8-20-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, August 20th
Tobin and Robbie believe that this Saturday's preseason game between the Dolphins and Ravens is a revenge game for the Dolphins and Joe Flacco. Adrian Peterson signs a 1 year deal with the Redskins. Lambo hints that there may be some big news with Lebron. Beast claims he has a great relationship with Romberg. Stephen A. Smith gives a riveting speech to the Syracuse football team. Would Stephen A. Smith be a good coach? The guys talk about the highlights of the Dolphins preseason broadcast. The guys prepare for the Vodka challenge tomorrow. 

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I. Dolphins heading into dress rehearsal week. Saturday night. Hosting the ravens. Revenge game. Yes Joseph Flacco brisket go quoted an option for three seasons can't gain stopping it has a thing now a reversal where's the way. So on and took a point away no he gets a one way out here is because assault point out to plug apply. Grade. Keep Alonzo assuming practiced as well as he's gonna play. Last time these two met. Legal Alonso. And he he sent Joseph Flacco look into the checked. Yeah. It overdue. So I would say it is a revenge if fact it's got his revenge game the most game. If it's a pre season any amendment and he keeps saying that I understand. That state civil actual win on there. But. When when the records bottom line so that's why it is a Flacco it's gonna pick on Kiko Alonso there are a lot of crossing routes in the islands maybe he's just to crack back him. Or maybe sensibly just do his dirty work I don't know. All tell you luck and appreciate the game to try to crack back and Alonso has got that seems the united as good time as any. Don't double reverses and you know I'm only available block ads they like eagle on the but I had a head on a swivel again. Get his own bombs but what's good and try to cover anything that comes across the middle let's there. In those linebackers looked slow meanwhile McMillan and baker have no idea where they're supposed to be. And it rough on boys I know I I understand we're taught him that this may be is these are things get better but I think his business first quarter of the season with a defense. You know lashing the defense got off to a good start. This year. Questionable. Questionable all the moves that are going on right now but you have a good start you missed it. Too late if they were points he's not there. Almost as this there. You just left these overdone. A bet. They. Genius and gene has won a genius to you are trying to others they revenge game. As of Keiko a lot Zito and Joseph Flacco and Joseph Flacco column for the waiter for the checked because he laid out there. He couldn't say to increase. Them. No bouncing. All athletes who. Had to dig themselves in vulnerable position. Don't try to move to Italy here. Right there we Tennessee and every time somebody try to move. They'd look ridiculous. Is this the reason why we have all this trouble over the alma pallets of this he's got a way to go according to try to moon. Just because of two columns. Vs Joseph Flacco. This has to check please view letting his sect whose Gotti absolutely I mean the helmet to. You know I don't. And I don't know that I instantly and part of it is a longer version where he. Starts again it's a party to. England. A bit it's horrible you like 66. And it's. A big monologue and well no human definitely gently is. It is important is that you get some of those some of those punching bag inflatable seat. OS's. Like. Why didn't really hit a helmet to helmet on it and I was like this fall the rule change those this year with all with the quarterback giving themselves up right. You don't have to necessarily just slide. You're not really get the advancement of yards on a headfirst dive like you were a slick you would like a slight debt or the other problem here was the Joseph Flacco waited too late and what was it as opposed the bill was installing him though everybody acted like he was out and murder somebody. I cannot tell you to answer a communications you know. It'll have game Flacco Brenda scrambled today and that's not or didn't as the fight. You know into blunt legions and also the ravens. Took it sees rookie gulf Michael McKee go flat on an eagle hot zone afterwards and didn't get penalized saint. Just a little silly penalties that justice only if you do you think this is gonna happen. I think that we may have a situation where someone has a bounty on Kiko Alonso on the ravens breaking news Adrian Peterson has agreed on a one year deal with the Redskins. So well. Huge put him over the top. With due to the rest of replaced or his guys because it towards easier and there is guys not tonight's. Top. One agent Peterson motion DJ and daring to there's guys how to get back from an ACL three months. I don't hallway Yankee that we do anywhere up to 2000 your displeasure about yeah it was ridiculous you know in unison so that was on normal. Was normal woody Dylan. Wayne yeah just throw allegation the person you this. What you heard me. Yeah. Tongue but lots of Keiko. You didn't go critics hated her yesterday rookie tight after the Baltimore