9-17 Aqua & Orange Pre-Game Show Hour 2

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, September 17th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Our number two the program and countdown to kickoff between the dolphins and chargers. From Los Angeles game time 4:5 eastern time. From the stuff home Saturn and a reset and you're just tuning in I'm your host Greg likens I'll be joined the next sixteen weeks straight. As a dolphins lost thereby because of hurricane are marked by DJ Williams a former star linebacker the university Miami number seventeen overall pick in 2004. By the Denver Broncos eleven years in the National Football League. Between the the Broncos and the bears in your frequently during the week you're on seven on the ticket. DJ rednecks sure from week to wait but now all finally see the dolphins in 2017. In the regular season for the first time also. Part of redeemed date T is executive producer Antoine Jefferson Romeo side of the glass. As we continue on here today. The dolphins will open up their 52. Season in the NFL. And despite the fact it's week two we all know that because of hurricane Irma. The dolphins had their team from week one with the Tampa Bay Bucs postponed and rescheduled. For November 19. And in the midst of all this. Going on in Florida as we recover from this storm the dolphins have been out and fox start California getting ready for this chargers match up. And we'll talk more about Jay Cutler making his debut in some of the other story lines but we DJ here. And him being a star linebacker wanted to talk about the defects last year. As a franchise the dolphins allowed. I knew worst ever imagine this a 52 season they've never been worse in terms of the yardage allowed 6122. Yards allowed in 2016. Thirtieth against the run at a 140 plus yards a game in 29 in total defense. At 383. Yards allowed per game DJ. I know what it's like it it's you I know there's life in Chicago teams and what what is estimated at Missouri let me do this because. You know what I'm retired. But lights that. Who moved. The lights of gloom and doom. And get asked to autograph but so sometimes already Obama talked myself out. I'm a boy muscle muscle dramatic there's some public doesn't written. So. I go to Chicago right. Great CD. Monsters of the midway know what is Chicago football know too great befits and a linebacker play linebacker right. You don't want to replace the Urlacher. When I first got Chicago from the first week. Actually month Almon tell the Chicago fans know who you'll pay. Urlacher backup pair by pat me on a bad idea premieres or give murder but didn't juror doubt it pizza Golota. Bumper Jewish Chicago. With the worst defense. In Chicago Bears history and monsters of the midway. On molds or stay. My second year Chicago. We were the second worst. It is a cargo air history. I think I think we were like 23 yards and one touchdown a one turn over there have been did you know oil. That that is that is sucks what does demoralizing a. You know from a friend. Hoping to do understand that no no no no player no team ever want to be a part of that. And you look in the locker room I looked at her keys. And into what it is like how was is happening. Sometimes you just don't jail. Annual football the gamble bit of an air in the gay it and see it did. And would they start going wrong. Will fall Long Beach talk about it candle can or worms you try to patch this whole this guy's covered this guy doesn't trust him at today's choice issue. And that's what a solid defense last year they did play well to get used to. Come on the golf has now there's trust issue. I'll meet you if you look at the roster up and down. They got the guys. You know while there's lot of talent and a lot of talent individual or a lot of talent. You know you got the shot coming back. You know injury big ally ya soon you get you got you got guys. I can make things happen but can these guys all do together complete wanna know. The break we spoke about and I said you don't is that they're saying read the wall twenty. Football saying that means we selfless. Don't worry about yourself the team is more important to whatever you got a new. Because nobody wants to one to a ball. I run to wall you do and that's what this team has to do. Well on Matt Birk is now in charge of getting everybody on the same page Vance Joseph departed in the offseason to take over the head coaching job. In Denver so the new defensive coordinator. What challenges does he face outside of the obvious you've got to improve and he says and light heartedly during the offseason workout program when asked they are you'd be better is a well we can't be much worse so. Oh they do all things Jolie go up but if if you are a team and the players this roster and you inherit a new defense according to what is that process like to get on the same pitched. Well. Again would anything. Is being in sports. Anything job occupation war. You know real well oiled machine has to be trust. It has to be trusts the players have to trust in the coach to coach has to trust the players and I don't know of the chicken egg what comes first but some denounced some and asked how. And what you give that more to get a