9-12-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, September 12th

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and you know. Last June. Do you humans the plug on it and everybody certainly an area here. We're really on the radio right now that you need radio signals do that groups. We have this thing called the Internet so if you regularly listen to us on the ticket website it's again Apatow. Old. LeRoy sees me today and the grizzlies does this look it's in your world through bastards. Our. Sorry men. Because every. As a reminder. Of the choices that I've made life. What is. We don't want to my house about a year and change go them. You Shelly can we. Was. We were going to get eight general reader for the house. And we got. All they live two Gordon. Oh we aren't too sure how shall all you have to do is get permits. And generator. End up. Already. I know what to do my backyard. Trauma what PetSmart are. C. Rate outshot the wall. Rudeness or. Yeah. Internet jacuzzi. Well that's about it but when it works. In New York there is an amendment agro works well ahead of even crazier. -- my life you always have worked and grow its agreement propane or got. This would hard grew up with a really true. That's total rules are meant for. You know that. You like. A campfire he would get a mile long. Ordeal for hours and lock on like that FBI Olympic its own. Opinion no. And why. Calls at Ian now yes. Coma amid this is so it's out. I think it would puts Iraq and try to. Oh this is in the green noted that didn't agree this is a terrible seeded drive and when and everything's working. On now. Every traffic light is out and you tried to get people to figure out how to do four way stop. Please it's like Russian roulette. Here's what happened okay. You. This cross street goes. Somebody must turn. You go right. Wouldn't know. I want to wait their turn. So we're in the person go. Car's drink it drive codes to that car count is one. And so one of imminent gums five big pig apparently it's not. We it's very nerve racking I don't like it and I was. Today a marriage figured I'll come back to work that means everybody's back to the regular team. So I leave here and I. Go to LA fitness. Closed million shot that I got Lucia now I gotta do do nobody saw IRA. Was in my hand Saturday republics seeking the public's job. It happened because everybody wants a public sub right now. This is the longest line and ever seen in the public's Delhi was out the door. It was and he knows so long it was. Everything says they don't like you're going to be OK okay. Because LA is only fast. Chinese food and apparently publics is back open today pizza. Yesterday I called I called. 42 was just no room picked anyplace. That runs on. Dead. Unless they have to. And a lot of girls soon Marlon generate so I don't know what I edited in Chinese dissident. I don't know what they did occur that I don't really care on this and who has listen we're not doing delivers. Cash only. I came right I'm from the green. And I got my general just certain of that lives. These speeds W. He XYU themselves might Abby and WS SHD children. And these headlines are drugs you fly away had at this Taco Bell. It's not about getting their vital state gets a retail box beat momentum boost. It comes to seeing Israel at Toledo's Lucas goes crunchy taco and immediately respond bucks. Only from talk about whatever they may be open down here probably in net. In granola bars argument. Is real good though. Just like. Me I was in the lead did you on the employee gets in Canada and he does this challenging of an accident Mueller here in the building well. Show you how I feel right now. Somebody brought. Some of the top oops. And almost. Usually about us and though the it. Where I am stupid I don't read. That level of starvation. Goes on a McDonald's could speak. Like guacamole. I mean. It does nothing to me a guacamole it's. Only god true. He. Don't like lamb chops. Up a friend but only job. A they know. Like guacamole is as if it's just a thing it's not a wife isn't really do literally this is rockers talk a mix it Korea. They can all say to look and it'd basically not mean it's would have would inevitably you do Islam and this should be proud of us who served in me here in mixed risking Cox unum on a combo. I'm. Well more me. So if I have some type of route. We're taco on occasion deal whenever and if you get more meat instead of all the other fixing outgoing more meat so I always try to judge. Okay how much can this guy unfold. In his twenty. So we got headlines wise odd news came out today from the Arizona cardinals' David Johnston missed two to three months wrist injury first pick in the draft that's a bomber that's a bummer and that's a bar if you if you have him in Tennessee and obviously. If you are cardinals fan. The dolphins here's the news with than Tom Garfinkel he said at the stadium was thoroughly inspected by an engineer. There is no structural damage. And the dolphins after playing the charges this week will be back and they will not practicing in West