8-9-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, August 9th
Football is finally back... well sort of. Leroy is angry at Robbie for making them care about these Preseason games. The guys make fun of Beast possibly having an injury on his non-boot foot. Leroy can't believe the nonsense that was on ESPN2 yesterday aka the "Ocho". Tobin and Beast argue whether or not if carney is disrespectful toward carnival workers. Leroy doesn't trust the carnivals that are held at churches. The guys can't stand the carney's that try to hustle you to play thier games. Tobin and Leroy discuss what the hell chessboxing is.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and could. Casino. You're team. Wolf and make. Senator Clinton made three mortar. And Eagles with a level head not alone morass now. Okay. Good man Maria -- exert our day jobs over there I'd be Shalala soleil tennis until long day. Moment that's what would you just got off. Thank you should. They watched some Lindsay Kayla just think about this for three or at least you don't have to go gently in his call. On you know what that is about point plus years out of his mind today because it's the first gulf of pre season game. Since we took over Q I am so he is. He's. It'll more testing than normal he's not attending to us basically we can do whatever we want thought they would be perfect day. To come up with some shenanigans because he won't it won't manually but you could use the match that he's like oh machete today that you are doing eating contest today it would be the day. We are just marveling before the show started. Tom Brady's forty. And so it's still know that so bad and what says he'll million times it's on believe his personal his neck doesn't lose yeah he's a stiff it's ridiculous you did he looks like you like against the did you wrap I don't know what wouldn't you mis used Duca beaten. You can be Tom Brady in the forties now a definite I don't know him and I will be a bit warm down. By the really at the fort down right my other foot Gardner and after the doctor tomorrow. You know. Perhaps I don't go the route is out he could be the way to get it and if it just might be you how he can get the angles UPU. A lot of questions though so I I you know I was at the hotel for five days Zach six days Zach. And we studies in the hotel gym in my care and here again muzzle free use it right. And so yeah I got got some work out and whatever and I'll sudden. The next day after we left Mike and I foot hurts I wonder lake did I do everything I was told do you like. Proper you know I got my our sonics in somewhere in the right shoes like it wanted to screw up now and I feel like it's just yet I'd I'd I'm fat. I don't weigh just voted by the way by the way yeah. Well there isn't a professional athlete. Has to do that much for a reason. To go to you don't know it's so you'll know these can be. To get ready item you'd have to check my posture. Make sure like to Hannity and you Oster brand home. Eight change in. I had a picture of my. Body it's different body shape as it should outline the compression socks are on there than is about average Irvin was tied it in fans that don't feeling pieces slouch. He throws the shoulders back and this is Heathrow back bids over you go to our friends. These guys. If you don't will right now I just look like a donor rule them mystery I have so much fun in the pool the pool is great because it takes away like honor pounds from me is actually doing flips and bows like problematic in the pool. Less like. Awesome you Wear this hour for your chance of a thousand bucks it's subsequently with a sour if you heard the highly commend. Slam. You know don't crab. Well dug these. Dozens weasels like. I gotta tell you the are of limited jaunty hat out of the growing it out and go to get them. A big role in this back and win highlands and yet we don't keep a low lights you. But it does I know I mean listen Tobin has his own sound bank of stuff that like no no excuse not a way yeah. Also you were show started. Last night. Warmer than bulletin until it's even alleged archives PG TA we want to be remembered as we get comfortable no solace and a great lap I turned Danone. Though to. A low limit to the dodge all of them I'm only via huge bill that does that be the worst for. They had all these events in the win it hurts you doing college. While you drink all the sudden a model policy you know try to stay in about let up in worse day ahead way ahead. In this is a twist that we'll probably put owns them right. Juggling dodge ball at the white tee so I in the bat like the flag like. The bags like this Google. Bright and seems to and a I. I hit the league. That's right. And leave you juggle it quite dot bubbles and I did we have talked about as we haven't talked much about the mosque by everything yet. Juggler on the still time. Like what. He was just who gets The Who was walking around with with kids like the Joseph that was the problem that Dan and museum juggle. But I so we was coming down bulls players. Dead he needed hill who were besides