8-9-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 3

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, August 9th

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Hash tags that our. Yeah rolled on today folks. Realize it's a little hard rock events center here for a little. Both actions that I do have gone poker tournaments going down we are in the midst of the hard rock poker open. Which is tool. As of is out here get there is an impact on its impact very oh week. So ardently as we knew men so a lot you'll Texas on the the white side thing and that does think of this is that Chris Sheridan he had a couple thoughts on the trade. And somebody asked was that should feature in light side used play by injuries all last year. And he goes. Defensive phobia is not an injury and fifth at a and I student. This what do you think is ultimately going to be that the heat's pat this year answer it's. I think they've dubbed what's after the bus on the yet chime in Tyler Johnson then wait out the allies situation which seems doomed to fail in Toronto. Block by the way put a letter today to view San Antonio which Russia was written up by uncle Robertson because I can't imagine why. Writing out thoughtful thought I you know I I read that letter and 8:1 AME it was it was pretty straightforward but I when I realize is that I didn't know that coli had his own logo. Did the club that you guzzlers doing the climate beach it turned his has yet you know I don't I just got that now. But you just the legacy he's just under league yet that you'll you'll large slow individual. Well I mean that literally and I mean yes I mean I'm slow. And that's not a slows the boss who just takes we'd ask me if I wanna come over to get copied the other building and I'm like you know Meyer told. It's it will feel to Kabul predict coffee that is my weights and exco goalie Betemit Debbie Coffey Nevada down it's. Your right to know your role and know your role do you date it looked like a big game that you you've got assistant. Program assistance services and programs on your diseases program period coffee. Out here. It was a tough guy before that he's making you go over to the other building two billion dollars over here. Have you two times a week I got to go to that list Allman odds really easily do you have Turkey a key card over their idea I have a key fob. From there I want a fob. With the fob it's a little thing and you're hearing it's like we have cards over here they of key fob to over there. Aren't I don't know to school that I can't explain it I don't know what that is a non isn't bulletin out honestly we've been trying to figure you we grew Judea. Why do I care would have body so disease of owners of the dolphins are broadcasting and I yet he sees all over the place that is he going to the game not easy to me the guitar pleases Haywood in in the control room guys in the you know in the. Think when all of a whole bunch of years without live in here yeah that is fine. You know street here. Now we are ways as you always need it. Right before somebody gets kicked in its not true what happens if you. Name Q did you. Who's a local car. Hey. I didn't go up on my machine they bat that was made by a ruler and a Bandana. Like I was Sheffield in 97. That's. Why are we got to go blue league we had a perfectly sharp. But right next to them as was the rules with who and kind of figure it. Lira re going the other way on the hole he went the other way he tarnished jewel boomerang. Actually think if you go and label he's wagging its so hard thing is bending over. Worked hard. Like I'm telling you and I pulled you pulled my club had speed had to be. Probably like 110. Because connecting with pictures so. Isn't so much so that might loaded should be sloth. Denny being. Slow. The so. Ago raised him back to fire. And so one of the big things used elements by it was he won ownership in the UFC. But analysts now videos and music but he says humans as well without much money or thing which it for now they can bank in his next fight should yet. This is some rich people believe so. It is coach revealed on aerial one he shows. That on McGregor. As Gucci. And -- shots. They packed their tires stores in the bosses. And bring distort him. Does the shopping with the custom boss does that. That is gangster move I don't know if it's poised Acer's giving our money where he wants. I'm not quite sure it was a audible is still looked upon is as as as an adult options. Shirts almighty exchange. Like that. It's that that's not pat. I know it's happened in assisting companies they imagine pat Riley's was appointees had you know money truck or some. Silly and costly when that was our mind. It was when it is now. It was under the program it was a mail bag did it was in the crib and he he basically went public. And hours but guys jets' 2000 bucks right now in the Summers when you were at this hour is for ITC AAR guy ET wide variety. Text that the 71. Side. And it has its own corporate question yeah. You to realize he Jolie's kicking two things you hoped to make big words listen listen up. Words. The words. Ares I mean you know there's 250 stations. Plus count in the L uses words. While varieties of where this is that the censor it wants violence. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS advanced yet been reached into Miramar plea deal. Come station. This of this editor of this week he blocked it back to. Wanna get this spot and tracked this got out now know what they wrote David had brought his I'd get back to use like I wanna grow this guy. Wanted to grill Ford's don't know who they're sure it's well first well no journalist is gonna answer is yes. As is an award winning filmmaker but it he's not gonna answer when where he got the government do its. I just wanna no are you hearing this ward did you see you rumors that's all I wanted to. I mean where's he where's he pure these rumors like he's he's tied in. I don't know that's a little confused about but either way like. Well quite sad rumors boom things happening he. What they need to make a move man wants and stuff happening at. All. We need to come back whereas weighed me and see Philly cheese and off the bat signal yet all these crazy Philly cheese rivers. And Philly cheese is just put up this beautiful shot out to Dewey Williams it's a Graham resist like. He said appreciate your big bro you inspire me just want to let you know at Dwyane Wade with like. Three banners of and that's beautiful. He's gonna take and we shot back you let us know years sixteen kids some serious somebody on Twitter. Why not that's the way it's done these days man is yeah. In view of somebody good post on its a gram that soft. But as well wrote a song in the IG hell yeah that's today's art and what he's talking about. It's in silence on the yelled at us that tat legal peak of Lou. And those of the day's elect its news Lebanon remain in Whiteside songs deal. Those of a sudden it was on center up on what that is the waves are. An attack that they. Twelve and a games tonight in the pre season Friday dolphins books 7 o'clock over the rock. You can hear that on our sister station and ask them if you'd like on the kiss 999. In the AM on the 560 elite you am misuse of Charles Harris and I guess sacks. It takes awhile while Britain's then. Did it yes not everybody is reason. Him. He Tuesday that I get why we periods. Don't know I don't know we just yet because understand. You know something's state he has youthful bolster the that we you played. Which. The reports. I know Utah I tried it adds to give you well. The last the last the end. He did develop the giant X there was developing for Seattle. He believes that. They have these. Yeah. If he makes like globalism. We don't think that's a cool story with a be annoyed on Libya and super annoyed. And that's pretty cool. If the witness as it. The majority turned into something dolphins fans pissed. Don't ever. Or is that he had him in general just you just press that if DM it's about the bars a monster year this year via and there are going to be at negotiate him it's. Hey were to be paid about it there are certain players. And I can tell you why. There's certain players that the holy Easter is we put him to do something good so we could tool. Malia. Quickly take a look at the leaderboard of the PGA championship at the brunt of the fund posted at once golf job on the united how to present back guarantee. LeRoy hopefully of the right scores this time one man stands alone up top it is through Q Pollard. There's 123. Or 56. Players at six under if you wondered when there's four toddlers seven players at three under. At 300. It's at the Ria news at 666. Under. The open. Few of the light light put the blame somewhere else in the website. The free market Golf Channel can make some money this no this is PGA. So and tiger and Rory are even more. Whereas I do Justin Rose as he teed off yet if it. Intelligencer has got to be consistent Thomas doesn't know much as I got I gotta tell you I got its. That's probably the hardest matchup of all of of all abouts yeah because two guys have been playing really good this year just from rules it just comes you're you're pretty well you know people don't realize just just a roast. He. Turned pro at seventeen. He missed his first 35 cuts geez that's as it refreshed. On the European to. 35 so it's an oh my name on tenders people I've never been on tender but not like to try it. Notre name is on tender big boy. Well robes. Humberto rut. I'd clean up well attended a you know it's your logo should be via. A flea. I just thought about life obviously Lee. But he says they got because that would be fluid service and I got to see is that pat Riley's closet it was a sight to behold hundreds of Armani suits color courted of course I mean there's nothing else. I'm sure it's got like recycled recycled air freshener that's a smells like greatness. TV. You know old spice has these a different cents a guy like like the swagger sent because it makes you feel like I am a real man. Six oriented you know yet a whole spy should come out with Pat Riley greatness isn't as big as a more present father to anyway at a Pat Riley to anyway it. Can you but you know the O line is on the end. He has that little short some good to practice a big guy who I don't like pat Riley's get lakes seventeen in the same suit