8-20-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, August 20th
Tobin says Adam Gase is miserable during games. Who are the most jacked head coaches in the NFL? Leroy explains why he wears hoodies in the heat during practice. Beast tells Amber to stop being a diva. Stock Up Stock Down. Kicking battle heating up for the Dolphins. What will the Jets do about their QB situation. Tobin believes Jalen Ramsey is influencing the Bills to start Josh Allen. Is Jarvis Landry a dirty player?

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We're not doing it in the prison yeah right now that we've been working on the change and things. Sometimes we try to throw things in there for a game specific to what the defense does haven't wrapped enough. It's gonna look like crap on us so market and not on its I know. Which. That is Adam cases signature move would promise it's gonna get better. Promises they've pit here's here's. Late with that there's there's a couple of things you know have been going very well which Texans. There's a couple of things that what are things you that you guys have to understand when you watch. Full bowl is that. It's a team sport and sometimes one guy gets the blame for some tin. Where is it's a result of somebody else not doing their job in giving a perfect example. We you have good linebackers. Dose double teams. Don't occur in don't take place as alone. Because that lab begs the little hole and had dead. Second guy on the double team is always looking for that allow America to fill that hole in if he keeps wash and at. I get the sense. That the young linebacker was it. Smith though was this line beat Nolan McMillan solar. I get a rope line in re great one mixed up so that thumb. It seems that at times. He's not. Do sure of where to go well and so what happens is is he is standing for five yards deep. Did you have to understand what offensive. Lines job it's you pushed dead. So the longer it takes an American to fill that hole the more that deal I mean give bloat. Mother they without and guess in his is it is. Let's call this football Ponzi scheme where he is always promising big returns on this football he swears. What do you investment now dol fans as it's gonna get a lot better I promise I got this magical football it's likes nothing you've ever seen before. Yet I watched him during these games he looks like he wants to jump in front of a golf cart and get struck and taken off the field. He is so miserable when you watch football didian sleeves are mostly as the value west at least which I'm very I'm very pro you don't want to use on his. Doesn't have guns that's the problem. Muted due tomorrow curls for them girls if you want to show off the gun show looked here's the thing if your coach militiamen Campbell sleeve and Greg. When she got the pot pies and away. Our how are there any other jacked up head coaches. Got an excellent a former player that's got shot today. What do coming back in the grocer just zip code amber. I'll answer Joseph best Joseph I don't jaws of small yeah idea he would get his group on vents doesn't go short sleeve Shawmut bank goes short sleeve. He goes short sleeve but he cuts need to do and if they're here a short sleeve with long sleeve on in the ability who Belichick he outing he does like that come off thing it's not really short sleeve it's weird it's aware of things but I. Tell me don't watch you don't like does ever. Like you know it does an emperor now get a sense of how hot the players. So he always wears like a Jack apart this. I. And yeah it's on the if they cancer. I'm telling you that we told you we re price and heated debate he never switcher to. And so did nonsense answer by a group thinks. All could you want those open Mike Vrabel hit here's why you're alive is devoted to slice lookalike Michelob. And he told you that there are some big scientific behind his abilities and me keep my years ago he didn't look like that I don't care that he would look like in the browns do the same. We'll give it just me about six never looked like he's rock in the Gucci are. He's he's not he's not the pillar of fashion but Tony don't watch these gays and other gays in the silent everytime I can't get enough of that he is. The most miserable SOB in the league coaches look like now he's got us he's concern. Rolled to his reactions. That in his new home next level the whole wrong this is like. But that's. It is like. Why I was going in the back yeah Italian and wants have you not seen as don't. Though is going to give you the look of disgust it's it's it's probably good tips for you now Adam -- ships and stupid do buckets threatened from the head you're gonna notice. This guy. Used got such a sour puss on his face at all times. Look at this. Sour most sour us sour puss sour us. Just being a cell doesn't remember that great first day camp we're like. Holy yeah creates yet but no high and mighty Tomlin. My Tom Leighton pride I think he could be never does mighty pretty good Mike Vrabel Vrabel you'll Britney days frame already stretched out and I don't really don't nobody looks better and Poland and gamble. Top top cops went after he's keep a mind. When he's rocket the coach