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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Hourly trying to get updates on the auto mall friendly and all pulled the price you want also sponsored by sand bar and grill in coconut grove home with a fish taco name. This sport for a 2017. By the Miami new times by concierge. Men's wellness EDT got you sidelined get back in the game can't Sears men's dot com and my Lexus of North Miami an amazing automotive experience. The fins are under way on AM 790 NF from 1043. HE two big ticket welcome back tears seven it's a good as we get into the 8 o'clock hour Greg likens alongside Manny Navarro from Miami Herald. As we fill in for Josh Freeman and talking all. About Ryan ten telephone lines are lit up really get to everybody a coming up in just a moment here 786360079. He also the text message is 6797. Pork. The personals gonna headline it's. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Today's big news dolphins quarterback rice and hill injured his left knee during a team drilled this morning in practice. And there are conflicting reports regarding his status according to multiple outlets he hyper extended the knee but sustained no structural damage. Or her Marta so Carol the Miami Herald says that the results of ten hills MRI were inconclusive. Mean tale may still need surgery but also could avoid a procedure be back on the field at some point this season. Albert rear of the MM QB says it's and it will indeed get a second opinion on the B and will continue to update you as more permission becomes available. Throughout the evening. In other injury news accorded the herald's Barry Jackson the dolphins fear that offensive guard Ted Larsen has a torn biceps and could miss extended time. Elsewhere in the NFL the cowboys and cardinals are set to kick off the pre season during tonight's hall of fame game from ten. That game's gonna start momentarily. Of course Jason Taylor will be one of the seven hall of famers are new hall of fame inductees who's featured outside on the broadcast elsewhere. In college football where the pre season coaches polls released today in the Miami Hurricanes are ranked number eighteen. Elsewhere around the state forest two spots at the canes it's sixteenth wolf Florida State is number three. Alabama's pre season number one followed by Ohio Ohio State the seminoles USC and Clemson. To around at the top five and in baseball the Marlins have the day off before beginning a weekend series in Atlanta. Tomorrow night nose or your headlights. Lou. We may all be wasting our breath here on back Capra take according to Carmona sluggers new column which you just we you know a little while ago. The headlines don't waste your time advocating for cap to second guess intestinal surgery which is based in their human talked. It's it is. Well we'll we'll see how I know a lot of people are passionate about it so many worries it was to practice some more vis a phone calls again at 815 or so necks and revel Jamie Duffy joined the program did his thoughts on this scenario and also he's setting up to can this weekend for Jason Taylor's. Induction a little bit later on I in this hour mentioned these. Hold it was released the hurricanes in number eighteen during that so looking good for them Mark Richt and the guys really a complete report on everything was Susan Miller dig into does a great job. Are covering this program for. The Miami Herald let's go to Larry who's in Fort Lauderdale Larry thanks role than on how you doing tonight. Or Europe but to vote for sure you pick McCall. And Oprah I was on a month. The common on the capitol scenario you know to be fair I'm no member relieve famine that too little. Ultra private effects throughout coming out in Nevada. What does that put the nail on the head about him being a misinformed. 29 year old athlete. It's and scary that people coming from each week into work. 29 year old app where you. Right I do other caller global call back but how adamant he woke up in the Cuban American got a younger out local. I've got a good portion of it works and remove the picture which and so maybe that actually do a better job. Get the word out popping off to a booster. Because cute joke and happening expert Bloomberg Franklin. And you know with the occurred during an eight cavern is going to want the guy already. You've made a million dollar point eight K. Pedal problem that you made more positive impact them a lot of people won't make it their luggage already. And a lot of people hate him so much do you feel that strongly about the guy roaming around picture flag on their car cure all on the short. Jared you Google lot of chemical provable or church or urgent not offended by that Cooper 300 no. It took a lot of hypocrisy. And with all the different forms of social media people released incredible voyage. And they actually have the power pool all year or ordered an official what you oh. Well actually you know kind of crumble. To what. The average person thing that it's it's kind of sad to watch a group for a spate of repairs that were in Europe America. Our Larry appreciate the phone call and appreciate your opinion on that I would you say this though did. Generally speaking in many I know that every circumstance is different but if if you're a college cap break because this is the example we have if you're going to we're. The image of somebody on your sure. And I would open Jewish Lisa no I don't regret. A little bit about it so listen there's there's a lot of an ocean grown up in the city