8-21-17 Josh Friedman Show Hour 2

Josh Friedman
Monday, August 21st

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What you need. Sign up for the ticketing insider and you contest videos inside info register than to give Miami dot com. I was Jim Leavitt are in the ticket crew and watch the big fight this Saturday night right after the tickets go to football game. Walk worried over the breaking sports park gulfstream and watch the action would stand. Hair like the fantasy football camp gets three. This Saturday night at nine was sponsored by portraying Romney speaks for perfection award winning gold trim world. From the disaster aid remove her in my trip before my workshop for the number one. Truck and off road customization shot. Breaking sports Barber's Brinkley's car dot com for more informed watching the fight with a lot of hard golden ticket Miami got firm. Let's hope like one. Good time there. Big weekend when it comes through these sporting events and I got that big fight you got. Most are pre season football than the third one the thirty games the most important. Our guy. What a race it was a regular football or this week the week after. I believe there so I went once Alabama gulf war that's not that it's her second the next William but there is some college football is weakness not not to that degree but yeah I mean it's gonna be a fund sports weekend. Don't Marlins come back and it's announcer who knows John girls stand hit more home runs. I'd say an amazing thing I was gonna say this for later though war. You know Alabama's the pre season number one it's the sixth time they've been the pre season reward for a time. Since Nick Saban has been head coach there and and would that last part of sports or amoeba in the pre season number one. That's what make this this stack Greg even more amazing. Alabama is trying to become the first team since USC in 2004. To win the national championship pepper starting year number one in the pre season holds a three year that he's wounded he's and there are. Was not a year they were ring number one in the pre season and every other morning normal pre season in orbit very interest in that stunning to me that that. Shocked me because. I would've assumed that. Because Alabama has won so much under nick Sabin and so recently did it one of these years since they're always seemingly. If not top. The top team in the country in the pre season polls are top five like every year yet rated without a doubt I would have thought that they would have. Run the table one of those years we restarted offers the pre season favorite and then. Finish the job at the end of the year but that's surprising so. I don't know where should we take that is senate serve really right -- sale later this is a good thing right you'll save haters that if you get gamblers in the audience say like you know go take your money and put your future event on anybody what Alabama because. History shows they don't follow through when they have. The highest of expectations as our receipt sort of collectively reversal yeah where's the wise storm wise guys right analyze it I before we get this chance or no chance segment let's do offer some headlines. Use what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. And the injury he. Keep coming for the dolphins apple projected starting left guard Ted Larsen sustained a bison into readable forced him to miss at least after the season. Beckham Kroger because of knee injury that may force him to miss the opener according to head coach Adam gave. The dolphins are in Philadelphia this week in practice today not very well defensively. Against the Eagles and war again do so tomorrow before both teams square off on Thursday in that third pre season game. He said newly signed linebacker Rey Maualuga will not play in Thursday's contest in the second three years we just said. Al battle started college football season as the top ranked team. The tide received fifty to 611 place votes Alabama's the number one team in the AP pre season hole. For the sixth time in history and that forefront against an under head coach Nick Saban. Former dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph two was on the Broncos head coach announced today that Trevor Symbian will be the starting QB for Denver beating a westerners first round pick. Paxson lynch Joseph said that simian who was a 20157. Round pick. Was the clear cut winner. And Simien was eaten sixes starter last season for the Broncos those are you or. Headlights are we're gonna begin a segment. Greg and I. Called chance are notions were gonna give some scenarios here we will each offer opinions and collaborate. As whether this premise as a chance to happen or not and then we will switch back and forth. I'll give me the first. The dolphins will be one of the two wild card teams. This. Chance notre it's. Well there's certainly a chance that happens I would say it's highly unlikely that occurs and I say that because of the injuries are sustained Jay Cutler looked at his history. In in terms of his record as a quarterback the National Football League he also has the tendency to get birdies 34 years old. It kind of pinning your season on this guy who is retired as a two weeks ago. Column so I don't wanna rule out completely at that there is a lot of talent on the wrestler roster