8-20-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, August 20th
Leroy agrees with Richard Sherman on the new helmet rule. Tobin is confused watching football. Tobin rips the uniforms that Miami will be wearing vs LSU and compares them to Aquaman who he says sucks. Tobin accuses Beast of trying to tamper with the Vodka experiment. Mark Richt explains how to eat a ham and cheese sandwich. Tobin is skeptical of the giant little leaguer from Spain. Jose Urena got his revenge. Yankees are in town this week which means Marlins Park will be infested with obnoxious New Yorkers. Leroy is concerned with Dolphins defense. Ndamukong Suh found the Dolphins run defense amusing.

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Innings there not all patients eligible for statins as forms. No one to two hour he's brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. And who can and from what went from there and we would. I and everybody it's overly reliant is having my bet everybody. Back for another week attacked a stag third hour today you did these guys. Through motion. That was acoustical work on the thank god it's over you know. They did he hands on a show at the Orange Bowl he would implementing go with a Alienware is are we right next to. So yeah a human can go to bed bath and if you want to I mean I'm really trying to I obvious watching these things on display. I'm just confused I don't mean to be out you know here's what along. I know watch football confused anymore right. And it was with a catch and yeah this and not just moved to another. Let me explain to you. And I'm gonna say bad. Richard Sherman is a 100% right. In his analogy. Would wrong with the solution. OK. Bet if you watched global. Any time. They did render goes to tackle. A running back a wide receiver or anybody. When he gets to a collision the first thing a person with the ball doesn't drop during it. Creating had their contact run. The officials are not seem enough. To understand this so what we should. And the federal simple book that I feel this way about what you should do. Perez is in quit. The refs yes. OK like what police arms they use the taser yet to get taste that's true. That really yes yes. But I was like you know phony baloney and and nonsense I don't think so gonna hang over and put two to get out of a taser put them and it put him in. Equipment program. And kind of subtly. What. Their conditions are so then you can evaluate. What is happening. Now I'm not saying in some traces. They are defenders. Debt when it comes to tackle. You can see is a strike on a topic you have absolutely no you don't want to OK but when you go to throw a shoulder. And throat tight door to head across the bow so you're trying to basically wrap up through his head across the chest and it eye drops this kid. And it all speak it could have possibly. I just think that I'm watching these jams. I understand. What we're doing things like targeting or guy who's using a direct hit. I understand you wanting to take that out of the game. What I've been seeing this weekend is jugular tackles. Regular tackles I saw did try a bull rush any yacht and he got called for it it's just like. Isn't this football is yeah it is employers with in the game like that support why you wearing helmets that. But again. There's two things. That happened here. One. To some extent you have people who. Haven't gone through that situation. To fully understand. Right. What's actually happening in these kind in these hits. Yeah I think news is the NFL's try to do something and so. They look like you're doing some. I understand it but I Anderson that's going down there's a couple things I don't I wonder with the NFL. One. I would find it very hard to believe in this day and age players and owners and NFL and the alike. Can sit here and say they don't know that there are some physical ramifications to football to the brain RA. That being said. Let's say a lot of players are still turning down I know there's a lot of people who are in athletics that know that there is inherent risk of injury to the head to the body. Limbs all that type stuff. Yet they all are also pests that these that the game is getting changed so much. I just think that. There's a way where we can find what is logical to dig out of the game and not overkill like that doing. And to me it's like whatever we have these things go down whether it be the catch whether he replay whether he hits that. It's always such a bad trial and error of what they tried due to the wide range they never rolled the stuff outright ever this. The thing about it is is so. You know that they change the way to kick off was done right and they get rid of the rule wage and all that stuff. And that's one way to say okay we'll take this action in the game. And make it less dangerous. That's different