there and just different dollar. About the lowered to where it at the shoulder pads and insurers and show in the belly button like. That was a risk to conclude. That was different. Do you think god daddy's down with. If Dwyane Wade's fashioned election. Daria she loves it she does in a more Hollywood is the better that she never likes as a boo when you're you leave the house like I. No does that currencies goes. And. B you don't. Join them midriff. You don't and I thought that was my thing he noted what's kind of been a thing for doing in this this offseason slim as those this and I think he has a good period. What a way it should bring back the short shorts and India. He shut. That QB is retro thing known yet he's he's really into show a job since yap. Two anyway comes back it's like to anyway Kelly back you know you can you know you are is that long pants thing right. The fab five. So cool so cool there's I'm Sox while feeding. So what what are. Not not not accorded these days edges of the fab targets on a band. The area due date they were banned through like 1213 years yet you Chris lovers come back for football again this year. The cumulative. I a couple of and a and its price tag dare you whatever game you're going to guarantee it's the same week in of the date I just say in gates had to say you through the appearances you have to make. At five if if it if I go to Chris whoever you review I wanna be friends with them. You normally do. Well our kids that's like this day. So Chris to autos what a sellout it. You know he doesn't tell them. Good teams and noted go on sale might look like whoa what a sellout this to Europe what a jerk his what I came Wednesday. How's a guy. Involved in one of the biggest. Blunders. In sports history yes. You depends this'll. We mean it hasn't negated when his life was ruined for a long time who was not he'd play basketball. In bill went right suitable. Nothing. Well I don't understand it when you bat what are you know what you want to happen and let dead guy. Everywhere you go. To war no I'm not saying. Months in his obstacles toward what chewing on or he would know even mentions. Tickets and symbolic. And all the drew an instrument listen listen not is really fun to not to bury you but that was thirty years ago. Really. You think they're saying that about Buchanon. We forget buck everywhere in the World Series of product out there and David Bruton was. You forgave him because you wanna tip your best thing what the hell is in your mouth he's in French Fries aren't like uniting throughout the show either you're you're always are urged heading into my. Tebow might get right now you were even earlier. But I don't know if I show my Mike Richter if it did. He says LeBron on the stock answer if the rods it's where the stock and everyone's aware of the stock and it's this little about it. While a limit to torture my biggest likes to give themselves an ulterior motive because it was borderline and but we barely have short sort of LeBron is is has ulterior motives he's gonna try to do anything to draw attention away from his head. I think you're right a very late in it'll be like as the next fashion statement that question about it did he has. Completely bald yes yes he has. A very familiar with. You know how things work number LeBron was you don't go the other way member of the browns baltics are about as last year at the heat that he Hadley double band. It. Relate that LeBron why humorous he tabloid daily basketball wise it just gave me yarmulke to go in and put them topped the data about governors. Now the outlook it would not be enough NASDAQ the Dow rose on abstinence. It's it doesn't look like everybody. We'll do it bees alive from the hard rock business a little harder October opens on right now Brett now map. Submitted OG and Adobe wore shorts wrote in college did he in Toronto. And I looked at pictures of them and it looked like you with a long issue it's possible. But also is it's got those color coordinated deep pads. So as a little tough to say it's all short. But eating go short shorts and college. No though and I'll tell you that opportunity is out there's somebody in the NBA could make that cool again and I think Dwyane Wade should do it. And that's everything bring back the short shorts day when it's. I mean okay. Some some time men get excited about it well we were you go that's I don't know. I'm I'm I'm going August with a. And we have got to me as odd that it's kind of an interesting news stories over the breaking news but. Buffalo Wild Wings is just announced they're looking into the possibility of adding sports books to all their locations that sportsman's legal. I'm not by the go to why do you go to hear some go to watch the games and I go on the for the food. LeRoy Y yeah do you had cordoned. What's. Why would you do that what buffalo wild what's wrong don't take any any any business as a potential sponsor. Look you wanna pay if Russia also is the best things on the planet but right now. And. A real if you had if you had to go. So here's the thing is top three weeks on give you wing rumblings were the most numerous here's the outlaws. When well below wallowing in some