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Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, September 17th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Greg who like games here along side. We're all sixteen weeks. Of this dolphins seasons starting today I know why we for them no mileage for us why you covered. Is that your ready to take on the chargers today in. And you know what he did I was planning on getting to some other topics that we're talking golf here could barely breaking news update for everybody. And one lets you know Vista coming up this hour Adam Beason will join us from Los Angeles who talks of fantasy football give some predictions but. Jay Glazer. Also Jason locked in for a from CBS upon fox and CBS bowl reporting some mysterious scenario involving dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons. Apparently. He went eight wall last night team didn't know where he was. And they now we know where his location is but as our friend Adam easily just we didn't. Moments ago apparently it's unclear whether he's going to play today. They do know where he is but his status for kicked off his unknown rusher what the circumstances are surrounding him being away from the team. But what do you make of this so bringing Euro where I hope of the night before Dieter is getting ready and in that whole thing. What do you make of a veteran like Tim is that they brought in signed a lucrative contract to join the doll. And this Aussie well you know my eleven years chose not had a lot of guys. Go they won't miss curfew well a lot of different golf bag guys to file not so to work for three days and able one guy had that's the most amazing guy. Scared of Mosul. Amazing reason why he sued. I take some time off to myself are really wanted to be here. Well he cut the coastline where the real wood to clear but it led to an imported we get a guy like isn't it True Blue dress or the fact that. He whipped they say he went they won't they know where he is it means. From from just. Begins to waste is like this before. Some seriously serious had happened it wasn't a situation. Of guy just hanging out party because. You go hang out party and you get caught too. What a coach calls you answer your phone you comeback kid. You take the punishment that this is what it is they got a call it board game but it was at a hotel one holdout whatever. Now win you don't Tibet call. In the when you finally do answer coal. You're not there. Then that means that you viewed basically told the team about a situation that you need the door you need to dress broke it again. Just assumptions. But. Being in this situation several times what guides his goal they wall and handout like doesn't. Sorry to tell you but not every player stays at a hotel a day this focus and he for the guy and choke I get ready in different ways you know. How it would guy that go all out all night injury shall the next day ball. You know I'm a little guy that they've got to be in bed by eight. Don't they deal so there's got different routine and everybody has different. So I guess if it we don't know what's Molitor Minnesota say that here but as we speculated that's who we do in the business. There's a possibilities. Then he decided to go out you're saying that's unlikely. I'm a sailor is very unlikely because if he did decide to go while. I say when you get caught. It's just like I did call from the and you cut me you paid a fine you get mixed you do whatever it is zero Satan we knew what would you do that type situation you don't. Answer the call from the coach K where are you. Mammal ear. San Diego. Do you feel safe that you didn't stay there. You say were you are you coming. Sort of back then he's not. In he's not with the team now whenever he told the team. Is he had to address. A series issue given all assumptions. But when you get call you just it's sorry he called me here's a fine. Mark Gingrich what's normal Richard back what team you're way you know address of the day would you go middle silent got to be helping to guys Obama. Now we don't show up. That means whatever you told your coach in in. Whatever the reason is they understand not not sure you're not going to be a partition because you didn't let the guys know just meet coach's cell phones are open your. At all times of the day. Right and we wish her the stores' credit gays contacting me is offered to players especially all times the night. He's a young guy he relates well to them so. You would think did well ball in the pro coaches you be able have a candid conversation with him and be on the same page. So just do read Jason lock in for a from CBS cius tweets CNN series tweets are we Reggie Jay Glazer is. Before but he says dolphins starting linebacker Lawrence Timmons is not currently at the team hotel in California his status for these games undecided Timmons a free agent signing had been with the dolphins in California ahead of the gamers the chargers. But is not currently his whereabouts are known. So you they know where he is says dolphins are kick off until 4 PM eastern time team officials