9-10-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Monday, September 10th
Is it really a double win Monday if one of the wins was against Savannah State? The guys remember the brawl vs FIU. Leroy is flommoxed that Amber has unorthodox pinkies. Serena lost it on a chair umpire. Tobin still salty about Blake Bortles even after a win. Boxes get thown around. Hurricane coming to the east coast. DJ Khaled says Hassan Whiteside is focused. Tobin is worried about John Denney's streak. Leroy claims the hit on Lewan was a legal hit.

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So they're obviously it would yellow mug bad double victory Monday. Dolphins games both gave themselves some wins. Early constable victory garlic through one of the most practice. 77 points around the biggest margin of victory in school history that's only because every other team led up. Adam. Okay they scored the most points what do largest margin of victory both right how close they are to be in the best. Approached me about Michael's been to be in the best of all time yeah. What are close. But maybe maybe it's because competition. Papers ever record a record. These guys are moving to division to next year doesn't matter if you have a record you have a record. That. Mayweather. Broke his Rocky Marciano is record he beat guys never box of Bork but he has the record records a record that you know will look at what can he said it will Khamese. We could sit here don't you talk asterisk you want but he has the record fifteen I'll Rocky Marciano 49 and. Mean we get we could talk about who he fought to get to fifteen out of the cows come home but he's a rich man and he's fifteen now doesn't matter they be to. Doesn't matter he did. What's. We sour you ought to know. Some would consider Floyd Mayweather. One of the best fighters ever sure regardless of who we thought we don't feel that way about. Well he'd be a Savannah State. In boxing. Could get to the record. Who do. Tyrell spot kinda beat a Savannah stayed overnight he did a heated meeting even. That metal car it was my reverses and at a state I mean geez like. And then the guy who thought he was the best of the group. Do. I had tea I goes what's in these two bombs fight it on showtime as as we get the ball that should turn out audio pretty good scrap. Their problems. And tell us bond would would just wipe the floor with these guys. Has promoted got to get off his ass and start in the sky showtime serious if those guys could be or should I'm telling you elected these guys that lost on showtime this past week. If there on showtime these have you has not talk about Sean Porter vs Denny us in the main event. But the heavyweights who were on showtime there odds of that. On as long as he is outside joke no you're you were salty at the Texan. Just because I don't want I want him. Being. You know how to do conventions senators for the long run and then sail on him on the end you know. We got to do the slow climb a site and how men who looks ready let's immediately he looks raided a Coke well what's the what's the what's the deals and because the promotion is going to guess the promotions like that have a Miller knows politics and all that crap boxes full of corruption in politics and though isn't worried about who you get yourself. Because it does start out with these guys avenue invest in new. But you wonder how long they hang in the situations. To. Keep you down a little bit lower than he should be I would tell you. They hold on as long. As you're supposed to be. What are good boxers or you lose to a guy have to sides. Beckett as slow as though the court at the only thing that saved the guy. Was he was dubbed the big guy he lost to who is listed at 190. And he was a 165 pounds he will punch him square in the face. As hard as he possibly could and could knock him out. Always endlessly who looks like no time respond and these dues they have up there in. When did you knew and did some headlines do you do that. These XW eighty XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Plea deal. Come station. On Monday Night Football tonight so we'll start there we got two games you can hear both right here on the ticket where your home for football. And yet we are. National football only while local and we get a flight US troops get a flight. Paws up but McCain totally good weeks and yet or if we're gonna relive all the members of the brawl but blocked Thomas. Any I would I told what my guys until it with the demeanor doesn't against the erratic and bring the crutch it's between. Its. You wouldn't. Like either just where you boo. No you wouldn't get the joke. You know why did you don't know to Keynes think you wouldn't understand it doesn't let things that owns the owns a wider groans leader we. You'd be both I seventy is the jets at the the lions. Rudderless let alone the lions are seven point favorites I picked. Lines that bundle it did it was it's yeah it at 1020 we of the rams at Oakland. And liable games right here on the ticket in Miami Hurricanes have set game times