Josh so I will answer your question by saying there's a chance. I'd say it's a very very very very slight chance to investments break when you set on. Funny thing. Obviously there's a chance I mean I'm looking at the patriots are gonna win this division no one else in this division is gonna compete for second place but the dolphins in my opinion. The jets are just awful they're trying to get the number one pick. Buffalo traded. Their best receiver I I do you know they've got Tyrod Taylor's good quarterback who's he gonna throw to. LeSean McCoy is very good but I still think the dolphins Gunner finish ahead of the bills. The Steelers I think could very well compete for a walk cart I don't have much faith in the bank goals in the browser just like the jets aid disaster. Tennessee should be pretty good Houston pretty good with that you know. An N Indianapolis I I don't know what Minneapolis is gonna be right now I just I'm so one sure they've got a terrible office of whiny and locked one no. Even if he's healthy he's got to be protected by the office of one of you kissed a disaster those teams could be each other up. Kansas city's one team that worries me Kansas City and Denver. Around Denver so much the Kansas City. I don't know I just think the competition gotten Oakland is one that could. You know give the dolphins bits I think they have a chance to do maybe a little more chance than you think they do. I think David chance it is maybe an outside one but I'm gonna give them a little more I I think they'll do pretty well energy color of the cool would questions at a Beasley said to meet. Is that defense. Boy if they don't do well and everything had to set I take back in were gonna race this and I've never sent and it's not over at present defense which was thirtieth against the Raun. They need to prove that they need to shore the pass defense if if they don't approve just for one that run defense forget it all that's drop in the dolphins come. January will be watching the playoffs on TV. They're ago while I came very close saying no chance of now one but I don't wanna completely right off the season report begins right but I would argue you bring up some of those teams that. Mean you could make the argument that it's a 75% of the AFC west's. It's better than the dolphins right now we sound paper that could also be up against each other they could they could certainly that that's part of the issue there almost in division by. I don't know it's going to be it's going to be tough road to climb for the dolphins for many different reasons are you ready to move on to number two yes sir Coca a chance no chance Josh. Jay Cutler will start next season for the doll. Okay by the way we are once we are don't these we're gonna open up the phones to use the listener. And get your pain as a rule ought war opened up the phones now when you can not get a hold of you want 786. 3680791. Are your opinions tree oak in the chance no chance premise. I'm gonna say no chance I think Ryan ten hill he'll have successful surgery. And I think MD Asus so invested in him what he was one of the reasons. That Doug gates came down here I think you saw a lot of progress last year I think. You know these knee surgeries while there's no guarantee I think they can be an incredibly successful. And I think once he gets. Every thing inside that knee fixed I think there was row chemistry developing between him and his receivers I think you saw. Ryan ten it'll improve a great deal passing. So I NN you know when he when he's on the movies of very good passer when he runs outside the pocket I think the ten hill. Assuming everything goes well health wise he will be the starting quarterback under center I think of Jay Cutler has a good season and are damn geese which I think is a definite possibility. I think you'll see him latch on to another team and start elsewhere seducing no child saying no chance that he starts I think tales can be healthy and if he is I think he's pieces guy. I'll I completely disagree I think there's a definite chance I think there's a chance of letting go as far as saying to Jay Cutler starts next season. While he warms up the busy issued for a top draft pick who they're developing behind while and it moved completely on favourites and why is that now do you think that ten daily even if the surgery successful. Entails a 100%. Is it you still think that I think you it also comes down to financial consideration I mean bill writes an ill approximately nineteen million dollars last year but they can get out of his contract next year here probably get I was Contra for four point six million dollars and dead money against the cap so it is the first year they can get out of that deal. And it's not a huge issue for them financially and you know I I don't think any of us were convinced that Ryan ten ill was the man. Before he got hurt and this is supposed to be the year where he had to convince assault he's finally take that next step. And now let's await what works sometimes. Where it you get an injury and it it belongs itself when you're out for an extended period time the NFL moves on I think there is a chance. The Jay Cutler returns next season and Ryan tail isn't that OK I let's do the third one here. Remix. Type different types of football you're number three. According to Susan Miller to