than try to legislate what a tackle is. Because that's a bang bang play and it's possible the bike involves two people going at a million miles an hour I sleep I knew I think it's almost. Unfair to do this to defenders because of how how much have already been taken away if things they can do to stop guys. I think you're getting a little blower guys don't you get hurt because he doesn't know how to do this and let it end here here's here's group. Here's how people get hurt or. Okay. Some people get hurt. With actual hit. Would more people get hurt when you go into eight context situation. And on easy I'm unsure of what you want to do. And so. I feared that some people gonna have the attitude I don't care about the Tony I'm going blessed is who. And other guys are gonna go into it but for example. Running back. And knowing the rules like I know. Full steam because I know that if predator is almost defenseless. Because I can go at him. A lot different day and he can go meet yet the odds that you're gonna get called for as opposed. I am in these matters smooth just hey let's just run your play on every time here's here's well. In college football. They have the same row. But what they do it. Is. Admitting or any hit. They will review which. We just got hit it right don't have a bunch of visuals because somebody gets hit hard. Won't play. And somebody at fifteen yards from making a good tackle they're supposed to be you also have to be able to identify. That wait a minute. That defender. Put himself in ace position. To where did this should guy. That's only we could hit. Here's here's the scary part about. And and this is more important than anything. And anybody discuss. If you go to any football player. And asked. Would you rather get hit high or Hitler. What would he tell I hit not need because if you get hit the knees and you damage your knee. You'll career could be oh yeah and so from that state appoint what your dual and its. Is there more in the contact point. And guys just gonna go take out meets. Today headlines. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio talk. Com station. Pre season Avery told putting. I was out Alabama one Clemson to Georgia three Wisconsin for Ohio State five Washington six Oklahoma seven Miami eight. Robert dined Penn State ten Florida State checks in I think there are ready team. Nineteen know Florida. It's tough nuggets tough nuggets well Ellis he was twenty fives top 25 Mexico for scared yes. The kid gloves in the uniforms. Tatum. I don't care Tatum which is deemed it a song. In your student. This I'm not because of them I like elected Dan canes uniforms elect him going back old school. Anyone know something I don't wanna make an environmental statement. With my uniforms. I don't care of the tomato out of recycled material. You're not okwu man up command Sox. Were superhero. And it's even worse to McCain's of the same color is our man I hate it. I hated. You done now. Hate. They look good this stupid uniforms it did back in the day without golden. Don't please do the same uniform always agreed helmets to. So and by the way the Merrill and people there there they want out goal in there and their next coach no way. Oh and I just a I tweeted that some Merrill and I was like hey. And Kelly to your safeties are lined up and Virginia. We always say crowd kicks and football Russell Maryland dollars. Hundred I don't. Know golden. It's my time. We had another Mark Richt sandwich eating lesson he did it again he he actually the text he also has rules on eating peeps and candy corns. I yeah Audi a section and it up keeps. Have to be a week on the bag like a week's stale for him to beat them really and candy corns he loves you have to bite the white tip off first. I agree that. Well I canticle. But it. The hole lead in candy corn used to sing not enough. Daycare center that's black guys treaty is a. The the corn is. Yet and dig. Obviously it just looked into second taste test for the sweet box and so then pretty soon no I king among you here and got a lot of signs on the stoop and. Oh no no no no no no no no. It Quito diet does not assure all new to candy points for the show. Were arguing block it let it around us but nobody opposes suddenly nobody Reebok. If we're gonna have a signal to toe to toe and spent it's like five dollars on. A mini me bachus. A different. Do get a good bye to different note this it has one good vodka. Please and possibly for years beast to warm up it's critical that this dude tried some real she candidate Trey. I brought to you tried you tried to ruined the experiment as we try to do how can you think you clinch at r.s with a bucket yeah. Sherwood Davis herded to the knicks and 85 lotteries of course. It's frozen envelope. It was nonsense. You got any with frozen magazine he's better. Science are my vodka is at