8-9-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, August 9th

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I welcome back everybody. We are alive from the Seminole hard rock poker room or she's media events that are outside the poker open. Tonight we have the Jeff Conine poker classic which is going down here. 530 is when the the three festivities start with the term starts at 7 o'clock. So we go along with one night. So we Nokia has get on out here say hello you guys get all the information. On the poker of what's gone right now SH RPO dot com the main event starts tomorrow. Which is cool it's gonna rub the fourteenth by the way him. This is your last. Satellite event. So. Those are you have been Smart. You've been following news in pain potentially going to see turf field realize. That this final satellite event. Only cost 300 books pretty good news chaired. So you can get into this event if you win it you get a seat in tomorrow's main event. The Kobe about a Jeff Conine for classic is its benefit the Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital foundation. And so on uninterested then the kick off with the VIP party player party at the new terrorist ballroom at the heart recommend senator. And don't know or don't 7 o'clock Melanie live music cocktails or observes and it's has sort of a Ryder prizes including a seat. At the SE HR PO championship. And like there are said the biased 300 bucks in players can reenter throughout the evening and mr. ball's going to be there all night it's going to be that subject that I should be fun. Get a chance of a thousand bucks coming up in just a couple of minutes Lotta people texting and LeRoy was a deep into the stats. In the in the break he waited to you attitude to deep territory to try to fight since. That suntan oil that you fighting it staying there but I just I've just. On like this. Among the website and basically. The passer rating the completion rate balls that travel. Over twenty plus yards in year. Okay. And the guy who gets a bad rap guess who was number one minutes that Alex yes I know some page. PC. Now it didn't click you can bring it figure out the teams you know judgment counts there are no yes that's great. He show Watson yes Russell Wilson years. Carson wins yes. Drew Brees of course Aaron Rodgers was eight. Kurt 'cause this was the last in his two last year. Okay. Tom Brady was tenth because a lot of businesses don't go to when he is in fact none of them do. He already read it yet that's the top ten. It's with do because he played last year. It. If your offense is not set up. For that. It's kind of hard to complain about some you don't do. I just think those insisting that or just at this point I I I get. Understood the fans frustration tennis on this this regard knew that. He has been a situation where he's been through a lot of this value and that you don't quite know if he is. Good a fine. Is good enough. But I think the thing that worries that also frustrating about it for fans. Is there's been a lot of turn over here and what he isn't. Is the guy who can cover the mistakes of a franchise that those guys were the fans of Rio's those guys a few of form we think that it's it's a very very shortly. Shortlist of people who you know they can really. Make up for what they deal as a quarterback won a super ball exactly I mean like just get personable but he and I'm not saying you need to have a bomb record. OK but I'm saying it. And I'm not it was Avery Tim who's good. Would have been something before you're ready to go start all over deal with quarterback. With all the changes and all the positions in the coaches and all the changes that have been made this organization. Robbery. Sit back. Let it out before you start to evaluate a quarterback in determining oh he doesn't have the it factor he can't take get a T-Mobile. OK if three guys right so there is a between guys keep me keep duel would all the fans want to know you got to find other ways to. No I just think if if they're not in that category yet I think you're probably looking the witnesses and you know the bulk of their cars I told us. Yeah they're good. The main reason why do you know it up and he was what they want without him last year. And that I think is what fans are bright look there's been a lot of mistakes around rides in on that aren't just handle the defense the defense that he had his best year. Worse inference a sister. Regulars a little bit but OK that being said. You took a team. That had don't lose. This. Week. The playoffs now the league in apprentice franchise history in yours franchise history. You took that team to playoffs. Did do it that was Tom Brady who had dipped conversations are okay. In saint potatoes gonna be you know a great quarterback I'm just saying as of right now. You got a lot of the problems that Utah and evaluated position. That does a lot of the moving parts that need to be fixed for hours yet that that I think is the thing that's most evidently were at this point now with him is. Our I think I think based off what you saw and what sixteen before he got hurt you. As long as he comes out there and he looks like the same guy health wise which everybody is he says. It's like before I even got hurt it's no different doesn't he said the board he ran out deer in the zone for the year but he actually wanted to dive to art I will have a whole Iowa has embraced so so it's to get to it. You know the cup now so what zone listing they're worried about dolphins pretty in the company to this oral care and the word is here HE RV HD RE not like. With ears here like we're right here tonight to say text that the seventy minute one quite amazing that you waited to your ears or radio. A distraught that Saddam I was done for you. Get the headlines. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD you'll Miramar plea deal. Come station. I mean as hard as you guys were on hammer this morning now you're going to be defensive muscle me hard on you. As hard as there was on amber that's that's rich he's a that is really it's just try to get you all of the Christ. Starwood football there's twelve. Pre season games tonight including the mighty dolphins hosting the Bucs have a pocket the rock. You hear though on our sister stations if you like the F them it's not in an on his country do like the AM it's five CC WUN. And if you don't like you other than just relief you're due to show senator down. We'll take it. Aren't. Is treated delight red zone radio in his life. Ten other pre season games says he and I'm the only guy once TV easily alternative programming. Now it's just do that primarily that was the thing on the weekend the images do BI and its illegally of this game going on here is what's going on over there is the there. John account of her way to early to visit him. 90% of view of like football the run losing the dolphins game. Latin people to watch again on Alfredo SP hot taken it dual. That Selig the leaderboard for the PGA Jimmy Jimmy is fundamentally want to golf shop home of the ninety day a 100% back guarantee eight. LeRoy who see if we don't morning fired up yes the morning wave is finishing Ricky follows a five under. We have 123456. Seven guys had. Three under pronounce it last as an Ali strategy in both ice. Movement. Who may. Well. Tiger. If you keep score at home I am he was plus 10. Plus one. Who now close to. RNC dale and I had Rory to Jesus where's Rory he's even. The tigers even as well tiger birdie got another birdie he's our first three holes he was three over. First four holes 30 so he's all come back to even look. In these in these major news you'll be somewhere around par after the first round. He get a bit of fuel for idol and on Friday Saturday's move in day immediate charge Melissa. Does it so of tiger's around but I have a feeling it in him keeps say this this is what I've been hearing. Until he figures out his driver street. Eager to win is a big event like this because. He's in his driver so cricket is to team. It's just it's it's so you can just tell the palpable excitement when he is in it you know Mario Cristobal winning praise. It was crazy is so what better could take. Golf uses I used to. Yeah you don't miss that he. Went when these events is it's I don't know there's a certain guys that though the gravitate to everything I think you have probably it was a as far as a guy one guy. Who has had that much control over the interest of this more from mainstream fan yeah you know as a big following to go beleaguered and is Rickie Fowler. Yeah one we know he has he has low that the dirt bike guys in the the bikers X games people. By year. Let's go back to when those funky colors. Now Portland quick that because not enough people but nick grant Felix's orange hats it's buried his approach it right now Gillick and I just put to PSA out there. -- friends at the gulf was that a golf with and you know by the people who fit as they mold. The agency. UN European. You should know we're European could clue us. Who came. Has the skinny is golfers. Now that may be days. Trying to squeeze up in a little skinny pool blues in lieu would heed is you go to and they all let's freeze it dome at a it being a small little thing they always try to get in the plumes didn't that the white. Paint us. Let that go. Only due to some bag of youth the training swim club coastal tight it is a teary. Okay. This is they over you know onto your regular what are you broke the story that just came out through the hawks have sent Carmelo Anthony hucksters even though he never played for them. I think he wanted one late you know 'cause analyst on the law. Yeah is on the wall somewhere whoever is meant Davis Soviet if he asked for one hysterical but the hawks. Can't. Struggled it's the box they'll LeBron is not dawning of a lakers here that's that let's go to the those that the shoes look good idea. Choose the good I mean come on me and you. Mike is amazing. It's amazing how phase Beagle get blown them out here by choice it'll run did you see this headline in the in the Cleveland newspaper when you do. Clearly newspaper