Ravens first round pick he looks at least 27 exceeds seven he's tickets each Tito wants. You've driven it actually is 126. Of the super old rookie Mormon. Pixel don't you know he started playing baseball for two to delete we can go after dozens after John B job back experiment I can't trust the Mormon way what do you think Joseph Flacco and mormons and other people on to say in football what you think Joseph Flacco is ordering. Yeah. It is saying check please or disease actually for the Whitaker is the way to the come over to take the order in late. We hopefully the result. Yes absolutely did. The quarterback gets hit there is the one who's who's going to get the benefit of the doubt because that's an emotion it's his fault and happen. What's. We could just slid down a lot earlier when he's trying to get the first down to play Q. What happened. Yet turned into a waiter. Or some demonstrators he's committed to spot the chemical they are to get to that alliance. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. Well we just told Peter Peterson's under one year ago the Redskins those semi clearly. Let's so he should pay attention to I don't question about espn.com. So we often mocked them for their injury reports because it they're never right when it comes like a football Friday we're trying to like figure out who is playing and who's not that it's never right. And basketball games like who's starting who's in who's not it's never right. So is we have not come they're top headline on the entire page. On the right side before there even Peterson signing and now it's number two is Ndamukong Suh mocks fins were on the intense Graham comment. It happened yesterday. And why is the top story. Where on the history and because there are related to total I mean little behind. It didn't like. Yet your own EPS increase bridges and Paul oh yeah yes and also to most of them on. You go with Ndamukong zoos and superimposed a question is anybody leave here and is just like you know was fine in Miami. It feels like everybody leaves here is just like it was a you don't did you hire you'd be amazed it happens that a lot of workplaces. No but I feel like to hear about all the brunt. Take a little action joy and brought run doing down here again. Well now. Some got a tattoo removal abroad test tube it was down there ethics and he wasn't right like that LeBron I was down I was in Miami this last weekend. And I saw a guy with LeBron tattoo. One of those mentally coming here. Will Smith I saw him he would upload a video this morning don't Tim jogging right behind my old building number Cokie we live in a pretty awesome place. What's best elected an out a key concern of Miami Miami second home now. Definitely not he's been down here what do we shouldn't move because they're a little fishy bad boys like seventeen or whatever it is that they were people who Will Smith you know it is he's he's an owner of the sixers yet but did you see in the that he was that the American Airlines Arena written down the heat's championship trophies. It lets look at that. 02 on the sixers. The Marco Belinelli now he is he is Robinette are trophies she's experts he's trying to he's blown a group Tarzan say brown was here to change to anything. The other thing that's funny with a look. Wade who is here for Newfoundland and oh LeBron you just you're Isa a bronze change is gonna take Don Brown said London. Tuesday is what can change up steam. He's a real ball and chain. Plus one plus one know alone notre. No LeBron said was and his answer Graham really he saw some dude yeah eight was in his forearm and it was four hours late president I don't know what is in us who's getting the brunt had to move below. When you're related. And so that's that's for his dues when are you wearing a watch it and he says. Met this guy Miami last weekend and he had this on his form incredible work done. Just tumbled earlier even do this period I won't let you down they'll continue to inspire you bro. And that the best part about this was in the comments. Limbo. His ex. Almost stuff bother. He puts on the comments. Trust me it's coming. Ships among OG. What's coming. Huge in this thing like he's got them on he's gonna drop on LeBron like we're going to be like war well. Below. It would sell with some fire. Because. The allegation is your ultimately taunting LeBron now with these incident God's eyes were got a little woman is still the odds are not going to be blown away. I expect LeBron he's yet what that stands at beyoncé so. It better result and good talking intended be strip mall good. Might it be a bombshell for all the stuff you've been peacock and around promising. It Lambeau with a with a what nights out beyoncé. Good I'm assuming there's lots of them these LeBron. So. Strong Lambeau with his autobiography aware of that Hilliard dropping on all of us it's coming. What does it could be like a Tiger Woods tied blessed. The debt. Levels double what the receipts of Obama although a rate of ladies that are claiming that they've slap on the throne. All they hear it does not just be one boom my question is is. Why is to got to put a pin and sucked anyway clearly somebody and