9-10-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Monday, September 10th
Tobin said the Dolphin game was in the bag when Blaine Gabbert entered the game. Beast says lightning delays are only to prevent a lawsuit. Delanie Walker's leg. Why are the Canes going to Toledo? John Denney is hurt. Should the Dolphins trade DeVante Parker to the Jaguars? NFL Rundown talking ties and Peterman. FSU has a turnover backpack. Beast is sworn to secrecy about the details of the new turnover chain. N'Kosi or Malik? 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. They're gonna go forward. There in the sense that the father had a change of the port. Clyde were able. Besides the gulf war back to throw flyers as ours. And throughout the true story. Of the day stubble. It fits Patrick mixes not rookie wasn't fooled and uphold those sorts of mind of the alludes to go from there can be great. Back to throw off play action. Both the deep down field goal of the good receiver. Rashard just as you can throw fix it. Tied it looked away it's the typical running back and John Lewis. At the culprits of the football and return towards the great. Right out of breeds. I expected the third the 35 the court but if not the 58 at supported. We'll activate back. Eight downfield he wants little. After attractive girl who gets the ball visit their wireless. About now is. The years played football which brings me back. To my employees. You hope quarterbacks. There have been today or currently jet. If you had to choose right now. Who's worse going Gabbert. Avoid borders. I mean Blake closes caused me more pain in games that mean much. And be that mean more what you had now we go to longer. But Gabbert hasn't played a meaningful games Jack of course he would he courted he was too afraid. I got I got more afraid to play football how clearly they are aren't they have a car. Did Carly huge is she would take the volume and it was snapped they did car I don't re going to be afraid. He's got to let the wasn't good but it. He's as you look petrified to be out there. Doing just say this though for the most part. Any NFL team that is forced to play the back of quarterback does not have a good shot of winning it correct. I mean let's get lightning in the bottle and you funny writing last night you all aren't patriots play like last night with Aaron Rodgers played amazing no one leg left. Why OK yes that was crazy one. Went to try to weaken. Box what can because. The band put up the most numbers is not the starter might want or a minus one until Joe's given you Muslim processions today. You you you were giving me golf announce it right here dude but Izturis and is at 9 AM and it also. Minds want to SaaS. I told you. Told you that was gonna has cannot be allowed. I told you that you can't be left to your irons this act of football. Well I I had never. Been apart. Of anything. That lasted as long as they deemed it yes. Think it made sense at all I want to know what they were seeing where there's like new notes in here it's fun to hear shots. The deal here's the deal a cat too we just get down to this. The NFL being the huge business editors the billions of dollars in a reeks and it is going to be overly sensitive to anyone that is litigious. And if there is lightning within a certain distance whatever ridiculous distance that is. They're going to hold the game because you're afraid that somebody is going to. Why not have a billion get struck by lightning and studio to tell you don't wanna deal that normally mean a fan a fan. Greg can't sits on the back you ticket a bit here a beer guy. Again it's huge class action lawsuit yet class action lawsuit a player what. As a match you think store is coming and just dragging everybody with this hammer. I did tell you were right about elect it would strike the highest point of the stadium obviously. Like science that's not it is science. That's only time that you get to without argument. But. Look at data from their perspective all they care about is not being sued. But here's here's what I would I would comes of the NFL let's say. You realize. When we were in play. The cornerback for one of the teams couldn't feel his hands anymore. One guy got his old wrong no about two. I guess this is his leg. Who would stick around went well football and Blake did did you hear the good seat television. Cris Carter was on the agrees congress all Clinton all the let them back. Yeah I moved today. I can see is moderately well you I always searching for the video and other. I saw call. Right and I'm Buddhist is usually win because that's when they pull them down like that right in the leg gets folded up under it and I'm like. I see once fully. This way. In the other foot. Not so bought another one was shot draw Henderson that injury he got rolled up on he's up for the year until he is the worst. Might. They try to get rid of it would horse Collins is that Robert Robert. Tore his knee up twice. As a war Scott. 