9-11-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Tuesday, September 11th

Leroy found out Fireman Ed is back. Tobin says people try to make polar bears cute when they are not. Leroy says it doesn't matter who the Canes backup QB is. Udonis Haslem has message for Heat Nation.  More pickup games at the AAA. Tobin questions why Luol Deng would return to Tom Thibodeau. Coach Speak Tuesday. Mark Richt says the new Turnover Chain was very detailed. The guys rip the tv network that cutoff the Dolphins game. Tobin and Leroy are getting ready for their trip to Vegas. 


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I I. A if I keep an instrumental. Here from. Welcome back everybody it's out there and v.s because of the a little barrel on their crime here on that she'll whilst. We'll see grizzly bear. Via. Pull their way. They share and add some New Hampshire and a bogey on me man I don't know if I'd trust a boulder. While. Ads is says that not on the ice right now it's a vicious selling dope and voters killed their only spores are quite the order I don't know men. You know they try to make people have been looked so cute and sweet when that in the Coca-Cola commercial you know like acute. Apple does not he's an even shape you. That's signed him. It's insanity. It. This is sure. And I ended. What do you wake. Teacher who actually been back like three years what happened was he retired as gimmick you still going to games and then. I don't know who took over as GM I think was torn your team in the environment came back. And still Obama. I. I don't know who sit well man was Leo well some sort. But it they are one bear who looks like yogi. What it does no way that has been a polyp ratified. Yo-Yo Kodiak. Grizzly man or do you go polar bear an all time verify. And I have my prep it's a stay at this far away from as I could. Is that I've seen way we we so wanted to Leo that I grizzly bear at all Leo DiCaprio. The polar bear I mean you're an ice territory. So you presumably already Cole is screwed. You screw there's no even if you were to lay down and played dead surviving said bear attack. Is very likely to come and that out of that. Now. And you've got a subtle things you see me smooth it's. Knowles and those wounds 2000 mere luck this is new so Amazon send you pictures of him than delivering her items that's kind of cool about that. Is that when you actually get it from a legitimate buyer and not from Albania correct. What is your by the team rogers' fourth three cents. They was like six dollars showed he. Basically caused them plus six dollars and what he actually had to they want to do what was the headlines. These Stella UK XY AM South Miami at WS advanced at MB HD to Miramar plea deal. Com station. Buys so we had a double one that football yesterday's of football news of the top of our brain and Greg Olsen. Fractured his foot yet again same foot going to be out for awhile but he doesn't want surgery. So you'll try to rehab and come back later in the season. Big Ben not previous injury and you're assuming you have injury like that in this returning put himself in or screw I do not. I was just. Whitman who's the the Ben Roethlisberger. Oh not at practice with elbow shouldn't and other bumps and bruises although we're pretty sure he's going to try to play this Aaron. The total cigarette not total by Aaron Rodgers did talk about bumps and bruises. We don't know the Dodgers no update on Aaron Rogers real little to do is he's at the end of the game that he was playing and ma'am and reports say well let's not. Not known yet and so I used up my game high there's an all planned on playing and to Slade a team a great ago. Like on Monday don't hold on what you have a goal Sunday night. Oh Monday once reality kicks in. We'll never say what is Andrea action was under your nose and go at it let's say it's in me walk on the scene. Stuff can they give him to make him go well. People think when you get the shots. On Lipitor at all. What do things you have to understand about that is it has to be a very localized area. So you don't get a shot for liking him stringer sound right whether it's good kids they joy so my dad you give your. Some didn't know a bit in some and anti inflammatory. In his balls work. Or so light. Right. He the ESPN. Writers that covers the Green Bay Packers has an article out today that says. Knee will not limit what Aaron Rodgers does best throw it quickly. Well welcome back. Okay doesn't isn't what era does does the second best being mobile Zach being able to throw in the tour his body and still door accurate pass. I think he needs a little stabilize agency let I had at him I get a first or it's and Donald threw us I used China had Aaron Rodgers moved. Didn't work so well paint it just content. Fluttered up. I might I misspoke at the 1 o'clock headlines because they said the dolphins but it worked out her waters he was receiver Miami. But he switched to quarterback when he got to greenback in the week. So he's he's he is and sales heed the sand shields correct which is amazing how you have a guy. Who wins and made a horrible. Cracked and you couldn't find a position for correct. I mean that was often the case under previous coaches