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Welcome back here to 700 ticket Greg likens alongside Manny Navarro filling in for Josh Freeman on this Thursday evening hope everybody's doing well and and many it's been a busy shell so far. Yeah men and we had the phone lines litter of about two cabernet can what's plan B for the dolphins at this injury is a serious attend a Hellman and people were all fired up now now we got to get somebody fired up blossom but also there. The. We will keep the phone lines open if you wanna join the conversation 7863600790s. The phone number at 78636007. On the tunnels Texas show. As 67974. Before we reset. Everything we've been discussing the let's get to have span. Use what's. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here overall. It's. So today's big news dolphins quarterback Ryan tanning oil injured his left knee during a team drilled a sporting a practice and there are conflicting reports regarding his status. According to multiple outlets he hyper extended to me but sustained no structural damage however models so bureau of the Miami Herald. Says that the results of tales MRI were inconclusive. Meeting tanning oil may still need surgery but also could avoid a procedure reback in the field this season. Over three of them and QB says tale we get a second opinion on the knee. And we will continue to update this ever changing story as more information becomes available. Other injury news accord they herald's Barry Jackson the dolphins fear that offensive guard Ted Larsen has a torn biceps and could miss extended time. Elsewhere in the NFL the cowboys and cardinals are kicking off the pre season during tonight's hall of fame game from up and can. And as it currently stands. Eight minutes ago or so in the second quarter the cardinals have a fifteen to seven lead although not many starters are actually playing. In that game. It's a college football the pre season coaches poll was released today in the Miami Hurricanes are ranked number eight team. Elsewhere around the state Florida's two spots ahead of McCain's sixteenth wolf Florida State is ranked number three. Alabama as the pre season number one followed by Ohio State the aforementioned seminoles USC and then Clemson round out the top five. And finally baseball moans of the day off before beginning you Rican series in Atlanta tomorrow night. And dole is are your headlines. Oh a minute switch from the football game overdue IE SPN here are TV's great Terry is in V basketball tournament is on and the final hours is the final for two million dollars and it's a two point game itself. A period we we. Catch history I didn't think we're gonna miss much of premieres part of the sec quarter the whole end game rather flip over it and see who. Which of these two teams is a winner take all 6014 term and made up of a lot of former collagen. Pro stars wanna see who wins two million dollar winner take all prize at the end of its so. It's entertainment for sure is that is that who I think it is it's a Erik Karlsson a balloon does their thoughts and that was maybe a Stephenson not QB guy who blew my nonsense music that that was him. Bodies there Carlson's coach and a be challenge dale west team that went overseas a weak team for anybody's all the bass will turn you noted. Overseas a week is going for a three Pete they've won this two years in a row so they're going for what six million dollars and two it's two million apiece feature well it hasn't been two million. Every year okay the first is that one is like 500000 last it was a million. And this year they've upped the ante significantly two million dollars Carmelo Anthony's courtside beak is he was billion orchestrating. To make sure this event was held in Baltimore of the final four and so this has been clinic compensate university. In Baltimore and Allen said Manny is a Syracuse grad being times army. And millions of the final four severe loss and on Tuesday and someone models but we're anticipating his big Carmelo Anthony reunion in the final. But unfortunately on too short the other night so anyway 011 seconds left and now we'll keep you updated for anybody cares and also update you on that the hall of fame game as well. Arm just to reset this right tale story. Maybe a lot of people were calling and texting earlier. Giving us their opinions not just on tanning you know but also on possible. Replacements for him or other players who could come into at least provide some competition at the quarterback spot should you miss any time Matt Moore. As we know is going to be the starter if Tenet misses any time. But then there's that this. Remaining ninety very valid legitimate question news. There's a column Capra or Jay Cutler who I know we speculated about than Jeff Darlington had the report the Cutler would be intercede and in one team and one team only these. Quit his broadcasting gig with box for forty to begins there would be to join the dolphins put accorded Darlington. You would want. Starters money and wanna be guaranteed the starting job this night and haven't so I don't know why again Brian I don't know appeal relent on that I don't even know ban on gays is interest in anatomy you certainly has a relationship with him. Put all of these different scenario is now being bandied about as we sit here and wait deceive the severity of right tales injury as we still don't know about. Yeah and it could be a couple of days of uncertainty here I mean who wherever he goes to get that second opinion. Well I'm sure we're not getting answers right away and as Armando rode his column that I referenced earlier in the show. This this could very well be a situation where the goblins are waiting a couple days and also deciding what to do who'd who decide who to go out and and and get. According to our model there was a really sort of meeting of the brain