insurer is two sides to smuggle NC Vrabel coach and a wife beater ulta a guy who was another object to a good better short sleeved build a still look at a short sleeve than you did long sleep. When he was long sleeve in almost as light. Viewing it goes to being an owner was yet politically good feeling real scarecrow bush when he had to put but he also lean muscle to him. Short sleeved work for him. Not for days on text that tribesman. You head Miette football on you lost me with Rome. I. Please Stella UAE XY AM South Miami and got the US advance at MB HD to Miramar plea deal. Comes station. Hi AJ McCarron solid shoulder injury to the bills are looking for quarterback. Traber 201 Teddy Teddy and that jetstream and the division of the bills. The jets are entry in the world's quarterbacks because as of right now. They guide to decent pre season quarterbacks nobody complete roof game yet so I've death. On the the the constable AP accompanied by a pre season polls Alabama one Clemson to. Georgia three Wisconsin for Ohio State five Washington six. Oklahoma seven the U a somber and nine Penn State and then. Florida State coming in at nineteen Ellis shoot 25 Florida movements and beyond there. A matter of fact Florida is and others receiving votes number two FAU others receiving votes to number five. We love it or not. You don't don't don't tell their friends that are. Like get over doesn't like it I don't really care. I don't have a opinion. I really can only Canada and it's also the putting trash and why it's not beast king avenue and I can have an opinion I. Forever while I was in it for ever it depends on who you wore that opinion to 44. Ever I'm talking to one years. There's been chatter about uniforms it started out like grassy dot com a message board that we were all on okay. Heidi. Don't care about the damn uniforms. I don't like the discussion. I don't care. Tell me. I storm trooper merged not storm trooper smoke uniforms looked like I'd. Caroline is only it and. Very good one the fan. Fan not a fan. And several could hear you just blow through rob he's genius line of its literally trash on the field. They're going on recycled materials. Plus one for Robby fantastic job as a Magnificent Seven by the way all digest six and one goal is. He'd know. Capable c.s or accounts. Exactly. Now since there's no others are gonna get to this 01. Amber stopping a diva. Ease and wow I didn't what does that. Don't you own tech. They had their once again. Once again what did they ever you know that Saturday show you want to host did not want to be in the website you exact one your pictures taken on the website in the happened everything yet you call me and for little meeting as we discusses. And then I ever he works better now than those are. Hey. And the care you want to always go back door and what Joseph god don't know when amber and tell you I'll go back to poor. But if you played at yet I'm glad I get up and and I can someone explain to me Tobin commodity you. Why now every time. I'd post a picture or video it gets added at Romberg. People notify Romberg and so robbery some in the my. I was like I'm so confused he's like Tobin ends hasn't told the audience. That they need to notify him of all of my videos and pictures or what have you yeah I would say that's a big whopper from Romberg thanks replying. Really Rondo is a check of the champ. Let's go to what is going to still what happened so what what why am I why don't Mike I don't know knows something about the silent about. The way you social media that fascinates Romberg. What does that mean means it means. Public how do you feel about buddy lane he laid it on you. Of course it did he never takes he's never takes accountability. About it I'd love coach brew is he watches the dolphins with same disdain idea. So he's like your spirit animal. That's what we're seeing does that ease him out because they like Adam aces. Coach raw disdain a lot more if you put a microphone. Gays to be like Jane that ran I want coaches to be I want to be OJ on Wednesday's. Say what you mean all of you media people. Say you want honesty and guys to be open. The reasons why guys can do to occasion take those words do you run over to another locker room or whatever. He can't be honest so yeah to take all that into consideration. So peoples are only give me as coach talk show. You're the reason it will great well then I guess every time that will just learned is that his opinion every top player gets cut and he goes to the media and spouts off about yeah execs. I guess that's that's all I have not that's not one of my heroes all I heard for years was on love Jarvis lovers' passion no were aural hot heads that this organization caught. Please traded Jarvis. Out of here today Jai of the passion you know. I'm not going to do they get to salvage a good. Nobody could say that because these same guy that left them all the reports and what and what he was saying how it was treatment was announced on saying. Tell me what you're feeling when you're out you're saying you don't win here we got a lot of stuff we're gonna unleash. Really if you just you're gonna unleash the stuff you're not only sharing and you're