his own what's her name still playing. Deepens have been. They did use a more room which gigolo to do yet recently as you and your regulars in a starter right. Do announced Vizio via the U likely Alston. Often on the practice he wants never yet. You've got integrated the great John Denney LeRoy we have a base. Don't know they're off today it's Tuesday. Says and probably they will get an update on the grid John Denney and tell as a relates to other college game Mark Richt. Not saying who is back and quarterback is going to be this week doesn't matter. Won't be he wants it whether it's three Nicholas in Perry or cable doesn't matter said both of them played well doesn't matter Lorenzo and guards who gets in time. Mrs. Obama played well I know that he's doing a sobbed as he wants to go with the guy and you know nice bounce back performance against Savannah statement. And warmer recruited Obi is quarterback class really don't think he's Jones and a little just say. Went bust out one of the new guy OK okay himself running game let's say okay listen let's. Plus out to new guy. I imagine how he feels. We and he has no competence and the other two guys that he has the play big guy he told would never play quarterback does it yet but here's the thing. Does he does he not have confidence in them. Or is he colleges give them illegal out of boy solid. Like no and I think he does that. President Xanana. Benefit of the doubt on depend on number two in the nation don't wanna rock the boat yeah you got a lot last year have do addition. Experience of winning. On there from. People does it crazies. Xperia X woody hey hey you do it was he beat up issue first and then forever. All right he was used clutches it gets when it came down and rest him. But what it wasn't 10 economic crunch time and a lot of games but this he came through. Here here's what I what state. They're based on what we urge you did last year. It would have been very easy. To change quarterbacks wall very easy. Daring you share. Without insurance that was really an uneasy about this year's. I don't agree. Remember when it went into a time when that number twelve and actually knew what I don't think yeah yeah. The yeah how did you think. The Nazis. And a lot of goodwill on the bank if if you listen listen man the massive question. Does that throws up there for either of you answer yes let's say in a cozy Perry has the most amazing off season by far looked. Better as the as the quarterback do you not think Mark Richt would make the move yes I think he would. Was good in the offseason I think he would of course he would. Anything he would have it now his job is to win. Why do you lose that debt back because I think as the court we see this trip and he wants to go he wants to dance the one that brought them. So he goes to jail when her race whoever wants to do would win you're a good coach Alabama. And you have since a fifteen. When your team. But a dominant quarterback nonsense. Quarterback but what but apparently had one riding the pine what do you go with status quo. Most coaches don't like to rock the boat. Most coaches don't like to go the safe route the it to go to got to think has more experience that has deeper knowledge not essar the guy with mortality you do understand. Yet if they change quarterbacks debt god wouldn't that Ruben. Debt limber up your respect. Feel an element. You're patriots fan yes correct. Though Belichick goes keep the more talented guy. War to secure the guy who knows the system better and he trusts more he keeps guns does value. Usually goes that the guy box. Doesn't it doesn't go that's not it's not an over the limit let me know is that if he does. This is how he opera. Right there's only two things you have to prove to. Did you know what you're doing. In you can give maximum effort all the other stuff how much money you make a much whatever all he cares about is when. Perfect example. Okay he went into Brady's words whose second year yeah. Going into the second year you had Drew Bledsoe. There was nobody in patriots can't same can't wait. Until this Tom Brady gets is opportune chance. To get rid of the champ. Get out of here it when Drew Brees Drew Bledsoe was healthy. He did his job back here is that they warn. Well but no yellow elite but Drew Bledsoe was traded in the off season or was that the year before. Not everyone assumed happening what has no role he was treated and April when he got hurt did a year yes I know Brady came in at. Had to come in and then Bledsoe came after the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh and then Brady Quinn's who rule. Okay men you know hardiness or post though. Like you got a professional. Quarterback. You got a guy who's played six games to get rid of the quarterback and say we're gonna go what did a good some round draft pick. The basic game in that Brady. Let's scenario you're the only got a seat Tom bridge because let's look errors relate it to choose between healthy Brady got hurt. In came back he left Brady didn't is that Alex Smith and copper and zero to go. Coaches don't like to rock the coaches don't like to lose or talk about. I can't get the headlines on a Sony positive for those people out there this