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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Beta and filling in for Josh Friedman. Over Brazil well I sit every time on the air because legitimately. And January hoping to restore wanna hold her resume better than. So hyped and Aleman fifth floor a roller coaster ride we've been on since this morning really go into all the details on that. In just a moment if you wanna get ball macabre. 079. It's always interest thing in the world of sports talk radio. Regarding you know come up with topics were discussed but some days you just kind of know. Because developments occur with the right tea which route to new details in a moment that's closed at its. Yet today when I when I saw the story very. Come IA immediately thought man heat season might be getting started really early down here front and mail presents serious knee injury because. Yeah I mean depression with Sanford almost as I'm sure this is in this series and we still don't know I know there's been reports and said. Initially that it wasn't that serious what does arm on the sub your reporter for The Herald he's not a woods. No so let's let's give everybody the way it is just tuning in and you know that Ryan tanning hill. Suffered any injuries so here's the scenario this morning dolphins are practicing. And Ryan ten notice plus some of pocket he's rolling to his right in Dominic consumers bearing down on him. And of course is that the red Jersey Gaza was gonna touch him but he gets near the sideline. Plants his left lane and all of a sudden the needs his buckles and we saw this because of video surfaced a couple of hours after the fact. He falls over he's down for 45 seconds to a minute. Everybody's surrounding him and the trainers are there if he's able to get up walk under his own power. Into the facility with the medical staff with him which is seen any football practice he never won a seat as a matter of Ritz camera I was there on Monday when. It was ended up being a concussion but. The team gathered together after practice which the only other time that's happened so far training camp Manny is when dream on green addressed. The team on Sunday knew she was there in and spoke to them otherwise they have an all done together. Adam gates apparently according to players coming up the field speaking to local media told them not to say anything about ten hill's injury. So of course every disaster materials injury that's all anybody cared about armed some players didn't mention though that they're praying for Ryan ten -- zone we then have. A few hour period where that's really all we know the video surfaces. And we hear prayers are there and of course there is assuming the worst and this is probably the worst time. To be monitoring social media because everybody's jumping to this conclusion that conclusion perhaps the worst case scenario. But we found out at about 4 o'clock this afternoon according to multiple reports. And no hyper extended his right. On his left knee put sustained no structural damage this according to the MRI this is according to multiple sources. However not long after that report came out as you just referenced are models so Darrell the Miami Herald. Said this about read from his report Ryan tales MRI this afternoon to determine the extent of his new. Left knee injury proved inconclusive requiring further study in all options remain on the table for multiple sources. That means that in the worst case scenario it could still be determined at ten he'll need surgery on his left knee. It can also mean however that the quarterback could once again avoid surgery. And find a way to get back on the field do sees. He says reports detailed basically got a clean bill of health from the MRI are not corrected this time because further examination that MRI. May give a specialist Paul it's. This look Armando says sprint and you know that's pretty self explanatory. So where in this no man's land of sorts where I think some people were initially reacting that okay. Did dodge a bullet it's not the worst case scenario because this is the same knee that Ryan sandy hill. Left the cardinals game last year because he got the direct hit from players Campbell missed the rest of the season and it was determined after that date he had a us reign of the ACL Meehan CO which is as slight tear when he decided not to get the reconstructive surgery. And just. Opted to. Go through did the healing process naturally had a stem cell procedure but other than that. He has said everything was fine so. Mary I know that there's nothing that's definitive here but certainly it eggs all sorts of questions should you had. The surgery before and maybe we wouldn't even be here at this point. Is this completely different. Injury that may have happened otherwise it has nothing to do with the previous injury. Or are we talking about them if the worst case scenario that Armando points out here or some of them needing to sign a new quarterback these as Matt Morris team now mean. We can go and number of different directions which we will do throughout the course of the season. Well listen I've covers abortion Torrie two years now and any time somebody goes for a second opinion and the first MRIs inconclusive. Usually the results are not good the second results are. I really just to confirm that the first results weren't good so. I'm worried I'm worried for the dolphins are more for Tim hill and you know it that you watch the video which has been circulating as you said. And it looks terrible the guys makes a move and also in just balls completely crumbles. To the ground. And you know just having. Recovered. From that same injury last year. It just it feels like. Either today you can heal correctly. Or beat. You push to have the surgery is everything I've been told in the past when guys you know the redo the surgeries because you want. To to fully heal it you know you don't you don't wanna just. Sort of passed Bassett if there is certain word perfect but. Having surgery that's that's been my expert. And yet you cover all the different sports all sorts of injuries and that then makes a whole lot of sense of well we're gonna hear in just a moment from a couple of people Clyde Christensen. The offensive coordinator who by the way there would also kind of made this a murky situation today is that Adam gays in this was pre planned wasn't. Spoelstra address the media I mean he has been addressed the media after every single practice. They sit today and tomorrow they're gonna have the didn't today the operatives is in coaches tomorrow the defensive assistant coaches in the buildup to this scrimmage we states where it's on Saturday are rocked stadium. Of course the one days so far training camp the head coach doesn't address the media is only got this potentially calamitous injury scenario you can't get any. Our clarity on that went Clyde Christensen did talk about it Serena hear from him in a moment also we're gonna hear. We're right Tammy hill had to say on day one of training camp in just a moment moved forward it's all of that let's go to one span. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. We'll start with today's big news of man and are just discussing dolphins quarterback Brian ten hill injured his left knee during 18 drill this morning a practice. And there are conflicting report. Worst regarding his status according to multiple outlets seized the hyper extended to me put sustain no structural damage however. Mono so bureau of the Miami Herald says that the results of tales MRI were inconclusive. Mean it's an know may still need surgery but also. Could avoid a procedure be back on the field this season Albert rear of the MM QB sister and you will get a second opinion. On the knee rule update she was more information becomes available. Other injury news accorded the herald's Barry Jackson the dolphins fear that offensive guard Ted Larsen has a torn biceps and could miss. Extensive extensive time. Elsewhere in the NFL the cowboys and cardinals and ticked off the pre season during tonight's hall of fame game from can. That contest is set to begin at 8 o'clock. The college football or the pre season coaches poll was released today in the Miami Hurricanes are ranked number eighteen. Elsewhere around the state Florida's two spots ahead of McCain's its sixteenth while Florida State is number three. Alabama as a pre season number one followed by Ohio State the seminoles USC and Clemson to round out the top five. And finally in baseball the Marlins had a day off before beginning a weekend series in Atlanta. Tomorrow night and those are your headline it's so we are gonna talk some minor diesel but later Susan Miller Dayton and who does a great job covering. Detains for the Miami hear will join us. Later in the 8 o'clock hour about 835 B forty Rossi had talked about this ten in a situation about the whole frames. Some ceremonies this weekend we go Jimmy puppy that's coming up at 815 the former dolphins great wide receiver as he's going to can easily be tomorrow. To be up there which Jason Taylor's he gets inducted which is gonna be a special moment for all dolphins fans so we'll talk about all of that it. Let's focus back in on now ranked ten hill for a moment and maybe you just referenced dead. Based on everything you've been around in terms of injuries in sports that you you're better off having the surgery did not in and listen. You would I don't have medical backgrounds. And I know that the the medical staff of the dolphins and whoever else ten ill talk to I'm sure you know. This is what they do so I'm sure they think they made the right decision but just for perspective here this is right ten and allowed to say date wanna trainee can't. So boo boos of the 27. He comes in and to get an idea where his head was at in regards to his knee this is how he addressed a question about how he was feeling on the left knee was doing in practice the slowness. He is really good is really good I haven't had any changes since the spring so let's hope to see string them so so far really well. And right now it odd that the just anymore I. Those monies go to yeah. Enough it's. It's an attorney right now I'd be good doing injury like that first time it's a process for me but. The building everyone around me who supported me throughout that whole process and brought in the guy you're doing you know. So I was just over a week ago happier times every right to an assailant told that to me you know great news joking about his name. Well I think part of that too is it deep down inside by defending the decision not to have surgery because you know he's part of that process obviously me and we don't know the story we don't right now. Specifically said I don't want to have surgery let's go to southern route back could've been the case maybe he said. Instead of having the surgery maybe taking a little longer to come back I wanna be ready for the start it can't be ready for the start of season right away. And that was an option and so to meet. Look at me and we talked about earlier the dolphins have doctors to have the specialists I'm sure he got plenty of opinions. On the matter but the fact is he didn't have the surgery. We would have the surgery you might not be in the situation. So I'm not sure if we question the medical staff fear horror is what's your alluding to many may be used his headstrong about it and says if if these are two viable options. Andy you're telling me I can not one of the knife and still potentially come back. Healthy and normal then maybe was him overriding any medical opinion that he received. Either way it's opening up the door for us to release question. This situation in the decision making process. Regarding the knee. Armed units upon entering their games of last season he's been wearing this knee brace ever since which if you saw the video you can see. That was indeed. A balk old. It also a no bit at a decent speak when. One of the big questions that popped up ms. what was the reaction. From the players and the people who were there Clyde Christensen the opera it's coordinator. Address the media at this morning following practice and listen in here is a tough spot because I'm sure when they told me his address the media before all this happened that he just assumed. Eight will talk to those golf bands no big deal on a material injury happened so this is what he said the mindset was of everybody involved wants to and it went down. Initial reaction is just say OK next man up and you got to just keep going keep guys going you can't let air more out of practice and that's football that's gonna happen somewhere in this. Season is gonna happen somewhere in the game and and so part of it is just get right reactionary back in the huddle you know that the game doesn't stop and he's going to the next play we go and and obviously my personal. I think his boy I sure hope it isn't serious. I think it was probably more of the latter overall right now because they pay a lot of many like I understand. Football specially all the sports