trust the day off for a couple of hours as a sort of debated what do we do here. Personally I think part of the beta is do you send. Bryant had a hell now into surgery. And this is your speculation but my guess is seem mean. He buckles you do need you didn't have surgery the first time maybe the dolphins of this border deciding do we cinema in the surgery now where where we just get this thing fixed once and for loss of our quarterback back next season. And where we go from here maybe that's part of what the discussion was again there's speculation on my part but it's the brain trust and together to meet to discuss and see these issues. That's have been on the table. And it is just match our motto is reported a mind just updating our audience on what you meant to which oppose it you're seeing these I don't think any of us had ever heard this reported before. Paula because. It wasn't consequential until now put the affected. As we were starting to show off we're just talking about hey you know maybe ten you know should have gotten. Is knee completely. Taking care in terms of going. Under the knife from getting the surgery not healing naturally as he elected to do and he had that option because it wasn't a complete terror. But our model one and out there at the time on on that in terms of the recovery. Would've really really hampered his ability to play the seas yeah. Corn Armond though he would not have been ten that would not have been ready for the start of camp you would have had to likely return sometime around Thanksgiving and so obviously. Amare does not just gonna throw that out there injures somebody with the dolphins there. Somebody in the know would've would've told him that. The that was the projected return date for two and a Heidi had the surgery so. You know that maybe that's part of the reason as I said earlier in the show. This is Ryan general's body he's got to make the best decision for himself I'm sure after missing the playoffs last year. This first instinct was let's not go under the knife I wanna come back and play football right away and people were left off. And unfortunately you run into what happened today and and and that's a guy who. Unfortunately had his knee buckle in and we'll find out soon hopefully. The severity of it but again to me all signs are pointing to this is. The major problem again to seem me the way buckled the way it fell. The way players were talking about we're praying forum it just doesn't sound good to me at all. It doesn't and to piggyback on that even if it's not worst case scenario and even if he just estimates you know a relatively short period of time before they determined he you'd be back on the field. There's going to be these lingering questions in the back of everyone's minds about. You don't wins the next bad step that he takes or bad company makes on a football field. And then all of a sudden you've got it all the gloom and doom and the scary speculation that we saw throughout the day today. Armed coming back to the dolphins because they have invested a lot ball. Financially and in time and attract Rick you know first round pick. But top ten pick and Ryan tanning over the years and so he is definitively their franchise quarterback. They're paying him that way they're expecting him to play at a high level this season and by all accounts he is primed to do so considering. Everything you said about his comfort level on the offense and the leadership steps he's been taking. So from that standpoint it's really disappointing but I think of the bigger picture Manny you made the point earlier is that. Whether he can come back sooner rather later as it is they need to figure out what else are gonna do with this position because. Just having Matt Moore might not be enough rent because again once you put him into the afraid he's almost 33 years old. One false step or one huge you're there. He might not be able to be on the field either it's just that quickly how things can turn injury wise in the NFL. Yemen and and you got a guy like Colin cavity is just sitting out there you don't need to make them the starting quarterback would you could sign him relatively cheap. At this point he's desperate for. Any you don't have to make heavy commitment you bring him in if it works out. I rewards it doesn't work out you cut your losses and that's it in any and he leaves. And hopefully next season Ryan ten hole is able to going fully recovered from his knee injury. Obviously what we saw today is the fact that he's not and then he's had a setback in. Who knows those and how long it's he's going to be out. In the that the the last thing you wanna do and any NFL season is going to the year already with tobacco quarterback under center you can't just do that you need to go out and and pick up somebody else as insurance in an and I expect it to the ball to divide and that you're in the next 42 Sony two our. Now it it would seem that don't be very likely you wanna get mauled the conversation canned 67974. Via text you can also call the show 78636007. On it by the way. Other overseas elite team. Just one to two million dollars so they're at the racquet up the paycheck is a bunch of players who. As you can imagine based on name played overseas right and who banded together for a loose a summer tournament and he bring in an attacks that's a nice haul two million dollar spread out over the Rosser. Yeah I won the two million dollars this tournament the ice cube believe the three and three the what's the Graham that we get his who didn't look that up during the break Alex and Graham prizes for winning that league. Yeah it's unclear emea is I don't know how much each of those players is being paid to be in the week news I would assume they all have some sort of rates to their being paid and righty you know doing that for free year make you money so. No that's