8-6-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Monday, August 6th
Leroy's trying to rope Tobin into a bet regarding Eric Decker. Ray Lewis was speaking a bunch of nothing at his Hall of Fame speech. Hassan seems to have had a good time in Africa, an eye opening experience to him. Tobin has a problem with certain list regarding the Miami Heat and where they rank after free agency.

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Sluggish at 2000 must come up within a couple of minutes ago. Rob is out this week he is on vacation b.s will be back tomorrow. There is trying to rope me into a door reported do ban on their anger hello we are kid I don't know how to. Yeah yeah yeah but Dudamel statistics experts I bid. Dear me read this today and now Tom Brady has Eric Decker fifteen yards 18100 yards in sweet touchdown. In the bag baby. You're like probably and I'm like no change it's hitting me. Odyssey and his numbers yet that's probably. A little bit too crazy. I. I would say. Like. 12100. And. Like 12113. 1415 does I'm not crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy you realized and Eric Decker. Said ears men. Eric Decker has a he's got a thousand. Yards thirteen touchdown season and is in his career is gonna fit his best year. Wizard paid Manning thirteen hundred yards receiving eleven touchdowns. Yet to hear the jets were at a thousand yards and twelve touchdowns. With what's his face some down. And about a terrible. Decent. Isn't. Now they didn't not get the blow the goat. You wouldn't think that it is it it's so glad to make it for news. Readers think that Tom Brady can just put all time numbers on Eric Decker who had to be. The way Tom Brady and and their backers isn't. Isn't. Lemon is no receivers. That Tom Brady has broadened its sick owed his guys decent in May become. Above that. Redding cooks was decent and then me just signed an eighty million dollar contract with the rams because the budget wasn't decent pay is decent. Any of last year. That's speed guys did. You know them and another as Mary Decker. While looking at each of tea again on TV about not hesitate to again minister Gordon and look small. Take him where has been to that fancy yesterday at a coward as it is. We've his giant televisions behind him you you've got to see. Cam Newton larger than life without federal or this hour. Purchased 2000 bucks in the summer swindle its paws he's a USE. Cause text that the seven to anyone. And you are registered a veto when this time you have another chance of top next hour to national contest message and data rates may apply don't Texan drive let's hit the headlines. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at WX at best at that BHD you'll Miramar plea deal. Come station. Now this Reagan was the hall of fame induction ceremony. Yeah. Which included four Miami hurricane and former Baltimore raven Ray Lewis way back Ray Lewis. Now Rios pulled move nearly erode. We know that Ray Lewis is going to use your talk. Is its weight by a bit. At. You know I want to lop off some time one of the old folks do is already is gonna talk here I. Ray Lewis. First of all he gets up there on stage. Everybody else is fine dug in with a podium. Stay on the podium anyway dated by your phone oh boy band on this and boom like it creature. I talk I mean to use my hands and I got a whole presentation to get to. And look. As was expected this man had some crazy. Ass statements may have made no sense. Cause they helped. 57 this time. Remember a father remembers that we've got big we'll have a recurring attitude within my math. Is that a problem move ahead. Our products that she was fifteen years old. Found it have to file right please seventeen. I go to University of Miami right now. The lamp on the significant. Quite honestly I haven't thought about what they did in the media guys. And Michael Jackson Randy Shannon actually what was the number you won't. He's in the last. Fumbles with the Robinson. I have to get there. That's what they what we don't know god. That's completion. I played them here if I leave them the youth. Football players capable 45. They've got good want to play well all the things you've bolstered the it complements. Mexican government but I don't know. Who knows that in. And so does our nose to the basilica reduced. I don't know. I'm pretty and I admit that Lieber does dot. Com and no problems he. Somebody. In May. Go to person they would. I love breed loose. Day it's open to restore Cuba. Again I ever heard the Syrians have seven more in the Bible. I was 47 got to do that who has a seven and remember 5155. By 157. Where Albert isn't seen a the that's cool removed five UT CTA on that beau. What's your lucky number mean what you lucky number I don't want to do restore Randy Shannon and you're number if there was a sign. Are some leaders is the only number left do they have been on the last numbered just have to be like eighteen rid of those to be like. Just Gotham gets God's number. It's like. Willow read this is what we got here is you the last scholarship it's it's double zero. That's. Not. Been asked to be sought by the way. Un. You have to have a conversation were re boost Wednesday. He is. Bowl. In each. And you enjoy being around him. Even if. You ruined stain these answer. To a sport. Some in the way you go see. You don't play. And looks like chocolate. You. Pitch