and coaches are weighing in the situation. According to league sources. So. If we're to read between the lines here are they weighing what type of punishment they should have for him DJ do you think they're weighing. The the new in nature of his disappearance and saying if it is some family emergency or something. There and Darren are all right I mean this this is strange because oftentimes this may occur I let's not talk to other former pro players who said the seems story you have been. Lots of guys go out tonight for the game lots of guys aren't written in this show the team hotel with the show open play and they're no issues that we hear about publicly. This since it's become very public and it's a pretty prominent player. It just seems like there may be more involved cheered and I'm sure we'll find out eventually but this is very very strange to say who it's. Yes and army would ever let let let let's bring in an older guy and iron you know I'll put myself out here. Form because I know. I don't I don't think he would do is go out partying gated in Indian not show up or not come back even if he got caught he would show love to hate go to mr. mark you know on. And LA I was doing XYZ erroneous. Quick quick update for your leaders were giving me its passengers are models so bureau. This Tweeter from the Miami heroes is Laura sim is not expected to play for the dolphins today something angered him he's now with the team dolphins no word used. Timmons is not arrested do not run a followed the law I'm told he's still not playing today. So that's. Our noses and in. I guess I would have thought about him going out whenever anger. How I I have no idea whom woody can be I don't I don't think that's something it has to do NT. There's there's no team issue that angers you so what's it to dole it remain bright that huge is also don't game day I'm not coming I'm not sure what. I think epic has a missile impersonal Amin. But this is interesting though there is sweet would quickly have to turn our focus of the football game. Yeah we were dirty had a conversation about an hour ago about their lack of depth at the importance and his importance there Snyder total Kiko Alonso Mike hole and potentially. Chase Allen or just in March Willard starting at the other linebacker spot. And Rey Maualuga is already out I mean did they don't have a lot of guys at their disposal. The fate can play at that position. Well do you have to disarm decision welcome welcome welcome to bear fell silent and let me. Are you ever notice like when you look at I hate coach on game day. Walking silently moved her head they're doing the altar they just looked agitated there's so much anxiety the situations like this. You you are you responsible for 53 other people write in your cold to staff liked it all. To get everybody do the right thing at the right time is very different colts is so stressful mission is adds to own on game day. Earlier as the stress is like oh my god now got to go to the guys here whatever you don't Jeep but did you know head coach. Or tables that do you want the truth right we're sitting here speculation. You know or your report here whatever a real locker room what do you do. What do it wasn't gonna happen because they're viewing totals what's gonna happen you know. You Kapler is anybody's sons say they don't you know me. So gotta set oppressed do you have to knowing and you you point this out earlier and I think there's a great example that a bogeys coming in not being afraid to put his foot down despite being. They players' coach Jay Jai. Did not make the trip to Seattle for week one a year ago actually and we see how he and his teammates eventually respond immediately and about a Pro Bowl season for example sold you almost lose I think those things and go one way or the other good or bad. Blood if you let somebody get away with it then all of a sudden the example has been set and you're right you can't do it now now granted. You don't for a start play your prime have a different set of rules then the guys of 53 man on the roster but still you need to have some form do. And in here's here's what's. I don't think San nor here's the truth about situations. We may never find out what happened. You're a coach is okay right internal issue he has some personal problems we can do we deal with it. You know we're gonna move on really is gay would ever be when he gets in his interview. You know I had some personal issues that are going on I handled it in Corey Lee. But you know I just felt I needed to do that in I apologized to my team to have friends forges and you guys up dry so we may never know. What was obviously a doubt we're gonna ever know well as all the way we can never know is. Timmons says what he did. The teams not gonna say. Is that let's let's say unless. Arian usable refineries things out is a year according resources are the source also situation yeah he's not gonna say he's not gonna say it's not as good as they tried but this is let's listen. We have in the situation internally you know he broke team rules violated team rules. He knew the rules