a disadvantage does it in plastic realize it is some rats vodka. So why why it's container. It needs to be room temperature fine let it warm up OK so here's Mark Richt on eating a ham and cheese sandwich you ready yes. To put mustard and mayonnaise honey you've got to go mustard first. Then the meat cheese on the meat and then tomato on the cheese lettuce and topple the tomato. The top your lettuce is going to touch the mandate aside he can't put the mustard on the letter aside it just doesn't work. Totally agree. It's out of this. Out no illusions with what's her face. Nicole whatever their color name is present at the article. Our backers at her name. It visually literate. But it it's a point it's funny that it did from the athletic she actually might be I don't know which is they're not odd from the athletic. She is on his point. Usually athletic and we have a new Miami athletic we have the athletic Miami with Chris Perkins. That's cool yeah developer. Got all these compliment fenced throughout all worked as in knots notes is always on here you watched the entire Justice League. That is the that is the test of superheroes. He did nothing. He did nothing. All he is he's not there is nothing but the Andre Jordan became if the value with that try to kill of that Q what was a dad's name. And with those guys capital Steppenwolf no but listen he took him out but they were underneath the city and the water was coming in I didn't need him is that he came in to sell the longer they need they need him yet again they were on their way out they couldn't get out. Again another another another whose job. But on command just to make it seem like he's in strong though he's not he's so Josh started Superman not Charlotte cyborg apiece that's sort of on the whole. You can't compare the hopes and it and in marble I just did. The candidates did note that there are unified soon another not Disney owns bulldozing Darlington and across street ball there across southern rocketed now that's not happening why. You gives you don't want your marvels across over idle and yeah I don't want my Iron Man two and a half and together. Gonna happen what's sort of happening in the Tobin council. In my household like at the Spiderman Batman and they'll hang out although in eighteen type. In June. And a G I know it is which is DC. Miles Robin and cyborg and there's a bug to Stanley cameos. Which is not. Really threw me for a loop that is odd odds at of this do McCain's. And you wanna send yourself a nice environmental message to impeach Clinton. Not element jerseys on Jersey's current what do you care you're wearing them I care I'd like. The classics I don't like getting fancy and I certainly don't like doing it in the near the ocean. There's other ways to fix the ocean leave it to the experts not your football team. One look good for these for these gains Donovan national television I don't wanna look like Captain America our captain planet. Don't look that. Well with this nonsense is what if they you find out this is done only to do promotion with our command movie than a mile down around Christmas of eleven -- the last game of the year to date you know what to do that please opera and at that game has done mode Joseph mail like they got the canes in this type video walking out of the ocean which is stupid why they even in the ocean to begin with. Hurricanes you're not you're not Yuxi horses and understand. I don't like and I want it fixed. A lot of stuff today yeah Mondale wanted to fly anymore. Back after this. I'm please do when you. You on Monday hash tag and how are. And I am. I am flabbergasted. By this. Giant little leaguer on Spain. Lilly World Series. Cubs this time around every year. And. We notice the skeptical of us this giant. Pitcher from Spain he's giant. He is 612. Budget of 48 pounds. He is dwarfing over everybody in the league. He looks like Millicent the guards here. In this photo. And he's got enormous. What does age. I mean these little he's got a twelve race. 128 grade. Ought 248 pounds. Went crazy. I don't understand this man. What a little fishy it's a little fishy I would just say too little fishy what's gone on here with Spain. It's pain all the sudden Spain is this great world power baseball. Out of nowhere this LeRoy. It. This is Adam. Has not knocked over the guy I would got a tip to talk to death. I don't know man oh my goodness could you imagine. Vitro. Six is Sam a little skeptical on twelve year old a 61 to 48. It's says that the twelve drilled earlier this acorda sports and is bigger than 96 point six of the issues Major League players I'm assuming by way. 248. Helms. Of just. But he missed twelve year old. Was beaten this guy so due to elect a no hitter I actually hit him I don't know man I know that Spain is Megan has run in the in the World Series and wouldn't