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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. While that was a big story out of the dolphins' facility today the training facility certainly we asked dad and gave some reporters about the game and the they're the victory yesterday 1917 over the Los Angeles charter that TR rolled that right off my tongue. But does certainly Timmons was a main topic of conversation Aron and yesterday. The reporters that were out in LA. Were told by the media relations vice president. That Adam geese will address the Timmons situation after the game after the game you certainly was asked about it. He said I am still gathering information I'll talk you tomorrow meaning today. In his press conference today at 3 o'clock and open up the questioning and ask him about that and black holes have shed more light than Adam gave stated. I don't Lawrence Timmons OK just refused to workplace and sound. After headlines when he refuses. To talk about it shed any way you could tell he was pissed off he was really pissed off. That this happened you know just on the eve of the game and when asked by Barry Jackson and you know he be on the team in the future he he declined to answer. He said he hasn't talked to Timmons. Went and now this is the pardon seems. Improbable. You know is Timmons even in the building I have no light and nothing goes on in that building without and easily so I'm a bit dubious but. You know had it that dolphins overcame so many obstacles. To win yesterday you know just from traveling out there. On now ten days ago to escape perky and hermit to players wondering about their houses worried about their families. Everything that one problem that practicing in a different facility not sleeping in your own bed just ever beat hold athletes are. Creatures of habit and when you throw that routine. Out of kilter it can affect them and they overcame all of that and emerged with a victory. It wasn't pretty. Was someone described it as lucky but it doesn't matter how you get the winds in the National Football League data and Jason's Altman should apologize for anything they come away with a nineteen to seventeen victory. Thanks in part to to miss new goals by a kicker young wake who. Including that last one with none of the five seconds slower from 44 yards out also that pairs with the Cody parking 54 your field goal which show. Who would've thought you know we were discussing. Good decision by Darren or is it largely but the dolphins organization to change Bull Connor and kicker right out of training camp the final cuts. The replacing Andrew franks with Cody park he would miss three field goals against the dolphins in a browns game last season so. All all all all of us thought despite all the statistics it's like that's the guy that your bringing yen. And you know if this is a guy who comes through in his. First opportunity to impress his new teammates and coaching staff making four field goals including this clutch kick. So congratulations to him and you know overall though. I would say this. Doesn't matter how ugly doesn't matter how lucky a win is a win and this is a big win when you consider how difficult the schedules going to be later on in the series. Yeah and they should go to to know next week if I can look ahead for six days. You're not really going NFL team putting the jets but I know on any given Sunday dot dot dot. But they did the overcame don't you know and and again I was in the post game show with Zach history you thought the dolphins have lost acting as. Everything negative almost everything negative I mean how. Sure I mean there were things that were bad at least is play calling in the first half I thought was just awful incredibly conservative and he acknowledges that. And he talked about it today and down the game management the clock management end of the game calling timeout will play that somebody as well. A bill later why he did that. I Adam geese in my opinion a bad day at the office and they still they still want. I agree there are there is a lot to question from the game as a whole mean. You can criticize. Good play on different sides of the boy criticize from the coaching decisions I thought there were some issues. Early in the game on special teams as well also. Or nick nick we can do that. The data go there one and all ready if you look at DA sees standings. They're sitting atop the stands sole possession because they don't have a loss they haven't played two games and everybody else is either Owen to a one and one they include the bills and patriots being a 101 category jets as you mentioned. The computers they will be the entire season but. You know let's we can criticize out of gates and I was happy to hear him all up to the fact that he didn't. Have a very good game as a play caller and some of the clock management stuff that won't get into. But listen I know this sounds like it's it's putting. Make up on a page so to speak but. Josh in the NFL it's so difficult to win games week in and week out that you don't complain. Or criticize too much especially new week one when you're working out some of the wrinkles. A Yury talked about the circumstances they've overcome a Davis who is there an impressive victory nineteen to seventeen considering all of that but I just a bigger question here. News are these the new golf it's an arm and also draw I thought hit the nail on the head with. The senator in his column. In which you know for years. When things don't go well late in games or in eight games in general to go out there's a dolphins again we've seen them we before this happens all the time the