9-11-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Tuesday, September 11th

Jets are going to the Super Bowl. Did Darnold earn the job or was it given? Greg Olsen broke his foot again which reminds the guys of the 7th floor crew. Leroy and Tobin accuse Beast of being afraid of Toledo. Are the Jets for real?


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at best Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Poor receivers back to throw his dog looks left has not looks over the middle. That's not a lot more experience out Robbie. And Dave's good that's good jets' touchdown. Then light bulb globe and Sam Arnold and the jets to extend their lead the bounce back the next six to start the game. Stafford again with a shotgun he takes the snap dropped back. No apparent good chip let's. Well the backfield and takes the handoff again runs like. Yeah. I have throw a 62. Yards to the house. We. Went to us. Don't like to finish and we get there will be booed him in a month. Of all really you know here's here's what's funny about that because you guys that are on the show yesterday tell you who don't play these young guys don't. Don't yeah no no no no don't ruled as they said that he said humidity and get reprimanded me. And higher shelf and to look you. I've been slow down to only goes to its head don't play young guy just to see. What's a Hoya if he actually wins the job does a different conversation. I don't we don't know and we got up. Listen listen and he with a lot of approximately. You about it constantly he got out he got out and out is. Yet he had a really tough competition they use the entire pre season the displayed Teddy Bridgewater and other teams to trade him in his late. Sure go safely go. Oshiomogho she really go for the gusto and I'll give ourselves a real feeling let. Down to a different situation given the that's your question wasn't given the job. May have. You think people. In this business or just given jobs and NATO have the ability to play used in the can I interject for 12 what the audience like to look at they could've got on the saved her. He got the job because they're like no what. I think we can get something out of this than Hillary. Earned a job let me interject once again if you're in the audience out there today is going to be a feisty show. I've already been yelled that we were there already got into an argument RD lost a point Tobin is in a rare mood that he's wearing glasses something happened there. I don't know of guide to good he just got a tanks now he's sort of throws phone today's going to be something special I don't know what's gonna happen today. To get this could be it today this can be last yeah. Well I know this I probably Sharma sentiment mixed martial arts because last rally at home. Assume the cast were to sit narrow channel what some ways monster machines share. You know of course it turns in the slot fighting because that's that's not you know that's what my world but he fights dirty now busy gaming the old I doubt the thumb. Override in my guy. I thought my contact was lots of demise so maybe I haven't found proof that it exists elsewhere. So let's bear contacts as I have to go to Vegas of course Saddam might call an ophthalmologist although it was heading into Kansas and got a solid pathetic loser. Trying to explain why any context in 24 hours right thankfully I found it. On but I think I've shown a little too much units right. Possible possible possible I don't know event this is fun it's all fun and games it's going to be fine until you get a call from school perhaps. Without Monica has always into the oval in the back of a head it's illegal but it's a total of six easy enough to billow. No he's he's he's he's at that point and in height where when he does the the old ram charge she is in direct. Lineup repeal Boyce. Who is tough food stamps left and right now a high risk headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio dot com station. The other big news in the NFL right now go to around at a machine after reporting that tight end Greg Olsen re fractured his right foot ankle against Dallas. He doesn't Greg Olsen does not want surgery once try to rehab this and come back as the years it seems like a basketball player with that bush is same foot. Was in Tokyo and foot why it's a problem when he's got a third leg. Which he named G ran. Third when. Yeah he should get well no delegates notes this is because LeRoy is not familiar with the seventh floor occurred so he doesn't get it if you whom. Old me you know. And team. It's ours to. WW estimate numbers would to an anti gay to do. Greg Olson thought that by going by G re you know would figure out who was like that was rap name T rank. Like an old gonna figure out it was Greg. Groups so Syria is in the best days in my life when that's on him out. The best the best is. The U part two. With out because Greg Olsen is a hot list men now yeah he's become the next Troy eight correct he's late June at. Charitable dollars up the yin Yang dolls from the playoffs yes as I've meeting go do my broadcast and banked right and now he's super but super dad right he's. You for some reason and somebody else's nursery like helping out a housewife and he's. Hold my wife had Greg Olsen in the house used to order wholesome stuff good. Greg Olsen and you ransom