Agnew Miami Herald Mark Richt moral name is starting quarterback you know that the leading candidates week Rosie you're never Evan sheriff's. With the coast. Waiting in the wings when I covered spring practice like OC Perry wasn't a campus he was allowed to be then he came leader. In the summer and so these these behind the Kerr a little bit. But with that mine she answered no chance Nicole see Perry will star more games for UN. When Colin capital equal start in the NFL this season. All the time chants like it by two to markedly guarantee it another we have chance no chance no chance has more definitive than chance. I could have a more definitive like yes OK that's definitely gonna happen I would go with that because one Colin Capp predicted this point. I don't know if anybody's gonna touch from the merger knew that the point where you've got issues at quarterback in different. Training camps across the league and still he hasn't gotten a phone call arm and Sandra what it's imitate for Colin temperate wonderful call into. They go edits start games in the NFL ripping negotiate Perry at least according the reports he's not ready for with the cook meant. But if we believe. Everything we've urged to be ready at some point this season sort date he's deathly used or the season. I can't say the same for car cap I agree I think there's no chance I I think that Perry will start several games camper nick. I you know I put. Of posting on her FaceBook page last night that they're drool lot of I'm holes and got be ripped in a lot of places I I I live bullets in some of the NFL owners are gutless cowards. And talk in my cap brick 'cause I like I've said before on the air I don't think the push back is giving nearly as bad as they think. I'd I just don't understand camper like I'm beginning to think less less than he will start at all this year and do you look at some positions you look at. Jacksonville you've got. Choosing between Blake morals who had a very good second year boy in the air was pointing out. Threw for a lot of yards I think in part because the defense was so bad he's always in the position of having to come back right. And I think that's why fantasy owners don't love them last year were largely disappointed he spoke to one interceptions. In three years in the league and he is doing so badly. They're going into camp he was the starter. Doug Barone said after this last pre season game it's up for grabs between Blake morals whose error was pointing down. And a familiar name down here Chad shut down an okay. Given those two choices carefully cap brick is at least getting old look see by Jacksonville but they're apparently not always call them. You've got the choices between nine year old Trevor Simien at 2007. 157 round pick. Denver doesn't wanna even touched take a look perhaps you look at Colin camper X I don't think can operate more time I still think he's gonna play in the league at some point this year. What I'd rephrase that and said. Matt Moore. We'll start more games this year than our camper. I would say that's not only chance but I I would think that was pretty distinct possibility is the only way morgue it's as a coward it's her. Right and you look at Jay Cutler's injury history there's a good chance he's gonna get her OK so now wrote real quick before we move on new policy Perry's situation that. I would just say this about that and we've Beirut talk more about it tomorrow to find out of the starting quarterback is but it's someone we predict him to play in which we both do. What is echoing assailant what's gonna take right like will will either more rosier or Evan shares have a bad team and return him. Worries is just an out layman practice because. They get off to a nice start. They get FSU game looming. But you don't mean like what's gonna tape for Mark Richt to make the switch at some point war is a Columbia a quarterback by committee will. Todd Taylor won't talk about that we come back next we had to chance roaches will save those. For tomorrow 'cause they are not football related let's talk about that as well and also about about the UN quarterback situation we'll come back also. Another quarterback story emerge of what we alluded to about Trevor Ximian Paxton lynch. And under that heading I'd rather be lucky being good boy did that affect the Dallas Cowboys were dreading packs little toy about that next ring here on the ticket. Hi it's John Clayton at ticket in the Miami back for my third annual and it chart will be fantasy football camp but my friend Jamey Eisenberg at CBS sports dot com. It's happening this Saturday at 6 PM as for the kings at gulfstream park and this is great it's free. Jamie and that will give you all the inside scoop to help you when your weight and gets an exclusive one on one time with me to answer your questions just you and me. No one else to get that. Registered valid ticket Miami dot com. See you this Saturday at sport of kings and remember it's free. Join them to. Text join to 6797. Loose and more messages didn't raise me up like don't text and drive. Ball players win your league. From of the tickets an annual in the journal of being John Clayton fantasy football camp with special guest CBS sports dot com he Eisenberg. It's this Saturday at the sport of kings at gulfstream park and 69 PM and is three and win some