8-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, August 21st
Lamar Jackson threw a dart last night that sent Tobin off on the Jaguars not drafting him. Leroy has an issue ordering socks. Beast says its Marlins @ Yankees tonight in Marlins Park. Richie Incognito has another set back. Deontay Wilder gave a speech to the Alabama football team. The guys undergo a vodka tasting test and confirm that the cheapeast vodka was the nastiest. Beast claims to have made a faux pass at the movie theater. 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. We'd be exploited night. In the 2018. NFL draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars select. Defensive tackle Florida and we're at 32 pick in the 2018. NFL draft. The Baltimore Ravens select the Mark Jackson. Play action Jackson rolled the light bulb goes to the end zone. We're not. My school on the receiving end. At the ravens cash in on the turnover. Turning it into a touchdown. He's got to do is. Hello did you realize he was four point. I think there when I attended he was used or darts and he was running all over the 800. Yeah nobody knows you start wolf we let it hide tests aren't pass and comes Lamar Jack I'd I'd better get the national declaration and he who were you just absolutely hosing down facility deserved it sucks boy. If something. And and exploit me. It's everywhere are comparable with these than. I keep re. If you do a good job I give you. If you do crappy job. Or some that happens. I think you need to show little bitter contrition. I agree great so ordered. And socks from this company in dear fellow that's right that's right that's right at the name of it is jocks. Dot com jocks are jobs out of jail addicts as 0628 elections and has. Any. Socks there why do your feet and all of this money. I checked leg. Six days later. I tried calling. No incident no into as an email no reply no reply finally a couple of days ago you guys hurt I'll talk to somebody right. I said hey what supplements. You're 25 minutes away didn't take him pick it would take. Seven to ten business days to give it 25 minutes ago with the jock gives you voice your management. At what is that. He sent to me. All of this stuff. Is on back order some like. Wait a minute and then I had to go. So I called and talked to this young man today voters marquee. Use this as a ball it says when atop a website. For shipping with fifty dollar order like my lifetime guarantee. Dollars via our thirty throughout fifties I'll do my duty bodes pretty cool yeah right. Three then you have to reach the free shipping it doesn't just give it to. OK. I said when you order stuff on line. And it's not in stock it gives you an option. You can either wait for the back ordered stuff. You can just go and order something that they had this would all web sites yeah it's not. Image is really a free shipping website it takes care of itself. Again it's worse now. Stop. They. Mean eight at port means it must be in stock. Correct should begin in a couple of because it limits the wet otherwise in today's day and age what would you have available to order on said website right. Exactly. It is too old. Says. Computer. Our system made a mistake. To go around in circles which you would do is what do you want me to do you want weakened to order or you want to cancel well but there are part it was. Soccer boy was sitting there on the phone and he's likes her the fifty dollar free option is something you have to decide. Now. Is some boldly. That is you can injury if you are going to offer free shipping above fifty dollars. The free shipping should automatically roll over is a responsibility checked out to port your sales. If it's this isn't so this. How. To some argue is now eight. It's Wu who have been dude have you received addressed you order not man what a life for university good customer service not be a jerk. Jocks Sox a Bill Simmons is doing customer servers not most it's a hit. Rudy unions you're religion and use yours you'll. And I got an email a call not to my only communication with this company. Is what I call a thousand times it finally get through somebody. Shocks Sox. Jocks can grow. Rocks jocks socks. A first semi my son and I usually like all things Deerfield Beach which you're ashamed of the city. It's unbelievable. So let's some changes yet to come across them. Mind you might not ever do to stuff. If you buy to stuff you don't get attitude Molex damn socks on gone down a worm hole on the whole entity or take them down. It's fun believe you did not do you know now in Paris Peter. Some doctor Peter last I'd suggest that there's only to album well I'm just looking at who's on the it is a record to sound like a real Harris. Yeah. The headlines. These these WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar. Radio talk. Come station. Price. The college priest is all American team is out to care about that McCain's weakened him. And of pre season recent ugly is not actually all Americas which you'd think would make things Nabil America Russia changed but thousand. People Jean-Claude Johnson. Was on the it's a school safety. Addressing the member they came out like those top fifty players intelligible on the and there are no caned on it. So how is there a pre season all American that means he's in the top 22 in the country but did make and other analysts. No no no no kids anyway now. I know. Different group of people I don't care well and the I think the entire