you know look repercussions of the rules here's what happened the journey you're not gonna give details. Oh. You know only what we try to make up something gotta warn anybody know jump in laid low low to lose by. You can just. Probably never know well the case you just don't know enough let. Lawrence Wright Lawrence Timmons apparently this according to our models are here will not play today and according to him and other reports. He left the team apparently something angered him he's not in trouble. With the law or anything like that he's not with the team so Lawrence Timmons they're free agent signing a linebacker. Is not playing today for the Miami Dolphins it's breaking news year into our okwu in Orange pregame show. I will with that in mind. Coming up next DJ were to talk a little fantasy football rod Finnessey update air we're gonna check without a Beasley CD is shedding light on the situation he is out in LA with a team that's coming up here on the op one horse pregame show on am 790 Neff from 1043 HD to detect. Game show here on seven the ticket Greg likens alongside you Williams as we head closer and closer. Golf between in the dolphins amid chargers reach across the NFL player. And though the at a museum want to play just a few minutes of talking about more students and everything going on with the breaking news story. This fantasy football update on the top one or pregame show meticulous. Monty might enjoy Levine if you have property damage call and ajar Levine's storm damage attorneys. At 80747. Free that's 807473733. PM any Tennessee. Questions you give me those last been a lot of decisions you can text those and its 6797467974. But did you want to bring up a couple of hot names in fantasy football. Root root root premiere you have our as a Rick's question writer answered in general we've got a race we got to read thank you so it's about Charles there as well. What he brings to the team is. He's gonna alone can't wait stay fresh. You'll you'll you'll you'll need to have a weak U persons if he can stand up and hold a two run. You won't need to have Kim waking in person second down pounding beat on his body. He's he's he's older too so when he he got a young fresh going to that he can uphold the run what you get is they fresh Kim went. To rush to pass through this kid can rushed edge. Now. Teams can't double can't because they got word is god so it's just about his progression then. How well how fast we learned to game because he's valuable to this team because what he does is he spills. What are your best players he'd keep their best player fresh. Right yeah I knew your big dip into this point early in his career not expect to do much against the run but if he can be a pass rushing specialist. Did after opposing quarterbacks. That will be good for the dolphins and it's in the and I got off both leaders are you angry leave the team I don't know when that's when Laura Simmons I wanna smoke free hot rookie third round pick out of Toledo had a monster performance in week one against the patriots. Seventeen carries a 140 yards and a touchdown five catches ninety yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately. I was playing against him last week in Tennessee soul I had a 47 or so why hole entering the rest of the weekend and didn't go well for a but. You don't looking at rookies SpinRite and running backs do you think we can expect a similar fall performance and now the Eagles know every drop area that hasn't. It has nothing to do when does that talent of Eagles would have to do weird things. You want to get into this guy shows up. In the end the Eagles there in their meetings in this guy can get off this guy. Has a great day we Luke's so. What someone else beat us. So Eagles game players they're coming in take. Waiter guy but here it is if he dose. Of this if he does have a great game. And you know is legit he's legit he's out right he's a huge talent he's dead guy that either going to be like you know he's gonna give you is this is Ellen give too much. Well so we look at another running back situation as of a couple weeks you worldly fantasy drafts a cool word. David Johnson was. For the most part the number one overall pick almost people's for a dozen at all yet he's no longer going to be a member of the cardinals back fuel for the foreseeable future because of be wrist injury brokered dislocating the right Specter be out at least twelve weeks so that's the best the most painful you see guys their role around Grunin hold their is that the people. So kirwan Williams will get the first shot replacing him today against Indianapolis we have a text years is. He's got to make a decision PPR flex Hulu I start Brandon Marshall from Lou. Giants kirwan Williams or kitty colony from alliance. Here's where it. Who poor Joseph. Jars honestly Monday Night Football against the alliance attending only place for the lines against the giants vocal on this night. Goldman board be you know why you love your big speech the doctor well your views on Sunday Night Football last week no one yet he didn't exactly what he does it. The