'cause he's so fast that alleged ditch effort to catch him they were the ones themselves and grabbed the back which I can't and I legged to me. And so doesn't happen more often in the trenches were those big guys fall in each other backwards and just rip it is. In only really happens to win. Somebody gets beat. So when you get on a legend in somebody's chasing you got a bunch of guys going to the wrong way. You use your Adam's idea. If they're not. If everybody's just rush in there one guy gets beat or whatever but what happens this is a guy comes on edge. The tackle pushing at them all the way across and images creates. Might it gets all modeled. The headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at NB HD to Miramar. Radio dot com station. Aren't we that would include. All we can and South Florida Huggins left field right health could aid our dolphins game win and I just tell you. Don't ever. Put on FaceBook who lives. At the McCain's policeman's. It's impaired I do it after every visitors. Don't do that I don't do I'm gonna do it inning he got 2000 views so evidently someone cared when and the other two tradition. Yeah he's got a streak on the just that's what I do after every game win lose or draw the bus was after the they the infamous as it was Clemson will now go when it was a game we're album that was like yeah right in the fifties and nothing was close yeah houses wants out of this is actually had pepto dismal on the car registered drinking out of the model as it might pose pretty. It's a legend and you should go to become legend it is lead heading to Wear a pink certainty yeah I was yes apple and so. I so. Let's see. Greg Russo for the Miami Hurricanes. Loves a surgery were not sure how long he's out because McCain's Miami FYU. In two weeks will be a 330. And start so that's good building here than on both stations because we Terry FIU lake area of the UN so it'll be regret channel as the county. Because I'm telling you right now. Ahmad why doing the CES in January you'll Toledo or noon ESP NT this idea why you game will be ESPN ESPN two were used to and you could to a six to two I don't know what's Elliot and it will be on TV this ESPN three is horse bleep. It is true rash. I found on my pirate sites. That sometimes I watch combat events on the I got a better feed from that which comes from Bulgaria. Then I did from ES. He end. There's no reason why any school that is that a major five conference should have any game that's not on this because a Savannah State. I don't know. There's no local. You did you can't games be like yeah I would like to. Three years that was technically an ACC network game and you sometimes as a suspect picked up by the 33 in the third or fox or fox sports Florida yeah but I just couldn't nowhere you don't got some really good. If if you want to know why. You schooled not treated the way should be treated that's why. A lot of things men like. The way you guys handled yourselves you don't treat your cells like a major universe the prince do. Which university doesn't based on who you play where you travel how you do things that way on the Toledo this week. Coincidentally it's good ideas that's due to. Yes of course part of the golden what he's seen what a major conference meiji university this 15 net championships. Go to Toledo or Arkansas State. We covered in Virginia tech's replay at old immediately it and here pretty bad but at least close as opposed Tripoli prison systems. 00. They got beamer ball still he's not coaching in Maryland going to Bowling Green just the other day. In the Big Ten. Program. Would you be a rocket went to me you know each entry into the record Donald amendments on the Barre. A matter of fact I factory workers and temple mixed I would trade record for Old Dominion. Oldman and almost beat up by U. And that's why you're the University of Miami anyways. He is real money dimple on the night the jets at Detroit. The U rams at Oakland we will carry them both right here the ticket via Monday Night Football double header here in the taken by liberal base. My dual boxes heart yes that is so what's known your football yet UK UK and fluttering in week one enough to grow at three more weeks alleged lighter. Three more weeks while you talking trash now. This and so time. The front Robby and a magnificent to us seven because he went 43 and he got a couple. Did he got a double he did say that the analyze and rice is going to be cover Lou wasn't. But isn't it did I did say under seventy but it heavily. And a window and 01 over seventy and over says barely barely barely it don't matter that I could quite a game on TV also pissed. I look for every single channel and its title of the leaves legal hacks that could find it now you're biggest with this week was Alabama yeah Alabama taken it easy to gather that the ousted Canada not to an easy the rest of the season. But the rockers rule. I was cruising by certain court Ellsbury Culver. By the way. Would rather win at Toledo then lose at home avalanche and state. Your school's one have mr. chambers who's 69 years in Ohio. Most you know my awards are Scott and you guys. Too early to diversity as an outstanding and hide or. You're not no no wait wait wait you're not talking about the whole deal were like you pay a really bad school to come to your place. For like a win would never know is that what you just played Sanford and almost all okay that's fine. Act like you've won a national chair of your death is no Toledo oh you can't hear. Because I want five national championships. And well you have this Toledo pain Miami. And on spin and Omaha or to her she can't go to. What we're doing accessing the idea is Toledo came here and so the kings didn't have to pay them they agreed to go there and well so only about. I would gas and so those sighs don't notice you have facts we breasts got sounds above idea. That's in this way. I went to France to mark everybody talks about do you do you do you like QDU. We went how you and your so often you do and it's the disagreement was merely for five years idols are here. But it does just. I didn't say Michigan look any better from net aspect of it or anything like that you implied