9-12-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, September 12th

The guys talk about whether Dwyane Wade would come back to the Heat and play a bench role or join the Cavs and make the Finals. The guys compare the Adrian Peterson situation with the Saints to Dwyane Wade on the Bulls and dealing with Fred Hoiberg. Tobin says he will tired of hearing Oscar De La Hoya talk about the GGG-Canelo. Tobin says this is the worst year of UFC history. Tobin, Leroy, and Robbie get into a heated debate about the canceling of the Arkansas State game. Tobin says he doesn't blame the NFL for not giving the Dolphins back the London game because of the huge marketing opportunity with Jay Ajayi. Leroy is still upset about not having the power.


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W there when you on the sixth yeah. It is not there on their own and Canada and I. Yeah and Robby and I are great courage and lines. Desperate times call for desperate measures this earlier. It is human and alive had a little home a full in the computer out of the sky trying to find a signal trying to get Internet back in the old days. We will not get hurricanes in front of the two weeks and I was in the third on the play Toledo yes. Who's reprise his solutions from kind of football game in hand. So much. And this year as it is on Toledo. Mean. I don't know of unpleasant up but I know a song to the O Leo campus and is monster grand. Jurors in a school aside Sus LeBron James is out there were inventory and waited. As those two countdown. Him out over the weekend LeRoy says you'll only welcome to our way back could be its control of its. Go edged enough that he won't come back until. Nick that you think you'll like it we're talking in. You go back to a place where you're legend. A smaller. Cosmic and big money you plan your position you do you go backward group finals. Go back regroup. With anybody. Cleveland. It's empty I'm sure. You final trip ye do not someone Cleveland where animals loose if you get the year. That means your four games away from Champloo that's that's gonna is Miami four games away from a championship. And maybe in the seats get. Critic gonna get their bar nothing I didn't really don't know I'm just have if you're going your career where you want to just open a best chance in the best position have Jay is playing every serious and be sure he recorders is doing to do all of your. He's. Kill. Scenario we have that really go with him and know the year we can go under the Dion and the culture and of the year Gene Johnson in the culture. And LeBron isn't basically he's got one foot. I won't put out man we're proud few to those. C'mon man wouldn't monetary president Tomas I let you see how comfortable about a gallon when one reporter asked. Everybody that cross currents at the time I was ready to play like. Him. Around. Him a question. I set and one flag at one that hit at. All. This button on the ice question please X question. Can engine guy. What. Well. Jake. Got dementia crowd has been read our here's our own I'll talk. To. Right. There's always one word. That you can go to. There until processed huh. August and there's no timetable. Oh the oh no timetable. Oh yeah. That means timetable the only time to Byron was great when he learned to time stables. Hey you know you've got to damage when he got to bring you try to house. A forklift. Whose careers. Especially us in the pond road. No why don't. I was not I was not pharmacy yesterday I don't know enough fun to see nothing. Nothing is not fun to see. I can't believe him simple. No highlights get a highlight right or inhibit froze while his isn't it possible. Here's Ager Peterson yelling speaking of two win win situation Adrian Peterson. Is now Timorese not a legend. And something about friend. Ourself a little bird Dwyane Wade on on the hour and this guy would. They give that he got well here's the thing W Kirk was carried out he's playing your position on your old team Mary. Your face and Amman and football highly publicized game. And give it to four times in the first half and they carries. Other problem. You don't realize team that you went through throws it 75 times yeah yeah yeah yeah. Okay did you buy it now I'm sure when he was brought there he wasn't sold out villager. Now there's a Mark Ingram and his other candidate track and album come are to running back to another light and we're gonna keep your real fresh strategy and rush kind of guy like. Him at all day he told agent Anderson purple Jesus. Tomb a lot which is anymore now we need to get our goal jeez. Note and turns out. You just. Not Jesus the messiah and then more. Come. AV. Did he think he was just gonna come there and just take it over Ingram had a pretty good year last year the muscles and a with waited unity when it was. Are gonna cut is going to be all good