8-2-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, August 2nd
Tiger and Phil set for Thanksgiving weekend showdown. Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury set for December. Tobin spells Enjoy with a G. Hassan Whiteside shooting fadeaway jumpers against Juwon Howard. Hassan Whiteside and Joel Embiid are best of friends now. The guys draw from the Doombox 

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The rules on Tyson nowhere. Jackson 5. Summer Summers when the word is enjoy ENGOY. Enjoy its expenses seven to anyone. At 2 o'clock arguments again after the hour turns. But enjoy is going to be your next word. Seven to anyone's way you want Tex for a thousand bucks. This bit of enjoy. What have you enjoyed this LeRoy who gets here Snead era cedars snap through with customer service and a minute. Tiger Woods. And Phil Mickelson. Marsh are having a showdown. It's. A dual. Deaths on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving weekend. And ten million dollars just right. Crazy. Those as crazy money they used the dude it's really member that there. A few years ago. They used to have. These to bring you lights. And he played at night and it was tiger against. Somebody else and an eight day started doing it they did a couple years to a three years where. They just too little hole golf course when lights. Employed at night it over the T you know words being played right now Vegas coal or has any fights that we can. What. I don't know but you and don't discriminate various. He had out there while it doesn't vary. In December. It doesn't I'd definitely gonna fight we really. We all matter can be no. It's not from good to other heavyweights Joshua Joshua knowledge that you would have been Joshua is not fighting them. He's he stated his little nest and new and then in England. Odds tell yeah. So just as good I'll take my I don't want editor of my Shannon Briggs you guys are gone back and forth but now to pretty nice consolation prize. Tyson Jerry talks a lot of lead. Does it lottery it isn't exactly shy let's talk a lot oblique. What does a fat dance in jab artist in one guy's not actually about to very fascinating clash of styles by two. This. The patriots signed another workers. Our Yahoo! they're Decker of course that it yes. I mean now that it now does not. That's not. To kick. If they get a white run him back on. How boy running back expert at that Rex Burkhead. And then. It is the primary if so who's the guy in Carolina. They don't McCaffery Jaffray result he's attending it can easily like this guy he does every missed everything. We're going to mean you wanna go deep and ridiculous through the generous and yet when the job I was a total beginner hard line here tiger did this war with David Duvol. You're individuals that would say do that night we know. And golfers McCain explained. They get initiate mini slimmed down screens are Gosling I am a tiger. Tiger and torched to exercise for him I mean he. Act like. I was upset I knew that there was one time user oh you know and on my agility cleric at zoo and he. The Juli talk about any do we what is enjoying would be G. Once daily. If we could tape Fonda and go to Texas Louisiana once challenged him. Me. Eight. Point away and alive yeah. Nearly another minute meditate. Or finances and how it on my hand. Why do you sound. I don't get too. That is Mittal word. Yeah. Relatives of those things didn't peace Eric there's a fail safe so people can still get their word and he would dispel literally essar is. Do you think indeed the Ngo allies is one of those daddy died in the that's deadly warrantless and and you give tightly before 2 o'clock so how did you ask many guy as you ask me and everything his. Oh. No I guess the way there's no. I don't again did well. Elliott did I feel you as would some. He did. You speaking quickly. All have to deal. All this is going to be caught with a gorgeous to me. Allergist are routed to find out this desire again the word is in joining the NJ oh wide. Own manual is well over the do you believe. He's he's so. Are you excited to see RG three. No I'm excellency Lamar Jackson. And get and get angry at him playing all the questions for Pia how come no one wants to see literature and go anyway. Why does nobody wants to what Shiancoe and Mayweather. I'd be downforce edges out in the is that they would launch tango. As small as you guys they Mayweather is a machine goes a lot smaller and I did and am very they're very protective of him like the highest they're gonna let him go. For a little ms. 135 pounds and may with a can't make that. Miracles 145. He's he's like 144147. Newton and I just can't see Mayweather. I can't see Mayweather doing that fight is yet remember as you remember how much Mayweather makes for his fights now. I can't imagine him gone to fight the best pals from guys on the planet. For a fight that's not going to be as easy draw as much of a draw. I mean that's why I like the fact. That kinda Macgregor at that it was crazy there's my. Some guys investors toward the rally we got yes we got it after further review. Summer Summers one or does enjoy ENGO. Why. I got seventy anyone. Yeah. Yeah oh. Yeah low. Lol. How dedicated. Well are there university who won. Boom. Boom boom well coached at. Texas hello once you know excellent. Summer Summers when the word is enjoy ENGOY. Joy its expenses seven to anyone. Thank you like I said. Tax in July. ENJ. Oh why does seventy anyone preach as a thousand bucks I hate myself who. Headlines. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami and go US advance that can't be HD you'll Miramar. Do you dot com station. How tomorrow the word is going to be cats. Coach of the dead. What are your buttons. Well and you know I did especially win. It's all on the papers so even if he can't I got cocky yeah oh yeah you reviewed the straightaway you look that way. No and I think as they get dyslexic weather while reverse the words. Because they enjoy it I got this one. Lewis Campbell walker who looked away from the basket Donald's going you know bring X I I just Shimmy away from enjoy flicks like UK. Poland hold it up let my hands at a bricks. Oh man. By the way first video that. The subtle it's has put Obama's mr. Graham is so boy there are fado is against a one hour. So for arts. Four hours four hours talking basketball life. Village numbers against is to one or could it can you. Nothing. Can you imagine. What a conversation about 08. Would be with someone well you know apparently that this is a talks that you know went down. There running headlines and all Ulbrich demos on what's at the. Here's something everybody can enjoy it with the G the coaches poll it's now yes. Now. Yes please Miami Hurricanes. That are eight the number eight on the coach. And Alabama some won the suspect constant to. Ohio State three for now coming out coach did you know dictate all tolerate it and I would agree shall as a coach well. He's won it as citizens guy Ryan date is the Internet at acting head coach for a British or Irish are gonna give them no he's an away early and take his job. I gotta tell. Me. I tell you. It's a shame was going on appeared. I mean. Everybody kind of had an idea ring bit. Not about this situation but about the guy yeah oak. As silly people knew that is a scumbag complete scumbag. And. It's it's it's just tough to see. I Gallagher Meyer drop down is like. It's like you was it was handled I got this. Don't end at some point in and Parker probably answers will be better. A lot of times we reporters ask questions. They already know audience. Would they wanna hear you say. And we knew here Urban Meyer is safe dad with all the information that everybody in the world hey guys. What do you do. Like it he almost very name's Freddie but by. That's that's that's what I that you people get nuts with when it comes to these coaches there just like how they arrogance as his soul. Overwhelming I tell you what else are realize. A lot of coaches toward their wives under the bus if you mean Q did the job. Is he is the wife on the identical Angela trying to. Yeah sick. Like Roger Clemens to keep it right man answered it may mean that's deliverable did a lot of people outside mrs. Smith had to guess walls. Those mice GA you know what's amazing. As long as we've known Peyton Maine in seem Payton made all commercials would air. You have any idea what his wife looks like. No right Susan were doing an end. Isn't it crazy. Hour. Did you did you would know. Would they may his wife who looks like right now no idea no and I like yeah. It is amazing I just left some it could even. I only remember seeing him get. Others in the other that started as a giant four. This decimating poultry. Of the giant forehead club has broad appeal to his brother covers it with hair and that dumb face it. Yeah those are where they were aiming to as the years went on his head got rather. Because it helmets I just got tighter. No because then the hair wasn't blocked it I guess is Z whose two Daschle asked for bigger and bigger helmet I tell you as soon as you get hit hit. You do tighten at moment. New starts wobbling around you ideologically has been for a but he does the blue moon truly has more hair did little Archie. Know that you know it. They all had. Oh man. Are you. Ready. That means that giant China's projector screen. What else Robby quote has run a such scandals coaches are trials remember him yeah yeah. He is going to be coaching in Italy that's happened that's happening he can probably use nearly the round trip from Miami to Milan at four dollars. And good football Italy yes you'll coached the good I don't trust name America football team in Florence Italy or initiative for the pronunciation that to what I did. Yeah. We're sorry Jesse credence by things like enjoyed doesn't work. Then followed by. 1888. India. Syria and Eldorado. Oh yeah of course the little couples. Bobo about resonance barracks two and half point favorites other reasons Romo come ready. So somewhat sudden South Africa