exclusive one on one time when trying to clean Saturday afternoon. Just register now with ticket Grammy dot com. And it journal would be an accident police call 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. Of sponsored by humvees are we either always number one draft pick. By Richard energy fuels like free Turkey and I champion for my for more details on attending 43. Go to ticket Miami dot com. He's Greg like is I am. We don't we will take you until 10 o'clock. Thanks to Adam Beasley for coming on earlier here from Philadelphia dolphins. Practice their today against the Eagles they will practice again tomorrow and then Thursday is the thirtieth. The third preceding game off from the dress rehearsal game. I you have been filling the briefly I've never had each piece that every or bend their burning like it's Imus had a chief who. I've the only time was spent in Philly who is. Literally in the airport. I reserve connecting that are so I haven't spent any time in the city and have never added the cheese they're authentic wander from the little I. I have now is a funny I was asking drum on bush right about that the gal for the dolphins game on. Thursday night retire by going to delete this weekend and so things I asked was heavy head and she stakes series. Ripping off one name effort could have maybe a topic I think he's got a she sticker too were twenty years to your seventy NATO's all the places right. Melissa what we're there's one really really famous place stands out above the rest and he named actually recognize the name I can't go to someone Texan. 67 his language he knows he's through Booth reserves Pete's movement that's at Peace Center bottom. They will let me let me bring this up because we are on the year together on this very show would so we randomly Texans you and asked you for. But she's gay places Philip purchased in this B sixty Tuesday was remember yeah and then the US very Jackson yet. Algeria that well it's used to cover the heat. It was B writer for the current heat for a while so he's been all those cities and I were of the Ryder traveled all of you get to know one locale or another of courts. All right so. Tomorrow according to Susan Millar tag of The Herald he's the writer covers you on the mark Richard make his decision known. As to who the starting quarterbacks are those who leaders in the clubhouse right now appear to be more we grew zero revenue sheriffs with. Of course he Peary looming. In in the disk may be the not too far distance. When he will you brought when he will start I don't think necessarily. Did it's gonna be a motion a Powell wrote neither how either rose zero or sheriff's perform just my opinion. I think that when they feel Carrey is ready regardless of power and less. As. Rose zero or or sheriffs are just playing out of this world football in my opinion. Regardless of what they view I think when when they feel Perry is ready. I think that's when he gets inserted as the starting quarterback I personally think because we got schedule here. They open up against the record and then they go to Arkansas State and then. Saturday September 16 it's a prime time game against Florida State at Florida State. And the periods and acting even if they Kelis ready I don't think one through that guy in the deep end for his first start as a college football player I think anytime after that. All bets are often when they feel Perry is ready they're gonna insert him but I think for his first or fail latest his second game. Don't need to do that that I just if it's like bringing up a minor leaguer maybe a little bit too soon in the major leagues and peaches. Is terrible yet the senate down again Beckham be. A body blow to his confidence I don't think you want to do that and cozy pair. Yeah I don't disagree with you but I guess my question would be you know since you and I both agree on this so it's not like you're in the minority here and everybody believes that at some point because Perry's going to slow overall for the steam in the quarterback position. However imagine if let's just say tomorrow Malik Rose yours named the starting quarterback. And soul he tastes your business is with them cook Brandeis and we'll see all the court explained acting in Paris as of four orders roll on. Arkansas State will be a little more difficult because it's up higher global competition you're on the road but I assume they'll take your business there as well. They go to Florida State game. What happens I know Florida State's ranked third in the country and they've got the big match or gets Alabama and assert the season what happens if save rosy years starting quarterback in the EP seminoles right. Up there how honored you gonna take him up and over again. Do you I would imagine he's got a great game for them to be assembled he can to seek a caretaker quarterback you know say yeah. Who won one Super Bowl a try until noon EQB Trent Dilfer are okay. And be the caretaker quarterback and then beat Florida State I just don't think that can now I think he's got a heavy great game. And I did say that you know if he's going outstanding either of those guys going outstanding. Then maybe Perry stays on the bench but short of that I think he comes in when they feel he's ready. Writes that Nestle one scenario where if they beat Florida State ID be very different from