had an idea. Oh what was going window. And you should've went to him and say look I mean. This is it. Is it like I I can't. Cover for you anymore because then I'm gonna be on the hook and sometimes data stream people out there if it did it and so. You know. I think it's gonna fall on him. I don't see. How. Based on debt press conference. How we keeps his job. Yeah we'll continue all of this we will know more Urban Meyer and and a somewhat sadly it's more comments that he said yesterday. We are reporters noted he's he sees spoke from selection building houses right now and Africa. In Africa are now building houses they are big guys are they doing the ceilings. I'll let us build on the brick wall it's a son. JaVale McGee. Dole and low wherever and whenever you're house JaVale McGee's Obama's court. I after the. Looked like everybody so there you. Got to shoot the old debuted around because of that we got some old DB corral. All data drought shoot out. They said the sort of most would have fingers. So. It's been brought to my attention shots a joke on Twitter. All our armies oh boy yeah I always say guys. Go ahead say of mortality we're. As if it's weeded out. I'm a bit surprised that a team spends in sort of those Jermaine Sellers in week two. As soon as yesterday. Just goes responds by saying. Well surprises so reported but I guess everyone dispose surprises. And OR Kelly better response if you read plays as often as you get your feelings mid you have an under achiever label. To assure that those replies. We got to do the stuff on Twitter we can talk tomorrow you come watch me do my job not vice Versa. That's that's arched. That's harsh. Well. Now fattest Omar. That is then let gotten to the knock on joint dollars in high. Higher career but but but here's here's the problem. That I have. We're right. You feel that you write whatever you want. But I mean ramification. You feel that because it's her opinion. It doesn't matter if you offending. And so. I understand why. Tour improves its medieval like you get rubbing your feelings just like no matter what it was like are right. Some anti mine. And a lot of these people were writing about players. Don't have the same sentiment as. The people wore these late. You understand what I'm Zynga spite Allen I don't believe in Jordan troops. Is considered commander in chief. Part of reason is beaches. Here give you. 50% and effort. 50% Utah when you you know what I mean like he'll look dominant. And did disappears also from Brett that's kind of the culture of the positions sometimes yes because here. You talk about in the nose guard route tackle. Have you won a quote. He's getting beat Obama pounded. What was still remain. Being accord actually pressure a man yeah so guess what they mixture. No pressure of him and guess who's in America the guy's balls get fresh. But it's also and so I imagine on it you know it's it's our those those positions or did you wanna always do. Like the low hundreds observe personal sprawl and possibly be done by the end of the game. But also I'm measures a bit of a game you play with whatever guard percent of your take on ask him and all of a sudden. I know their big public comes right on through all side boys this is the game changer time. His the other thing. Makes you appreciate. What a dumb consumer use. As he brought. All the time yet look. It considers serves as for not being there are just the fact that having a guy like that is kinda useless if you know our clothes. Agree I agree you know read it wasn't. It wasn't for lack of form now I don't as anybody here is a jet that Ndamukong Suh was it disappointing player. I think would be misinformed. The defense game was here three years four years right two edges of the worst in franchise history as far as yards is concerned so. I mean the guy the guy's defense. Just so even with him having grip forces it wasn't enough to translate it to them being a dominant defense you know would have. We'll see. Exactly how much of an impact you have this year. Because the linebackers are so much that route and now was a position the last what three or four years that the dolphins could never. Kid. You know set Aiken never get a guy that okay we're gonna have you two or three years he got hurt or. And even on even on did defense of limelight his best running mate they. He and cam might play a limited he's look he's played on the back end of cam wakes career. And you know he had that run that Olivia Vernon went on and they want Olivier Vernon earlier got paid crazy money by the giants and so. You know now he's going into a situation where they're stacked the line over there there how they're given away Robert Quinn. The light on weekends taken dolphins in what he's saying and all that really Robert Glenn sheer awesome. You know he's really playing next to create an errand I'll messrs. oh my god I mean if the parent Arnold not cheap bastards about it. Meaning he. Eased although of course is that incentive plan with the knives in the offseason Huskers. Really vision does that mean you do realize that some people look at you know what's in saint same thing now. Eight destroy bird. You know it was funny. Every it's it never fails on that members who they just pop Obama FaceBook. Remember this as they I'll remember this that is as rich wall stalking about you eating a dirty street bird. Michigan toss. I look. I I did you know. I never really. Took it personal. Eat you know what I mean. I I sometimes had a problem. Guys who just won't. We you know and let me root like when you write something in clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Bush. People Lou