trying to China executed and when you don't. You look at miserable like you worked for a long ass time and they failed in your best. Let you know he's reacting like those plays are just show me play so gullible will now look. You're at a point in the season. Where if you go crazy like that now in pub. The third day in your heart can boast that he's just so you have custody I don't understand it you have what's happening guys on your teens he less than the day with that new voice. We know always this SOB you know he's yelling at you know I know seat am what I do. You hide because your old bid ask why you wanna see all the should get shenanigans of light. I want shenanigans. They are neo. You know I do in fact here's a new thing I think everybody should be on hard knocks. Everybody every team should have to be reality show. That the goal is to save itself every team all year hard knocks baby that's how it should go. Percival ratings boom we all before everything would be out there at the open. I for one dean nonsense everybody should be on the hard knocks it should all be on the table. No BS. No what coach speak no secrets. Sneak. No coach speak. You liked me better. Yup every team on hard not to so it's not do that it is not student behind you think you have so. Like a little personal thing going as to why you don't want you want everybody just goes and everybody everybody everybody all of you should know what Nick Saban said. Well what happened when no player gets injured yet you guys they see we usable legal player that we do. Yet we do actually connect well to wait college football works is when you start winning. You don't really have to recruit. We do snow and none none doesn't work attack has that happened the C here's the thing. I just know this from my own personal know it depends on where you wardrobe. Just listen. University of Miami was reeling off wins never lie didn't lose a game in an adult who yet two years now let me. Stark and all these recruiting classes five stars all the stuff. It's stopped working it like they did it. That got them to the top. Just starting going by on the list of the five stars and what have you there I'll get them and it turns out you know what else. The people that make the best or do the duty to do the best analysis I was August Henri stars in you know the people that do the best analysis on. Recruits are still in your own coaching staff and you're you're staff rather than the outside quote unquote. Experts give the best that the retirement would've been pretty. Okay now. What who you offer. They scholar should too and how you do your work. But on saying. When you just went public championships are you won five out of the last ten years and you need to recruit and you go into that kid's house. Write your chances of. Pedal just didn't forget. What I'm saying that side yes so what do you say you don't. To work out what I'd celeb like I guess a bright bright so I'm not just say book but guess what. How many. Wind into into restores does makes a minute to go into the house when he knows he's get a conversation would all the parts dazzled when he does. Nixon in his column download that things are pretty goofy man Obama that this is also to sit. Let me. Just clip my Toyota in this. This is also the same guy. Dead Penn State quarterback that was 26 in two. Pour quarterback had barely play did you hear that story and that guy was did you hear the story no. The story that two that together and right yes to a key. Lisa told Saban if you don't plan and transfer to. And guess. You want. But it was a really gutsy where you have to lose. Didn't. Give. A guy who makes the economy. Right. A bit quarterback. That's winning six and two in college ball deep and when they lost in two years. What is to a two years his freshman and sophomore year we got two or you. Instant. Or is backup. Guy is awesome so when you say hey we can't crap players. It. What are quarterback the second MI. Guys to what is ultimately it's on that that could've happened was. Banquet there there was a time when it was like freak in like you know you had Walsh he was backed up by Eriksson who has backed by two red I was right leg OK you've had this kind of I don't want anybody. No one would argue that Jim Kelly Vinny Testaverde. Ernie costar. Our current mark rates and somebody else no well what. Mark Richt he loves new independent and acorda in the picture of the greatest picture I understand he was there but he's only know because he was the coach. No it is known to the having you know movement I haven't he's understand understand what what I am saying here is that. Yemen like. You don't get those types of legislate wing of quarterbacks of players. Until you win and a significant amount. Is taxed. Into Robby yet yes. Don't. She know what do you taxi doesn't let age or nationality you are talking about some thing you know board. Did you see the good two letters. I can understand it puts out is good but I can both equity and don't. Thanks folks all of its. Sucks about this man that we duties radio sure we'll try. Of his eighty shenanigans aside all the news I want coaches to just blast everybody. And Johnson. Talk into a