I read this headline when the schedule came out. Loves old Alonzo ball and lakers at the Q in November 21. Sub have a sub headline. Former cab genes also expected to play. Some who loses is that the heat is it that doesn't occur in the dot com it's the Cleveland newspaper. Is the newspaper like the he could give me give and a handbook of the class with LeBron all the way by. I really. Like that they're gonna kill them Alonso ball on the lays out not ready for right now known as Banco former cab jet was also expected to play. The back of the reason why wouldn't let. The U. You to slip told the. Sneak that low shouted on wireless and then. But you know it but we would never doom. His grudge before he years. Who's the weight isn't your children well units. Got to protect from the heat Playboy I do I want the the heat they have the puck not with class. Michelin is asking back hey how would you say you him. I handle it my way. Did you read this headline. Now I'm gonna live. Like to open our department for Cleveland dot com your real name is Chris for nor I I respect I respect the paddy. Good for him but you know. The Dow hit a bit of bad about it I think more with Cleveland this time around is the Cisco like noon student. That's that's. If you're a lot of them that guy's got there they got numbers that may who works in the newspaper and most journalists like that don't know they'll really really it's sort of like that they can appeal lateral feign. Don't read on me they do you think journalism that you Imus out of the journalists write the headlines. We didn't and you sell you an anti OK media bias there is no good reason. Other than it. You know we keep TO. Out of the whole thing to hear text easily see how what are the percent to headlines hero it's a belligerent know he is right and that he's Bryce distort it. Story was this is an editor of that team petty and the yet. Some start you start faster. Those Webster. Speaker of the cavaliers apparently there's some heat cavaliers rumors or rumblings surrounding a sun light side. And we'll get to what's out there the validity of that work comes from we come back after this. Look back everybody it's totally related peace. Will live from the hard rock event senator Bayh I made me please share man. Did it's it's lovely material I love it it's what you got. Leaders instruments and don't. Would you would you have Adam would just give. Know somebody text and in a I'll just ask you would you say somebody texted to say no can you check concede that Biden is all night or until the first hour. Ask him autos autos and ultimately to share with the rest of our audience we're going to be here all night. Sadness. You're very very origin that you are you jumping down my throat is the surge that I was so you've member you saw Phil way dead straight to go out stretchy button down somehow you learn a lot better than he does somehow you're a lot of the girls have breasts. I'm so. Here's the thing that's yet he spent little bit loony. Because that's going everywhere. And is out of sorts in today's NBA you know people are responsible with these rumors. So robber gets out there and spreads like wildfire LeRoy they're not responsible like I am when it comes to these things so. Apparently. There's a rumor. That started. With stand side it's all you can eat. And they are saying there's rumors. That the he'd have a deal that's on the cable. For Hassan Whiteside. In exchange. For Kyle Korver and just in Dobson. Now. It does look like there's any other journalist and permanence. And I'm not trying to disparage the writer of said blog. I just don't know where else these rumors are circulating. But there out there and they're going all over the place it is lord knows that rumor monster has to keep ball movement. So. The problem. Late. Erratic. Dead people mysteriously come over to rumor with what everybody wants. It. Yet it seems like both sides really great let's see what happens here. There's a thousand. They get rid him and they and he visited once we get to him great until you whose counsel make as much as one side. Yeah but it's just does and how whoever's so you'll army in the same as what's this is liked Scott if you like the younger Mike Miller. Not much younger he's kind of old and he he move quickly moved better. A little better. Yeah. Aids aids. Yet. And I overcame in the it would be great compliment ya know I know he's going beautiful there. Beautiful. There you mood we're. I mean like. If our eight. It is at a Bogut and underneath his no stupid he would allow the the Kardashian cameras down here. If this camera crew came down here you'd think they'd be film that would. A bullet automatically. Did have a ticket to weight. That's arguably the Kardashians. Would really make it on the Kardashian is of the Kardashians. Noon. Yeah. Anyway so I don't know I don't know what to make of the river and the validity of it. If you adapt to wanna hear you get excited about it that's why you repeat a rumor that odd to say it's all like it's going to Bleacher Report it's it's getting