there's a lot of Cuban Americans I've seen wearing that the chain of Vera. T shirts and and that emblem and and and yet there's a lot of Cuban Americans are also offended that people where would where the chain of their shares took. I just think if the caller is right there are a lot of young people were simply misinformed. They where things and they don't understand what it is that it represents what it means an offense people I just being. You'd eat the the problem in a fellow hasn't car car company last year I didn't show Frito around the same time I think oh when the whole sort of scenario with with cap taking any and I said. You know get the NFL's knock in a black while limiting they're gonna get over this he's he's a winner but eight it's turned into a situation where clearly. Nobody wants to give them a chance. Because of the history and and the cars renting we just need to accept that some young people I know he's 29 years old is not exactly young he's an teenager. But it did they make mistakes they don't they're not well informed and on to their home. Well let's also be honest if there are other I mean Larry I. I don't know he was deciding pennant general examples but if there are other members of the NFL who Wear confederate flags whenever. They're not starting quarterbacks and we grab inserting quarterbacks mean. The weather right or wrong if you are a starting quarterback you're up on a different pedestal than most the other people or your star player where there's some back of guy who has some beliefs but nobody really cares. Well what he does on the field or off the field is not gonna make headlines so yes that scenario could be out there but if it's not a high profile person who's in the headlines then the where society works. We're up bothered by it so much unless you're really in the new degree so anyway it's it's an interesting dynamic to say weasels what's the pines were Thomas been. Hang out patiently Tom appreciate you waiting and thanks for joining the show. I'm no problem good evening Gregg and Manny out while you've got contractors broke but you no doubt market beat more coherent in my talks. The thought let me let me say first I'm enjoying the show. And alma combat veteran 68 whiskey twenty with the skill identifier a G. Actually it actually buy nuclear contribute Geithner our military won't know if I did it gets Gil identifier. I didn't just put that in. Do you know I'm not now I'm convinced. Him to write. Our wandered astray there. Yeah I hear people talking about group trap structure of people we get this right it was a picture pastoral. And Malcolm X and actually and X historic because. Malcolm I met with Castro when Americans are government. Wouldn't address the need to order issued a black coat and food any issue police to turn out people you know that's you know content without context is pretext. The second thing is you know when you talk about. The deal. I don't have the call this was so adamant that so strict how do you want that the black people boot to to how my boys are at aren't appropriate. What we march. We get water holes pepper sprayed and you know historically dog released August. When we when we shot him in protest. We were wrecked it and brutalized. Now here's a person who's equally O'Neal. And being black ball. Or at least way the language of the boy was which is right then nobody wants that. I'm not advocating that warned at least saying here's. Americans want to tell us how we should protest but inquiry we protest when we believe has been inducted. We're told that you do it I typically find a different way and honestly as a combat veteran employee and fought for the nation. At the nephew of an original Tuskegee airmen deployed in twelfth this nation. I have no. Hardware what sort with them and exercising his right. Two neo because I also disrespect. And I mean I've been it will you know one that called in word a bunch of other stuff while the people. What you know what Kris speaks in discus pizza box aren't palatable. Greece because actually what the constitution. And the right to speak and I don't find out of and I think we need to look at it and headlight. Well Tom personal thank you for servers appreciate that and thanks for put your thoughts together or appreciate you phone to your opinion on that and for the phone call. Thank you have a great evening Garrett thank you to the regret. While green. Listen and we Serena take all views here I do think it's pretty powerful we hear the boss of Sony who has put their life on the line for our country even as it relates to Colin capita because. You know whether you feel like we're governing did you like recovering did or maybe you're in the middle when some stuff was okay and other stuff the you know we were too sure of I do think it's interesting when former military members speak up about it because it think that the thing that we heard most. From people who didn't like the fact he was kneeling was that it defended the country and for those who defend our rights mean and so let's adjusting your toss respectable. Well and ending I think his point about who's really liked your speech is responsible. Things that we wanna hear that we wanted to spend free speech not when somebody's got an opposing opinion I think in today's society and fortunately. Especially with this president and and sort of what's happened with politics. People. Have strong opinions and then they don't wanna hear the other side they don't wanna have a discourse they just wanna have an argument or fight and and fight