next week's game against Toledo. Ol election in my area for you brawl. The brawn stand much better in the one of the field the way it was there's there's stuff going on we're at an erratic scratch is coming in right here. Oh. So you gotta talk and modes I'm sorry I'm in thrall of the video. Up hurricanes and two lead albeit new and a on the on the dose and Miami at F Miami in FIUF why you ask Miami will be at 330. And is he into her ESPN news or one of the networks but it will be on TV. The Rio. When urged the crowd to be missed approach to that and show the crutch. Mirrors and still they have a crutch to simulate an out defied. Below and let's see a do we what are we think of a Dez Bryant and his the scenery. This text with mr. DA showed he's still there are a tape has brought on the job I was art PD EU EU had himself lining up to the patriots. I don't know what I don't get it. Is he not playing because he thinks he's. More valuable bin. Teams stinky is I don't know because then he turned down a contract he said he had a concert from the browns are eternal the ravens to a raiders' 24 million bright. Prius was only exactly kids that's not enough for an. That's what that's sort of the mean is easy it is he not do and more like not doing everything he had that wondering year. And then he was Mbenga. The next couple years I would have got so much worse when tactical or for Romo well is simply because of the style of played at quarterback out of the style foods that are non Dallas terrible horrible. The ITF international tennis federation is defending their chair umpire over the whole Serena incident really. Old. She she went to. U meddling in team here in here's what it comes across its. Being used or lose. Put a lot of times that comes across that is being sore loser. Which is Haiti to boot any competitor. Right you I know she says this is what I defense arena. I do think that people recoil more of the idea of her. Getting emotional yes I say it at an umpire and they would feel that way like what we see a guy do that all day and old are you that. When we see like a baseball had to do that it was an apartment laughing at Tug of an alliance let's be let's face and telling them a nickname. Which one to the beach. Exactly like that same exact deal. Through my racquet the whole deal that's signed up in the anti union nickname you know the story you're doing the bulls dominated. Tennis players ever. Okay. In the school would only five white guys all the on the tennis team and of Demi apply. For all we had all white people Boston. Both Nelson and all people not filed papers and public necessity of these five black guys. Napoli to know that were planned no I know I know there on the lacrosse team. It played lacrosse. Tennis is road there are rumors as a but he sports were ever gonna play tennis right now these kinds of the Yankees. What's a little older and you've got crooked letter crooked letter to god. Did you just go. Oh you don't ever embers pinky is that are currently fiddler. Her pink use so she wouldn't climate crisis just look no accounting errors always dark dank science. They shouldn't Morocco. Really I mean don't you kind of need your pinky for Iraq I mean I know. Maybe. Part of the backing. Earlier grades youthful yet you feel good. Is flummoxed he she was born. With and he's. Amber. All Wilson and I don't believe could grip eight tennis racquet. Because of the nineties we have to ask Augustus and whatever his name is Augusta thing Colin yeah. Couldn't she wasn't. Of the tennis club because she was grabbed. I. It's. You it's hard to notice I notice and those she told us. But once you know you know you know that when you notice a mall until and it's kind of if she animal and a freeze that would notes and nobody understand this time that you views each and every day. You mean noticeably than that once silent pointed out until we buddhas. Some Jack OP. Buffy who got beat so bad I don't look at my sleep with Sox right right up there it is. If you get through all this handsome this and get down to mop beat for complete. Pretty good I. Like. Automated. Amber she's Smart. Beautiful. Got a stuff together. Look me keep it. Should the hook you should be regularly at the what do you she's ultimately it's. It's just I don't know that I don't know if that translates to holding a tennis racquet. I don't know if bulbs is just like apparently doesn't mean he may be may be. You fitted to her and she can hold the racket battered and everybody. And I got a slightly closed in patients know she's very she hides the pink blanket like the coincident listen listen wasn't me. Unit. You do in the morning shows that they're all tired there that come in its early in the answer and answers and has picked. That's not gonna go over. That's that's not. He's fine about it to a soccer boy you know take a picture. Now soccer boys petrified at this leg in lake you know anxiously brings to Napoli count of the dog and he can like take a picture NASA audible is I've been doing that for you. Man. What do you saw a warrant