dolphins are their curse store they've done it to themselves whatever it is. We knew they would make mistakes when the game was on the line and they would give the game awaits the opponent we saw over over again. But it seems that now with Adam gays in the fold after those first 45 game of his debut season. This team wins those close games this team gets the breaks this team when it seems that they've shot themselves in the foot or that things are going their way. Did things turn around for them and they win. And have a knack for winning these close games so. I perhaps we're seeing. Coinciding with databases. Arrival here this this new era of dolphins football in the sense that. In these scenarios. Things now break their way which is something we hadn't seen for years with this Miami Dolphins organization. I think they've won ten of the last twelve regular season games and guinier right now. Prince is Cody party you get the ball within a range I mean it's a small sample size to six kicks in his no career. But the former robbery kicker six kits it's kicks from fifty yards on out he's minimal. By the way did you have confidence. In Brazil last sequence of play calling slash is leading up to move the kitten in your confidence they've gotten him foreign off of the field I I knew we was five for five in his career but that was. That no I was bureaus skeptical I was kind of glasses happened. I was didn't sonar result Mike Omar got so maybe throw the screen I know why they ran. He was running hard he was making the most of every carry that when they run that screen pass to home which gets later you are right on ticking. For the ball down the field give party some more room to work with here because if you're expecting him to step in Emeka fifty plus yard field goal to win this game. That's asking a lot of this kid in a they did. And he answered the belts of good good for him. And awesome stories from Jupiter order so he sees it's kind of a South Florida kid if you include the little palm beaches as well. And group of dolphins spent to does it get any better than that that that you know he comes to the dolphins got a late in the processor to start this season. And in week one not only makes those first three field goals and kicks a game winner for the team he grew up rooting. That's a story that and geese told us about them going in trying to get Cody Sparky but by the way I asked them. It's anybody's call you Parker goes there anymore not a mystic. And so I think it's your either your clock does it Parker park you Kelly part it's got to be Parker right I miss read that right. You know that was the Turkey well it's an odd name because it's also spelled EU line users are you with just a wide net or W it's pretty exactly on time sure. Avery did call him Parker. On the mod date put it ended and threatened I we will continue this but first let's go to headlines. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. Where is Lawrence Timmons one day after the dolphins beat the chargers 1917 on the road in Los Angeles with Timmons eight wall from the team. There's apps and remains a mystery following yesterday's game and I'm gay city to address the situation today but earlier this afternoon at his press coverage and Davey he refused to shed any light on it. The Marlins winners of just three of their last twenty games host the Mets tonight Nash of the Marlins lose Greg and I know we're gonna you know have play taps later. They would officially be eliminated from wild card contention it's who's gonna take one Marlins lost or won Rockies when notably the Rockies try to play. To eliminate them they can make the offseason plans I just hope I pointed out for any fans holding out. The smallest glimmer of hope well on based on their recent form we would we would not be surprised if tonight is an archer and chargers head coach Anthony Lynn this is surprising considering all we witnessed yesterday. Chargers head coach Anthony ruined city sticking with rookie kicker now a young way it's browse it it's all the young Coleman brought young lawyer yes is on the way coup. I looked up at it cousy played Georgia State so I looked at up on the pronunciation guide to turning this weekend because I looked at his name might Disney camp young ho can hit. And it's spelled that way but has announced young wave crew well his name as Maude among his teammates I'm sure. But Anthony Quinn said they're not gonna bring in any competition that position this week and he will play for the chargers next week. Now he was wide raid on a field goal attempt you thought he went to Florida Stater right. That would have disputed that the dolphins yesterday any it was one of the 216 missed. He also if you remember in week one had a 44 yard attempt that was blocked. And would have to be tied the game against the Broncos he's won for the season in Greg. Once yesterday's game ended I fully expected him to be waived today in them bringing in in the hell I'd rather verbal verbal wild. Well that's saying something right there you know maybe they should renamed what do you think ram aviation renamed hurricane Maria hurricane. Young wait Ku that we we know the sophomore all right and ego then that's that lighter right right that's when watts exactly we want that wide right on Padilla I mean that the what a rough start to his ribeiro is Georgia's southern border with this was a Georgia State by the new debt Marines don't from a CS and daddy I think a nice story coming out training camp for them right through you you get news ticker that nominee people heard of any wins the job but. What a terrible start to his career between last