ways says she just walked a little while with a smirk in the midst of saying it buffalo wild. Stability. When Mayweather is a low willful doing it. If bubble Ali's house to our show us ahead. We want to sponsor you show when the Steelers. As a great. I'll say now the new and improved. But I happen. So people know a muffled. Even though talent if you guys ever you don't have to buffalo while he's probably below the pay or. Or. You can say technically. I didn't say Buffalo Wild Wings sucks as that while a little while wait. When moral pollution are you a no so top three go. Are we talking just changed. Because of like as I mean yeah unity OPEC. Chains. I tell you obviously like down here I think I think merger makes really doing the other two were talking. To local local local yet what's rivers are they doing certain sports rilya when it's. Winks it's going to stop via their built. There are times like you get thirty annual Libya. Got big wings is is Floridians whose got some pretty good about my Lewis if you ever go to any wings feel like the Anita I don't want him juicy. Like I don't want abided go to school. I like sports group is doing is never any question. You don't bite into wanted to get their dues in a single olive about it yet to handle. That's grip. Yeah I do I don't like the title like the college with a flat sometimes more almost like a loony tune like a but the whole the amount. And a score she's in it that's right now so. I don't like it is safe hands you. The way my life exit polling. Starts like pulling the meat off and pushing enough and doing whatever with her siblings like the grizzlies Dempsey yeah. I'm not a goal he's one of the kiwi on down but I would tell you way. UKB six EDT UK. Do out uncle Al's I think is the Bat's wings locally. Alerts that it's Griffin and universities have somewhere on the 08 the year he is so big juicy wet snow to win to be talking about. To let. Completely gives you know I don't know you. I might do you understand. That if a wing is like like they did the BI it. Indeed dip it in the sauce and insult what it. That's an awful lot rulings it's not even just also that the wings are are are wildly terrible but he just. But it's like they edit. It certainly does paper trail I hated like you know Alec wing plays that'll put it like. Personal it's gonna have like that red. Papering around it does it just seems like home for the winning and it's nestled up little but the salary given itself a little bit we waited more weighted. Notes we may be wings Ewing gave a damn about this. I I don't want to sellers and eat. This decoration. As president. O'Grady. Of a wing pleased with the heat and even Ricky has pretty rulings by the way. Basically. If you get a actually make it simple here at some die. You know a couple of weeks ago different story. Restaurant you wouldn't guess what you Bob doing dishes. Year. Would you agree that if it. Way to give Dave's last resort with on pretty sure one to beat him. Beat buffalo wings and we'll bulb. It's as is or is did that's. That does not exist in Orlando by huge you know go to. I understand you don't try it out to vote by als which house ordered a bold old weak spots best local players or AMIS is grass my tavern. However I've ruled them off because they stop showing UFC fights jerseys as the wings and their costs by the way I like here's what I like. I like. Wings that or flavorful. Not real wit I'm not a whit. A blue winged yet evidently sports groups who would song some as with so sports military documents has. Him be fortunate sport listen listen sport grow can do no wrong with their wings. And a desolate no decay. News I'm telling if I ever have any question. Whether one you'll wings was cooked and I would not be eaten in two wing police ever again. If I bite into what you wings and have to look. You know the sports growing up in general in general I question whether what viewing site. Group in. Order. Yet but that. Which leads us to a since the bosses are listening to our chicken lean on to us now. Here are the rules. Are we get it separated wings and drums only. Or are we going to hold chicken the whole thing attached to own a gun got separated no no not celebrated not separated the flap. Is in. No you don't eat the flat it's on a dozen of those and there's two parts there's the flat in the drum home. And it's got to be attached. Protect that's the whole wing. Known that enters its box know some people to some but deep Jack stood do what do. Do well to beat two bone from that from their own Wimbledon. I like it let that way slowed due to Texans love the flats. You do not I mean the flat to get but their little bit I don't need a little more you say you love that lets you draw. Hope that all you absolutely what it if you read on the flats and drugs to (%expletive) you know. Ever annoyed that look I look I don't know. Lot. Of them died that little part to do you regret. As sports group opposed to be replaced. Well they just dropped out of yen it's fun times. Seven yesterday I was told you know what you know so yes it is every asset it's. It's you know social told nots not our fault not. Are we to do about it. So the wind blowing in the wrong