team nor to get players to buy into what the coaches salad. Just the only time in a way you can succeed and be successful. And a lot of times it's everybody could have their guard. Because when you get some new everybody's accustomed to what they had an old. So. You know from the meetings the way the meetings go from the break to the walk through today as to almost two dozen lists everybody's gonna pull back. Players won't win. And to be honest and a week later everybody knows the B Lipton you wouldn't say it's the toughest football. They've ever being just with the means a structured the Walter H is tough. By because the women players are willing to go through that sole. If you're winning. To do just about anything but it all starts with the trust soak the gossiping has to be built in and tell you that doesn't get built during the offseason. It's parts of the foundation but is it to you get into a flyer. It is good or you get into a gay in a tough situation. Game. Eat your coach coach Jim Truman and he steals he trusted you and vice Versa visited Tel you have. You don't you have you have a young guy Dutch Charles Harrison and you have a deep it's called in the adjustment is Harry. But most are you got to take them so that's it. If you tell the coach believes. Added that just happens that hitters can make play. The team grow until they you don't you don't have to think. Got to build a mutual trust souls see the authority of the fire today against Phillip rivers not offense we discuss a little earlier it is worth not noting that. Require MacMillan lost for the season now on its first special teams play. In the pre season Tony Lippman also offer of the year. Injuries sustained in training camp Rey Maualuga who they signed to play linebacker is out this week because of a hamstring problem that means. Michael hole won't get the start and middle linebacker alongside key goal Alonzo Lawrence Timmons now. Paul because of the way the NFL has evolved not expect him to play more than maybe 20/20 five plays because you're gonna go to the nickel and dime packages not have as many linebackers on the field but. DJ how would you assess this line backing core is a hole knowing some losses that theory sustain and even mention Nicole BC was lost from the seasonal forty media. Well. Let's talk a blow ray ray cloned Miller that was a great guy. You know there's this guy they got to cycle around this guy had first round how. And his law also sold shoes to his defense. Because it. It may even lime core better because the guys in their true natural causes Keiko. Great guy talented whatever but when I look at him he's more outside guys in the middle middle time. Slender frame slender frame. But he's so athletic he can you know when you play will linebacker. You can take that slot receiver in you know they go out double to decide you want to you can cover tightly and opt out like you know he played a lot of middle with him he wasn't being utilized would whip with McMillan. All the linebackers in their natural positions. When you when you lose him. In the end you know you over there. I wouldn't hydrated. Alou will will you do if you don't become bush haters are no I know is when you already come out ready to negro to young boy you pull ahead of me is little William. And so does this lose their stressful as linebacker crew but. You gotta be playing next to said he's got its. You know tip. Timmons is Terrence is one of them. The more studies that Gaza never play with and I mean played. Against and he's been doing it for a multi army doomed Greek defense. Great T pencils to lead them creepy. And so when you got to study vets for a guy that you know it doesn't have a lot of experience hall. Or. I don't I don't wanna say athletically challenged or anything like that. But he's a little underside yet a conspiracy right but. What happens is you get those guys around you persons do common continue in they're gonna give you tips. Pulled stuff stuff that you don't think as a as a as a as a guy who's never. Played a lot of bells I had to pull back every time you every time begins there's don't look to lift passwords don't. And Rebecca is. Veered this way with 200 of Atlanta. Outside the caller is going apple passed properties inside the guards right lake. Staying in a block. Those little things won't help you play a lot faster and better so it makes the game easier when you step into that and you surrounded by guys who have been there before. You mission Rashad Jones stock how much will his return bolsa was lineup because you can make the argument. That Rashad Jones when he got injured last year wasn't just the best defensive player for the door opens up an appointment had been are doing their best player on either side of the players. Whose leadership. You know when you look at the offers are slow ball. You know would we we need to go about that guy that brings us our connect energy who is clincher you know. You know as I. I'm not a little B ball this year. It. He's celebrated he's day as in almost every play ducks out of nuts yes we don't like. When you watched it can't. Recently celebrating his good meeting get the ball he's cracked Bacchus about it. Regular until the end I