for their. You know cause but ignore the other side not reason and I think that's. Sort of where we are as a country and fortunately right now and and that's where we're sort of in the state were and where so many people unhappy and upset I think we have to get back to listening to each other back to. A place we were not long ago where we could have intelligent conversations. About subjects and not be so angry and so passionate about it where we we don't lose. Deploying let's go quickly to Caesar has been standing by for awhile here in Miami Cesar thanks for waiting thanks for joining his show. Our paper army guys are great topic are on pretty quick on the previous quarter I think enters service on. An important secure my best. Earned her grandfather Cuban exile. You know and you're ready have merit you know my opinion that are not on the day that stated that it could operate in adult with entertainer subject. You that are geared need to win. He's to a public when you know you don't want huge amount of chaos you're into this open up government. I don't know but don't. Pretty quick America a much easier time armed and let's go to Miami over critics cited upon guys think you're right. Thank you currencies are. He it's it. And yet I appreciate his points as far as. Kapanen when he does that ultimately when it comes out to another another caller alluded to this earlier this is sports right it's ultimately what this is about a no politics in the there. Issues get in the way. But ultimately can California win. He edited season last year succeeded for terms touchdown interception after interception ratio he's been the Super Bowl east when he nine. I Gammon to go back to it over and over again lower risk high reward if you pans out. All right that's made of Karl on Greg likens we are going to take a little bit of break from some of this stop conversation because we come back OJ McDuff he's joined the program on my favorite guys talked to blast of a ranked ten in the quarterback situation. And also talked to about heading up to can't this weekend is to be up there is support Jason Taylor that's coming up next here on seven I detect. The sickest. Were shopping is a pleasure to present the memorial barely birthplace baby love event Friday September 15 from seven to 10 PM at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale expected in new parents can enjoy an evening filled with activities learn about the latest products for their growing families it's boosted discounts liberty photo ops and chances to an amazing prizes. Sponsored by AMP air conditioning official sponsor of the storybook photos station. For tickets or more of ball log on to the ticket Miami dot top. Welcome back here to seven on the ticket Greg likens with you long side Miami herald's Manny Navarro as we continue on here the conversation has been. Ryan Channing hill heavy with some college cap earning Jay Cutler Matt Moore spice scenario it's bending in to sing shows so far right now we're gonna continue some dolphins conversation. With the former dolphins wide receiver gray one of the top fifty players in franchise history OJ McDuff beat joins us right now Neal Ryan fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas line. They're truly steps beyond convenient you can bomb on Twitter at old Jamie Duffy one. Jewish state so much for the time tonight I don't. Outdoor and Craig great I don't ball grant I'm doing great Jews always a good to catch up with you and man I wish I had my initial intention was that we could talk a little training camp talk. Yeah hall of fame induction and all positive blood what's your reaction to this Ryan tanning no injury situation which is still a bit unclear. Yeah you know what it's enough to maybe achieve organization wants spent you know. Starting quarterback be her first week of training camp not known the extent of it I know we throw the reports put. In a cute story you know spills over a little nervous and zero. You know due to time galleries out Interfax Pietrus moderates that are. Go to danger but you never ever ever watched starter or kayak down. In other social arrive specially you know coming into this second year were all gung ho yo you know we missed the last part of last year in the playoff game it. You thought about you do excitement level bought up all the rules do not charts. McCain become being back where all the equipment back and this is definitely a step back and got a good chance to work to do a lot. And I wanted to ask you OGU you've seen football you know the game much better than we all do and I think the fans in general. When they see the video of a quarterback or a player go down with a with a neat. We all jump to conclusions hey how did he walk off the field house the limb. You know the that the way he taught you know we try to study the body language you're an athlete you know what it's like to have indecency guys without injuries. What was your take when you saw the video did you see it today about Owen. Yeah I did at the computer video or you know you have any comic not contact yours or are they about first and you know sometime to contact you always. You're got different options street bruise or you know just little spray believe it is not contact the gringos always wants you worry about so. We owe it photograph. You know you see a guy go down not context personally but you actually need a more quarterback who actually. You know got a team behind you right now and so I know the whole team looks you know hold their collective breath in that situation. Yet