direction. Gupta yesterday. Palin this happens is now all ears are on me. And I to sit there like you know my hands in my pocket not expecting to really drive a show don't as a worthwhile. I'm to sit here and talk to look at Steven C if they're back they're back no not back yet. Don't play this game. Here's organ and you going to be an executive freaking decision. Since its hash tag third hour. You'll take a break. On the other side of the break hopefully we'll have the other two. And people back on the show. If not I'll bring exactly are they for election time because Zach is here with his skyscraper full of grilled chicken. Which I'll explain in a different time. And yes it's what's going on I hear ya I got this in the thing. I don't follow rules and it all like Pitt. I was given a school day or back it's. And against deeper respect to speaks very well it says it's always have problem to stuff the only team c'mon guys. I feel event I don't know lines keep Saturday but it does. Its own about a week Sosa's life in. Somebody threw. Who did you just right convinced this week you know places do it. These policy the sports zone please in my life of gold bag I've seen to be grouped. Is it 2002 we saw Barbara that touched down across these and dad and on that on the the original Exxon's location. There's only men. So a wonderfully as this gets your thoughts on some been watching hard knocks it was the first episode or she did the I wanted to know for the Jarvis. Which is which did not disappoint by the way. A lot in man. I was so I thought at the dolphin fans would be a little bit better than this bird. This is the thing. Money. The U wanna pay him that. That's the only reason you really don't want him you'd like to when he was getting a ton of money and I hate him just as you want to get paid. Please hawks but that's that's how fans aren't trying to tell these guys that. Defense more to play put fear tease you with the fears circumstances in his. One funny. No offense but this is coming from Pope hating. And as the differences in this once say that but. Doing the routes the team you don't do bitch. See this is why it's on the different type of individual. Team you don't know W means bench. And I think I have the sound reasoning in my things that I am passionate about and team paddy was built on a late disrespect. Now the same guy who's available that's LeBron stuff or over his head forever because it's over in the lakers the night that he went back to that snake oil salesman in Cleveland. After all the things he said to him in a letter. It questionable but I understand you have never had to sell shoes it's cool. But I never ever set that LeBron socked. And acted like what he did wasn't fantastic here. And that's a little bit to do with Jarvis injury. Is like all the sudden. Guys that we never liked him anyway eat now. All those unnecessary roughness penalties paid Butler and everything it and a and other people are saying the blues did it. Us. Obviously served and save you date a girl she is this doctor. Right. She don't want they to do more should go somewhere else and first words on the Yuma. You had a had a anyway who was the most it was who's most popular golf officer. And Drake. You might double right now Frank Gore. Knoll. There's there's more people that know. Morning anybody else off its other Bryant and you are people most excited about office which says Kendrick. Which is. I mean Vontae Parker is every year they sell it to you would know. Oh wait wait. The budget are you people how important it is yours is it to inject or make the month at Parker. And people salivating or watch them play. As soon as those two guys get their paychecks alms. Alms. Where it got its rate it would we're stuff level has gone to all those who boo hoo relate holed up in injury right now. Built W wizard on them as soon as he wants it 00 okay great had a great year guys and invest in running back. Oh interchangeable. That's you can look at it we have the job and we put you you're on another view now. That's the Pentagon about. It's as well it's like it to win it big with fans might yet via the man. Dead. Germs that you guys might. I'm a little into it. As wives we have to be team. Right. Because death that works yet the did team that that needs the bulls hope is that team that'll pay. Sixteen Bhutto was like that. Here's so this is the instinct part that I had nothing to do jobs lenders are hue Jackson he's won one game over two seasons. And he's at a meeting room where calls coaches. One of his sources Todd Haley. You see head coach. Grizzled looking dude doesn't look like fun. And Todd Haley is questioning on the effort of the team and how things got to change it basically implied that hue Jackson runs a crappy culture. And you Jackson did not like this and this is the exchange. We need to get so much done by our team has to get mentally tougher and being able to fight through the that we got to fight through. We've got to change this drastically you know we've got guys that haven't done it's sitting around doing nothing. You know it's I just don't know how we're gonna do it. I respect you saying that I mean I used to sit in the same