I mean you have to become numb to the idea that one you could get injured into your teammates who did injure because inevitably it's going to happen. So you have to have that next man up mindset but when you talk about the franchise quarterback that's a completely different situation isn't. Yet the deep down inside Christiansen was sweating he didn't know what to do uses like I gotta I gotta go to my company Lima company quote and use it and that's what he did in. I'm sure he right now he's dying inside he's even though. The dolphins made the playoffs last year they had a fabulous run there for awhile. And in the end they were they finished goods you know edit season and this is going to be the next step coming back with Bryant and a Hillis second year in Gates's system. And now you're in danger of losing all that we're talking off there before the show about the is that this is a serious injury and he's going to be out a significant amount of time it's a you know 34 of the season the very least. As a as a franchise to the dolphins now look at the quarterback position to say hey we gotta go out and get somebody else and and Disney might not ever be the same those questions that I think have to be bouncing the heads of people on the front office of the golf. Lots of questions your right many different topics that are being broached now our get a text about this so WP OG. Had video from scanning a showing him walking back into the front of the facility. Hours after he sustained the injury. And so it it it was interesting to see that he was walking on his own he had a sleeve on his left knee. Again in this is just from watching video where it looked like he was walking pretty well maybe there's a slight limp in the step went. I'm gonna get your paleness and among many but not what I would rate weed this out earlier in one would have always remember when it comes ACL injuries. Is I remember being at the stadium covering a dolphins game during that ill fated one to fifteen season. Of the road record setting patriots were in town and a one hour 4928. New is a brutal erotic brows that one the only adult prisons have a good year. And in that game he towards ACL it was after an interception use trying to tackle the interceptor any tore his ACL. And in the moment we didn't know that was the severity of the injury. Because after it was down you literally walked off right in in the locker room after the game he said. Now I mean I can put. Pressure on it I can walk fine no issues and we find out a day or two later the Tories EC also I would just tell everybody that yeah you can watch is sort of video but it doesn't usually tell the whole store. No body language doesn't and and I think more than anything I what I take away from it was caught me as soon as he went to make that putt. He crumbled to the ground to me that has to do that again I'm a doctor but of watching a football been around enough. Having covered leaders demand for years. When you see somebody who coming off of a knee injury serious knee injury the season for them to have. That's sort of reaction where they hit the ground and they need just crumple to me that has that that that's spells of payers. Or or or the need just not being structurally strong enough to handle like. Guys don't just fall down like that if there's something wrong with the knee that's doesn't have things that happened. Whether or not he walked off runners on power that's to me that's does matter because you like you said I've seen plenty of athletes here and ACL. You know rip their Achilles and walked off the fee you know also. I wouldn't read too much into the video as far as him walking off I think it has more to do with the way he felt that to me as soon as I saw us that this is bad. Well and also basic question that even if he gets past this width. You know it's our worst case scenario maybe there's there's a hyper extension. And he's going to be able to come back meaning for the sort of the season to about five weeks until that. You still have to wonder into your point about looking big picture the quarterback position will this be lingering problem or. Because it it could just be another cut it could be don't direct hit and I know that you can argue that anybody in the NFL. They take I hit to a knee or they make a wrong cut mean this can happen anybody so I don't wanna make it seem like this just ranked ten it'll. But with the history there are now. It it does make you think oh my god actually what are they gonna do because everybody is relying on him. When it comes to the dolphins. Building on that ten win season last year. Yeah and he's point nine years old. You know if he ends up missing this season at least thirty or in the next year having back to back serious knee injuries. And you know the dolphins to me at this point you gotta sort of look at the quarterback position in general. Do you start looking at draft picks you know potentially draft in the back of your memoirs and the answer we know that he's he's the backup. Do you go out and take a risk on a guy like Colin cabernet. Who nobody seems to wanna sign that obviously has talent still. Young and he's two point nine himself so. I don't know I don't know what the right answer is but if on the dolphins on digging and guessing plan B right now you can't just say no will Ryans are quarterback produced in away from the comeback. I think you have to start making plans for plan B or at least have some sort of fallback plan if this turns out to be really about it. Or open this up to our audience and noted there's been I've been surveying the landscape of social media so I know the people passion about this. And our interest in one way or the other depending on the outcome. Of this next MRI for Ryan tenable what do you think of the dolphins' current quarterback situation may just mentioned. Net more pollen Kaplan it covered Jay Cutler's name Wu did and all of those options are more dates or come back would you wanna join the conversation. Please do 786360079. In the ball line 786. Receive 0079 he can also Texas show at 6797467974. We're just getting started that's made a bar on Greg likens filled in for Josh Freeman would back Brett this on some united detect. Good tickets and public were shopping is a pleasure to present memorial family. Event Friday September 15 from seven to 10 PM at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Expectant and new terrorist enjoyed evening bill would activities. Learn about the latest products for their growing families exclusive