get who's been though this week. Slip was asking a retired of this and we were two or text that is like how much do you think he gets every time we just we took threat. It's going to be like a hundred cat is like no. Lamb goes out of again. Shut out this Siemens still he's not even Dana's mom anymore now he's how. I. Wish you quit and I think. Wait abroad has gone about his business. And how kinda. On the down low and his inner circle is an all best of this got no big thing yes. It is mom is my dobbs noted arrived he knows though. No I think LeBron goes but his business. He keeps his mama no I think that there's been days were maverick Carter rich Paul are all written by the pool at Lambeau he's got their napping on the Hammack. Like nearly. Sleep at eleven has got one eye open. You like why every person's story like a cartoon. What he's been looking. At lucky break sleep and end. One guy opens get the stakes org going to let that. He's got the hat brand that's over his eyes and let Moses the easiest trolling for LeBron secrets. Trust me man you tell it like LeBron doesn't have like he does have a billion sweeper. That's is making things go away left and right she does these entity. He's got he's got all kinds of cleaning up the LeBron messes so their auto LeBron messes. This led those had to catch a few a few stray bullets as well yeah man. He's thirty. Arena. LeBron the yet nobody's has the story. Nobody has a story well there's news or I don't feel comfortable saying I'm on the radio. Oh no you refrain. For now I'm auntie Betty anymore this deferment. On Dahlan. And at the same guy anymore on this does is that this is Cleveland LeBron I would totally be you know like I owed. I would be machine gun hand wait. Till the basketball season starts what we're talking about had to wait I got no qualms. You you know you know you are a favor in a lot. You are a man of no creditable we have discussed this or cholera. I have no no integrity I have no integrity and nobody will know what your integrity is out the door would we be there and that's ridiculous Whitney does so I I don't. I can't and if I was I took a resume do's. They apologized muscles to do so stay mad at them forever the brunt ever apologize Norton protect us. Now over it now is different weight but does say in that time and being in Robin did replaced Robbie. This is an order. As your boss. The white he'd put on the button bar I'm over now it's a different me. Put it on the button bar because almost every day here in the basketball season we will remind him of what he said. Just way too as his new TV series goes on it was always Bologna sandwich is out there. He's got a new show coming out of the barber shop number the shop and it ever was greeted all the discipline discipline so great. The Beatles so I've pretty much convinced that any show that's gonna come out over the next three years going to be produced by LeBron James. I'm pretty convinced that I remember callers also producing too of course. Now a new reality show produced by LeBron James his ability to replace Mark Wahlberg. Seal I don't Auburn it was a good run you produced everything I would not know more. Until we Mark Wahlberg got some hits and Malia he does but now its problems on that we need to my home. He barely didn't do so well I was on browsers. All late via her in whose other win that was in. Another enemy fire. I can't take. There was another leading im not a Internet movie it in other modes in a drama yes Susan they're evil yet he's in debt collector. To see in the double she's like the oh what is their power. You just as one and is that quietly. Stripped him he just mute and utility. She gets one literally bit of the date. That a cyborg RA. It just. When there were genetically engineer Pete was dead balls hour. Kid that he can't die that's it. It is correct you pretty good as the toll of the get hurt. He gets hurt like getting tired bodies got his head cut off in the knee had the low Robert little him polite they have to move. Come on Robert. I and then we have to put a stop to make input Robert why don't you do know because I. No before that so people are getting closer and figgins as they were close to neat we. Possibly being the not friends but at least amicable lets you. And are you gonna call Romberg right now and ask you how close you are to be just amicable though you do this. Say Iran. From one to ten. Him being the best. One being worse. Would you say you were obese relationship is perfect Roddy colander in the brick and CBS or one question was plus. XP weight due to an ACC rival none yet none to do this. You have the Buddhist I ask one question I had. When I also ask him why he blamed street everything on the one question what question that it has on the question I'm more a more you're putting it out there is saying our relations amicable it. Agassi amicable and I misconstrued because you're around a bunch of people that work. And yet as I could answer the other question do you get any gaps the other day out of the cable Laura. And over and over under three and a half. Under. And I'll keep those 31 what I think is in between zero and one half want. You're you're you're in