region don't let me finish let me finish I used to send us pictures you guys sheriff's then. The literature you guys that I get to watch from a different blends buyout talk a long time ago you know it was without giving him. You're going to church sainthood telling wrong guy so does our mind so that's just where it will be. In the old days though. Does no wrong would it comes on others I've seen coaches I've seen coaches go an all time that was read the relatively respectful. I see this time though it. Noticing. Snake in the grass. Rahman's positioning up he's read a box out we were going to get why the rebound on the job once and I don't know which. You know is an idiot back there yeah he's he's looking to take the head man to sabotage. I mean. She could be fight produced. You gotta get back whatever you can't jobs and job you because is that thing hey the guy who gets this job. You'll subway from being the guy in the browns around. That's impressive. It is I think about 27 guys thought they were Rebecca. Maybe so but the guy who does it is gonna be alleged. Alleged that by God's arms three yards in the squad does slot guy. Cutler passed the a moon you know. You don't. I am about that employers. Laid out of middle both sides of that like if you want to leave he used to have value. They teach you. But if you sign a contract. You contracts I don't think you don't have the year that they expect. You wanted your greedy. Only problem I have with Jarvis. With the with the comet study Leno has the same note about the T Moore you way out you got what you wanted you got to you got euros in the lead I don't want I don't think yes. I have a weird thing with you'll saying he should be grateful. He shut up and did his job that he did it better than anybody in the team such arms landry's fault that the odds are marketed bullets slow second. And the only they had a problem with was saying things like a ten Hilton do work outs late. We've seen him do work outs of four I don't know I just make it's that you gotta run up the score but those things could they given no valid points for leaving. Dora the score up boys go ahead yet it DC heat news north. The heat on there into Graham in the Tobin you're better at the Israel and I am. Could you go to the the heat in two Rampage. Right now please it's. Big news and it's a video but is and I think it's James Johnson Duncan but I don't know what the I don't know common accident. James Johnson dunking. If that means they I don't know either but the big news is coming soon. I'm Arab. Not treat that I have put it out of their games Johnson and he's not going to be an Internet is that like a bullet. Photo doing awesome Duncan Victor Latifah as head. As a teaser that he's getting traded so. My guess is that they just picked a random highlight. Because they needed one. And it's been some other announcement I don't know if that means it'd trade the guy that got down to retrieve the guy that got comfortable it was it was even on. Anyway it I'd like that. Mean he bowlers and now man and that's him. When it works out with at the gym that's good team. And as a team do we get that team. Are all Victor road debug the way it's nobody's over six years. Kicked us in position as possible on the radio that team is that's occupants. MB yes that's you said Duncan Robinson Medea I'll get stroke yet stroke it's at on the on the wing. He's taken the kick outs you know he's hard and play right. First year in order brighter or work in progress about he's coming and how likely is ray. Bret well is the thing he's confident as it is a well cooked to 45 year old rookie. Sony fine almost. Week when he went to college what in what we'll remember he started as a Annie again Eisner tranche for 700 times. 700 times but I hit eat he was a OK that is attribute huge tribute for Michigan. OK listen. Since I don't think you're hearing me I'm you know I'm guessing this has absolutely. By the way. I don't wanna ruin anything you'd have to go to college when you were twenty could this possibly just be their schedule release. Yeah that's supposed to come out Friday. But I mean that's a weird thing to put it news on that well that's just news. And does it. It's not really news is like hey guys here's the schedule. Oh how you feel about this Reggie did the same thing fans adore. If like when you put up with someone in a relationship. The UBB you start mentioning all the crap they did it's human nature. Put. It is also sometimes a personal say you know way. That was just today to do morals in front of me I'm going to. You know we just move along. But what does it do what is an accomplice. You know I already I'd act would have been. A more clear instead. Either side. What the dolphins did. It would deploy you do have more of a filed with the dolphins did because why you demo to deploy I should be above that. I feel like I I don't have an issue with him coming and saying why he thought he should have been used better and saying that into the coach but it adds does that's going to be absolutely lot war with the problem of you know getting his visit. I asked to do these root whether he's right or wrong he's got Bradley himself great I have a