men don't go to my home if I'm gonna leave Miami im gonna go home. And it's all it's gonna be all good. On the I think. To be honest which you mistreat them the money went into my. She chased the money but I thought but I'm sure there was some romanticism. Nuggets offered more. So enrollment is America. You don't put him more. Denver. This. Nugget. I candidate Mike Miller's zombie Esther outer groom. Or two once you. And yell in a neutral this one. Elect. Did you pass casino amnesty if you could throw out huge domino that upset LeBron. In the going back to LeBron why. And recorded history that's that's that's that's been told the reports. Aren't they cute so mad. Men usually a big mile per yard is right yet. Our great. There. Are a tired. Arm. Allison and spots Monica and if you have such huge huge pile of our vegetation and committed and two are committed I did the pool. It's taken me three days going to pull wants to clean the pool. On our backyard. Moved a whole bunch of stuff. Did you defer you are 'cause I don't want to long got to come in injure or more over all the leaves and just give it everywhere yeah. In Zuma include the wonderment yet. Treason and studio in the studio while every hobby you know Ruth. You don't have power that's not out. It's not that on. WXY. And South Miami and WS SH HO. And these headlines brought by Gillette on demand dot com forty million Americans we get to a Gillette a joy to work in amber you America's number one's shape for let's go to July on demand dot com get every one daughter Rudy. Big news in the NFL. Johnson is out through three months is dislocated wrist. Noted for a lot of us players know so. There is that. We also I'm a football. Last night. The vikings beat the saints 2919. And raft with a big game three touchdown pass through for a three and forty yards. And he also I'd yourself ma Li thriller. Head the Broncos be in the chargers Tony for one and one blocked field goal once I did you don't read Hammurabi. I'd be IBO dobbs David fantasy. Not kicker now and and clearly we are rewards kicker easy won't kill off these kickers he's he's he's physical got what you get points from. Just attribute it can do to the making good points like. To pick central to the kicker Matt do it because I want the streaks or whatever the rules on his seniority in from that's not an ensemble. Ouster or better better than we did know one of four we or lowly working we have two and three. You know the Senate's apology you can take in what you can do not to take responses and not. He's not a he's out front runner. And us is coming in there and knocking people out it's like Floyd Mayweather it's karma Greg the first couple rounds formulas had his hands up but just take it punches and then afterwards Peter out and took it to go to. Put ourselves admittedly doing column McGregor any kind of credit he's like he's now on debunking Tor is that you know it is lender that ray. Floyd calm down and make 350 million dollars the final numbers on that. They haven't come out yet I think this and it was trending towards. Its. It's close to breaking cocky or Mayweather org gonna be just short break him argument it's going to be an out around like four point six. A lot of Lou Conner 800 million. Yet on the scene. And he's the key to run a couple of laps. 100 million. Every minute last Morgan 25 minutes than he's gonna begin. Well public luckily in his or they don't last long and requirements could the only yogurt and don't want. Pick somebody can kick in the side to face I didn't tell you one thing now arms in the sky and Graham has come McGregor. Letting it out. On this yacht. Out he's combat arms and noses goods is this is my it's my hot social media analysis. And the guys. This guy's like in his alerting life. He's you know what are other his weak economy in the model of amen to come back when have to come back. And you know all the tax puts him out this fight and and always a barrel and I'm from business model that guy is as has. Sent to him about it anybody else has caused boxers in the port that eats a lot of their fighters alive. All the millions of Mike Tyson made blew through it. All the millions that a lot of these terrorism it didn't get to feel the rich is like they really should have been. While promoters have been as. You know Lloyds Lloyd's is an incredible way. Out east and on money in the middle of the. The gamble cat in two fights she's made over 600 million. Hundreds and possibly get to the bottom right. To possible. Past. Or does. Pork and Disco dance on walker on stutter opens as little. Old. Video which by the way Richard canal as ignorant as your biggest job and because. Quite frankly he is not the parts. Not in the cards adults you know it like to be in the cards. Power. Like power to watch them play. And we'll talk about going. To be around. However I