listen what you have to say. Marketing is is. Why why are you trying to be. So. You know I might as well why why do you believe go to. I think. What he says I know they got hit in the gut clearly got personal after body his initial college Ruth Phillips. Is in badgering him about love that about it I'm a little surprised sort of goes some way he's playing is not is out with the starters again. It's not word I mean last year. He's saying this year he set the initial comment that he got upset about was. I'm a bit surprised that a key spasm Jordan goes from main starters in week two. You know I don't like Rick yet imply that they didn't have a great first week. If he's. I did why. It gives you do what I regret this cluster. Of it. Author of the board deep in the Lyman had a bad week we and it'll put heads on yet. Like come out David eyes closed to tell late and yes it dogmatic can't wait for pushing a lineman into Ryan Dan hill right we know. That's an odd they had to they had they had pads and his Williams breaks dropped you know ups. Leg yeah. That was the brakes stopping at. It. But if you for the guy you can't block or keep it in a way or slow old Kim weight down. Fashionable phrase all year. So you out of critics. I mean he's still pretty damn good and I'm not not saying he's not good. Not saying he's not good but if you can't get. Or at least put up a fight against cam week. And what 3630. This it was at their profit of six hours ago looking up almost at the right. If you if you can't 36 years old if you can't put out a funny. Against Kelly. Right who is a good player but not this part in. You teach you may have problems and of course he got to know about it adds. So drop you have to be pushing you around. That's all you. This you are all open to all look dude dude dude wouldn't. Dolphins line coach got us. The idea that I like the idea of a couple of billion atom is Regis he's escorted arriving in pain on the ground is liked. And the right coach. Yes. It's eight it came. I don't understand what is our editors this all is a tremendous but hey I'm a serious thing. I you can get mad and now you know I will say this. And sometimes defense of the line. Takes a little bit too far windy nobody can get cut. When you get to these Cooper Monday. Do you look more Shea bimbo rush so. Look. Should it be offended by way. Omar Kelly said. No. Sometimes you're fined by things that are kind of true sir good. You know this important day. Would also knows is a very important in a forum like this is no he said of he said no the first encapsulate. This is the I have a semi semi pro life so he knows better he knows how important and what's at stake for him this year. Ands. You know he's probably gonna be one of those guys that like you because there hasn't of those Macias. On torture George fellows may be one of these guys is as a monster year and the dolphins don't I am because. I always see it it seems like so many times the dolphins run this thing whether or not quite sure on a guy. Until it comes for pep Tom and everybody can I am you know they get to these situations it seems a lot whereas. And I really show lord do we invested them up to that position you play is. And I guess it is specially when you're not close to winning when you just kind of been in this milling road you don't really know to commit to is what those guys they committed to. The year that it was the playoffs they're like you get a contract and you get a contract and you get a contract but would just sit here at six intent then everybody's got it in show remote but don't. My my question is is when you have success. Are you being proactive. By giving some of those guys more contracts. Or you wait to see if they do it again Indy you can't afford any yeah it's like it. It's stuff you gotta yeah that's that's the job the job is to know what's real bright the jobs the notes real lucky continue to keep. Keeping you win I hope I hope the you know. Is able to sustain it for a whole year but here's the bigger issue. If you have a do you mind doesn't. And then that would always be a problem. Because. Every good defense of life that you can think up. It's always a minister at lime. Or record of us. Everybody. You could toss south talent this season and college theme game change. Lamar Jackson RG three I expected to take the majority of snaps ball and if I moved his diploma Jackson's good. Moved pissed why that one moment I was I was very you're you're gonna get a good read on because Brooke wants to sort of get field. I don't care if he gives up any lights out tonight I'm going to be mother bleep the jaguars to order counts you address another defensive lineman. Christ. That's. What we know who's so that of the division league it others for champ isn't it I'm definitely. Notice guys yeah I mean this Taylor Bryant looks good he'd been through do down with one arm though school is Oklahoma drill. But I had rather on the Mark Jackson. Just personally. Does this is just throw that out there so. Drama on green and just Thompson we talked about the slowly yesterday hallows they onto a the parents awful. As at Raymond came out. And he'd decide to put his own stamp on things on it's a Graham. Where he does have enjoyed all stories and talk show the last couple days than just an accurate though. I carry around your people. And the militants and operate two. If you don't know there's a Cleveland cavs fan who want to throw a parade for Tristan Thompson. Apology drama in the face. Giant that also adds on the next pose not keep the parade that's that you don't have any law offered up from left. So stir the hornets nest. Now now