8-6-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, August 6th
The Dolphins' had a pretty cruddy outing during thier first public scrimmage. Leroy says of course that's going to happen if they hold it at 11 am. Tobin says the Dolphin's problem is that they're faceless, he says it should be John Denney. Tobin can't wait for the day he releases the Denney Diaries. Tobin talks about his experience at Gun World of South Florida.

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I. I know broad. Don't believe that. Everybody what's going on having Monday it's still we're literally here where if you don't. For the next couple hours not the dive into busy ass weekend. Poor start and today show. Let's get into your summer swindle word which is here GE they are geared text that the seven to anyone. Seven to anyone you were does gear yet just a thousand busted another chance in Taba next hour which a word this hour. Is geared. LeRoy we got ourselves a busy Saturday night at the the mosque Miami event below him what do. Was an event put on by the other guys there you're in the domino tournament you are exhausted. Oh my goodness they tell you. Takes a true professional. To talk trash. To Cuba. Has Victor respondents spent. And I'll let Anthony you know once there what they say but I just kept regiment. Just power on power power on what about had you're you're that sort of for a long time would you could make it the semifinals is only know. Well what who was is that. I didn't have a partner in the air mail or cool dude right so. We haven't a couple of cocktails. And didn't do two guys that we sell and we came in their reply and Brian. Wednesday. Those guys and women didn't yet we now we left in him in the breeze I feel. Pre season if you if you guys are gonna get there early like get in venue you can review with a with a game face on. So we play them determine starts. And the way you play was your balls play four rounds. You play. You play 250. Points. All our. You play. Thirty min saga because started late really got into rear them ranked. His hat. The first. Game we played. Never got scored on a depicted you know like at two dozen ravens' defense yes. Next game. We got beat by time. C it's yes and then the last game we got just blast in west. But it was you know it was fun it was one at a glance. Probably I mean we you got a text. That. We owe everybody loves. Right. I text. Big. Name. This you know dominoes start. Winning. Now he sends me 8 o'clock. Alison tech's 9 o'clock am in many replies. Don't relate. So Meehan told him. 8 o'clock o'clock in how we are meeting at the parking lot right walked into. Have a couple of cocktails is about to get right up here is about to start this kids meet the right yet. He wasn't. He came by at 830 that is a band of course is in a nutshell our means got going it was nine B a team. Nine there before dominoes started. The guy with the beard who's dressing in Andre did the did lady. Ought to wait. Finding. A fright. And yes. Of endemic to girl. With the plume the in the flamingo loaded double lucky to really house that we shoot around we've we've beaten everybody and so she kinda was saying about what I was saying OK I'll be mascot would it. Writes that she would just hang around a table. Yeah about ten issue like I hate the audience. I gotta go. Did not cut it can also. Use. And it's his head. Q what ends they won't leave my old. Guidelines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at that beach Ito Miramar plea deal. Come station. All right rob is out this week. Yeah he is out though if anyone tells Torre went because he's very secretive about his vacations. Basically back tomorrow. A bone to pick who beats but they were to him. I'm airlines I was prepared for doing headlines. Dolphins are gone I have some dolphins have to get to. The you know what I did you think about it until I saw steals and only that we did that say we he's committed to Stephen do you have any headlines. None early Els incorporated. It's so were were kind of world treat. I mean. One lawsuit that it always is on the road trip ul and yes they get out to join. I do G would you look here's what happens in. There's gonna happen all this year with a more in attack. They're gonna be stretches. Where you say you know. Here. And then they don't know that don't end dads that's kind of what the issue was gonna be a. A thug who's saying that they're trying to smooth with the way incentive you know we've been talking about how bad he is on the road right they're not trying to skip his turn in the rotation on the road to get him back home run. So when you're doing that. Saw it last plays LV should be doing any rotation trickery. Look at too well it's very here's wait wait wait wait. Is our underlying. Being here. What if he pitched a strong. These I've been known as last by star day care