ball. Es ball I would say OK I'm Mike or current lawyers say because the colts are terrible he's gay get the first shot in the back field. To replace David Johnson but right where I you know I don't think that's what would be the Mets are doing the first time we disagree over the course is season DJIA's. Okay. Always get what more there were a transition that Adam Beasley here it's there's. The Marius Thomas or Dovonte Parker Anita choose one of those two guys disorder wide receiver. Move crush you move Broncos up. The Broncos have the cowboys spent 425. This afternoon and a new Yorker Mungro resilience and chargers some losers. Do because that Rosh you know on GA I'm going all day well my man Jay because I know steel door least we have four more deep go Parker. Tomorrow it also make a statement you go Delonte what does Jack wants to make it. Did go to the Marist domino is the number one guy. I know it's well there well I'm sure list. And how many of us so maker this isn't just a thought for fantasy football by the way our principal ball update you on the opera awards pregame show on the ticket sponsor my manager and Levine if you property damage going to adjourn Levine. Storm damage attorneys at 807473. That's 8074737331. Other note Sam Bradford inactive today. For the vikings so we need to start a different quarterback you're relying on him after his three touchdown performance. Oh we can go or let's transition we are at the latest is. The dolphins not only get ready for football game might be without one of their starting defensive players were in fact has the report will be without. But Lawrence Timmons because of a strange issue for more clarity on this let's go our football lines of bring in Adam Beasley are bloody. Who covers adult was the Miami Herald seven I would take installments in Saturday joins us right now from Los Angeles on the Orion fuels and downstairs to be eight source guess line. They are truly steps beyond comedian. Beasts. And never dull mullah what does the open stigma better. Gentlemen I heard there's always something. Are always open ridiculous it is with Lawrence Timmons for people who just doing it. Are bitten reporting them myself my colleagues on Mossad aero and Barry Jackson there are some sort of incident yesterday. At the team hotel I don't leave chomping at anger to arms command and you and pearl while a dolphin that typically know where he was. They have I. Clarity on that now but they also have a query that you will not be playing today. So yes it all on movie without their starting strong side linebacker and you remember their bigotry in signing or. The entire off season this is kind of jaw dropping news. There Rick and really isn't so I do you know who we're gonna talk more about this mysterious situation I'm sure more will come out but now if we shift our focus to Ruth kickoff at 405. Now we're. About. On the depth chart is gonna fill in for lord Simmons. Saturday chase Allen earlier that morning because obviously you Rey Maualuga will not. Played lewd ruled out you can practice all week doom and Krieger you look even expert for it to begin with so he's not going to play obviously Rick I'm MacMillan lost for the season. All the sudden the run defense they had such high hopes score is going to MIT it dashed today. I've I've Melvin Courtney could get very very ugly not only because at the drop off in talent. What if it is indeed chase talent goes up their employees today are here and take a reputable ones you Durant scout team are we yes you can Kirk arrogant that you might play but never gonna Kristi this situation for world first now warn you can be. Assuming that they go it. How are on the deep. That that that jetliner report what happened here just Chico state the weak side guy don't you can move him. It's quickly understand not the middle. You just you're just you just plug and play now and and pray that you know the defense to try and what do enough because goes to beat up at all on the linebacker perhaps make a bunch plays. Never a good way to go into a key Mick could be your really really worrisome. But it all into a couple hour. But marine you know why this is there's a huge ripples. Because now. You've taken a guy that. Would have made builds specially if we remove him even the dress because you need linebacker so you take your guy that was got to do a little special teams. Hasn't taken a lot of reps now you start no. Growing number or are you an under what are but you are you asking him now to start. They're due specialties and our. Drugs are the ripple effect is because he's tall and I'll tell you right now he isn't it a lot of rest you can start in place special teams so now we'll start so they millions of bad gobbles destitute so does a ripple effect they're they're they're scored guaranteed that it is another guy I. Then it probably was told by his coach he wasn't gonna dress. When you're that guy you have them in six I feel like the way you eat and reported it to eat the morning you can decades to omelets. I felt it you know kids here in Omaha and down on slow this new right