right now. He's. He's building houses doing game on Saturday Joseph and beads there JaVale McGee is there cream is attention of those young fellows of the sky hook which is completely useless in today's game why. No. Big man does the sky. You know which way do you really do do it its little different. They use a lot of Alabi smaller guys use the push shot into the lane UCD wade uses or coming across the middle sky like our. Remember when magic played center. He wouldn't necessarily do this guy who would he work your way to middle and LeBron worried at the sky. Out of jams. Uses just a mess around and this was going to be so good. Did he Cuban missile round basketball. When you. I should for a part I think I heard it on Rao was by guest is also that he spent the afternoon messing around learn like Riley was their teaching in the sky hook. And he went and did like four times a game. You know some amazing that. You know how basketball has its different stages. So. You know LeBron as were all over the place play both ways now he's kinda pick any Jews and who when he's gonna play defense. And then you still as the two or three years he can only play in the post. They're. Now so I'm like yeah man. It doesn't really play big may have basketball yet. So anyway and satellite side I guess the big revelation we didn't get TSA we talked about the meeting that we have with Spoelstra. Well I've seen a senior echo these are part of CNET he met with Spoelstra and I've seen also that he met with a Riley and Spoelstra so I don't know I would think got to be having a four army with the satellites I do need rather than a filibuster. But just a thrown some old time stories about life. And basketball in the glory days review if your if your hunkering down for four hours. You need Americans who can wax poetic a little bit of that feeling a two man to man game a satellite set their exposure where they've been there. You need Raza stud and there are some glory days saluting you their I don't know it's been an SE SE in The Herald says that it was a Simmons pro. And some zealous and it was both well now. Well a lot of time for the sound but apparently it was at a hotel. And they'd they'd brought it down for awhile but the big Amazon said yesterday that pertains I guess. This is the the most instinct thing in this of the biggest argument for his son. And what we can expect is that he was doing with the injuries last year in a bone bruise. And Ellison had issues. And he comes out and he says. Well I wasn't healthy all of last year I was then and out of the rotation just of injuries just come back healthy come back from a bone bruise it takes months to heal. I start feeling like myself the last two or three months getting back my explosiveness. A lot of pain went away and just feel good again. And if that's the case. Then it would be exciting to see a satellite's eye gives these games and show horse was will say watching him last year. He. Wasn't as a matter of him looking dissing gaze at times. He just did employees settlements and play above the rim like he used to write here's a guy who go to blocks code dalliance and he just didn't do that the same last year. Here's the problem and there was so much. Everybody knew he was playing through. Okay. We can't then turnaround complain about too please tell. Them when they refused to throw you under the bus. Right they wouldn't say he's he's physically unable to lend to the end until the end they didn't Romans reports. He then turned around presumably to mood and in one of the things I like about what the heat. Have done consistently. They don't go to. Whether it's. Win lose situation would botched. He wait. So. They won't go to. Yet there's others who famously said to pretend oh what he means by one more time on the court. And who gets that next. Bug back everybody. Still there are there ways you hope you're enjoying the show when Joseph the. Some say. Look. You can't make for yourself. We got that Robbie keep kidding aside I can keep Betty isn't their yards in The Who has so we. How long do we around 188 dating Quetta alone it's not okay just keep. And may await channel so yeah so anyway when you get a load probably. You feel a little you know. Good about yourself with the road and I can't figure of those flows and keep me from doing anything. Nothing I mean probably should you call 1888 they get. To go. Oh but satellites that is an Africa needs those reported just say the coolest thing I've probably seen it was prizes in rhinos. And seen a group behind the zebra. CN Discovery Channel but seeing emperors of pretty pretty incredible. Also he's dipped over the Joseph Holland beat now. What are they going back and forth their best friends apparently there hanging out of Africa and he says that is a different perspective now. Well for all where when you only hanging out all four people and you probably come for instance I you know if we should do. Interest in injury my green Africa sheer. And militant who pulled that are the hospital that's