for sure I mean it's not like all those guys are gonna you know come out of retirement to to a certain agreement on a plane back in the NBA. Would be involved in this what's as a financial center of a man. I'm sure some of them still love the game is a passionate but ultimately what put their bodies on the Lyle and other play for money yet and there's some certainly some financial center of palm. Not like the down and out about the dolphins went I think it is worth mentioning big picture if you examine. This team in this is so ironic Manny because I was on dolphins camp this past Saturday captain Curtis Schneider show from out there. From eight to ten and you know talking to some of the people around the organization. Ask not training camp was going to get to that point the ante goes a fourth practice of still early companies like man I mean how he got clear report for training camp started so. They haven't had any injuries there's no real news good or bad one where the other it's written headlines is a very quiet first few days and first week of practice and then all of a sudden. Monday I was there to see this JH IA leaves ray with a concussion we find out after the fact it indeed was concussions he's out right now my consoles and practice at all. Because of his here. Andy yeah we expected that and certainly he's one of the most important players the roster and he hasn't seen the field yet. And then now Ryan ten you know there's uncertainty about his status Ted Larsen has project to report it looks like he could be out for a long time if not the season so. It's shielded completely biblical era it's ridiculous the listen I I covered the heat this season and you talk about injuries and how just one after another. And you know as soon as the Chris Bosh news was announced. All of a sudden media had Josh Richardson go down you had the Winslow injured early in the season. It feels like South Florida's kind of encouraged you look at the Marlins we saw the injuries they've had. You know guys is going down there it's it's been a bad year for South Florida in terms of injuries. And you hope that the dolphins are somehow able to sidestep this and are losing. And a no maybe fur of even just a couple months or a few weeks is is not going to be great you want restarting quarter from the beginning that hopefully it's not. As bad as maybe I think it is. In ninety a lot of people were kind of jumping to that conclusion as well that it could be. Worse every expected it's it's there were and it's answers says I don't. Have an idea weather's even discuss that doll which is assigned him an hour ago I guess refer to taunt cabinet right. And somebody else's wise Capra the first name that comes up for possible QBC the only one out there. I mean Robert Griffin the third is out there so that's a pretty high profile name odd name I should say you don't just namely. You talk about a guy who who has and who would overcome an injury right I mean. Ambassador more about ten holy you know that this is sort of be eight career changing type television. Right and then we've mentioned Jay Cutler because. Even though he is retired and Adam gates their pictures that surface online this summer he attended. Take publisher tyrant party's right that is there for that and he's got a job now is fox is a broadcaster. His name has been brought up but that's. Of the less conventional route exiling of true freeagent mean you have to. Pry him away from this other job that he's doing indeed you don't have to compete to become back to the game of football and apparently you know he wants me pay like a starter once beat guaranteed to be the starter so. There's some strings attached there. Bieber tapper nick is the most high profile free agent quarterback and has been for very long time quite frankly so that's why his name keeps coming up he's not the only name. But I would argue that if you're looking for somebody who fits the mold in terms of experience. Talent level and availability. He should be the first Rupert. Mine and we had a legitimate Duffy on earlier in the show and and that was it really that was the first name he said he said cab pass him. Who would you call first and he said cap and and and part of that is his leadership beside his leadership that he's respected locker room. The fact these young east northeast of 29 years old and eighteen of the Super Bowl when there's. Obviously there's all the of the political reasons why some fans are against the bush. Really you look at a lot of quarterbacks are available. That's the guy that's a guy who's the best on the market right now. Tips so rule come back who continue to talk about this as it's been a hot button discussion. Of foresight you wanted mall the program against 78636007. On in the fall Montreal's Texas show at 679. Seven moral also giving up two hall of fame game I'm curious of anybody's actually interested in this yeah. Because if for various reasons so who would get into that and touch on a few other sports that we haven't I gotten into yet including. A record setting financial deal that was officially made today. In world soccer Rihanna door of these numbers business is on the loose. Us motive oral on Greg likens him back in just a moment here on seven to deter us. Because though. Side music festivals. 2017. Power buy affordable commandeer Fort Lauderdale beach. Tomorrow morning 850s as little Romberg and amber will unveil all the bands appearing in giving the chance to win tickets before they go on sale. That's this Friday 8 AM. Only on AM 79 up from 1043 HD to the ticket. Welcome back tears seven IE ticket Greg likens alongside Manny Navarro filling in for Josh Freeman on this Thursday evening I'm interested to hear. That lineup therefore retired music festival and we're did a much text messages about Capra nick seminoles take your phone calls well somebody 6360. 