discounts celebrity photo ops and chances to win amazing prizes. Sponsored by AT&T air conditioning official sponsor of the storybook photos station. For tickets or more of full log onto the ticket Miami. Dot com. Welcome back here's another ticket Greg likened to a few alongside my hero Manny Navarro was were filling in for Josh Freeman tonight. Ovaries do well we've been. Talking all about Ryan Tammy hill the latest sweep these injured left knee and non contact scenario. This morning in practice again we've got conflicting reports. Initially we heard. There was a sneak. Hyper extension of that left neighbor no structural damage however models so Carroll is saying parents. Sets in and out of the woods yet at that sounds fine by. It could go one way or the other could be a very serious. Season ending type injury it could be what everybody's describing but there it appears is going to be another MRI and it takes place so. We've been talking about that and really take your phone calls its people waiting by patiently arm but as many alluded to before the break. Now you have to look at the quarterback situation so Matt Moore. He came in and action it nice job for a entailed the end of last year and he went to win one of the regular season eight touchdowns as three interceptions. Nobody on the dolphins had a very good showing in the playoff game so not to blame him for that and I don't blame the entire team it was a bad performance being EB injuries on defense certainly caught up to them in a big way. Tom put more over the course his career fifteen and thirteen as a starter. And has stayed with this dolphins organization originally came in 2011. Chad Henne went down. Yet of going six and six is starters that year was named the team's MVP so he's he's done some nice work for the stall and steam is where very well respected. I can tell you it has a leadership voice in the locker room so they need him to step in. You know he'll be ready to go on Adam gays like some as well. However. This does bring up the topic of what other quarterbacks could they potentially go after because they don't be away from Brandon dowdy and David fails and at the quarterbacks on the roster. I the details gonna miss extended time. And there are some other names that they're gonna have to look at and of course Colin Capp Rick has been not how one. On Jay Cutler even though he has retired. And is now an analyst for the NFL on fox even though as a calling game yet right his name keeps being brought up because he and Adam days. Worked together in Chicago reaction very nice season for Adam gates by your by his standards. With the bears a year they were together. For Tony romo's name mentioned today rob Parker in the third. Would you think about all of these quarterbacks who were potentially available gimmick did. Romo in Cutler have other jobs so that's no guarantee but he got a maverick who's been a hot button topic Robert group in the third who has the least the name value. We think many about the dolphins exploring other options. Well to mean they obviously the two older guys. You know you'd have to convince him to come back and play I think you could probably get it done with Cutler because of his history with with gates put. We saw Cutler last season and a bad Chicago Bears team and you know to me. The exciting players cabernet it's sixteen touchdowns four receptions last year. I know is that all the controversy surrounding him what to meet easy she option was out there. Who you don't have to commit to. Long term he could give them a year contract and just let him see what he does if if the injury to ten in most serious of these offers a living in my time. Would you prefer to see Matt Moore under center a potentially one of those other guys have Matt Moore goes down. Or or would you as a dolphins and be excited. At the prospect of giving and got like Colin cavern when he nine. A chance who's been to the Super Bowl with that could 49ers team. Giving him a chance to run this team and you know it's early in camp. Embracing the pre season game we I think it's more than enough time regarding their car cavern can have a ready for we want during the season. The interesting thing about this is that I think you know from afar we've all looked at the tampering situation I at least have city. Whenever the injury occurs it's a back recur for team out there the team will take a chance on cap. On I know that every time. Another quarterback is signed by Capra Nate it becomes a story people react to it. But I I didn't think Manny that we do have this conversation about the dolphins and no I said that I don't know if there's 32 NFL teams I thought if there's a need. Decimating injuries to somebody's quarterback in capita could be in the equation. But just to give you an idea of two connecting the dots juicy Anderson from ESPN tweet out earlier today. They tapper and its name has been brought up within the dolphins' front office as a potential insurance option at the position. And then another. Piece of information for everybody. This was a story that kind of went under the radar this offseason but Archie Manning was interviewed. And he said that Adam gays contacted Peyton Manning after tales injury last year was a cardinals game ended. Jason was put a field around that so for as much as you know I say good things on Matt Moore I think got a gaze has competence in him it's not a little rumble possibility for him to explore other options just wanna put that is of some perspective. Now the thing with happening is that. Yes he's polarizing and he's been a hot button topic and I don't think it's all banned because of him kneeling during the National Anthem. But also as a relates to the South Florida connection and he was wearing the Malcolm make sure that had a picture Fidel Castro on it Armond hill had a package for them on a conference call the week of the dolphins 49ers game. And he didn't seem to have his information down or series sensitive whatsoever. Everything that Fidel Castro was done to the people Cuba and of course what that means for the people's South Florida were so connected to. At least not the first got to make some offensive. Statements. About Fidel Castro here and there and if you guys remember them all Ozzie Guillen incident commander of the Marlins so. Look people can recover from from dumb comments. And in car cavern X case I think there's too much talent to be had there. And and it's pretty clear to me that every team in the NFL this point I didn't believe it necessarily believe it