problem with you saying that two years. And saying. Did average of them did it worked out hard guys work way harder here. That's that's that I think is is a lot of I go to say do you have since Sheila. When you hear the the players is talk to. Like I mean I think just because the coach says that group. Codes and human beings we you don't play for him no more you know they get. Pissed off like you know you ex girlfriend so. This kind of had a words just like when you cut a guy or you'd as got to take a pay cut he gets bitter about it because guess what. It is releasing a New Jersey beast. I mean maybe it's like this year vice chair GM and Huckabee is. All menace but this is posters is going to be black and pink. So cool mellow thought well. We gotta be amazing is that your euros from obvious I have no idea. We use the city can't talk about which we'll know I mean I know I know what I I can tell you that I was in a meeting last year about the boom meisters his knowledge stuff. I don't know when anything's in your release for the U. Big news well nobody don't announces a trade on answers does not trade. Schedule if there's if they use this is the schedule. Teaser. Disappointing video you should put big news to do it schedules coming guys. By the way is not gonna keep you what's that sort of got. If this Obama in his first game on June Orlando. Real problems but he. Oh by the way I finally got the writers email address that tomorrow I hope we will we have discount Bo Obama. If my Obama comes in his first game does that work on Whiteside. Yeah woody and we are problems woody we you're out that's it we got proper use. Yeah in Europe in my in around one in the way there yet on it because he. What do you hostages are. It's not. Just about lately all of their sponsors of the rings are great but otherwise now. No it's not it's not so let's send them being honest. Three this month. And wait it out I don't honestly think on. An as far enough is to take a rise of bag and capital news. He's gentle. Yet you do rumored to folks out stop stop stop don't. We get everybody understands that honestly say everything that I advertise I believe it and include really in the tournament to make news that genuinely we do like we love all of our sponsors and not just tell you for now. Bubble exist trash after use data from a merely want to do our. Group. Urged no shirt where. She as it does just wouldn't stow. Oh. Are against a hose again and. You stay at buffalo while the unit of the interview went pastors are going to be like buffalo wild tee boxes and the coast line definitely good reggae grooved. It is giving all of whom tickets congratulation to you 7000 tickets for decoder ring to go to Asian unit the over the dolphins today you wince buffalo blocks. Awesome banks. We're going to ask you. What's. It like. Community here who. I think it's not his bed his own als Jesus tells gave its wings who else. Is it to. Uncle als is an institution yeah man. It's on nefarious Griffin Griffin yes Griffin just Leicester university was still going to war let's do week to OK you are doing it to go watch some football. Is it a border tour for this decision so we should be able to do indoor they've do we have to do with sales. Unfortunately due to bring it up to them again the lineup not selling it noted in Atlantic and noted as a to have him report is football season's up unknown no I do it to permanently rid this idea that kids love we got we got. You fancy football league you know things don't try. When we have one here Stu heat when tour. Heats it starts no matter what what don't we had Wednesdays and Thursdays. Response on this. Monday if play football. YouTube going to be dole and Tom price fight spirit wants my fights in the wanna go do stuff. We want to put it wigs early beat home up or be done before. Was about the Jackson. Who. We took the ball accordingly and widowed dad is now and it's probably show like Diego. LA at a football star and Uma. We go do 30 yeah. No we had to rent is not a whole lot especially if you have a wing players that those can all be wing bullies if you specialize in wing eating contest. Your going place we also do it content a little deal we don't know what you don't know that's happened and I'm right yeah. We'll have a sore but hey obviously if you have a we eating content I don't him boom. Dad and his boobies in it to get the guys stills with a with with the generally that avatar that but not that hairy bearded lady. Register at least I'll bring it up his customized some other brewers got started today is today you missed it day. We didn't hear him playing well last summer when asked for rubles and we have no sponsors and Rita Lucas is Skype there's hoses Skype video go around and I don't know. It's. You know it's just popped out to first street over Austria and you have obvious hello. He would Dave Baum crazy. Everybody immigration day rare at the hard rock. Events that are we're gonna have poker open tonight the Jeff Conine. Poker tournament so get on down here if you still it's a plan and was some follow along the way for the rest Iowa so dolphins as well the TVs here everybody have a greater today we'll talk to tomorrow.