Clemson the front lines also on the list. The jocks Sox mission is to improve your quality of life. We do so by bringing you comforts to do. It. You can bounce back no matter what when it comes to whatever comes your way we used to play like ox ox is the foundation to put your best foot forward. You put your best foot forward on the fold line I think Edwards dispute call Mecca. Yep no don't do that the Tibetan I do not condone at all so horrible idea. Horrible. She ox ox that it's a Graham. Course they are there on instant grammar but of course they are they're going to be on in stripper. Although on Twitter is that Jacques sucks I went to was an appropriate pictures took Heather. Careful the V. Jocks or four followers. Yeah. Where were what do they followed by Harrison. Yeah jerk don't forget. A mosque just showed up to and to the airport in Philadelphia for flight that leaves at 320 to Tebow for next Tuesday. June. It. Luckily American Airlines did the right thing and you know chain development and chart from a column now magic that is a lesson for them. Imagine that you dislike but. And like so this is for next Tuesday. Sounds like Charles Ayers doped dirt ID one bit. The Yankees tonight yeah pretty much. Much because that's going to be because it's going to be. To. The bogeyed number as a Little Havana yeah it is park but it's really Marlins yankees tonight. And part much easier to knock on the hill for the home team yankees. And for the visiting Marlins Pablo Lopez. Although it's been played lament. It's seven to enforce it. Season's going to be terrible arts and I don't know this great vision he has service for Phish fans out here and mollen park Latin. Now what. She is routine kind of you know story. Yeah. He's back in police custody routine has done his dad died over the weekend and apparently he didn't take that. Raided the funeral hated the bit of a breakdown he's not doing well can someone like a boy rob easily get him into some held personal thing. In Arizona what you'll rumored to do. You know pursuit. For lake. I'm not a huge legality cued Richey and Todd beatle fan is not into the old cave man you know attitude about life. But this guy needs now like a lot of child. A great man not a great look like and a lot of well. You know. Now I know it's not ever do what is going to do to our station and I wanted to got a bunch and I know is Robert friend Allah just of them personally deal with these mental health issues. You know literacy and rounds are Brothers and parents are divorced after the whole bowling thing went down like that really and a man imagining his dad dying is not yet played not great for me either so. Nice and so you don't know threatened degree you're gonna mr. nano yet legend and we can all we can all just. Probably agree to the fact that he's not. Firing on all cylinders. Were timid cylinders now yeah that too. Victor Cruz has retired and you'll join ESPN. And attackers was nothing really a year out yet at the dance the dance who wants answers of the dancers huge. And I was gonna dance that it wasn't too little dance. Play little ball. Did he break his ankle assortment and some ups that a ball was and it was never to be seen again bonds there is India shot lose. Billions of tunnels Anderson Russell Brand. To. Rock they've silly football it is the rock is investing in the surf company. The award show. It stinks never seen one episode once. It's it's gun works. It's an enemy watching dollars somebody's in here goons will rule and that's what he says. What to Lucci. We know. Who. I'm one wooden era that's a Cesar. I guess. We don't just by Duke's anymore. No apples to note I actually talked about that over the weekend because it was on Saturday after the shooting at the Palm Beach central football game. And I was like listen Ewing didn't sit here and argue about guns on day if you want but it doesn't get anywhere on either side but a bubble like. Old school like we have to shoot each other just like an apology to the in the face all of that. Wants to lose a fight in late August and I'd rather lose a fight and pretty much. Would you rather win for begun now in the fight that he wanted to kill somebody either am. Wanna fight. Mean it's here it's you went on to an agreement is its right to open to suck it had to. I'll knuckle layout but I would have been. It's they right now sock boy if you come out of the studio and you don't have a peaceful. Means. It's a big blow bring up. Do you think that there's something weird on of this company and there's also two shell corporation there's things you ox ox. The spill Red Sox. Immediately skeptical. Rebecca that's. I welcome back everybody still the leader and he's here with you on the ticket. No third hour today no doubt Internet to do our taste test I appreciate. More miles. Sort of sending us the design for has tacked on our shirt. Well appreciated it. People think it's my fault on. Well. Or about this this is the this is the role you chose as as the hybrid talent. Slash management suit buffer we were curious call spade a spade on this one here's when it comes down to. Dollars. That's something I don't control. The puck. Like. To make dollars. For the sports league yeah. Tell that tape recorder can make you dollar that is correct. And people love it I don't make that decision. Either way Kenny stills is back at practice today colleges should to hear a Dovonte no no no. It symbolizes watching practice but he remains in