can't for that fight. That's go to be an awesome by I'd probably get tired of hear an Oscar village deal this week. The worst promoted me. I don't care what his play has been with this. I did this fight sell it on its merits alone it's so good so is it that way. What is your goal aren't talking about everybody else I don't it was weird. So wanting an Oscar. And I think is German crazy with the whole. Floored him because what's in those except commercially. Compare everybody and he's such an anomaly Floyd Mayweather as far as getting dual paper despite. Well what was that to mean he was he was being paid ticket in town. Like. Never likeness. And now the expectation that he's ratcheted up on these two guys. More awesome fighters. But as far as. Our watch what it for seven. These customs and if can aloe and trilogy. Fine in. World war McGregor Mayweather. Any say you can't read or on the taxing and attacks are asked. It's like Lowell and should you won't be. Hassle then hill Hillary is. It's like hanging a well just how we just go to our ears or 2247. But you're not talking. Canelo he only speaks Spanish. Mean it didn't you know he did among commercial wind with switch to a sly Stallone and we were like four lines. Let. When we're in a trilogy is going out and he's you know like going to demanding Goran try to be intimidating. You know like most ferociously just screamed. Really when he talks. And when you have that that that you know. Eastern European kind of now play big in the alone go to golden. You. Gotta says it is weird smile and chuckle. Call applicable law. Cobol. This is that. Leaves. It a communion and the new warden and you leave Cuba amendment in. And he's as that. It's light. It's like triple she tries to be funny. And so now I got cute funny. Guy from Kazakhstan. And am. Slow motion of you guys hitting bags that'll get me into the by. The end to show me your runner in the mountains I mean and they'll be good for how to only work out you are one of these awards are. No I. I watch a lot of boxing work out they got this one Alec wouldn't put the body bag on the on the trainers image is hell out of the trainers won't. I love that I love I love the hockey just stick all of that work out. Illumina due to slow motion that. Tom. I like all kinds of training videos looked Lloyds up floods are really entertaining. The Dublin Baghdad needed I mean he had no look on the patent that and more than look at the cavs a big thing back in the day he doesn't do him as much anymore. That's Ella and watch it until it didn't watch. Didn't it didn't wash uses return. You have security came aboard mighty mouse we're meta the the radio row. This demo only got sick. Cursor DOC continue. And guts match or you don't wars have you seen my friend a large. Every single every single week. Every single made it there is so happens. First year. Even the ones who do haven't decided jumbos Jones in pride do you do steroids steroids after the Bruins. Ruined more share of the US city never had a worse you in that boat. Common grim economy your rank. Shooting. Better. It and make money now I would like to the public to be height for a card and actually. That's sort of I don't think it's too much past. The dolphins. Try to Dixon on the soul not have any home games. Sabathia felt for her. About the London game. And go to want to ride it on the says Steve Ross next. Take everybody through his shooting and by any means they have to do you it's. The Internet. Hershey edit it did miss that it shows. A lot about just a little bit later. McCain's reschedule. Lose what little. Commented that yes. If you miss the show some Republicans check the pie case and and so but it it is we're not on here. People who won't. Know that mess it should tuning in now. On the Internet and you miss the last hour. And eaten at the part. Of cement listen I don't grabbing a straws here. Let as a crap grasping. And it's only gratitude it's only grasping at Kent grabbed shrug. On the dollar million Greg if you grab straws we reduce short strike has approved it don't work to do. Yeah. I. Don't about a lot some analysts here you're you weasel out and did you laden as the go to through. Yeah. And oh yeah it commenced the season with the season's total yes we got to go we we plan on dual. Every week we're gonna pay. Eight. Call. And the caller is gonna pick games against one of and him we're gonna pick out of a hat. Aren't gonna take five teams are. Right. And if once you get to I know how quick trigger and out movement for outdoor aborted due. To rumors I was in worst record at the end of the mark I did go to mark correct throws it right. The. You immediately go to dart board. Crazy yet now we don't forget a recommitment. It's only going to be NFL or we go through college and their two. I think he's just be enough they'll be a college in Tedisco