9-17 Aqua & Orange Pre-Game Show Hour 1

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, September 17th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Seventeen aren't good and orange pregame show is all season will we get you ready for the Miami Dolphins. And also previewing the rest of reaction across the National Football League I'm your host Greg likens broadcasting live from seven on the ticket in our studios here. In South Florida and I'll be joined for the next sixteen weeks that's right sixteen weeks straight. Without a five for the dolphins by DJ Williams former star linebacker at the University of Miami. First round pick in 2004. Had a successful eleven year career with the Broncos. And the bears are here and frequently during the week you're on 790 the ticket and where police and he'll be providing his insight experience and personality. The okwu in Orange pregame show throughout the season DJ man it's good to have dolphins football back are you doing the Sunday morning. I'm no great men and yeah. Carla postpone this pain and out of nowhere here. A weak one for the dolphins week to forward you know the charges but. I'm excited. A little different spin. All you know on this year and what I wanna do is every week I wanna give you a word of the day. OK I hang around the young guys photo you. 330 demo new. Dodged a young solemn airman you Wear much talked to Von Miller anger around which you know might pick me the young guys that you whim I get my haircut I think you meet a young boy curtains so. Each we don't wanna give you word today with the young guys in the locker room using today's word is the bad back to back that means you get me. So we're trying to help the best pregame show because next year wouldn't wanna get. The bag the bag her let her own and show I don't remember the wrong business for. They don't miss so I want you to use the back okay correctly all right okay yeah I'm silence a personal challenge their current give me on my toes there's really get going here also wanna mention that was part of our game day crew every week is our executive producer Antoine Jefferson. Happy to have him on the ozawa glasses we get it going year by. You set a guardian today the dolphins will open up the 2017. Campaign there 52 season of football. In Los Angeles against the recently relocated chargers. Kickoff is set for for a fire from the Stockholm senator. And despite the fact it is Wii two across National Football League. The dolphins playing their first game of the season due to extraordinary. Extenuating circumstances that week one contest as we all know by now. Wood is postponed and rescheduled with the Tampa Bay Bucs to November 19 due to hurricane Irma which ravaged the entire state of Florida and beyond. With that being said I think we should start by saying we hope everybody in our audience is doing all right and is recovering safely and hopefully if there any losses there was just material and that she can move forward. And hopefully we can provide. A well mediated. Diversion from everything that doesn't transpired this week is re getting to football here. And in the midst of all this the dolphins haven't been in south Laura getting ready at their daily practice facility they've been out in Oxnard California. Utilized in the cowboys' practice facility. Getting ready to goal for this upcoming season so DJ let's begin there the dolphins. Are relocated. They didn't kicked out of South Florida displaced because the storm how does this affect them as they enter today's. I mean actually I don't think that in effect on May actually helps them home you know would everything that's going on here. In the city. I mean it's from from the from the big issues to the smallest issues you know. A lot of people don't have power and you know air conditioned things like that name you know for them to move out there. And get away from what I wanna hear you you hear blocked out to know ace and you know. It's your type of business what the show must go long and so for them to go to California Khan a block out the noise and prepare. Any kind of get adjusted and accustomed to. Again they're gonna play I think it was a great move by the coaching staff of course you know players are still worried about their families and things like that here but you know. Armas passed through. Foam you sit and hope everybody's safe. We're rebuilding the city again but you know now is time for some football so big it was a great move for you know the coast to move the team out there so they can pull some little bit. It is inside the locker room because as we know be the NFL calendars such a you know what's is Super Bowl wins you've got no long offseason but now. Even more more it's a busy week DOT gays and offseason workout program and your training camp you get the pre season games and all it all builds up to week one then we all know that date for months and months and months and all the sudden the whole cleansed and the Buccaneers find themselves not actually playing. The first Sunday of the NASA put bully how anxious do you think those players argue on the football and. They're gonna be very anxious and just like you use