I mean I didn't. Fellows we don't you implied if you were ever told by coach that yet to get on the bus to go to Toledo you scoff at the bus to go to our mission is. What's conference game. About we need to discuss a huge issue judge Denny we don't know steps. This could bring down the organization of women's tennis over the case he jinxed it. Rookie a tight and Durham Smyth volunteered to us it's their Smith whatever. Spokesman at SM YTHE. Do you pronounce Smith might. John daddy is the glue of the organization. I just figure be the end of an era he candy eat this. What do you need a little go out like this on and this what this is what does the road where launched number 88. This reprint. You goes there. Because of recruiting. Should only. As a boy and there's a buzz that might that 2.2 detection pleased that realized the cost of yet to be back after this. Disney guy. Obviously I mean me. Yeah I don't need the song and lo and I can't get that might not quite legendary and so I guess about Texas hate this all what I guess we're gonna get a lot of good news big man legendary. Why this letter from. So I know. What you would it was a can't get played over four songs. There's a lightning delay in the canal budget for the song. Much the light immediately. This will be almost in the world aids once a year it doesn't like it delayed in indoor event indoor event. Yup yup we've been about a match outdoors did you do that we're going to Vegas yes crazy did you. A mole with like the skies singing and they can kind of make it look like it's raining. Hope that thing called. With the movement is always mine you know. I'd week talk about Steve it. Is attached to the scene of horror. Seasons with the reforms shops. Yeah you monitor our business sees its public forums to says he's. But I just don't. Anyway. So yesterday and the dolphins. From. And yet ten hill council on the Kenny stills. Some good plays by the defense. Quest will tackling on special teams. Fortunately it never touched. Again. Blah blah to keep grant you better and it's fast he is a. Judge do to gain grant has proven his worth gives it needs to do for the dolphins are on the play a minute of of give 101010 and Bob some advice here. I rang out north of the state right now if you go to those jaguars receivers and they are. That. I go get what I can get for the month at Parker I'm shipment that ass out of here. They didn't do this giant uptick what are you getting from that. He'll be a fourth Arabic for team that's desperate for receiver. We have a broken hand one yen is got a broken middle finger in his Atlanta it was up there with maintenance. But I don't think you can afford trumpet he tricked each rate appropriate and you have a roster spot opened an illegal pick up. Who wrote Greg Joseph for kick offs as his Jason Sanders not agree to kick offs on this and wait for you to carry to kicker Syria have a roster with with two kickers and four quarterbacks. Yes that's duke it. They'll put to the quarterbacks were an active yesterday. Instilled in him taking up space oxygen. It would not necessarily. We don't need to Washington State quarterback anymore because Mary play Tennessee you can human golden city used just for an Intel yes downloads yes it's licensed and we're good yeah well it's. We know we played like chemo my Wii play Houston twice a year for some reason we always play Hamlet two times in three weeks. It was real estate and neighbor in a run issue. Re so. A week before we play Tennessee or usage. Or two weeks we sign a bunch of DBs. Linebackers will go on IR linebackers would you don't just disappear but be around. Do we have all these DBs do we play them twice. Do we have all Americans that. 00. Well I mean look. I I just think for for the offense. You never saw the signs of what they want to do you saw a lot of the short passes you saw a lot of the record he's stuff they tried to do without Wilson. So look like I imagine this is probably pleased at how. Things were executed yesterday mean outside of that real one real bad interception from Bryant NL. Maven. Little bit of a push I tell you what way. Would they do. What I do see. They have on the speed ups I'm oh good album we'll soon. The two key ingredient. They do so many different things where Adam. My rookie much wrong with a guy I was actually the impressed by some of the play calling early on yes. You can't live with how they move the ball on the field here is out down for money avenues whose was it was shrine to this isn't working Zellweger evidently they were working in and now we. I would say if you look at. Some of his play calling now. Vs last year you can kinda given the benefit of the doubt by saying. The guys that he wanted it near. Do you guys idiot in their last year couldn't do things that he wanted to do to obviously get the benefit of doubt now you got to see how it kind of plays out of once teams start. Game play in in in stuff like. Then we'll see if they can continue to be creative I'll get those guys balls the ball inspect. Obviously there's so much weirdness with yesterday's game I would have liked to have seen like a street. Game of three hours. Love of that and pieces often the philosophy without being interrupted by two lightning delays and Electra yeah I don't put it that we God's sake we gotta take some of that into account I mean both he's dealing with it snowed I don't know I know I don't here's what I can stay. We practice and morning. Write it down about eleven. Right go we lunched. Taken at. Get back on if you like to dirty to death in your soul. I can't