it's. By the Randy Moss and his season with the patriots and even at 15100 receiving yards. Or. And by the way. Things. No it puts up those numbers. Would patriots in their often. And Brendan cook said bitter years. Before he got to doing. The heat this offseason right. Paid by the rams lumping in and I'll do my mom read those also had his kids in the crowd. And he made them while they're comfortable letting you know Melo should pay all the affection the world to them. Talk about told the greatest thing I can give you a Republicans that shall. All dedicated cute. To combine your. The reason I'm with you right now and every one of my case. Because of the true. The truck is in the hope that acute. Until mile. You've got so what is the storms did you even a mile. Yeah I can tell my kids that mow the way. They were pleased and. That really meant old quote you what they built over it's. Look at is if this satellite of course are to be into Bagram going. Only god you can't. The funny thing about great Lou. Let's go hat which is due to read the bright should. I. And with his group whose. Right how how is really going to hijack business yet and his Mitt did awe inspiring. Elliott a lot of them Brett Favre number five saws the record. It is rivers did not pass the the the unprecedented market so good for him. What I what I saw literate Lewis who's going out there and he was not using the podium podium with the optional. Like balk a lot. When we put your pizza in a bull. At least our sweat I thought it was good or bad does Jonathan Ogden. Hey I'm away. They came in the same draft a booms that are. Less some dogs that directly. To hall of famers. I heard same drag. My death I mean. Yes you have to goods it's he's back league you know. And then Zach is borderline. Mean not even more like he's not to make in the finals but the mean is what's amazing. Right. You've just because that does not is. Out here like here all the young players plus it is used it on item on our Gil Brandt but it went on this passionate. Please for Zach Thomas after Urlacher got him because the speed races same numbers say stats. That's been a moral named Amal pros. And you know the I think me there's a couple things Abu Urlacher Urlacher. Was a huge huge days illegally when Urlacher was at the speed of the game Urlacher is doing commercials rank Urlacher was shown up on Tehran one of. 01. Divas blared a year also. Yet I went to Super Bowl. And you don't do and and and the defense is the star of that team does Rex Grossman was an M quarterback Brett. So yes some things. The action stuff that will definitely favored him. Doesn't media exact Zach isn't a guy like when. When Jason Taylor when the whole fame to when time came for the hall of fame James Taylor and everywhere. ESPN. CBS. How did he didn't love the short end. I mean he was in the campaign was strong over it is and Taylor really really early on I got a first ballot does does Obama. I knew at haters gonna get in but. They've now got it right away and those two for a lot alma dishonest now Jay's also the opportunity like Jason could put up stats does that was the position. And Jason also had a very big knack for getting to the football. Why jam enemy in those two I think if you were to say what is one of the straps and dollar mister you definitely have to. Go about on that that would probably be the most certainly over the last only years I mean did not even close. Yet I mean. And nobody knew Zach was going to be Zach now is your enemy knew he came as a free agent now I'm at and so. When you think no he wasn't for your interest today we need a job of it. Fifth I think fifth or their fourth with a brilliant poker. By. You think you were dragged into all for you. Now the you know an amiga is at the time JT was with smaller. Who's gonna have developed some say you know you mean when ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden got drafted. They were drafted. To be. Cornerstones of Baltimore Ravens team chair and. Wow how often does that mean not just other dolphins. Upper 82. Draft picks. He saw how mental ability to go over the landscape of the NFL ability to be confined solely about that's crazy if you into first round draft picks are usually means that your team has sought in his. He's a future totally broke. Total I like to note that I contributed to that of those on. There is silly in a way yours bonds overload today he should thank you should've had a ten grand Jennifer God's sakes. I would to a camp wouldn't. Would bow to us and what Clinton him and Jonathan. They word in the same god bless. Or they are part Syrian is that comes with a 96 and o.s that is that you dizzy were in the same Jeff bust out there are bones of the nor do. You've brought out that the veterans and us the telephone and put it in his a year. I about it and I read though I didn't out of his way to make sense of even still to the nearest point you'd during Ogden and Ray Lewis thinking those guys are going to be cornerstones. Jason Taylor it was a scrawny ass do from Akron. And to exact thousand little as do from Texas tackling nobody thought they were going to be the the pillars of dolphins defense for the last forty years very rarely have. To build and and I think this should I am I heard that top portion of a lot of times people give extra credit for people who were able to be productive. In