concussion protocol. As they're getting ready for the Baltimore Ravens who last night lost a close one to the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck got some action yesterday his voice is very deep when you are Mike Mosul one law once waited in ninety and lost one in nineteen. Nobody won critical score in an effort to and got stopped at two point conversion. Bradley Indianapolis at the time we did it do box was a one point fever right. So that's a little loser you difficulty of the grievance. Against you one. Island to and one whatever and Austin that's why I had amassed the the du Quebec. About cheeses. We'll see what I'd like toothpicks and go by the real sports results gosh. Later in. The ravens were favorite. You undergo an underdog is the time in the became a huge fever by the time the game started really this one. We're losing good standing for the do mpeg 272. We ought to mind. We are all tied 458. Chiefs we come 82 days three days so basically. AA I cannot lose week. The list of three of you go. Three and oh yeah and Oreo it would take an epic collapse right by by you and epic rally by all three of us right then and please don't. You feel very frog about yourself especially now that football hey there's ultra easy you don't he's never lulls. And and adults well I like the nonsense with some more nonsense and now really treasure that. We can debate agree the Big Three chipped two game is this weekend but who the Big Three chipped two game of man so wait. We're going to X. Yeah. Collectively. Who will be making. A couple wagers. In for better be the second week what time of the NFL schedule and college schedule when McCain's start. The first. There gophers and the second the second especially in the second fifty does is Toledo that it was a new start which grew 9 AM your guys to. Hey patches action action is action that is going to be busy day yeah. Football. Fights fights this Harris Pollack who's the president of let her brands owns yeah I saw talks talks. Some some interest and stuff and Iowa. Believe it's harder Peter and tonight she also worked for the state government. Park. So the easing government technology I don't know I don't know and on there. I don't know let you know that you guys get a save yourself a lot of trouble jocks socks if you would exist treated as a little nicer on customer service. Yet again I was very rude leopard brands Deerfield Beach. There leopard brands right around a corner that's the name of some pointers that's the area that's that are there was also a sell its penny goes on and I'm. Love to leopard print anyway. Yes and I don't. As we knew wars kid knows it was tight white it's enough for me I do that lover and speed oops song and that's frightening. Remembering and tomorrow know who. Who not I think this goes to the phone when you streak for that cain's message you have it doesn't hold everything in the rules that tell a man about Tibet. Like I don't know maybe it's not. It's the basic design like I listened listened support the site doesn't care care listened listened Willis is. If I like women removed it it is odd underwear I don't mind about my nationally. And you know a set no decision Q what's of that over your bullets. There always say in his ear you need on your back it's fun what he knew it'd get naked government and run down the parking lot that's that's between you and and the canes I don't know if it's you know it's it's Joaquin and now that I heard that he may or may not of whipped it out in the White House. No he did a. I can get. From assaults and street some losses yesterday we brought you Stephen A Smith. Talking to university Syracuse correct pretty good speech I gotta say by Stephen a pretty decent. Today. The other day Waller WBZ heavyweight champ keen of the world spike doesn't fury probably in December in Las Vegas. He is from Alabama. And I imagine it was paid handsomely. To come speak to the Alabama Crimson Tide and give them a speech is what do you dissent. My name is beyoncé while out on the WBZ. Heavyweight champion of the world. And what in note with Barry and I Cano now so I mean every man that stabbed in the ring and we had to go. Did you go to young WTO right now so teammate. That's still sore special split national backbone. To does own a bank nobody gaga did its job. And it's a beautiful Ben had Vito. Because we've been jobless. Within homes. You're strong. You could bond SLU puts on the W big light possible that they implementing it was stopped and I wouldn't Foleo. Because we both values we both ribbons that. So when down not to allow mountain out of a match. That. Terrified. How do you notice that there is no chuckles no left and no no duty as citizens or better yet. He's got paid more for the speech thinks we would've. I'm guaranteeing Stephen A Smith notes and you know they're not for you know you know I betcha that they did sky as he was urges. Does has the Newhouse school communications woods. Think every sports broadcaster in the mother's uncle went to an Ellis do these symposiums and all that stuff within that fly guys and trees by up their for that than give a speech. This all went the other while I was like is is is not give that speech pretty from Alabama so. This. It's different deplored in Alabama if you get if your mission Apollo mission right. And I get invited to out of football team. It don't cause nothing wrong they're opposite but you all you you you bled for Michigan. Different. I. Alabama