to be in this house. And now but didn't think it was just keep the third leg back in the day. And fully but the sport W bush to. Where they talked about the seventh floor crew. I dislike seem like a fun idea at the time I just I budget that a lot of room real time. The country went crazy over that you know it's my enemy guys and get drafted as high as they wanted to because of that it's grass beds dress in Banda had a seventh floor crew. All on me like. The problem is. We do see Rick and today we knew. Wouldn't be you get when you that you have been around long enough you hear an audio elements to clear the seven foot your. How your element lonely being being. I know you've been a year you have been tuned in the way you go in it and into where countless others is awesome for her own two homes while. Ocean zones forward Greg and be decent Hannity good Teague did what to do slow they would. As should have been ahead of meeting. Should put some portrait and let's be honest. Rodney King was just. Let's work this for the next month trying to bleed out the seventh floor Crusoe on. Somewhere I bet I've done it before. I mean. I can't think of a solid need to be edited more play on the radio pins at before group or during the break. Seamlessly connect tying him. Yeah admitted that Greg meanwhile the jets defense is they knew exactly staffer was doing a Matt Patricia locally defeated man last night wrote. We swing the court you possibility assistant this dispel it sex sets his guys up enough and the failure. You know it's amazing. Has it been well known besides Brady. Is there really is that the only successful coach from. It to a richer. You ballot you know Parcells came from Parcells. Now you can use this medical usage to victory yet that would be ourselves and besides Belichick has there been any problem. Okay Coughlin and him Belichick worry. Is that same home I mean it. If you wanna count college Kirk fronts but her friends are finally say good leaders. So Ayman Al groh would say it was Sabin a boat checked out there are tuning. Tell them right so different tree yards and no but I'm actually he got I said. Military has the same amount news. And so ourselves Siemens college Tony and integrated doesn't that doesn't come into tree that's not Harden didn't did you barely knew them all right college could ultimately that got a congress with the I got evidence in an epic. NFL. Failure. Also world are going NFL it's. Doesn't count college mark. O so it is going to be whilst it. The most famous bill watts is the biggest beer and a college Jimmie Johnson now. The audio and that a coaching and you hated. It launched. A two traps Dave Campo. Now. Al Golden. Not relevant Jesus Mark Richt. Just said that he's not ready you name and and cozy Perry the and number two quarterback he didn't really answer the question used probably week Al Golden quotas are going up and the stuff yes he said that. He says that. Him and Wheldon both played well and Feagles does remain the punter will question. Leg why are we would never enamored by a who's tobacco quarterback. Oh it is there was supposed to apply that means there is no closer to go to court if if I mean from what I understand of this situation. Is that. If rosy year ends up coming out to gain. He's gonna go to one or the other. Be it weather like I'd like to know as opposed to look like deedrick yeah in the long as you want. You wanna know who's next in line and so there. And get nick would you be upset you want in cozy pair needed no coast now hose speaker. Blight. What if they're even in the disaster go well. Icon. I mean I don't let that that's that's my whole point like the way he's played there. It's almost like. There I kinda eat it all. All I know is at least not sheriff's. Sheriff said the town. It's somebody who you get a feel like all right let's get Lisa sparse on the which shares came in he was looking around music real. Off man that Pitt game. Evidently don't Spencer Whipple did to forcible evidently Al blades juniors were named one of the captains this week which means for freshman from that to happen he's got some go on critical man. And I DDoS is his duty captain for Toledo. Probably the basket by and a Richard Lester producers is is that he's guard. And he's a guard because people. Go to Tibet easily and when he plays and how what a dozen having to do what county mean plenty of guys have been captains and haven't played and you think they Udonis Haslem whose son is going to captains as has changed because the real fond. This one giving us toll is its gains there and it. It is against the canes who does hasn't even in a weird spot blue commuter fierce and obviously but he's gonna be on these or be on the sidelines. The right to be going McCain's Toledo locally according to a college brownie elf and escorted her. Kind of like again honestly Wendell and garden gets more playing time which he deserves. And finally the dolphins are working out four cane for packer wide receiver or waters. What. Do you remember her Wallace. Herbal waters laced on. Now remember him. Six Republican had to sign it's Florida. Who could forget Lira. CU tendon just wanted and. And taken on the point on he's very strict and let taken. On that out of the record all I said before the show was. This money Toledo game could be something. And