0790 I did wanna ask you Manny. Just your opinion on this because. Every year I feel that there is this sentiment that everybody's really excited for football return and rightfully so when he brought senate for football return. But then waited annually kicks off with the hall of fame game. And when you have Bruce Syrians declare earlier this week that none of his starters are gonna play. And the cowboys. As it was reported earlier today were gonna play like two starters on offense they're both like interior offensive lineman. And then you don't barely any starters on defense it's like. How much interest is there really in this or is it just any football will do after is such a long time law. Why I think as a football fan and yes any football do that I feel like we're heading on the scene is this as the MBA with a Saturday Dieter. We're stunned they came strategist. For whatever reason that you're you know out of a out of the game this nationally televised. C'mon man give the fans that they want you know we raised another five pre season games and maybe you wanna make promises to guys who. Our starters and say we're not gonna play unify pre season games were. My concept and and you know talk about the soft here. I don't know why the starters don't play earlier in the pre season and then completely rest the last two pre season games like to me that's the Smart tactic you don't wanna getting hit. You want them both their bodies to be completely freshman for the first week of the season. And you're looking at the back of sleet and pre season anyway so why the starters that I do with the complete jobs away and started early and then rest on the rest of the pre season. Yet teachers and beaches through the way it always is that there pre season game as the dress rehearsal. We're and that's the team that's the most important and they'll play that who serves who played oftentimes. A full half of not in the second half. But you're proposing the pages knocked out of the way early on and then make sure Rudy health why he's in good avoiding injury wise that is. Are you care about is getting getting out of out of the pre season injury free and ya actually every year we're talking tomorrow morning CEOs and it's just way too many starters are going down with the injuries it's just ridiculous yeah. It seems like more more every single year the H assuming about tonight hall of fame game. He said in probably a lot of people remember this in our audience went. Last year we resolve hyped up for the hall of fame game and never had. Writing that's lightning right it was landing near the field was terror nose feels indebted to fueled worries is they determined before the game they go out there now Hawaii it was deemed they were there like. Added this doesn't look like it's safe for us the play. But the field the little conditions they determine. When it was I'm telling them right hazard for these guys like they were gonna get hurt the player on the field in Seoul. You know who's the blast Syria result of build up to Sunday night and security had although hall of fame festivities and then that was a real. Pour wage to conclude the weekend there's some around their having the game Thursday night. They normally have a Sunday night so at least the field is linemen did play it played almost all burst out. Everything's okay there in ten know we're didn't some mom to people on the ball why Israel is going to the phones here. As disseminate six receive 007. ID by noisily on the Texas pre season football is like gluten free pizza that's not pizza and it is simple thing email that Anthony is in Miami Anthony thanks for on the show are you doing tonight. Laura my pro am doing a little unending Barrera. Pacquiao don't you got to meet Dave Ritchie it. I wanna extend all of trade. Why are Cheney look at it again I don't want to Tivo used student. Obviously. Cathedral why didn't he won't he birdied either. You were all pretty. A three year. That's a long time to be sure anti but at least he's there right Amir was dead man as he made so that not everybody can say they do that. Yeah you know I'm a big hit a good bacon and he and I need to create. All you can. Particularly weekly grape actually at all but it. Pretty chilly but I mean I had that we should you 18 April it took a little. They need to trade indeed yeah how can a week. Jason Taylor is a first ballot hall of famers he got in and surprise you Australia and I've your weight is rooted out. I don't rudimentary yeah absolutely do they need a week and you know maybe you didn't hear Gregg didn't get a guy we go to you mean. The Australian guy that we are. Yeah yeah pretty quick. And the pickle boat Lauren put it remedy her. And they loved on 79 it's always it was good to your commitment yet I mean. I think many if you talked to these players those male egos that's part what makes him so good in some great and there. Giving crap you see it in and all the different sports archer can easily. Would've loved to have gotten in much earlier by the fact the matter is as long as you get in the hall of fame. As a matter how long it takes sure it was it's a relief forum now he pride in one way Islam but that's the Altima. Yeah no doubt in any in baseball mean. Having covered tomorrow's use over years and seen the whole policy and process and guys get kicked in on that. The leaving those guys will wait 33 years and did you get in the hall as long as they get in and there's been some guys that waited forever you know and and and I guess. There is a certain window of of how long they're allowed to be on the ballot. But I know they do bring back. You know players from from air as many years before they indeed do in both those guys in the also easy just the same way 33 years. Some guys is a good long time. Writing your you write and edit the NFL I think this baseball due to really kind