things that you should amount to woods. One I don't normally for the though Joseph and be elected mayor of this is kind of a vote no one of the load feuds we got. He filly like that I like that entire thing last year. Go on drives will Elena is out there anymore is back in San Antonio number but the problem is is that. It's not a go back and forth if when teams. Their ticket last. I'm Kim is zero so it does this year. Figure we made this grand lead they they're going that that there that he was gonna make this usually does this young guys but I always emit dangerous yes but here's here's a guy. Dad I do believe is gonna make a big jump in gonna contribute more in a sports that well is nowhere to cope yet but the big inning and been. You know their contribution and an insurer were Simmons learned to shoot our share price by Andre you played basketball he'll hold life. And now be able to shoot. Although they on image with a son with his meeting with Spoelstra he said that. You know that last year I just one more time on the court it wasn't so much about getting more touches. No they had say with that is. What brand. I'm shirt I'm sure that's that's all well and good problem is when you're on the court and not getting touches what do you do. What are you doing out. It's this late you know what they're asking you all the little things and you have the guards frustrated as hell with you and heavy team pressure is as how would you. When you're not doing things in the in the team Munich. That is one of the biggest knocks on him is that if he doesn't have the ball the ball goes Xoom it's like a black hole it just sucked up and of it's not it's not instruct my guard down by his knee is. The mid it'll be a basket. But it's not like you don't some whites ads work in this beautiful string of basketball. For his entire teammates out there monetary gives me football basketball. So. What do football coach we do. Is take a reel of film or a seed but it. Enjoy more the times he got the ball down every one for me. And then ask. Would you rotate this guy. Right there in Inglewood ever basketball do more nurturing. More. You know and a pink. That at some point in time. Yeah go to Saunders in the we would love to play. We think that you can be a dominant force in this league. Here it is things you need to do to be able to play consistently two for us to be able to leave you in in all situations. And put to him now there's one thing to say you can do. But if there's no doubt to actually done it. That's what the coach has to go. I'm curious to see this year because you know it's it's it's all well and good when you have a young and in in bam ought to buy and its rookie year yeah last year and obviously had a big wall and got new big offensive fog as the year went on but. You know. There's a lot of people around believe they'll watch that guy and think he MB something really really good. You know obviously we think very very highly of him you called a met the Michael Jordan. Which is fantastic and he appreciates that he's our front has taken torrent. Ands. I is that with a sigh and they are going to get to a point with him with a like look man. It's not even just the fact that you years here. She you know you're being terrible or you're not showing up or you can do the other things the young fellow there he can any as. More round will run. Deem and yet he's today's big bank he can go do the things that we want you to do we caught you at the at the tail and we caught you at the ceiling. And we were able to polish it and got some good numbers in good things out you. But this is this is the end for us here it's amazed at it it's gonna get a point within this year were late. If he doesn't come this year. I don't think here going to be in his position whether like all right bleep it you know we're not where we're not we're not. I do think that they are at this this crossing bath right now where. Spoke there's like aren't this is the last time and put an effort into getting this dude right which got led him noted that. In in this one I think you know. The heat. Gold bumping sometimes we're. You know again. They don't throw you out to relate that they don't put you out to be tried in the league in ops yet. And you know it paid off like shivered like Justice League justice is a guy the fans and want very. And and want to cast offer for three cents on the dollar. And they're saying you know he Kiet health issues he wasn't healthy is is his sophomore year that's why tempered off. And he came back rusher and he rewarded them you know the three point shot was very effective. And use it little run offense. And he's a very well very well rounded player which looks like he's gonna get rewarded with a contract with the contract extension so it paid off for them there. Right. But justices still the differences in jones' than your three. A some white sides on he's he's on team three. So. You know there's there's there's some. Validity to. You know how they handled both situations they handled