conversation with him. And the table stimulus text. Can edit it out to do. I. That Jeff. Which it's funny I saw yesterday of the sharp paid dog but it's really an ice cream cake or cake and it gets its heads to golf another dog sees it freaks out much. It's funny because they can that maybe you wouldn't weighted to the commercial break after all are up maybe with Lee and I were engaged to be a discussion. So he's doing that or. So let's head on something else. Immigration is should be mad at me like I was living you guys have the discussion I just thought it was hilarious like the dogs of dog's freaked out by the western can't dog. Taken off. It's very amusing got stuck out his next god. Our back everybody. A pseudonym. He doesn't think that golly it was hilarious is even there. There was soft you know when I said oh crap these tough times. Can who have actually get to scoped that out ice cream is a pretty good dough to double hacker read by. Roberta. You know why why. What's the name of the song hazel sister Brett so you a year to two salt. And what's the group. How about rather. Walk like hey hey. And such short notice that does that make out the lay up as a ninja right there. Opinion of those on. Another link watching dog don't talk with the economy there. Almost idiotic in God's way get a flag Purdue in the the trouble all she. Barely we know that that that rule is clear we don't know what people can do whether allow the tackle but yeah I think doc would do in the jewel on. That's that's completely illegal this year so just everybody apply. Some stock up stock down with our own row which you run in Yemen. It's good enough. It's time Burress at Wrigley blatantly stole from Chris hurricanes. It's time for stock or step down. That's next in parks were. I said don't what are you doing. I can't just do that to you. Emerson has stuck to the show will look to use a commercial breaks. And and it's not outside look that's great love of the limo. It is like a good limbo. What got Robby stock up still up. It's all. Right give your arrows. Don't really ever got there I was young because owns a thumbs down the Robert cool wind other team's sack. At. The premiums soccer now has to be. His son was notable for now stock on the hottest artists who lines and like apple and an economic now first trillion dollar player and look at break records do extreme things he says. That can't wait got himself a little rushed a little rush help on the on the other side like. Yeah make an impact Leroy Hood is old self look like diesel again. If there's no push I didn't mean he was the polish army and outwards. He's getting around it yeah. Well the stock is up probably read Joseph say it really all week on our souls in battle hard. It looked like it look like Jesus and it was trading ahead and that he may he nailed a 54 your you know. Now that spirit who. That's a funny now is poised. You guys who were set you would like to watch tonight and I said kicking battle as a rule you're is making a joke not so funny now is it. We ourselves a legit kicking battle. Right now when he EU. Law right. Pre season you can't take anything for what it is except kicking. Taking the ticking battles. There's no debt that translates. You're kicking story. And most visible do not go to the Super Bowl. And I think we've. Right after we hit two kickers. One kick was from Canada. Dublin was Matt Barr. A member of us and broke his arm. In a pre season game trying to make attack was an arm bar. That's when I don't want to know. What the book yeah. There are endorsing. That that's good. The Canadian kick. And as you about kickers how. Cute about people. Every once in practice. He pickle ball that would hit to sinner and a bracket and can see it all year we're right. Eckert of these kinds of changed. These kids both have legs. One albums local political story this guy I was on the lane train. All right now you communicate for the Miami dolphins' story if if we. News. Talking here. If the testing we have come to table which is the key battle. We need fold up shop to get to have a body may keep both may be one will be a lot of distance Gregor want me short does that look illegal alien long distance shots and he positions won't be there. Usually you won't Hugo kickers and upon shouldn't John Denny be the ultimate decider and at all honestly. If you're gonna go to a guy who knows kickers he's known every adult instead of the last decade. It really should read John's initial season as head like upside down by the I mean yeah now he knows he he knows talent he has to. He snaps the ball to the kickers. It should be John Danny's decision not to let that crazy Darren reds he can't just anything that guy says he's. You see those guys that's hot and again the coach's eyes. I'm telling you this there originated error rosy picture. Oh yeah there is creation he's he's insane. He eat eat eat. But if you heard it time for your wife and kids what you mean. What. Jets. Did you have is. Yeah where you lose mindset basing a weight from the yeah. He's. It's two guys aren't here a little bit because you didn't lie. You are the you have to be the guy who gets a got to run out on the field and get his