route ridiculous and Al corn state nonsense right out of the Adam and return the options out wide open form. And and and this guy is beside himself does in Arkansas State game which is crazy to me you not stated. We do it with it with the real vibe when the rest of this a win that would nonsensical countries like. All canes are scared to play Arkansas they. Crazy to me many Indians haven't put out statements to Brittany Murphy who held criticizing. The Miami Hurricanes are not wasting their time against the Argus all red wolves. Didn't know they were more division one team I mean aside from the fact that that Romberg broadcast some of their games which to how high they are an adorable to begin win. So so got to tell me occasionally waste their time playing team I want to an addict I do true ball out of I'm. A student if I'm not if I'm not hiding for the kings to play that game on. But additional played the game over the past week now meet real leader we're talking about party leader was saying like if you're a parent of one of the players McCain's team what did you want your players to be always from the store. How do you kill it from the store and buy by gore it's a state like I'm a citizen to play but we're just talking about that. I mean I just now we compensation. Arm and I was actually going back your fourth when he player for every year I'm and he stood at. Last year. Floor who want to her Matthews. Took everybody. Who. They had an away game. And he said this year Thursday morning. Somebody kids' fun on Dearborn. And I'm like. A Thomas. Because what if you win it. Your pair of what are your kids from on its own and you see that storms come in the room and the football team is playing we're to blame game was after you played Wisconsin Scott's territory and it was confident an embryo which your kid Ella on got Limbaugh. NSA kinda. Big Imus shied away if you are reluctant to blanket. I. Mean. I. Know for a fact. Okay one of. The promises that coaches may. Is a different look for in particular. Your new kid in new environment. And. You're gonna be consumed by football but there are new names other responsibilities that your gonna. And now coach con one thing big they got to look for. And so imagine any candidate. Or apparent. Most from. California. You can give come somewhere my meal. And a concern that you have stirred a storm you're not going to be able to get a hold your. And I just said. I'll. And I don't know but I hope. That. Day at least ensure. Educated somewhere to go. And it you know you've got to be take of while you are in Wisconsin being. I gets in there I think that's crazy to me is. The C I can understand why. McCain's. Are gonna say hey Arkansas state. Prison. Why. I am here I understand why teams don't. Mountain. But again they're all together. Right and it's also a different situation where. It's actually coming to your community and you have a lot of kids who were in the street and other parents. Yes the parents who have more wondered Africans were out of state well kids who are in state. And their families are here and you have to worry about. All the things that are going on into that of oil they audio what about the press and the relative what about what about how they're gonna be you really be focused on a game if you think. Your families back here and they are worried about a hurricane agreed and there's national disaster. Coming out upon your. Community I would say that. In most cases it is appropriate for the canes playing a game I don't know I don't I don't I would say this that. In most cases I would say. That your family would feel more comfortable if you were Summers. I can understand that I don't know I don't know that the kids would be able to cause tree on a game. Right but but the important thing about sports is as we use boards. And is an. And as a way to get away from I don't know if this is that when the ghost in what I'm saying in any of it. They all need to be to get. Great debt debt if if you have kids. Who have family and you decide not to play. It knows kids wanna be their fairly that's fine but at least you know. That there where. You don't whip somebody's gonna help him be sure. I just have a dessert. How would you feel if Miami had gone on. A left 25 to thirty kids are great. What that's kind of what have would every. But also I think anything that's. That it's weird about it is everybody's looking at this guy and he's weird things right do it only minor gets criticized or like there's. It's goes nuts like the Duke Team words McCain's are being asked a portrait game. Because a refereed yachts and Enron's water that can spark or a nation forfeited the really in the history of rough for you are not games and how the first time I was the first led to dealer responsibly wrong. It's it's like dude for the rich history of sports with the