week in Denver on Monday Night Football giving it potential. Our team tying kick block at the buzzer and then yesterday. Missing another field goal early in the game and missing the potential game winner. I don't at all at the wind keeps his guy around I seriously and always a rookie head coach. Young rookie kicker I don't know how he steep minister current river was yelling and from the sideline yelling at at the kicker I mean eat this obviously he's incredibly intense during games oh yes and you talked to any former player or current player in that will be candid with you but most former players are more candid about it is it on. The worry about the locker room repercussions. Is that nobody really likes the kicker. Mean they don't I mean if he does his job they'll respect them and that's good to go but the moment the kickers are missing kicks he loses the locker room nobody's got his back anymore. Sol they either you see what that he works ice covered in the practices that the whole team sometimes they split up offense and defense but the whole team. Bruce is practices on the practice field and Davey. And the special teams the under the ticker long snapper they go off they go on the Euro there hole. Other entity right through busy Hugh separation there between the two now. You know there are some exceptions you got to like an Adam Vinatieri on the team and control it right guys who were or legends but. They don't all other than that it's a week to week thing as a ticker in terms of whether you're in favor with the organization. Whether you're out of favor with the organization and same goes with the locker room so. But that's the way I'm always are describes what do you show up do your job make it kicks. Other than that we don't wanna hear anything else from the surge sleep because I give all of rivers is going to be looking. At the way his team has played and get off to slow start against a really tough Denver defense in week one. But they still rally back from a 24 to seven deficit to have a chance to force overtime. And the only reason they can't do so is this the kicker misses gets they became blocked and in the same thing yesterday. They miss out on six points over the course of the game because this guy can't do his job properly I mean that's got to fire you up of Europe. Any other member of the Rosser for that San Diego TR docs Los Angeles chargers in the year ago. I you know I I was listening to move the interviews we did in the locker today and I was in the US into one James about the chargers and I didn't notice of the timing rises San Diego. And I want it will listen to why don't I made that mistake but. Gay said that Daren resume the special teams coordinator and and members of the front office obviously keep your reach you know careful track who was content everything like that. But he's always on the look out for possible special teams players if they. You know the dolphins might target if they're caught. And one of the guys they were targeting is I think Cleveland actually drafted kicker. They were just keep their eye out for Cody park you know was one of the guys that we're gonna target if he was released in fact he wasn't. And they brought on board because that and you know park you get a local kid. I asked with a ever want to dolphins games so they want to about one a year in Switzerland UB put offensive line likely person and play well yeah it's a. Well that's a trek from Jupiter through supplemental I mean that's that's pretty are committed right there says that dolphins fan. Yeah I mean. I know that when Andrew franks was replaced and you know maybe that wasn't as big a surprise but certainly win. Mad dar was replaced by a map hawk you know we're we're disarm the specialist being completely revamped. Certainly now that we have just one week's worth of game film one game to go on a terrific decision. Ought to get parked in your enough that he gets franks would you do have a lot of opportunities last year but. I'd say that. Cody park he announce his presence with his dolphins seem in a big way for their first game of the series. You know there's a lot to talk about Terrell lot of layers to this gave me history that we're gonna talk about. Starting with next segment I mean there's. You know what went well and for me the biggest thing in and rules delve into this much deeper is the rush defense and they were shocked at just how long the and you employ some shall you played going to work. Who's a dim good runner right and and I was I thought the moment we found out Lawrence Timmons news. Well move even before that we we knew that some of you and I've talked about what a bit is that the run defense is so porous. I just last year but users has banned over the last few seasons but it. That was going to be difficult matchup for them against Melvin Gordon. Tony fun of the Lawrence Timmons Jose wall it'll where the heck he is in the finally find a result play in the game it's like we stand no chance to have. A solid two run government's performance and then at the end of the game you look at necessities like. They'll you'll 44 yards on the ground. We're does that energize 126 holes on one run but bread and I'll global people yeah yeah that was in Gordon you take that away it's just the I mean it's phenomenal average with a run. It's off the charts without the right so. It'll all of the questions surrounding. That weakness or perceived weakness in general how they're gonna keep this up to potentially do that over the next fifteen game since maybe April was all wrong in map Burke looks like he's. Just an unbelievable coach. I'd man I did not see that