Marquardt to change anything up. If they lose which I don't have gone on a limb here by saying did you it would be a surprise that they lost that game. There's and we wouldn't rule in the season but they could lose a game is so go on to ring on their half of the ACC. Then you might see an opening there for her to get more playing time and maybe it's just one of those things Josh were we see it dates with. Some of the raps so maybe he doesn't start but he's coming in every couple was series. And if he impresses during the games especially when ACC play begins. Then maybe he eventually takes more more of those stops away and over the course of the season becomes a strike could envision that. But I I am thinking like you know all of us are under the impression that he is the winner be the starter at some point what if rose zero or sheriff's. Wins the job and ultimately v.s Florida State it's very difficult for Mark Richt didn't say you know what we have this freshman is pretty good during. Right tackle I think it will soldiers delay the inevitable. Right right over you expect at some point even a peruse your share of the Florida State it don't you expect at some point the parish are some games. I would imagine so because it would well I Wes is mused look let's take a look at the evidence we get. You covered this team during the spring and they had some of these images they had all these different events going on behind the scenes. And filed for all intents and purposes Mark Richt told us and told the media that. I know these guys have distinguished himself and always he was asked or were the specific question is you were starting quarterback. In camp right now and he said not necessarily which of course a direct reference in the post here right it's so now we've got to the point were very apparently. Isn't ready yet which is a surprise now as a freshman year he got a late start compared to ruse. Teammates that are. I consider rosier sheriff to lighten up earlier this year that's I think would let us to believe that Perry would be the guy so I you don't if we're gonna. Put all the pieces together you would take. A tremendous effort for a zero insurers and huge turn around their player if suddenly go around beating Florida State and being the ultimate play makers that position so. I didn't ideologically say the parry will take over at some point lead. I did they goaded great problem Marquardt to have shore if they go to Tallahassee win that game and it's like. They were were or fly and I three year old assert the season when a lot of people probably wouldn't of thought I would have done. It's likely to Sewell manager got too much pitching what a great medical a ball all right you're right. I under the heading I'd rather be lucky than good now is just announced today by bands truce. The name sounds Miller he was the dolphins defensive coordinator last year his loans time. Lone season as the principal or greater in the league. And after one season he got the head job in Denver now. Two years ago three years ago when Gary Kubiak. Was in head coach in Denver the runner up to him was Vance Joseph with the time was the secondary coach for the Bengals. NBA history especially coached under Kubiak Kubiak was they had minute Houston so maybe he was dirt familiar. To the organization. And then went Kubiak can retire at the end of western health reasons the the interview several people in the plot against Joseph. Heat today named Trevor Simien. As the starting quarterback Ximian last year beat out. Rookie Paxson lynch again unusual got a rookie but also Mark Sanchez wasn't any beat him out as well. He missed two games due to injury so he was eight and six as a starter. And the question was would Paxton lynch being last year's first rounder. Who's going up against Trevor Ximian. The 20157. Round pick out of football power house northwestern university in Evanston Illinois. I slow just on the street from there and not a very good quarterback and northwestern. But he picked he started last year and he's gonna start this year mr. Moussa said. He was the clear cut winner or gain over last year's top. Now where I'd rather be lucky than good comes of course the cowboys absolutely locked into. Dec Prescott deck press got stalled in the fourth round because I believe because of a DY. He got a college you've probably would have been picked tire. And do what in injuries to Tony Romo cal would move were was gonna be the starter last year. In rule Romo broke his ankle in training camp purchased before and so he was out so does dual core is that is it was. There was an opening there and dec Prescott's stepped in. Any never lost that job any maintain he got these cities now this. The quarterback of the of the present and of the future for many years to come as long as his health. Is maintained. The cowboys last year. Tried desperately Jerry Jones acknowledged this on record either the day of the draft for afterwards they tried like hell to trade up in the first round. To get Paxson lynch. And couldn't do Denver traded up to get him in the cowboys to the launch imagine of Dallas. Was successful. So they get Paxton lynch you can't even be out 2013 seven runner. Deck press got his pick by somebody else who knows he gets the opportunity he got Dallas. And in the cowboys and if that's the case of