8-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, August 21st
A texter boxes Beast in. Baker Mayfield poses with a tiger in front of a Rolls Royce. Sister Petty sounds off on the Jaguars and the Dolphins. Aaron Hernandez's lawyers said the Patriots could have prevented a murder. The velociraptor sounds from Jurrassic Park came from turtles mating. Tobin explains how horse breeding goes down. Sister Jean turns 99 today. Tobin gets his integrity challenged.

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A. Welcome back everybody we haven't it's really we haven't. Taxpayers. Has boxed one about the and here it goes. Here's the question. They're racist to not want to offend someone simply because of their skin color if they were white would reach that cared about offending them now. Did was to. Drop. Wow. That was well done. Well done. Then. You look for and that and boxed in and then somebody also drawn on your little bored but we got. Was somebody also said hey what does LeRoy I mean these people. I gave plus were pretty topic don't Wear them but the taxes yes well done well done now bigger mayfield. Oh my tonight is episode three of hard honest I can't wait for it been fantastic so far. Bigger mayfield is and a one overall pick. He was known coming uses Lee is being added to massive program is John planned the flag getting tackled by fat cop personality yeah. Personality personality. He announced today that he is signed with the underwear company not jocks talks. There they were you know there there are rat bass or organization because they saw. And he decides to show buddies now with this do company. Showed off his undies. But you also leaner and Rolls Royce sure less. Would the tiger. Notice that big change bold and tiger of course. Of course I love morally. It is the most stereotypical animal you've yet to be. Over. It's who's rich athlete. You get is over tiger. Tyson at a tiger collar Gregor want to buy tiger. You know what really make a statement is itself a tiger. Member hangover right Mike Tyson's tires to the stole as tiger nationalist fire there was tiger in the bathroom cracked. Bigger mayfield. Got a silver tiger. Now I don't know like tiger is always to go to animal one that something you really like a crocodile. Or are a hippopotamus what what a lot more exotic but about a line. Minutes get a Lyons hello lazy a lot of times it is a lot and Allenby logo and I guess you can't get it jaguar. Is tiger the most ferocious some animals. I mean it is normal is it is the more cap on he'll be good a bear. A bear be cool now but people are aware of their underwear. You two are bound to Wear my not to the beat tiger Brit everybody's got tiger prints on. That's a result when tiger print underwear he just has the tiger there'd just to these kind of running up the score to be honest with the amid the roles was is enough legislate Yemen does tiger. You know there's Tiger Woods those throws animal rides and a hell would be with. While a little up. Slaughtered guy is that you're gonna go something elites and traditions sloth now. Sloth. Like I did you see him walking into practice we will bad your runs and Michael war rebound as a golfer of all you have the champ yet. Silly if you're if you're LeRoy is thinking and Rasmussen that's that's under really ferocious right. Under rated Lee ferocious. Who or some type of snake. Did he just haven't run his leg but Israel poisonous. Now viper I don't think so now he's a snake how these steak I either. It can be an iguana you know it seems like not danger. You know just like ride to jail you know it seems like coyote guy. Now not even not coyote can't do much by itself now in a pack now if it has the right team around them now now. I think you take Kyra there's a big problem horse farm hi Nina. Just like Heidi as such or messages is a nasty animal league dead things. Actually goes on and they get owned by hunting dogs and Africa those hardy as they get older those two don't have those hunting dogs are caught yet. I I just think that I think coyote would be where he does not wolf. I'm over a full blown wolf. Memorable. Of these member of the general of the dolphins had the teachers she. One. Beatable. What I'd leave him. McGrath to handle on the subject to the middle of very appropriate. Headlines. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS at best and can't beat me to Miramar police. Leo dot com station. It was it was an old former dolphins. What you run in the gulf like his aside and can be brought lament a yet. Flick Marino crippled well well internal inquiry you know. And last round younger on the tyranny air okay. Have followed that I will have fun with that for an former dolphin bill Regina kinda you know is in police custody. Misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and making threats. His father passed we will weekend and he had not react well at the mortuary. What animal would you have you're leaning up shirtless against the rules are us. Tasmanian devil Newton small. Soma. You're short. In a small. Difference earlier. Billick critters. Reader would you would you yourself a trusty steed maybe a horse now they'll go to guy who kicked and hit a missile forces. Bulls booming global donkey. Already have windows while they need to buy. Let's see we got Victor Cruz retiring. Oh yeah yankees and Marlins and I