these hardy type task is Cuban didn't run when I have my articles of them. That's what does funny you funny seems like though not the right word. Most delegates coconuts. At times I can't hold on I got a negative I horny and now I don't that if you like parties not good anymore. What are you two hawking about it and president of the cart. Just like party coalition to not allow me to say that they're going to be stampeding outside of our station. House bill is in juggling we're amusement workers as easy. I mean I just don't think Carney is the appropriate popular guy due diligence out of the question to Gypsies. Real thing that that's that's a thing ever that's offensive to lick you and I called Tyson period Gypsy. And no offensive no he called self the Gypsy king minute but listen listen if your actual Gypsy. Then your Gypsy but don't call someone else Gypsy I think you're supposed to call them travelers and that you arsenal small objects and then we'll Gypsies these. Well no not like Gypsies do to don't have a certain home they are true I'll let homes. You have homes they just move it off on off and the accelerates into the world is homeless. So seriously like I can't call. The preview release to the scene members Carl I can't call them parties ha I don't believe Carney is appropriate there. Party is a role like that five would tell you just don't work. I'm terrified battles loop fares drive overs double over the church listen listen to me ask you put together yet to help wooed. As heavy pins in the ground at once you've noted due to ground. Underneath detergent now rules state and only he knows right you drive down flamingo like in Davie Cooper city. Know there's a million different churches. Let him about it outlook and everyone's got one in every so often my son public lottery I'm like now. 'cause now I saw them putting that thing together now. On I don't wanna get on a ride gets slung around bustle and have unfolds like to raise them with entry with good. Like what you go to a proper amusement park like the hole you get the vest over you and yourself that it had to get close out like. Grace likes to call. Or support what its annual round up support I it was a were putting my son at a shopping cart that you after two. I haven't part of like live listen listen listen anytime that guy that's what the ride together. Either can't read. Or is too drunk to pass is sobriety test. Let's have the headlines figure real with me on parties. Why AM south why would you accept that Santana pitched eight Miramar. Video. Com station goes stopped using that damned word. I'll put him a Google would have parties. Can okay well until he's certain that key stops a after the story so I think the person who's king Carney I was going to talk the best trash. Because the top party gimmick is getting people play the carnival games. And so there's like. Yeah salesperson what you don't was boy how not what I'll kick it rated bash all of it for you lady there yet with a steady there and so it's like. All there's challenged my manhood. This party is trying to god get me down to his level so I sped. 55 dollars to win a three dollar bear. Testing Carney. Yeah yeah. They Wear the crown because obviously I do multiple player games at fair but what so like the water shooting game yeah Google horse game so. I don't have to be outraged that I don't have to beat the talker. I just got beat. The people love me. Like I like Joan and you know it is always one wars he got little Expedia. Like you scored a couple times a day eagle like three steps to try to go two days a gimmick source it definitely will be obvious. Got us getting in trouble so we got but it it is hey don't balls that just doesn't care today so I'm say we took consider rap the right people. He told of what we'd pull this twelve pre season games and he jacked. Me to be able to see on. Woody cooling as the politically. Can you tell we have been here like nine hours. That's right you get the caught on at least in the middle it's football game. Well they TVs don't. Know where we will be. Will be given liquor rubbing gambling with. Doug and Rome and then there is only pay anything ease. There's. Party's current is acceptable I don't speed. I don't know. Until dig into that pay. We got twelve pre season games that would target jacked up Buccaneers at dolphins senate vote and I at the rock goes on notes call in Australia. Month McCarty in Australia skull to show. Other let's go to that goes showing this young winner in some too close to show he seems better. Did a what are show he's due shoe is that idea of box dolphins you can hear that on our sister stations WQ I am and 999 kiss country. About that already at the F from beyond value at the time we we gonna see the game yes. But to play itself flow on the cult Joseph rose. Moon when he's about to change would then will fit five yard line baby. What are. This is just turned off and the concern disrespectful of one who. I suppose a staple in this market he is he is not stable Soros got Cameron's first touchdown you besmirching them. Griese