come that was a real pleasant surprise to come out of all this bit of who's your playing starting to backup linebackers long site Kiko Alonso. Including chase Allen uncharted three and a lot of dolphins fans had even heard of until Lawrence Timmons when a wall and they put up that kind of performance rubble of the I get to see Allen calling his parents in my. Guess what happened at that. I'm starting today no no seriously Sunderland on that I'll tell the truth not a common well okay enough Fallujah right mom I'm starting to really really cool by the way on a completes our noble related to football. O'Dell Beckham junior active tonight is that it's okay. I kept them on the bench well you don't view it you that's it's a good team you don't you don't build an engine right I'm I'm kinda lucky. Yeah I mean you I won't play when he goes well yeah I hope he does say I know you need him to to do well tonight I do so be Watson. We won nine monocle on a mile ride viewers we do is show and that's Greg likens Humphrey old take till 10 o'clock joined by Adam Beasley fresh back from California. We'll join us at 850 but I want to talk about what what well what didn't go well cases play calling his clock management. Jean king in Duncan would Jarvis Landry Parker showing up when a schism JA GIA. There's just there's there's a border road course review Jay Cutler you know and the game he had I think. To me the most important stats. About a color and and the team in general no turnovers to none. I will talk about a lot of that and he's great like it Humphrey go back activist. Okay. Double attacks that came in here. Tony's for a little local park but I think that he did this on all over the place absolutely. That's what they might remember the stomach so therefore if he was stolen coached his fist pumping all over the place to visit there were a lot of fans there. This company this week stud chargers fans know. Mean I and Jason Jenkins though Lou when dolphins vice president media relations. Show me a video he took yesterday between 7000 seat stadium. And part of the upper deck the second deck if you will was TARP off. That's how pathetic the attendance was the someone texted and the show. The only ran the ball leaving the chargers fourteen times how could you possibly judge the run defense they're question. But I look at it from the other side of the prism. I think that the chargers. Saw how well the road the dolphins were defending the run and therefore want to pass they just abandon that part of their office. I think it was a combination of that and also affected the dolphins linebackers are including covered so we we saw a lot of the middle of the field. I'll open up for Philip Rivers in terms of where they were targeting. A lot of passes hunter Henry who is involved tight end Antonio Gates caught a touchdown so. I think that was oh a combination of affect the run defense was stout early on and also they could exploit some match ups there. In the middle of field so you know it's fair fourteen carries is not a great sample size and will and will know more about this run defense over the next few weeks but. Man considering viewers thirtieth in the league last year has it been abysmal against the runs in general the last few years. I would try to be positive about this I mean there's really plenty of games in weeks the rest of the year we can criticize the run defense and we've done it the last two or three years as is so on a day or they actually perform well. What's given some credit. That's well look at it we don't have to be overwhelming negative about everything. No and and I looked. How Cink Zach last night in the post game jokers he was very negative about a lot of things. There are a lot of things went wrong last night you know yesterday and you know a lot of things that didn't go well. Put it Ashley could coach a coach speak but this is a process right. In theory you hopefully bettering game for the UR and we we're doing game worn in beacon bettering game six and game four. You'll improve each week you listen to coaches or players talk about. Daily practices I wanna get better just by a little bit today Eaton that I was yesterday. JC you know we coach color two years ago is learning about him and and and how he. Matches I mean how many snaps as his has color had with the first team offense not only a few that sits. So he's learning how this team mesh is what works well what doesn't what plays were well perjury coloring what doesn't and he was more conservative right I texted I think you last night. I said he you know cases play calling. Well you know in the first half was more conservative the Republican congress the pit and it was just a day and he he took the handcuffs off. In the you know in in the third and fourth quarters and the play calling change. There were some the other some bad aspects to this. They all of that combined and they still merged with a victory 3000 miles away after the and Lawrence Timmons by the. After the first offensive possession. Because I thought that was a really positive drive to start the game and they mix things up and act even jars Landry attempted a pass which was. That played in Dover well but you know they were there were doing some different things. Lenders involved as a receiver I really enjoyed their first offensive possession but after that the first half. I could've sworn that Chad Henne was packer quarterback. Here's a tip checking down in the short passes over the middle you can dog yeah I mean it was like what the heck is going on here I mean all we heard about. Since Jay Cutler showed up resist strong arm he's going to be