he's only been it's an at home ending you can move it. So I'm gonna have been men. And both happened. OK Richard. You pick a side to get moved. Wait wait before weigh in send you get the not even close not even close. Resumes and all I gotta analyze judges just pairing up Africa. And right now he is riding a camel in the desert by the way really. Did camel named Maria. These doctors in motion in its tigers did bit on Sunday that it wants and I do I do. Now did he struggled. Two dancing. All the sudden. Yeah. Commercial right yeah and now everytime you make two birdies some David Allen assures that fills one of these days and this damage the biggest movies come alive. It would. Let's say that about a guy but it might. He looks so uncomfortable with it like Heidi and they're long sleeve and that is roughly out of what do you have TE did where. Was it the British Open or when he's tournaments where it was cool. He wore a long sleeved button down yeah. Certainly I didn't know those golf shirt I got as a gift at a golf turn them the material strategy so it looks like a regular button down. What is real stretch he saw Lex yes it's almost like that aren't so. Oh yeah. When he he he and sun's out guns out does not apply to him. So that's I'm and so wanna get to this. Now. Dolphins have Braxton had a scrimmage on Saturday yes. There's very poorly attended 4500 people went there okay. Now apparently this is no more you know compared to the old visitor inside Garros colonies like. Back in the day you can just throw on the dolphins signed for free 151000 strong it now. Knew each gaming get UK to get 5000 people that we. Let me tell you why. Almost religious across the NFL. All of winning that first religious and night. They had a scrimmage and 11 in the morning and get up 11 o'clock to go watch a sprint. But you can. You are out there and people go to the curve for for training camp practice that's different when you have a scrimmage. In this stadium in its three. Night time burn some lights. Act. You personal. Things to do better in Miami itself that's having at night or stuff that's happening in the middle of the day when nothing is going on when the beach has done. Becomes low lights at eight. Let's go check out result and after go to the beach you freeze. Most miserable. A walk in the sands dude beat so late oh I don't know which told him I haven't got the beach. And incurred three months' time that mr. Lee reversible. Ocean is soupy not golden and that all it's terrible it was dark and walking off slaughters refreshing to go to the beach right now sandy it's like walking on an element. And then Todd and I got to two were too young and has no sir and they just won Roland this out I don't see you beach in October and they want to bury day. All all the time how. Let's annual mermaid tail. In yeah I never get it right I'm not doing the mermaid tail. So not for me. I evidently LeRoy yeah I think OK as much here for go. Opens a faceless right now men know there are faceless team there anonymous. Yeah you play video games and get that that mr. player or players is so nondescript. The question McLaren Ahmed face that guy right now that that could be of valid we. I promise you have a scrimmage. In the morning. When that first resort. But. How many people did he get if I you. Mean it was announced in Canada by two years ago. By you packed house that's dark. 7 o'clock. Is that a playoff here. I just in interest and even a year ago. Well I just needs in this one nightly. I just thank you traded Jarvis autograph policy okay Lisa if you're most recognizable players. Which you go about three. No. Here I complained about them. They don't get my yeah not enough. Here's the thing. Scott was it a lot of fans though there are a lot of fans that are kind of leaked they tune it there's a lot of people that's us they're hardcore fans. You know like there in the ins and outs every single day. And there's a lot of people who are dull and fanned the cons is they don't but that's a pastime all good tennis and often as well. Betrayal were basically trading our best players every national publications gonna say is saying they're terrible. So if you are one of those people was not on the dolphins day today and don't think they're gonna have his grand season and you're feeling what T. Kind of outside. Perception is of them nearly. You guys saw that nobody here. Seven of bear interest in conversation would myself. And the glory for anybody's comes into him so I'm always right. Right. As well. Both about the dolphins. And hurt and who that friend who. I with me and bonds went to you know and hurricanes games where when a season tickets you know take my son. And he also has. Dolphins think. And he was telling me last week. He went to. Her case. I was like. Kings screens I really didn't seem. Right but not. The entity behind. It we