of the veterans committee right and zones so guys who have been out of the game for a long timer may be overlooked because the air they played in. Be paid. That make exceptions for them but they bring up. And argue their points now and in their careers within the context we get so caught up in. You know in in both sports really although in the numbers in the NFL especially though because as the game of falls. You're going to see different trends statistically. And I know baseball I do worry about the steroid era you know and reimpose that as well so. Lot of different factors for all the different sports but. It is good to see some of the older players in May were overlooked for various reasons get rewarded for their careers even if it is for some it's so it's too late in the process. Even if they look really old on me at. I think there's still have video that. Yet somebody here Texas is Jason Taylor is not a first well all timer well he is now viewed disagreed that he should be that's one that I would buy a you know as well standards and facts. He actually is a first ballot hall of they refuse it period they're not deserving and perhaps you give us an argument against so let's go to. Miami were Randall's standing by Randall thanks to join the show are you on tonight. I'm not well I'll just wanted to chime in a little bit about the you know about pre season and yeah a couple of guests certainly don't give apple they want but what it's fast really want is a play Albert and or a Super Bowl or torch in all great she did and your tree you've got to remain. A lot you know most of the players. Don't appreciate and generally. If you're a veteran you know which replaying anyway sir do you try to make it through you may want to press go to jail here and there but for the most part is to touch. And that's not just a quarterback like what you see today and you know it be especially when and what I was clinch you know you even know you who. You know you do that India which we had to do you knew it was just pre season. Yes that's there's a red do you did you play in the NFL. Yet at Boca who would you put more. Our great private doctors order strange hurdle cardinals on iso or so from your perspective then you mean you've got the players respect dissolves aren't you how do you view. The pre season mean at this one man you are talking off the year they we think it's a couple of games too long how do you view I think should be two models former players respect. Well conditioned these appreciate it for. The guy who don't have any film yet. And that's and that's what you do a pick outlook maybe make an apprentice are. Or the one to bet on want it to our rookies who may make McCain not even your first round draft picks. Our our art in that realm there. Okay what they gotta really go out there and and and and and compete compete compete. If you just learned offered Bernadie trip. And I'm sure that your top game mentally and ending in you know you implant Marino you know he wanted to make sure that that you won't talk to your game meant to you at all which cost. Are you didn't make any mistakes and and what they do what they looked at. They want to see if you know how many mistakes you made in which they kept track. They kept track of how many mistakes you made in practice and and from the preceding games what. Could be it wasn't a 888 Kellogg to say okay well I mean it's been species are going to be on the team it'll start. Because they know what you can do so you know the ranch just look more towards your goal out a team if you want to ask. That little bit between a preceding game and ascribe it. So why can't watch practice. And it didn't say it didn't say a big part of it even more. Right yeah it's a good point. Obama are this Randal hill okay. I was glad to see read body feel about the uses you know I'm about to drop that idea we're trying to connect the dots your rant you tell us strategically important that we're like man did did Randal hill is call into the that the. I'm at W guy and I yardage yeah you're paying because you know you got really are students at and what you're saying and it kind of want to chime in on appreciated and are a little bit. Are you at University of Miami. They haven't eaten feed he's schedule and you know yeah I understand. That embarrassed question that it had a quarterback spot but. I hate I hate it when I know what when you don't when I was playing. But I did speaker remember in 1987. We want a national championship with a quarterback who aren't who. Yeah dole but what is what is what they've got around that quarterback. Kept become students of the game and when it comes to another game is in no more than a constitutional. Why don't know more than a coach and an address that particular mentality of and I teach younger and I tell younger guys. Have a metallic. When you're playing football and even and life in general especially planned on the Jimmie Johnson you either were a in Lyon. Org Brazil but either way. You had to wake up a run in the morning you get up their run because if you do I am. If he didn't get Iran to taste that good though that he was gonna star detectives didn't run from that line you don't get eaten. So it's not just say that. You know running running running but is it means you have to get up you have to prove yourself every day especially at the at the University of Miami so. They can get in the big cool sailed around that starting quarterback. And in recover from his station of from the got to been around awhile didn't. You'll be fine and that and that go along way could I expect put him to win the coastal this year. I hope your area knows who longtime. We've been talking mother calls Lester sure. Yet definitely definitely I mean I want to we've we drop our standards down and it broke out enough top floor but. We've would have been says OK give