you you mentioned the buildup and that's why you see a lot of times and at week one spot. Super young guys there there are guys that have been Wheaton. Their whole life for this moment. Yet the pushed back another week so they're going to be young guys that are gonna get out here they're gonna be so anxious. Just just you know and anxiety and nerves Tribune. Or some mistakes. Because you've you've been waiting for this time you know wait for his moment you know they're gone they're lucky that they made a team this year to get guys open imprint. They're guys you know towards in your career and they're all excited so. When you get out there you can't help but to be anxious. About this moment they're going to be more as a team. Count already got those shooters out Brett you know team that has a week on them and have made adjustments. You don't steam comes into the season with an idea to eat this is why wanna be. So the charges came into the season a solo who want to meet. Guess the Broncos may be do what you gotta make some adjustments. So did they they had. The chance to make these adjustments and you look at the golf they haven't done an idea so they're gore gets a team that has made week one adjustments dolphins are coming here very fresh. They certainly are brand new you know if you win the chargers. First your head coach made that point this week now I well I wanna lease preparers is by saying did he was very sympathetic towards everyone affected by the hurricane city didn't. He didn't say this to come off as crass or like he didn't understand there was this huge natural disaster that occurred when he mentioned that the dolphins are the freshest team the National Football League and also said that the chargers already disadvantaged. Because they don't have any regular season game film of this year's dolphins squad so I'm curious to. Do you think he makes their points about that is the chargers are preparing for the dolphins. Not really to be honest it isn't until week the way the way you watch film NFL. Before you prefer prepare for game is you watch three games because you can't watch one single game and think that you've got a team digger don't understand. So in week one of the season. Teams usually do is. It's easy to PCs. You look at. The third receiving game because that's were starters are and that's what a team will show a little bit of their playbook. Would you would you go to do if you look at the last three games in you have to make adjustments and realize that. You know players changed this and that so. I don't I don't really think there are disadvantaged because they're around the same boat because there's no way to the chargers showed their whole playbook in week one against a Denver bronco so cut so. EE NRA is kind of equal pleasure. Well Allred data mine we will continue over the next three hours to discuss. The fact of the dolphins were displaced that's a big story line they have sixteen straight games which is Abu once before also that he tells that a little bit later also lets you know are coming up in a little over an hour from now we're gonna go out to LA and check in with Chris Perkins in the South Florida sun sentinel of course years seven at a ticket. In a couple of hours from now we'll check without a Beasley who's seven and a tickets dolphins insider from the Miami Herald but in the meantime we a lot of insight. From DJ Williams and a little bit later on we'll tell you when will also takes your phone calls as well but. TJ since. Today for the dolphins is a kick off a brand new season for football you overriding question which I'm sure we would discuss a week ago had we had a pregame show then. Is how the team will follow up an excellent ten win season which word is led to a playoff appearance for the first time since 2008 in Adam Jason's first year. They try to build on that get their first shot to do so this afternoon what are your general expectations considering what we saw a year ago. Well the good thing about it is. There's a desert there's a trust factor has been built a problem when you get a new coach when there's a coordinator. Position coach head coach is. You get the team to buy it and we saw last year start off pretty rocky. You know with the dolphins what gay stayed firm. With he's met big. Where is it. The way he won his team to beat the big old you see Jimmy. Because. Used to plan is gonna work. It may not work the first day may not work the second day but trust is gonna work in slowly as the season when will you saw them they go when they wouldn't winning streak. And so now what you have as you have a team that believes in their coach. And believes in his philosophy and so now. You go into games the team has this competence. It's not like you know I don't know who we are what are we as a team whatever. When a coach says some great and I have this confidence where the coast gets in the game plan they believe. Whole heartedly that. If we secure. What's given to us by our coach we should come away with a big. Chris got the track record so he must reconcile war Glasser and wanna Forestar guerrilla bounce back from that make the post season. Now I think if we're tired. Rewind