finger at the hurricanes do. Is so much greater than. That what it is one of dolphins do something totally at its end and I don't know why well. Bad that I really really trendy thing last year it was just of that word that they were good they were nationally relevant and turn overture but but but even I'm saying even afford it and I use my brain is an example mean. Because. His negative comments are quick to come about the dolphins yeah did you are about hurricanes. And some would say the dolphins. Probably a little more success well I'm going to Wales did my. Did all the zig applause but you know here's the thing with the dolphins it feels like day more often than not I'm and his crazy for a team McCain that is off the scandal. But it feels like the dolphins are always stepping into this always step our schedule. Yeah. Eight. It. Never scale. No and the ball and always insulting and according. There's always been as did the stop. It's handled. More scandals. Grandstand. And the guy and the guy she era dolphins. Big bully gay. They got the cocaine coach. How he. Got the National Anthem everybody has ordered him for that. I mean at exactly been great here either as far as good. All right all right I'm not look I'm not willing to give in but owl except to argue and also. With the scandals using college football there's a lot of winning that comes with it. It. Either though late wed when it also was going down home. This is gonna be bad for the hurricanes late thirty minutes because. Usually the bad stuff is around you there's also winning. Condit because nobody really cares if the loser. It's too and I'll be she's exactly right exactly right out of this thing though wanna get too as far as the dolphins and their face the French doesn't do that can be you'll get to that next. Hand. I welcome back everybody it's totally right there with a few on the ticket yeah. People are accusing the rug innings neatly boxed in last segment. Walked right into it told you that in the name and everybody should she not everybody is not every box in his days are complete. Posts rise dunks sometimes you just gets neatly boxed and you just wrote it up side by side and you just find yourself contained in the box and as elaborately run. The the first immunity and I think so I just read it picks I didn't mid to be bought it. Well look man I can read the text to its delegates like these figures don't happen to have them at this moment. I just read it's well there is one person who may be the face of the dolphins. And that's John Denney. Long snapper. He is back and I am very excited today when I sound came in. And I and I found out that Adam gaze was waxing poetic on the long time long snapper has been years in Saban. And that's amazing that's an amazing level job security firm position like that just snap the football keeps on going here's Adam yes. The guy's unbelievable. Physical condition. I think he is the ultimate pro. He knows how to work with the other guys I mean every. It's been a short period of time it over the last three years everybody that we got abroad and from if they don't care what does during the season. They're just here in spring. He does such a good job helping those guys learn how to be professionals. He takes a lot of pride and make sure it. If you never hear. Our guys you know the courts here are definitely an escape. Partners it is everybody kind of falls in line and he does a good job probably those guys chill on the ropes and home. Is pro. IE. Oh that Aaron and her. It. Over. Your lungs right now well. Judge. Is ridiculous. So does Colin Allen now. He. The bulb snapper. Somebody asked about John Denney and he had a lot of positive things to say. What are they played on a lot of people know you just you just want him did you. Did. You get out there might no respect for his siblings three. If you. Talk about the dolphins. Went to number nine to. Why do you know he's been your for every man that if it's. I. Won't. Didn't have answer. Every team's looks and rappers been approached John Denney deserves to be the ring of honor. He does right next and my it was the last one Jason Taylor Zach Thomas. Who manages to go next on. Dare I say the fourth number that should be retired. President's gotten it over so there's not a coach who says man I need to bring in my own guy is doing in his own guys. Jay Cutler. Got with today's culture any is like now you know this god knows we Dylan we had a long snapper in Minnesota. He played pro ball so long. Are remembered him when he played for the browns actually plea to position. Five coaches Scott has been. Accounting bulletin over the interim. Doesn't end of the day a dismal showed up. All of that change careers and do my thing. Watching the clock. But not without doubt no doubt that all the steps have to be so good. It was only one that hit what was it the one