aggregated Parcells sports aggregated everywhere so. I just wanna explore where it came from. And I don't know that a lot of rumors start with all you can eat no disrespect to them. I'm like all you can eat I I read a lot of the stuff it's just not a place to go for my rumors. I like to make my older slate blue when you have a broom and it just pops up when you timeline. Well in which is reads weird it's it's like here it is it says the rumored potential deal Wilson Whiteside the Cleveland in exchange for Tristan Thompson. I talk over it's like. Our way but. Where they record our users started this or where are you hearing it what does that mean just as like. It's it's kind of like Steven Smith what he goes what that human. At least I know he's been hearing I don't know who's here it is here's light it reads like the blog is hearing it. It's not like they're hearing. I don't understand it it's like there are rumors. With. Is coming in to know yet how was your did. And news out I was just mocking solicited these. Never thought I would. That warm holder in the break is Henry that has blog and I'm like wait wait a minute I like because I'd heard you guys this morning talk about where it came from bright side but does the city Saarland Sheridan and then I went to Sharon's Twitter account because I believe share denture. And Sheridan was just asked about this deal by. A Twitter follower about this blog and he's like. I don't know anything about it but it would surprise me that you wanna get rid Whiteside he stinks at defense and if Riley can't motivate him nobody. So I would be surprised that wanna get rid of them. And yet all he's put on it all those guys says is there are rumors out there but he doesn't say where. Or late from they'll look where we knew we do say. Like their room was not fears about that leads him and then the that was this is this how this reads about the rumors have been surfacing. That the heat may have finally found each trading partner will. We have heard the rumors. Or just kick back and I don't know to this guy down. Who is Michael shouldn't resurfaced. What. I did a pop up like blacked. Out like it's off their by the way is a writer an award winning filmmaker. Who's been in love the sport for over twenty years he's a graduate of flash point Chicago a get well look because if you don't award winning filmmaker Michael is hearing rumors. I'd like to know that he contract it's died down. I would pay it might. Shut out. And let's get these what's that it was a good. You know the deal is like you 2000 do sucks. I mean it would get rid of Whiteside. In that addition by subtraction. Kind of but then use the addition to take an honest just 2002 no he has he saw. The way to trade. Wrongly you can just that he is he's given obsolete disk appears we're keeping of what we just waiting Whiteside. And get a player who could help us win now it's another it's doesn't it's I don't want flick about this win it's just I was open to be like. Hey take a satellite side we'll tell you I adjusted but I don't want one basically here's what we're trading for their Whiteside. That's a word for their lights who's more famous and has more drama he gives effort though. So this. Audience they could shoot a city gives good effort. He's a big man big gives good effort. And will rebound the ball lick the angels they choose Thompson can't do. He will rebound the ball the other thing I can hope for a few trade for Justin Thompson is that he can do is that you LeBron to get elected to treat form. That's all I'll vote for. As you know that the guys to do business with LeBron lakers but if you go out. I mean they wouldn't a done deal and he did the income don't assign to tray with a bronze here. Did you one dude if for complex what are they gonna do mood music anyway begin again in the Bassett and even use those years. That's why traffic behavior. Top notch that was left in class. So what what's guys and created in two years why. Like that you words how worst you ask first six should till after four. Whose nuclear option. He left as you want to sell shoes to Cleveland for me to an internship if you're good for you he did that. It is Tuesday of a dream could keep this is his foot on the ground not the it is not Cleveland's falls dream a dream my green has a problem. Three month moved to the sword showed that sotomayor's follow through ethnic but they did you like you to do it about a ring that day it's. Just when you what did you crowded every time when you were to adrenaline of the well the way it is odd mistake of Omagh. Just that dobbs and his trainers I'd rather have crybaby aside. I expect other predators on the draster Tristan Thompson. Mend it don't work in a movie at the it's just a bogeyed the man wearing there is nothing worse than bogey. As new moon plus we get we're getting the guy who's like I niche of the leave. It I saw modest fan sided which is where this all you can heat blog exists right pig out 1234567. Seventy attributed listed. Before this Michael softener. He doesn't have any contact