head smashed it. I'm Tanya let's read it together. Yeah I don't like right on his notes due big giving gays have stared medals. Non if you're in a close to as though he could see like a fit. Certainly. Are then it's also reminded these of the two goats that weren't on cocaine last year. Who that we know. I. And number you do by wild why it's. They didn't make videos. Duck down. Yes. Or drill tankers. You see city streets here. And down to get these that he played terrible Lleyton was that night you really don't know how you lose his starting job and then you do that when you're going it's authorities. There is no good there. No good losses stock is down on David fails. Zero mastery. On a court order yes I was playing. And Joseph DiMaggio bring you should narrow national medal. I had reached that. Really yet because just about clutch that. It sort of he's an opinion that over maybe they cutesy you're you know I bag baca that was crazy there. I had game in which room the miracle over two touchdowns in the final minute usually Ibaka. It burglar. We just talked before about traded in the division and retreat into trade that pitchers they'll trade vehicle and especially there in the east and there's holes here. There everybody. It. You sure. You have two quarterbacks to meet trade one. The jets the written they're gonna starts and Arnold and yet what about regular start him yes and accounts Concord is guaranteed there's no getting out and. I think if if big award offer anybody would be McCarron. And and this is more important. Is no rush to have same don't start the first game the mid Beano rush but the gonna start the first game thanks. I do if you get a chance now isn't it amazing the guiding signed an offseason to beat a quarterback is not even mentioned in the quarterback race. You mean I'm a with the town yet but here's the thing McCown he's not gonna get bullied for him. He will trade for Teddy Bridgewater is I think potential OK okay bread. If there's anybody who trade is that Ebert did. But that being so do. What if there's some people don't want to Cooper to order to be to cordon and. Emulate as a starter. Leaders are Koroma. No no no no no I'm not saying in the League. City although there's not. Just. Football is funny in that it doesn't always matter what. Where you've got drafted what you did he is that coach's job to win for example murdered little story about Matt Flynn. When he went through Seattle. And never too late that's okay just because sandals a first round pick. Doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna start to season right away he's if you have a veteran quarterback let them watch them all I ever hear from these team uses we want our guys to sit for awhile and they all break. Noted they don't break it. Her interest in port. In here is the most important thing you have to understand whit. Young quarterback. If you start Ted bridge war. And Teddy Bridgewater struggled with the team's struggles. It's so much easier to go to same darn. And if this other way around because you play and Evans and don't know for a long period of time. And how often have you seen quarterbacks get the starting job suck big goal offseason to get a job if it scarred him for as well written his reason and he's and did so I think there. They're gonna strike to Ted we gradual to do so it's different and as you young got up so. Already you know. We need some real. What I don't have just I don't have a credible and I don't think it's in a not sink an unsafe but your whole deal. Is let's play to let him out there and see what we got. Idol I don't think the dosage to start just John. I think to do this to Jim Ramsey coaxed him into it. He did. He did. All the sudden Josh on the starting with the one you wanna know why there's all the fans started doubting whether or not he's trash and so the bills they're rushing it along now and they're gonna start him. If they don't wanna be wrong exactly McCarron don't tell him Peerman. Jim Ramsey called their bluff we too well done Jalen. Did he sucker them some of them have courts. And poems that led to. With Sidney and Taylor Ramsey is is persuading. Apps that goes to do things our way total. He key. He just lost then right to starting the rookie quarterback against them. And now rookies and again there'll probably he's gonna try attacked Jim Ramsey you know what's gonna happen a disaster he's gonna get mold accolades Campbell. Childrens gonna intercept him and it's going to be a bloodbath. He owed them. Just as I said he's the Macgregor of the NFL just like McGregor noted Jose Aldo right into a left hand. But. Just Alan and thirteen seconds. So you think he's. When an old. Yeah absolutely. You've got duped good good job bills. Now any minute own division. Not even their own division no replaced. Some double play just as somewhat be do we have to. So he's net send it up. Brilliant play and you think. Where Eagles open among he's plain and that's are no consequences to options talked Trace that he's set bigs out you know you wrong. Anyway his mental game has them like mr. me ideas that don't rightly thought game. He was gonna play just only apply all the sudden this piece comes