would argue especially during the Joseph film and Arab yet that they needed depth they need to because you weren't getting it from their head coach who shot Joseph knows that. Not as boisterous because his play was there. Anything you look at the dolphins' secondary. He can rally those young guys and get them going in the right direction my case. I don't care how talented you are and you get into the NFL you have to learn how to be a perpetual ladies get. And when you get a guy like that that is gonna bid to define. Those Joseph got the young guys don't listen to him before they listen to coach. You don't meet and could sometimes in the got to coach him you never done. He won't either to jam this guy could look to the outside spin back and Tom is the rustle of Muqtada Al size did nothing comeback it has got itself like a lock you'd like this could possible. I didn't hear the guys say they know. It was did you. It's a skill that you got to master you don't you don't have yet but it's possible it what's. They feel that it's possible that's what they can get better. Well you mentioned Chara slandering he's a guy that did not give the contract this off season so for him. This year he's gonna go out there is play for the Baghran. All solo. And up. Do what what's I would just say charters landry's play a new season but the back he's playing with the bank you are correct we got that word of the day and there. You know you are they just one reference I was late harvest did it here's here's attained. You know when we're on a show would LeRoy NBC we're talking. You about charm is my dream even brought his numbers. He's the top new. Personally I don't think he's gonna get back. Not at all or nothing would ultimately undone so no I don't know and I don't I don't. I don't. In Jordan where he's gonna get the bank and the reason that is is because even though he has all these great numbers. He doesn't threaten defects. You were there there in what I mean he doesn't written defense it's so. When your defense that meeting. Coach breaks down to guys would ever Obama has with a gonna say the good guy Jordan later yeah. He's gonna get six. Two lead to the game. Or off 57. Yard catch is oh I do is rally tackle has got. He's got a gig he's he's shifty can get a slot high energy he's he's got to get his does the Indians don't let this Parker can't. You consistent. When he goes. He's sixty yards over to copy your hate. That's the guy we can't let get out do you get off. This Christie also got great route runner. Talk. You know gold yarder in US will and so what I what I say so. What are they get a pill works is gonna try to low ball. Because they're gonna use those statistics against them right and his agent Scott are used you know his number Emmys catches and all those things in his favor. But the way the way that the pill works is what I did shoot forced cheapest possible. So. You do when he teeing area mega music again she does he deserve great. Yeah just as his numbers are there what is what is what is boy OB Jerry or get OBJ money no chance. Not real quickly DJ did a much re setting for anybody's just tuning in. And there in their hearing me say that Jarvis lenders plan for the bag and I don't know what that means it would do to get so inside here. So when we decide who switch it up to this year in every day. I'm gonna give Greg word of the day I got sienna I just don't I'll order number and I know a lot of young boys he's always words that bad meat you get muddy and paid sold just a word a day every day we're gonna get brick work I mean every side never give her work. Yes you correctly in the city. All right Mary go on and if we do this. Successful we will get a very very very very very small percentage really do. Libby elsewhere it was only deals in. There you go were were expanding or demographics here in the popcorn orange pregame show they coming up next Chris Perkins is gonna join us from Los Angeles also. Later this hour after the Perkins interview we're gonna open up the full luck so dearly questions for DJ. One talks in dolphins football that'll be your opportunity but coming up next Perkins will join us right here. On AM 790 and FM 1043 HD to detect. Getting ready. The dolphins and chargers mounting in Los Angeles kickoff at 405. Eastern time coming up next segment will be taking your phone calls so any dolphins critical questions you have for DJ. So myself let us know will be Big Dig your phone calls number 786360079. Needs. So right now we're you up the phone lines joining us in the Ryan fuels and bouncers who resource guests lined they're truly steps beyond convenient from. Los Angeles getting ready for this game is Chris Perkins dolphins beat writer from the sun sentinel can be heard. Every weekday right here on seven and ticket. From 47. Park. Always good to talk demand how's everything going around LA. Not everything is good meant everything to do it on target certain call be delivered to the ruling man. Okay well yeah yes. Still you can't go out are still no no pun intended is that right Deb bright may have but yet there. You know what I'm I'm look importantly in this crowd in this stadium. And my mom look important being the dolphins because 