and. He got he got he he walked off that field and was Kennedy a sack of cash by no (%expletive) No change. And as it was like this that it be different pyramid mediocre speech is different tiers know they'd I'm guessing sacks full of cash just float around up there I. I'm I know I bet you alleged here's what he did it for. Free access of submitted it to the crimson big day. Reversible then I went house outlook on the side had to attend the world should absolutely walk on too well this field would know that's only. If they know who he is the fact that he had to introduce himself. It might want to admit these ads sale Mike Tyson you're marked as is ever give the speech of a multi old. A guy who's one teach your children I probably shouldn't be talking to key I broke my back in my second broke it. Owed me Mike vertebrae. Something the spinal. Some grass always in those moments. Never never never ceases to amaze me. I don't know I is like these these football speech is get everybody all revved up rich of the monotony and monotony of camp who's gonna for the canes and those are the parity to the paradise campaign that. A get somebody on the outside. Would you give a speech. Somebody I don't know where it needs to go down Luke. Understanding. As a Bluetooth is more just do that as your affairs that it came two days you know what is he's he's release tiger never he can register and tell you what that is chair. The end it's a little bit routine pit. Correct he doesn't feel like he was dumb bright eyed hurricane. And so his four branded Tobin is. That's. You with Dennis Tobin. Would is that what is that no it's a thing now when you apply your Tobin. No I don't want it to you think it's a good thing for me it's a thing so regular wait. Wait. Started team Teddy is the final under. A team that he took and a half an hour my life last night which just each and he has might. So you can really goes women who waited my son last night to get my sons are next in the counties just reading. And he keeps your mind to phone batteries and what's that a Mike it's still when we look Summers they. Why would you say I'm like oh he's got to rent. So I was like let me see so we satin like watch the text them all together and every time he set a bad wording on my toes of the barn. Birdies and severe problem that I use a lot of on this city I'm. Then there was a couple questions like what's that keyword like oh that's that's a brass are. Well it's. I think it sounds like it once in a mass in my own 22 common hash tag on the Twitter this past I mama so yeah. Showed up for your for your son at school until he holds it. She's. Ten and. And a half a tool for shown to try to go over I'd regularly last night and I'm deodorant. Aurilia. Some how did you listen to. Yeah. They made a speech at various school grade teacher goes. Chaos since we have. Boise goes we can start using deodorant this year re great. Does. It stinks in here needed a school with Steve's dad walk and give a speech to basically pay or personally did yet. His teacher that tell you give you can deal. Now I mean we're gonna do anyways but like she played in law. We're gonna go did you go good gel a GOK Donald Mitchum jail. What global what I was gonna say. Until I saw a number four. Big fan at a black quarterback art. I am or did you do David frozen. Activists you know a figure that's by the most likely. Come. There is a friend and recorder and so on set oblique portals which is basically any of them but I'd really like to get Teddy Bridgewater. Lamar Jackson much as they and having of the ravens got a sport to go Riverside and looked awesome yesterday that he I mean he's got camp it was good men big. The most amazing thing. That. I did a good morning. Jim Brady for the GO. Normal business as normal gore public got to take care of why leave that course. We don't. Need to which our reply. I just got. To redo this oh to view minus one. Yeah thank you I wish I could probably explain what started the rants don't know yet to illness and find all so. Were ready to do. The tests who did and now. You and await the next break his nose cone down RA. In the name of science. We're at the company party last week. And these guys were word were chatted up with a Romberg about vodka that's what I felt felt all robber was amicable with me and they're all complaining about. Follow Kagan top shelf here. And I told them my zone at the well not that much of a difference when it comes the vodka. The difference is marginal compared to other liquors is really no difference the difference is sports vs Mac. And you guys are. But become a source and you find this. You are similar concert were just telling you. Oh yeah. Hopefully we'll go to get a little set the bar doesn't have a little difference between. The cheap stuff and the mediocre to good stuff there's a difference you see raiders match. Marginal does because as you've from the woods and you make moon and share data also wouldn't feel that the company party. And like I mean I would have loved admit I don't read that's a little clips from me I would love to relearn. Is for use. With all of the chaos and situations. You have to get failures are readers wherever you want or report. You metaphors. Go for years. So says my son gonna find out on the per know he already knows. I've of course have been treated ya know from blunders at his company parties and functions just wasn't there. How likely what I have been to