this on the same why. Like Demi we watch the games we sit there watching him. Tried to dribble with eight people in a box. We you know remember last year he was like hey. We can you know you can dump an enemy act of find open guys meaning have to assist and then seven turnovers wrote. But the one thing at a big big a system where it. We've. Justice was always this. They've always should it stop look at and stop looking at his school. Okay he does so many other thing. We like every Justine these court. Yes and also I'd like to start looking at a scoring. Because look he's got the highest or when generous in my life it goes so high end is going in at a at a nice clip. I don't understand why around the room he's a Democrat. They don't and it's somebody tell me this I don't get it what does he do everything so good. He get it is he he gets there and he gets that rim and it's just like it's it's crab city. I don't understand. I don't get it in new puzzles like that. And protects he's built exactly like Ron Artest I don't know why people don't see that. I mean yeah Davis ever long time. We run it just a bit like just my guess it is fingers go crazy eking into a single. Yeah I mean look we've changed on just this. And you know the sun. It isn't ready to deploy it where you know what you gonna get. Maybe so as lake. Is that. Gonna get his stats real fat just real fat this year LeRoy. Pat his opponent and we go in there we're gonna give us on what size. All the touches. In just get a real cocky and what is numbers are so cocky that upset this contract the end of the year. Well I say yeah yeah Joseph gonna win thirty gates sick if you run your offense through song and you gonna win the outlaws. If you run offense. Through some whites you know when thirty would just tell our beat you running off and the same but he says his son were totally back on the blocks. Forget that. Cool block here block cute little heart out already blocks a game and get those get the statistics on talk in. We steroid tomorrow and we get the Audrey joy level is like in get new deal. Would give me a new team and they pay a sock sock. Every block. You she Gordon he's orders come near Reno shop and out of the way. I'm talking Russell Westbrook style man you go get all the numbers whatever you want BC did he go get that rebound wants points. I just anyone's points but but you just added up as much as you cancel a summer what's that gets in that did that guy. Looks like oh looks like you'll is w.s here opted out boy's time for new deal. Him we got a text about that it. Yeah Simmons can shoot you know drew. That was it's it's. That was a board. Through. Gordon do. Don't don't don't change. Was in the dunk contest Eric Gordon Eric Gordon O Eric Gordon then Glenn Selig drew heat totals been sentenced couple. We've thought of the theory is that he'd issued to the wrong hand that everybody things that he Hsu at the wrong hand. I mean Justin Thompson did he switched no but just inform them of a big lug. Just houses is like go up and get out you silly Benson is running the offense. Is. And I need to be doing so so. This (%expletive) about Tim to. Break employed full body whole life you need to Roland lessons. When you're twenty years old. You remember with a broken recovered without a sports editor it was like Tim Tebow a batting cage basically like learning a new football motion would have held little. Zito that he had set up there they're like. Let's see the new Tebow throwing motion. I mean this guy he's carried himself with fake headlines every single year. From year to year what's the new teams thing no one here it's new motion and one year on a common analysts now on the baseball player. David is the area called by the Mets knew what about club he would head they can't make a amendment to terrible associated amateur how another 25 to four loss they had. To the nationals were Jose raises is given up meet. Balls. I mean. He got thrown at you or mum or pitched there was actually actually take note in a week or so for now the Mets put to nationals again but it's it's feast day. At Citi Field and there are there was. Pending doors action you can go to Tebow get called up on eight state in that game numbers of Tim dude it's called up every day is fifth day he. What's. Mine is. No sir. You know look. Just polygamy a lot of sermons about to do over makes it to the major leagues. It it's got this got bull Durham written all over our band is 32 year old caught our shows are there amid debt related there's a rain delay and to deal walks out of the dugout and then in the clouds part. The moon. And a hit his baseball bat on the ground like lately Moses and his staff coach told me what my guys. He's Italy's hottest master bad but it won't break. When orders percent Tillman is my guy but he's DOT Boone. Works could use him more. Got the words can use more guys like the world the world. I guess the great dude. Like you're. Like why. We win we talk about. Somebody's ability to place sport. We're talking about