imagine. Corn and pregame. Write you eat pregame like 9 o'clock and more eat and the article. You go to pre game. You play a quarter in. Almost two quarters of football. And you have a two hour delay you gotta combat you have another delay. M for the most part the football didn't really get too sloppy actually picked up a little bit. So I mean corals that. I don't know spears out what do you do you're mentally tough game by the red tape that I write speed of sloppy overtime in Cleveland. Now. It's 2018 we saw ties. Detects. Them you don't know this is during. During yet. Right who's your game wasn't even tells who's from one of us I don't know who. Or forty you tuck my. Aunt or 43 or get attacked and somebody clean and another loser. Oh million lost in overtime. Against gonna. Well it was a notice at. All. Nobody. Even I saw that I sub roster had three in a seven that I have Simon and zero points in light that's the memory. I mean by the way public that the the did on ocean on this Todd Haley. Judy don't just Gordon restarted great suited to do none of you. I don't know what happened oh I don't even booed here's what until you. Oh great. Bet if my job. Pins go and win. This isn't college I need to read there we these profession. And I got best. Stated on sideline and I got to play this role fit a certain says that the right now. You go and and. You don't think that Todd Haley was like screwed I don't coach I'm put this package out their first. We did you have mark Knox or don't really seem to CI yeah. It was like you date. That but again I love again it's great. You're Cleveland Browns. A winning game no it doesn't really matter to you you're you're you're you're one game. In. A moment I am right. And you wanna start the new season all. We just Gordon on the bench who you don't your best we see I mean I guess football. In your pay to quit. I get it with the coach if you're if you're. If you're if I can just be punished. Initially it if if the coach says he wasn't suppose are even amid the case of he hasn't been involved with the offense. And the and in hue Jackson thinks he goes out that he thinks okay. We're gonna bring justice because I believe it went to the schemes and he has a pitch count. And it did wanna waste it right out of the gate would it he has limited number of plays. And he did wanna waste dump about anti that is like not believe that we're start with it right out the gay were Josh Gordon. Mean yeah I should just not that. He's literally just yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. You should be there. But I. Mean. Hey. Gotta do it's gotta go do what you gotta do and text comes in cooking greens you're paying. Tyreke you Meeks and slow. And down. At 101000. That was my wood from the doomed it at Kansas City was gonna need some time to your gallon though they were. Don't know what they're playing golf Obama homes. I am buying ads yeah. And as you count I thought rookie quarterback on the rodents concentration did you see that crowd. Crickets did you snow as a cricket crickets. To stadium. And what did LA soccer stadium wreck it was nothing but she stands so. Probably this talk of bigness I remember the other day. Understand when a state. A lie. A lot of people okay. Are a lot of coaches are now like you. They don't just put players in the let go let's see who we got right. Sheets. That is the red lit all not really SC was I was so ponder Brad is like 25000. Judges is not a thing now they're now what you. It back to you don't want the chargers. One of the ram you'll just want it to the right wing. If that bad. Big got rid of the ballot in the stadium noted there are a bit you know lived. In the ring in a replicated with the rain literally separates easily adjust and I don't you are growers. The fact that they let Alex Smith go yeah. Indy we're gonna play younger. Mint is awesome. I mean that I am in the foreground but I don't know Brit Brit they saw and he was re. I mean they don't see you think. That coaches think well we drafted him here we have to play. Coaches don't think like that code everything I have to win that damage to a coaches that's that's maybe that's that's fun for you to say that but my oldest on the date don't. Space. Illicit and do you think let's get. Most coaches when they draft a guy the Democrat be. Veteran quarterback to kind of hold the torch while letting and then they get fancy and two weeks to guys like. It ended Obama. Now that what animal what animal is rare these days no I don't know let me tell you win doesn't happen. We the first row orbit goes to good French. Okay by the way highlight of the weekend mister Biederman expression. Oh much good to Peter and guys. If you wait two worst thing. You bridge he might have a week. About. Children is never wrong. Because is realized that when would Josh I would get in their. Stretch. Stretch I had to wait. We in Kansas. Robby told Rabin told you months ago ravaged rapper but we trash bust your trash. Trash. Did you and by the way rogue on. We got that is flying and our taxes oh my god. It was it was it was high times around the house and the bugs that got an excuse collapse. Actually got cut he was a first round yeah. Look I'm not citi's offer show was balancing most the time. Most franchises. Say they wanna go slow and they never do. The only. About it don't worry there is no teen. I was into its NL opens we're gonna. So. She says is that for example. Is she. Pulled her towards him. How many people UT really want bigamy and play we do now in the showed. It yet to Rotella pled. I want you don't. Linspire