commit one of those blunders hundreds are the ones in 1000%. First of all it was hot so you might and I believe you're right frame of thought you definitely a lot of big shirts you Wear when you wanna fancy about an hour and camouflaged. And you would have been dying your cry you would have slipped and Crocs isn't so hot. It was a home runs but we missed in animal exhibits union yet. Chateau it is carried away on that rate the deliberate. On Eric it was on yeah. It's gonna do it back into this. Desist yeah LaMarcus on. All right I'll wave the little boy sit back and we just don't bug hits experiment. There in the break and thought. Who assaulted. Straight vodka. Not my thing especially at a styrofoam cup it's pretty nasty pretty nasty. Pretty does not for pleasure. All three like there's this thing they're boy. Of you can tell the difference. All of them getting here before we. Discussing get their opinions here's what I say. None of it tasted good none of it tasted good it was all it was all based feel like French kissing a dragon. Sure fire. Sure fire. But I will say. We had five up there we have we have a that Robby we had. What the good ones we had we had Tito. Those seat goes and we also had cattle laundry catalog and and we were born in this new Amsterdam new Amsterdam bogus so those are the quality ones and I went shopping yesterday at Sweeney's. Which was. A liquor store. On how a double Bard which I had to be buzzed into. I would I would look good for the normally stuff I did finally what I found were these two little flask bottles of vodka dollar two dollars apiece. So the way we did this is. We're wet five. Cops. Robby had. I mean liberal and had equal to lick a shot and a half yet. Very little report Mary Lou it was OK as much as buster just hit. Just to get the taste different and everybody had just a switch hitter Roger its luster and yes we have properties that science and problem. The sport bunker at all like yeah the problem is is that. Slightly Pallet Clinton used to do it and was completely you know I don't know some women in your mouth or some did you the idea ma I'm still tastes and abroad good. As a when you address it was like French kissing and dragon so it was fired right we could all your corporate it to YouTube and thought it was horrible I thought he was horrible I think it was about. Regardless. He was the worst. Thing and we all picked the bad ones as being bad. And the other three regardless light and but no there's no blood that's the premise of the deal to meet the level between beat NC was not Baghran. It was straight dude. History do you know I felt like I was drinking a supplement cause it was stole vodka. It cost two dollars and 49 cents. And things like a dollop of ethics which wasn't that. Today it cost me because between 99 so not so shabby not to shabby. Next level it was like during a flame thrower. It was crazy solicited someone said we I just moved to Miami you talk NASCAR on the show. Sir I salute you what NASCAR dot you're in the wrong freak in city. Odious figure Tony Stewart. It's got 21 names. We put into the market test IDs everything's going to be the president replaces Danica Patrick matches are treated NASCAR dot a look at my friend joke Estella and W a Fuller idea anyway. Yes I I think that my upper look what I do and what to bend on his skulls next level. Had. Been a bit. There is the only comparable to the premise that we had was. Really bad vodka you can tell the rest of it. He can't not it was marginal for the B you know records it was marginally that's couldn't tell my three bad ones were pedal line and I think and other two I think it's because. Whichever one you drank first. Note are stupid laughter if you drink a bad 11 it was so bad now I drank McCormick's first. And that I want to tell one and then the other two went the last when I had was day. Which was. Horrible. I think also it's on the New York it stemmed moment got a little. He goes is the best. Is the kind of sell the kind of liquid that fire breather as would bring him at a carnival they don't want to wait lists has gotten a Boller Crystal Palace who would have been able to him in whatever. Either way did not make did it did not pick a substantially cheap vodka basic ones are lower embarked. We don't know America and I know it's not listen again once you get to like mid when you get above. Led to an ID seven for the flask that totally got what you above that Maryland it was in but the bottom. Is the bottom and you give you the bottom do you think of that party they had something. For the well Monica do you think it was at the level of skull. No doubt the they could have had that do you today. Do you like finals for a gallon of do you understand what they'd buy for will block. Because that's the bottom it's no that's rats why does worse. Were absent when you bigoted that I wholesale. Disk commercials with how they've business isn't. Because that you got any buzz didn't buy it means love and three dollars they have a flask of vodka like this is cool. For remnick you know nothing. Next to nothing about NASCAR Tobin do better. OnStar anyway. Suddenly now by grey goose. We're I had great musical and in bringing I chose not brain and where you should studio more freezing it. You dice it this way this will be no public key to the reasons it's. And it did you not have this experiment saying on the other side of the glass I may have a point. Be careful. I mean it's Connell