it a coastal port now and then we'll move war from their hypertension depression have we all you got it I'm keep listening to you. I Randall at no pun intended it was a thrill. Thank you failure oh euros you never know who's listening Randy throw hill tune in here there it was funny if we can talk about this a little bit Demi we Prague it's Uggla dissolve the earbud that might as well keep it. Real with our audience here I mean when he said that a when I've played in the when we played the pre season I was like. Okay no purses those Randall Miami uses euros opinion on win guys to play. Ice stream the call I'm answering you like the guys talking to me and I have no idea it's rained all hell like I'm just answering the phone like it's anybody else he wants to go on the air are put him on the air. He doesn't identify himself as Randal hill and has identified himself as a former NFL player as a former cane. Nothing so. I had no way of knowing and all the sudden we find out altogether on air at H Reynolds Earl hill doing an impromptu interview now. Except it's funny is that I interviewed Randall's so many times over the years covering the canes for different different issues different stories and I I I can hear in the woods is it me and it's also familiar. And sure enough I mean. My hunch is right I didn't know I've always. Really cool Randall thanks for two and and then forgive him as a call. So are cool moment there were to take record time out we got time for one more segment here before we sign off five mentioned the big story internationally in sports was as with pat has a South Florida Ty and so we're gonna bring up that. I just a moment and I can do to read your text messages. Vincent xmas is about WM. As well as the dolphins quarterback situation is state do more to get to hear on seven out of its. Coveted tickets. Third annual in a jar of being John Clayton fantasy football camp was special guest CBS sportsline Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 at sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. It's breathe and win some exclusive. 101 time. Which John Clayton Saturday afternoon just register now with the ticket Miami dot com and a juror Levine accident attorneys. Call 180747. Free that's 1807473733. Sponsored by Palm Beach Charlie. By rip it energy fuel by crave jerky and by champion or by a four for more details on attending for free. Go to the ticket Miami dot top. Welcome back here to 700 ticket. Final segment here on this Thursday evening Gregg likens alongside Manny Navarro filling in for Josh Freeman just reading that though liner there adjusting that's cool John clay and will be down here. He news. I don't seeing him. On ESPN all those years mean a wealth of information was a reason why they call the professor Reich and down yet and the best all time I've had a chance in Iraq of them. When he's patted dolphins camp before and he walks around there with a fancy amenities these these are celebrity around the area. So that that's cool we'll be good opportunity in our nice suits or 790s involved that on May blow you to you play principal ball. I do I've had a league now going on fourteen years it's a keeper league so it's made. Playing fantasy GM. Fauna uninteresting because every move you make every draft pick que me is could cheat the next several years appear appear fantasy league team. Yeah Zeller one and on scenario right if we start a series and you didn't state who a lot of fresh start he and we and we actually have defensive players that we've picked up as well and even a little more challenging that's a really involvement. Yes yeah we we I think it's six the threat to players to defense of linemen two linebackers to BBs every year you gotta gotta have those guys on the roster and you know basic. Offense the usual fantasy team on offense and but it's interesting because obviously the way the NFL is with injuries. Every year you're just trying to load up on on on running backs and receivers that are gonna make it through the years than he made the playoffs to get lucky and in fourteen years have won three championships and I don't know I've enjoyed that I got lucky I made amid a Smart decision to trade for it man nearly. And it paid off so. It's that's not a bad got to take it and go there for gonna make you trade for Peyton Manning consider what he did. The three championships in fourteen years I mean outside your little mini patriots dynasty going on there. Now well you know at the dolphins as pours this last fourteen years have been for this thread is up until last year with a finally got back into the playoffs. I needed something to keep me going to just that would also. I joined the sort of that passing the ball league to basically. Substitute for the depression that I had on Sundays and other offenses and we'll. Bracelet big what you're saying in a very humble ways that these yep people committing to attend this event and talked to Jamie guys are talking John Clayton but. Every fancy questions are you you're you're just as resourceful. They are person to talk to when it comes of fantasy football based on that track. Amore I can give you some advice tonight nearly as the qualities those guys and sure. Well good stuff meant I might have to on the my draft Davis Jim might be Tex and Manny big hey I got choice to make in the third round this thing Syria to say. We talked a lot about the the dolphins and the hurricanes of 200 a couple of text mrs. here. Perry apparently some people on audience knew that was Randal hill from the scene knew it we did we were the morons I'm in total loans them a bit and I think it was in part because though we weren't expecting that to happen right near Randall Miami you don't expect to be Randall. Through hill. Palm the person who texted earlier about Jason Taylor has responded again saying Jason Taylor was