refs screw it up games McCain somehow all the sudden are. Asked to give up wins because duke should feel good reflect. This case all attained. Are supposed to be worried about their community. Their homes. Being safe to do they have any push to go back. And also were supposed to care about arkansans eat you. If I don't think. All respect Arkansas State. Not really Arkansas State. Would look you even come in there in the first place so I didn't go up. At. The old sometimes. You wanna stay out anyone watch it showed so I don't. You're gonna go to school are all all start you won the urge storybook. That's life you don't get a third stored you got to that's it that's limit that's last call here. Let's. Just. Arkansas State no you don't get to reach is a touchdown against her game off it's just want. That's. All well. Ole bull clothes and shoes to. Get that out of it's nobody. Under the new. And it could benefit the case it may fall sort of ten wins and had that. Article sticking to play orange meant wind hasn't just 2003 telling happens every year 2003003. That's not an. Don't worry about Applera Heisman weakened nothing's Kornheiser. And army navy only gaming played as we get is the time that you would have never forget the play in the and our coverage scheme doesn't put the cover him which. Owes you play if you go to covers or should you play game and then go to content that's not navy did last had actually played an accomplished every two game in and annexed -- the army and he lost for the first time in hundred years. As US. Let's say. Do we are this is Florida Marlins beat them through this weekend yes. Madison Ehrlich to play those games can't be daft enough firms for. Police are not for the game. It's meaningless game revolves around now. What are the MLB sent that there would've said. You know. Where does not play games they really had no repercussions in the standings so there's there's no point playing game. Here we sit here and cry because John calls to three more games to get two home runs. My point being in northern it's the Phillies let's these threes are against the Phillies beat up coming through. Because it loses those three games because they can't stop the stadium. Not just I'm not sure why Cyril why even though I feel like. The country aren't like I'm talking to you Neuheisel. Populate the country tax McCain's for the littlest things you you said last week to open that it -- play Notre Dame at their plea of course they would be playing the game right. That's not tough it's that's their god and James asked and teach a lesson that's Catholics convicts. They put a propaganda thirty for thirty. On ESPN. So you look is revenge game lost. On that conference. That's got real consequences. It's cost. Or consequence who want. To give anybody McCain's every lick of credit if they win that game and do what they're supposed to do. Here Arkansas State. Oppression to see. Let's. And rule. Three. Well you we are gonna probably go back darker tossed it sort of in the future anyway you do all of the second leg of an omen home all we Odom has made it that's all all all is another baskets and ticking. That's all let's go to Arkansas. And that's who stepped on digs leader on. Our man up and I promise you. I. I'd. Like Morton clip notes from opening weekend. Take notice cleats or. Randy Moss and. That was awesome only matter if they played Green Day. Oddly dated her for last night blunt those are still. There were still awesome cleats and scored two touchdowns and two touchdowns in the increases and a democracy read our original Buckland by the I admire these are what your bag. With your back story that we're ready must. Sure. Every time. We went. Two Green Bay. And we go bus pulled up. Are you saw. Was little Green Bay fans T. That's what they did. So brave. Touchdown. And the Internet. Joseph no Joe Buck so upset by then so sure I understand where and grow. And I'd Grady. He got casual watch TV and you understand. That dynamic of that Stewart speaking of which and I can't believe I want this entire time to governments and that's. I. In London. From time to. Move before it's. Time to time we'll do a radio show with. You know he's on the iTunes art he's on the he's on our show page she's allegedly part of the show. He really is is like we're kind of like last resort like in the middle of the picture yet if I got time Korea are coming to the radio show. And I didn't and I say I don't know that's a good question we should probably find out. Walks and struck since that studio. Is a broad knowledge stuffed and on. You know you can just tallies frazzled got so much stuff on I don't hear he's ignored in the orderly there don't like are you an engineer. You know. What can you do about it. Newsroom I got so much stuff going on sort of way our. So. I just. He walks into that are obvious that