taken chances on the field we did see any of that the majority the first half. Second half they opened things up a little bit to Kenny stills touchdown drive what was a nice one and I'll say this though. If for for those who wanna be critical of this. I stand by my comment did you don't apologize for win any take W however you can get it Egypt had one in the win column to start the season but. There was an element of luck involved let me read also that speakers and an every week there is one where the other dolphins got a lot of breaks in this game. They overcame the poor play calling they also. Overcame the fact it. Jay Cutler put a couple balls up there it's about to Parker absolutely bailed him out. Mean you and I discussed the Jay Cutler experience and the Dick Heller experienced yesterday looks terrific twice for 33230. Yards a touchdown no turnovers and over 100. Rating in terms of his passer rating. I could have easily gone the other way tomorrow to Parker flat out stole an interception from Casey Hayward I was humbly Jason Heyward I guarantee is that gonna have nightmares about that the course of the smartest guy behind me to steal apple just sold from a endure and Casey were led the league last year in interception President Bush law. That's what he does well. So that happen and there were a couple other plays were Jay Cutler improvised. Bourses a couple of times trying to jump past the still semi and then he saw the coverage was a linebacker coming covering Kenny stills right but my point is that the dolphins got lucky to a certain degree. Because in certain weeks I think some of those passes will be intercepted. And will turn into turnovers things went their way yesterday and you don't apologize for not at all and at the end of the day you leave with a two point victory. It get out of LA get back to South Florida and say all right on to do we. I don't apologized for lucky things have happened to a team lucky things and unlucky things happened every team in some point I don't apologize for people say won't keep your beating. Bottom feeders okay it's the team on your schedule on a year how can we control who's on our schedule the schedules given to us. That's the next team that's up you know even if their terrible team. That's who we're playing our let's play some Adam gay sound promised 3 o'clock press covers and in Davie healed here's the first one saying dealing with Timmons. Is not my top priority. Nothing but what I have right now. Really just gathering my information. Good things as dealers with the guys that played yesterday. So easy or just dealing with the guys right here right now and here's a conversation that he had with a member of the media here Steve Weiner the Associated Press. Was asking about team rules and your saying player shouldn't violate the fewer rules that I half. Do you consider yourself because he has a lot of rules regardless if you prove it beyond time card process guard so. When those game. Loser. Finally it's here on what you powerful. What he's. To rule book power. I got to rules I heart a little chippy with the media today. And but you know what he's mad he's pissed off towards them as you could tell you could even say that overly. You could just read between the lines that he is not an a and why should he be I mean you should be assault. I don't blame at all would that part of it I accuse you consider the source right because if you've got to some young knucklehead guys who comes into the team with that reputation and you know you might have do little extra babysitting right in Lawrence Timmons team with a sterling reputation you've played in a 101 street games. He is in. Not only durable on the football field but who is still beloved in Pittsburgh with his teammates there in terms of his leadership in the locker room so the fact that. This is the source of databases frustrations I think makes it. Even more upsetting to him and even more frustrating because when they signed him to a lucrative contract in the offseason they don't anticipate. Any baggage like this now if you have baggage like this with some players again. Sometimes it's more expected than others this is completely out of left field completely unexpected so. When he said Adam cases of set about it. It's not just yet this scenario would upset a coach in at any point in time but when you consider that it's Lawrence Timmons who's premieres headache. I don't think he ever would have expected that and so I think that complicates matters is what makes him even more frustrated and upset well not only. Caught the coaches off arbor caught the players to here's my county today saying. And again this is it dated the Lawrence Timmons what he's what 1011 years shown no signs in this whatsoever none and whatever it is and here's my party saying the situation blind side at all that's. Caught everyone off going to mean that he's doing so well you know there wasn't any size at all and we just hope that he's doing OK and he's fine and he's come back greatness of. So it you know it's it it of bottles. Everybody what's going on the dolphins I'm sure no more than what they're saying that Adam Beasley had a a good tweet saying if this is a medical issue and I we have no idea his or is not. I TMZ was reporting that. You know there with the team and and that we saw caught up with two wins in a Los Angeles airport. Waiting to board a flight to. Back to Pennsylvania to see his his daughter and his daughter's mother now you know I I don't know if that's been confirmed or not that's what they are reporting. But. It's just it's it's ruled the team for a loop and not you know suddenly