that hit Britain feels the face. It field's fault. You can't do all we really see and hear him in the conversation. About how good wants an easy there's there's going to be a day when John Denney releases his memoirs. It's going to be good it's good to be a best seller of all the stuff that he's solid on here I've got no none of the Denny diaries we talked about this it. On the dolphins had no idea adapted to. We had going on and I'm the guy is them. Should all know I either got last year. Miss enough why is that on this I got the the red had a fellow. Forget and to. You don't know under yeah you don't know wrist did. The whole. Isn't usually the par. No wool Brazil's backup quarterback know when Brandon Fields was the punter he was the one who held the football because I remember is a good he is either to honor. Or tobacco. But it says it's either that or you don't want to Yost while he's a much went plus he's 68 but Tom the ball gets to the ground that's about to sit right. Matt Hackett is the par. Yes the new ticker to a to change you don't want to be. Don't have blaze named tech can be golf or. Or Kate she's insane news canoe I can't wait. No kicker which don't hold this now. Yeah. Is this from different saved since sin and man. We sat there when he hangs out. Would you know and his name is coach until about I would if we talked about this river the Denny diaries. John Denney one day is going to give out the great memoir of dolphins culture I would never heard. Imagine anything inside scoop on and save in seven over the do with the seizure. Imagine. What he's got to say about bully gay. I mean didn't did did he tells that he must have. Richie don't need to remember. It was a dark day. When offensive lineman decided today was Jonathan my Wednesday. When he was gonna get people you don't get the cafeteria. He. Responded like a toddler who had lost his favorite toy screened under the room. I had a good chuckle over that as we know. That a storm was a Bruin if over DA. If mile long snapper is right stuff like that. Go I'll do is definitely stacks and stacks and those slits into shore you wouldn't. It's like he's eluded him with a TV I'm giving you hey there's players. On this team I don't know who wants him. Are not veterans there's definite rookies don't know does not only veterans left on an anti. You're the ten hell no serious. You probably have to hold report from early on as it was obviously engine Yahoo! us. It can injury does can Hendrick. Injury Jamaican police but you don't has respect of yet I think Frank Gore Frank Gore talked about it today and the new guy yeah. No break out about the laws that. Oh yeah. It's fourteen to work. Music going to be forty it's why our guys know that. You can give a hard time. I Daytona and I did agent replied we'll this offseason very they're very very I don't know who's before it. Men. They got the respect he has for guys in the league. Five years older than them. If you respect Craig gore is going to the hall of fame. You gotta respect run the league men's clout. Helen. They're called last year when a coach said I had enough of that British running back. It's time to get that bad news out of our locker room. Mary did he care about the 200 yards and Iran fall in week five. No weeks six no we twelve. No when he took him to the playoffs. He says I can't stand. That British running back name more. We need to get them out of here. And so the end of and cold my locker room while we were taken over by cloud of apathy. Cloud that was Jay Cutler cigarette smoke. That whom throughout Davey. They diaries man the taken over. He is they pros bro. Just pictured are the guys are there's sweat and pain killing him he shouldn't in his locker reading my. New York Times with late cross I bishop John Denney with a giant. With some giant stationary with a quill. Writing down all his stories. Sort of stenographer. Boo you. I'm like it in this amazing you've been here exactly thirty minutes and you joined in on the part. On by the for at least a year when I was intending to Tim mentioned that I'm telling you this steady diet is doing and I remember the area and Matt mall. Came in again. And then there was the next jail and of course he came and again about mall was not a good when he had a full week of preparation. But god love him when he came in with no preparation he lit it up or at least two touchdowns. Attitudes about when he got a good cuts. Oh really big I remember when Matt law was flat lined in our game of the season post. You say that still on the ground. Clinton's line by a Pittsburgh steeler. Here they look to the sideline who say Yates. Wal-Mart yet cannon. And and they realized oh my god we're going to put Yates in the game. Instead they said more how many fingers am I holding up its case throw up two fingers. And mall he said Paul. I'm Gayssot close