going to greasy now Moore and Dick sucked on the TV broadcast right Dick Stockton the the the old goat the only hero. Greasy. Greasy now more heartily agree CO love it. I love I love and degree pre season to let you know as scary. On the right Greece's sounds exactly does that. Exactly like to be genetics. No no redundant and very few times you can have one guy that's 2530. Years old that you you guys sound exactly alike. LeRoy you have your little PGA gender equity into the Watson. Look at the masters leaderboard budget and Latin mass loses the PGA are you go yet I wrote that wrong I screwed that up the PGA leaderboard is brought to you by Edwin watts golf double the ninety day a 100% back guarantee. And what are we got. We got some ties well we got three tied atop the leaderboard at three under par is a low score and nobody's really ugly on the boat and Rickie Fowler Kevin Thomas opt in Stewart Cink hit it hit update Rickie Fowler I think he's jumped out to a lead. They see. Yes OK Kazaa a my screen he's if you're on TV he's no I'm not on TV among the interwebs he's five under through seventeen. Okay I'm only too fourteen slump a wait a minute wait a minute I'm rely on you'd give the scores are a little behind I can only get the score at the Internet. Ali good PGA tour rock. I item on the spot for you Tyler yet it worked out what sort of amusing like AOL. Golf Tim. Golf Channel watch. He's the TV. TV channels golf network what do we report what are you doing which used the worldwide leader ESPN. Or PGA and used. Or PGA toward drilling here it is right here guys know I like ESPN because I can sort by name and by score. Oh that's OK here we go let's try let's do this over again okay yeah. We have. What leader at 500 leads by two so he's the only one going low that's tricky found it and you have three tied at three Austin cook Ian Poulter who you watch out for him. And Stewart Cink. Who is. Old school we can still get done. Remember Jimmy B Tom Watson in two British Open was my adjustments Thomas Justin Thomas is tied for fifth at two under. Jason Day pepper reds. The documents yeah mama. Billy horseshoe of Florida Gator is. They're all as to wonder worst if you wondering where you grade. OT grace struggled youth plus three when I left the house who is now plus one on owner. Okay not terrible my dark court for the start and it was a it was a guy who's in the last NB into the sea. Canas something rather well. Seminary. I don't know. Well I looked up to I want to blow it doesn't website does seem like he was it really you know it can't Campillo none us about it. Chappelle can away maybe. Of canceling. Is that it oh yeah Kampman Patrick in the yen. It's KE NT LEY it's actually seeding list associate them Palestinians say yeah that guy. Yeah he's young guy from now we'll save this. If you have a dog. Dark horse via this would be the major to have an arm because there's been a ton of first time winners. The user when their first majors yet PGA well it's because is the last one right averaged kind of goes for the gusto and it's not wise and so it is yesterday usually this is the lowest score wins so it opens up the the field even more. Boys yet we come back the football. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry Crowley Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there. It's not the fact that night maybe hang my head away. So before we came on. Lucy. This has been Patrice Russian version that there Will Smith nonsense. That the wild wild west. Minimize. Oh it is. She she was on it too though she's going to Baghran. We have trees fresh and cricket after the break so. We talk about coach. Innocent until you know what else he would. Test box right right. Eagles want to sit. That they'll tell you how to work the box around. Indy go plea chest. Lots of room and go with more tests and had its armor just like you wearing test doesn't mean you go oh that they were excellent test board yeah. Really that's your tip box and we'll go yet much a sponsor would be have a guy as the night. And he can move like the nightly Toussaint you constantly step three steps of a once been over. And that if he lands in the same job as a pawn and they fight and whoever wins keeps the spot. The the way that leaders of testimonies bees but the weigh in. On if you watched any of the 020 that's me yeah. I mean dumb. You say were told was dumb I watched bottle flipping. The contest you know that it's a way better version of boxing just how wide some stupid game. Were five guys were six guys seven guys surround again. How would you feel if you were at a dinner party. You know but yes you. And RA in the US and I what do you do in some of professional athlete. And you like it needs to do. You know you I was in the NFL for a little bit would you do I was just boxer. And as vigorously this conversation go are you respecting him. In the same I'm atmosphere as you can you tell me your test box or not respecting you either. Well not respect your average big music. This player or boxer. Men the so I have no answer on on the parties seemed like everybody on our Tex lines in unison that it is okay now he's the term coming. Yes it is the other evil one guy said Carney was great kicker in more of that is sure Carney seems a demeaning. Really doesn't that they are working a carnival in. Some some four if you work on a carnival Howard for an NFL gets a tickle me boom. Not after the fumbles. 