had to you know some inexperienced linebackers and they came and overcame a tremendous hurdle. I I honestly don't know. If Timmons is gonna be back with the team case was noncommittal when asked by Barry Jackson will he be back with the beanie he declined to answer I mean it. They could suspend him for up before games and he would give it to get a fine of it's little little less of a quarter million dollar. Susie he'd he'd be suspended without ripe for four games that's the most they can do it right with him that dude the bylaws of the CBA. That's the steepest. Price that he would have to pay in terms of is some sort of suspension or penalty levied from the team without being flat out caught. But did the TMZ report the wording of it was interesting and again it's DMZ so consider the source mean the reputable but. They might not have all the details here. They say in this article are sources say the team scramble to find him calling family close friends of worlds will be filing a missing persons report with local law enforcement. The good news cops found Timmons and LAX release Sunday morning a boarding area an effort to go to Pennsylvania. A team red met. Team reps met Tim is the airport and left with them but then they say. Took to the details you're describing so why Pennsylvania were told us Timmons this is in their words are spoken with his baby mama lives there and had told her he missed the baby and wanted to visit users are visiting her now. This just doesn't make any sense or something there their wares to this and we don't know right because if you wanna visit your. Child. Then you can do so. After the game you could fly the child out there. I mean and there's got to be more to it than just all I suddenly have this impulse where wanna see my child and my child's in Pennsylvania. It they're there. There's a lot we don't know and I'm Adam Beasley said again if it's a medical issue that the dolphins are really handcuffed. As to how much they can say is any employer in would be because of these things called simple right so if this is a same mental health suit brought out of all of that number right and I would fall of that umbrella and then it would suddenly bring you back just to a few years ago. Where we had in other scenario which you never would thought she would happen. Football team with a Jonathan Martin's situation right to me that that's one of the things were my mind raced to one of the situation my mind raced to be news. When we found out that. The starting left tackle the Miami Dolphins. And entered. The cafeteria at the facility and then walked out and was never seen again it's a word. Well how how does this all make any sense whatsoever. And then what's I was on a Monday and what we find out you know sir you're on the layers back realize that in part there was yes of bowling scandal but to also mental health issue with him right. And you know we eventually final and the wells report and more details I think it was even wanted. So I wonder. If this is something similar not not bullying but something similar in terms of mental health because. Again I use this term is of those easy casual that'll mean use it in a crass nature but who in their right mind the day before game. Decides that it's more important to go see a child if it's just because they wanna see the child is no. Emergency. Most of the time Josh did if you talk to players of DJ are talking about this yesterday on the pregame show is a news broke right when. We're like all my docs also time if you if if Lawrence Timmons. Called up Adam gazans say hey I really need to see my child you know there's some states are doing circumstances. I think one of two things may happen either Adam gays and the team. It's a private jet and flies the child out or Lawrence Timmons who just signed for eleven million dollars guaranteed does the same thing. But they don't leave the team don't I don't get ready for the game that they've committed to the you don't do we know they're gonna play the entire Rossi. Builder if it is child say when Austin who was. In an emergency hospitalized the team lets him go even within four game run of course there extenuating circumstances but you miss your child won't. You know shoot I am I missed my kids when I don't see him you know during the day out I'll see him in the morning their sleep by the time I got home I miss them I've been but. There's there's a lot we don't know they're still locked and I'm I'm seeing you know anxious to see. What happens were gonna talk more about this to be sure it got us the thinking at the dolphins' facility about other athletes. In in all sports that have gone a wall and a few names came to mind immediately. Out there and also I wanna great Adam gates in his play calling it was suspect he admitted as much he owned up to some really poor first half play calling. And and why he will play solid why this team called timeout with about ten seconds ago was the chargers. We're trying to line up and kick he would have been you game winning field goal that's next right here in the tech. The first place my. Help more believable thing that you know what they play the best thing we did you come back. Specifically Baghdad came under. Yeah it's a freaking jets who were doing anything and everything they candle lose every game is here. Writes that should perhaps that should not happen then by the way. Just. For a Rudy is knowledge they will not come back after that immigrants are the London I mean after that game and a flight from New York are they'll gather don't they are gonna spend. Lot of times teams practiced here Thursday. Yeah I don't know I don't