enough. And. That is the day that opens and protocols political. If you're right when a quote you probably should be okay do you save some more call. To work in progress a rough drafts. I remember the day. I hadn't seen. What about it till like that since Patrick lights. They tried to bring him to revolutionize the wildcats. I said not only were we have Ronnie Brown run the football but we'll have a runner who can throw. This had that would change football pissed off that the idea. Sounds like him I have to get your shoulders Lewis for this season as we will be punting are planning. I called that the year of the punt. It was 2009. The second your thoughts it's. All American if the Parcells sat there that's gonna be a doozy. And you sell his live to be going on right now on the NFL between a quarterback in his former receiver. No wonder what the videos of these receivers start a lot to say this offseason we get that next. Welcome back everybody to put this flood busters ideas that brought about answers. It was just bumped. Is human after I was not across the Bobby no bullets many for us the same crew. We get out of here may I say hey. The alternate worlds I know it's it's. Men. She's just killed try to kill each other mimicked. What dim one. I Lil Wayne if somebody tried all of them to tour bus. Possibly that haven't. There was a toe on the commercial or gun loaded dogma getting jumped but jurors are man the myth I had skills did you run hello well. I rent them. A crack heads had to crackle with his shoes yeah with the ultimate excuse via a halt but in hides it that was Dalton. To run and especially they were on now I don't know I imagine the packet and a gun he probably sell the gun for crack. Or do better or do about it Jon Robin their work but it was electric in the morning many zoos dark as well well how is my must steaming hot Cobb being. It was a it was a two on one situations Dodgers went. Bullets run Adam let's go on let's say dulled. Don't not the smartest move the world although it was funny because I went to this I want this done we'll training class. About a month ago LeRoy that it is. And this dude is it was really cool because. You know it was a duties been like army ranger before like this guy knew his firearms. And so I told my story a lot of second base to why everybody was there were single moms there that while the men house intrusion and they just they want your firearms to on their house right. And so I was telling him my story goes us look solely the strain is like use have you be fired a gun I said not since college been awhile. Any goes okay well he's like so you think you're gonna to take you're gonna out of the holster backing up maybe it's slippery out not not just human watery. And in the midst get the bad guys in the situation had retain an advanced class and like. No I have not but it seems lame to have some more reading to do. And got a crazy because they think of all the situations and so. Did you have like a super advanced like of using Gaza Debra will take eventually but no one old school Burris situation exactly don't want plaques to myself. Which are not ultimately it was cool because I had been around in his prime like. I've never. Shot or touch comment is really fun it was like there. It is was you have to understand worm come from the grownup in the Ninth Ward who aren't. You good shot up and killed all the time. In us and always said to myself. How much different would it be if there were no go right against so I just come from a different place. All these people have all these stories about Hutton and stuff like that that's never been my stories. We goals were guns were embolden and so I just come from a different likes I don't. Don't you know anybody who had gone to do realize I do know this. Okay. If you put a gun in a situation. There are guys who. Old son seem like bed as has been over the bed if that's true. How does this Eurasia like I rather be educate ourselves and not being and so that's where I've just found myself playing in this in this new little wave of learning stuff. And LA Devlin is illegal because they go there and it's just like our it measured doing somebody a mornings on the indirect more comfortable around it now will say this in all fairness to both. It could be because in my. Ignorance of gun. So only. The only knowledge I have of guns. As you get shot in it and so when you come from net. On your interaction with guns going to be minimal because of a thing got an implies the muscle the other and never let him of that and want to. We'd never. My goodness she still he's the road and led down a deal with the old weighed on the chest thing. You'll hear about that no homes or what's that oh yeah bush is visible sports. We wiedmeyer as well. Go it alone tell the story. Owned any diaries. Written. Gospels we lift weights. Great. And he much