Virginia as was their contingency plan now you're you're. Since half a billion dollars on stadium. Will withstand some charter oak are yeah all the malls or damage. Yeah. You know. They tried to go too. Busy praying. That. Oh yeah tomorrow's July. All right well you have William or Miami and nodded and engineers like to Odyssey of Enron into a state of the art in it's about category. Six. Truly. Got it's a little and who got. Slid to two roulette Cisco. Let's start in that department right. So Mullen your present damaged but apparently it's safe enough to places as it in the off season. That's argued and chiefs that's Lorie is out now on so no backed cease wait how many more must before march. March 18 on you and you guys are six months. No way. No shots aren't who. To me is it about it not true or. Okay so okay yes. They say yes and articles next series is not closed after they get the vote he glory you'd like. It's. Not to wait another month or so no. Say if you win. Jeter is to win. It and you already questions would guide where the Mardy. And where geez you win. It says on the in my area good luck trying to money and glory is going to be without actual cash in France somewhere or you are gonna find him even if he gets sat next week. Or concern we did. OK. Mario. We'll lose the morning. And he only spent a 130. Million yeah. And wasn't even this 130 million. It was only some of my. If you lose your mind sometimes. What is the people's opinion to. Joey 01 point two. 1000014. Gonna do Christine and I don't think about it as I. Don't avoid carbon. Embedding. In because I could do for forty green suited to just take all comers in Major League style. Good dumps. It's a lock in or dump salary he's a catcher. They're Milwaukee an errand and it's the Little League defect can always great catch a block. And what do you attribute most of my work now. Actually how slow the scurbel coming and it's kind of stopped. Discount parent. Let that predicament there. So. My question is not as you do go. Would you rather have the same team. In the same owner. Or would you rather have new ownership and know that you are not gonna have this team. I have been very very critical of deadbeat sheets and only the shenanigans and gone on Imus thing I don't like the fact that it feels like he's getting. Here in a ceremonial position because he's jeetz. Blood. If you're telling me that I don't have the news of Loria around the organization anymore. And walk around with his crazy scheme ideas. And firing managers left and right. And given that closers in fact catchers tons of money. On for. David Meehan a third of the rebuild our own monster and I've been to rebuild. Outlawed state ago looks like we're seeing a guy I commend result in plain better than ever knew gonna hit sixty home runs. I mean. I don't trade that. I don't really quite frankly I think it's a very tradable contract. And and the other thing it's not a choice that each seat if you want to stay he stay in no trade clause you can take glory of that by the armed. So. If you tell me how we got to rebuild but no no but no Loria. Don't know Loria because they got to take at least I may be going back are still the very bottom. Released and all got a chance to get back to the top. One day one that put you got a shot. All were already. Both ordained by the team you already see the problems that you're gonna have as a madam they can't hit. Generate. Money they've made this his front office can't generate an arms how they got no pitchers know above. You owe me money. Until they're big they don't have a television deal. Not make him. So if you bring a new. Owner. Or no core voters. There's going to be even more demand to make money and only what you gonna do dad is the replay would fifty million dollar pay we understand. You. I think you got a better chance of starting from scratch differ with him with year. With your baseball front office as long as doesn't have this all this is. That's fine his educated viewers what that. Might view let me do this is the co op. Enough. Think they're a team. That's in the last fifty years for don't. It. Like bellows in that trade became somebody's who's not parlance yeah at your middle of the worst reliever. You try to stretch a country. The best friend and he's Rivera. Did and emotions into words be made a bad treatment overloaded sued gallon entity to try and leave before they treated him. He is a Mo every time. Kind of got a letter which for the Marlins and Zulu wounds. You're like he was so. Sorry in the sack firm so every time you walked off the mound. His Jersey was way too damn big. It looked like he was fresh off a Little League World Series. Killer. And that bidder. Which for object but I. Like my. Mean you need sexson though. We. Won an old Jacksonville sacks and by the way. Pensacola is Campbell. They use. A real rock him. When he played for. Those crazy guys that NFL NFL weekend. What we were able to see next. I don't look back and double earlier I already visas the building but these students take all stuff. He's also shape