bonds park 711 pitch must hero to knock Google for the yanks while Lopez in the hill. For the the Marlins haven't had a yen is your first pitch and this just in we have sound from. Queen petty is back sister Patti is back to Tibetan back sister pays back audio is on I didn't know this but she's a jaguar sent. Really and she is takes on the jaguars cook. Let's hear. I am so mad at jaguars didn't draft Lamar Jackson and another. Deal line men like get urged its jaguars. You have gorgeous breasts. Don't need data. Yes fossil Coughlin gutless. And portables. Going to ruin Jalen ramseys prying him drab Caylee is Campbell's tank portals is that you stick. Roughly a leaks a blood sucker on the organization. Make good trade for Bridgewater. New are blowing this costly and that's 12345. Individual tax these are wasteful texts. Murr Roenick has no idea what he's doing may eighth start looking. At. Dog MRI shot I'm too busy with his yacht pissing contest. He is the wrong TO you need an extra oh you're waif his teacher very disappointed too busy getting my stature I'd do it soccer hash tag fake. All Russ is doing this nonsense TO. And ten. Dish. That's you all tennis or or an adult fans old time her should put Marino and charged as candidates do face ten and bomb hash tag bomb and so glad Dick Stockton dating no you. They don't call him the south recap killer for nothing and should be uncapped death row. So much anger lose super nothing in wasted smooth. Pete's. That's the name of Susan pizza beads and now he mocked seal dolphins are disaster. Jason is running a frat house trust me I know reminds me of my sophomore year. Kota bra Matt Birk bro beard forresters snow blowing. Ring is seen Rory raids to Al low hands only care for his dad's credit card had to have those guys in college when times got tight Danny Amendola thinks it's a candor is sick he's confused Tenet hills off in the corner doing keg stands to JEZ. To disaster error on compensation for advanced. Nor covers Asia for your own opinions. Just talking about it. Is it gets a surprise distinct character I know it yet and I couldn't it's better it to you Robby was sent in to help Purdue's season. I was results that men. Caused. But critics of their points of that that that January is traveling to dislike Cordoba as go to court is that somebody is that I should get a black panther. Condo flail about like the base. On the race Tony Montana had tiger. Of course it didn't. Course in tiger. Balm. To me. But Yemen one fact it is more closely related to large and broad and well. And another that's amazing so basically you want somebody to have what what did a sister Patti is linked to a hosed down Stephen Ross. Because isn't it appears because the shot constantly he's more focused on soccer than football. And the Steven Ross and you tell why wanted to put into them escort. And it's rich people stuff to take away parking. Rituals of oil rig went to greeted tennis court. You must work yup which ones. A mold in the gym in order park this year. Than anything I mean you complain about apart and go to games and there will be a problem also where it was the water park he said he is another water park it's gonna be right their necks of the blockbuster Steenland which is going to be a bill by a way that was going to be better than Disney. The bummer man. Wait. Don't Disney is like. A city. And they want to do all that parking lot. On that Ritter transform all of that whole area where to build in those build their nests there it is gonna end I mean treating. When I was gonna transform the entire South Florida area and that's that indication when you're gonna do that soccer's state. That's because there's big toxins into the breeze Evan nice bowling Alley Nixon ball pork. What is and has been excellent news be told to develop in the whole area. Art. That always happens then. They talk until it probably does is to move in there are big talk by Hansen David Beckham although it tonight to be a lot of hubbub kiosks. There for yankees I. Kiosks yeah. We food. It's just too easy. On the number. And the number two who's going to be gone official. How many number two injuries see and countless countless. There wasn't the you know I was at times that this well is off they're gonna set seats see the surge in attendance that happened. In the middle that month does she owed an election. They showed they showed jeetz on the big screen yeah. He gets a standing ovation Derek Jeter will be from owns guns no obvious broadcast. Does he does he stand up wave definitely. Was was you know I that's rude guys somebody said DiMaggio Parker should only extinct animal is neither one of them can be found. The mother version of the go to Byrd. Who like I mean what does low key breaks this. These beautiful Los erupt there. Lots or after do you know how they got in the sounds. From Gloucester raptors move addressing park no. Hoping turtles. It the sound engineer went to a place and found turtles meeting. And recorded it that was the sound for Blanche raptors and drugs and barked now gonna do some clips of bluster after addressing Parker rob believed that Roddy get that on the other side. We're back after this. Are welcome back everybody it's. It's not call fish in the feud just school and met down there was only good timing with vision and they've been looking for months of history's