a world debt dear talents don't shouldn't enabled him to be. Us success. To get Zach Thomas and you look at Urlacher every buys good immediately say Jimmie Earl. I would do you look at the production who has the guy who we all looked upon here and is a slight this guy's gonna be the savior of the friend not even football down here in South Florida. When he was like that way or just like okay doings coming in until until 2006. Or handle week we don't know when Dwyane as the years are going on right it looked upon Dwyane Wade. Whether there was debate in the heat front office about their the reflect. She is and where I'll mud do. In Miami that classroom what SE to slow the ball well his job and northwestern is less like now is to be discredited McCain's broke this latest. Until a rollover in that. They're people give pay millions of dollars to figure out who to best college players going to be addressed them and NFL and they get it wrong all the time. To pick a college coach can do that would high school play there totally. On the news or loses all of her majesty your armor. Mary was two years ago and b.'s was like here's biz we got here with a willing nibbles out because of intimacy Perry. And legislate. He's he's he's talented prime the most talented dude I quarterback but. He gave the defense is strictly you don't know that stuff yet so there's still a lot of growing to do that. And it's fine he's nineteen of course that you need time to grow their audit. It's still a huge huge factor of they were doing very very young people here that have do. You know yeah hand the reins over to a program to. Richmond Webb and keeps them. I'm game changes with two guys them. You know whom were I mean. You say yes they were good content for sure the pressure audio link on talk gaining yet that idea of you know wind when the colts got paid man like olives and a difference maker oracle in the suck for luck like are there more to do grooming a business. I'm with team drafts that quarterback birds. Are taken that right. And that's why any remotely to reaching that at 100. Devils on the first first round draft wait you'd think that would read. No warmer real Felder it you don't go Richard any thought at. That's what Marino who's going to be you know Marie not a huge drop in the draft I mean it would have been what. We were gonna go Marino Elway airway marine. All we know. It yet everywhere Marino farce right. Well that hasn't Kelly was in the mirror and maybe just because Ella had all that stuff around and do you remember all the drama those are only used threat to go what they are. Mean even as busy man he's doing let me bring this well are. Question to give you can do it all overdue right net. Right. Marino are so Nolan what to to court not because. It didn't win two in of his career. Will go before Iraq. Because at a baseball they may believe in that draft room and yet you have a sure thing you. Other than I don't have to worry about Reno's extracurricular activities that Laura Berman in college right. Possible net debt can't. And let me ask you Dave Marino would one. More you know Denver. And in point play in this game one it's depressing David. The yeah. Well he's he's he is the guy right now he is it that Jeff Jack and that's the draft. Does anybody got a long snapper were to get fired note all. Skating off the linemen or tight ends and obeying laws. Is I didn't Doerr got into belongs. And every dress I united have a high draft we end up being a long snapper the sun Whiteside is life. Shane who get to that next. So present as Steve DiMaggio children's hospitals kids expo on September 8 it's at the museum of discovery and science we're talking more than said he via steam activities include science technology entertainment part and live concerts. By Genevieve going to Disney junior and Kevin Quinn. Glenn Zander on Disney's bond plus public aprons kogan school be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event. It's all sponsored by Goya main street children's dentistry and or the onyx and paradise island Bahamas visiting a Miami dot com for more information. I it's I'm bella Donna men's I'm done I'm done I think surrounding diamonds out. They own dog hype machine. Over in prayer and guns in fairness to I wanna hear it lilies that city. You guys just look at a guy sucked sucked out look at why. Go ahead but it's terrible now who. Who who. You. Score ups here's the thing. They. If you. Do you just you know to get don't want nobody can block nobody to run a football. Tournament though don't do your thing. Though. If. You are an NFL quarterback. I don't care what Canadian old you got around you you need to not throw four interceptions and a half. Hey you need to not be the worst thing on the football field I can put any competent NFL quarterback. On that squad and they're not do what he did which is omitted trying to put the highlight reel together. And he didn't want to gaze up on. I'm just it's mystic there was one little one way it wasn't his fault when he was running for some yards and did a little low flip deduce a shuttle bus. All right I'll let let me get three interceptions and a half all right. He shot I'd want the mix tape together to get his ass in the NFL. And I don't want to hear anymore meant that is not an NFL quarterback. Would done he he Oki doe may and he hooked me into that game on the Canadian