to walk in nearly kick his ass and tennis industry. Renewed good. Did you do need shades guy. And they got big by this week by by hurricane Irma. Not you not to talk trash early. On this fantasy league of ours you give me about a 12 punch at running back NJ Jai and run for net meet. To be out. There it is Tom Brady and this Hummer used like moon group to group hug. Hundred shooters who. Who is about as long as our. Fish out man Ricky you've read you this notably ray we traded for you Tom Brady this entire. Haider life here's what a blast. And and beautiful life you have. And you got to soak overall loss of reactionary. The hell out of here port Tom Brady. Kirk umpire to him. I'm tired it is nonsense. And by the YU. Looked a little helical with those with those deep throws this past week and a sand. To sand LeRoy. Maybe the food has run out with Tom Brady. It is nonsense. Crazy man this feels we don't we are stars and football season I'll need to. I'd I had power so there are lots of football LeRoy. I was little Obama then watch the jaguars because it was three it was. You know it was. Comfortable Sunday ticket week. So so I got to watch the gyroscope that was as the local channels were obviously all showed Turkey coverage. But none of the NFL channels. Studdard. Is what I get. Just what gives shout out to which are one of and my neighbors in Coconut Creek we're doing voodoo who grew. Or straight sacrificing your emergence of pagan gods. I never lost power or Internet Margaret Avery never even closer look throughout arm watched every game once a ship those neighbors. It's just bears in my neighborhood. All I can hear. And. That everybody else has curators. Yeah here's a you need a generator the size of the Buick. Just keep your refrigerator girl it's. All I hear throughout the night. It was amazing he came back. You get a sit at my in laws vascular figured might it was definitely and yet not take out power a lot of stress on a lot of trees are property. And some figure in one of these things gonna collapse some house no doubt about it. Ottawa. Tourism and Robbie I think you'll like this on jury. Overrated as far as straight for the wind in my right. Yeah ever since then like all the palm tree really hate to win. Should replace palm trees down upon John most folks in our property. Not even shock. Not that worried. Goes to oaks. Stood strong and I talked about before the storm regular L -- like Cabrera just right over the remotely related to its old Fella yeah but I sit at some I. I talked a history. And like Teddy atlas talked to Tim Bradley in the corner. Normally you got its worst storms than this is nothing new I come back. Yet there's a lot of leaves on the ground. Recommend that property there only two trees. Knocked on their grass from Burma. Two week gas on trees over a tree. Poplar trees never even where he. Overrated true talent right trying to do it does have the doping means. Want to depressed because. You don't. Somebody or for me because and I live in that last time we hear it. Even though we didn't have power. So report twice a day are right in line. But let me do. Three. Don't want to our. That's one of the shuttle forced a process biggest goal affordable. Below woman too like two weeks to get it for us. Dad took what I saw an article also believe by next week and a believer. Seeking income you know writing on my view on Apple's new tickets. That's. Why at least an air conditioning. And there would this mean. We just keeper were. To recessed so notre talks but hundreds mourn and yet to hammer is really stuck up on that on a morning and thank. I don't know if those two you know I probably would. Number I. Shall we. He did. It it. Gets pretty if there was Russell Wilson. They would talk about Russell Wilson's got to even sweeter situation. You like married after. Sarah had a date with somebody else. Would this mean. My contributor situation no it's not it is tonight. That I think so you don't have maybe in my. Dutch dog he's got nothing to do echoed mr. relation between. And Eritrea and limit on the look and become a public it was a I think pro are accurate didn't kind of pick it was like I yeah aid to prepare whatever you had a love child Abigail. Marina. On camera loses Donna CBS because that is because he wasn't very good and was. At about his like out to be a cop out Dan Marino. Loved it. But I don't know. Antonio Cromartie got fourteen kids this is that Denise keeps his keeps Avant it. He's got six men. This normally rules don't you think you really got a vasectomy let's honesty do you think that he's gonna be like Barry Bonds Greg Johnson counting on some of his army to be charged would be beat duke. Situation rhetoric you pay the doctors say I got it. It's just he's worked in. How does keep up the miracle babies. You know me and I. Z immune to know I think just maybe to be more like at the fourteen. You might. Fort gives a lot of kids. At polio. Unbelievable. Stuff. That's why the weekend obviously the jaguars went over the Houston Texans do development and employment