OJ it's it's disappointing in the sense that the Orion Tammy hill and talked about his comfort level in this software it's a system in year two. And the leadership development that he's made you know it's B all of his teammates who cited it. He's much more vocal in his current taking control soul on that standpoint if he does miss time. It you feel really bad for the entire scenario. If he's gonna miss some time may or may have been talking about. Matt Morse potentials a starter or whether they pursue a Colin tapper Nate or a Jay Cutler or Robert growth in the third. What do you envision being in the back a plan of ten no misses time. Actually it was pseudo got no matter what your backup anyway I can have more to start. You know we know what Mac and do and you know he's got to do it gradually all cents. He not gotten pretty good job force legacy Mariah went down a little bit overnight after Pittsburgh of course you know doing most of you know I think debt. Matt to guide has been around long enough know golf is low enough you get them alternate certain of what got no app. You know rapper got what we were lucky we're very lucky team Avago right now more. Other bracket we've seen it over and over and how load play when he's been as cool and out so I would look at. Note the caps and on about it covers much that I know him you know cause DH everybody so. Have looked for particular debt but I overall we look at those guys anyway so port security. Good and I'll ride come back alliteration to get back in action. We'll do what what's your take on this whole company situation I mean it it's gone on for awhile now. Where he you know teams have taken a look at a may be and and and the other ravens I guess are sort of the last one to take a look at him. Do you feel he's in black ball by the league at this point. Kids I'm able doubt about it you know what's your reaction you know you go man go about the repercussions you know and it actually has brought some serious repercussions. You know a lot of times you don't wanna take chance on altered action you know he's already right it's actually. And what happened you know would like it should open a lot of other guys that are a bit at the acts reactions. From owners in some public now should be so you know you make expand do some like that it W grateful for the reaction. And repercussions and I think that you know we pursing job not a god I would you know whatever. Their National Anthem but you know took expand. You know it now expand a price floor but you know every dude that you got to pay what a reader reaction nervous that Michael go to weather the storm. And that's kind of what's going on with the nowhere in the world to see. You know not a top 64 quarterback obviously you know so obviously got are somehow going out we're out to noted it's. Do it in them as a follow to that. Of the guys that are out there that are available obviously map wars there and enemies at the respect to the locker room and and people would refine them being the starting quarterback put. As you said you need a plan B. Would cabernet we're the first day caller would you consider Cutler somebody else. Com Gupta CONCACAF the better leader to make a good leadership. You know armored forgot it can go out here and in their run the software can be a leader. You know our partner kept agreed got a locker room eyes and he got it cut personally is what just. Actually rescued body language in game that the sort GB which I don't like quarterback. You know and I think our street cap. And asking the guy that broke more than leader. A guided you know Luther king will rally around I think Dick and bickered. You know use some visitors this skill set to be very successful you've got a running game has that we rocks I was jig saw. You can trust a protocol. We also lumped in injury can Gator win the Fed and happy times and we also got a quarterback get almost beat us last year was plagued by themselves. Elect out about. But Japanese Salgado got there by a written also. How it's still there is leadership is still there are guys in the locker room like you know he made it this substantially we talked about that play none of the group. Oh Jimmy Duffy former dolphins wide receiver gray one of the top fifty players in franchise history joining us here on seven I detected. And just your enough to can this weekend for Jason Taylor's hall of fame induction. Well what are you anticipating this weekend I know yet another former team ready here is Dan Marino has been inducted so you've experiences to a certain degree but what are you expecting. Oh man you know you gotta do it man this is. I mean what you've got injured about social awareness suitable to the kidnapped you you'll eat pick about an art conduct big souls I. Jason obviously in the no doubt about it. Worthy of a double gold jacket. Erode celebrate like we would collect weren't open and played good you know we all contribute to a great good fortunate that fire belt you don't need you don't run a violent practices be ready for come up basketball court you know repeat. You know Q you've got a rookie record close still ought to contributed to successful global go right. I I agree with him and I don't discuss those particular basketball games in your backyard and enterprise and a lot more to do within the people wanna give it credit for. We traded athleticism. You know we are competitive and if you know. It is anticipated. Abbott who you've got so bad of a basketball court so I used to kick the ball over to John as yards don't get