27000. Seat stadium that is an even expected to spell out there expecting 2425. Felled and that just that. That could go on in that spill light so let that. Sit in a red Butler and rep. You know mobile site is W tickets. But right yeah I wouldn't think Barry who could vote won't Mario people might try bit slowly slowly but it right from the president today. Heard what we talked about this earlier every DJ being you know former bronco for a long time facing the San Diego Chargers. How many times this week have you or will you between today and nice couple days mistakenly identified the charges being from San Diego. A you know love me love me in Curtis be have you school in our per our afternoon show we put five dollars in the pool every time we they let them go clear that like three time got a bit which which is shocking but yeah I'm Colombian pretty good about it so far. I'll tell you look at I mean like you always unloaded and you know do you. Do some studio and whatever it's not good for the incident but this is an improvement with his team that has a lot of challenges and screw and. Yeah yeah and Allen now with the equipment that you know it but LA's real like LA clippers what you see in good in the NBA. Another little another little layer and wrinkled that Martin looked chargers being. Right he had an abbreviation they'll throw you off the other big pay per car in George your article was sun sentinel this week good because defers much as we talk about the players. Being anxious to play the first football game after having to sit out. Next their last weekend I should say the fans just is anxious to see the dolphins players you wrote about. And there are whom there are some crazy stories. You know the people. Any room a cell phone trying to get cell phone reception to what still have bill being even. Are the guys that I thought to cause enough right date he had just gotten power back like twenty minutes ago. And down so he would bloom bet you exactly what in the charters Monday night game and don't know the chartered and so. There are people who you know who just one guy who. Look from Fort Lauderdale he drove to Orlando and whip I created Brothers then they decided to go to Colombian do some biblical he had full enough bill go yet if you would grab me in the range of Colombo all the stories from. People who know one guy had just gotten the direct ticket package. He lost power at 3 o'clock you will load dad though and you know we've beaten them walked all the game ball for hours reflux so. Yet the rain was just incredible about how many people at our partial power no power. Just yet the story vote Rockwell Florida. Heard so you know. The dolphins. Well tell Leo well early because Burma. You know so they basically were so broad direction what are your players and what are coaches saying. Some about a situation they say hey it was a great move. You know we're not gonna skip a beat or are things a little bit different and comfortable out there for the. You know what these and their player that bingo display in their play in that you know last year they they melt the California court. Port extended period between beyond. And Graham yeah. Yes and go left but what we're trying to play off like that like you know we heard we your out here last year too good you know it almost eight familiar setting nobody has created has been a disruption Adam gave cleared you know we we just have to play the pyramid built to look. But we're gonna be ready to play so. But you know you say they did idiom and usually you know a little bit unusual circumstance and I it. You know whether that's going to be a factor I think if we feel it but when it could be a factor I guess we'll we'll find out but I look after being the disruption it's just you could just got to throw you off your preparation and every buck you say you don't you'll end up losing in Brooklyn. Disruption in the preparation and it's. You know the reason that their child is not because Haywood played two teams on the West Coast. We're right here because her team in a lot of these guys have family members back here hey you know it's. Feel thankful everybody's safe and sound but you know. As a player you still wonder you still don't all submit their new friends are still won't new moon so it's kind of hard. To come up blocks that well because I know during their all time their down time. Players on the throne would dare they're girlfriends or wives or moms are afraid their families so they're there's definitely a disruption there. Yeah yeah they're real and you know what Ndamukong booed even split you know at some point you're gonna go back to reality your mind is gonna go back there so you know after her out of the meeting that after practice that you eaten. When when you look at that their own time yeah your mind a little back to the you can also look simple you know somebody. If somebody told you yet there was blood around your house and the value wondered about your car you know maybe they think you can picture the bigger guard okay. But you wanna go see it or you know maybe they create this three. Didn't do any damage to your Howell put you wanted to see for yourself why I think all that kind of stuff