say two months ago the very high expectations for this team yes and part of that was because Ryan Taylor hill seem to play his best football. Under the tutelage of Adam gaze but of course we all know the biggest difference between. The start of last season started this season is that right tanning Hillis suffered this season ending knee injury in a non contact situation. In practice just a week into training camps so. You're old teammate Jay Cutler. Hey Carly let's go to the value is okay who's retired. Okay new steps away April broadcast Booth went out of gates isn't Paula says oh by the way we'll give you ten million bucks as well complacent quarterback so he today it will become the eighteenth starting quarterback since Dan Marino retired. And a former team in New Jersey no lol what are you expecting from Jay Cutler and his first start. You know what I'll I'll be insane miss this whole time that. You know he's coming in here. Without any pressure. You know when he was in dimmer is the first round pick. We use in Chicago he was the face of the franchise. He's coming in here. Not as tobacco and roll when he's he's he's he has a new start a new leap and to be honest. I know he didn't like to win his career in that the reason he's back people questioned why he come back. What they had to give them this amount of money he didn't know he didn't decide listen he's a great competitor. And when you break competitor this your legacy we're talking about. And you realize he's coming in here. With a familiar face. A coast that he's been under before a guy that he understands. And I think he's gonna he's gonna try to make an adjustment to his legs he doesn't win in on the legacy that he didn't Chicago. That's true I can't imagine anyone wouldn't. We're quickly we will talk more budget color not only today but as the season rolls along obviously with him being the starting quarterback went. He has this reputation. Of being aloof. Brass ring a malcontent sometimes just his body language comes across the wrong way and maybe that's misleading. How did you find Jacob would abuse a team. You know way it is very misleading because. Specially made I've seen the bid the two sides of Jack again. I was in December when we drafted him. Saw some coming in as a rookie. And I solace came in his cocky. She loved you wanna have in your quarterback confidence. And I saw a buildup listen in the locker room he's jokes Turkey's week. It's K it's a very small. But inner pain style teammates always loved him he he reminded me accident Jake Plummer because I was like that one I'll remember. Did always loved Jake Plummer but it did love Jake Plummer but everybody on the team were to wall for Jake Plummer and there was that way I mean you have a Tom Brady's you have the Peyton Manning's you have those type quarterbacks that are shaking hands kissing babies you know doing all right being. His body language didn't show. Or did expressed that he care. What he did care and you know as you saw later or his career he he tried to make adjustments to that because. You face a franchise you that you're the you're the quarterback people were saying these things are you got to act like you care. And things like pet but when it comes to him he loves football he's a competitor. He's a great guy and a lot of groupies toggle guy that you lift weights went out there you go have a burger and beer we'd heat shield you young week. When you're a quarterback you got to be able to relate to everybody critique from the Carter to the linebacker to the third string pull back to. They. Practice squad guy and he was that guy he was in Denver and Chicago. I saw all of the someone of the change not a lot of that because he had a lot of pride he understood that. He possible form in the way he wanted to so it's hard to meet Lyle. They AM boisterous. Wind you know that you're not doing what you need to do and so he kind of went to Sharyl lexicon a lot I didn't notice that. Well it's enter sensor he made that evolution because of the circumstances described. Which. Cutler and ask and that's while until the people all year. Bad. I I think actually I might be human dart board Ahmed submits would LeRoy a decent Arum yeah. You know I after the ostensible around to create. Touchdowns less then. Seven inner there's a good role. I endured what territories numbers here sort of looked it up and basically the best that I may they say it. That's going to be his best season so far this and that's huge gimmicky wow. Because people understand when you're a player in your happy and you have that added stress. You get to play freely. We talk about skill set. There were aired rock who skills say and what I tell people you you give him a gunslinger mentality. And what I told him was or I told people about it because you have to game he will always call may also was coral we. Austin listen. Great talent. Smart individual puts in all the work. But he's a gunslinger I think he gets to the line. He looks or the defense. He knows what covers very. Keynote what is chicken what is it just minutes. He drops back you know he's supposed to go left because that's what the defense is telling them. A legal right to know why. Some J. League cup. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. In an area and that's that's made him his whole career when you have a great. When you have great orchards and tell it like fat a lot of times you're willing to take chances and you can't beat that out of when we had transmit. Tressel and basically it hit a great he had a great here we're trust me forty got hurt trust and basically said listen we're gonna put a great game plan together. He says. I watched the games she says Jay Cutler you go Jay Cutler fifteen times again. He says his mama do. Only did you go Jay Cutler five times if you go only Jay Cutler I order restraining if you go Jay Cutler five times. To have a great year. And he bought into it before he got injured he was governor gray here. Does rain a little bit yeah just just future you you can't tell that you don't do this right. Would you wanna say listen I'm giving you five times to go off the reservation and do whatever you wanna do. Well don't coordinate. You'll increasingly see how many times says we watch the game today he does that door we perceived that he does that. As he makes his debut for the dolphins got so much more talk rose when Jay Cutler the rest of the team. Man as I mentioned coming up between now and 1 o'clock wesun off the year old Czech who Chris Perkins check where that Beasley both out now label also Propofol months little delay in Iran. But up next really shifter focused to today's dolphins' opponent the San Diego all Jose at Los Angeles stronger threat is that we're that's a strange one right there is DJ who will break down. The key matchups and players in this one we're just getting started here's your listing of the AM seven I need FM 1043. HD to detect. On the Los Angeles. It's time for days I. On the opponent has taken a closer look at the chargers LA coming off its 44 11 loss on Monday Night Football to the Broncos. Game in which the. Wolves trailed and then rallied from. 24 to seven down to have a shot to force overtime but kicker young wait cruise 44 yard field goal was blocked which is 12 remaining. And the chargers open the season at all on one. DJ having spent the majority of your career in Denver your very familiar with the chargers in the organization. Person wall. We mentioned miserable for what to Brent but how strange to see this team now playing football in Los Angeles as compared to San Diego. You know what is that it's very strange and sometimes you hate when the business. Takes precedent over you know the actual game spore because I'll be on solutions that the charger fans were mace. And you know I would go there you know once a year removed for nine years straight and they were amazing they supported their team. Com. And ace is tough because. You have a fan base loves routine but for financial reasons why like. Look at LA now LA has two teams threat telling us it and then moved 45 minute two hour away. And here you need to commit prayers commute. Via public. They don't feel like their team. You're admitting they do is they just really don't feel like it's their team in you have you have a franchise with a great legacy and you change the name. You know it was it was it was heartbreaking bomb you know Shawn Marion he he didn't understand you know. But will the San Diego fans travel to LA that's what that's what's gonna be interest and let. Show must go so how how how angry and our set of plans gonna be because it is still their team is just an hour away. Well if their ticket sales for the season opener are any indication I don't think anybody from San Diego was player travel from the game because. Personal chargers are making their Los Angeles debut as this new franchise pace in LA. At this stove on center which is a 27000. Seat MLS stadium that's home to the LA galaxy and as of a couple of days ago there were still tickets available now to the season opener now and then that's better sense in years past DJ we've we've criticize. You know the dolphins fans at times like oh it's not a full stadium back when you know hard rock with out any doubt that he's some all right yeah 127000. So. I don't know what this says about football Los Angeles the ability to have two teams put. Just in general who can you remember a time when you played in it the DC area that's small here's the problem. It's over all get into the stadium a small but here's the problem. We had this problem when I was here in Miami. Play college in wheat in Florida state of Virginia Tech obese or bowl wasn't sold out you know why. New moon on a Saturday. There're so many things in Miami and South Beach pulling you away. From watching you will beat you own temple. In Los Angeles is a similar seat. Is great whether you around. There's beaches. This festivals there's all topic between gains and know when you think of it from a brand perspective it's OK our drive. Department's two dollars tickets are hundreds of dollars Omaha for five years. That's another 4040 bucks I'm gonna have a hot dogs popcorn that's another 3040 mug next thing you know he has been Greek origin dollars. Where hey we consider house. Washington game I don't get caught up in in