they drafted Paxson lynch who thus far has laid in Hague in the pros maybe Tony roll isn't in the broadcast Booth right now and maybe he's back under center for the cowboys. That. Still part of that bit intrigues me the most in the mean a lot of that is there's really got a thought provoking answer all while I mean what could have been right if if things. Played out differently admitted to take a step further. As Phil Simms still the number one at a price for CBS easy going you know suited to these studio to be good guy in the pregame and halftime and post game show who would do would JB in the crew there for CBS's. As Jim Nance have a different partner right to me like all the eat it not only affects all those are Panetta penalties were also affects our viewing habits and who's talking to us. On a given NFL Sunday right I mean it all of these different. Lot of ripple effect bristles the domino effect everyone describe it yet certainly. And is Tony Romo still the guy. Would they have brought in if through Paxson which would give had a chance to play last year with the cowboys' coaching staff and evaluated him differently than the Broncos ray who notes right. Such is it just seemed weird as the cowboys are remember hearing Jerry Jones say we'll last year. How much they desperately want to lynch and here's this fourth rounder comes in and oh and seeds. And they did that legitimate starting quarterback a very good quarterback I think one of the better ones in the league although it's a polarizing subject. In Tony Romo I think you're gonna get strong opinions either way I was a big Tony Romo that he was a great comeback quarterback is well. But you know except for injuries he he one of losses job but he did and and dec Prescott now. As a very bright future and a silly question with that pressed on as we're ready to commit your parents and. Right well and I'll also how well can he play in his second year in knowing easy to always to be suspended for six games because. I think a lot of people look at desperate Scott's rookie year and they say truly impressive. A team leader no doubt he has the make of being a starting at a pro quarterback but. Then he relied a lot on the great backfield featuring Ezekiel Elliott and didn't have to do as much as say. Other quarterbacks would have so don't you think this is out of a show me first stretch of the season depending on how long Eliot suspension is for deck press not to cottages further proof that he's a teacher that team. Absolutely they don't people why tinker is great seasons he had any looked like to be you looked like he was a guy who wasn't rattled and make great decisions he had incredible poise. You ran for number touchdowns. I just people wonder and I think it's fair or you'll want to wonder you know or would you discuss a lot of guys have had a great season one and then. The league is it's a cliche they figure him out they make the adjustments question is can he and the team make the adjustments back. Right and sunny and it's going to be intriguing and you know how the running game supports him whether B Darren McFadden or -- remorse in the absence Ezekiel earlier. But you're right magic Paxson lynch was the guy there and based on what we found out today with Trevor Ximian winning that job again. He wouldn't actually be the guy you would just be a guy on the depth chart but not the with the ability to start so. You know Tony Romo you would have gotten hurt again. So adept at least to a whole other part of this is well Josh we would they have gone out and signed a different. Free agent would have made a trade for quarterback what you don't mean like anything could have happened. Considering the Romo got injured when he did at that point training camp because they were looking at a scenario like the dolphins. Just went through right right cities stick with who's on the roster and as you said Kellen Moore gets hurt so. In our case Matt Moore is there room what he got heard what Jay Cutler was the only. It's amazing that they give out things could have been so dip. By the way someone text it and we don't we we had said that the the Crimson Tide. Are trying to become the first team since the 2004 USC trojans. To be the pre season number one team that went on to win the national championship it just seems remarkable that. The Crimson Tide is the number one pre season four times under Nick Saban. And they haven't won the championship and any of those seasons. And they've won four championships under Nick Saban. And they were pre season though the number one in any of those seasons it is just remarkable also someone said. That's a wall don't jinx similar to the Madden cover appearing number one you likely won't win and it was coming to think of off the cuff about this we can discuss what time back. What are you superstitious about in terms of jinx is a Missouri figure you will too horrible to your favorite team whether it's per season. Or eight team. These you will reward drug as the polls under the heading of jinx is and superstitions. We'll take your next 7863600790. Back after. Fantasy football league it's not tickets third annual NHR and look. And clean fantasy football camp. What's special guest and CBS sports Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 and sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. Each