weight did you have on their own horn. It's not important let our mission say not enough to brag right okay. So he went to do a set. And he had a power about it. It. Like a roller coaster like if you don't have. Enough. Just enough due to get up there. It was like one of those things relate to dispose to have this formally keep the weight on do you mod dumb ass got elected deal. As tally up put the way up and that it came crashing right down cranked right on my. Rademan adjust and news it was very embarrassing. Members whose vision hasn't happened since. Thankfully I'll you but I got us this is two years ago. At us now via. The people who are looking at it anyway and I'm Steve. Let's look at any mutton titans made. I'm having cocktails doesn't pay about wearable heaps played dominoes would ever right. The only people who really could instead that is the guy yelled and absurd you know everybody there and listen to this note that it was a layers of rights or dilute. Of. It was fun man knows abrasion or closest to Garcia answered our yes. Also presume there's really anywhere it wants the fights that night and I don't know me and that's kind of a dilemma into his there are no longer than a that I don't find it on the web. That'd make animated back in time I was actually goes like. Because I was getting text her out the fight and I always do and when UC president on down like after. Fight card kind of sucks the mighty mouse a boy he'd lost his belt. The well. Home first time he has at about six years mis in the old flyweight champion right. And it was somewhat it was a it was a controversial decision very very close I mean it's a really got to it was about. Who's your belt on the cards I can see where he lost. But also. The Al struck him pretty pretty deadly too but again. So. I'm I'm immigrant Maria I don't well. Like I lost track of things is by them to get back to my house. I had to get back at fighters Jerry in the morning so I admitted back. Right after cheated Alicia I'm not bleed out of go to our Brent to retain his belt. And you know I just had to go and a funny ways of we're talking about the next day now the cool thing that have a review of city. McGregor is back officially. Issue. Mac is back to back October 6 same days you have met this year that's going to be a loaded sports that. Same day as. Dirty then version and 89. Rose will chamber issue. Hello my eye in your gonna be gone. Unless we go to Vegas which is. Really in pieces and a woman development would really go real well you really don't know. Now this. Notion route. You know this this this. Without the comfort zone then happen. Comfort zone you know to me in megabyte have to have some of the you'll make steps to make you haven't via the net like yeah you have. Only thing. That. Be pretty enjoyable to have a so you think so ready. Mean on the scene biggest sporting event of the day right Unita images so you ever visited us they sort of look. All respect to it I noted that this is going to be again this year on all right well who how much we did quarterback Gary. I think they have to do Francoise back in the don't bode got the guy who look so the other guy can go and and and friends literally shakes she Spiezio led Dion Jordan Romo and the odds are Edmund has got he's been on steroids. I DR Jeremy Brett I should get on set I remember. When Dion came in his rookie year. We said hello that's them. But if you wanna get around these left tackles in the to put on some bandage. Telling that next Jason Taylor on day. You might wanna try this when strong. Then is I've had to sleep in this spirit but it brings plenty on Jordan. Crazy. Anyway so ought to get to this so Cam Newton. Is get some shade from his former wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin woo. Now we talk about tell amendment a little bit last year most because he showed him as a big fat fatty. Aid aid bigoted just I didn't. Yeah. Positioning of the G direct with the third leg no jokes to a position still. Like he's on the Buffalo Bills now and you decide whether I'm throw little shade at my former QB Cam Newton saying that. You know when I went there would have been better gonna sabotage my career would have been ruled a better off I was with a more established quarterback. And get my. You did tinted to start my career off now budget what you can do one NB pity. The year and can we wanted to beat Doumit was hurt I never thought you'd be a disaster for the Carolina Panthers yeah enough in around him. And with this vote due to the Super Bowl or Super Bowl team with the Carolina tether sick defense candor was amazing. And they thought all man sky's the limit for this team the other did Kelvin Benjamin back on probably in a Super Bowl team right. And it was a disaster. Just a disaster for and that is to have good the other way in the same team then Josh Norman he