00 hug them pick how devastated is Rodriguez could be dead Crocs has closed all manufacturing on Ellen well the thing is I read I read the whole story and their pretty much stopped for the entire year. So just because if closer factories does that mean their out of Crocs. Have been the that the Campbell is ladies that limited edition Nagano and I should guide you mean you ever been to like bam a Tennessee and in their hour in the camera rocks. Sun's high priced item I'd so tonight football football starts tonight yet does very exciting. Bryant and held back on a football field yup and he's going to be slinging that pigskin all of you is you've got some people will watch out for deny. See that offense which has been kind of sticky there in the dry Daryn the training camp if it's any good. And look. It is the one thing with trading guys like Landry and GI you get fully opinion Drake. Everybody sees very excited about him. If Frank Gore say and I see why they traded Jai C got exciting player there. And with the with Jarvis on someone's gonna have to step of its get the most catches on that wide receiver corps that was suppose six suppliers. Think you'd be spread out more. Between tie it in monetary. The new side guy. From New England. And I'd and the delay practice psyche some before direct so. That's all I'm divorcing and a guy's injury who's gonna do some stuff on the back field so. And just spread out a little more and in fact you know both U quarterback when you only. New you have more one got to go to a subtle as it was like he expects to get snaps at running back was that what you have here here's what they do guys like you know who knows. You'll have a package from room. You know they'll give it to spring it's evening. And basically you play every position. From wire receiver to back for you in new just run Mike run the same plays that they normally run just move him around a little bit. Like it's not a whole new offense. Yet we'll gaze did seem an immune error that press conference where he seemed very hesitant to put him in the box of slot receiver that he doesn't see him misses the slot receiver but they're gonna. Move them all of hopelessly have a nice little deal to bring in here I think you know use of that high powered. Chiefs' offense. Really really but I think you bring him in here. You know Denny and those probably be the guy is it to me that's that he. That's steady force that Jarvis was but the thing with Danny is always been helpful he -- up at the monster games but you don't. Really feel great about counting on for an entire season. Yeah where you look. You have enough weapons offense. You have a lot of guys who could meet planes. Who's going to be the guy don't know. The do you have a lot of guys who have that potential with the ability to make plays yet yet well that's is a set about I think the pre season. Yesterday you know it's just that you I think you're gonna see who's gonna step over those roles you know it is it is are we gonna get more Mattel is somewhere things are going to lie the hierarchy of the things go up and also. You don't even have tails of it would be out there for a few possessions. We have see Brock got so I'll try not be a disaster. We have good to see if he's got a flowers. And and I think throughout that time I feel like the debt is is real enough that we'll still see recognizable name is going to be like. Joseph blow who's never gonna have a shot to play at all I think there is still. In these games opportunities for guys to really cement themselves as getting actual snaps in the year let me tell you what I am looking. In his what I look for when I play. Okay could you really don't know until you actually face. What is the how the office of my works together. To see if the mistakes they have are. Mental. Or the physical. Because a guy could be a great place you've still got to like the guy across from. The other thing is. Now hopes this ball for all offenses. Here's how pre season works. At some point you gonna have a team that's gonna Bluetooth like Kris. If you don't pick it up you get blitzed. Every game you play. So that one series where to blitz comes. I hope they pick it up and have a big play and and other teams look at and say look. We came with them because they can make big plays and we've waited for all three season as you know it was coming. You know his government. Hopes and those kind of fallen. So it was a good night. I'll be dissect he's not out there and just let somebody below by am and ten now gets lit up like it's all open for only one of the young guys get out there just on the cheek some for the rest the year. You're the guys are going to be out there would do they know. You know with the