did got to be on their most. Chris Perkins seven I didn't think its very own adult what do writer from the sun settled joining us here on the apple and orange pregame show get ready for the dolphins and chargers little bit later on. This afternoon. We've heard all week perk did the dolphins are going to employ knew very transparent about it they know idol puddle up tempo offense and know that something good Adam gays wanna do last year but. Had to switch things up as the season went on went. In your opinion of the dolphins better equipped to run that style with Jay Cutler is the quarterback. Yeah I think they are are made and whether everybody can keep up with him and and and they talked about that and I know when Cutler first got there. That Adam gate was saying you know colored. Gonna go faster and these guys have to get used to go. It is not only took good note to the line of scrimmage did it make him look Rick reed then knowing where you need to go away in. And the adjustment in the pass protection and all that kind of stuff everybody have to be able to keep up fifth. You know if there's one thing it like six or seven guys and do it by it. If you get other guys can't do it if they're making mistakes will be on the whole being breakdowns though look as far as I'm willing to go with that is. They're gonna do it today. But is that going to be a beat them lone tree and I don't know because I'm not I'm I'm not convinced that there's too little pig but look do it at all let god. Well amid parliament zoo which I think was that the problem that they saw last series that. If you go three and out a couple of times in the defense is back don't feel too much then that did have a snowball effect in which can lead to the poor historically poor defensive numbers we saw last season. Yeah yeah exactly and you know what I'm numb really you know residency would Christine does what bill important today. Last year you remember they held them to seventy yards on 24 series he entered the game last year number three in the NFL in rushing. Anthony Williams did in running back coach the chargers coach got a running back coach since street. You want to beat. Melvin Gordon ball last week Melvin Gordon 54 yards and eighteen series they will establish him and go. That go into debt up tempo offense thing that you're talking about bridge did you get a couple three and outs. And they're able to establish the run establish nobody Gordon chew up the plot. Keep the ball. It is going to be really interesting what the door open to decide to do and then we all know that last year of offense got going well there are a lot of reasons that the dolphins got going that Pittsburgh game but you know they eat they eat they went through that they started doubling that started slowing things down a little bit and it's been producing work alone so. I don't know Christine didn't Hamlet will find out. Our Brcko a look so look big picture here as we and served in week one for the dolphins a week to across the NFL. What effect as they get going here which position group concerns you the most and which one excites you the most entering this first game. Well. Boy the one that concerns me the most that's a good question because the linebackers. And burn me. I don't know not to lose chronicle we hear the linebackers concern me that I don't look I think I think they're. I think difficult to detect the debug got Maya I got my coffee but anyway dumb yet over the linebacker concern me in the secondary also concerned speak. Which would concern me more probably. Probably the linebackers with my polling there just this BP can hold up repeat and get all luck. If he can make some day you know card back I guess you know plays at the line of scrimmage nor are in the line of scrimmage that's going to be thing with my call. Wouldn't fight me here where I get past the wide receiver my wanted to see what they can do are they. All three you'll be him boring to be eight a gain changing. And then they certainly have that potential but so we've got to see him live up to it now and then especially the bonds Rick Parker clear that. If you're the wide receiver is very exciting here as well and you know earlier I was always speak to a bridge game. You know people are worried about a home and you know what I told him is. The great thing is easy out there would to send edicts you have Keiko. You have Timmons and I told them that. You know we we can't get out the situation might do you do you have guys have been there before been to the farm bills battles. The knowledge they can give you will settle. A guy that hasn't been out there before sought out on the Leach he's got a he's he's got to have the mistakes gonna help us hiccups. And I think that. The thing isn't he's gonna have doesn't think he's gonna have a strictest in the worst thing is to go back to the huddle and look at the. Then again you know what each day we would like Columbo and we're not worried itself. Did you lump they make no mistake because we even lose either he football player are worried about the physical part of it can he get off the block and then. Because these cease such a small guy so him. Can he do that we. Do what it takes two to play that