out there that are so sweet candy but to get this sucker boy is gonna end up being soccer is said. When he gets married he's not going to be sucker boy whatever his last name is is low in the year as boy soccer. Wow. Wilson. Does that you know anyway but it is I think Serena has a point in that we react to her yet firm. Political meltdowns. More so because she cleared by the way here's what she has to be more we discuss this comes on the tech as seen in this is and of course it does angry black on. Angry black woman that's fine that's fine you look you can feel that way because her. Display. Kind of if people want to go to thirty K. We here's what I'll say that I didn't like again athletes get man in it didn't bother. Here's what Bob. Only to never bother me Yuba. Go to beater. Close for now that your. I mean in. I know it's heated battle but if she could just step back. In just let her have her moment in not make it a bow her. I did because his get from his vocal rest of was Osaka and yet the rest of her life. When they say oh you won the US open isn't that the one where Serena lost his thing now. I feel like when you beat the all time great stories always going to be the gotten the V guy or lady who lost. Late. When tiger loses I think about that takes perks kept thanks ruin that for us. A written figure of Brooks company is random moment and comment tiger is almost back nobody. Okay. That would have been. A different scenario. But it wasn't about the tennis. Is what I'm saying you're only talking about golf if there was a situation. Data are. Outside of my gift tiger what do start yelling at a frame it in the days of the biggest stories still in the bigger story still tighter. Almost winning that it is Brooks winning. I think so okay bit but that's about play as well play we're tight as did it's not about what happened off the court I don't off. Yes I can get you there but even still the media's gonna cover with the media wants to cover so even if they'll his soccer gets the win. The story still gonna be more likely the headlines in your next day. Serena coming up short that it is a soccer winning is going to be Serena blows up. It's not a gonna be listeners are saying let Brett let's make let's just say Osaka beater but added as normal. That normal in it'll say it does the Reno got upset yes yes but that's so at the moment still taken and nobody. No it's taken it's taken because of the antics off the court if it happens all the support. You'll still talk about. Like for example. We talk more about do we talk more about. Doing the winning. Ormat right bloated. More about matter and blown the right so the conversation is all about what it is countries about that I don't care what. You all from the event. It's not even about tenants. Because you look if you Google isn't it if you talk to really get beat. You have to give the person credit that beat him at some point. Ebitda is is. Isn't the thing there just in media skewing the negative late. For example you remember when when did the at the Broncos beat the Panthers and the playoffs with a wants me Camden and Ken and have the real sour post press commons up or yet. And that blew up the headlines. All throughout. The the next few days and we're talking just equipment in the end if we're talking more about we're talking more about. I candidates I don't feel like he stole a mole OK but it raises you re not talk about a year we're not talking about that anymore. But if you talk about to two teams that played you'll say he isn't. Well isn't that I'm the one word camels are post you'll always mention. OK in one dish young ladies biggest twice. Beaten I'd. Winning the US open you'll always mention with that. Some that nets arena did and I wish that was aboard. How. I gets you I get you had to be about a sport. But also I I just should I do see where she's coming I see Jacob as she tried to fix it. She she'd try after. It was over there in the pocket she tried she does not flies he tried to bomb so. I don't know in aids is aids is a bad look even though she. Every right. To feel the way she did. She took away from a young lady that I mean it was like I do you might go for a to have some big moment. Would come back to get our into the the dolphins get back into the win over the titans are back up to this. I. That song is without them bunkers and not Superman. Yeah. Apparently it clearly define and I think if I advanced the entire. A jet was updates. No. If it's not fit it. They've won in really ugly fashion. Person lot of basic core bargain. Hillary won you won his. Command has quite actual did until I was five yards five yards it was incredible. His quads destroy the jags defense. Literally. This team is the is a championship. And the U Israel you know Bosnia about Jacksonville get a lot of zone. Salami myself expert for two minutes you're bothers me. This to me it is Green Bay in reverse. Or Indianapolis in reverse we get a quarterback. And then you think I can strip it down everywhere else and sell. Jacksonville they got the best defense