relation your approval rate. So what were a Madonna wanted to end yeah just said. Ten being the best one being the worst and I went over amicable none none of them and an anti yeah. He's asking a master perfectly well you're asking yeah. And you're gonna ask it exactly this way now he's asking you not wait it was. The lash out you Russia edged lower paid robs. Are you would be used on an amicable a level now please grateful one to Tim and all I want a jail. Is not as I need to know what scale. I know about all the way back. I'm at and I don't figure all the way back. And five is amicable can you at least given the scale what did you hate him ten digit level five as amicable. Could you please do that forming and do the one to ten in the middle wrote this past fail relax a little bit rate as set out our list. Back everybody needs hash tag they're our Dover drug used to win you. Low when I was at the other Smart device or computer that's with the radio dot com yeah. Radio dot com that's where she lives and everything else you wouldn't pour. So go to download it now. Watching guys know that if you're having any issues you can email support at radio dot com and are over people trying get that corrected. Ready dot com new home for everything on am seven IDF Hamilton what three HD to the ticket. Carson park avenue way at the top of the hour. Congratulations dirt by the way in the new gig at the athletic pretty cool that's coming to town. I think sometimes. These. Overstates his relationship with folks oh totally brand new reason to do and is and is not. Is not. This just the way he can deal with you know and I mean if I was told a long time ago. You only got to BS one person in your life. In Nashua sell as you can treat yourself when to do some amazing links. Now. I looked a little word note though that I I you told me before him. I don't know how to go about this I don't know approaches. I don't know how anybody else who viewed news. Heard British show when nod or shake you here. I give you this tidbit of information. Stephen A Smith. Spoke. It's Syracuse football team. Now her status with our. Head of Poland you give Syracuse. She brought. The great football players play what a guy who also played down here are Robert. Kate dignity deep line. Play for Baltimore and played Cleveland they came down here and played a couple of years. On the canal problem again. Go all that. They usually. It would it be cool. Head Steve bass may have come talk to out of Eagles are. I don't think so I think you were to win through. Were offered to let you school can remember is he only local celeb. I would tell you knew you I don't know I don't know Q speaking to a broadcasting class there what. But he ended up in front of the football team and I got to tell you. I think shocked how good was in my. Poker has done that though. Crime it's all. Yeah excess. That is yours yeah still. Yeah. We'll let. Actual life. This woman's. I'll play football and it. Why. Put me every week we're. Yeah. Thought I lose the. All I'm really. And I have a monopoly on right. Live yeah. Horribly. Let me. I'm not okay. In my heart. To maximize your age. Pretty good. Putted good literally at a better than my serve and a good way. Those speeches right there. Is what teachers and are the group octagon and indeed. Knocked out by offering. About mad who listed as a quote my speech so I don't like I I believe. Okay there's probably doubly tiller pitcher to hard work and all that dad's great as would. Was sometimes you have to accept who you are. Right. Contrary to Bob you believe. Talent does take you. A long way. Not knock quarterbacks who milk injures throughout the entire game. Your court on realized oh my god flop all over the place and a flounder. Every single play all. They're in Iraq just looking for the extra flag. It was brutal I will say though I'm a little word up pitches in the ACC now. Why as good speech meant to be fired up a million with the talent. Stats Syracuse. Is still. Syracuse oh he console last year and raised out of him now blocking that door. Well. Yet and attitude is that can be coach speech that good but. I don't know what level do we go I'll know what angle here's what happens. You know what I just heard it's. Eight the water. What. Do you think he's by you limit those who do the be better used some in. Or you troll. On the other concerts. You're never your coach. You're absolutely never series osu coach. Has had some knowledge on what he's coached. If you as the lakers that gets an out and there's an example that guys divide left business and went to coach football. Happened. You don't wanna make an enemy out of me. It's Omega speeds that good you can't go motivate to be able to do some things question for you. Winds do you think that speech is good for. Def poetry. Include Miller for his writers so the thought trickle of LeRoy is etc. these ditch diggers too. Noticed over the sale. He's he's he's brilliant. Because he steals from other people so he's gonna steal. From the great coaches we're shall make him the best coach. Okay is not a coach. Hobbled the partner Steve Smith throughout golden right now off while Steven Smith I from the University