provision these. My goal of the Smart guy he's a good tackler I mean we see them go their own special being we don't have the interception against Sarah go to last year when he started but. You know will be. Is this guy able I'm sure he would be blockers and they played better but the thing that concerns me about Mike. Oh listen he's gonna have to do that goes yeah we you know we talk about the defensive line in front of them looks. And if you play it would be wouldn't call them all mobile big audience. And if do you does not hold enough blogs. He's seeing leads get that feel he's teeth all over and he's making a move. All who's ever in front of them to get the best coach there when that happens all the money just goes to the next level and he will be in my whole life. Feel I yup yup. Yes they did go to the end rather than BJ because we know about this run. Ever did they wanna be real important bowl so. You know. When women are out there in the end and in the field first and CNN. It better be prepared. Committed to running the ball what looked trooper Mike poll you have to make some plays out there. Chris Burke is joining us to always be right of the sunset of course heard every weekday from 47 here on seven and a ticket all right per dominant. Bring this up again he says nine in seven that was your prediction for the dolphins season. We're good there hurricane coming into play the sixteenth straight games and has your thought process change in terms of your prediction. Don't know I'm a minister and I didn't have Vietnam. Is obviously this gives comfort now they've they've obviously we cover bug eyes you know I think that. Given reasonable held you know they're gonna have become some season ending injury and he doesn't go to BL offered three or four weeks but given reasonable health. I think this we would very capable 197. You know the big question to me is going to be the defense and and Kim they make plays. Because again. They BA play making defense I don't think there's great or the Middle East Salem defense. From the state employee note you know they're gonna beat top half of the leave you know the road or. Anything like that they were what fifteenth against the pass last year seventeen so it respectable but you know I. I just think this have to be a play making defense because of their own record I don't drive after drive. I don't trust them that much but yeah they make plays is they're nine and seventy. All right real quickly Gergen as mortgages thoughts on Jayson walked him for a from CBS had a report that he publicist mornings in the dolphins. Have been actively pursuing continue to actively pursue a trade for Richard Sherman with the Seahawks is just your thoughts on the. Well you guys I thought that report no I'm not I'm not really that surprised that there are pursuing a cornerback. Record store windows were in my eyebrow I didn't know that they were gonna assume that I. You know after being involved in you don't talk trooper drove eight are showing a little interest at this we'll just say hmmm yeah that would be that would be an incredible addition there and immediate protest this through. What they think they need back there in that secondary and you know clearly they're not bringing record certainly include to replace a billion hour. They like him it's it's that other side that they build their vulnerable and they are going broke. And so yet though there would be shooting that high I think did a very good sign that did surprise me but I expect that they're looking for cornerback Joseph did not surprise. Right now in the one of these story lines will be monitoring this afternoon as the game approaches is. Who does started that cornerback spot opposite. Sabine power between Byron Maxwell and Alter robbery perk always appreciate your insight to enjoy the game out there that 27000. Seat stadium and will be very ready to work in the sunset on licences of course this week on 79. Our guys about don't do it all right there is Chris Perkins the always are great to hear from him as a word and ready for this dolphins chargers game up next did you always say. A little bit of the fall Lawrence looks don't matter let's get everybody involved here so this is your opportunity to have your voice heard is the dolphins open up the season anything you wanna talk about. Real Propofol like 78636007. ID that 786. 36007. ID that's coming up here on the opera George pregame show as we roll lawn plus. We've gotten big news in active lives that just came across in the NFL not pertain to the dolphins put your fantasy football player will tell you that. Next as well here on am 790 and up from 143 HD two the tick. Show getting closer to a 405 PM kickoff between the dolphins and chargers from Los Angeles Gregg like it here alongside DJ Williams happening week to across the National Football League and opening weekend. For the Miami Dolphins after hurricane Irma delayed the start. Of their season if you wanna get involved with a program this is your opportunity news so you can texas' 67974. You can call the shelf Saturday. And you can also watch we'd have Miette Greg likens it do you have any questions or comments as we get ready for. The dolphins' season opener