was relayed to the week and what do you pick everybody should be a playoff form right now. I mean we've had months we've had months to to get ready for the stuff we'll go. Months. All the rules are set therefore you. It's not just putting up 48 points Washington shortly else. It is simply not there and guzzling it they can explain to me why the saints still can't stop anybody. Are they did last year and an open what does that. Now the question is. If Ryan Fitzpatrick fool some people on these three weeks as we know that this inevitable that he's gonna come back to earth let's say he doesn't for three weeks. Do the Bucs that start looking for real that they jazz went so. To move on from that. Now you can't you can't move over James Lewis and they should have a guy that you can go to actor. You'll Sydney same goals south. As she waited in who didn't know you look you don't. Notes. Note. If it's probably coming next weekend at bat in the speak is this note person dead talk about what kind of game. Yosemite Sam had. Ready when I'll say oh disclosure. That's not gonna have a very much of the cult of Pitt's manager. The magic. Curry's news. Bob spear quarterback controversies Savannah State. Opened up some eyes to some people get to that next hour. Over the drug case. On Monday every line. So the hurricanes won 77. And nothing misread it yeah maybe. Over Savannah State and the best part about it was hit decease of new quarterbacks. That was the best part even being positive view being meg not actually a true passion of the center of the best part of the home while there's a couple that's part of the postgame presser. But the best part was Mark Richt came in and said. Holy. Did I guess I guess also reviewed in the category of the best was in the determine which are now a school of critical although that would create. Ali it is like your song Ludacris. Does a light and blue evils. And did you Williams and all cain's. In all the wait. On their own soul if you exclude and I told the title back back well you can't tell what did you see that they found that that Akamai it's a 437 dollar backpack locked. I retain cost more now you just ahead of its pathos and they go to Vince Wilfork for loan for the train. Whoever whoever's. In whoever can over the about Pacman by. It might have been Taggart what this thing to secure the bag its exposure that Baghdad data you listen you got fired up. Notice I terminology you're watching ball all weekend via a new one being the one constant in all football it's. Defense of guys we defense because you. They bet the ball around so much. Do those guys you can't be you can't be walking on the sun low in the backpack on the democratic hands. It's it's. But as the dumbest thing and enforce it and I've seen. Our lives in a close it candidates it's cool but frankly now they're all embarrassed by it why like salmon caught. Like not even light couldn't I guess is as close to guarded you how did. Bring your house I mean who who that whatever eBay store they bought it from didn't have written Garnett to the guts and enclose. But the gains guitar which is cool and what's up to like. The Zion tightness can tell you this it is I don't know the exact costs this experience it is actually priority on the ball and chain pricing. More than the Wallace I don't know the Austrians over six figures. I don't know the cost I don't wanted I just know it's pricing will that do the original it's that is not to be discussed why. I've I'd be asked Manny Diaz he will not discuss it could probably sold and got a new free no no listen listen trust me that's an upgraded that's yeah that's valid. It paid a small difference and now what happened to. Happened I I don't know it's stood to default it's I don't know what it happens. I think that would give us a critical theory a theory is that it's locked away in a safe somewhere in the in the Schwartz senator. So is it to one day be displayed. It may be displayed someday. Earn it may be displayed or like a secret at this illness. It was laid out appreciated. The truck I hate about media people put it inside. To you right now you know. All seek to so do you feel you did. There isn't an as the worst part about some information. Are ready I've got some information you don't want it to. And we are roommates we just all and be loved back to the canes quarterback situation I know. You're on the Inco C bandwagon you did what he knows he's got a call. Anybody did your brother Jordan after the him yes I do it brought it to of that cut. Terrorist canes and reverend Julie so alone has got to replace seven cut from him he's amazing this dude is he looks like a pro. He looks amazing UGU should human person dominate mantra she should sound I was in which comes even person put some commission thinks this it about Paul. It's amazing things to say about the differences between a cozy Perry. And the leak first year. Policy and the policy goes he goes pretty aren't black and his eyes yes that's a good spiral that you aren't really it just hasn't always make a diving catch the ball. As remotely he normally is he's still he's a good passer but that's hard you have to adjust and sometimes you have to do is just a body in his own situations but. All the available to nibble on me. Pay. Brigade golf it would try to break camp where he. The nicest way to say. What cornerback is accurate in the wind isn't. By the way you can see upset there in the front row watching that I was. What you did not that he's like yeah it's definitely Ono and he sees all of us to look at easily yeah but you know I