of Maryland. I can bully got the sidelines something today on how golden I think I'll go on sixty ultimate really. You know we know not to fly another day so I think I'm pretty sure I would take Burke Omer Al Golden. Robby over Al Golden Aaron Miles and well you know I would his do we really over Al Golden hello we should have would take meal around we should have. Like some type would do you were reconsider some of these reporters in these beat writers and rubio. And have them like made decisions as a coach. We're personnel and things like that to see how they would grade. As the Stephen A Smith you know I am still curious because some people all are Smart. About the sport stead they write about and some people look clams. I think Omar thinks he bright. Our Mundo. Ego. Easy it rotted all franchisees. And Stephen A Smith. Or Dan Jennings demands a Marlins. A baseball different on a serious at the moment donuts but by easy means if I different easier yet. I mean that's way too much passion permit so I can sit zero point zero wins from that speed could you imagine in state investment gains and argue with an umpire. Amazing the old saying. I. May. You tell Pete Rose about you wanna make it mean to hit it. I had a round. I'm telling him and should remake Major League a Stephen is the manager. Stephen A Smith Frank Vogel. Away. Ooh that's tough. Exactly it's tough exactly. You know Jessica we're Robert. And I and it's a but it probably tell you were oh is that here we have. We have. An answer. Hastings he's a brilliant. And he is. Stephen A knows he's not would allow Smart assistants I agree Coke. And wouldn't hire an offensive line coach who does cocaine iGoogle four point five million is stimulus that is always sounded a tale of the week. No need. Shut. I'm pretty amazed I didn't know quote to make informed him or her. Off the flight coaches yeah. It's like wow that's why did you know for the good Yale for the Leo and the dancers. Mean. You should. Look. There's a secret was he doing now. The bill that would get a Chris Forster update. Probably I would love you I don't did you guys that go what are two ways either he is a reclamation project and gotten better. Or he's in a good has done gunners I don't last chance you. I do think that. I. This is that he should be great vision be the next coach in Los Angeles you're the coach yeah you don't think that you know they got to get suffers from a little disease and may. I'm blown. Out and it kind of gets. Out of a little cabinets a note used to prop. Is a problem with coach. I sometimes coaches are really good but they led to many. People affect the decisions they make. And so would coaches most coaches do as they come in in his hit a fumble inaudible and counseling. Going a mile way so I don't necessarily say he has that. More along the lines of he's trying to do it as well so not gonna go to and say oh he's this dad or windows what is. He certainly did it clearly after every every bad sure Ashley out of his guns out there at the podium and gives that. That's speech about numbers do not weigh in no more compromising from a big boy and like that that that happens every time how can we ask you this I guess this is this a more pressing question. If we head coach comes in. And he. Takes the players that were on the team. To the playoffs but he wants his own players how many years do you give. In. Three. Okay his third year yeah I mean you mean. But here here's what I have a problem with Dan. If you change players and have the same problems. And we need to evaluate who make in the dude dude dude who's. You know talent there's a lot of dolphins I would tell you that it's my Panama everything is my tenement hall. I mean again it's like to hear you when I tell about an all of the biggest cinema Pamela I wish I was that they would drop him for Dan Marino on a second. But that is subsurface of the day though no talk now was no. However however it's interesting how all the players are stink up the joint our former gays guys. Disinterested. All these dudes who flamed out here ten million dollars for Cutler. Julius Thomas former banners former Broncos don't want you stink up the joint. Not to atom bombs guys to agree she should go to the organization. Bob I think they. You can't bomb paid bundle here's the other thing by the way by the way let's start to not wanted. Hey Dick Stockton. You probably know in in my head about how much do you know his title and I respect accepting I don't know that it's not that my I don't really know your title. And protesters. He was Dick Stockton foe we all thought. You know attend Bob. Titles too complex it's not general manager I don't know what it is whatever. Stock in good preps dot. At least we don't you think he knew he was combined misses Stockton Ali you know the Panthers last year they got the wild card now more than make the playoffs. But if I'm terrified of the business back to zero demos that goes agreed to be here great to be here today you know we know our fans all love watching you. United should buy he he hit it right back on the right even at best broadcast in the biz or some something to that thing that animals have had about his