now so it's a ripple affect what god. Is that movement pieces of ripple effect. Here in an all those are certainly drew lines to watch during the game but I think we need to step back and Andrew wolf at this streets trying to. They investigate all the money I mean I yeah I know maybe not by a quarterback Spinner com money put on twelve more dollars to believe he not need to edit it would guarantee each. They expected him to play throughout the duration of the tree your contract. And why she. Correct. Yeah absolutely right say he was supposed to be one of the leaders like her open and and what happened here what you what this would help Manila's long you're. Curing or there just something there that kind of erupted yesterday. We don't have the energy should that would probably won't until we get now locker Max you. So great hopes that we're gonna find out what really happened I think everybody's got to move a little islands trust and peace man he's gonna you know garrido print career likened it to the skinny maybe this. Or you're putting it okay that it's not that I'm not saying that this is that this is similar but this reminds me an extreme way of 2013. And it certainly didn't happen but for the end or drop mark just abruptly left the key you never played another down again but it all and now I I'm not going to say that Lawrence Timmons benefit them or income. I define early heart believed that was the case. But stopping here and within that building anger rim causing him to lead the team and not play in the opener again it is it is stunning development. There I don't think it. Whatever he is upset. At the has anything to do with the gays or the coaches staff just four simple fact that. This all season I was at the dolphins golf tournament and you know Jason on similar room we chopped the blooming and we spoke about two minutes. Yoga I'm Joseph I'll die alone and you don't dolphins are you include the Sunnis could cook it should be. Whatever and he basically don't know the way he told me that conversation and according. Wit. I could tell that he really respected the guy. And a lot I don't see hill. Saying do we put amid a situation or lip and another coach. The situation that would anger him that much I'm just Q Lleyton but from the way that he spoke about the guy in the way he told me how that conversation wit. What he got you here. It's just to me it seems like that he was a huge priority was my is such a priority light that. Yeah you know I mean you huge you make sure that there there there are okay at all talks. Well here either what would what would it take for you to leave but even the night quarter you know. What it takes me leave the team Biden I don't out of this is there's nothing. There's nothing that has to do with coaches. There's nothing that has to do what it. My teammates. Clean up the night before the gators are heading what movie disposition. Some competitor even though I know I don't knows this is a little like garbage in front of the world obstacle to the plate comes swing they're back. There are articulate just channel all make excuses what game is over ball you don't watch stunk it up this is what you do as a competitor so. Isn't being dedicated he had I don't I don't see the rules of the team. Case like we're saying we didn't bring him in high priced free agent bill there's a need dinner there already before they they he did he got there there was a need there he did bring a red they've been even more decimated by injury and one of the things that he has done well his career outside of racking up a bunch of tackles as he's been very durable souls actually eight milliliters so this is really really bizarre Adam Beason is joining us here on the and these us as we we can you tell a story breaking this is the big news but as we try to focus hunt this game that's going to be played without Timmons. First things first I enjoyed your article but do you tell you exactly what it's a for the dolphins to move their operations in South Florida to Southern California as they try to replicate a normal game preparation week. Quite an undertaking go to to do that it tells a little about. Yeah I mean they I guess they got word on Wednesday when are you gonna win today. But they were gonna play the opener at all that week. And certainly not South Florida they loaded up 5560000. Ellen you are album chart act on. Accounts of equipment into a bunch moving vans. Put Monroe he could go to LA we're we we're we are going puke transporter our operations per week South Florida. That don't normally. Every boy and I act how I do you know. Anything can happen. You could get a bill like he should she did a thunderstorm listen to the right gentlemen would win five minutes in America her for everything. But it's crazy it's. And that and that can bring it back at today's issue stated they clamped her everything is good something like spirit. Good guard completely. I've got to be brought barn siding to them it has to be there's no way they saw common. I it just shows you how old random book on life can be a Condit. Played all of your best laid