Aaron Murray spot wait wait I lit my respond with what. I was gonna say because I say lets out before you two guys scrum let's save this okay package it up. And put in the next segment has at a time. Body still there bees do it you. Did today I'm Toledo got an exciting dolphins jets match who get into after the jets showed outlast my men look for you estimates that rough start. That rough start. But. They got an excited call for the record. It looks like Udonis has blown his son. Is not on the Dutch covers only a freshman he pressured him last year south. He's really dead they only go up to debt two levels on Toledo's website so. I don't know if you play this week they dig a little Miami Iran. After the teams have blown amount that Ned would be sit and listen to this. I can't I can't I can't subscribe I didn't see it this theory that the fear. I smell against Toledo this fringe of the wire you. This interfere that you got right here at giants and Miami money who all is you call me a hater you could call creator. Mike Caldwell a non supporters much none confidence that you got. Well one. This Miami Toledo game could be a thing that was all I sit but I mean what is and to figure out. Out like it has now. Yeah backtracking and yet moved out and that's what this can't tell if you move walked in. Urges role they know to look like a moonwalk. And. But as one of the first people line at Sears from that that Michael Jackson jacket it all deflects. What were you trying to say I would say in the game can be more competitive than people think of Miami is going to win. Anthony's say that. You said you know you'd disgrace. No you College Hockey canes fan anymore OK you like no realistically stop stop stop stop that's ears and a game. Can we wait let's go back a thank you made yes I said it now grow weight go I said this canes Toledo thing. Dame dubious things and yeah got no. You took that to mean less than Miami but could lose to Toledo and actually skin that was going to be scared of Toledo I shouldn't go. I'm not scared Toledo. And you said you're the U if your play Toledo you shouldn't be scared of Toledo when I was a Michigan and we played in detail what Toledo we were never scared and I said that's like cocky canes fan. Are you can't say people don't like where hockey games and they go plummeted in recent public all wait Poland coming suggestions that you want plot. You make a point to say that right you make a point to point that out in any argument. Monthly news is that you have that much club and his throw that out there talking you did make a comet like yeah. About to lead those financial James has nothing to do with the game I. No you can't trust her get her on what you've got to try to assess the facts and you'll Texas sometime last week I don't know it was Saturday pay three nods a real possibility but it's not possible meaning it body struggling. They put a roadblock at Savannah State. His point is boy it's his plans among the group there was sound and once we saw this are bring in the young guns they saw and roll and okay. QE agreed to knock it in a 39 yes that's not a possible motives and argue somebody came in and now you can't agree. Know the marketing three and are the regulatory and I have somebody came in here it's a very broad political radar it was still a beautiful state. I. Yeah. I sit I sit by the 766. Operating Nazis think yes it is going to be had a losing record this must know the debate may be able to be used it may be able. Holy crap. You want people trust you would your Magnificent Seven that you give out every week or some sort of symbolic and coming out with gonna go six and six it's prejudge you got you we trust you when your daily ice and that's what you got your hot today are saying is this canes team plays really bad away from our proxy minutes are up by more games to play I don't lose all of them bush. Already that's gonna logic. The zone is now and you you you should be as a Schumer and everything oh please you you you don't like hockey teams carols and when this happened yard leader oranges and yeah. I assume that people like TK oh. No no no. Can't wait will begin using raid and there's going to help he needs a little bit of a so much you know let. What he's saying that you now hold just hold your head a little high here. For the royalty you think of yourself and if you think yourself is that it's already disgraceful that to go to Toledo. All good things can be a TV weren't a long way to wait to daily experts that way for. As long as you know me and my biggest problem. With the University of Miami. And you. And Spain is that you want me to treat too like royalty and you don't act like royalty by a goal and Arkansas State Bob. Goal and it took Lito. What the reasoning is you. Can't you take a major university. Has won five national championships. I don't care what the Serbs blocked joined travel in the Toledo I believe it's merely the CD the secret Coca Beckett doesn't turn and that's. And independents don't expect me. To hold you in higher regard. And you hold yourself by our schedules kind of thing you can look at me and and that but I'm only held accountable for what you said. You're sick it was is that Miami Toledo could be anything that schedule is a joke the favor. The experts. Have Miami only is it ten point favorite which