know that for sure but I that's the way to her win the schedule came out period. They wanted the jets game to be the week before. Rightly did get to London more easily if that's true from new York and South Florida so we'll see you at the bring data gays does have to decide that now leaders that the was known now but I think that's probably what they'll do well. You mentioning those West Coast teams that make that trip to London as is that it takes long enough to supply. Across the states and there are guys go across the pond that would be looking at 1112 hours yeah that's that's all. Right and of course soon dolphins fans know his son of course is well publicized but they don't have the bye afterwards so. They're they're likely gonna go up to new York New Jersey. Over to London back to South Florida and employ the titans so it's going to be a difficult stretch and that's why. Josh are you know one game is one game but I think did the victory over the chargers which I didn't give them much of a chance to win that act were fun of the Lawrence Timmons. News is I was like are you stop Melvin Gordon. There already had to be displaced for ten days and there there practicing on the west posted a different training facility they're having meetings and a team in a hotel all the stuff. I saw the a lot of factors going against them. So for every tip that win. Knowing how difficult the schedule was later on down the road in some of the logistical nightmares that they're gonna face sat at I give them a ton of credit doesn't matter how it. Came about the fact the one known now on as you just mentioned first place in the division. Good for the adult this could be three you know I mean they're you know act committed the Little League game against the saints and are normally think of the saints. As a good team but boy they certainly had their struggles mid cap. Tom pretty. Well perhaps those who are so low border yeah that's that's of a fantasy. Unbelievable soccer played against the gather them but. There missile missed. A year teams juggernaut I know who you know we're spoke so adult exhibit. Man if if if there's ever a fantasy football team there was a Super Bowl favorite after two weeks of the year about Hamlet league in scoring and Carly yeah give back roughly about fifty bucks if you win the week every week you know every week it now. The winner of one the first two hours I was shocked. Am I let's play some sound. Up here. From yesterday to begin though that the play calling was really suspect we know from was color who's doing this or I don't gay sends in the plays the color assures latitude of the line. What was color just not being checked down Chad as you say what was the reason for that seniors out of gates talking about this he owned up to a he said I was more aggressive in play calling in the second half. You know we just had those those three notes in a hole lol Paul rhythm and that second quarter averaged. I felt like I was told our guys backing him in that third quarter. Put it on getting JH I the ball. Find ways to let the receivers. When one on one opportunities. And many credits the the players themselves he said our offensive players were more aggressive in the second half. We didn't really get the opportunity one of which readers know what they're plan and then what Jamie some places you know scrambling. And those guys really took over that game and we've we've kept it fairly support images. They've won the one on one matchups and that's really really change a lot of us. You know and it looked I mean it's it he is play calling I am and you know I'd only the clock management now we're gonna play that a second about calling a timeout with ten seconds ago. But I don't. I I think he set a come a poor game play calling buddy Justin the second happen again he's just learning this particular clubby it's another a lot of players are the same. But the quarterback is different and his you know his his meshing with the team him being powers meshing with the team. Is a different dynamic than ten hill now just take time to bureau what works what doesn't. I I guess. I just you know what if they had an. Extra week to prepare for this game it's one of those where I I just felt like. You know he can sell it wants or about the rhythm you can sell you want about the need to figure things out. I just know what I'm glad he owned up to put their dues is for a minute what that wasn't very good coaching and I are usually you expect from Adam gays. A white peak is a very very good offensive mind and has been a terrific breath of fresh air for this organization hasn't gone. You know completely in the right direction so don't don't misconstrue. This his criticism Burma as a whole but this or the first app that was just back. There was an apple all the watch and I think that's why some people were didn't doubt about the team because it's like. We heard that when Jay Cutler came in they're gonna air things out they're gonna let things loose and it seemed like all he wanted to do was throw underneath roster Jarvis Landry. I look I agree I'm saying I I think it was a bad day at the office as I said Brad I'm gay so give him maybe. Including the great the clock management in the BC minus but I also. Deal held a lot better moving forward. Without him gays having a bad day coaching that I would say Joseph Philbin and much more optimistic big pieces disconnect the Errol is definitely pointing much further up. And much steeper up then it would be under under open yes. I agree with that mean in. The truce is putting up. I'm now wondering Joseph fill them would have been queasy after that