Football League and Obey Mike Sherman on the sidelines. It's whole heart. Homer over. On. Not a way. Out why it's more Canadian football it and I've watched in the last twenty years all because I was in Canada. And hit all the games and and I got to tell you. It's still awkward watch him a guy get a running start Puerto placed on a weird. I. To this right and what's her game and I'm like we could mean. He's due to kick it open would run as yet. I had yet to throw a few why there is smaller. Bonus. Yet by the way Canada. That goal post way. Why dangerous. These games. I don't know the end zone is and I know that that doesn't belong there all right well how evil what do football Canada. It's good that way. And they changed it goes it's dumb. It's stupid. It's about as dumb is that you don't you go to the ball that schools would it would make your goal posts that would also be a soccer goals and then add to posters. What is being that that's amateur hour Canada. But there's just humans it's over man I'll wanna know what's on the men's Al highlights I don't every balls out the next game and drove 500 yards. That's fool's gold a southern Regina men's L it's over. Least exe of global peace thanks you'll. Couple weeks they've told the work. It does work like that it works like not throwing it to the other team four times. Offs while it done better. And that's right. That's right. Yeah and are a good thing about it and I. Try to eat them in. Oslo would throw board accident may be aisles while we drove pot. Our smaller six city this reds every time a lot of little I feel like he's gonna get killed. He's hiding. How do you sell well what are you up this year each dot feel differently. It's not the same it's opposite. Baker shorter on demons those millions though sure it's not that's he's got he's got some girth don't like acting like they commit to double thickness to it's diamonds out. He looks like he's in the trees trading with a vodka bottle every time out there like that that is calisthenics. Late development and did they get seriously I can't I can't anymore idea they they they hoodwinked me. I tuned in to Canadian football Friday night let's I didn't help you do I don't saw him at all. Here comes here's the thing that the fares on you know what it was the rounds and browser and everybody let's if John and ends up you make the comeback and new. No. Back up. Where we were. What. Five minutes Bob Bennett John don't you I tour industry becoming the car into the storybook. Everything except I can't see above and give them an annual sit chance seeping into it let's you let's see he goes Airgas a fighter. He's 37 years old and he's never taken jujitsu class let's just say let's begin their assault once it was terrible that what happened has done. Harris got worse so I don't get a with the storyline in the Hyde videos it's over. It's over no more diamonds all news no more. I want ruled off the sports center. Really I look I know what those guys and it's just like what is it what's the next thing he's gonna do to you know play baseball you that the next move. Don't remember that what you're attracted to a baseball listening. Billion loans quarterbacks are there is is all you go he's joining the the Birmingham biscuits. I don't care I'm done RA big bulk food. I. Met what are we doing out here. Padres look to them when he was he was terrible. Terrible. He was there a four week isn't a big. It is like dad I put a rich heritage of a crazy about it Canadian analyst was on PS said. He's like. Well it seems like the Montreal Ottawa it's all letting up on the field do they feel like there white Knight has arrived. What should. Different for seconds or credit issues we shoot for men's tell you know what I've noticed. Just how big that bring was that guy was wearing now what should be sure. That he will not I don't know but my tea Canada does their trophies right. We Jimmy humorous than the Canadian Football League trophy. I was very impressive so and operate. Graco whatever centric but oh yeah I agree consenting Russia and over and silver regrets the same thank you it won't metallic. You wake me out of this tidbit of it are you ready for this what. Number one year as 12 years are you remembered as the one to two years we Canadian phobos in states. The grey cup was won by team from Baltimore. We went to Baltimore to following year. They were and gradually nose for a win in degree. I would go look at all the winners and Graco is no show Baltimore won it when you're. He should be showing up every Johnny for bond to show up to Canada with your head start anew under wide receivers should be ball now. You can't stop opponent to the to the damage Hamilton tiger cats. You win that game of the way that you have a game in doom picks yet if you pick. India in 95. In 95 note of Baltimore and won a great guy they had teams in LA Baltimore. There's a couple of the length of period ever have a guest. Do you know why eight shot in soft. It'll save not married to who gently as. I thought man. Is this weight you do he's lost there's so many moving parts improved ball. It's not like any other sports there's so many moving parts men if you have a butch and that's not. No he's gonna be able to commit one position saved is a lot of impart somehow diamonds are kept moving the part of the football to the other team. And how this was doing that