info no Twitter no FaceBook they'll IG. Nice office to him drizzly to a sixteen yea so two reasons. OK with us it is the blog it's a long road on and on to reach out to the head of the site. This guy's coming on he's gonna explain himself. I aides now tell you what this guy's going to tell the difference between what I've been here and in outsource our eyes that he does this done rather well when you say. One of the news sources we know you're getting the information. This just sounds like. Like this stuff that's been surfacing like it's already been out there and worlds like there has. Well let's say how come you don't win this bird that's the insane it's the packaging. It's just like well page and because he has heard on the Internet that these these rumors surrounding us on what's that we're like no don't you tell us Michael. And he's like yet there's even a deal on the table. Are you reports and rumors. I'm confused. You notice a lot of people that those two hours late that they do their job. Now they do a better. They wouldn't would Steven A tells you what happened here and you know he's dead from somebody. Well that's because he has great bill I don't know with this guy is and I'd be fine taking him at his word he says I've been hearing it. But I don't. I don't feel like he's saying that this. I don't know white separatist and tops the top over the you can stay with that is I think at some point in the year so we'll keep you could probably flipped Al Gore for some of them. Like sums it up. I'll go over duplicate user shooter but they'll be a contender that wants top Korver somebody threw. You just accidentally going to in the mean tourists in times. Who he is trusted Dobson and I think it's clear when asleep where more than whom were. Who that's a great good that's a question of the Samsung wonderful and others another question isn't LeBron. I don't know design Cleveland ourselves as the might come here Buren nick birdman not a burden it would make a fatigue maybe it. Bieber may it. While. See what they consider this on like this is the one area with some of the outlawed right. Hit back united MI don't do Crazy Horse he's got he definitely always the same thing about the Andre Jordan and the un does it. As one of the lakers Iowa the clippers man and he went signed a one year deal with Dallas. It's not crazy to some puts up big numbers this year that he opt out just go somewhere else B doesn't feel like you like sized plane here. The question is who do you defeated somewhat sad that much. You could deal under. We used to we have seen him drew we know flicks retires against him district. Or were shot clock runs out he just throws open any kind of shot I don't know man it. He has improved on insisting no you only what twelve last year. Yeah about one game three he beat. This thing like we're talking about he deals. This has got to wash to me it's like IRA Yeager was all white citizens contracts shorter noticing the both what do you do it's not that two years left where you're option. I don't know just as an option. I don't know about down but I know that they're both they're both two deals that are bomb and talk over a hundred years old so resulting from this. Let's. But we both with white side. It's. But you can do it yet you have talk over you can always use shooters mean that that's in this in today's NBA that's Huckabee about the Bueno has got about strip toggle over stone tool. I mean. It's not that I don't think. The one thing I was they would with the difference between. This in like the river Houston deal. Here's a do you gonna pay of a first round pick and I figured you could have attached to Whiteside if you had gotten that and maybe got rid of him that way. None conceded very reluctant to do it which bud Moore will do it if it's not really your piece that you put into it. And then the other ones open up there with OJ did things like I get to JJ thing because. You these yet more flexibility. But you know auto registry data for Trout argued Johnson. Ali Ali I like him as a player. He hasn't all of our game it's just I don't understand where his team guy where the heat got to where nobody's aggressive with the best. No way though I like I don't understand it might be worries eight. He just told. Good program. Is dead season started off of and he would shoot. We will window and went through Jesus nights donuts on the by the way no I don't know if he has those enough but because of the red tide over on the West Coast. Little bit of for the crowd situation. When I mean he grabs a permanent water is that the further the the red tide over the West Coast because all the green algae and stuff don't it don't get me started. It's it's affecting the environment of the for the crap. Where it will. Why is a red tide can contributing green algae. But it so the there's. I don't wanna get into the specifics of the environmental crisis that we're faced in the state. But just know that a budget crap is in the ocean on the West Coast of Florida and it's messing with the for the crabs environment. Those who just wants those environment yes Chris probably YE a Democrat broke Indy start stroking. I just does and his is this this can't wait Guerrero is as though he's he's basketball offering its weird to me she. Speaking they were moving along. Raising. This Susan changes to over the college basketball none. It is it is a doozy outside of that next. Welcome back everybody stood over the royalties. There and I are here at the hard rock have been sent there the hard rock poker open is going on right now. You'll incumbent the ash is gone minutes flown here tonight tonight we have the Jeff Conine poker tournament leader and I are going to be here. To get on down knew wanna say hello play a little poker for a great cause. Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital Britney phenomenon here and the hard rock should be a real fun night real fun ninety gets going the VIP parts of the 530. The tournament starts at seven and out on plenty TV's are the guys can put the Terry you don't there's actually agency report that the dolphins are Dylan. Shout to Garfinkel this one. They they got so much demand for this because the jaguars came out. And announce that they were putting the game on all streaming platforms on there other website so you could stream the jaguars game. And a lot who say dolphins. Was doing enough was due without offering is like you know what. Would do would it it's a shot to golfing if you want a summit that's so they could do easily and that just like you know what. Yeah but that street is this pre season game where you guys policies. Boswell and it won't ask your boat you'll see some Oslo on your iPad. Well all tablet. So good for that man and I liked it I liked I liked it in action making it happen good on you Garfinkel. What it's not like him in the stats though who. I mean ops Weiler. You know I look there's two things I don't see media across and it aren't you wants us while the ball out so we get a little buddy with them. Or wanna see just the worst performance. It's either or so you either want a beautiful performance or train wreck. Correct. That's got a bullet. All because let me just be tremendous of this Mo Pete Pace up there. And 86 in just the right side giraffe. And so are. He's going to look like he's not focus on what's. It's just he just remember him do what it was like oh I believe I've proven that I am capable starting quarterback in the end of like you have one of Bible based on what. The film. And then like. So film. It just makes you go away they attached picks do you see you delete eat at get out of here that match. And what brought Oslo to move out of workers. Major League Baseball trade in football. Club does not let Moby. He's got some open. Because with look at. Now he's he's. Only. Pretty phases of the hand they also like this the negative the of them OP giant like Bo Mendez has Bogut is just a monster John little most of human world. Like. Costs while it is you know he's got that way about a need to grow now. I exit a broad enough now he's not a Perot. Adam gazes bro he's abroad he's coach. But costs while loses it definitely. Gives a perfect example Iran now like out of gates and Danny Amendola. You know he's facetime and visas to any let's go listen gluten shots shock and some Coors Light. And. And then and and had days like RA NN Oslo as it moves moves do you talk to do go. In an area here on and his record deficits don't it's they. Coach. What he goes do you go hang out. I don't know Hoss was get a little Mark Sanchez and a knack. Yet you think he's handsome yes no way visas go to a pretty face I don't know man they get sick just elite. Got suspended for PD's and that's why. The movies the list on TV Booth adult men. There's Mark Sanchez. There's one other well known one mechanic doesn't come to mind right now I think that we. You can't beat a guy known for two fumble. Engaged. Busted we stick to its roots it and it's it's it's roosters at the studio seemed like you know use it to be doing steroids that. Eat hot dogs during a football game right. Against the abusive and that's not that uncommon. Me who used to. Kill fraud there. Had has was so I got the editor of this the seat blog checking with this writer to see if he's OK with me shooting him an email. I'm working on it we're trying to contact the president to students fail now now she got a a lot of who runs this. Does he does get. A lot yes she's good she needs to check with him to make share because he's an award winning now filmmaker. He's an award will be the highest reading you lie I well and alleys youth. It's I don't know that was a by the salvation you audiences we have hash or third out area plenty of time. So this guy down the NCAA. Here's the thing that you that that struck me with the students who don't like college possible thing if you guys don't know there's a. There's there's new stipulations to where. If you are a players that is quote unquote a leap and get a bite to come mind. You can now hire an agent and still come back to school. If you don't get drafted