plans that quoting here loading up your tractor trailer. Setting them Blair steps you can wait a Ramallah where waiting is a far traffic you have ever seen. You thought you had everything what I doll when you were still creep back hander to get cooler than you wake up this morning have this news. I believe you're crazy man again I think it speaks at company's broader. He can put a patriot and dealer. He talks that are consistent Liguori your need your help her so hard to do because eight of global competition this week so close and beat the randomness of football up could be three men tried to hold the same thing at the same time it ultimately work and to do exactly. Asset that is so tough but I like you don't do you people talk go up go all blue group but college coaches only want to get paid so much. Do you understand how hard it is to get a 108. Eighteen to 21 year old. You owe me you do the right thing those coaches deserve this heart. It is Gary Blair appealed to read only personnel guys give money I need to play more they mean it hit coastal like a counselor you just. Is it indeed there are still stories and just in general did yeah and I think we you don't we've been around this long enough to know that there are guys who don't miss his stay in the team hotel but I go four. This dip out on curfew when may we don't hear about it but. But this one that has a big completely different feel totally because. More Simmons is an established veteran out of the gym with a reputation of them being some kind of party animal we find out it's become something. Anger that's the biggest the biggest dog the reason this one feels different is because. They couldn't reach him and do what they reached him. He would come back to fatigue but glad to welcome you to know when guys. Go while he tell you get caught you get caught pitiful and you show up. So that's why this is this has to be tutored series because you know okay pharmaceutical also coats. Submit we have got to commit now and it's happened. This is serious. Noodles this good this is consistent disrupt his career they are legally you're only. What the reason is is as a head coach what are you saying. If you just let this go and what does god Beckett. Right some some processors said visa brought up earlier was so OJ Jai you last year to start the season mean Adam. Yeah that was with a young running back this is where it. But I Lawrence Timmons are triggered commands a lot of respect me so what he's done over the course whose career. Yeah I think this is going to be an important test track engaged you're you're right it is easy to spend Leo fifth round but senior running back that was. No number cure treatment get hurt gone. But it's what your centerpieces of your defense goes they all thirty what 3031 year old team leader. It. They're they're going to be a lot of interest to people and a lot on his yacht and it you know the situation. And how he does this could have a huge impact on how does he go that goes going forward I really think it's that important. Adam Beason covers the dolphins Miami Herald some latitude is dolphins insiders joining us here in the upper north pregame show solidarity and ask you just wrote about Matt Burke and him stepping in as a new defensive coordinator. Are going to be a challenge considering the unit that he inherited was historically bad last year and now on the date of the game more he loses his starting the doctors a mental or what is he gonna have to do to turn things around these. Haven't Donahue gritty gamer like Dukakis. I mean you got to feel for mad even wait for the moment to be higher or life or my entire life literally the last few years cup. And it finally arrives eat a weekly obviously because of the. Storm and ends and Gloria you work yes football you grow your. People ask me the right he'll retire what does it feel like you might. To me that god I moon said about playing football anymore. It was like all the wade won't lead to don't assume. You don't don't just wake up tomorrow and who what are you wanna do. It's football wasn't all mumble because he didn't know it's stressful situations like hit like this happen you gotta worry about injuries you've got to worry about duke coach you've got to worry about it. A disrespect somebody you meet you to fight here did you pull out your Wii two me should it's so stressed and those who support is so stressful periods. That's why coaches look like until Greg does what coaches take their at all to hear more everybody has these little texts because it's. You know something's gotta go well it is not a ball. Preventing sudden the go wrong it's what does your adjustment how you go to handled this wrong situation or game day fifty things go well. And that you talk about the patrons to reason that they're this that they're consistent it's because they handle these situations do right away. They do and Zaire now there are some visas is how Adam Jason his staff and listen to it. Yet no I agree then get back there's a match. I care what they use very Ivy League educated went to Dartmouth. What you're not great