last year when I do now having seen. Some of the quarterbacks that have been signed and how he's remained out there the this is a concerted effort by the owners not to have them on the team Stephen Ross on the other hand. If you remember him Indy. Things he said about covered it in the past and room regarding players taking any during the anthem he wasn't necessarily critical of of them so. I think as far as ownership concern I think they would be more willing to take a chance on cavernous maybe than some of the franchise so. Look I I know there's lot of people out there that don't like car covered it for those reasons. And knobs in the text line we've got a few texts. From from listeners who who obviously don't like count for those reasons but. If you're the dolphins you're trying to win games this year you don't wanna just through the season in the garbage can trying to and a hell seriously injured. I don't think you can go to federal seasonal memoir I think you need to bring somebody in Matt Moore to find baca he can win you a handful of games a year as a back up. But he's not gonna take you through a sixteen games in the schedule and Obama dolphins fan. I'd say go out and they can't predict he's 29 he's in the prime of his career. He's not gonna cost a ton of money you don't have to make has become immature and so. Low risk high reward. Well you mentioned Stephen Ross having commentary about Capra and hear from him in a few minutes so what he had to say X in the first aid training camp went let's go to the phone lines may get some people been waiting by patiently 78636007. On if you wanna get ball in the conversation. Half predict Cutler Matt Moore who do you wanna see play quarterback if again if I don't wanna make this is definitive thing if Bryant ten Il. Doesn't recover from this latest knee injury was go first of Miami where rod is standing by Rodgers thanks for the phone call are doing tonight. Hey thanks for taking my call. I like to say I agree on the the cap projecting a feel that if they are so much controversy born now over the amp. It will start just a bigger controversy. Within the organization and the fans will start. Not going to the game well because of the whole Castro thing and that's not good furthermore for the dolphins all new stadium renovations. The only word that happening at this Steven. Lost want to do something messed up on his way out because from. What I read he was on his way out as an owner of the making himself achieved because you voted against a status. But. As far as comical thing Portland beat us. Restaurants owns. I don't I never anything like that I don't think Stephen Ross used being pushed out whatsoever. And the fact I don't know if voters against the big it is but that that's why he voted against that because he actually put up his own 500 million dollars to. Renovate the stadium here and I painted there or is it is it is a principal in place where. He feels is very important to keep teams in their hometowns and have some history there but I don't think. By any means that they're there try to force him out and I'd say yeah doctors and himself between. But that's not happening so. Anyway I'm gonna let you riots in. That's it would be different. Topic right. Yeah at a at a I don't know where you go without put I guess it again there's a lot of people down here who just don't. Don't like California I think who who still would be offended by the situation and the dolphins were assigned a that said I'm sure the moment he starts winning games they're gonna have about that and how this family usually is. If your winner and not just this fan base but any fan base when you got somebody who comes in wins games. Our forgiveness to sort of happens in sports so. I agree review in I don't think it South Florida I think it's sports fans in general now who June. Carrick tries sophomore sports fans you know may be errors more into winners than other places I don't we don't need to go down that road necessarily tonight. Complex I don't think from most sports fans mean what she's a pileup the w.s Syria and a nice stats then even if there's something that worries. Controversial. Borderline offensive that you tend to overlook that pretty easily if the product on the field is gonna. You know question and look at other guys who come back from mistakes and in their career. Michael Vick. You do baseball the guys who were caught with steroids and then you know the fact they were to come back from suspensions and so forth and people make mistakes. And and then coming back from major Peterson the whole scandal with the sun. You know I I distinct. I understand cavern it was a big issue last year bit. As some invitations went out he did say he's not gonna pick meaning more than taking the sort of political stances that are sort of bond for him. He's really focused on football and he can help you win as a dolphins fan I'm taken that over sixteen games and Matt Moore and that's not a disrespect meant more it's just. The season's just getting started and the last thing I wanna hear is that my starting quarterback to be done for the year. Certainly unique in that it would blitzer way to start the month of August of data that is the case let's go to homestead were Eddie's been standing by any expert on the show are you doing tonight. Said get up there on our first and I'm glad you're insulted what you are saying. That you'd acute I'm two grammar and MI cram it up everything Cuba. Seven murder kill nobody capture what are that we're just gonna put yet. What happened or what he static. Because people don't have been restarted. It the ball inside cap when he eat it might even tickets could buy. On my money back and upload not only about needing a the national map is what talks. Economic seen that the cops simply so and so and in and the anomaly here they're eating not nor the cast reporter who don't believe in North Korea. David in particular America but you can cure all or any device to find out anything or anybody. They base of the phone call pursued you Telus I don't know. Here's the thing Eddie I don't think it made our were trying to speak for you or anybody out there I think that we were speaking in generalities it. Sip quickly fan base and not every single person individually but typically fan base. Looks pasts some egregious errors from an individual from a team if there's a winning product on the field with that being said. I think there are people in our audience right now Manny and I feel like Eddie does speakers. Bit. If there's ever