the traffic. The game is not good it does not entertaining and go here and do what I wanna do. You know you're about to piece together put 45 dollars and we can order domino in order pizza for it sold you if you have a lot of challenges. Pitcher facing where new R&B is not Green Bay. You know. It is not Tennessee. And got knocked it in these cities but it. You know there's so much to do that poor Joseph away from the gang insulting to us what we're seeing with the LA. And and I'm Amanda talk about Ali fair and but. I'm originally from California. And drink pop and either this or don't you shoot a lakers if you look at Jack Nicklaus Isaac. Notice I love the file Jack Nicholson lately nobody can carry it does not show lord all people will come people come. So similar markets and these sank a South Florida this Southern California. I hate to admit this because Erden Donald could soon make a comment about despite. What when was the last time you can call your football crew you've played Eddie stadium that. Seeded 27000 people professional. Yeah remember that ever happened us could ever happen. Net or won't you hear what is why here we went up that we play temple. And I mean I don't know how this went down that we end up live mail room. We were at my dear dear dear. Dirt track you'll you'll attract an out of fuel I don't even know what what do you have the big Gator Merrill intermodal Phil. In Hollywood wrap around Nokia data might have been like 171000. And to be honest. It was. It was hard to give up. Really you don't have football game you order you wrote you are golden instincts it's loud as pressure screaming this is now they're you could actually. Have a real conversation with the guy next to you it's like a practice almost like a scrimmage. What what what the charges have been selling is. Oh we're gonna have distinct pact to go to between somewhat thousand it's gonna be a college atmosphere it's gonna be screaming to the other teams not gonna have a normal tickets are sold out. Are they know not soda angeles' Jack is still tickets available. Soul man there you have here it's its army and let us say they they tried a hybrid up they tried to sell it. It gave me even rivers got behind me you know we each. That's what he said earlier new year olds can be great college atmosphere that is being brought in when it does not you really feel because you're on the grand stage. You burn. Right to be there. And you do you gotta complain almost like oh division one double lady who bring you know but there are a lot of that has to do with. I don't think they were confident that if they went to big boy so medium they can give you do in just because let the good the charger fans because he got eight. 08 people arts or your stance. Suzanne Wright in charge of prayers are basically boycott and so. Got into the. Well I'll I'll be anxious to see and hear at least from our managed one watch guarantee you'll far enough and so the reporters were there what that atmosphere is like and later on this afternoon. Our let's get down as an actual football today. You facing game plan for Philip Rivers numerous times over the course of your career. What makes him so effective in how do you envision the dolphins trying to defend him today. What makes him effective. Is he's a great leader. He's a great leader he's very charismatic. He's tough when he's not he's not he's eased she's probably as a quarterback you probably want the words and leads you can probably see. Coming. Out. How I would love to see him and Palmer began to race I mean there seems like he has dreamy braces on like you know what he runs he looked like your draft a tricycle. He's a competitor. If he can sling their big ugly as is our motion is so I would ever he can sling that change in what he's able to do is. He's able to give his team to rally in believed in him and you saw last week with the Denver Broncos know they were down almost what was twenty some odd points. At one point or around Toledo is slowing a subtle yet reports and game. Did you look at Islamic we got it don't worry don't worry you have some quarterbacks or trade that in doing. And teammates look at what little dilemma basis blow us over the when he says like hey. I got you couldn't. When he's one play you honestly believe so we could again with him. It's never over viewsonic fit in and you know I was I was and evacuees. Last week and saw where I went to Atlanta and because of the storm traveled bear my ma in my hotel room. This game was born in a not so we don't lobby in Washington aimlessly game you don't know watching the games 1130 and I see the school oats or I'd go upstairs. How would cover next imported. Steel ears pinned it down to the wire do you think she and and I told muscled men. There's still murders may you never count is gone now you never kill this guy he would search. It is sad because you know. I want a Pakistan born where he he's probably not gonna get Super Bowl. But in my opinion expressing his air. You got things he was would demanding and Iran's murder. I think he's better than bowl little Scots. But because he doesn't have that she doesn't have that rain. He's probably our place