gifted. That first ballot spot TO can't get in and he had way more impact than GT. While well Jason Taylor did win a defensive player of the year award he also was he Walter Payton man of the year those. Were a couple of years apart but in a Walter Payton man of the year has nothing to do with on the field. But that's means you're making an impact off the field as well so he moon. He's a guy who used not only the sack leader of all time in Miami Dolphins history and a 139 half sacks in total. And was as impact pulls defensive player during his time in the league is anyone else so I don't know it's bigger. To save it TO had a bigger impact in Jason Taylor. I feel like he says that only because TO plays offense like TO scores touchdowns so therefore he's a bigger impact according to this texture I don't see any other way how you could say that. Because he played two totally different positions. And both of them were elite at their position so I don't say I don't know how you could say one person is more impact full than the other. Well it almost feels like. You know and see your point grant. And to the point where does talk money tolls would the fantasy football numbers. It's stuck and everyone said that's always a few hours on. And and you don't appreciate you go to great defensive play in this case of Jason Taylor. Unless you're in fancy fantasy leagues like Manny here as defensive lineman that you pick and you take it that. Well I analysts it is I think his point and he he he went about it the wrong way unity to put somebody down to two praise somebody else right yeah I think his point is. TO should have been a first bout golf tournament I think a lot of people agree with that I would agree with that he's certainly in in impact full player in. To say Jason Taylor wasn't as an impact why I think that's totally incorrect I think both of those guys in my opinion should have been first ballot hall of famers. Here's my question to you being huge dolphins and east Jason Taylor the greatest defense of playing golf and sister. I would say yes I know that appease some of folks from the the seventy's teams will disagree use some you know you go to defense is work. Great in the eighties we met some great players there and eighties immortal for the offensive. Feats of Dan Marino and everything early eighties owning some of those teams several really good. Defense is what I speak Jason Taylor and I try not to be. It don't tunes. One side in terms of you don't generally see speak I'm 33 years old result. The united watch a bunch those guys play owner of the stories about it so I tried to be biased based on my age but I do think in talking to. I talked to a number of players being the fiftieth. Season anniversary that the dolphins had an ongoing celebration. I interviewed. Almost a mean of all the players who were still alive and of the players that are still in touch the organization. I must have interviewed 35 to forty of the top fifty players and dolphins history during that sees. And if you talk to them on and off the year. Most of them will tell you they have great respect for Jason Taylor now. A lot of them aside you've depending on their era say real like our guys met this tidal wave cozy any sport. But I'd I'd have to say that Jason Taylor is the greatest defensive player in the in the franchise's history. Yeah out and then who who sort of comes in second ago we that's kind of what I was about to ask like there's Jason Taylor to meet and then there's everybody else are you had the seven these teams in your media like and I'm not a higher or somebody but. To me like nobody else's has been on that level of a Jason Taylor. I'll on this team before again I'm the same age as Greg so I didn't get to see a lot of you know the seventies or early eighties dolphins so. I missed down on a lot of that but. I mean I don't see anybody else at that hall of fame level at their position like Jason Wallace in the I mean it and they we can pretty much say. Offensively and defensively it's Marino and and Jason Taylor I don't I think this sort of separate themselves from the are pretty significantly. Got the names that come in my mind. Having grown up on the dolphins. I think Zach Thomas is another guy who's up there we GT. That bonnet Connie mentioned earlier Jake Scott I guess was was phenomenal back in the seventies. And then you had big killer bees right been in here in the 820 Super Bowl so I mean as far as overall impact the guy who. To meet took over game in crunch time situations nobody who dependency to. Yeah I agree it and you know what I just thought of something going back to the seventies. I don't think he could say that any of they were called the no name defense I think there's a reason for that so I don't see how you could put an individual in that defense over Jason. Let's that they mean some of these defense is yet severance or stand out players been a lot of like really good players all playing together wants consultant and not take anything away from them. But if you're talking about it is you just pointed out made using your term. A players separated himself from the rest Jason Taylor would fit that category yet. But its existing topic because. I even though we can joke a little bit about the relative lack of success adults and had in recent years in its extended longer than ever he would have liked. Mean this franchise is so story in terms of the accomplishments especially early on. Bet it it's a very meaningful for Jason Taylor to hold that mantle as the greatest threat to player I in team history com. Another texture here related dolphins pass about Brandon dowdy houses progress suit good numbers from out of college days mentioned last year he wants to take his time with him any chance or give a shot I picked out and gates likes him he likes working with young quarterbacks in dowdy. The