put before we didn't do that do want to mention that. The one real notable inactive in the national football or you're just came across minutes ago. Sam Bradford be used in active today for. The Minnesota Vikings stand last week he had a tremendous. Game on Monday Night Football. Put up 346. Yards and three touchdowns. As the vikings took care of the saints so he had a terrific. Opening game DJ but it seems like this is the story of his career where. He too has little injured. When it is neat. The knee now apparently not only it's serious but you know this game but this is Sam Bradford a nutshell we've seen. Flashes of brilliance is a reason why it was a number overall pick but he hasn't been able stay healthy. But isn't there a guy's got the maximum two million dollars he's married so far it's true but arm giddy if you look at the game. That he played the last and you know this is confidence it's comfortable. He was he made some amazing strokes he was read median mean. And that that has been the history of his career and injuries. You know you talk about flashes. But you as a matter can you stay healthy. Can use can stay healthy and that that's. You know even you know good to meet the trainer coaches always say that it doesn't matter how talented too warm reputed trainer room. And he is the most important position. In football he is the team. It's it's not like hey yeah we Oakland linebacker down we are left tackle were missed a wide receiver. We're miss an engine to this 280. And you know you knew you respect the other 53 guys try to pick up the pieces but it's tough you know he. When you go to a game which a backup quarterback. I'll be gone is the morale of the team is we'll get Hulu looks out of you when you verbally say. What you get. Could you going with the team's. Number one guy do according gets a guy that they're. They're are to me back up quarterbacks are actually. You know we really who you really look. Well and today case teen abuse be packer quarterback who'll star in his way through. It in Cleveland any points. I don't believe Keenan has been in Cleveland but I feel like that sells your names ages and ages on the many quarterbacks. That they've had their. Padilla case genome the vikings go to Pittsburg deployment steal all these years yeah. A low New York sold these boos and watts. Once junior junior is ball. What do debut on Omar god oh my goodness they say they're they're they're basically trying to say that's the next royal family in football the watts. Got three of them in league match. Right now it's a very. He's off to a terrific start it's dark and it's a suitcase genome now will be making this start today for the Minnesota Vikings you know it's adjusting. Vijay says and words you know open the phone lines up for for everybody by the way keep him had stops with the rams and move text around desire brand saw him on hard knocks and none yet self. We knew we don't want their Ramses I was like Lester grill on the phone lines so it's anybody one toxin dolphins we have a special guest on the line. To get things going I don't all present a call you out because some Barrett sees. Made on his show but we've got LeRoy or no I must show LeRoy hoard is joining us here on the right down the media source just lunch list does not convenient. Hero and so are. Nobody knew about a degree you what you don't to us. How easy in my life like that more than once you're at. Yeah sabotage like our goal I don't know to be. So. I'll I'll pretend. You're sick Kurt well soccer or somebody. And we were talking about a game. And I wanted to see what is your thought about this is good which has told. Excellent outside pass rush. And break their whole goal is to strangle them I'm. This is so. Good god knows what the dolphins did it got to destroy and oh what they hope is gonna solidified their offensive line in order to got on the outside. Medical advance bullet eight. But you're good to get. They got to cover up the guys up front. Or at least give the impression. Dead. Don't got a competent. And it is clear up and say. Michael. Backcourt got pretty good right not to tackle well right off their guard forward at right back. Good. If you are ever express match so safe. If you are outside rusher. I don't know what don't get help people with a tight end. It's always good chuckle over the guard. We just covered everybody up sort Garnett thought man oh man hardly look at where they try to bring oil out recruit our state. Did try to recruit do. And it's just to street pay. Let's Willard they're total total it published it would. You want. And it they can at. You know Columbia a long day critic chartered I think. Well well and what she's doing the defense of course you you will do that you will basically fled the protection. And it's not about bring you those guys like you mentioned this about given their presence because you look at both of you look at Ingram become world aids. All you need is that tackle to hesitate to. Set all you need is guarded me to hesitate if the guys come in these guys. They're so fast all is Derek golf Tate. Did TJ when royal why interrupt this for a second because we have some breaking news courtesy of Jay Glazer who. One of