in the conversation goes yes. Waksal and a draft class do you think just as a pure quarterback rivers is better than big bend me on met. Why can't rewrite he will not have long. Learn and so. The rookie symposium is basically every got to get strapped to. Basically the NFL has a three or four days being way bring UN technically be new rules or regulations or whatever it is somewhat of an goods. Try to did you just to be a professional player and we got there we would do. They would do. Not invincible we wish we would do own little drills but. No just bonding bill dean. Type of things and you know would be like hey you don't continue Cupertino now remember we had a role in his 200 and. LaMont got Tommy contribute. On the numbers and Dion I don't know what I've probably had another but it thereby trying to figure out to hey hey hey. Listen you don't do we guys over here nobody here he's at you beach accrue your year and I'll watch this guy. Does the rookie simple as a rookie symposium. Eligible boom. A hole all. That doomed to. And everybody respected him and you start putting guys in place and it it wasn't pushy. It was it was so natural for him because he looked around he's also this entails going to be some direction. They wouldn't start talking to God's got a lot of he'll he'll sue or else all of us who does come here. Posted this guy he's a leader. A bulk quarterbacks out of all the extra push them either. A message you got to add him as quarterback well. He is today British should everybody start the way were expecting will be one of four former NC state quarterbacks. To make his start today in the NFL if you include Russell Wilson who started his career there and well now Wisconsin doesn't count oh yeah he's a sigh as he wouldn't have mattered if you play baseball America this is my Glen in an injured cobra set who's set to start for the colts are very slow before and at least played at NC state and the quarterback position. Well we got a lot more toggle with a chargers a new one as was the defensive side of the ball. Are but I meant until I am listen to fill reverse stories all day up from diesel sold so that's good ones and in order to some more I. Oh yeah well well hold and it will either cool so he's beyond those and I never miss Brooke good the defense is so the ball Almonte has been made this week about this dynamic. Pass rushing duel for the chargers. Joy bolsa Melvin Ingram each coming at quarterback prepare account for eighteen and half sacks last season. Just how potent do you envision this LA pass rush green today gets adult. I mean we're good let's talk about most are first. These special. And there was a lot of there was a lot of our own him you know they talked about this easy quick you quick twitch and all these tablet being isn't. All the subway you know wondering was he was effort guy. That's what they were German label you know because he went to wal spider Cha Ohio State coach are labeled them as Africa. Do you see him now on Sundays. When the coach instead he has only in the bill team. They wouldn't put him in certain situations got to stop him he's not he can block can be one award any he has got motor. And what you see is here showcasing his actual OOT. Before it was he got Bob because he's just hustles and months of the ball this totaled two guys you. The guys this guy's very skewed and so when you got a guy does that skew you got to give them a lot of attention and that's why Ingram. Is getting off now. Because both those. Take it up so much attention when Alford has come out your your hate running back when you go out chip him this net so so get no one wants. So now it is coming you can think about great duel you go Von Miller Elvis Dumervil. All you can go I'll go you go to real slow tumor when you have two guys some that are good. But one guy's this and doubts. You have to game play and put that guy which you do would you tell. Whatever it is a right or left tackle you're your own you gotta you gotta you got out you know holds true. You got a guy like Ingram he's the dot com he's got to make plays so when you look at this pass rush man. They're getting out to the quarterback and I hate. Mock you Wimbledon he didn't Bill Perry is nothing to gain because. K new look he he knew he was progressing in the right way when you look. The team respected them. End you don't Mike Nolan wasn't as a and you know Albert told Mike Nolan whenever about the keys on this and keep. It is like you know how to give him his kid just dumping someone is that he is a ball he won't play team respects in order to be in his third year and he kind of had a deep his brow leading gore Rooney had their bad swagger. Swagger. Talking got a huge piece that's missing in this game. Well yet did so Carmen blog back in core perhaps not what it could be once they get to full health flow rule quickly wanna mention. That there's there's two like common opponents outside the division that the dolphins just keep getting on the schedule the ravens. And the chargers these two teams this and the fifth consecutive season in which they played each other which seems odd and why the dolphins are charged playing so much. Miami's