streaks they can watch the British Bulldog go to work. Oh get to the they NFL none not letting them. Is scheduled London game but this this is leaded cord that was awesome. Ten sacks. They didn't need to lay low couldn't even try to screw that up to the jaguars this week it was awesome. It took aim at his pac ten sacks. This O'Brien. He spineless. He. This Tom savage. He got around like a rag doll my judo left tackles holding up from civilians. The worst part about that. Like I treat global. So it's a perfect example of. Quarterbacks all I didn't sag awards that's a jury quarterback rhetoric. You think that it was like. Sure hey good thank you don't even look upset are cutting out much and look at that and so this last say how. Half of soda shot Watson who's gonna be a tennis court Iraq. I mean that's drafted for. The mid in the first half. It'll Sparky sparks gets double first downs. It's over that little run is that runs over. And I just can't imagine the. O'Brien look horizon and you know the problem is there savage. He's the product. Know how he keeps getting that. Somehow Levy's line to keep ended up behind him and text college run the other way with the football just strips it out of his hand. That's that's that's that's definitely on the quarterback. Crazy. I remembered that's what has people doing general. I mean this. For years. It's been a quarterback's out and there's been a number of times where. The dolphins could with the playoffs it to defense at stopping him. That is. What actually is the quarterbacks always Brent Qaeda. Did a lot of sacks and is not take. Talking about we. Did he says her record of excellence give you one example word it's doesn't Axl is the krona. And. Are you. I think you go and all eyes on line over. The Melissa the chopper posed to him choppers rather Red Cross shoppers the FEMA jumper but we had. We saw the big. The big choppers and outlined over yet they were going south. The fund I'd give Mandela now look. I did I guess he wasn't Jimmie and these. Does that team. And this team. It's not about the man who knew there were no wonder as you guys figure like they were number one defense immigrants and illegals did you hear it did you hear oh loves it and I keep asking ridiculous and on JJ why he comes out. Reason five million dollars for hurricane relief. Runs out with that at that Texas flag. Just hold that in his mind. And I need to put on the I guess that aspect crowd can wanna game. Ahmad as we just had a Turkey tomorrow. Hartman was hard it was it was terrible it was terrible. I mean. A lot of war. A lot of the storm. Verity. Has to do more with area that it lands on because I gotta tell you the West Coast lord is not as prepared as coaches. And so. Everything that hits there's your viewers. Know. A friends episode never lost. That's terrible. And and may like. That. Well it's not terrible and very different. Question. Overwhelming. The army we got I. So we got to read three didn't hit it did. Was tend to twelve hours. Of content. You'll win yeah. I think we'll see how ma am we liquid your own slogan when the tornado warnings. It is kids out of this is to know the parties. You can. Just get. In here and win that your I don't know. I had no idea why not package might want electricity went out. And it's. So. Good you look at you. Again. Right. It's hers a trick you can do in a phone and doing this last night and Sunday it would turn to try to find a signal try to get Tibet and yes yes exactly what the battle already and I sort of skipped Stephen Jackson. Could turn the myth is he had to have wireless to be when he's hot spot phone. It's not true. You could do a direct flow from your phone to the USB cable into your educate your computer tutor in your apple. And usually hot spot to wreck would direct connection and get candidate. Yet. Yes. Are saying you need it if you didn't somehow you could use. Is it true to the. It is covered us for now as rowdy and find hot spots robbing. My only. Not. A lot they haven't got. My. Yeah that. It. That's it. It's very garbage that AT&T is that America fallen forward that no doubt it's into that verges. So you had everybody here and there are gone hog wild on Netflix to sink and I. That's pretty nice eighteen did for the relief they need to realize they're like nine point nine gigs next by. Come next week without without a relief period is over right. Up. Ed. And I couldn't put the orders. And two hours. Or moves. They did it. I can tell you or below would get you some better than triggers be currents. Sneakers. Am glad I got spread Nike's. Owners those motorists are there are so that even had their shoes organizer like right now. Guys running out of the stack and a one size twelve new hell out of there. This guy's got a whole stack of whom once blocked it all over the place. Why. Yeah it was around the looters. And just like hey hey Johnny. Said several of the senate as it appears that get up. We're no longer markers cedars looting literally don't know I see so many voters get caught. Television cameras all over the place