Utica about Johnny got one really good about all you. And now we're gonna play with the Jason you know you're on it you know a diplomatic play expect sort. You can guess and everybody also lead to recreate that competitiveness Semitic so it's just won't steal. I'm curious take us back to the beginning for JT you mean use a third round pick in the 1999. I thought he would like why receiver. You know if you have to radio flexed Qaeda and or something like that yeah I didn't have a trade bill that. You know what he's got you know god illegal of the load look bigger stronger. We got new route athletic you fail. That latitude it was fair to competitor that was there and now all the candles there you know so I knew Rugova some would deal with mayor Dan. You gotta gotta be played or decrypt it and stand up my background I linebacker he can do it all man and that's spelled my opera depression what. This athleticism was the person that you know that data stood out about GT class and So Taguchi tape player in its. Competitor. Competitor to print always one to compete at yellow body to buy assessment locker room. The always have those dance moves or was that just part of a Dancing With The Stars. No I never knew he could dance man you know and it utility by market because I think that's what I learned about it. Gap. I doubt you could do it rewards which would like Stewart. Did Brett. Very impressed who it would as a would sort of bet would start. Oh Jimmy Duffy former dolphins wide receiver joining this year. On seven I detected. Do you look give back you have a favorite moment or highlight from JT's career. I've met Peter Koppel on the not really sure I'd like date he had you know what he's when he got the ball is handsome Mikey go was more school. As a distributor you know I love it. Is Jordan local move we had I think he had a school or marketer and crossed the goal line you know I decided not you know everything he did. Into turnaround decades you know always I'm happy about that happened but it'll force formal. Quadriceps and always make your played ever I think that it Jordan logo call to go on what it George bought. And I'll ask those are right there. Net not to give away all the secrets there's got to be a good may not. PG thirteen PG sort of off the off the field funny story. You can share of those about JT that is we know is the had a great personality. Match I don't know I don't know either so much. The I'm not really sure you you articles about imploded the basket and is out about it and get that statement it also you know when it got started to come out. Yeah yeah yeah so you have to leave we you know we play about what it would outrage you know and that it's like. Or a game I play in the first game no matter what doctor what team more I'm in the first game. You know what our god it was coming it's got to run a little bit late. But you know I'm played sex games. It was god JT is key down and Gary Carter now that would man that was the best. The ball that we were dead we have men and we have some real go down there were spectacular now welcome to AT and at least you got it. You guys that played that that new three and three a league that's going on. About it out of down there. Isn't what you get the program anymore you campers. You know my jumps I was always suspect I have not left the bat well. It's only a degree W jurors hear juice. This weekend. You know it's gonna provide a great opportunity for as you pointed out all of you to celebrate that I do it's great accomplishment for Jason Taylor and deservedly so. Anybody that you you haven't seen in awhile as you looking forward to catching up with this weekend. Yeah you know are richer web Colombian town. You know and I had a missile Richmond you're down and it's sexist you know a lot of guys that are don't get their commit themselves lord offers an amazing job but you know break you. You'll keep regarded got together as you gotta go to 72 teams to gather the current roster so we see each other all the council has got to relocate. The cute together you know ticket tomorrow to Ohio and Iguchi who won't say around and locally on commode rebel leader. You know from compromise over used and it's sort of a lot of guys there corp all famers both from off either. The assist on the you know the dolphins from the south hit it to the north and have a return. That's going to be an unbelievable talent to await GT speech on Saturday night you'll be there person to witness it. A couple other notes on the dolphins getting back to what what's going on training camp and we'll try to talk about this and knowing that you've got this lingering in looming injury involving Tammy hill but. Are you surprised we you and I talked to others in the past he surprised that the dolphins haven't even made an offer to Jarvis slander at this point. I have. I am I I think they have made at all I just don't think it's been acceptable you know really iron out those looking Roma are closed doors. So obviously have a circuit deal but I ask you something company said. You know if you break it hadn't committed elsewhere. Because I'll be happy hour somewhere so I think there must be something that have been done great but still really did have to do anything yet. I mean really got another year. And you know I know it great there are people said he did not negotiate their dispute that are not part of that. But you know without some pretty big money and they got a legitimate generated this. I know Jarvis is gonna talk about you slot receiver try to get number one money. We