won three of the last four in the series we'll see if they can make it four out of five. But today and the chargers it is worth noting lost eight games by seven points or if you were last season including. That lost the dolphins 31 to 24. A year ago up next we're an all around the NFL we get DJs take on the notable matchups in week two and examine the AFC east. That's coming up next year on the okwu on orange pregame show on am seven idea Napa model for three HD to the ticket. Greg like kids. It's always season opener against the Los Angeles chargers won reminded me coming up. Next hour we'll check in with its. It's a Los Angeles with the first Perkins from seven idea in the sun sentinel also overlook fault lines the tail end of next hour security questions or comments. Regarding the dolphins the National Football League that will be your opportunities we get in Iraq to review. The audience and. 12 o'clock hours of fantasy football talk can also speak with Adam Beasley but right now we're to go around. The NFL and let's start the AFC east it's odd after eight. We in the National Football League dolphins still haven't played games you look at the standings and they're zero and zero but there are firmly in second place right now and I had and we rarely ever save this info Obama but technically you're their half game out of first pick so I guess. They don't have a game on the schedule I. And with the pitchers haven't lost writer Melissa thanks so you look at and the Buffalo Bills. Release for this week's standalone. And one annul an atop the division standings. And the patriots last week too in the NFL kickoff team stunned by the chiefs and till opening night. I wanna re wind today opening night what did you make of the new wing when losing that game in the fashion that they get. Peers and to me. It's doing. And they always fix issues there they are one team that won't fix their issues. And they can lose the next two games and be only three. In 213 and three there that's who they are their New England they don't panic. Home. If it be if you look at the game. I I did. Also evacuate. And at some logic and do we really goes up to number he does is paying whatever up another New England around me I go to sleep wake up next day. I see your score. What's the good young runner but I'm not. Seat he just went pale went crazy I. There like oh what happened here but no one did not gonna panic they don't and embraced what happened would there ms. Didn't execute their game plan they didn't they didn't sustained because it they would continue doing. What they were doing in beginning game dude that blow. It took to put off the gas pedal may relax a little bit sometimes that happens but. Those all season they were talking about OK anyone as they they they they won't ship. Look at all the moves they made all season they got so much better probably Odyssey back 190 all these things whatever it was due to the lose the first game. Now now that precious altered. Aimed at me they got one and one of the better leaders artery tubby didn't and I think has the ship's governments are gore right direction. Can't tell that to you not know disease and had as long as well even greater there yeah yeah I mean that's that's what it's still it is ominous senator Biden's listen right now. It will be an AFC's Jim should I don't care as low as let's say this together with Tom Brady. There will be an AC Jemison didn't. Elsewhere in the division the bills take on the Panthers today in Carolina the jets visit the raiders. And looks like Newark New York is incomplete tank motives it feels beat them on these are literally months. Jet Somalia hall Berrian like I don't get the bad news bears saw it. What would quit the movie come out what movie Kamal light. It's been awhile but the jet is jets are like the bad news bears say serial way and then as long as the colts don't have Andrew Luck to me those two teams may be vying for that position for the number one overall pick. Yeah ninety can only sit and none and I'll I'll I'll I'll go our limited and I'll tell you it does going to be. Sam don't. Now suggesting that game last night them don't even even though the Mark Jackson. Should give Heisman because he's got to put the same numbers as he did last year but the problem isn't he can't. Do what he did any peaks in the Mark Jackson has a game where he. Growth for 250 Iran for 75 yards that's a good got some great guy right out of Lamar Jackson. He need to throw for 3-D. The jets are just terrible and that's why I can't respect the bills right now because you don't just. Who you beat up. Right and do it and it got to. The real test today USS. Yeah. Are you want to review some of the big games arena C on the schedule today and the patriots will play at the saints that should be a good game between a couple of aging blood. Very prolific quarterbacks in Brady and Brees put let's focus on your former team for 25 kick. Wanna know cowboys gold to the mile high city to take on the wanna know Denver Broncos. That is probably the marquee matchup between 1 and 4 o'clock games. How do you break that one depth. There so. When I saw was. Trevor Ximian. Opened up a little