judgment. Well noble before watching that that river where the fish is jump your boat. I was pretty cool. I'll like when people go nearly. Sony listen when the hillbillies go and Ketchum bare bare handed out to do that once a year pay. At quartz and I'm just me this and Intel mogul Richard. No under this. Is being used as bait. Your body be. It just put their hand in. How stupid fish. Not Smart made Fisher pretty dumb when it comes to that. Your holiday as I have never been fishing off a boat and I live in Florida for like 25 years. Big fan of fishing off the boat. I have been. You lived out here I mean I know a million people who votes I'm just I'm never down mountain bike or use and offers verboten all right. Only that does make sense why that's why there. Ohio. Are deficient in Hawaii. For Ohio. I don't like fish and I'm here can you gotta go for every just to get two to finish by the gulf. Amid recent ago. I know a lot of illegal in the flats down by like you know down south whoever that is. There's a nice red fish and America to your knee is on here Arctic go share. There Hernandez's lawyer says the pages can be prevented murder. Us from the Boston Globe. When it ends his troubles began in February 23 team in a week after I was in a row it was shot in West Palm Beach, Florida. And that is is that he photo shoot in Phoenix and a Bradley has repeatedly sending him threatening text causes. Hernandez quickly contacted bill luster the set at a meeting in Foxborough but Hernandez. Didn't show. Then agreed to meet at the NFL com and Indianapolis. At this meeting Hernandez told Belichick that he differs safety and requested a trade ideally to a team on the West Coast. Why is it is listen that's dudes attorney. Aron told me that the coach was in says that the idea and remind Aaron that the team had made seed had made a significant investment in them. Those are told Hernandez to project the patriots to the director of security to get in new residents. Bias seemed upset the patriots for not taking Hernandez's trade request seriously. He says quote how they've taken it seriously how would things have worked out. By his blast Belichick and the patriots owner Robert Kraft for rushing to judgment and releasing Hernandez as soon as he was arrested. You're innocent until proven guilty in this country but not that organization. Fold. I'm divided as the out Casey Anthony attorney yeah of course hot. Bolt. Telecheck kind of saying he's a murder. Kind. Like not directly but he's basically saying he's responsible for murder. Which is bolt. Stop it till the file console. Funny only do you not only to only see you. Own. I don't think oh under the normally hear on the say that the pages could have prevented murderer and Jesus must simply couldn't have. So good you know I guess Belichick for sticking up for. Your investment in air Hernandez. And that's that should twist that bias put on this. I'd say that is something. Anyway at a Gazprom today to the media. Of things of note accorded to Joshi had about a partner accord Adam gaze still can't catch a ball. And doesn't want take a step back mentally I don't know what step he's out to actually be able to go backwards. But doesn't like take a step backwards. So there's that. On the good note he does say Kiko Alonso Robbie stocked up. And. Is there any form I would like. I don't like. Thrown a couple of LB's stock up LeRoy. That's what's going downhill right now to learn 35 towns. It is it does one relate you would think that there would have said at some point to go get. More Jack I here's the thing is you know IOC Keiko doing. The intimacy like you feel like he goes doing the the big power lifting he likes his body elected to be that lean mean machine it's okay he can't cover anybody that some tight ends when. Nobody. You get what you doing doing. Plane turned on I got turtles me you know we all got it sent when we didn't start playing it just randomly. Do you have the raptors from dress apart crowded here the raptors from draws lots raptors according to. Who. I want to documentary on this and this but he said that that does sound they had turtles mating yes to that sent the audio engineer to go get a Mike up but to eternal something. Here's the rough different Jurassic Park. Yet own a trivia question. Sound like one. Somebody asked what cigarette. Cumulative total to make sound so I'm. Robbie lady. And. In total bring in the under. I am I used to be a lot especially walks. Yeah. Well that may have been edited for time that it did that get on to live if you can just get on with it. That's really it didn't Obama. Pulled out. So. I'm here. I'm supposed to be brought to the conclusion. That somebody is wrestlers Milan some other noted that one's first and I'm led to believe that some or sitting I need park. Heard two turtles go to town and each other. And as like. That's the sound that's the loss dropped out to look at your my raptor. And then they had to go get a recorder. Make sure it was still turtle mating season in the turtles were in the mood. So they can get the sound they needed. To get this. And. Crow like one of them is gonna start latins OK so here Gary rides from grew. Won two Academy Award for sound design and mixing and sound guy's desk and make no isn't. Before that movie. Explain it's somewhat embarrassing but when the raptors bark at each other to