dissect key is the lion a first team the entire the entire camp that he going to be have to. Hold. Blown past Buffett's that's Patrick every practice but that's that's some adjustments anyway. By Wednesday you you don't realize win if they put Fitzpatrick over the tight end. Any win. So why do you source. Went. Out as worth he's got to do something done about them and it's gonna get to an ill heart that's all worried about. If you are because you know to do you put him in the game you brought him down the middle defeat these replies Brian. Tennis for is like fourteen of fifteen players like I think he first quarter so that could be anywhere from like two users yeah. If Vista of three series your your gold. Really. Mean sometimes dolphins. The heat of those dogs and their demands that were fourteen delay and com here's the other aspect of things shakes out efforts like other's games and I in my Dube picks. I need to know who's gonna have the ball last. I need to know whether or not it's gonna be offs while and I am writing. To us what's. But they could care less about I need this win. And I need them is a wooden discloses in this. Anchor we too it was a big week. Anti tiger does we Robbie did the other because America or America that's right. Are what America came here drivers. That will. If they don't cut last. You know Buick as a team patty. But if it adds up fails last no I mean like is our sleeve tattoo and it's great he's the little project. But I don't feel like he forgot that he was due here. Team man he's a good chance to be one of the guys was. Holding a slim as a make it a team. Win a vault the -- used in his name has not been mentioned food and balance I don't know I mean big big debut is every day. Sales costs while and I don't talk only bring in another quarterback like trading or something Bridgewater somewhere down. Obviously I was a lot of people I'm sure the jets him probably the treat bird bird water via a what would you like for Teddy Bridgewater. I mean you think at that point he really know of record execs. Yeah I guess that comes out that knowing his socks or some has been hurt and he's gonna have to be very brief mariners agreement over back them. You know view rain and you bring in travelers husband. It sucks. Content or. Not hear all of you know a term moments TV is eager to hear from their cavalier. Amnesty Jacob loosen advocates and table and I'm sure he's not here. But I feel like he wants to be a ridiculously out of that house. You go outside the need to treat smoking a cigarette. Just tune beat us to do know he's he's a golfer I picture and as a golfer I can see it. His chain smoking a thing one thing he cheats at golf. Really I'll come on he's a slight but again. Malt ball hit ball into the. Fare well into the rough kicks on the that the kicks on the fairway there's nobody does know how well these are on the gulf we guy who. Odyssey. Mayor made that improves his lies. Consistent basis. Got to watch him look. I have a range finder to see how far I am in then I immediately turned it over to my left or right to see what my. Plea complains that we included an. That's right you could beat every page to its feet. So I defeat it's not even that. I'll play with a guy one time we're we found his ball. But he's saying he found his ball over there he had dropped one on the spot. Bumbling know. Although we. It was is this gives is of what time at 7 o'clock PM 7 o'clock o'clock o'clock that's the terrorists arts yet. You know on the influence of course. Of course. The mixer came in this in this stuff that really. Like the I guess since I started doing this. I've had a little more interest in it just to have an idea of who's. Blew it. In money you asking me to be interest and something. I didn't hands interest it would have. Quality care about reason is talking about just boxing I guess we'll talk it's well hit. A lieutenant Rick says boxing is reading we're still gonna overreact. So fourteen or fifteen plays by the starter Tom nine. You are in certainly Happy Gilmore will be your best we did. A talent right now UQ what it is let me talk to comes out he stinks up the joint tonight. A boss that tackles and a bad and the other day okay. I'm read a rated sharpen up he'll hear word on him believes what is the most Cuba defense. You know a lot of times during. Practice. It's called me. Like say drew. So you may have settled seven avert these drills now idled seven right. And you may have. A period it is a testing period. It deep roots are Smart enough to know that it's only and seen. And you don't have to worry about the run goes so it puts all the hoopla that had a little bit his that it doesn't school lets goes of I'm making excuses for gas under the weight boob week you play defense. If you have to read a lot of stuff. It's not. Just like going to have to to pass or less is of course did down at a distance dictates that you call gas masks. Gas mask I would've all of that man I should gas mask boy. I think you called guess that's important today which is way different and Edwards I mean can you