football player it'll walk on. Didn't know we've even at that point you want to have coupled with a career coaching. What he did know he would pick as his education here great. Eight psychology major early break how much psychology UT will be employed in the gulf and block they connect young group of linebackers. Well I didn't aren't aren't they great and they are I think his skills and is a prowess there we put the test it's it's via hurts. Reduce scenario Ari could finally be stuck his in this this news obviously. Has a strong result for Lou peer but as we get ready for this chargers dolphins game is very particular match of the Jimmy watching most closely. Oh yeah I mean obviously the draw and against the dolphins tackle her I mean I think that that that'll that'll determine the game we know particularly now. You know can the situation that the target of an important point the defense there's no question about an app. Question I had looking adult to keep pace including color at the time they go and find about it Parker deep. Joseph if they go vote. Nobody here their their peace through again Larry console you on game at all and that no I mean all the electric touchdown. But at the dolphin do what they can beat them off balance placed him hurry up all bench. Those guys that we needed it could be competitive game out there. Adam man you've got a lot of work today normally for game day voters certainly with this other story involvement or it's going to be alone won't Ford appreciate the time and enjoy everything America. Our guys all right there is at a measly read among the Miami Herald you can hear him as a united tickets. Dolphins insiders joining us here in the Aqua and orange pregame show. Coming up next who just one more segment to go before turn things over to ESPN radio's coverage of the NFL. We're gonna have some predictions also Jesus earlier we didn't forget about it we've got to you say got a great Philip Rivers story. It's just did the relationship between rivers and. We're gonna talk about that next that's DJ Williams on Greg like in state junior on am 79 F a moral for three HD to the ticket. Get nearer to the opening pitch between the dolphins and chargers coming up. 5 PM eastern time from Los Angeles stumbled senator or just a few minutes we'll provide our predictions for today's game against. From DJ on what to expect between the dolphins in the chargers had to just doing you know do want to reset the breaking news. That's is developing well the last hour or so apparently dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons. Acorda multi reports something angered him yesterday. At the dolphins team hotel he took off. The were unaware of his whereabouts and where he went to but don't they have found him they know his location. But he is not going to play today. So he was angered by something it's a very mysterious scenario. Went away from the team not with the team by getting ready for the Damon will not play today so that means that chase Allen likely will be the one who has to step up on drafted. Flu my back stealth so that bag man is getting there you go so Lawrence Timmons scenario and this one is is certainly strained a mature as the day goes on as the next few days normal find out more more. For years the predictions DJ. You're talking me off your about this wanna bring this on the air Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler and they had quite a head to head rivalry over the years I was doing do we get those numbers are I was looking mouse is played seven games against each other or tickle his play seven games against the chargers. In his career. And she is now interesting if we just say to Denver days. He was one and 420. Against the chargers now he's he was too though as a bears quarterback against the charger around. Deep bears' defense so three and four overall. But won and fight or OK so as a bronco against the charter original reports. I got told you earlier the rivers the great leader he's a competitor. He's wanted to best trash talkers that I know and you know what makes him great. At talking trash. Does it hurts. A tough. Doesn't curse can NFL trash talking this form of embalmed and your mom and so this at all he talks trash to you pity doesn't first let me just be very very skew when I was in Denver. The chargers owned us. We get blown out about what may head. We're engaged they had failed each they had Lauren as a whole new old tummy or Staten and marry me and they then we're stat they owned us. Get blown out. And rivers would be on the sideline. Heckling. In the huddle if you remember he would have this towel. You'd have you Rotella have been around his neck hold an eight page speech he comes to general James KJ couldn't help but letting too. Actor Dave's and shaking it's. What my eight. And I wanna see today. Gossage AJ he's three the bird. I got sick redemption. On his legacy and only god. It doesn't get back public affairs the watch. These two day. Did you just watch the body language between the two you talked about jade by language you noted Jake you've followed the film. I'm