communicate it to Taurus having sex. It's a meeting tortoise. I recorded that at marine world the people there said would you like to record these two tortoises that are made and I should yes. I mean. That's crazy. I ever see those dead things move eightieth it's currently there are always very far away from each other. Does it would have any era so does the video all of them yeah obviously it right now these turtles are. Retreat this you guys consider out street journal's Nadine yeah of course I Britain's court Tobin that's evident in the ticket you guys to see two turtles mating. Do tortoises excuse me door I don't wanna sell anybody short. You know why. We chuckle out of these tortoises but he's pretty flexible. I don't how to. All happened with the shell on the way. I. What. It's like Hampshire doesn't go all the way but those images. You got yet I mean. The way out like to file a complaint could this iguana keeps taken a double trouble mudge who's watching him there. I'm down undoubtedly went. Austria and iguanas are boy Tyrone spong is going to be incident this week. There's yet Thursday right he is he is he is one of the guys the original iguana hunters. Though we've seen with the real Tarzan celery and ask him what's the best way to go about that's. He's returned action in and a month so it was Bombay my. Well let me tell you it if you wanted to make real money can certainly is on radio. Just come to my neighborhood because they all complain about the eagle on the crisis counseling written T ten insulin Arabia. Brought into the velocity and I just. I need to hear that again. While more time. Bagram. Could this little laughter and you'll hear it. So does she ever Chelsea's horses in an ago. Really I that's that's a crazy job would horses sound like you've been there for that. It's a lot of. Like taking involves that didn't. Yeah ammunition and on into it. Now let's lay it up with the motto that you leave the tees are horse you know mission she's raring to go right week to discuss the full offer this. Poor bastard. Like dvds and more volatile and it's a rough life and fate lets job nothing but nothing but get an exciting coal memory never opposed that effort to get. Instead what wears housing gonna make love he's a little guy they can't find leg a friend for him. Always he's got I first of all. You need to make sure that he's always there and go lucky got to make sure that he's always had done that otherwise if all the sudden he satisfied he's a statement. Are closer to losing heat today. And then you lose the purpose of the teaser. So you gotta make sure they always keep them on edge so we can begin. Deduce whether or not a leader John I do is kick him a lack of news. Oh we well they basically get up. The way you know. Well. No worse. The female horse skipped up against the law and the female horses in the stall all right right. In the witnessed all this is about. Is you've got the walls and then there's a little cut out area so you take the glory. Glory but it's a rover. And technical. October. When I put when he put clothes hidden on the wall. You do was go on form lady horse. In India to take him away get the other horse and know that new to you took her to the to the stud area. Follow so and the study area looks like thunder dome editors. It is it's almost like the grand Roman arena. It's it's a giant barn. With with with with the dirt bottom. And the like are all here in case something goes awry there's plenty of space. But also it's like role here to see this grand. Gesture otherwise coming together Lily rose petals now well now a decorated nicely no wind. Want Linda Mason scandal has sometimes that Fay horse business Dodd refuses maybe you'll busy that day. Maybe he's just not in the mood maybe finds it hurt mean ugly pig horse around. That it is the breeders' job became a father. Make sure that these studies are ready to roll. But typically. Well that's that's that's that's the root team you know errors like once once the study is is broken and it doesn't do. He goes on to take their business. Valued at military generals are purple pill. Not important blue pill own style appropriate for the radio even horses don't turn to action. They don't rob me. Of NATO. Did its accident as exit. Arm. North the other horse also of the good life he's got a he's got a nice Susanna stall. Got a beautiful field oats. Does does there's really nothing has really enough to adjust to that. The horses don't wanna keep the I think it has this down in the morning after junior McCormick and eaten taco bill Rowe I'm telling you. Ounce oh a poll showed by the school. Of look at us as natural until you debts like. That's just saying I have some alcohol. Yet it it it basically affiliated it it could clean flash. Good thing about buck or two no carts yeah oh yeah that's great no cars you wanna know why did you yacht in an all out. That's why it was gonna turn urine test and inside out. Whose is straight fire is. Fine. Just realized I. After that test. I'm really not an empire. No bucket list I know like the Russians angrily called vodka straight. 