figured that sort of escape. Nearly beat period and as a slot receiver he brings to this came. And I think that that intangible that you care care judge and look at the game a big game is coming down a lot of really impressive. Our receivers that make a big impact on the game so technically were accused Obama seal it caught Manama slot receiver not giving big money just because. OJ assuming that say it's the worst case scenario here where we're gonna we don't want to think this way that this is say it is. How far reaching Matt Maher Matt Moore can take this team with its tentacles offers significant amount of time. Are you know what was this a tough schedule this year you know and I Abbott Matt Moore as the heat beat the seat is that. But I guess if you give Matt all the snaps and all the reps in the preceding he'd make all the throws to make all the right decision. You're not obviously as there's molester NATO if it came time you know he's gonna make you gonna beat you playbook on the same. You might not be as much read option of course let. Now while we were right demos are right anyways that's coming up in the U street. But the same time no I mean it's going to be the same offense they're stopping play. And that is met Michael the ball you know split second sort of Miranda also contribute to navigate to seem a little while some bureaucrat. Aren't Jews also. Well I you know I always have talked wide receiver worth viewing doesn't just have to be the guy who's gonna take over the mantle of your nickname and Jarvis Landry but. Dovonte Parker has been and arguably the most talked about dive training camp in terms of but the possibility the breakout season. Assuming everything we hear behind the scenes is right that he even maturity. Is there the professionalism is there now is diet is better did you think this guys is in line to have. And absolutely unbelievable 2017. Arctic really is men not coal at a case OP go we are I mean he got a you've got the best situation we've got a build up you your dollar merger smut. Come true coverage you're gonna get the one on one opportunity gonna get me the guided them out to be open to be open. You know it is leaping ability to a great job high point the ball I think it can be a special uniform. You know and at this Ryan are met awry and estate map or Ryan and have time to get the ball you don't be special this year not without their camp yesterday. These broad and chestnut street Iran jets and everything is routes with Chris. You know now I do other beauty offense is there lies a mistrust a year or veto he can you know keep my right. You know I actually help these can be atomic on the watch this year. I agree at the key here is all the makings of being just a breakout star this year all right switching gears one last time OJ. We saw the our coaches poll came out today for college football your debut lions at number six what do you think of the ranking. Like that's a good place to be you know on number 12 top five in my top 500 you know every week you gotta or. You know and we were looked perfectly great you know given a chance to climb up the ladder a little bit you met top nobody in the year. It was Brussels Tito last year grade. And I picked execute better we gotta we gotta peace and a lot of back while Barkley. And our quarterback certainly is Betty have the side that most quarterbacks said the boy had used. The other stuff mayors and as patient as you throw the ball upward big god you'll get if we got a plethora receiver Derrick walker may play. It can be barn theater in at least bracket it means your beard the recruiting class have gotten better and better as well. So this year is don't be a lot of what we got acute got to get back we got paid it back. And I told beta yesterday steal it we broke it big time. You know we got me here at home auto life out. You know build a year on Saturday night we don't compete target stores last year at all electric without play out lectures we got to get to get back this year. And I know our border that are thinking about it now looking ahead. With their big tobacco Gates's you'll. That's for sure had to pick an active duty lot of bragging rights and on their. And they got it last year man out so good sport and dad and that victory Travis bell micro look like of the bracket you off course you know so. I don't want to give those guys back. They're back in the valley I think the rest are too low earth exports. A OJ it's a pleasure as always are safe travels this weekend up to can enjoy it and have followed the remand should be blessed. Are appreciated I regret your credit department wrote it's argued semantic hair darker all right thanks so did O Jamie Duffy former dolphins wide receiver great top fifty player in team history. And you know one much fitter guys soon to talk to. And I can be a great weekend up there and can honoring Jason Taylor are wears a quick timeout would come back blu switch gears. To some college football the Miami Hurricanes this is their first week of camp. Susan really date in does a great job covering them read the latest on the quarterback battle there. And the pre season expectations that's next here on seven out of it's it. For the second third annual. Manager. Clayton fantasy football camp was special guest CBS sportsline is Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 at sport of kings and gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. It's free and winds of exclusive one on ones. I'm with John Clayton Saturday afternoon. Just register now the ticket Miami dot com and a jar Levine accident attorneys call 180747. Freed it's 180747. 