bit taken torched. And be you don't you you you think it's just chalk talk between you Jose looked taken up fourteen may. And Auburn among all the time because well he's got us beat speak with rarely. And you don't days a quarterback he's a great leader says all the right things but as you watched they get him. Amiable leader Sidney it may be able leave it there like. Blow smoke. A little smoke now this you know this guy who want jobs and they really believe they can get it done. Because they're easy it's so great. And I don't wanna say game manager. EE es don't eat as a professional you don't want to be a manager of anything. You know you don't you don't wanna commend them just kind of doing. My little duty in this is what it is. You wanna take part you were head to. And it seemed as. He's developed he's grown a little bit and he's taken that next step in now that gives the they they didn't realize like we know we are gonna have to win games 10713. Know whatever he it's like our office could score. And if you if you look at some of throws or he may Woodward the mayors Tom as you saw that. There are some. Some chemistry going on there. And the guy was taken shut outs and he was fiery run in the ball do would. Nadal and it's it's it's like now you understand because what can I would work nobody knew who he was. You know late draft pick the whole nine should or shouldn't you know god can do for now is Dave Wright hey you know I. My mama mother muscles is to limit them is why is this guy. Now. The children are old do you attribute. It is usually. Well he's certainly held off Paxson way to choose a first round picks so as a seventh rounder out of northwestern one of the apostle. Well. That's a stranger who has also though. You know one he's probably outside and out stories probably in the best situations let's system for himself and he got the money any of the money so it's kind of about literary world that was your chance. This is. We spoke about it. We spoke about earlier that was your change some used the word money he would could did you use he got the bag got back I you don't. He doesn't know what I gotta do yeah look I got one remind don't worry I'll broke quickly Sunday Night Football I think this is the best matchup of the weekend. Hackers and wanna know visit the falcons are wanna know. The falcons are opening up their brand new I don't believe resilient Brazilian. And this is a rematch of the NFC championship game which Atlanta one so Aaron Rodgers and his crew looking for some revenge yes it's got it was highly emotional we you don't believe that Leonard this. They had the game. Well and they don't apply at all to cover him back home Greek. None. I don't seize even win. They made two Super Bowl. But just between near my friends special dog doesn't like I was like this so the ball and let us is don't believe I don't believe that they can win the Super Bowl. And you got many eyes great player I just when you look at their defense and is there and dieters had been growing pains on his doting dad they've developed enough. And Aaron Rodgers is one wanna mess until people all time. Is probably alters the league he's the best player I've ever gonna get. We can do it all and not Toby Bloomberg he's so good that while you're out on the field he makes you enjoy being out there with them even as he's. Shrink and you know he's such a competitor. If you stack up. He gets a Allred you've got beat slug you but if you miss the fat. Why he makes his juke move. Up here this week in and you get yeah you get caught up in it took like this this. This school days you know how they're just play a grass which bought it you're just you can forget the job is for sure like every. Hold a live because you just haven't followed. So with him I I think is as deadly redemption thing going on. Yes easier tickets and personally I think it's gonna be a tour I don't I don't believe I don't I don't believe that homeowner okay well a year earlier they're gonna be all charged up because this will be the first falcons game they had a Mercedes grand stadium. Leonardo element that you read my hotel was why. Across the street from that things you can it looks great I'm out of what it's like a prism with. Which shapes into that things do you see the big falcons statue that outsiders that brings enormous. It is a beautiful stadium public is is that is that I mean nobody can outdo Jews were. It was J&J is series and try to play that being uploaded to close rock and maybe they because. The roof it's weird to you. I go home. Like when you take a picture of a camera the way the lid closes and opens him best often believe how the roof opens its its they just decided to go all allow. Would design an architect it's a beautiful place. The black foot not Home Depot monitored through there in Atlanta all right we've got a much more yet to coming up in the second hour of the program red checked in with Chris Perkins from LA. Also take your phone calls up next. We'll discuss DJ is area of expertise. The defects and with the dolphins need to do to be better this season right here on the I won orange pregame show on am 790 Napa moral force three HD Judith sic.