be so many say it all the other teams like hey coach do we have faced big guy no he did so last night church. Doesn't rain no one of these kids right in the arm a cadet. Oh my goodness speed at which shot to Jose arraign you forget the win yes if we're a Little League game screw the Braves. And that stupid team and that dumb fans who has deal with all we get a my alma social media. I mean I am very impressed that you guys were able to war in an after the weekend Atlanta good for you. But looks like Jose Arabia is the Victor is I know all you idiots were looking for him to not appeal see yesterday's in the series. Yeah. He he's dealing and I guess the nationals will do that suspension. I'll deal with that you know committed better. Is abuse on the verge of throwing a no hitter which he had eight no hit innings yesterday he imagines throwing a no hitter in and I think how many people rooting against the no hitter and his draws an island and take him out. I was worried about the two Norwalk nixonian in the bullpen and he was wrong you storing it tents in the bullpen I'd love to see him face the Braves. Don Mattingly is lighten that bush is about to have he's about to have a week and a half off so. Guess I can keep him out there for a little bit yankees aren't on the street stand it was back tomorrow. Willow. I don't really gets early this movie were snooze through the make an announcement is a better suited. It's. Until. We meet like project. Looks. Hate Yankee fans are. Going to be terrible fasting fasting that ballpark. With their stupid broad chants. Road. Marriage. June. Yeah. Off of him all this weekend and happening as two games two games that you see right it's. No that's that something. Notice that something that by the way I still I love. At first I as I loved it and that I hated him but now back loving it. Having Francis on Twitter notifications. Is amazing it back on board his hot takes like midnight. Off but some like Yankee reliever. So amazing. What will what is dazzled do about it just it's just like. Guys who basically killed Twitter for the first you know ten years of its existence right. Is now just like he can't stop like he's got to have a slot every two seconds. And it's just so awesome. Already know. Moblog on. This. All weekend. All weekend. Don't down the ballpark infested. And it I don't know what should a big big. Sometimes you just have to speak and he wrote us to question now. Do you think that whenever you just said. You think that actually going to be yelled out at Marlins I'm upset. 100 Robby can you be our reporter to get down to the games and CFO of Beckett said it does the arena grammys I go into the game your list why he's on top tomorrow right now on top of the month. Natural the pants. Rob go. Today it was and they have a scoreboard is a duty to the point across. There are show that's the that's without the bitter yes. Well that's appoint Kennedy. Minus one. Stupid. Your real musical joke. Real stupid oh that's stupid you. It didn't pitch. Nonstop all weekend. Yankees you know you don't know is him that there will be Jeter took another will be dead challenging the tired Greg GA and wouldn't be amazing be sure to all of quote that I'll hold your nose of the game season ago. You think is what posada is going to be. And her. That dog to be sitting down there and Baghdad all boys have it yet alone on the column. All of burning Brosius Ernie will be out approaches. I'll be in there. That it is and don't. I. Eat. Oh. How the Marlins fare against the retired yankees terrible. Terrible. Not block. All might well lose the guided couldn't broad segment now yeah first every chance gives him. IQ did you like. What is going when Owen in your brain that you Emeka. Team put it's no different than your world golf when a guy eight suddenly can't use that club win whether the driver of the potter whatever like insulin is that the the short putts or chips. Like when they get the words did you chip and is no difference. The broke. Yet finishing yet he's the Breaux of course at a funeral. Hunts are a bit to get aways Jeter Chan nonstop. BAA is what they're doing these. And he's he's out of recognized during resuming games is due in the the senate baseball. Which he did you before that often. Living as was hanging out of jail oh yeah they were to be a shot of Iran in the no owners we know know know little about what it's going to budget though he did invite era with a. Defense that can it be like. To regulate. Welcome to our cart Carter's. Yankee fans all we W fan base that was upset they got a better player and down the it's shortstop. Won a bunch of Wyman beat Arizona baseball fans lately. Crazy. The bad baseball putting me in a bad mood sounds messy is since our team in this town is not quite. They're not good and I remember it's like I'll just the