been a sensitive subject to the PeopleSoft portal rightfully so. It's issues with Castro in Cuba and we can understand completely why so Asia's voice his opinion he said that the dolphins signed him. He's dangerous season tickets. Well listen I'm Cuban American my parents. We're born in Cuba actually wrote a column the day cap extradited and what it meant to my family. And how for me. You know I I I suffered for that I felt terrible for them with a all the suffering that they went through. Somebody was just a different feeling. Having not been in Cuba and actually there's a lot of people my age I'm 39. Who are children of Cuban immigrants in pain here at South Florida than an hour vaults and the deep. Hate what their parents and family had to go through and and and obviously what Colin did was offensive and it upset a lot of Cubans and Cubans American Cuban Americans live here. That's said to me. People say a lot of stupid things we do a lot of stupid things athletes. Particularly over the years have done those things and we forgive them one way or the other in the continuing their career what's happening with cabernet can now. It's different at stake it's been taken to a different level with an iPhone owners and I I just think you know. If you wanna be offended by an a you don't can't cabernet totally respect your opinion. But I think you need to think about all may be other times you accepted an athlete back. On your team for OK with it when they when they made about missed. And I think that most of us do that we we just sort of a you know way back amistad I was upset with them. As a fan but I forgive him he's held my team win and I think a lot of people. Think that way in sports now and and again it being just to see if the dolphins actually go onsite cavern and what kind of affected might have on tickets and people showing up in. Complaining or or or voicing their opinions. Not happy with the move by. We'll see we'll see what happens I I think for the most part guys like was Eddy McGee yeah I think guys like Eddie. Strong opinions that they're gonna caught NC but I don't think it's going to be the majority ethnic. Most people if he can help the dolphins win. We'll be supportive of that. It's amazing topic I mean the way I've interpreted contact verdict and listen I I'm not Cuban American but I was. I don't say like completely fair but I I felt. Really you that you may get that awkward feeling when you hear somebody making an argument Mike Dotson has Kimberly does the yeah yeah we did that it's very insensitive and like why on earth would we dead even. I thought process even cross your mind today and you'll. Collaborate on that took the world to hear like. The wide serves as a college camp Bernanke's been that he hasn't done anything illegal right is old a year talk mode you NFL teams or B teams are MLB teams. You know giving a pass of people ready criminal history that we saw Greg Hardy who. Got another opportunity with the cowboys even after he was accused some heinous things in terms of domestic violence. Alms and have been other players have been accused of or charged with domestic violence who still getting more opportunities in overseas B. Sent out I mean Michael Vick his situation every thought he wouldn't be able to come back from that and he certainly has and I think every looks at him. Fine now despite his issue with the dog fighting in my trying to compare the two owners thinking of other controversial. Subjects that we've seen. Onboard camera I view him as somebody who is it. At times a very miss informed and un educated social activists. It's not a lot of these young guys and the it didn't go up studying the world you know reading reading and into the group playing football. And trying to survive through football. So item and are seeing all of them are this way but. There's a good majority I mean I've covered on the city for a long time. You can come across the bright kids and you come across the guys that are just not informed and cabernet Timmy comes across as somebody who's been. Mallon formed when it comes with Fidel Castro and what he did here and and that doesn't make a moral person. It dismay to somebody who's misinformed. And you know he can play for Bono of the dolphins. Like I said there's been other people who have been forgiven in sports and come back in and had good careers I don't think what he did is necessarily. To the point where you banned him from playing the sport that he can play. I agree he's made some port Troy Susan's them. I think he's express himself in. Regretful weighs on certain topics but does figured that bug mean it just says an American citizen. And lesson like none of this is bother me to the Morrissey shouldn't have a job at football. But when we found out that he was you know on the social activism Q and this is the main. I guess basis for a motivation behind all of what he was doing and we thought he and actually vote in the election. Mean that was one tomatoes like alarm bells going off in my head like a wait hold on says it but isn't that it would you believe in our democratic system or not I mean isn't that the ultimate way to try to do. At least enforce some change in the that's probably the most powerful tool we have is American citizens. And he's out here preach about this preach about that and you'll make it moves about this make moves about that and protesting and David Ball in the election. Practiced for a question some your common sense and you lose all credibility when it comes to whatever time activist York that'd be due up what. That's either here or there may or may were re dumb. Not intensely we were stirred up some and incisions at the hornets past it out. So we gotta we gotta Lotta people on hold dear are I would ask you to be patient really take a quick timeout. And we come back we're gonna try to knock out as many of these phone calls as possible keep the phone lines open and we wanna make his cell into a dialogue between us and everybody else so. We wanna hear breeze opinions were comeback would get to the phone calls and also give you were quicker dolphins report. I just a moment as well stay too much more to get to hear a seven out of its. Football camp was special guest CBS sportsline is Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night August point six a sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. It's free and win some exclusive one on one time would John Clayton. Saturday afternoon just register. Now the ticket Miami dot com and a juror Levine accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 1807473730. Three sponsored by Palm Beach Harley. By rip it energy fuel. By crave jerky and by champion four by four for more details on attending for free. Of the ticket Miami dot com welcome back here to seven under ticker Greg likens alongside men to borrow. As we continue on here we've got the full lines absolutely zero. No absolutely all the phone lines are little so ringgit everybody just a moment before we do that. Wanna make sure will we get to do so this is the Coconut Creek auto mall training camp update Coconut Creek auto mall. Friendly knowledgeable the pricey wants sponsored by sand bar grille and coconut grove. Home of the fish taco name S sports mar 2007 team by the Miami new times by concierge man's wellness. EEP got you sideline get back in the game cost yours men's dot com about Lexus of North Miami. An amazing. Automotive experience. I know all the talk today is about. Ryan tanning hill's injury the Ted Larsen injury I think he's an under the radar yeah. Serious one because they didn't have a lot of depth the guard to begin with they didn't he was really the only person that brought into address that position free agency. This will now release this is very Jackson's report he may have a torn biceps so it could be season ending injury. Maybe not as long he's gonna miss time so could be an Isaac Santiago. Who gets the opportunity now. But I didn't want this all to be negative money injuries many separate airports dolphins are at war I at least share or we guess on the new. We have something new according to ESP NJ Cutler is interested in the Miami Dolphins job they go wow there ago. Breaking news. Maybe that's or dolphins' report. I don't know that Pozen an Irish try to keep this positive from a grant thank you for that to present information as it did talk ludicrous and perk earlier it was like every few minutes and it's something new about the Tamils story. But to try to make this a little plazas is dolphins fans or two down in the dumps. The want to Parker's been one hot names have a breakout season Shawn Jefferson is a wide receivers coaches were the very. Closely this is what he had to say after practice but debunked a park her and the upcoming series. It must. Well if he keeps progressing like we thank you thank you can't get them by it's impossible obstacle we'll tell you that was not about these amongst. Results so you keep performing like this you're gonna invite him laughable and a decision. There you go sues a monster bull the monster ball. Create a monster but. There's threatening big things I guess who delivered two lines yeah hunter Parker. That's encouraging because the guys obviously talented and and you know obviously Jarvis Landry. As a whole contract situation during the next year if Delonte Parker Kim step of his game and become one of the best receivers in the league you maybe you don't have to spend that money enters I don't know. It's it a valid question and I think a lot can change depending on how he performs. This season so this was the Coconut Creek auto mall training camp update Coconut Creek auto mall friendly and knowledgeable the price he wants sponsored by sand bar grille and coconut grove. All the fish taco named best sports or 2017. By the Miami new times by 'cause Sears men's wellness EDP got you sidelined get back in the game. Concierge men's dot com and by Lexus of North Miami. An amazing automotive experience all right let's are now way to embody or make anybody wait any longer let's get to the fault lines go for the Cutler bay. Were Angel has been standing by Angel thanks for the call what's going on. Back in regards the guys back in oh great great. Conversation end and if you're gonna go a couple quick point and let's look at the mired in third annual America younger Al. Why I would never want it might seen what I would aren't your beautiful art and two point. Mikey. We can begin ultimate thing being big yellow apple orchard. But if fruit and it recruiter shortly debate that little old Eric Berger illegally used protecting. That and about African there and fire police are meant the better than being there and that's good well we sure. All the person who reported the biggest criminals on the planet industry which killed so many people lose a lot of people were done there was a market. It meant credibly represent your Margaret. Which it took a given we're a guy whose government that would eat and drink. Politically it would turn even the transport. That one inaudible but I want. And my underwear to young recruit anchors and here now batteries are personal opinion as a sport and you're. Politically Google or YouTube and brokered yet if they're in now at an American I'm also important because. It would leak occurred and he even beat the world record in the police. You can protect the flag being artistic and America are protecting. A country itself but given the ability complete Obama could be the person videos weren't going carpet looks older you are. Certainly showed a pure expression be the most each article. We won't to a competent local Porsche might up Europe where you're under bill won't. The interest of which or what did the court and get your picks all the leak it should bring you. But it I had come on and FaceBook are Beckham and support them or not. There aren't looking import all of them or he could have contributed sixteen and you had in the news. It would dampers who aren't from the lord and why are because you're not currently stuck. I don't worry any Communist you should look at your fish and three. That Cardenas actually you're welcome and important in Europe while I carry out. Yeah I got your door and I appreciate all your points are we a lot of people allies wanna refer to every thank you for the phone call. And thank you for Christian opinion and as many went out earlier I mean we're open here your birdies opinions and so that's how you feel. Are we wanna make this an open resource oriented event to little Britain so. Listen that that is to a certain degree what they Stephen Ross in this case has to listen to remind us here if part of his fan base is gonna have that sort of response. Then that could hurt the bottom line. So what will see what Orioles who was go to Jose who's on a mobile phone Jose thanks for the call. They'll poke at home. But sort of weigh in on the lookout for next situation arm. I don't wanna bring policy particle the conclude the birdie and not let him peer specialists are about saying. Armed Super Bowl game console