in the league. And Tom Coughlin. Swagger music that wide receivers don't need it in improvement at quarterback don't need it. We'll get by we got the defense like. You're gonna this you're going to love this guy would would Minnesota did all Lynn. All in two weapons. At quarterback you've got the defense. You think it's a great from what they got last year to now with bill would diminish so yes. You don't think so. OK. Yes. Statistically he may be a better quarter. And you might call lightning in a bot. We just aren't stupid Dutch and that you got from the quarterback position last year. Is what you got better in the production got lash. And they did that that it's it's more trustworthy to go at him than it would have been. Beat yeah. Yeah. Would get about what you think you've got to go wit what you are more. I see. Which you think oh which you know for fact will do a better job yet. Late portals is not that oh why do you plan to add to Blake board rules. But to know the quarterback we'd every other team in every situation you say. Go to young guy. Because I. Oh. Does. Not because the quarterback that one out is put portals in fact. You've got re boxed. Like packaged and oh yeah. No you you want to factory if you want to. I feel about it out OK because. You want to coach. To. Beat the guy who he feels most your wit or with a guy. Will. No I don't don't start the case keynote. And terrible that would stay status quo instead they said. Ninety million dollars Kirk cousins. We need somebody who's not gonna blow this as we know the golden talent. I thought. Now all of a sudden the Redskins thought he saw there when I. And portals one to judge what do they do exactly what I hate which is given in two years. Thanks Blake eggs potatoes the engine jet engine although not really. I hate that. So only a favorite. Could this kind of looks like the ball fumble overdo it. With one click and it was a result of that or did you just got busted again no no toolbox is treated look. Tool boxes. Now the offense. Speaking of guys on wait wait but wait this past the B. Some type of Washington for not disrespect and Kirk cousins who are. A. It. What do you say news and of. Oh. It's the only team they came months that oh I build my franchise around Kirk cousins because Washington drafted him in eight field they could to stop building franchise. They see a window. And they say we need to upgrade what we got isn't good enough so they're gonna go buy the best upgrade money can buy. Is it leaked. No is it good enough. Yet what they had wasn't good enough with the stupid they would have been as good case to him the two years sixteen million I'd like. Let's not you know go all in let's just say let's see if he's good enough and that's for the jugular. Let's see government lets see here of Blake I would remember that. Exactly that's what's in these huge need fences and they treat it it's also get a Fred's record and reverse. Denver's like all we know Peyton and the broken neck regional without anybody. Didn't know you can't you need to go take some risks and rolled the dice a little bit. You get paid so you don't have the rule that I mean general Dyson for the people get paid this is like. Always bang and honest. The people who get paid are cowards. How words I want a guy who's gonna throw his illegal aliens on the table and say. This is the move that's gonna take us through that top. I didn't mean you would know made a move. The Buffalo Bills as a Tyrod Taylor was a good or not they treated him and honest opening to Biederman respect shall respect also. Right it would you pick. Angela is the route that they said the shot it was snowing. And it went and you know it's what happens to go on to another. Jamaica we're happy. Just got to astound too. Many people to it but at the end of they were brought to you becoming to be clean now picturesque he be playing right now IE because it did is part time. If you start young quarterback. Quality team does not able to support him you ruined. His career in new IE the new paint new car that as one example David Card an. David Russell Wilson. And Clinton they paid him millions of dollars. Will this now with the onions on the onions. In the game did win. Most then again most GM news would go the safer and go to guy they invest in that room that is not true minister that if the guys that good. Mike let him do not what I'm just because of how contract how how. Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe. In that situation played there is nothing that Tom Brady did. Okay. I would say he was very good Drew Bledsoe grabbed their first super great guest today wrote to the guy wants. There. You go guy who brought you. Don't play for Denver right now. Because he's cute and didn't win the all one G didn't win the whole they'd. Be. Boxed in. Boxer who. It. Won't win it. You have the long yeah and put yourself. In a box oh and you know from the inside and say no. Auctions to all of you block the box to be blocked. Blocked. Say about by the reasoning at all bacillus and Greg Cody trader Marino say say say you never warned technically on our own standards on. A hostile. Try and now do this is altered bottom. Yes. Fatigues you as a mile route yeah. Nobody does that role no. No no no that's not how sports works the night. To tell me how sports works here's what I. See you to go out there and Europe. Everybody has their role everybody who think that's fine that's fine. Points. What happens when she. Go to so no he pitches expected next time that the resulting editor at different you know it does that's the definition of insanity you sane. No on her second presidents of eight and literally there's a picture of you book. The problem. A problem with all these talk shows Talking Heads it everybody put your opinion on TTP. Test. Because so I intake outlook on what the front but it can't be tested because you were so worried and. Everybody loses wants to win yet. Oh who is a win change your wants to win it and want to just take all these chances yeah if you were there actual did you. Shouldn't play it safer to want to keep up and you what you get to keep it up at three years. And you'll fail under the Alice whether or not that's not no no not unless you allegedly Cincinnati. And you tell her if for some reason blowers and don't just to keep that did that jobs would no risk involved. Everybody else jobs on the line. Or else. On the table. Right noon yes. Did you respect the Miami Heat for their hustle when they let go to and weight not oh. No I didn't cause muscle they wanna beta or wait how stupid. She look for you. Guys pay attention. It's like it's like talking. To classroom. People not listening yet when he came to figure in a box he went through his peak and any went down and the heat they went through the hustle. He went down in the and so according to Miami Heat. Really so it worked out at me and they came and he still won't road playoff games for you I agreement he didn't go away. Heat and the opposite will not put in the onions on the table and advocate need to use all incidents just swing and four home runs in whatever you don't build a franchise organization like I did to. Because. He did they got Ron Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Yeah. Sure any time day. What we need to this board it's called B nation big. Or honorable. It's open spots. Because I just. The it's is dominated listen listen listen you can get your ducks and shove you been doing nothing but managed Abu lewd or did he have to let go to get the Big Three will big super started deciding what we can have just gone right would you think all the copper in the world. Really OK so straight. When you are doing away and you look around you get bounced in the first trillion per nobody here. Had nobody on us I could go where ever I want there's no risk involved of angering your franchise player. Then there's the view Dwyane Wade wanted to get anyone to get out of the first round so that's why he wanted to heat to get LeBron and response. To a but he left me because yeah but no other no other team is a free what. He was a free. Agent and the crane pose that just because no other no other TUQ trying to throw ninja stars Emmy. And just like he could go to Chicago until the bodies but there was no refer response there was only team all three of them could've played on the same team in favor. Everybody put a blanket in their box Nestle and take a nice nap for the next four minutes is the three yet. Three are seen as all boxed in. Grant this drive is awesome kick off return touchdown yesterday. Against the Tennessee Titans titans tied it up to give a rat's nest that lead right back. This fund has a lot of fuss about went down the dolphins game is in spite of all the minds. Normally dumb stuff that while the delay in mind numbing and some sent me this. And my number and you should mind dummy building this no word. Does a sour milk would sour. That's work don't we give me cooked well we keep this guy. Hey by the way did movies were what movies Cuomo of Crete but we agree. You ready for that led to Vegas. I mean. Yeah I mean but we'll go west yes means the news hurt. Here. Helen here same here and that would we're not because. Mean it's still going to be and a in hurricanes forward three everyday Qatar and and it cannot wait not turn into. The hole with. Other. He's going to be in it. It's gonna spreads worldwide yet it's all that. Soviet if there's a herky come as we can McCain to user calls because Toledo. Mode true Buddhist tradition. Can't fly pass I Diaz but he had a martyr seemed like Lil. I love the fact that that's how we started expressed of course I was dying laughing how restarts all the press conferences. Hurricane hole or it's a category four floor India to a major. Disney to want to get over three manager ray you know and yet they can it's her into major. A jobless stormed the Mena I'll let you know there's the catch the category went to get category threes a major her once this category three through five it's considered a major hurricane it's. One and two urged considered hurricanes. Well