3733. Sponsored by East Coast public adjusters and Mike go on world of South Florida for more details on attending for free goaded the ticket. Miami dot com. Welcome back here to seven under the ticker Greg likens alongside. Miami herald's Manny Navarro as we continue on here filling in for Josh Friedman and we've been talking a lot about Ryan ten ill the Miami Dolphins went. The dolphins are the only team in town that have there. Scrub for spring practices say a summer and fall practices under way. As a fall camp just began for the Miami Hurricanes on Tuesday and for more on that when you go off the ball lines now. And while ms. Susan Miller dig into covers Miami Hurricanes for the Miami Herald she joins us on the Ryan fuels and announcers in being aligned. Dubious source guess lined their true we steps beyond convenient. Susan thanks for joining us this evening or you don't. We're dole well and it's nice to change governments unhealthy it's always a Bryant and they also mean I said the talks some hurricanes with you and obviously the hot story line is at the quarterback position there and I thought it was very telling that Mark Richt coming out of spring camp was saying. That yet none of those quarterbacks who were there. Really separated themselves so but it begs the question the cosa Perry comes in his system and inevitability that he's gonna win this job. Well I think a lot of people are thinking added. And that could very well being you know the other guys are veterans. Oh of course. Brad Kyle was so wanted to vote for this perhaps. But a leak Roger is that you know direct church your air. He played a ballgame against duke you're called a miracle victory on May actually had a really good game. And and you would think that this. You know I at least as far as Mark Richt said. Yeah nobody nobody that I adopt so we could say it was early leader and and that's very telling her what. Rarely even though air after spraying it all. So I think they want to see it what it. As cozy Perry can do he's very hyped up. He's very good. My eyeball these he wanted you know hopefully I'm older than. Very little we can't seem very little really practice these last days and it got here late but he's kind of an escape artists. And yet that he had a pretty good arm and wrecked his. That already got a lot of good things about why I think they're just kind of keeping the door open ended in the possibly in hopes. Susan. Be in askew. If it isn't there a for game one which I think at this point it's probably asking a lot he would really have to. Excel the next couple weeks that earned the starting job in game one. Is it gross here would you would you think it's rouge hear that that starts the first game just because he's the most experienced. A quarterback on the roster or. Do you really think it's wide open between the other guys. I. Well I think come. I would say sorry some try to get me from the apparel. Like I understand that many. I would think that. I cut that would brochure. Yeah I haven't Shura. Has basically never played uttered any policy he was at one theory kite thank. It last year opened our baby the second game where you can't get off. As it once or twice I I agree with you Andy. He got here late you know we got here elite eight. That's a that's a heck of a lot that he yesterday. Why aren't. And I mean. At least Maliki as the you know. And that buyer do that to settle the you know. I think it will be ample called off so I mean I think possibly. Maybe Harry that adding that police kept job or appetite I just. I don't like god delicacy and getting it even know why else. I know that Mark Richt likes somebody they're very Smart kid and Mark Richt is very exacting any. And evidently it that was it was about tort under tight. I just stuck. I. Can get it. If people want that pet and I can't be called me. Coming. Until after our state I mean can you imagine there. Did put him in that game that can be your first our. It have to be have to be well into the season release a few games into the season before you before you promote. How much. I want you should you know helper he felt better and edit and he kept saying this if this starting spot. Susan Miller David covers the Miami Hurricanes the Miami Herald joining us here on 79 at a ticket. Obviously we're in just discussing some of the uncertainty in terms of who's gonna play quarterback but it seems that the other. Parts of the depth chart there there is a lot. Of talent there Susan how good is this canes front seven going to be has some good defensive line as a project for the upcoming season. They're going to be they're excellent. They've got they've got like you know. Guys rotating. And 888. Cheryl Willis. It'll at defensive tackle is not. They lost him to some weird. You know apps that kind of thing does kind of straighten it did say. It's like he's gonna come back but I don't know what I mean they've got some great. Defensive end. Yeah to match and Jackson are enemy in the ulyetza many guys I'm Chad Thomas. Chatted yeah. Georgia accent. And Ed peaked at patriots. It says that back up I mean there are no you don't try Harris. They've got you know Norton and RJ Macintosh inside that very very good. And you know I put their linebackers. Are really good to go out they've gotten more depth that shelter kits are coming in I'm ordered a pretty good recruiting class I can't stop it. I think this defense is gonna be really really great if they can stay healthy which of