nice stories seven trumpet got a western Kentucky who's from South Florida. Our prep remember interview Brin Dow Jones industrial zone is a really cool story and I don't think he did. That dolphins and this is my opinion so I don't you know I haven't checked into this battle big beef feel comfortable with him. Being a big guy this upcoming season should have Matt Moore did injured as well I think they're ready to bring in somebody who's more solidified has some experience. So you know question and I think the dolphins. To me oh thank you said earlier this year I think between the next 472 hours. If they're Smart in this in this injury serious they will do what sign another quarterback in just how do you can't go into a season. With only Matt Moore and what you guys that have put. Right nets star and David fails is a the other guy who's on the depth chart to who by the way he has five pass attempts in his NFL career all five of those bass thumps came last year the bears have Rupert very bad Peter's team itself. On made a wanted to switch topics for second here we go from football too football for Gonzales international soccer. On the crazy story is gonna South Florida connection with talks in a moment put resilient star named Maher. Has officially signed with Paris is danger mom today for a record 264. Million dollars that was the transfer. What is insane news 222 million euros. Roughly equates to 260 plus million dollars the result buyout clause in his contract moving from FC Barcelona. To PSG. Reportedly set to sign a deal with PS she sews us the transfer fee. Right just a freedom from just a grandma so he could go there he's set to sign a deal that will pay him annually somewhere between thirty and 35 million dollars. After taxes. Supply while for the team. So the shelling out. Hunt of money. PST is to get here Messi Barcelona in this apps we obliterates the transfer record that we saw set. Last summer when Paul part Boe move from you bet is to Manchester United 416. Million us just a 160 just 116 pocket change your pocket change but I bring it up because of and you cover the NBA and who the number the numbers in terms of the salaries continue to go up but it seems like crazy money. Mean this world soccer is right up there with it and it's got that caveat where it can't just. Move from team to team there's the transfer fees and Aaron early word the headlines are made and in this specific story. Well to -- 260. Million how much was at the Jeffrey Loria pay for the Marlins again I mean it. Right I put a lot of you paying less for the Marlins then they're eight for one player rewarding guy just to get him off. That team it's it's pretty ridiculous and I think it's on sports that are last night. They chemo would eleven players in the NBA if you combine their salaries it's still wouldn't be enough. For that changer for the correction chipping and it was like LeBron James stuff curry I mean it was just ridiculous and but again that's a big soccer is the a team like parents and Jermaine has that money laying around. Once it's crazy and the reason is South Florida connection is with L classical Miami occurring. You know it's it's simply was much longer go resist what five days ago the Dow down here. Hard rock stadium that was now officially the final game the name mark played an FC Barcelona you know. Yeah and crazy and you know if he's he's a phenomenal player I am I watched some soccer I'm not. A diehard soccer for him but I did. Watched that match little bit and and you know between him and messy and three in the third clear on that teams they've got warrants war as they've got it's basically like the Golden State Warriors of soccer they were in terms of scoring in terms of scoring in just ridiculous amount of offense a once squad. And yet he's leaving for another squad and wretched. FC bar so it's good to be one of the best teams in the world it's it's his crazy how much money. These these hobble the lines soccer clubs can spend on under from players how much they pay messy and they redid his contract. Every he's making himself. They have in salary it paid over thirty million dollars a year himself and then he's got all sorts of you know sponsorships that you know he brings an ad dollars as well off the field so. We really are disconnected here in South Florida from the from the soccer phenomenon that it is the rest of the world because people just go nuts over soccer and an end. I know people here like you know I think if they bring me MLS team here I'm not going to be that exciting who really cares about soccer but I'm Tonya. Miami if she's done well right now we've had if that's a big crowds of their for their games. That tough loss last night put their bid exceeded expectations this season for sure Newton yeah and I think you know I'd. Before the attending a news broke out this morning at a resort now maybe mail talked about this new David Beckham's MLS the next step in that because there was relatively big news last night but. Largely overshadowed by just a little bit the American lawmakers here but I had to bring up named mark is that's just nuts and for those who attended a classical Miami you saw history not just that those two teams play each other but you saw. Name Mars final match in Barcelona uniforms so significant from that standpoint as well amazement funk tonight. It was fun definitely entertaining that a hot first couple of hours there with callers I was though. Thank god for Colin Cameron. I appreciate it review called and texted and new tweet us at throughout the show as well press give more excellent job man fun to work with you tonight. Many great to work with you again well they generally will catch up again soon. Also one who. We should Josh rim of the vessel reason join his time off we're gonna was say good night. Coming up next ESPN radio here on seven I detect.