short field. Get short field won't be a pivotal points and advanced. Amid I would rundown for you why don't know. I'm in a quarter of it out. I'm right and it pretty sad that guy men's only. Name. Bizarrely it's zulus armed quarterback Jon and football what a stupid and give each like him you know. I understand why that guy should be Missouri football. John you studied both army football hell out of here he exceeded once like you get the became football. Like I mean Christ. With his stupid with his sitting courtside in his autograph signings good for you men are. It's over and over it's over it's not a kiss on the real world or survivor or they're bachelor whatever reality show you gonna do. To use the phrase that somebody in this room may use. Genital ball stock is down right now. Good. It's not over you dare we can buy them you can you can go to fourteenth all week yours and I bet it just light. You buy your mind stocking cassette tapes of Dubai and that right now cassette tape stock is like is low to. Don't buy that's gone away. Over the Robin you wait that's right by the wealthy you're Robby he does they revisions date of. These are the best you lose your. Skills what those are. Actually. It is getting revenge and anybody was Mike Sherman clearly got a at Roland Kevin Michael late where were you Michael I would you. Who. Breezy as my chairman. We get to the somewhat since the next. Baca about. Totally earlier web via trade war between Andre birth so it. Birth so one day very controversial decision. I went to a this about them and go and trusting one. As a co threes a horrible killing through. News. So a satellite side played in the average numbers world game delivered a pretty good. And he was. Asked by whoever was there with the heat they've put this on on the website about experience. And use blowing by. Mike says. No life sentence from snow build houses rookie it's. But safety is playing basketball I think you're so these would all accuse him on the world this you don't let us that they could run double. Will thought accuse an hour ago are. Anybody out but wouldn't want you know and you know I think I think it takes me back. Was this that is what. At all. It was so light so I was I was surprised by having my starters that's me you know roots nation is who he makes McNabb couldn't ask him. Beckham was coming once it is a site either because I saw one. A lot says that hey I'm still out but it doesn't work you don't he you know there's a list. Of who's going to be right all along people who know little beating here. And I'm flattered as that somebody in south Auburn get their hands on a Whiteside Jersey. I'm not can you know what they can get Lira and documents it's not Ralph and marketing the you know who came in which they can't get their hands on though. Two 1998. Vikings NFC champion sure it has critics have had to they go to South Africa they send them to Africa until all the all the countries that are meet ordering of those on the Internet somewhere. Have a at the emirates don't have that feeling of yeah he's our youth on the box of some got you or not just to go ahead and a shirt that's phony. Yet as I want to look at this weekend. Seemed like he had a positive Japanese friends of Joseph well indeed now and low. He's done as the ultimate in show me mode season I don't think I need fan is going to take his words for you there right now even if his explanation of the health thing. Does has the loser I think it does I know I I do they got us on was playing banged up last year. It is not it's not just the bank apart and that is why it is not. It's the molding it's the constant whining to the media it's never being happy with anything. And I just don't need and leave it at the Boy George is like wow Garamendi as is please please play well for for your sake for arsenic for our sanity. Please and for expulsion sixers have visitor another four hour life meeting with the U. This discussing. How what role you want if if they had better tell. Hewlett the only do posters in the big league you can create a you watch in the state. Do you leak I don't even know what a dunk contest them or Derek Jones junior. Can Jordan or airplane mode. I don't know I don't know who to go with it's playing mode it's too close I don't eyes. Guys. We talk I've athletic it doesn't look to saint. And so even though Kim Jordan might be more athletic. Because he sold all it did dogs don't look gives as good on sends all his museums Monroe and right it was it was a lazy cute ending tiered to your list we want to put a little twist all too easy to with the cavaliers last. Who knows as a chemical list make it right. And you can't tell me. Losing the best player on the planet doesn't ought to make automatically make you last and also the Sacramento Kings what they done. The Sacramento Kings you can't tell it ever oath. Decisions that for officers made. Leads all season I don't get drafted at number two Margaret badly gonna be terrible music and he's got a terrible he's gonna flop. Lasting that was good always. Is it any is it yah. 01. Thing. Devin from his rookie year. The who is at Beth I. The way. Oh you blew it was pretty good at what he's pretty good view of the all star but other than him on another good king you get a general. Exactly. My appointment don't know if you questioning all short. Time it doesn't bring it. Is over.