means people are paid to know these things ticket's going to be closer to that little. Sprint all of our expert before the U what I. And schedule is a jewel I mean it might chess. Clinton. Edges that's really. Pelosi the last indicator and a scenario two years ago when it gets apple ought to stay there are only three point favorites and in the blowing amount on the road. Those stupid post opened Yahoo!'s from adolescence into life. Kilmeny into the right. Lake Nona and you don't get to do that I'm sorry you can't call your place in the rock when you seek 15100. That's not a thing insular and only just for a second out of conference the next 2 years Florida. Central Michigan. Guy that's decent they're going there is another plane at home and such as usual Michigan chippewas coming here my rock. And. Let's seemed to me I didn't know what the the attacks of paint plane almost early teens went toward what it's money we have to WAB and at Michigan State. Only only miss you sits on the road Poland yet the other two holes that's why he's a little warm as it's pretty well didn't they did. Don't tell them what you play where. You may be in a UVs and home well you can. Well programmed it. And what is leadership trying to negotiate a bit and have a even now searching for a 20/20 one we play Alabama is OK with it as a neutral site but to neutral site. Which will be neutral site in outlast as they comes here. In Michigan State comes here that's. Things what went into Texas a and M fine as they review twelve and it's now into what sorry it's temple but I think it's at the lake. They ought to be made your recent play a temple all times in the same conference and it's a big market. Philadelphia okay like I guided tour thing yet they're tired but they Detroit Toledo for recruiting purposes. It's had a contract like that. The other odds NASA that we're trying to say by the way going to temple in Philadelphia that is Regis good and I come corporate. Gives us. Market. Talk about you're you're already a disgrace to this because jury tweeting our company agreements for Notre Dame. I find disgraceful to listen and ordered it and radio news beast yeah knock it off. Do you not get it means that you can't rule while it looked like you need to buy didn't buy all of a two you didn't say it in Iraq. He is re tweeting our company. Radio agreements. That were carrying noted in his budget were we have a lot of radio stations as the company at least once that lets you know. You can listen and Notre Dame games. I'm regular dot com. You he does. Sure Miami too great acquisition went into Michigan running back. We definitely who collectively. Did not hate but no data did little island Saturday and I just integrate acquisition of the company hopes are all portfolios guy we eat our ridiculous right now. And. Debt if you ever need Anaconda ever between that. Talk but it's a great corporate acquisition it why is it really didn't portfolio. Sport sport and. The all sports. Portfolio. Right. Did great could this be the largest provider of sports. I. And actually I think the media about how we how's the open. Well. We want. I'm so can't take it from that and also you know. This is real. No day. He immediately I hate Notre Dame game do you. Ratio. Ratio and it was the Notre Dame on the radio never not ever met only hope for is it easy. Tweet that these which doesn't. At least it's not only to meet the system. You just ask two lane that's actually. Benefit us listen and a public company we need a stock to go up. And that means we need to have great acquisitions has the company regular sporting portfolio there's not one stock that you'll affect my every tweet. Listen Yemen. Not every tweets I am all in on the employee stock program. I need to make sure stock keeps going up Selma that your written stole Christmas retreat that a retreat that no. Do you make the and ultimately zero dark thirty a couple of days ago Biden lead a much past streets so mean opium and maybe a little taught him and maybe he can these. Now an uncle got a phone to. It was punitive remotely and in. I mean the last conversation yell hey do you raise a whole lot so far is a nice idea. Why should host all Irish radio using clearly care more than McCain's. The trains writes he got Lou Holtz rocketed a smile on the so. Sure he had me on him and I appreciate it. Suffered some it what do you. I you guys up there with how well we this is the most pristine coaching your color and your program's history uber tweeting the radio rights to. And now you're worried about Toledo. Actually lower about it. As the leader you thank god and you know introduced into royalties. We didn't fulfill that bet too walking in dollars that he would street. After the Keynes would that Notre Dame mass since it. Now that all changes and you really loves Notre Dame thirty for thirty. Hell you probably looked horrible happens misconduct or blood love mos burger. He must learn and love them. You try to do the radio dot com last night curled up in bed was in the Mossberg called raider raider games harking back to your beloved Irish. He's the voice of the radio outlets we can heartening. Oh that improper. Harkin UW is right yet if it was put. It was too and they're you know anytime we use what are those words were we don't have to think. It's like I'm from the population