comes from the Twitter feed of Udonis Haslem. Sing it to make that. Come and quote. It could probably obsessed with this success. Three exclamation. Love. Too much Miami Heat Brothers. Spoken AS I got. Let's get it. Three X mission Elliott's movie dough all leak would make it on on currently living and it wouldn't notice some oversight over south. So why don't interrupt Udonis Haslem. Tweaked. What do you do just be quiet for segment due to start. Yeah did you touch the Udonis yeah this you wanted to stop. No comments. Read. Has that little. Sports are open from the top in slow you yes it does hasn't and I quote. Uncontrollable. Obsessed with success. Three actually supports. But ivory rains. Stop in the rough and Udonis Haslem we eat the starting Udonis Haslem and I quote. Uncontrollably obsessed with success three exclamation points. At two but Miami Heat Brothers. Spoke AS. Come on let's get a three X nation let's get it looked at. You ready for one held a ride heat nation. Relation points check mark the hundred EOG. Hash tag OG. Hash tag people life her price tag well I can't I show you I'd end up. Hash tag sixteen years and grant or not. Why X handles. Yes. Well love. Love so I would love it. And it ties and if you're a heat fan that doesn't want Udonis has them on the roster if you don't understand Udonis Haslem brings to the table. On this Ross in that locker room. You're crazy. You're crazy you that no disrespect if you Italians Rossi rather have John I'll stokes. Over Udonis Haslem. It is yet another thing common Hoosier crazy. There's no need for our right Udonis Haslem is here to show these players. Is the way. You don't needs culture the young bucks commanders in a year. Doug Robinson. He means that he culture who's gonna be the example if not Udonis Haslem to teach young dumped. The way to shoot to three. How the way all legal to add masters by hardest working team in the NBA LeRoy. If you don't have he does hasn't has dunking you know. You mean. Was assumes some balls. Now he's him on the roster. You see that stroke you don't instruments and opens she's a good service and we do have we gotten beat him bomb a dead kids wears a another pick up game at the American Airlines Arena yesterday I know this is new or this is just really good footage. Let me tell you something and this. Sees. On Twitter. There again now awfully choppy someone is Nvidia let factional watches a video. Nebulous into our show and has reason why we want faster than an hour. Last week we brought you the news. To the Pitt big game going on. Between. Some heat players like Ken Jordan. Like Tyler Johnson. Kelly a clinic. Ball. With carrier ring. James Harden is that god. Kevin the right. Now. Phased out of right now however however however. Just think of all the basketball courts they can go play and they decided. Wanna be on the hallowed ground. Of the American Airlines Arena it's the opposite side that we don't see Pat Riley and he goes currently we did to us to get that we saw we saw the shadow that seemed like it was in the Ellsberg and riles. Possibly arousal when I was a little more conclusive. But I mean to come. What sort fox is to be just children and American Airlines Arena what's fewer than playing on. Wearable art. The same voice. Boys. Anonymous is someone that we've gone that will easy LeRoy I use when you do nonsense like that's your friends make eye contact. Well and lazy. In any easy. But visiting a stop no whale in the in the desert where we're going we're on the desert. We're going to humidity is always right in Miami it is not to desert it is always misty we are always smallish hopefully will be a 115. Greece this one votes next American Airlines Arena but a day. Which is a large body of water. The only and I loads once in a lawyer's letter to learn north in all of you about a large but it's it's it's fairly large. On news on don't lose big enough for a whale. All of this is coming from the tour and the answer an account of her of rolling yet only coach he he was the system with Phoenix I don't know what he's doing now. But or Taylor he's doing Creighton. I he recently gotten what. Not only is on the roster but he's not know what he's doing and what would leave your middlemen are just there like you don't you know his body and up close to each other and Lou Lou Kevin Durant over here but on on the side. Joy all I saw that. On Larry yeah they're getting close you know Kim Jordan he feared no men on the perimeter this past year defense stepped curry. James Harden LeBron James jumps up the ship them. Or you're with Rasheed Wallace. In this this disguised bill now we're playing. Most athletic guy and the team. Bill Purcell special who else is doing. Let it show pony showcase himself he's out there try and where he's at the Kentucky Derby. You want a lot because he was to conduct. And now and and yeah fine. And speaking of roses suit terrorists America also might be played Uga don't know who met William. Who is you dear as you well I don't know what you just said but it didn't sound Kosher. Let me ask you something. What hell is wrong with Tom Thibodeau. I mean. Recruit and everybody. From the Tony and away where Chicago holes was a human humans and