behavior of some of these fans just that it just makes me nots is the holier than that France. Don't like it's holier than now and then it's a Yankee fan that has a must've senate David Wells Jersey. It's like Thomas was take that seriously. He did well into oh yeah wasted wasted it's. Wasted on the way drag I got. Let you know I despise the Yankees and their fans that kind of what a shock to this reunion David was going to be in the Cleveland are with the with the with flamingo float he's on. One of those giant genetics. Knows what the biggest that committed the a boob plastic trumpet. And have a lay on. There was drastically little body pain is boobs. This is what's going to let him owns Sam's Club and show up now grass public usually at Texas got the fake Yankee. Unless you have that. Red Susan Walton to. Shall I shall and out just a bit in the game Hispanics are sterling will be there home stood there with his column John Carlos stand calls his can't call it Auburn. Should go. 030. This call is on call it home run you'd dogs. By the way last time they were mormons pork for years ago. Good to share hit a home run. And he said pat Goss Ozuna Ichiro was plagued sort of feel that they too few morsels and Ichiro as possible these people away about the the winners one seasons data and arguments Logan Morrison and Gabby Sanchez and it on different sides of the plate. Glad. I was just upset. Haunted Davies let's what are you doing. It must have it's. I. I. It. Here. At the right next that it ever so if another split pre season game off hundreds of Congo Friday. Up. All of this up. Baited into Mikey put my complete old. Finally got chips all of your shirts yes they've been a jeweler which got them to a cut in an interview that's what CB and I don't. I'll say this. Debt it Ed defense doesn't stop somebody. You're going to be talking about attending like you did a bubbly born notably years nothing else really matters using a mean he's gonna have big numbers but they never gonna stop anybody pay who everything about Donovan Suze little as well as a little jobs out a little another big. I'm not a big fan. Of once you're gone. You know fresh and you'll team has doesn't do when money and Atlanta really doing well what I what I fighting addressing is so. It'd freedom right. They they just let get away that it wanna see him. Adam. Got to get out of the salary they got to go take additional it's okay now is to the animosity or to another important yet. Is that. Everybody is happy and fine. With the teen cuddly guy not a dabbled in a warmup. You seem to me so I understand why players cared at idle Michael Palin and I am probably I'll put him. Here here's that they. Here's what the madame consume little irritated by Dole's speech where he. We do get fired from your job even. What would assume you didn't do their job. Was that his case no I think they did he not do. What he was supposed to do to earn is employed. Well people were ripping up for not living up this contract pretty impossible to live up to but that he played he was not what the contract and a week. It but that's not. As additional is not whether he played to his country. The issue is did in dumped consume do his job at an exceptional rate and my deposition never gets big numbers but what he does use count if they were causing. Chaos news counselor rated. Amongst the top in his position eight. Blood. I don't have a problem with them taken a shot here insists saying right at the gut LO well with a shrug him OG. Just because I think it's probably what I would be thinking naturally. Let's see first play of the game McCaffrey. Who house. It in and win. McCaffery goes to the house. There's issues on a whole bunch of levels of defense group now gist. No but it. It if it we as we crack this thing open is restarting gets to see where guys are settling in on the personnel. These are where the questions I think lie on with this team it's not with the office. Think you that everybody here if you're if you're on the other side of the ball the biggest question offices. Are. Are you gonna get production from a rookie tight end or any Thailand and one would know any different about it Parker for the most part I think you're pretty solid and everything else may be some questions on the line I mean killer blow up a couple times. Implement a bow. We couldn't fly by. I feel OK with the dolphins other defense is didn't seem like ten hill is get either. Looking for the checked out or get over the ball awfully quickly I don't know mentally I don't know what to make any offense might that might be. Or is that they often debt debt might be. Conscious effort on the the coaching staff and ranting and look. We want to get the ball our Marines we want to be ready to order balls or could be which reads it could be would offense. We would a lot of things