in Philip no Z. They respect each other as professionals who. But the ball finally have a beer together. Just watched old what went through sort of silent watch how he leans out he's he's talking want to take a. Dude you really still the same old guy with. Little that he gives you will get on a jet to skid let's please episode talks trash to Jay Cutler. Jamaica not just of the defects Goodell it is to. Cutler while. I mean you know he told treasure is a deeply out of deepens it. Is to. You got no comeback. In there and everybody knows where do you say some good Matt welcome back. Store all our national corn from a rear wheel until oh are more or anything different used. And now. All right. Well we know that that's going to be the we're always looking at cornerback positions that's going to be a marquee matchup of sorts color verses rivers even though we don't tech and we go head to head but what other keys do you see today's game DJs or get ready for the dolphins the charts. Arm. Well Amin would the new new lose all your friends. With the new nose on Timmons. Who are these young linebackers don't do a lead. And now we don't Melvin Gordon last year heard don't teach he ended up being that guy did they draft eat those first few years in an area who league they were all we know maybe he made some states would ever. When talk about particular he he turtle last year and millions more to better back to lead. He's a mismatch mismatch for your stock at linebacker and he got a drug free agent. Taken the any aid and it's not so much of a road game. Because he's a great receiver sort of a flexible on the go to most amount they haven't brought the Texas drought which is basically what the running back fakes like he's going into the fact. In the angles bad spell as the hardest route for a month or come they're gonna watch. Watch the the charges take advantage of these young linebackers not only run game and has gay because they got a great receiver. In in Gordon got a great quarterback great chemistry. AA meg gonna do a little tub that is. Let's look at that but now police are not met Merck and harm Tom this is you miss your moment. How are you gonna adjust. What what what what is he tailored his team what does he current defense. How how he reassured him everything's gonna be okay. How how does he play this chess game moving guys all grown and feel because. I should like what 11 peace moves and disrupt the whole pain because. Under the impression. Pakistan and doing a certain amount reps each guy that you don't go pretty special to you may 24 game it plays now you Oden a seven plays and gay. Works his way net. It's windy or. Just back up only going to continue to get a guy that probably wasn't gonna draw a little scout team QIB move it up now he's gonna drizzle and out of the ripple effect in this county. So. Let and let its attention to. The fact that Timmons and let let's let's see how much does hurt his team. Yes sir this is going to be a big storyline before you give our predictions for the game and do wanna set this up a little bit. We've got to the dolphins' opening up their 52 season a week late as the kick off in Los Angeles. Was delayed because there is as those big areas Tampa Bay last week tech days postponed. To November 19 two or hurricane are among the demons the stub hub senator today in Carson California with the chargers first home game in Los Angeles since they played the 1960 season. At the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum it's also first on the dolphins have played at the stubble on senator. One of two new venues the dolphins will play in in 2017 including Mercedes-Benz stadium. In Atlanta the dolphins also with that game. In week one being moved will play sixteen straight weeks for the first time since 1992. When a similar situation occurred due to hurricane Andrew. In that season. The Miami Dolphins went underwent eleven gates. Went to the AFC east what it is seized titled one BC's title and reached the AFC championship game so we'll see. Can they duplicate the success the they had before we got to just about a minute ago here DJ so without further due to give my prediction and I'm gonna give you the floor. I don't see the dolphins overcoming all these factors especially the Laura Simmons scenario before I've built better better. Because you you're talking a dollar medallist Timmons thing happened on go with the chargers 27 dolphins seventeen to open the season W. Or did more to Dartmoor I gotta gotta gotta go with Jay all day a big he's he's gonna have. A great showing the defense is gonna suffer. And I think it's going to be a shoot out between two quarterbacks not being JD. Is gonna get to best. Rivers. Got a score force so. Let's all go. 313435. Fish dolphins. Dolphins that jays my guide to a hill Dana school baby. They're don't. On our web sites for exactly producer Antoine Jefferson Michael host DJ Williams I'm Greg likens joy the NFL slate today most importantly. Dolphins and chargers you've been listen the up one or pregame show your name seven I mean a immortal for three HD two the tick.