say. Yeah. She. And flips me off. Turns around. Two weeks. He moves. You. True. Christian rams. Critics. Look like just O'Brien no run and win credit. Management poor management. It's. All. Contract to. Tell somebody. Or respond. Did you got bright. Guess. Maybe it's. I have no self server. I said I had no idea what are. You please send me. And that's management. Got an. Unbelievable guy lower priorities. On this. Lull in the tolerable. What we're we're. And you can do. And want to TV. Evolution. We got no chance. Of a power a white kids. Why do. You know no. Is. Ass kissing. At a record level. Right now. He's about to break Barry Bonds' record. It is no asterisk you couldn't know. You'd like yet ass kisser he doesn't even need. Sarah. How do we mean by that in the world is he all the. And the things nice to a boss. Go that's tonight. You're obese. But that was an. All my news prison routing was announced its. It's news to share well I mean he did let how she hot chick. You don't view is under care. Yeah I didn't want views undercarriage. I I didn't realize I was going to a privilege. And I do Cain and now I came to Christmas hands over Miami. My guard. I know if you're on the day again. So. David Ross literally he tries to get these dolphins. Off his London game and I'm sure I mean. Sure Richmond and Russia are Russia six to ensure now on you until October 8. Answer which but it turned him on a couple weeks if the dolphins to play that one game and actually have could be a home game here. Needles and I don't know why. It is produced on in the lead. You can lose a marketing opportunity. Normally I'm at a I'm with team. Knowledge to leave. Greedy pigs the NFL. However. Sometimes good business to business and UK you can't have. A year ago and by and not have did you guys play. In his own direction grad that's crazy. Passed even though how do you it's good for the team or not to. Kick tail and opportunities to buy. Wrangling your phone right now hoping to god that it's is gonna say FP LO I'm trying to power can get all of my app. Taking care of and all left. Trying to get a I mean. I'm trying to get our apps like I have another resource to tag them. How long that they that them automatic candidate if I'm owed. Where you Qatar while affair. Sure. You know so having never got past that one. I never got past you know I. I come. I didn't warn them that I'm sure it'll numbers I mean when you are stuck won this force apps really. To bear arms up one yen didn't look like as loading very you. Beaten. Him go free. Does that mean from Google to greeted him. Good evening used to let you into the grid. Did. What I would go to. Not sure. Does and the worker to. Watch. Great. And no worker to exit. An intern. He doesn't finish schooling and you know he is a process when an hour. And not everybody graduates who boldly to be important jobs. Honestly you sense them Lackey there who just gonna watch the grid and mix of people on John shenanigans like you. I'm not and which one do you feel a power hitting tonight. Man. Up you make it work why. It was so. Mine are. And a person like you could take them. Home. Bill. Shutter down and here's the worst part. There is. Reason. Some random person Toma wide. I don't. Readers should resign because there's another storm coming humor and can't do as. I'm. Let's us know opposed to New York. How's it. Gonna say we're say. Oh course it really not a Wii remote like a month. Near. Normal was big too slow. It did slow down honeymoon he mama slow. I. And Jose is Jose a couple of it was agony come over and goes out with one of those rabbit punches like McGregor. Little pattern is on the not a club at the George Foreman. Jan I keep your slump current. But who. How important bit don't go about. It. It. Religiously and it. Did well a little scared are you. She I had. A group. Don't look at box. Five minutes to give up fight started. When all of this up yet to tell. Greg can. Do and this McGregor busy there's no way you wanna sell he's never gonna fight DOC and he's blown through this cast Rand. The greens on some yacht in the Mediterranean he is blowing through itself class. And maybe he's Macon mayor with a look rule. He could that's crazy these foods doesn't go back fight New Year's real quick for about five million dollars. Is a crazy do you. You lose X three you have three bites good. And we keep in practice can you do I I'm not really. Is he's going to be non motivated. IP I don't know. I do you. Only got motivated to fight Floyd does and he's worked on a couple of you know. Now only listen he's never done it before. Right that's our that's our role. Old fund that break. McCain's game got moved easily at Toledo on the Tony how are they out of the issue of October 7. And then a Georgia Tech game got moved from the twelfth to the fourteenth. That I fear the changes from there