'cause my sister was one do you think gore looks vodka oh my goodness course. Eric duties like Lisa and Lisa. I hit flowing called these looked good. In if you give me McCormick's. Iowa gives committee at CNET cellphone Indians and cleared tenor ten year old tunes into you talking about Porsche predicted. Suppose you know regular phone. Good. Think Gonzales and expressed its boot you're gonna have to tell that that young and shift. And now we're not on the pastime anymore. That's you have to do a luge sneeze she's here our plan as we speak anyway. We need to recover quite frankly vaguely is Lira Lyris ten year old daughters was of the entire or sex segment. And and were just flustered sell quite frankly we're gonna reach where re calibrate would take a commercial break and we back after the us. I'll welcome back everybody it's still there and it's. Ourselves. Kind of. But Rebecca. Terms. So odds are this. Matt Barnes making fun of march I was seven man boobs tell you guys I'd heard that and Mario Chalmers took himself today pregnancy photo. With his lady. Yes there are expected and she is with child. And up Matt Barnes. Tells them and Gretzky broke. A senior care in the milk for her. And I mean. Man Morris sellers can't stop it getting dumped on nonstop. Would you maybe it was the judicial has turned a picture. Well and stats you. Why wouldn't matter I just home. Now McCain's. Spend a similar Witten clips. Understand. Why wouldn't but take my sure I'll take a picture. I'm just asking for but if you took professional maternity coming ever taken a professional pitcher. Ever ever knighted for your wedding oh it's oh you did a truly a football Carter something to win. Now is surf for media got to lay it team photo for media today eighteen okay yet like that's it. I'm sure about like that I'm sure you have real cooperative for media day. It's I'm LeRoy I hate you. Know though I was very easy to get along with. As. A once said. Is just did you have to be held accountable for what comes out of your mob I do so I'll hold people can't there's nothing wrong with debt and that's not being difficult. Let these loses it jocks socks and that whole paerson who has run in the phones. You've been awarded to people still sir yeah I was speaker media name's Anthony told him only two guys. Redmond needs to turn on the free to live real option. Oh really what would be the first business it has to do this online. John it's crazy. Never heard of such that every place but has the free shipping order it rolls over me immediately. Well I can just floated for a this one issue refund your website and fixed the glitch. Don't know what things are out of stock no you don't automatically turn over what people spent over fifty bucks. You don't Obama's website fixed thing when Harrison. Perry I would just like enhance the hell out of him and about as I didn't find them. Own home. Google. Zone and is on. Wow you or over attitude to have their tutor chancellor at the ballpark over over. The entire game. Yeah yeah over how Obama knows a three separate us from Spain though it's one on Biscayne. Is he knows that decoys. If he plays. Bill of an Arab who was trying to play coursing mightily toward the two teams because he's got a tight pinching he's been teaching and obviously the field tell you right now understand that samples the LeBron move with a stake injury. I'm losing a lot of respect for him oddly finale I'm not gonna follow zones on it and manually doing your management Julia you know what he says he's gonna. As a real jerks a man of principle to lacked integrity yet you have no friends don't let integrity I got I got more integrity than the three you guys combined women. That now Iraq Robby has lots of integrity I've Morton in the two you guys combined. And I don't like the fact that just 'cause I didn't block the Miami Heat on Twitter for their. Horrible. Social media campaign flub. That I should be have my integrity questions I have eat the street bird on national television I have jumped into a pool and only his Speedo. I have an audio worked out. In a suit I have dressed like a bumblebee. I've done at all well let's not forget the old keg room well. I lost a bet to Australian parliament member Tim watts. He's that remembers it was terrible. Cut through all bets are there was an apology and you do it live on the air. There's apology in the meantime by the heat marketing team so much what to do just hold a grudge forever I'm not that I. A mother and O'Donnell's grudge. And get things you really. You. Let things go you've got over the fact LeBron not saying thank you in going back to Cleveland is different stiffer. They were wrong to me are right. He did a lot of rights for me this is the slip up LeBron was Lleyton deception. And so that that has bigger consequences. Sea brat bigotry is is is taken on a case like this basic history here Gregory. Ref bigotry. Olympic return to sound like Ingle rat factory known at rest victory is like and acts rest bigotry is behavior. It's different style everything different news night is different I don't. Against that you kind of runs W regular words again not rest bigotry is Taylor in the case by case that he Ngo life. Noble causes a spelling didn't know what you're what you wanna use the New York the word abortion don't. Here are right at the point is. Everything's case by case basis you would like to make everything black and white and that's like yours guys that's what has always in the boxes and our that's why this happens. When you when you when you live life like me gritty. You know through through the dimensions. Then. You can you