Akron what. Yeah yeah. It's a no I said their resist their gross. And that brought me in the Tony eleven Chicago Bulls which now brings the timber bulls which is everybody dubbing them this time Tinto. He's recruiting everybody from the Tony eleven band were four minutes late for bridge and this is what you wanna discuss it don't care the semi. I can't believe he went and got the World Bank who gave up three years ago after Sunday. That 72 million dollar contract. By the way wall a great on the love to parrot but the biggest free agent acquisition of franchise history. Putts it'll ruin your card reader. Let's bring your ass into the ground. And now on your last legs Jodi Gillette and destroy you. Why don't you ego and want to finish the job I'm guessing log and didn't have too many options I. What are your options you have two million dollar you know. I mean we've made a big deal about tubes the players like. Do they really I mean more than just go to and gives those are the glory days. Well we almost beat the heat by almost a mean you won one game and got a gentleman sweep. Out the playoffs. And it really further. Through December 2. It's just that's just. Ten in the Disco three elevenths sublime with Rome. A reunion of the Jackson his Jackson's Sheila. The red W vessel how about for the spots by rip it energy fuel. Goya foods and boats on rum please turn responsibly. And Nova Southeastern University. Gave tickets and more info to take my me dot com. So lot of coaches. Hit the podiums after their wins and losses from this we get. It goes a coach speak Tuesday boys. And the first visit I want take two is Mike Vrabel. Or patriot is loves him. Great although he had a student at Ohio State settlement. Well what does. He. Now we go to our incident yet but I mean yeah I mean you're an actor mountain. To politicize China went. Does he counts partisan Belichick coaching tree is on regular coach Belichick he played under him. Records and now guys now I don't know how well he has got knocked down he used a bill O'Brien right. Who's under the code to do to your politics in Dick. OJ doing now no no he coached with the Texans right. Is users but there is unlike the second shrub he's yet he's like yes he is exactly. So he's on the sand Agassi has got about a military true we don't know B sucks and I or is there admire treat our it was a loop fickle that he was on the fickle. Means. Or Roma well anyway. You guys know this was the the big controversial if you will play in the week when. Andre branch and Linda Taylor along as a star left tackle and he played started yeah I definitely that he him about. And Jewish body bag body bag and so yes today. Vrabel was asked you know got jazzed with the film news asked about this hit and what he thought well. Yeah now. You know Taylor's. You know he's he's resting you know he's obviously in a protocol. So. All be. And respectful of that process and so that's the first thing I'd like to. What's the second thing I'd like to tell is that this game it's it it's a vicious game. It's played by different types of people right than not that normal people. There. Professional football players and two I think it was dirty. Probably not do I think it was. Targeted at Taylor. I would say actually. So there's that bond. You know will. You know we get another chance at it you know we'll have to you know I that's that's the dolphins you know we got to worry about the titans and we are worried about Texans. Like to what I like to claim his dog I mean you know that the dolphins issue may look what I what I do or do I do I wish would you be did put a Dougherty a bounty on him I mean no one that is not that. Wanted to first. Means that I told you notes. When reasons why didn't talk trash. Is because I cannot initiate contact. But. I will tell you to this. I mean gitmo has kicked. Forward couple quarters. In the run a pass play somebody running down the field. How might I may or may not going would. You do get them well I mean I'm not just go turn his good buddy good. If there was a divisional opponent would you put money in the bank in remember. I got him on the bones and whether type in the and the cement that don't make the play both mentally the playoffs and lea area we'd be here. Couple years from now and it's going to be like ball no time in the bounty on under pressure and he's great golf and to families moments. Kind of try to. Most big chef baseball grudges there's no real it. Okay lose you don't know feeling you start. Yes skirmish. Right yeah I noticed. Is titled why did he give still real might. We're two guys start trying to yank the face mask off of the home. Yemen. We'll continue coach speak Tuesday with Adam gates. Very very gravelly. By the way after week one and he was asked about the the fight. And and some of the misplayed by Miami. I mean I'm never gonna Biarritz number you know. We just need to. Clean up a few things and it's a real pre snap penalties in the but all three phases which we can actually control. And to fight that you strides you know etc. there are guys celebrate with the guys intercepted ball and so do what happened there in wool dresses. We'll handle certain point changes we have to. And then. It is