course that not happen. Splash here at any don't add EPS polish yesterday that. Dallas defense how good especially items that they keep it open court in other inexperienced quarterback. They've got a went from David turner and get more turnovers. Scores touchdowns and just like the old age is still. And if they can do that I think I think 1510. And that. They can keep Mark Wallace helped the code on the other spot that's really involved. In fact I think that they have a chance to have a I don't know I think attendance ten game. He'd try and win these as out of the question. Yeah I completely agree he's Susan I think and they were picked to win the coastal division right I mean that's that's. The first time that what about the person that picked to win it but it could be the first time I would but it last year. Who's really the way when you look at the other teams in NAA in the division. Is it Virginia Tech that so the team to beater how do you sort of feel about that who's sort of North Carolina who would you say that. You'll probably keep track IPI. Miami Kendall went into the coastal a lot of teams have quarterbacks now mom. Am. I don't I think. I think a lot of it is going to be how they react after David Perry you know I mean look at it like. They could win that game but. And it that you want to make able all right good. Can be as busy for the first time it would be eight years right. I yeah kind of lost track I'd get up and I you know it's in its totality and and and it. You know how. Anything to go after I came. You know. I think I you know I think the more likely they'll let us I mean you know particularly good I mean I I. I will concede them of course and they kept us do. And Notre Dame comes to hard rock. And that's keeping it pretty interesting obviously there you know there obviously they thought that's always kind of vote on a game. And that can always go either way also. When you when you look at the big picture who lived with what Mark Richt has done in these two years and and I covered the team with you during the Randy Shannon. Al Golden. Era the great album and Herrera. How how how different are things just in the last two years with Rick if you did you know sort of just in a few words sort of put it into. The difference the biggest difference you see. I think they're accepting coaches. Are phenomenal amount. That image different. Just across the board they've got great coaches. It they're there is kept everything. Was cop. And why it hadn't. I just. That chance that there are really seeing is the cop but it that was crew happened. Everything they are all. Don't often don't mind that everybody is positive that fan base. Has gotten I wrecked unbelievable right that community. It's just all kind of you know all aspects. Chop are all these all these aspects. How this program has improved. And he spoke hop. And he's so coldly column and if it had everything under control and just. It at all on the war out there. Yeah it's certainly an animist and I miss the good times. That did you and I would have over there and I just wish the team was good when I was there covering the team with the. Al how are. Adding we get back. We'll see we'll see if I go to few again maybe benefits you in the September. At a that was big great outcome will be fine. And Susan thanks so much so for the time in the inside it's going to be an exciting season as you pointed out a lock could ride on that their week three matchup against Florida State and no will be. Phony you are on line in the newspaper all every step of the way thanks mister joining the program. All right there's Jesus Susan Miller dating. Joining discovers Miami Hurricanes Miami Herald in the door and a long time I was his seventh on currents what are firm a really long judges giving you know my teens fits in finding out what's on the program in Newton I know you bring up a couple's old coaches and I think and everybody down here falls program very happy the Mark Richt is now that Al. Such a difference really and and he aegis he would like she said in the players' faces the confidence or on the program haven't been there. Very authentic AGCO local spring practices. Was out there furcal I think the first game last season since have been moved and he beat. Pomp by. You can just feel the difference. If you have somebody now who knows how to run a program. Hired excellent assistant coaches a defensive coordinator of great with many ideas he he can't say enough what what what a huge upgrade that is over what they've had the last few years and it's good to see the program back on its feet and doing well and hopefully this is the year that they they finally when the closely because. I feel like we've been talking about a forever during the Al gold there that's all was when the coastal right hook and laughed when the colts let would that it has come to. But they still haven't won the coastal so it good to finally win the division. And now play any CC to out of him and I think they're definitely capable of especially what they've got on defense. That is as good a defense is the pad and a day. Memory to your country really scored the pre season polls says may just mentioned there are expected to win the ACC coastal division play and ACC champ Jim game for the first time is going to be a fun season. A football down in Coral Gables that's my Navarro I'm Greg likens filled in for Josh Freeman were taken quick time out we come back. Reset the Ryan ten are no new reason I didn't is more things as well let's come up next or seven out of its.