you really it's. By the way. Love that they keep going to the looting of everybody in the jails on the just keep up in the any. Dislike looting a 22525. Aristide to trustees. That's it's although she polluters write. Together with her head down a prisoner arrest this morning. Spoke out early. Downs and only. Has got to go with the all curfew and like it might be able to get pulled over and explain America work. And work in in I got a radio station to be at a regular flight etiquette to believe Maine. I never now. After what's. Before I get onto the highway road. And real nervous. On a truck that goes on about. When some type. I don't know suited you see the minute he's got all dried up. On the outside. What happens all the water quality you Damon chief Steward. What are your why not because you don't appear leg digits did you carry heavy heart I. Rich keep it. I'm sorry it's it's it's I shouldn't keep saying it's a lazy way I traditionally commute to bring up and we're actually gonna come back. Out and cook. Metaphor and it. Chris and Rick McCaffrey. Here's. Your. Cincinnati. It makes it. Joseph what did you attribute. Even in to get eight carries for nine yards. And a while interest that you want to have a game action ones quarterback's not. Now as an dog and all those awful awful. As any to get everybody has been scared of the last five years he that it weapons around him two men Lleyton is is this this member there's times relate to dolphins the best weapons are around Toronto was like the bond doesn't Brian Hart lined. That's the opposite that she's got AJ green. They got to Dan tutoring at 340. In the yeah. Keep adding up around only get big guy to guide every likes the new bill like Miller and listen no end I. Atlanta no. Yes yes I like him discuss punched a guy at the Scott Carson woman in the base it on camera what he's really good. And we are indeed on a quarterback he's a weapon. Adam around. They don't even care deliberate all the weapons around and he all but does it matter he really is. This last week at how bad the jets. I didn't watch the jets I don't know about the low I don't know and eating an apple blogs and so lots of such. A regular count just count only count has constantly getting gay. What. How I and I don't know how well Washington. Kirk or Kirk cousins horrible president Tim tuba. There's no court records everybody just got. It. 'cause. Like he did why didn't keep going ears when I don't know if I would give him. Night. And tell Israel oh weekend. Thirty year old coach for the for the rams. Brands on the cult free. I'd call it bad. Start Scott court scuttle the union I'm glad it did trade imagery first round or pro urged record wreck. Yeah accumulate in the fourth quarter to an article out. Of the will restarted within two week. Yeah it looks bad yeah he's got a start under redirect. It into. A surge. Of up. Last bit of last year. I never I think one of the biggest and ignore rules laughable statement several as Jimmer says saying that cut them out of the Manning colts to win enough. And I am just do it and men. May be just maybe this guy who's making all the decisions. Was an hour ride around limos with with a suitcase people pills and cash right may be the vision reorganization be a little to clear. I don't know call me crazy. Including video. Are we got here we go out we got right now. Spring football. We had a conversation before we shall start. It is Jackson Jerry jaguars really. I. Don't. OK I. Don't. Have coach. To win. Is getting. New coach project through Gerri what we have very week we try to check that. British readers. Who spot is. Okay which is a problem. Like you've been weight. Belt. So alarm alone and none and don't care. You and ran it pretty long. Only have five coach. I don't disagree that it just about a bunch. Of programmatic barge. Must read butch buffalo. Right. Well it was super low Dell Rio like nine years. And Gus Bradley unbelievably out for. So. Read their retirement half the French as history well I found out why Indianapolis. By Truman is in charge of the cold so much true. Rebecca to the. I want to. There weren't Roberts and get things back to the building is rob it's like they're lighter so early and snow flower. So everybody it is up to that. Stan and if you are listening to a likely doing it on year. Asked before. The ticket I mean dot com because memories and it was in on the podcast sometimes. Yes yeah introduced in the podcast we'll have another freeway there that's working horse here. But as far as you know not quite. Not quite ready to radio yet. The taxi and who's coming on and if alive they're not ready and human and it fell on Nedney missed article for which to play on Thursday. They name a couple offensive lineman. They've got him it was an element to him brown as editors ability to tackle and rarely do they played Thursday they are on the road and they got to travel more than 500 miles for losers in nineteen. So we're gonna so over into a little bit player in all. Dissent the golden rule. You're adjusting and Garland remodel