better handle on the human human arable and how. Is he admired right out of yeah of course. It sounds like that at home. Do they tell her you know we you know you're you're you're kind of fixed it's good. Most common feeling low mute today. I don't wanna put too much pressure owing you like to handle this internally. But if we can't do it internally some changes will be out in the end of the holy city Lewis has to be me. On the genetics. This not up to par. Should ask him. Like you're your curving up Adam yeah. Actually murdered it was late at night I am Wednesday. Yeah weird when he always. We put it bluntly that was even when you not a I only once it was that's not doing this look no look pass which you you have done to ensure. Finally it's not a coach speak Tuesday if we don't hear from a well gentlemen. Mark Richt of course had to give his explanation and is a reaction to the new turn over chains. I didn't see. How he's got his purse. Like. This is another bold statement I was. Are out closely everybody got us TV I don't know grow achievement. There's always issues that. Over the lower to detail his personal details that are on there. It's obviously coach this is its mortgages. You know got us out of a mole I mean it was you meticulously made it very you. I'm so confused by that for small itty bitty not fully claims seeing it. Then go into full detail of how it's more than autos and the guys yes I did sign it it's he actually all portrayal. It's the it's more than a fan than me in solely ball why it's ridiculous. That I'm not ship all email. Did last season. Bull horn is seen anyway. Remark to pin to figure the chain. He began to realize. The bass was Sandler. The best as oh I don't think we captured I'm not a goddamn video but are we in at the sound so he walks up to the podium. And to his I'll write is a TV up in the corner. That shows the presser. On the TV it's actually went to press box but he is so good that he's always right next to feed himself right and he looks so hours. I'm on TV. And videos. So first and analysis. Thank don't exact law or not commandos. Who has yet that's what we said. TX. That goes. Or. Don't. I shudder I said the video ended Tobin as soon as those darn exit this is really they just. He brought to the shoulders back in just. Grabs the podium his really leans into it. Homeland. You know I simply because you. Probably never make eye contact with their lives and and the blues oppressors and us of why we are just waiting portrait. Here's why can never do. Did you understand. How I look at the when you were laughed when Bo was give us via via the hole and give a speech is do you consider it. Hate. In case you're wondering. We won't Wear the white yesterday as you head he's seven interceptions import completions. Right and we were the guys who like. And he's eight in Houston Atlanta. Who used to worse I spent so it left in that environment you wouldn't make you would be electric and like I can't play. Mayor because here here's what IQ of regret. Yet again and in this same guy in a month for dinner here. Here's what is the bugs me about the same guys. We're critiquing me. About. A job that I'm doing yet and may never play. Also the same people ask in the dumbest questions which dead visual profession to ask go wins to the price he. Who do though. Curious to get around ages like it makes it makes no sense like he was also denial of hearing of the terra what is this turn over chain. And they just like. Of course because he's a man of detail he's like. Yeah see now. It's down into the hands that are. I didn't see. How he got his first. I hit. It's terrible statement that was. Are out closely everybody got to see TV and I don't know girl achievement. It's something else. Although they belong to detail because there's some details that are on there would slow it down to the feather. And it's obviously coach this is is mortgages. You know got us out of a mole I mean it was it was meticulously made it very you. Marker but by the way did you catch the shot. Where reality I don't know you know we were on TV is that a shot that you know. Who earn. You poisonous snake said the school this obvious is this report on the biggest yet for some reason or another blow out and shot at. Mused out and dealers are there. Due to well. I think. I think a lot of evidence that the conference there's always been a perception. That the ACC sometimes. If given their choice. Would cupcake get out there and I didn't have a contract that they are completely at CS one game on this is easy nauert is not a thing right it makes. That's that's what this was this was an ACC network game which ended up being on ESP and the coach terrible terrible. Terrible. Better feel a pirate sites and there was a span. Back government to stop. I. No books this merger is unbelievable this is this will be one of seven million pounds with the June gloom and go what list. The last couple of U the thought. Hasan must do this publicity. Whistle when you were just say it's very clear attempt yet. Unbelievable. Early you know it's true. That's an obvious. Was. Terrific since success as of fourth. Let's that a lightning delay there and McCain's game could finally see that worked