at the school as the browns and the McCormick's like the colts pay cat bit political. Tactic I agree one. Let me action I'm going to be honest but. It was very easy to pick the bad. After I went there rotten guts of a mile mile. It became hard to identify. Good bye and you wanna like this they'll taste pretty similar so you don't drink but no I don't. I don't know what's your beverage of choice is up here. Like rum drinks Aaliyah Aaliyah rom jiggling like whisky you what did you wanted to like wished I'd just like early round whiskers they're easy to. There was Keyes was he's he's I think claim whiskey I said I said Dodd vodka is different compared other two other Apple's. Except that apple stuff listen up so whose brother to these apple Crown Royal really remake to a nut muffin I'd still rocks. It's good for us it was like cold well. John Fox off my television what's his lack no one. I have a situation which I need. Opinion on. Don't you don't yet you actually it's a LeRoy thing correct but since we have like two lives up to seven isn't it time to stood a throws out there. So yesterday my dad and I went to a reply and a movie theater new nice theater really nice yeah yeah yeah and might see black Klansman. Yet because I really want to see. My dad didn't know what was but he just what with mean you know because wanna get out of I mean no he wanna get away from him. Spends what happened. So we get there. And I'd checked online about when I buy seats you know like you they make eagle minding your by the seats now. And there was only two other seats purchased in the entire theater. So I'd. Obviously like left some room between the other two people in Oscars like why to an excellent and there's fifty other seats available. So as it turned out in the hours since I bought bought the delegates and the time that the movie started packed. No you like someone else spot the seats in between us. But the rest of the theater resentment. And it just so if you're not aware black Klansman is about a black police officer in Colorado Springs. Who with his white Jewish partner infiltrate the kkk. Spike Lee movie tech. People that are sitting next to us happen to be black. And my dad are looking to their lake there's fifty seats open in the theater no one's here. Yet were there's six people theater and Ross sitting next to each other. Do we moved where exactly be perceived as you racist racist. I would just sets up. So because. Here here's what happens. When you go to moves there in its MT. You're thinking and I'm just here early because they sell all the seats. You don't want to while we waited through the previous that we awaited light the way past the start absolutely so would you send your arm and we're gonna so give us some more about the restaurant like to court because there is way too many previous. How into the restaurant came back in a legitimate data like I guess or to stand here. They now I'm movement. Miss economists say. And this is there still some room. Yet every educator. We all like we we walked in the okay so if you can't you hear. If you don't want. People to give the wrong idea. About why you're moving. And don't make it seem as do it won't just take it. Nobody else is here we go stretch back. Yeah I don't do it really did I thought about all that. And then I was like you are on the stage here you know what I was a day here is street I don't know you know does anybody didn't tell you what does it yet. This is your issues. Is not very issues. Okay. You questions about yourself because I look at that situation to say and because I think she's be bombs that. You know. Know what else is. Just how you don't pay clearly Tata for yes. You pick your seats these days you don't know me so I pick. The two on the aisle and then two people had like seats four seats over okay where these two people. The seats in between the two groups seats in. What are they do that when there are fifty seat to open and the rest of the theater. I mean to get closer why questioning why what's it take. It is a minute to put your computer just pricks emotions. As a loan you. We moved. But then the two receipts that we haven't moved to somebody came zone game in the right move back to the guys that's why eight and now now we look like an idiot. We're going to veto it and you don't see you again these are all issues that you head. It's you'll put off on all of the people in mu view. They probably care less where you sit they're trying to enjoy the movie but because of what you think given what you are going through. You need people to be something else someone times and via text on my own personal phone. Yet knowing LeRoy he would make more receive the new dad does theater. Some of the oil or about what is it exactly what to do is say. Outright vote if you feel like you may get people weren't comfortable by you just give it up in UBY near black you say hey. Did the mediator to muggles stretch of will be. My god provides a real violence or Graham yup he works in the liquor yeah. Cisco's affordable for all the bombs and Burkle and Biscayne they love that we. Could do now. Bombs love the fire water touches on detectors and say you know that the explanation. Rick. Why do you live with Joseph problems. So would you try to put your problems off on Ebert just enjoyable we give to swear you sit two groups. Two groups to protest we did as a number two twice we got some special for the headlines and not her we get to the next.