it could be and they don't first downs and big they don't want him sit back to your pet noble. And they also partly the public holding back now going to social social stopper Chris. Time it'll wait a lot of it third of all little run a frog we don't really show what a damn play. Oh what Daschle are on the sidekick you know a lot of Jauron goes onside kick a lot of times you reviewed do that you do. You do depending on where you are on the run. So like coma I mess up. I think it's I think it's definitely frustrating like when you get a player that Zabian Howard set up where he gets that panic in the years he's denied pressured you don't get the pucks on the yes. Yes. And I haven't read don't know is were there. Oh that's that's a whole another issue like army and eat. We better. Be present coaching. I mean. Coach somebody did. What is it beat light but if it gets beat but if you look into the dolphins were. Really bad and penalties last year right. And they are not. Trending well so far I wanted to trend when it's when it's when you can look at a big data point and say hey they're not doing well. In this area are penalties OK but is that it can yeah. Seattle's always. Linda what time penalties though. Does that concludes the aggressively personal follower you know whatever kind of caution in that bus yes. I hate pre snap that is different every snap the operation penalties Brett. Ray knows what's gonna happen here's the coaches and I've heard this before. Here's what coaches do. Went off of Lime Wire receivers running backs anybody on offense are jump and outside. Gets a date. OK guys you don't you can't be poised enough to go and hard count we're gonna go on one every tart and watched it deepens a blood blow you. So you secure way to. Oh we just gonna go quick count on every play now that limits you. As ours checks as far as adjustments. Or whatever so. I mean I would hope that the offense. Doesn't play a role in their own demise because big deer not. Poised enough. To. Be able to change the count and so bad that hat it's also tough to beat. Is you know those that the types of things when when you are getting. The wonderment dry and getting messed up by a penalties and it is pre season and you only have four drives to go off of I think it makes the problems seem probably a lot worse than it is. Going as opposed to whether you had a whole game. But yeah I'll watch in what I'm watching these games. I'm an oilman late it's hard for me it's Harvard made you feel terrible about where the offense is that the pretty happy they can injury is continued to look great. I mean. AV dot tackle and I play it would have been a real bad look for the office of line and knows a hell of a move that he put on the dude too to get out the way that he did but. She's a mean defense is here's here's what I did the linebackers look like an issue still well. So here I'm gonna give you a little bored with the linebackers. His base you have a rookie Amir and he's gonna be responsible for. A lot of the calls on deep. That being said. They came away with. Watch a nagging. Is like. If they don't get better. The middle. Stopping the run. And other things and admitted at the U. It's going to be a long season and everybody's attention. To this point. Has been on the wrong side of global yet end in. When you look at it from a franchise or organization. Or. How can you consistently. Have the same. Problems. Once. I don't blow. It's it's very very frustrated that's the frustrating part is that. And they spend X on it too late they've they've they've been the last couple jobs now. They put on what would they think our play making guys but this is this is the thing especially with the dominance at. Like when you go and make it big splash like that it's OK to go do that you gotta fill the voids around to what you can't to stop in the right hey we can get one guy. You know it had to eat you will have to continue to spend with the investment has to be on the line if you want to be great. To get a sure thing out of a little puzzles like your big investment is even worth it. It's kind of like if you go sign a big name quarterback and may have no receipt right like it it all works together. And M for the most part what has killed the defense in in. In the past couple years. Is it really and have a linebacker or in my bag is that the pluggable. So what you have you have defense of life cover you know causing chaos however they do. You know some defense is let one guy dude is playing an image linebackers adjust you don't have anybody can do dad. It kind of makes what you're doing a front useless because it's their job. To cover up everybody sublime bags and go make plays those linebackers army complains. You know you're getting run a Mexican and inside runs to the second level pretty quick which headlines next.