clearly on Thursday. Note Thursday night can't are. In order to play Georgia Tech amateur weakened toward toward full week of breast clinic is ultimately get that when. You see you make accommodations her if her for conference rivals you don't do for Arkansas State. And the F you know. Which officially declared associate the Sunday just recently now that could have done what he the F he'll ever have this much traffic to their website. Yeah. Really am and enlighten pay via website doctor Wilma ten years ago I don't know Hillary. Does sound to your. How's your bills like orange NATO is more. Important. And who were pretty. This month near you a discount. I shouldn't like. Wait. For I'm. Not really paying border and not on how would pay for. I understand I want people song now tablet computer. Where news and I pay for our. Almost our terminals on oh okay. Now have to go spend an additional. Amount of money. Who insurer. Then have a service got to pay 500 miles. Crazy. Its role and I. Crazy. You can't they. Play and did you see. Your paper services rendered. A friend. No service happening. I need to figure out just in to note I know I you know. This is. Like good guy enhanced. How. We're supposed to come. We know. You yeah yeah it's. So we didn't get to ride as we guest on trees where we didn't get the I would we got rim rim must win for bolder than I've ever experience in any hurricane I've. Issued. I mean. I went to carry a guy like a couple of hours. Everybody went outside and look ray played and I've for a minute. Storm it was so we're. In. Britain that anyone. Notice minutia so until saw. Right now and to shenanigans. Patrick. Like I don't. Let's slow do you think I would have been open to. The global warming. You never gonna have more solar power than you need. I need global free him right now could. I how. You got power. See no no pop. It's a black what you did or. Didn't seem. There you go and I can be. A there were. Conveniently appeal overrule. A husband and if you. Eight. Brooke. I know good. Until my neighbor told me last time. Did you realize we didn't have power. Values happening with the community because you have such a secure community. This thinking no way there's power out there you have to wait on the bottom of a priority. Get us and we. Will that's it so everywhere I've got to come in all of a fancy escape that turns from red agreement lifts on your politically and that's extra money for light that's indeed because once that gate opens and sort of short carpet from under again. Evil ago. Our top dog. Nugget. Relentless and some eyes and look at Hurricane Jeanne in two dozen more Jose is doing the same. Alan welcome Mark Ingram tired and Perkins can go lower gains what I believe I don't our agreement encyclopedia. Would know. Oh you never had do you want. When young grad do you want all excuse to I had I used the Dewey decimal system don't talk about inside the pier where you have to give information. And have Internet. Our. When I went up to write a story when you're in them at school. You have to go to real encyclopedia in the library I'm Tony Blair and yet don't like change a couple of words didn't want copy a war fought. Are. There. It does happen I had a bunch of academics like diesel users who were too region and that it scans the Internet. There were jealous I can get my information faster in the orchard view an image but several references none of them could be on the Internet. Did you you didn't they want and they want it I believe it was cold and Italy are graphene. Yeah I want to read the tea tails out of the publishers cause in awe of what book you got this from. Honeymoon. A man and a packet. All non. Crucial question in our home. Shouldn't. Technically. We're not rating. Reduce or stop at three. Our arrogance on. Aren't. OSHA curious where you have really go from. Blame people would excitement and fun tour. Our did not only do we have set to play at 3 o'clock. At. I mean K Goldie as we don't we M already have and I got our program coordinate longer on importing employees and share that he's planned out what to do the next hour. He has two yes it did yeah. This guy who should I schedule less than a tablet next week if you're telling me. Brian London. Had no more to do released two hours. There are just waddle but if you tell me he's had no work to do these last two hours being on a regular show. I gotta think he's come within maybe. A leadership should just. Do we. All and we're well. And he's had enough though I got to assume there's programming paper that electricity is good and you charge it up all you divisive. Look I guide wires got all out of my bag got. My daughter as well I've read I got an extra charges about. Oh yeah I am ready. But their computer. Right you can charge your phone up like wartime. Yeah yeah letting go home and you hotspots.