I'll tell you all mobile flied out there to meet dual tabulating in my library. There's someone out of the really loves me please put a pizza that fat leaps mouth. He doesn't do pizza we try to put some cheese with in his mouth the most annoying countless ways of golf on the radio is going to lose Lee has fired his. Providence folks you he fired here so he leans to kiss ass right. He doesn't have to do that one. Yeah to marry me I don't do you good for some strangers until we get the rights of the warriors Entercom do. I couldn't do enter your email here you go there isn't perfect now won the Texans are realize and acknowledge and understand how weekly yes. Every time the third hours brought up he says there's a meeting going on now or today or it's in discussion. Master. The answer that's not true. Since that is sure a lot of decisions. In terms of. Yet McCain's big bubble in the time we've been fighting for his third out. Raise the money. Actually the hard rock hotel. Are all the way. It couldn't let me at the start it right to first beginnings of and it's a third out yet also the Charlotte sponsors us. Slow built hotel paid by the way some budgets stay tuned in every senior pictures are repeat. No issue mad. She may have. To match I was texting well I feel something more fluff and of the story. She's like I heard you guys are talking bully well I actually talked him believe I tested amber yesterday to ask your she could work this weekend she got stuff going on on an ocean mile an hour whatever. Should know a mile and actually by the way. But people are Texan in tweeting me about something you guys said about my yankees. Method yeah Tobin was all over it mentally and that he should put Iraq. The motion. Yeah I actually said here's my exact words in Santa. It is up to me you you don't you and you do what you get to them and when you with. If I don't have an iPod you know it's. It. Is if you look across the window right now he probably is that's our. By the way getting a more of a better advantage of the pinky than that yeah she could handle them to spot you think so yeah it looked like. Look legacy wide enough empire in this market part of any Whitney is. Is that. Had spent a winter. Full well you know the next on the realization event you know that Ronald stairwell at Melbourne and yeah. Me glued literally to get. Review of foam novelties may have instead of yeah vintage beat them intriguing Carol. Eight and you what ocean and I was just pretty is that out pretty observed. And and I didn't. Never even. Cause it's about ancient relatives she's doesn't look like just buy this you have to workman's in the Winnick is you can't use gloves. We learned that how it. Yeah Edmund she's got to go critical. Close to the two yard line hit a. That road was suggested I can't lie Marcia let's take you all the defense with them pretty also. That's what he does that is what he does. But reds had to take about being laid. Turn overs Marcus Spears is the cousins their cousins right and he did the old jump grab into the end zone saw they'll deftly defined even though he should get a five. What are we to make about the jets in Detroit yesterday. Did you shouldn't be Super Bowl tenacity and reasonable to all of them on cogo then let's let's look. As pump the brakes. Let's not pump the brakes got to beat the jets more rat poison and keep giving it to was there for the taking. It may give its home. Probably always am. Broadway Sam is getting Broadway Sam yes there was there was once I think and ESPN cover or Chad Pennington or use Brad Broadway chat. Not everybody as a the next name what you intend Broadway was fifty years ago Times Square Sam. Slam at Sammy plaza is part goes every ball park of Sam I don't know amendment does that not everybody has to be named. It's weird it's weird that you bargained back. Back to Ria segment on that for everybody in her relax. Live to be in Detroit. It's pretty. Okay. I was really surprised that Stafford was that not being a big gain hit it to get a bag game like this guy. Those 5000 yards every. And relax a nagging and all of a sudden start throwing the ball like bully board rules. Okay he put. The jets jets are reported here's the amazing thing about the jets. No matter what year they play global. That team always seems to have pretty much the same had been ranked correct he wrote a four ball play defense and have they don't really have a gunslinger quarterback. Where they have a guy compass that may now yeah I don't like big guns okay. It up to do away any time that teams had success. Same kind of. And it wants Brady retires and he is committed to its division for ten years to come in Detroit that. You breath. Well last year before the ball to split the jets the Talbots were big road favorites the jets started the season terrible and it would double dobbs is a rule over the jets and it's actually be in the saved it happened the dolphins almost got shut out there's there's a mile and a new quarterbacks mound. I didn't adjust and now I didn't say digits or group. I'm just saying in like. You went there after one game well you gotta feed to wrap ways I'm not willing to go to air with Detroit they wanna tricky is gonna pivotal drew was less amendment seven. I'm I'm not willing to go to air we Detroit on the willing to go. Dear win. Umbrage at