there also are going to allow this for high school players that are deemed by its by team USA. Knuckle things one has the players are allowed to get drafted yet that hasn't been finalized by the NBA. Add to CBS I didn't know anything about this rule the NCAA is coming out. So the MBA and the NC and that TBS and the to music gospel both rather like at. When does it tell us about this that you guys were working on this whole thing and have opposed greatly this what everybody wanted right. And they'll like. I mean I guess but why. Why just throw this on their body and the way I see it is. I'd be NCAA looked at what happened last year with his FBI probe. And they are looking at the same old oh. Ono they're all cheating we all got implicated here we read it real has been running complete zoo. Coaches can't help themselves the shoot people can't help themselves we'd all be bleeping out and if we don't change something this hired. Thing is gonna get is gonna get burned down of course I some probe the Toronto has just like one hour he said what this is what they say. Members. It's all gonna come down on us like we had a problem. So wolf will act like we're fixing it. Like weird he gives them systems taken some precautions on this. Like we've really hit it won't seem progressive. Really hey Willie Willie. Him. What did that truly the best part of that team USA has to do all the stuff related you know the old days you know here's what they said. They said they told. NCA weed don't want to do that a while ago. Really why are we gonna do this. There at the high school players is not even a rule in Malaysia it is on this was to clear either twenties when he wants what is going to. What you have and is due. And the like. And we'll be fine with it once it comes down to it or don't listen them so I'll. The reason that you that meant those those those elite basketball players all the stuff they got going around them. You want you want trying to make anymore shape now look. Alternately what do you would like is hey if these if you were gonna have these players. Can't you leave you will let them have agents. Chosen guts let the agents broker deals with your schools and let them play there. What do you soak battles if you want them if you want these guys actually have agents let's see let's see what's won it. It's usual to pave the players if you really want if you really want a clean this thing up and you really wanna make it seem like you do some change dodged that. We did stuff this is still there. Still. People be able to delegate age kids they'll be able to be advised and it will be lied to at all until that their top of their top elite prospect or whatnot. All be fine it's all be fine whether that AT and other senior vice. As senior acknowledged Nicole and we we want to get we want to get the ball rolling around us. It's just like no I think would happen it was you saw these spreadsheets from a oh all of our schools are cheating and and some of them didn't even know about it. You know like what these guys are getting brokered to different types of schools. That the whole thing went down Miami. Mean what it was like a few of them as like yet via the alarm that went down here any worse reviews and it's like I had to buy the coach doesn't know. You can't have the coach not know that that's the thing. And so. They're gonna make it seem like I don't know with this is all on the up toward now that is legally work pool. Because they were advised by. Oh it's so what's the big deal. Well. If you really if you really wanna make it a big deal and you realize how would you take some of that shoe money and give it to steadily prospect. And you're actually talking about habits legitimacy to his nose still not all back because. You've really done is that the other hand to the penthouse. And dispute like we. Who wants to wants to handles such decides he's us he's 610 point guard. And easily and we're gonna steer in this direction oh backs cat. Don't go to the NBA wants take. Hear pat cash from duke they want you. I mean here's the here's the problem no. Wanted to problems. That. Happen in this situation is is an and I get with the NCAA is trying to do. They're trying to do a lot of stuff when not really do nothing here's the problem. If you only if you allow players. To get do you broker. Then. They're beat Obama lose. Douby no. Wichita State. So you kinda have to. He would go easier to have Zain it's gonna be it does it it doesn't feel like you've really solved here we know well. You know why. Because they look at now. The look at themselves doesn't just looking out with a broad. Sometimes you can fix problems you've got to look from with it. And NCA over the years. Has refused. To this day. We are the problem right. Is everybody else and they bring down the biggest seed we're fixing the problem. Eyes. A yes or editing meetings about late. You know. If we go with aliens here's where you know you're important yup. These agents go to work for free health rave reviews. Welcome to Florida at at at the back into this.