onto your your mind these for the summer because as a lot of questions about a sound why it's. And one guy's gonna back. For the Miami. The rest assured. DJ Kalamazoo lets you know so. At all good. Got to see my brother Weis out today. So wipes out a piece my and he put light. Ice quote case. Spoke. It is a side. Of the some of the reasons on. He grows wish you happy new year since you're an honorary member Larry. He's the one of two or teacher. To Hebrew he bros teacher you Iraq that are on our front. I do. Yeah Devlin would agree. With you. You think about this year's he grows a month affable expert is over for a. And you come. What I was amazed. I don't know. I don't know let's kitco. How we do you beast. This photo viewer might really built. The knew they would Adam of of some of clout. Yeah it's. Now I didn't know I'll go play into that. Position of why you got to become. Unlike any. Stay at the Hebrew is compared to gross Abrams mr. Miller yourself. I enough and awkward. Man this John that issue becomes an ad I'm going to be his injuries you angrier. You can be a wounds and why aren't too sure. He's he's no longer hours. To get to arms all the way between your legs enthralled as. Isn't what he's doing I just think that's very impressive the fact that he's collecting social security and still longs now into the Miami Dolphins mean nobody's been able to dethrone him home. Pretty impressed. Like. All the heat get. I think it's a shoulder. Synonymous with well they were very salty as say the titans they thought that there's a dirty hit on Taylor who lawn when under brands lit his ass up. On the other senator Rashad on about what I thought he played that out I mean I. Obviously hero of the game and used in costs but I'm just telling you late he didn't get hit blind sighted. He was look at Adam. And that is fast guy lifted and slanted down to the ground and if he was embarrassed. So that's why he with a concussion route. Everett a hit. Yesterday. Were you guys go I don't know this group here that's talking about yet well. We're that laid down debt and tell. Well yeah. Leave it to Fisher had. Here's the thing. Like that wasn't a crackberry because of all hadn't gotten to do that a blocked yet. So it was a legal blow. Yeah it. I went that was like and like he he does show. Well also was like a flash knockdown because you carry very chipper. Like he was prone to the ground all Madden himself and got knocked out there like oh well that is now and costs. Man until he now for a minute. We got some bogus. Assessed via audience. So yeah it. Will Bridget and that's up front shot he's got lifted. But the reason why it's not a problem because the ball's. Not passed and it's only a only if you cred back on somebody and plays already passed you. We get hit even right why isn't like because. Here we're that you really like to give media we like. For me to explain you what a concussion it's. She. Yeah government it is your brain. Juggling around and hit me in your head yet you don't have to be hidden him for that to happen. It's like whiplash. Fine. However. A man of his stature 300 plus pounds that it is definitely not do it. You're 18. I think it wants you. All it's gonna hurt. Dolls how did you I don't think that's a little liver and embarrassment concussion. Don't puzzles and to joke about concussions is there any. We live in so you can't bomb and I just got not to believe bottom lay here yes. I mean do we didn't look like he was like. A B. The U. We like it could if if you are if you want slot wrong and why it out wait veto of the moved. Yeah let's go into those things when you're in danger they tell you to play dead. To compare him by. A fellow. That what he saw of the coast was clear he popped the ball frog trying to fight people. Many politicians that get the hell out of there. Me titans fans are made magic 800 branches shop where a body bag we will wait. Here's the problem. Rate. I mean. He went immediately immediately. To concussion protocol like once it's not like Billy what is. That wait let me show. Well and penalties so it was too. Yeah apart taunting. Would you side of the quick to intercept it. Taunting if you get and if you Jong L one another and you're trying to goad someone into some action that's taunting. Targeted. An amateur he took. Grant Smith a missile starts the for the Miami Dolphins back out so you I did things that I actually thought. What happened. Did in that means I thought the linebacker would be a little slow reacting to read option. In self like that and he did give up to big run and he did give guess a little bit and run. They had those safeties around back from yet and no state vote. Say what you want about Ted defense they got three guys I know for a fact intact in Ned it is all this Patrick. McDonald. And were shot. Susan good this safeties intact. And so they're going to be a lot of scrimmage and you'll find a way to get a marlin game at same time I promise you because they need a defense keep. Everybody have a great rest your Monday we will talk to tomorrow.