kind of idea and have a reason to you won't bite you a little bit of football player. Because everybody thinks oh no. You hate Tim Tebow. No. Tim Tebow. It's kind of LeBron James. Wreck. And Aminu and when he he did build a school putting this is super inaccurate thing to Rachel Nichols hit a call mom and super inaccurate. I just got it and I and on the news it was clear after the deal was he was suffering and death when he's. All Opel. All say in the era is. If you LeBron James and your planting questions at Dave McManaman after the finals and getting your basket. To show off your memory. Wins ago would have with the turnovers. I had this submitted three. I had this diminish six I had this admitted seven and then the next this in this in the just through all look at me I'm I am basketball genius. Then if your basketball genius don't make up facts like you came to a 35 win Miami Heat team in 2010. That's an accurate. That's not true and it makes it seem like you brought the team from the doldrums of the of the NBA. When it didn't. It came to a playoff team that had an MVP caliber player and you brought another whole federal review. She makes it seem like it's exactly the same and don't Los Angeles it's. It's it's it's it's it's LeBron mind game. I don't know a different make out it's about this. I'm not typical fat or fat sacks facts and so on multiple anymore let him lay down my staff great double in the school great job in the school. Why I told you don't need hi may look. Why can't. They're putting up front also did free tuition. Free uniforms. Free love free free college scholarship to the university soccer forever graduate. Amazing now just facts right that's old saying like it's amazing you don't lower for the kids. All say that he came to a 35 win team that's not true. A fully at this point in my career. Good alternative for me. No just like when I went to my marijuana kind of looks at me join in super chamber of people look at it. Nothing Miami was 3547. You know the year before I joined a team. And you guys who can look at the lakers know on record from so I'll like the challenge. Look at later it's it's fourteen games difference pay what where where where he. It was actually exact opposite they're 4730 spot and move and play. It in the playoff team that's right. Pricey and too and we are pleading league scoring a year yet and I it's the same is joining Alonso ball. It's the sing me. Hobbs I can eat until basketball starts just to see. What happens with. A hole meant he's been an era these band. There's probably be mr. ball we have your seats and he's going to be like oh great I mean. Is gonna have a blue marble duty is is gonna get escorted to receipts and light out of the slimmest or most of the elevator. And David send his ass up to the top of the Staples Center. But it's gonna be Lavar bolt town that he's got to be up down. Opt out of the Staples Center. In any way I came here kid LeBron will be able to hear. I touch the roof. I mean bounce it off the arena. What what bothers me about. Him is that. Any got two kids one of them was great. Don't you know to will be great nah I wanna three combat. Yeah but he. He's recorded back to the jets one day. Arsenic can reduce man right motives that it was the debate into can't be great economic tried to. Sir the system. In two and I'm like wait my son won't sign an extension unless all his Brothers are lakers what's RA. We know LeBron Syria. You have to that's. And have him do it today. New month I'll go first you're looking at him last. I think you're right it was it was a dominating monster made. It's. Dominating month. It's. I can already tell. I had. The Hamilton tiger cats. Vs Montreal. Who at the big game this diamonds those first start. What's the spread. I don't know what it I don't in my gels very good that's what they get them I think he had yeah Hamilton tiger came to simply think yeah. Interest I have Andre virtual. Vs divide Alec DeVon. Alexander. Shrink by two guys who used to be well to a contender squaring off this week close yacht. I. Let's Tri-State. Vs cute and it's a that we would not meant but if you want to baseball. Read it. Hello you value based on the victory in the really. Right. Fine and overly eager to go strong for peace is a median viewer can do because we're we're tie would least understood yet gentle way overdue episodes I would of the divers counts twice. What we're doing the we knew we don't. As a are going. One dollar. A year ago here we go here's ordinary. RA. All. Henry says Bhutto against mighty mouse Demetrius Johnson the total number of rounds at one and a half. And seemingly in agreement yet Michael Ramirez tied. There haven't heard news element of development evidence that it could kill Stew got to ninety soft spot buffalo buffalo a team Africa vs team world. Which one as the sun on us on the team moral was mostly it's America it's all American guys except the one who telling guys that don't condone gone ours in the team but everybody else from USA. I so we'll