went to washed you today in the. Right so Tim Newman didn't have a good year. No we didn't end and so life yet you mean it all start with him but they probably didn't run the ball as well. Defense wasn't as good lot of things like collectively was the one thing it was a bunch of little things that added up to not being as good. I mean look I get it like rim thing here a Jarvis in antenna hill where use gosh you're the one thing I would say the difference is Jarvis is. I think that I don't get Jarvis is because Jarvis wasn't favored target is not late. Yeah every if you couldn't be couldn't push it early tell but I get Emery and years you Joe's program. And he hasn't met those yet charms is a guy given the second round pick. So you probably saw a user community to play a role and he played that role to perfection. He just thinks of himself of being a guy image bigger role rattled both of them just either in their former QB's I mean it's it's. I don't understand I never understood that yeah you know what I mean because. The way I mean you could drop I mean remember Randy in. And Dante. Like when they split up there was some you know. Who was a meal with him why it happens a lot into it I think it has to do wit just how people view. Quarterbacks. Like. You're receiver could be great. And he could be making you a lot better did you walk but they always gonna give credit to quarterback. Like for example. Tom Brady Randy Moss. Watched as these. Small and it every wanted to ring was going to do what Tom Brady. Don't say about Brady. And receiver he's gonna have his bench she. What do you think it's tougher for a wide receiver to be paid. To be in Auburn's of the guy like ten noon because he consume so much of the offense. Well inside this this is better. Because think about it and all the defense has noted that Joseph quarterback Cameron. And he got to pay attention to him. It got to pay attention to you. Yes and so and a lot of cases when you look at quarterbacks that have a ton of success receivers to have a ton of success in this is probably wanted to things that may be. Green Bay the thing about when he thought about Jordy Nelson and let me go is that in a lot of his big plays. On please Wear. Aaron Rodgers a scramble. And he's just launch ended up. You quit attitude or guide to dude vet. And best way to go debt instead they give you know. These two guys joke really well together. Let's keep them together so we continue to do. Right out of shows Barrera just frustration Rachel's spent hours of course so. Yet it. It's hard can you think I mean let's OK. Let's think of Jerry Rice. They never. They never talked about Jerry Rice being. A guy who could make any quarterback better they always talk about the two hall of famers he played right the issue and I mean I get sick of it. I mean is there a guy. Where you say you know what if David had him at quarterback would be Garp. Mean TO on the man. I thought I mean that there I mean I felt like TO is the star there. You know like I know it never really mean he got he people don't want them Leila Super Bowl yeah that a year yeah mom but I feel like. What is inducing thing because. I don't know how they Google these days are looking at a wide receivers saying that has to be the focal point of your team. To necessarily be the reason you're winning okay. So if I take Julio Jones. All the melee and. She's met why is still going to be. As success MB peek out from Brian I think that I think that it got held a running game. They are held early I think they would I wouldn't nuke. Atlanta's Atlanta's season just singing Julio jones' off and done. I wouldn't. Payne do you see some of the that is what is it how light really just that this season. He's amazing. I understand that but might give they give you that if you editor in your ways about it if you went to like Pittsburgh would you want Antonio if you. If you knew what was going to dump of the season would it be Antonio would you want to be levied on. I'll always be Antonio won Libya here. Libya I mean anytime anywhere about Libya you struggle to the feeling of the Steelers they will find another deep throws and got one. Outline. To. Larry FitzGerald. Yeah. Rip rifle in AJ green. Are. You a winner because. Really if you are aging agreed. The job right 08 under and that's kind of the problem for devolved that is going to be that was with Brian. Has success without Dumont. Have success but I don't think I don't think would you look at it over Ryan's career would you. Think that he's had a guy like AJ green no no no here's what I'll say about. How I look at. Just players in general. I look at the overall picture. And try to figure out why. Is this guy a bad because he's a bit later. All the circumstances. Enabling him to be the player that he it's religious or 2000 bus caught up in about six minutes of stay tuned.