week that's right 310 wait there's more. On one time with John Clayton Saturday after. Register now what's that ticket Miami dot com for tickets to Renee and we'll John Clayton fantasy football camp would Jamey Eisenberg presented by and a jar and Levine. Accident attorneys call 180747361807473733. Also brought to you but Palm Beach currently there are always the number one draft big big big energy fuel real energy for real people create your life story. If you are light start with care and by champions format for South Florida's number. Like the ticket on FaceBook or. We'll find view and well to do something well yeah look out it'll be really bad. Williams on the second Monday to a person per Tuesday's win over the joy and peace. And Wednesday morning was dazzle probably amber sponsored by 09 take help himself or his number one home automation company. Risen 09 dash tech dot com Tobin DJ Williamson you and 20% off your installation in 09. The secretary zero dash nine tech dot com when we get again zero dash ninth tech dot com. Freedom here alongside Greg likens to give a 10 o'clock. OP had you know it's so do you wish we are you hoping had a good clips. Yeah of course so we didn't burn your retina and stuff. I've had a team like if there's a lot of greeting happy it looks you know Wear the glasses. If you didn't and opium good eye doctor right into it I I mean all bruised Smart about it my. I would imagine that there are ophthalmologist. Around. And colleges whatever you know around South Florida and around the country for that matter who probably going to be doing good business either. Late in today or tomorrow will be too is some B what is stupid about it we told you not to look. Right and you know if you CO whom looked yet without glasses Donald Trump is there is no cowboy. That's Smart initial looking directly some luck glasses right. I'm presenting now without Cummins. Let's go to CME in Miami hi Sammy. I am very nice bank armed. I'm a sports fan grew up and I'm only Dalton and Miller are they didn't respect Tony Romo really you know gathering track premiers. As a lesson you know staff guy. But you remember the very first hearing started each up the extra point yeah I guess Seattle -- the playoffs for the news Dexter going to go. If you remember that sure. And you want your tech and loads in which is omens or whatever those are not gonna wanna blow on appeared keen to get to go on to their. This play out. I met very important game isn't great restart and anchor out. But he others on. But think about this last. They have many more now an injury. Jump over to Leo at Denver Broncos lead and one that's sort of a loan out you know in them in a fantastic fashion yet they get an injury and it creates do you like being. Let emotion into. He won't career and I can come with somebody else and that was innocent human in the cure until an extremely polluted. And then please draw the team you know broaden its first and then some romo's colonies under. Where you could create at Romo he's retired yeah I know you're tired lately you I'm not because he would you really wanted to erase because of the injury rate well. I think it team and maybe wants a chance on but I think also realize he's just getting on you look we don't know how bad is back injuries were well I mean it. They need at least a saluted his wife ignited should it be paralyzed that's such series as well as well look the part so much. Well but I thanks for the call I mean obviously Tony Romo is weighing the risk vs reward in deciding he's made enough money and you know it you'll he's being given the reins to the number one broadcast team I mean that's you can't get in broadcasting you can't get a better urged. Job in that they're going straight to the number one team and so it's it's safer. He doesn't have nearly the worry and he makes. You know what couple mil a year probably somewhere in that liberty is doing just fine rattle we cities made enough money's also has the opportunity to make. A lot more money retired DA immunity if he does a good job with that. And it he's H these are doing that for a year short of what the biggest decisions what are your phone service are right exactly if so you that that's a that's a terrific job I mean most guys. Area and this is pretty well no mood most guys of their. Planning for the post playing career and wanna go and broadcasting. Then you know depending on what level of NFL player you are pure you know former star quarterback Ben you do usually use fast track but typically. Like Jay Cutler was going to be part of a three man Booth and wasn't going to be the the top slotting number two broadcasting team to retreat right in so you know he was gonna kind of is known for bronze Asperger's takes a baby steps into his broadcasting root mean roles being thrust into. CBS's best gig right it's it's almost and it's hard to believe yeah I mean gymnasts who Phil Simms out that that was a dual for a really long time. And now Tony romo's stats and that's so. Read from that standpoint you can't really get a better job if European and you're looking news segue into broadcasting in on the other part of the you know on a really good point he's got a young family. He's got you know he's health for the most party loves the golf. Why risk. Long term injury you know even more. If you