misinformation many NFL on your Bolten your reaction this summer reads tweet robredo he says Lawrence Timmons. What does it all yesterday the team had been trying to find him he was found today but the team is trying to get more from rich. So drums there. Don't know what I'll say it. Is this is is more things you can do it LA. It plays football. Club owner. Eric Bell. Not a is not easily twenty more than two yeah he wanted Georgia Georgia yeah yeah he's he's not he's not to melt it. It does happen don't you won't be caught up you wouldn't what do you think you're. You want to play. Our territories all you got to play through this isn't the help. Four. Exponential amount of time. So it well if you illegally here and there meeting and don't listen I'm no match is easy ultimate professional. So why does do is hope that. Militants series. I don't see them as a die each. They're just goes a wall just because hey I wanna hang out and do XYZ. Until I know I'm on thumbs up night. Guess he go insinuation or whatever but from ignored him they've known how much she loves the game I think then there is. It's sometimes the series issue then the result is yes. He's he was born and put eyes move the ball in Florence, South Carolina went to some sort of state. This varies from the southeast originally sold. To the. I'm SA from pro player to respect your. Right every time you Byrd shot a light dare. Someone right. So you're Europe and it had her putter putter greater. He wasn't right are you is yes he had ever worn a. Are there at MacWorld. Tora. We're doing it retro Cincinnati. When they came out I had. Yeah but. I've I personally know two and if he's not that type who got blood I would be very surprised is. He decided to go wild and every game got caught up with debate is. Mad girl you know he's at these since he's not entitled god doesn't give me give. Neither an impression of him he's like a city's alternate pro and I feel like that you don't. There are there is. Some talk about the serious situation now that does go. Everything is serious situation we Roy your two days this this is just trouble there's something. Amiss here and I don't know if not quite. Ever from a player perspective it'll be our guys. I didn't know. How committed you undergo. The worst committee guys all its short game. But then employers are still committed to the point where they went okay error. Just sort. If you if you party you have a guy you show up drunk and humble. And uses no such thing is no jokes because what you're a no show you can't go back in the locker room look cute teammates in the eyes. You you logos Eldridge I've there was or own. Now I want this. Big result there's symbolism this. He at notre detain ears so late. The night before. So we may try to define Enrico why they were so along those lines. But I players don't just disappear. Like this so I'll be careful like what I heard a story. They did it quite how. Why. Didn't power. No problem he personally. I'm like wait a minute. Let's get a gala on year. Doubt about it we're protected. Why can't I. How could bring in our. Where we are going to talk golf for. Two weeks so we know for a fact. Thought it would look at our first game here. The law definitely. And only new team. Came and brought a man porter's leadership. All right so. What I'm saying I gig later as well. Production and you know I'm what I know. But ballplayers. In about this situation. I read it no judge would tell you what that. Looked upon you know I mean I would say. He's not gonna play. Well it seems so they're already did a linebacker to zoom ring and I'll load is out so do we united talk munchies Allyn colts coach gave us the greatest. You don't you didn't put up what business you're designing. Well I mean this was. A urgency to Wear hats and go colts like right to go and get it LeRoy appreciate the phone call we're gonna have grown command. You you were jarrah enjoyed the dolphins game did today are don't call me how else Sunday's. Array. Don't talk and talk maker sun don't know what does the I had assumed it and LeRoy are no doubt there is are we reward so breaking news Jay Glazer is saying did lord Simmons though he has been found when a wall last night. So there's this is certainly a developing story I wrote quickly I wanna get this in reasonable of the ball why's everybody. That'll curve ball Ricky is in west palm quickly Rick what is your question or come. They would jump guy's name is Charles Harris got our first round draft polygamy and an important victory. To help your team I mean you would begin dude can you put him outside linebacker raw. Well brick your question thank you for the call call into the okwu in Orange pregame show how this DJ we come back. No reset everything will tell you the breaking news courtesy of Jay Glazer. And Rick US Paul lets your question to Ray Charles Harris what his role is going to be for this team. Matt we got thrown for a loop here with this Lawrence Timmons developing stories a reset that in just a moment. Next hour we'll check without a Beasley in LA we'll talk some Tennessee pulled all get some predictions. As well that's all coming up here on the top one or pregame show on AM 798 after a 1043 she too ticked.