on my Comcast mobile apps like call them and ask them that it's out of my cable package. To do to Comcast tells me he's never heard of it. Had asked his supervisor even if it existed. I finally gave up and how he. Bank. Worked so frustrated I would tell you right now. If you have like I have DirecTV. Well if the dolphins run of rain delay. We'd think that means for me. And then it. Because that crap doesn't work when it's heavy rain or lightning or whether just gets inclement at any point in time. They're big. Ticket. Price that would allow you to be able to use it in the rain. Well the cement them I find pressuring in the ring and with all the delays of the went down was. Oh all the torture yourself who went through during that the last two minutes a map. No no the idea that at the end of it then. They decide all right enough this let's go to the studio show. I didn't know how log this long news channels. Can that can I please. Just hang in there a little bit more just to see the end Kenyan trade was spitting off Rolando has led to a fall off on the end that run or at least what doesn't. I don't know but for some reason he decided. Now the appropriate time to acts this way were able. Why. You watched every play and again. Public and yet out every play simple ingredients could seek some except the end Dallas all of it came back. I mean it's not like o's it was like it was posing for more football I got to see so much football because the dolphins game. So I was oh great I get to watch the rest of the jags game even though that was torture and itself. Com. Yeah it's crazy the worst though that offender in Palm Beach there ABC affiliate when McCain team goes down. And if there's a whisper of wind. We're digging a bridge here. And that was it. And so I immediately on my Twitter storm adding these people bulletin and they're like. Yeah we know everybody cares about football than people need to know the weather's McGee do they have flown to that the phone because he's he's on the if there's a game on currently nobody is where I can look Gertrude is she's not rushing to a television to get your full coverage all. The little rainstorm that's going on. I just get off we don't need you to break it with the weather coverage David's Barry. Us and things are canceled. OK but it worked in the midst of a game. And it's just a little bit heavy rain. This is out on admit it's all. All. Of a warning but tell you which better not do is put that annoying horn to tell you. And. This is a warning others of the tornado in your area well that's a no no that's and it did to those that EAS is it that they have to do that by law. They don't have to do what you just like we do lost change laws change and turn of their during a football game. We don't want to wait because the laws don't slider for ball only challenged if somebody wants to challenge them. Nobody watching that football game is general court. A new station for not run in the siren. Lets you got some real and a nerd who always had the FCC. Who's like put it in play the sound. And here. Judge would hold up in court the good clutch my hurricanes game. You'd be horrible lawyer and best judge just. LeRoy. My Disco gets messed it we there's a lethal and by the way the the sample from that sun also use and senator to memory bliss sets it. That's almost. Common done by it. Duran Duran. Was not. The most famous like sampled beats other. Think it's called Ashley's Roche Ashley's. Roach clip. I believe is the the song are you get a ticket for her when you know. He could be a you said for her biggest Lira the minimum hum yes clearly jas go on tonight or tomorrow ruling tomorrow. And we do in the show and tell you I'll illustrates. Why don't mess memorable interview normal day would ever. But Tom we get in into a room go to sleep we bounced right back up yet to go get couldn't run and we're just what if I feel bad for. Do you feel about it probably feels bad for his government to Vegas and protect take this yeah. I have more I own. Ohm cal via. Would speeder. This but I'll beats. Understand. Oh. Like to. I guards find the poor Robby. So is going to be on the news is. Host Steve we asked try to get Robbie every time. And the thing is listen listen to be fair on the strip. And starting pitchers all those early morning shows it's opens like 78 people I don't think. Kemper insurance from Mexico that at least seven urban people that they. Didn't yet G in New York. It is what's New Yorkers there then the case that you radio Guadalajara. I love those cuts. Come to wait the hearts of so every second summarized it it's amazing. Who definitely was seen as you'll see the trailing merry document again. Well you've got you've gotten worse and the right way to into the that you keep people are going to be there I shall this is your consumer. It's. We were the late we're late the other that we were in Palm Beach. It was like those like good that you hear Independence Bowl yet who it was. Small time. In the guys like the guys sit next as dead. Their seats all over the place became wedged up right in between us it was like amazing relate all the beer all the all the music and that is and that it was fun. Reform electoral bloodiest month.