go up there and try to play when it seems that the next time he goes out there every single kid is gonna weigh on him and be an issue form for the rest of his one. Has back injuries their collar bone I think you broke twice. If someone gives you a chance to to make a lot of money. And with no help issues at all gonna fly first class river go fly. A charter plane worry ago I mean you everything's burst rate top notch and you could see agree gamer we can get paid to talk about it. Death and complex from a lifestyle standpoint it's Susan B a no brainer I go ahead died the only thing good that may have kept him in football is if there's some of these guys they're competitive juices just continue to flow. They know they can't play up to a certain points of like TV still have a little bit in you a lot of them just trying to push diablo player as long as possible repeat Romo. Made the decision. With some common sense and I'm sure you know his family and a little bit to do with it as well as a puppet on a mobile. Peyton manner in my opinion Tony Romo Sean Payton. Mike Shanahan and I think primarily in a built around and look at me like it's. They all into eastern only universe need this little dink school and Tony Romo row. Would Walsh on titans passport well yes you know on one more merit. To drop or rubble that's right in there that's rapper about that though. Then you get you go to fifth guy and I was this equals a team like eastern Illinois real quality I could even tell you the city it's. Today you go to ferraris yearling Michigan's it was not quite that far right what I've been on the camp is of last roll and those are only been on the campus of northern Illinois and in normal woman now not bullets and not to count. Is Eric. I believe so to cowboy yeah as a bit I've been index is seen. Supports him soccer match there of all things good news being in northern have been northern Illinois is Takeo yet but. It's southern Illinois was featured on the news today because of the clips. When he's eastern Illinois turtles the Charleston Illinois Alka thriving metropolis. That would be a first place to go to school. All right so someone I said. In terms of jinx is what do you do in order to not jinx you were team had just kind of threw that out there having fun. Text or rights and where my dolphins socks on Sunday. If they win a lower them again the next week here's the catch I don't wash them. Oh what about if they lose we lost I presume it washes them wars and again but if you wind and you see wearing those socks though Washington it's quicker were all they were three hours you you put away and you know I'm sure of that Dini well. If they're you know when I get a ten game win streak houses say this mean I know that we are doing limited information uses its expresses but I would whole day. Our audience member here who contribute to that doesn't go for like a war out for the game. And sweat you know in his socks and then winners immunity to Mendoza watcher if you know what if you if you more sweaty stinky socks and your team won. If you don't want jinx them you know guesswork. You put it away see your wife for girls from them and they get these things that a lot here you put him in the garage or whatever. When you're begin next week errors threesome for Brees on numerous opens I do what I was an awesome but no no no not at all. Text a race and I won't put four against the dolphins a retirement do they always go the other way yeah. Today it's hoarded it. On your team. Right beat his. I think it's just human nature even if you get for your team to win enemies are losing David makes the loss even worse one now again your gonna face at some point some guy. On your fantasy team is gonna go is your favorite team and then he got it right were winners you were allegiance. You root for your team would have to save time money talks in the book it's a W want your player to do well see got to go for that happy medium where the player from your fantasy team scores bush points. Against your the actual team. But your actual team ultimately got right in in your scenario without tack to the cowboys would've picked up capita athlete in the dew on the Jerry Jones is worried about public opinion I'm serious it's insane on August guys like Greg Hardy. Who you know. How a lot of his girlfriend and and just I mean you know girder 911 call it was ripping the only reason heating get charged as speaker of the the case was dropped on appeal was because she didn't testify she refused to testify I'm sure she was. In a ton of money to do that but he was that that's a bad bad dude I mean a really bad violent guy so. Not Ewing earn annually for the natural that I'm guessing Jerry Jones yes he would stay and conquer is my opinion I know that. On a lighter note you've got to follow up to or texture rescinded the day he doesn't wash the Sox yet is I go to the game with them on so yes sometimes they do stake in Q really hot out there. What do they lose a do wash them twice LO and if they don't that's cities warm again I want to know what we're gonna go to break now who were. One would commit war to keep what in the garage immediate wife the other girlfriend. Where other Sox exiled during the week. I also wanna know after the break. If you have any superstars. 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