beat. You should be co lead nobody. Any name that includes the word is we would to toe around. I'm just put them out do you like after the. I look back everybody alive for Seminole hard rock events that are tonight Jeff Conine poker tournament leader and I'll be. But there's been any of that and added benefit you know how to play poker. I know the wrong I know the rules that the whole betting thing in terms of batting now I think I'm gonna get knocked out. Early though man who's gonna happen yup it's able to five all on every hand. Is that is like checking in reasoning in all that jazz. When government that leads ultimately program. They give it to us on now I know five card draw the tournament that gambling is not my thing it's zone. No kid in fact the biggest. You read the paper drinks. I was like what we have in Hollywood like being around it like like B into the atmosphere the planet Hollywood yet and I don't like that but I'd be here if they have like windows into the bars look at it. It's turnkey. I. Would drink it right. We like that the dance and cheeks. Get rid actor Steve saint cheeks giving Europe focused on the dealer was talking trash on. These two database before. You do look gambling of course you're given that do you talk trends of course. No no no not like that as normal and all. This to trash this note this woman was over Arturo markets this note this woman came in. Used Bobbitt or hits it amuse the Tucson and it's a boost excuse me who about it. Which. If elected dealers job as I've a false sense of confidence the court today. You get. Well. On the you know most you blow. Up this critical to solace on the Miami new times so Billy Portman has a new documentary coming out. On the Bane lab. That's the news that's the new topic. It says the corpsman is going to debut a A-Rod about Genesis steroid scandal documentary. It is debuting next month of the Toronto film festival. I'd into that they're hearing it. Mean yeah he's been teasing that he had that reckoned tours got a a huge announcement got like that's it's. And that is awesome I'm into that oh we're gonna get that eager to debate lab it's you know it's called. What's called screw ball. Screw ball soccer ball and you know debate is do it is quite as gadgets analyst dog fight equipment week to open question you'd be. Night. Stuff to have wait a ride that it he's we ESP anything. New steps that come with so that I could be aired yet again. I imagine wherever it's Obama still like you don't know I mean you know people. The film festival describe scored projects as a true crime drama and the and explores how to fake doctor ended up selling the national pastime and Iran's career. Holly canyon mine in tanning salon division out of scanned each other and they'll be for hundreds of thousands of dollars yep that is Miami. So Miami almost as time is a guy walking on the highway naked yes there whatever was. He can just. I've been pretty little among. Us this I could say you know I've been down and now. Lot of pain related to be of below predict that. At no point in time. Tennessee you don't. Field is so bad right now I'm just go what did you don't outweigh. Its currency market I think those despite I don't apples don't believe them. And up to Miami if it was to peca and you wouldn't believe it but it's my I realize that like we have that we had we actual zombies here he has somebody eat somebody's face off bright and became. Quite. A headline we we we don't realize wild place bids on some drone with each other man's face. Don't they. If he too if I hate to boarded up ever hated you would be. Ever. The lifting of my mind is a coma do you he'd chew you know pretty well. It won't know ease the you ought to have a model. You. This coast that one console mid to write well being a bit of somebody you know I didn't like that that what it. To him. That's trees. I want I want them loosely in this volatile deal with the sketchy people that must be in this documentary was just fantastic. Just don't about it I want our policy via the list owners on that list. The client list. Oh it's him I'm amazed and stunned LeRoy chances streets at the casino or free chances of it is an Oreo. Chances Jose Canseco makes a appearance oh yeah stages is again as an opinion as yet just as an actual steroid expert yet. They think about this amassed 83 for me. Does if you would you were freed is true but if you lose a couple of million dollars did drinks are free but guess what. Told me it doesn't gamble. He got history called to the point where you shadow box so drinks would free. And then I was just owes Jeremy knows there's not a good time I don't know I got to judge for. You don't get judged that does it just took me you know to be back I understand it periodically some people you you close to do so he got to step back. Good reevaluate situations that oh. No problem we do. Texts or it's a wise can still slept on was in the beast in New Orleans and help him make an accurate when he thought a forty yard pass to make him a real threat to think why this through this text or. Ten