performance than we ever gonna have done that war now know he's not here and when and dolphins fans wouldn't really get over it because. You know he would have been psychologically scarred for the rest of flu this season but with the without him gays yet she's going to be better the opera is gonna look better. I do good about that I think that the point you made earlier rumors the most important one. Dick Cody in turn the ball over the emea tried a couple times it didn't work. The bail them out and and they're good to go because of it in a tight game that that can be the difference in one of those camps someone writes insects or writes in to be fair to color anyone of one hop his check downs in the so arrogant that's true and at times column that what it. Observation that I had which I thought the dolphins and a clear matchup advantage and they didn't pan out that they were able to exploit this. Was their pass rush I mean they sacked Philip Rivers once and of old guys to get the sack was William hey tell you use a one stop now mr. mermaid gets the sat there and that was when Rashad Jones broke through and chased and she's river right ensuing days were in pursuit yes yes so there was a bunch of people on the back Arnold pressuring and Hayes ultimately got credit for the sack went. I was surprised because the chargers offensive line has done a patchwork right now on a thaw between cam wake. Sue Andre branch. Even Charles Harris potentially that they would have a better opportunity get to Philip Rivers early part of it is credit rivers he gets brittle ball he's he's a savvy veteran he reads things in the line well. Armed but that's something that I'm sure Matt Birk is all he's thrilled with only 44 errors rushing a lot of sure he would have liked to see more pressure on rivers throughout the day. Let's play somebody here is we're certainly a talk about this is some point during the show here. Ten seconds to go chargers need a field goals to win the game their trolling 1917. Because with 65 seconds ago Cody park he made. Off 54 are doing all the put the dolphins up by that score but chargers drove down the field and set up was a 44 yard field goal. And the dolphins called timeout. Ten seconds to go sure a lot of keyboard to screw right now is Joseph Philbin asked just screaming. At the TV what Hillary you'll here's Adam gays addressing that why the team called a timeout with ten seconds to go in the game. Both internally and at times. To where it is regrettable. It's built stop and all those guys I don't feel. Quarterback has been doing it for about fifteen years to stop them was gonna caucus with two seconds. Votes what was going runners. Try to call at 126. It. You've got ten which takes it makes it easier chance maybe start around the ball around so it's a trio. We think of that explanation I still like the call idol had to call on Indian part of VP I mean. His velocity worries coming from you kind of understand what part of it is just reading the team. And if you're if you're there on the sideline and you see that there's like this fire drill going on the other sideline where. The charges are sending out there kicking unit while the offer is still on the field. They intentionally without a time out of their pocket I just decided dissent or the ball on that last snaps so Philip Rivers is you know. Get moves it's the middle of field to try to set up with the best angle for their ticker which obviously didn't work out but. When the running the kicking team on and that the clock is ticking at that point it's like all hell is broken loose on the field that you're at a days let that continue. Let them be their own worst enemy there and it's rivers is intending to spike the ball which he was. He can't do so if they've got twenty players in the right so the moment calls timeout it's like he bailed them out of this situation which there runaround with. Chick like chickens with a head cuts off cut off like Anthony Lynn as a rookie head coach. Looked like he was pulling a rookie head coach there when their team was in complete disarray rivers may have had no idea but it didn't seem like the rest the team. Was on the same page and Adam gays completely build among all you know case. And his coaches gray the players so Graham self and I'm sure this one. Eve even if he doesn't matter publicly you know obviously he'll look at himself how I did what I did the decisions. My staff and I made. And this one I think hill this was a definite learning moment I think given the same circumstances given. The chaos that was going on with the chargers are an off the field. I think looking back even only mean admitted publicly I think he he learns from this and doesn't do that again I agree given some more sir. I agree and it was funny are you described eateries yelling at their TV I think everybody was the only other TV and then everybody then took to social media and was. In all caps slice yelling a via social media like what are you doing call timeout we nobody understood why that happened I heard national host today saying. A big dolphins wobble what the heck was Adam. Listen bottom line. Give back the same they were soaked up the show you don't apologize for anything. You survives. Despite some of these issues and you won nineteen to seventeen and you get ready for the jets now if you want no. Call into the show give us your thoughts or opinions or questions 786360. 0790. We're gonna play some sound from geese. And players like Mike policy into one James talked about Jake cholera and how they feel he did in his dolphins' regular season debut launch I Greg likens Humphrey or back after that.