filed tomorrow and the Texans are really in a much better shape now cornerbacks and our efforts align our slight caveat in this. Early in the season. Early in the season they are five guys RD out tech and don't get five guys out I think I by concussion protocol. The rules not time sensitive early in the season late season. Jose more than 500 miles on a short week to do not blasting the rule that reduce it was the doctors ruled him we can't kudos to settle and Sherman got a web the girl. Right now. With a bandage on grass if you want to would only point is that I don't know his older man Cecil. Who didn't try to cover she what are I didn't know she worked in field shots all the blew out there appointments on Manso I thought man is John troop. Nationally and your request. We're standing one person that was outside. There own apart. One of the reporters. Carl Carl about share count that. A I don't want a guy who's disliked. Agassi is I'm Ellis water but that's just arraigned yet but you guys get the point. You are allowed and how. The guidance and the net like a 45 degree angle to fight to win. I like CNN. I saw as the Storm Chasers got that aren't did you see the guy and light. It was only man. It was it was crazy this is a very busy week I'm gonna say this. And intercom. Erika Delgado shall be in his knee you pay. Com. Don't fire me. And told Grassley of costs also one more time. Is gold to. Her and he keeps asking me if. I've. Got my. First time in my life. Say. Model I'm. And I have not watched football on over and that's crazy in my life. There's nothing happened in my life where I couldn't watch football on and rubber the lead over me. Or. Scariest thing. This we're those who is and on it'll. Do. Immediate things are I don't know. That was seriously this week I saw video from Miami store whittled that Ogden those big glass doors and it just had water filling up around it out lonely out there Moses if I was in it in a building a star as seen in the water rise up like that. Did Jim Morris or some crazy yeah I'll try nickel preloaded on the show a lot. Of octagon. I. Chocolate Ghana. This guy. Goes out there is colts get their asking. How big it'd be great kicked by other 46 and when are when Graham scored 46 are you got during his kick because they can be school for like IV the coach is also barely out of puberty. And how is this so he goes out there and they start talking about. All in all coach mumbo Jumbo and then listen this LeRoy might do under the player that put the rams. The rams are. After losing 46 to nine. There's one thing you can't do and it's what about. Given a big plays. On defense in the best game I never really get into rhythm pass protection. Compression. Man oh man we're gonna ask your hands up credit 49ers. Coach and very. You know video. Played extremely well today. Powell. What are. If you prepare for reported her losing your plea doom him probably won't reject his game. You. One thing you had to man. One thing. To protect it didn't block. And hell I could lead to the team's name right like I can't yeah. And that's why they you know one thing got to do a misses don't screw up your cliches getting get this cliche is right. Audio does. Tip my cap to add to our to our opponent. The colts. And the rams. And I'm a current account. But he did get the team right. Think man. Hell's wrong with you. Twice the age of their coach. Probably. Sixty. I would think so old man. Storm statistics I don't know so he was six when McVeigh was born. Oh. At. Detect wind. Storms is cool as a cool occupation I don't know I actually identify him. And tuzla. Why are incurring go to America in no say in congress and no no Dole's pilots are crazy. I mean. I enjoyed a date I couldn't get any updates will lose another res wells terrified. Because every tournament here win I couldn't tell if it was tornado or just a regular storm because it was relentless. And never stop. We didn't get a break it was. In other hurricanes I've been through this the worst because it lasted soul. Moral. I mean net winds started. At about tour 2 o'clock on Saturday. And it didn't until what Sunday night. Whose crew is viewed on a school would pretty much closed for the entire week and a Mahler and you know that. Yeah America's none of them have a lot of run out power lot of where I IA CI in this I've been pointless to Wear them back up generators. On it on the refrigerator. Pulled through in the school. Three Canada. Taken up the crazy on me. Credit is easily an all too. There's definitely a guy. Can somebody please convince him to come the day. I never see I have not seen one. Have you know. Vehicle while not enough demand trying to get into your building your blood sample doesn't. Trip. Our grid grid or did you share. Slowly getting a fix it would some old wires. It's on the ground. You share all of us. Usually Donald school there in the above ground and underground well. Horrible. A lot of trees uprooted and I'm on my god it did not say if government is being crazy it is an open in a nice trickster nags. Who America.