love balloon bed you know what. That's when you start up that's like star mobile commerce Robin we have to pay rent and talk about the are gonna set you up on a date. What does she look like she has a great person NASA so we asked what he'd basically just said by saying. I love it so it is just. A cement. You guys were all just yell at me on the text line because those town you almost fallen from a cozy parry. Because that was the most fun how to watch Americans offense and what is six games six XX games six games that really I mean does this have a new game gold and and and kid and he had an interception. And played well. He almost they seldom. Went. Never. Rated in note after he got bailed out as a minister dropping experience whom they so against him because he's thrown darts. Aegis sea and guess it's a little practice green gets his starting quarterback this legally enter yet gutless. Rick this uncle gutless. Talk about a man. So it meant do we hear what initial rate of here and act like the leverage is so offensive some but that's the danger to you know that's another thing. I'll hide these now to tell me his name is rose none and and and it's now. Personable it's huge jinx this video awards that you guys pronounce his name right. Don't easier if you want to change play better so double. It changed what are we waiting for here at all. Attorneys on the change and I can't believe this year should be very proud of himself. This guy rose he was told he was never gonna play for mark Brenner is correct she gave Mark Richt the middle finger. And he took things he did little finger and he told mark I went ten you know the number two. The runners over and so now it's time to look to the future. And the future is not a five wood deck. And arm. It is as a I don't get repeatedly of the playbook there's. Certainly it's yours. Would regardless. Run. All. Which by the way it's. It's like don't count out there and again that Thomas them off. I mean this the third place so soon yeah me. It doesn't regular three plays. On build a golden. It's. Cataloged and then you have totally carried his nose in Paris this. Also. I was look at those regions. Well. He bury it deep you can also come with no husband Perry did you that was no I don't like crazy goes on on militants using government. Slater crazy that's good record it. Really. What it is because them a quarter of football games. On the Venice they. Kick registries and I'd say and you you have the athletic background. Watch a lot of sports. And not to jump off the screen this guy he passes the iPad two conservatives. Does not always been watching since it was like I can see a guy and he was just doing drills. And that's a guy. Just jumps off the screen yet his old coach and step has determined he's not the best quarterback on the team yet but I don't I don't care about congratulate Jerry Williams also with a gun. Iowa's wants about it. I tell you old time courses are gutless because they like to go with what's. Rather than what could bring great glory. You really to go work Whipple ball game to none and I would think they like to go with what they think won't lose football games. Yes. Is. Tony and things of proved to throw out their forty timeout to content. Tried and true Iran Contra all the time one of the place. One. Oh you actually media we want you a bit Arian Foster. Starting in place of jail jolly. Wait at the time nobody was saying to energize you restart your front of Jed I was. When you're on the field and for that game yeah right and because he was asked that I don't pay commission alleged most of album. Again why. It. I'd throw this Tabasco Butler Cuba there's still some Tabasco Newton. What it wants by. You know what's amazing about this beast. I like this when his run boot. We talk about this like going through this like going to safari. When we go to break it's these sites a year. Oh look somebody is ready to climb the lions have. Oh they just taser him yet though to look at one don't ya know an actor when to observe. Wish there were really wish I wish one time. We could take the people who think they know football. And put it in an environment. To see how they would do you amid go to college where limber up all of you know. I would just gives it I want to know right now. What I will lead us as example. You what you gonna do did you get a squat down and put those two little cardboard lives Sylvia had to unity boxed in on that. Nick. Saban and go away and vote the worst quarterback when he had. The French Tilly was desperate international championship. And everybody. Has just picked I'm like. Oh. And somebody was better behind him. He wasn't the reason for that. It was the powerhouse and Alabama Little League web away when they needed an arm when they need somebody to really take him to the top. Somebody who's pretty act until they were absolutely desperate decades accurate they want to. There are several tax coming in that's in the new turn overture out of northern in this information I can't confirm nor deny. That the new turn over chain is roughly 98500. It looks an hour though that sounds about right. I can tell you this. If you go watch though when belief young puts the turnover chain on the defender and then wants to while Rodriguez long run down immediately with a box go grab an awesome. They don't want that thing growing around anywhere. Also did you see shoulder redrawn proposal signed. Notice that it's an don't be a fan later. Panel don't lose cell issue. Somebody should told a news in no way to act and we to observe. Helen. To headlines next.