parade right wing. I'm not extremist obviously ground super right wing and I'm offer call or call on governor coming to the ball and I mean. Yes you can have is you know is issued and controversy but at the end of the day at 2 o'clock PM we're watching football and at the sport. And I mean the guy can play you look at stats from last treat sleep all Teamsters sixteen touchdowns or perception QBR ninety. I really Jack the usual mix of QB Arba a pile up there in the percent of do we can he can definitely clearly game. He you know he has the resonate to play the position to a position we have a great receiving corps creepy that I mean. I think you'd be foolish to just leave it at the camp of mount more often send him when the factories and and I mean just give the guy ash our new army purely because a lot of people assert your a lot of people don't worse. I mean. And that the market will own about you know maybe he's gonna affect the ticket sales I think it's gonna be the opposite I think more people are gonna want to and an MP you know. Probably gonna do it even be able to actually play the European conquered the German artists think it's a lot of up side. And from a business standpoint and investment you know you gotta Leo with restore order there's absolutely zero risk you know if he's terrible there's too much controversy. You know you sit on the tarmac more you know you can also put it played very well we used for the championship I mean the playoff term we could you read those. All right Jose received a phone call there ago it was pretty. Level headed response there he is that people are just went on both nines it's just a little extreme as yet coal extremes in. Hey it's it's it's without question we are all sitting here talking about cap and taken into polarizing because people have such strong opinions about it. And it's good it's it's fun and experience for us you know. At if that's for sure let's go to a facility in New Jersey really banks of the phone call what's going on. And what Greg are you man and say we'll it's been awhile you'll walls don't comment. I'm just I'm in an on every paper the ball I don't wanna get hammered I know everyone is going crazy. Bennett crazy day out there I'm sure by. You know I think you're to be on Obama I think the product that a couple weeks but it in the air I think everyone was really getting at it and sell everything. It's hard Africa is concerned brag. I'm I don't wanna mama you know I'm really not for political reasons is because that'll pick people that good. Com and if they have to go that route I would much rather see Jay Cutler on the eve especially. With this history we have gates which he definitely has blog there and that's despite my personal bank by. I think Jerry what kind of jump in the dot I really do it in very gay aunt. Hopefully Ryan you don't get too wrapped in the hyper extension I believe and I know they're doing further as the day. Well do you know they're they're gonna pack and pat him but I that fact that. He did not have any hair and I hopefully am very optimistic that you know break. Hopefully he'll will be behind and though will be the Mubarak from crazy. Yes Roy I'm what are it's been a crazy day already and it's odd good you know it's only August 3 and he beat some of the quarterback being gone for the season potentially but I liquor optimism would die some of the call. RP well brother are big users will in New Jersey. The call was for a long time always on the dolphins and always stays positive which is nice broke quickly just up they were granted told us or lose Jeff Darlington. I was very connect to the dolphins so is now with the ESPN. He says them at a reduced reaches his ears were gets interesting untold colors interest in delaying his TV gate to play for days. But it would need to be starting job slash money. Dolphins could slow play color decisions as they're the only team I'm told color would consider leaving his TV gig for at this point. So for now dolphins can afford at least some patience external options color cap Mickey said Iraq an internal ones more both. Exist color one starters money that's what it's karma will Jeff darling how much money has he stolen from teams up to this point that once starters money are you kidding me. It's. Again I mean good that's why a with the cap earning situation that's one of the things that I've never ring clear on is how much money he wanted you don't have teams who were not privy to that. Pablo with Cutler. Mean I understand he's a model rockets would be one be compensated nicely but. Starters money its nominal like at least eighteen to twenty million dollars right well that's a that's a hefty chunk of change for a guy who is retired. And nobody else wanted to sign. Yeah a lot and and and I think they're they survives he was gays. He he believes he could come down here probably be a good a good quarterback in the system and I was the dolphins have some good receivers a solid running back and Jai mobile running back. It be a good situation form again you know car sort of comeback if in his career and a better note. He's 34 and if you watched any bears games last year when he was terrible let that team was terrible. It is not a great guy to have in the Lockerbie. Right leadership step right and and that's again as some of the other caller pointed out and I said earlier in the show. To me car cameras in a position where you're not gonna pay a lot of money form you don't have to make heavy commitment he just wants to be on the team given a chance to show. We can do. I like football players who relate to that are sort of in a no win situation. Desperate to come out and and perform at their best they can get a bigger contract. Low risk high reward if you go with Japanese Cutler and there and he's 34. Looked terrible last year I know he did well on gays a system by gets a certain point where your careers over and I think he's at that point. That's when Navarro on Greg likens are dormant for Josh Freeman we need ticket quick time out here will come back we'll get to more your phone calls Persia breeze patience is everybody wants to bark. Terry hill Cutler cap burning more is gonna play quarterback from the stall Wednesday we'll discuss that and more coming up plus a reminder. Any fifteen old Jamie Duffy will join the program and about 840 Susan really day you'll join us viewers update on. Cain's camp that's right that that quarterback situation there's another quarterback situation and that is a hot right now in south oral backward activists.