hills top season god can still hate the cavs they'll have a did you Bryant and now. It went down a little bit and it went down a little bit last year. Mr. Cutler's quarterback I don't know I think they would when when a semi side to see Kenny stills or not mentioning you know monster but it kind of like. You don't like amongst the heat that nobody ever have a complaint which Richardson. No you nobody can dude did you know it is only grow Kenny stills it's ebony awards back Kenny stills are a pocket or cases also there. I don't really expect to watch tonight's game and say. Pockets of an attached bombs and even if he did I don't know given a seaport that's a Kenny stills does you don't have reason to be. How people. Like that comment about it cutie still moves and this and that. I mean do people actually know where Brian Taylor who percentages were low ball downfield Joseph you be shocked. But for some reason because some moron the world. Pointed note doesn't have a good deep ball without look at it what actual numbers Omar. People just be aware of that's a low percentage throws and it is. Dad doesn't matter so do you world. Debra Daniels sucks that it. And people wouldn't put out knowing the true what it is literally as far as if we have real legit concern about rights and now not a talent thing. What I'd worry about is he is coming off that injury. You've won a big goal brace and if the line does sock. I don't want this to be a situation. Like lame ducks data back out there what thirteen where he's. Plastered. Bum left and right you don't believe that. The name of that evil we're about that were ranked. I'm worried about. And they get an offense. Where everybody has the ability to be consistent. And what I mean is is that look if we get positive yards on first down were still in RO. These doomsday. If we moved three yards on first down. Now we're integral part of our game it where we don't want to beat where we're just pushed into a situation where we. Have to throw the ball avoided due to passing game to beat. Eight part of the offense I don't want it to be deal off the speed in the passing game so the big lead just released there take on the top fifty quarterbacks in NFL. Yeah Rudd had a hell number 34 bodies in the top 32. From there are back ups that are last year Willis is going into the season. From last year. A bit yes but it takes into account what they are capable of doing this season. Or capable of doing. Actually it's two years ago he is the load throws and sent to coach go. Listen and they're just projecting they're not going to the past does not objecting did you. Really so now muscle memory so net. Let's get let's get this story up. We are going to what's don't moron wrote about reject its debt what we have actual birds. Support what. We're trying to say I think Florence habit strong now know it's a more I think the more you rate. Run into until they're 34 great quarterback in the role in whatever pants you're more. And it's funny seriously advise on this Leslie Eli Manning is probably way ahead of them and it's like Eli Manning was told to leave his team and and huge streak last year. Named Vivian you know I think everybody here's pretty excited to have tailback nobody's going to be in a position where. They want him often and ostracized from the team also YouTube is PC Tommy's globally portals. You know what I didn't look for portals but I will be I wouldn't ask your question and you know double b.'s on the list as your equipment issue question the out. Bone. Goose was ten in total no BJ. No I don't believe anyone would we're heading nuke thrown. Julio Jones. Now did was Tatum even throwing Jordy Nelson. Case kingdom's ahead of a tan Eli if he wrote to. He had two receivers over a thousand yard Eliza quickly for at least he's had two receivers over a thousand yards. The losers broke elected record bring it to late morals. You ready. 128. As president. Portal sucks man. Broken record LeRoy defending ten hell like he's Jesus in cleats news flash Jerry Rice bush. A defending Bryant might. Stay of why I think Dick Bennett somebody because I won't let people would just say. Random stuff that's not accurate. He's. Right like OK what is here a few question is it. What we trash our quarterback. We think the best pursuit read it passes over to winning idea to this. I don't know amiga moved. 40%. Do you prefer Dunn and non legal maybe can go only thirty. If can you. And I a look at no I. Beats ya these into it you're doing a committee with that in Holston like you do you like come on. Wouldn't. You can a year seven. The bureaucratic simple accurately did you know. Those that got demoted. Unfortunately you guys don't. They believe somebody says outrageous and hope for portals I telling you right now if Ted and it was a go to regular jaguars. I mean. He's so excited abuse of the the real things you realize how far they got in spite. Crazed. It's crazy. Yet to heat things out there rumors out there alone and oil is movement strong and also some mock Cleveland team petty. I'm we get some stats to. Next.