can you can slacks. When things need to really really be pressed down. And what you can with such a little bit and so with the heat situation. I didn't block them they apologize they don't go behind me. What LeBron left with blatant deception on Pat Riley. Not so much so that consequences. And thus the Pope was divorced. Sister Jean is 99 years old today. Still may Arianna it's. About 49 more years. Does go through me like you're daily visited Goodyear though uses this as good as tosses him again. No nine laid low hill is not getting dole do that again other. Now. It was silly to do the sister Jean gimmicks going to be. Old at that will literally been edited it and played out. All the same man than me she was born in like 1918. Yeah yeah. Well. I know Jean none. Actually two basketball none of these hack than that I had back in the day. One button on the throw that threw a curveball is it weight is out. So that we should game bulge in the bowl for all four buys them was a ringer. You know there's no way to. Form any tricks with the ball totally believe it now now that on that none had gained. You should team because she was a softball ringer now I love my. Both of birdies slip that she's a woman and lord let it slip anchorman and it's. Which you leave our own that the no provided is well. Is that none which is a nasty hammer. Bent up and she wouldn't. Take doctrine. Is. A movie knows quite in those quite enjoyable believe in there and elegant. Crazy. Yeah but gig of resistant genes to hire around awesome. She's the pick and I really Italy he has questioned my integrity. I have his integrity I and quite frankly has proven right there with the vodka thing. Does that mean low. You're not Iowa is distinct difference between school. In it but there were two bad vodka as you go until I noted. Now McCormick. McCorkle a fifty cents more ice at McCormick shot. You know I hope we in the schools suck then. It's only the first imitate some school that was two year. Yeah he has been talking about it go to to have today's siege is so little opinions on the whale. That's how bad that Lewis is finally it was a little baby shot. You also betrayed and beware of Saddam's heir to. If we the and felt the Simpsons Credo past. I dispute the Nazis and a nice way not good I dispute BC's comment on right now and I don't mean variant. In those guys. AMD. And he wasn't in the BP's duty is to others you just broke. Yeah really and name to. What are BJ that's related but not. Correct the accident I promise you there but it Boone Junco sins and I. No cheater. Jeter. Got a great that the deck is revenues. Aren't just an. He's that slick movers or roads or code didn't wanna be here you wanna be part of the rebuild I know you'll get to do that but I know. How far do you see that well so far we. I think he might strike out twice. Because he's trying to heated as. The ever get a baseball he's trying to break the break the scoreboard again oh. Done via the BG's were Barry Robin and Maurice and he was that put the eight. Like I am worries. There Australia right. I yes Australia OK a bigger opening than I did OK so dead there's exceptions to their rule. You know go walk around the streets of Miami and somebody says Yemen and all the blow. I don't think so good MO. Where I mean Maurice Cheeks. Mo cheeks it makes sense for a black Maurice Como doesn't make sensor. English Australia we call Maureen Malo. Let's vote when we did. And it ought to what degree of ice. Snow via I don't serious those boxes are wrapped up and yet. It's OK amber has you in a box sufferer and modest 400 for being a rat thank. No I'm not in a box she's boxed in the also went down that she got very mad at me today. Because I I cut to a flame thrower to lawyers and lawyer. He had does that effect and I just think that I can do it it's not that bush would she practices you fight the law and you won I did. And that's it drives you nuts is that I always when these arguments. We wrote listens he knows. I'm constantly putting her she has no it's coming right she feels she feels like she's she has not figured out. Where you go in Indy you've actually and I can see the smile on his face during a radio and she's just. Did that argumentative mood in he's just worked in network and their work and you're dead. Initiatives. And you smacked you in about Jesus and how to build your hijinks right so I but this is it a professional environment is as radio and it kind of doesn't help. That they can't see your face. Today she could and I was sitting right there. Over when he I don't know I did that they were at work or school down like this because like yet because we knew we hear bleep leading grain that leg you know. Oh yeah you're gonna play. Yeah your boys as a black money cited her. Hey we're gonna do when we're done about one this year and a half to gonna to blocked about. Yeah you have to definite on that yet again you get rid of the rated come out. Yeah to enter a password. And take oil transit bus us in order for him to download anything has to give permission from my life have I mean. And then my wife has fully hit a button and then whatever ma man. I'm nuts but you know we heard enough about tortoise is made in an horses study it and here's what kids don't stay via context. True. Where spike up my glory hole comment. Wouldn't. It was bigger weird audio as tomorrow.