out. And now. The tide is turning for Josh on the play. Colin trash he chose a trash pick from the start I hope he plays me because I'm a show everybody how trashy is. All the sudden the momentum switches to Josh Allen playing for the Buffalo Bills pillars of the Corbett. New computer and what was the cameras collar bone broke. OK maybe that has more to do we did in. I'm eagle from simmering big duke. We're gonna. Blow yet so we asked the public and you tell me. Had no matter what. AJ McCarron was going to start if you itself on telling you they said that Josh Alitalia time December and Collison he's planning. Now have an injury now because they'll know Jim Ramsey also ultimately prevails at Bittermann. He's got a year under his belt this. When I hear Peter miss I think get a guy from friends so I felt Sonnenfeld. Rate. It. It's got through five interceptions and half in his first start last year I'm Tanya Joseph Ramsey made this happen it's won't play. Well plea. To the cap to you Jalen. Senate say welcome back if he played well all week why I take away a little quicker dump on got you. That is cooking segments out time out time but it be made it seem accused to all of barbecuing. What he did have a personal chef. Well Iran. Take out could be freaks out there how much he did or how much any would do but just the fact that he was there. It's credible about I got to this. He showed us. Joseph first standard and checked the greatest kid. Decide that. Has been done that in. Whose the tiebreaker. None of them did I mean there's a couple of things they go they're both working. Yet what was drastic. What was trapped underground. Makes me proud as an object and one is you okay food. So it basically means the best kicker. I now. Nearly kick after kick mean if you big kick practice that now is go on US is gigs. Booked. That's the beauty of a practice kicks up would. Let's charisma man let me hear. If you if you make kicks consists only of practice it did make amend the game. Where's the guy who doesn't make me practice but makes him in the game who you are more inclined to go. Game. What is people make similar kitchen getting longer kick. This actually happened last year hard knocks at the box when they had a why you and the other guy. Arm with a that the better take a while it was nail him in practice but they cut a quiet because it feel like he was gonna make him in the games and they were more confident that as an advocate of better kickers name. Even though you would listen to practice they don't feel confident that you make him in the gallery. Why is he still around news post mutilate me a bit of the bears then went on Mars and in the process of karma hit some fighting this weekend. This was on ballots or the spouse or boy is. This guy scream and dudes phase he's an irishman 21 years old named James Gallagher I have to start flight hasn't started all of owning everything. Fetus are pretty big and happy and dudes face a guy. Despite argument days us. And this is how this goes so these guys are sucker around each other this is the first round. Pauses. This guy he is the training partner. 01 Cottam McGregor also he's a interest at a school that's right. He is looked at Scott McGregor as a mentor of sorts is some kind of McGregor is a good fighter. So if you go this I would try to use these undefeated thing submission artist not a knockout artist. So. You've got to get close they get they get the deal that on the feet. And dollars feel a little Friday off it's laid out now at this point but not as bad as it's about to get. Because watch what. Street fighter who is about to pulled off. And she. Yeah it with a sweet chin music. Well. It and god that is great goodness phase out what he deserved it but the Irish can play so spit and there Lieberman. Went. Who Julie I can write to your front door yeah he'd Nazi don't look at. Got laid down with a monster right hand tool of get at here go to Korea he got he got he got turned. Real bad I I had seen many takes a hit like this eight. Now the high side kick. Right to the glow. Of his kidnapping under the Karate Kid you know cause. Is not the receipt to write a fight because it takes ball at times like 52 I think he was still reeling from the putt you had an athletic guy with a tko. Which is good for it but not even afford to excite you as you get almost 100 is important he alone. Let's sit here is don't do that. Don't scream and do space is you get a karma take rights in the grill what I don't get app I mean net over here right probably did the tree. Yet for a Q was just little bonus ever taught and trained to election icing on the cake to go forth to a. You know how Mosul to. Except. We're bones Jones and Cormier. It's a nonstop nonstop. Screen is to break Gore's gonna make his pre season debut this week dominance get ready. He's proud and pestering Adam gays to get out there on the field so you feel. Like you having gone quite the full display in dollars on its you have ever gonna see the savvy vet in there retained Drake as the awesome ten injury not to do that game yesterday. They're ordered to do knocked out himself who's just let. No it isn't more likely day when he went to