bang zoom yeah he's please and is LeBron Africa. Guys get relative I guess yes he has. Yeah. I know. The swift eagle then just balls out to show and got let's let sadly Juwan Howard is coaching the African African team. So was coaching against the solid yes Cody gets the sun yes I'll agree. And yet at Torrey Messina coaching that Americans have been telling everybody on team Africa. The ball tomorrow. Drag. Works every time. Yes wolf won't miss tonight's football game bears and the ravens the whole thing you missiles a monster like I gotta put this on today got. No no real point Smith either see a lot of the Mark Jackson the rave it's what the players tonight. I was so happy about it a little. Little terrified daddy daddy suddenly only I don't know for games of these games yet I guess Joseph for these these games are. He's got you have scenario too appeared the two games and he's got power against three headed monster. That's dust to the best team's victory. He's got JJ Aldrich against. Toll on the it doesn't I don't even know that is a candidates on the main card for this week as you have seen as not a Ricard many of the other and finally he's got ball hogs against trilogy and no leaves me with. All parents. I got couple who made it meant putting our members to do know as the rules go into each other. Didn't know shell won the the first fight knocked echoed in the second round I had ghost Boller is against three's company goes cause of terrible jacked Mike Bibby. People play like you know men and finally I have Canadian football because of course. I have the BC lions against the Calgary stamp leaders. And it looks like the stand Peters are eleven and half pointed wolves expressed big spread. Had he money. Risky. Sorry that's that's a doomed thanks for left. Completely slipped my mind Thursday to meet my god. Well yeah we'll be tuned in Korea as a with a focus on what's wrong because the thing where it is my yeah actually dates. I thought we did too but made its next week that we do that. The main event source element. So a thin he remain in a ton of Texas next week and didn't sort that were out there right now we're gonna be June 9 so. Militants but don't know we're being honest. And that surprised we showed to work and they're completely. Viewed not as was too old anyway this which is what slowed anger and like Baghdad the law. Is you'll hang the secret peace to LeBron what you know LeBron and loads and vet wings. What isn't slay you do. He's just been it's been just cobra is or isn't brought. I need accurate. How old is who what what do they claim. Is. I mean. Walled things listed aids is. 33. So he's younger than LeBron all I think by I think by a couple months. I mean. May you know that is. Best tips. Yet to January down. Now so. Yeah LeBron Lex who appease younger that LeBron about four months organ. It will wrestler rosters for team Africa sure why not sort of interest in the old saying. Series say like these last two years labeled Asia's recuperating from Ted's. He's has been he's been ice and every day I treatment jog and on the side he looks like you ridiculously good shape. That I cedes bubble world day. Every time a guy gets on a basketball court he's run Korea plays hard is all right so. Who ruled it was on the heat. Honestly like they Goodman it was probably one guy you could count Dolan. Two duo the danger need to do he might not always it has succession during a ball really ridiculous there were apparently came and said that is the biggest for one of the biggest free agents and he history. Yeah that was stretched to bock on the team even if he's that your IKEA sign and trade now serves vodka. How does he. Surgeon doctor claims that residents are remarkably it is like twenty. Yeah certain about is gonna turn Tony and on September. You've been in the league for like twelve years. Be Jumbo another guy are you going to question his age he's on team Africa. As well as to beat. Biyombo. He's he get near me. There's no number this is Tony about years old. Whenever. You think basketball player stretches more to baseball players know. Those lab baseball players know I. Know I didn't close the polite weight she got a big certain big news right. No the one that floored me this weekend was when what genius in Alex Jose Aldo against Jeremy Stephens and they throughout the old tale of the tape. And it's a Joes out I was 31 years old 31 I said you let me get a look this too much it's no. There's no chance that's 31. Nowak is British is 35. There's no shot there's is no shot Al czar maybe started really early yet he's been there forever. But he had 31. I can't accept that may. Those like a kid. Was his name than a month the try to real baseball. I and Angola and Angola note though. Anyway we'll be live at these so hard rock poker room tomorrow you just about the poker open is startup today say guys young cats. London wasn't fun to be back tomorrow be packed the lobby of the events that are so c'mon stop on by and say. Though we will talk to guys tomorrow.