action chummy. Dramatically can't help himself the appliances and our ticket over the now more than he said despite that this whole discussion I tried sort of how you can. Now and I told her it was magical do it. Hold the lightweight so three of the teams were eleven and five. So the bail. Outs. What was matchup last year I really. Probably. Isn't is visited these graphic to put. I think sometimes. They should they go. This week that would like it. Stock. Why don't last year in our flyers would that make player. Yeah. I think with the what do you know paid to each other know what I think needs to do is. They need to rotate. More and greasy like they can only can only take one at a time. So like tag team silly every tie if if if that was getting a little loose. Recent gives in the hot tagging easier showed that in Greece Euro league lazy Susan they sped around. Let's see if you if you three and we it is too much with them an idea bogey aberrant sideline I've been. Excellent field formed the template and coal. Huh haven't bought camper in the Booth is beyond me. It says it needs to get to a point where it's just a little less confusion didn't. This doesn't want to add has now is the charm to receive the rolling out. Our three favor after favor Kooks are back. There with a thing. You're of that and is greasy. Legend and he's candy. Wandering around at some empty boom next and intelligent rod got playing caddy crowd you'd see on camera like eager to have more as good as bush and they're goes. Seeing guys signed this guy sit. Tall. Not that the that you know let. All remembered ounce dissect his name on whatever on the eleventh armored of the day here's here's the problem. When you see a situation you lied and the person that comes to mind means. This would be incredible Aniston. And the quiet. Pretty. All the guy hits. Forget it since. It's like come on man. If you want to get into the water. Or so farmers and of a son in line. It would make you great skit. I think he would make great scheme anyway if they just. Took it from Miami ages did it it would still be funny you don't even team. Is it like go Pete Davidson from down here I don't think they can do better on asylum and what they're doing. Imagery and usually Keenan and slower every Muslim Major League in the blue. Right leg because you have Jim Carrie Doyle there. Tag all the Madi. On. End of that. We're back a business can. Its own car. Yes Honolulu does not call ups it's not done literally of person takes too. Who knows nutrition and you should I believe that the reason but he's still TI didn't. Is popcorn. Deadly it is fills the car. Feels empty calories. But I don't care it's delicious columns is not into it has carved it doesn't low carb count. There you go and to caller's a caller's they give you know nutritional value. It's on some pop corn is doesn't mean it doesn't know caller's gonna and opinion. Mean yeah yeah but it on again anything out popcorn you know other than fat until he would listen I'm gonna go see black Klansman this afternoon. Or the scene of the few things that I missed and when we get popcorn. What he missed. Heavenly bread. Didn't think I'd miss bring them to read you saw me know at preventing you saw me eating cheeseburger you look ridiculous. 02 finger and it ugly might have already human to figuring during and well. Yet news and and other miss. Hey street's blue cheese cake no Kate no brownie on those little kooky stuff we beautiful brownies. None. You into a solid you know like six Vegas stripper you in the three months and you're going to be doing it don't you remote. Aren't. Are you. My daughter can two we must go to Z 90. Medical I don't know all week. We don't my daughter they were awhile ago to has ended up that water don't on Vegas into the area my daughter was he the pizza. I am now no circumstances. I would see your pizza and not even care. Because she doesn't put meat on pizza she puts olives and mushrooms and I'd let you know him a debate. But. Clearly you by the tight as and I showed it to be the budget veggie pizzas. Well let's briefly on the topping that to refrain for the needs that harms in the world that how are the way anyway. I looked at her smoke the bread and a pizza instead. Identity. Decimals beautiful thing of the embassy. To say they can stop but he. Knowingly pizza. Are you. What's at Richmond in mas being a caller's gonna bring some damn vodka bottle is usually not much good to have you screw up our vodka test for today are supposed to bring in some vodka are I went to go shop to the for this question cheapest vodka I could find yeah. He's like run any any bottles I don't know how much how vodka do you think we need to the comic vision beast. No no you guys that can use them it's it's a taste test. I got myself a little bit in my corner she's bastard. McCormick's it to sounds to me you mean go get little most of you can all know need to do we duel when he goes the good stuff we ultimate team stuff when had to be stuff. Program that we do it to our first look. The ones I got this is looked she didn't run out of high end to come of plastic models are at its name is McCormick and somebody says demonstrates. Never