now the thing about Detroit it's you have to realize is that. Everybody in new division got a little bit better so bitches a bimbo. Being united seven wood same basic team or not you got Chicago had their defense. Yeah understood it but think about this. We came into this year with both the dolphins and jets being looked upon as the doormat of the league. Both teams started out the year being playoff teams wrecked so that has to give it a little bit more Jews never going into the weekend here's the other thing info. You don't wanna hear these these reasonable explanations I'd give you. Of all of the major sports. The biggest turnovers in football a sport where. Did not say read it up sevens and seven is not far from being seven. I understood but the late its value hey they open up the week and they beat the browns dolphins. That's that's not what that that's not what is and bird for the dolphins did it within it with a really tough situation longest game of all time on. Not not idea know play at all and an and then just. All of everybody you know you know we're also was pretty amazing. About the dolphins win. That the hardest thing to do. Winning games that won't. Is be poised keep maintain yeah concentration and you really have a lot of bowl had it been so. But now what we're used to seeing. No I felt like most about his early on make him I may be mr. right is remembering but I felt like the holes in the fall starts were early right and end and so. You got to give credit because. You put some and a better chance if you don't lead the league impurities. And struggle stopping the run as a bay company. There. For for me look at this the situation. If one of these teams you know whoever comes out of this week I think they're gonna rather look at emulate RA. Maybe maybe you would we really are buying into this idea that we're not bombs to everybody but these two these two team religion have. They they both I eloquence to nobody believed if I. I. Can recall. I called all the prognosticators. Who did OK you did OK but I can't sit now. Truth be told. Is it about the jets paid there's not been. That would lead me to believe that they were gonna be this. Let's. Let me ask you do. You more shocked by the jets. Or the angle. Now the jets have grown more shocking the jets woke Israel is good well you say it's a nemesis and. And ultimately comes every other year ya I edit the Bengals host and back to normalcy it seems like we've been whenever bombs. Right an emblem I mean how this the surrounding the red rifle Sony dim weapons at IKEA hockey screwed and they do. I'm just in the play offs. You know what's amazing. Is that he would. Like. Make more loans that you go. We learn. Mean I would think though that I would think the Cincinnati fans have the same relationship with dawn that the dolphin fans do terminal no I do know what absolutely no absolutely no leads it's on the brink of not quite sure if this guy is good enough but what should we really do. Okay well I ask you watched. Would you rather net. Wash. To wash from the watch is it yeah. It's a wash from. I tell you given that talent around. Give me AJ green and I'll go would beg. Well that's fair mean tails never had a talent that not and now now I will say this. Can debate the one thing that I've seen. All physically. Dead you really haven't seen. It is speed just overall offensive speed. And a lot of different position. Okay you never really had a red back like this they're supposed to do you want to learn. Well and he's a different. I mean would you consider these Mormon AJ green type progressed there a right doesn't aerobic. A day one has to be able to go public a Denny's really hit it. It is the lowest rating train wreck I'm teams. But they. Wit that's what did it do things that I mean stood out in the game is that while they got away from that. Road run play action and two. Offensively we just and I'll. Religiosity the thing besides a burners thing that they really could use to take their offense the next level which they haven't had in forever is if dissect. Comes into his own as a tight end you know. Well here that it was bad this weird try to go to him ray and it was a dork now he didn't hear that means they knew how to sort out. The demands on. Exec he. An image don't. Are back basically. The same guys on different sides of the okay unit soon and saying not really both wonderful tolerating the note they both. Run routes in the mood of three Agra OK if you can get away with it Whitney Amendola. OK you don't necessarily need. The psyche to do. What got sick he does is it gives you flexibility. Where you can run those same explosive plays either side from know from a broaden. Offensive set. So you put that tight in on in the line of scrimmage that's no different and bid three wide in heaven OM and don't split out. It if you can do it like that you might be matched up. Get to a linebacker Bart in my stead of safety are migrants yet I'm as true for us it's like in yet ignorant. Tightens up that line of scrimmage he goes to block in the city goes out to run around. The tackle. It's cultural knows it is. Pretty. Normal people. And would like no help in ending damage you know Helton would like. Do you personally your foot up. And never heard of that. Us on on TV and poem. That's totally blocked. Your jet lands next.