this is more entertaining. Game or more can we yes then toward the equivalent in its now. Shares job went on a show on disputed. And he took the side of Tristan Thompson is he doesn't understand why drama and green. Is gonna come out here actually everything should be all cool when you embarrassed him on national television. And he's like you do that when there's no repercussions. You know you're gonna get odds on in a game it's not gonna happen. Nobody gets punched an NBA game anymore it's its aid Sosa already that we can see launched a row. So associates that. It's all cool that access to be in a place where things can go down. Gentler it was a rather sell or a cup in the same cloth. So Udonis has them agree to this position sharpest even a trillion on this one. Let me just make this clear I'll got no issues betray Aman green but I will say nowadays you'll be talking crazy on the court. I've heard disrespect from meant towards other men. People know that they wanna say in the streets if you read about it or race to get anywhere you see Amanda's you disrespected. That you just played ball with. And killed with a game don't promote violence but also don't promote disrespect another man if you weigh you never know when you gonna have to be. Pay up to two piece suit. Don't this this yeah I mean. Valid points. But it will say. Do you do some like that during the game. And refused to shake his hand in your job back and forth. Can't approach him like scoop. Rut you're just going to work. Especially because we know this all is is starting from a place that is surrounded by women issues right. Rest any. We've got here. Is on dream did you know that. It's gonna have a way Jamal got home Andrew German gonna hear from mrs. Khloe Kardashian. All these about our interest and and so the next time that they you're up you know how many fights have been started. Over men all year. Have been to defend the honorable woman me. Any men. Men named men mean many minutes. Have gotten ears kicked. Fined an arm or overwhelm her. Such as the time just wanna get off first. Or maybe if Mr. Bush we don't know or. Or here's what that. Dream on oppose him like he's cool because Cuba among. Most or Durham underscored every even nobody go back and forth on court. Okay. During mine talk like if he was down we're debuting download data whatever. Maybe it should have been. This Tressel like you know. There's a thing draws of Hampshire but. Also a nutcracker which means a dirty fighter. EE it's bloated bill got dirty tactics right what it would do is not a respectable tactic you wanna talk about. He goes right for the field do you ever wonder about green try to pass awfully that was his layup form. He's like and that's how I follow through. Follow through. You right to. It. Was real. In his New Zealand play pad. The wedding big news is there. He is he was a repeat offender to. Warren and you'll want you to get people so much and not to take you out of the championship. I you all right chronic. Nutcracker. It you'll need not be in the NBA finals why so long. We'll see in game six or is that what sort of game six to give five. Suspended for game to get the hell out of here with you below the belt shots. And unbelievable. And so. Now surprise Jim Andre when he got via video shot in the face he didn't just go up Jack on just 2000 I don't know we've right here. Let's be clear. From bush. Is more disrespectful. Demo port yeah I need to know I want like how else was that pushed the thing that seems to get the surveillance on the order of disrespect. A slap. Bomb bush. Very and O ports. So slap is high on the totem poll yes then bush right then a punch right of the marsh is there between slap in plucked. Might have meant is I just giving away from ambushed in addition according to need to please do yes. They bring it into an argument or to risk breaking your hand on my jaw hey you're just going to palm. Especially these basketball players that brought you a giant Paulus all big men hey don't for the whole face. Here's a foot detects. In a bit before he does this guy bitten BC. You don't know what you talking about radio man. Just line that makes the backers look good I know what I'm talking about outplayed Jose Martin Marty. 86 champion team. In little about a flag football league. And the couple's. What protects there a bit. As good and that's the great lie in the bill. Putting the kids. All. That roadblock. Now he. It puts a lot of folks are so someplace they would bleed as a mortgage. We've bush should you grab the face these important back it's a slot is there is a slab is disrespectful because. As subtle that. It's a slap it's because there's there's already there's no repercussions on your Handley I figure with a fight. You notice here when you to a bare knuckle brawl. You're getting into that knowing that your inflicting damage of Buick somebody so much what you want to inflict damage on your bare hand on their fist to put them out somebody. Came in with one that's number one. Am spitting. In somebody's. Dead that's that's that's that's that's that's lowest of the low right outages it's not even in its that's got its own power ranking right. Would demolish them which is like. You don't why it's like you're trying to engage comes in a slap. Slug is like you're you're you're beneath fighting me right. Right but no somebody Texan at that story is not true listen the Pablo Torre. And Iran's newsroom when I mean aren't. We want it know how I knew was only five seconds ago guys are. We're rolling it re doing stuff for heroes are young and AT&T you for the show and I'll Pablo oh my goodness I didn't ethics.