drink alcohol from a plus voluble big bottle Edward knows McChrystal tells vodka red label big bottle it's like this team into the two dollar bottles yes yeah I about it. I'll tell you right now I doubt it just me however do place I'd for small liquor store had to get buzzed in to want to. But the lakers aren't yet buzz. Now. No it was called Sweeney's but it you get. The entire huge bottle of Crystal Palace Lanka for six box cutter I got two bottles no Uga too many Emmys snub. Ease their bodyguard. Not to Lola all of a Bradley ball a little little that's what you vodka. Let me about your partner and as I was getting out of hiding spot. That's fine lines when he in my mind that's fun yet plenty of vodka that's why I got to who dollars. When I make my jungle juice I go all Crystal Palace as a policy blocker Christa pals Ron Chris outstanding now. It's like Appleton of yet outwards decent. And yet you and as a bit of stuff we have in Jamaica that they give away and put ballroom that to hold the rally to one of scrimmage on the news can never tell that's Crystal Palace. Yes you can now you can exit that you had damaged because it tastes the same that he. Hey can you guys know that sugar with that they knew that's why. Well not the vodka this is the bucket it gives you the score doesn't really embarrassed because you didn't. It is. It is. It's a hundred sure if sugar coat juice all you have to micron know you're well vodka. Make sure Colin live on got to tell you guys you're gonna be embarrassed tomorrow when you start saying this is pretty good and it's McCormick. Yeah yeah. Good up and down notes the star bubbling no. You you you Morgan you you guys find yourself some kind of Vargas of bonds and you're not. By the way by the way my dad. Read dinner last night just in the middle of lake it ridiculous conversation on nothing aha stop seeing entire conversation my son my wife. My mom they have no idea what he's talked about and he just goes. Tobin brilliant. I go why he knows the Knights of Columbus. Like that's a brilliant move course course to remove them a moment what are you talking about. And I'm and then add to explain of fraternity got kicked off campus that so in order to socialized they join the Knights of Columbus and they can use the hall. My dad my dad I can't tell you guys the fault of the fallout story from that that's for another day. Stories about slowed while Vivendi that may be an IG life story I don't think I'm comfortable pulling the Columbia. Did you go to school. Yeah graduated four years seriously you were in delta house and animal house. Book. Game. Did you guys as. If it oh maybe it will bring you a little below the difference. Just go to Costco only place in Cuba. I'm telling you you guys you guys are going to be embarrassed do you find yourself to have some some amazing palate and you don't. You're you're not commit the difference and it's gonna be embarrassing for you. Does not damaged in vodka very marginal compared to the other the other route calls. Was a guy you guys do you think you give credit your Rangers zone and this is the I just feel embarrassed for you guys is always so stocking your ways and you continue this thing where you doubt me. And then they make you look foolish. And I'm who's left here again to sit here like I was correct again I had to sit here we move onto the next topic and you guys Douby again it's like the road runner in the coyote. OK a couple coyotes here and I keep painting the wall and you guys keep running into crazy. Make this most credible to you about. This Beattie. Start some story. In the middle of the Hillary but now he can clapping their little. The story he gives no thought. So just. It's true the other thought it leaves us storybook. I like I don't know what's your take for you guys to finally take me seriously on the stuff. We'll fund Wanda I can you tell the difference between doctor yet I'm not a baucus of month it. What I bought on or tell your mom tell you you know when you get rob guys now science says different. This doesn't is is from science is the big debut drink tea alcohol you've got to get to score well hidden got you president. You can and wooed by Diddy commercials and. It's a rock you guys see video out there this Iraq on his jet ski and I call. That's gotta be some good stuff when in fact it's the same as McCormick's. We're so what's the lab Robbie. Skull skull spell like spill blood in my school yet stoic Russian school not spoiled little room he spilled Netflix Google. Yeah I too but remember. And appear that you can only a little horns don't consider investing in one cheap pocket of big bottle you got to crappy Marcus Bob models run. And I want to double one point. I'm betting tomorrow. That you guys end up getting it wrong and you'll too cheap vodka is ahead of your good vodka and don't just think tonight the familiar as to familiarize yourself with duke. And play and swirling giving your palace although my dad was like what the hell you doing that heading in the step letter to go to the alcohol candidate to go grab Biden sit up in Montana where where some of the pins leeward wintry condemn McCormick. But because the month.