tackle and he kinda cringe in Kenny. Jury who's going fool of steam and it. This is rather the scenario warrior looked about it you know like art I can see why they wanna have some rule change here. Because. We reduce RC is the name of the guy who got. Flat that flattened out here where he led to the head and knocked himself out where he what do you were. Used to go what did it through flake Obey. Move. He's flat against Jesus Allah if you TR I don't know what their news distraught man I gotta imagine that there's gonna meetings of this to people are pissed about it I'll say widely called. Okay. In his what you have to be careful with. Did you ever get indication that he was gonna turn an appealing get more ER. Okay. So the contact in any shape or form. Is gonna be misconstrued as. Targeting to some extent yes because it's near asylum bush he's not going anywhere. Okay. That being said. You don't want to BD DB there. Lays you lays off a little bit and did that brought him back comes in to put so many chips. Yeah I imagine don't need to end in being honest about this like. I give way to divas comer from weight you're gonna cause more injuries. If you want you to let off when you're probably an amateur too it you see that coming on the pipe and the DB's. Come and a delegates short oval nonaligned. Oh yeah oh yeah and at best they do now say. And here's why he and DB's torture. Everybody hit. Know from looking. Right so they always give thirty are bred to start it's always downhill. And then. Like icing on the cake of the knock out like you avoid all the big people. And then it comes into it. So yet so that's why when you get an up to me on the sidelines. To get your comeuppance. I don't drop the boom on him low for more a little home. Yet but even still British MX makes a fine point I just want I just want Alison clever to have a majority. Oh darn it. That's going to have it become home. Also the bills though light pass or return of a dude yeah boob it's that late late in here's where. I was very physical player. Do you mind. People didn't should be with me I'd remind him trying to break as part of football I took pride in guy's bumper meal and every play numbed made me. Being able to maintain a mile or is it continue to go play in plea at a at an aggressive level. That means and any time. Google I do your way. To maim somebody. Seat load never sees a common. That and how well I will say this. On debts opponent would be not. Because it hit. Because how far outside he came for yet he's he's he's the one who's getting the fullest and that's basically what your talk about with deep big wreck. That he's in there he's got no idea what he's looking forward Jarvis comes in the crush him. And also unnecessary. Pick I was never gonna get him anyway no but the problem is it about this if you delayed. In not going to add an hour. Would DB of trying to blow him up. Now these are items that ain't it it isn't Todd goes oh well this fields that the tough thing like you know I'm sure there. I'm sure also pre season it's only one of those things are you gotta protect yourself with a with because you don't know who's going as hard. We're at at each time the Jarvis goes hard all the time. Being down to dredge and basically I was like that you know he's not letting up. But you may have some situations where guys are blocking his arm that I can and learn the probably should can you don't know who's in there trying to impress is trying to make who's trying to make a team all that stuff but I tell. I would tell people all the time in these game. I look. I don't mind you. Being aggressive in trying to make your team in and hit horrid and all list. Which you know is a player when you take it to. You you know an Emmy. And also that look there's history that I franchise does not like him because of what they what he did to their teammate. You know a couple years Hillary ended that dues career. But that's also a Jarvis played Jarvis is dirty doings is aggressive no limit as to question. Should. The team be response would have put a player in a position where you know we've he's gonna do. I don't know I mean it's tough to be paid on the crowd make you local Greg bag which a guy who's the most physical in you know go blow somebody he's about should the browsers. Right okay. That's that's what that. Problem. With the block. Yeah I have a problem with the play. Okay. Doing his job he's doing what is asked of him. All of that play. So don't do something about the credit. Utilities and celebrated on that when that comes out of hard knocks were probably in your film of that sure you know they're going to be sure are behind us but against a gazillion. Is the problem the block or the way. Because you know from watching Jarvis play you know how he's gonna go about that play. And the browns are gonna. A player in place that is go to black bag guy in seal it off just like that. So is the problem the player or the problem the place. So the hurricanes may have a problem coming up in the ACC that we didn't see coming. And involves an unsuspecting team. That it was close matches last year with them this could spell trouble for the rest of the conference title next.