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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Back to seven I didn't think the real deal on side. We hope your recovery from PerkinElmer is going Walsh. Our two daughters were I would say reasonably happy to go back to school in a kid like that little break but. You know like everybody needs a routine. Players your routine in the dolphins players today he told me that. How glad they were to be back home now getting sleeping in general beds showering their own shower being of their own homes. Now there are regulars. It will again you know they're they're here at home. They're gonna say they had meetings today watched film to date tomorrow. Is a day off for the play or some common for treatments were by and large it's a day off. Wednesday Thursday and Friday her back in Davie in the practice that's the routine of NFL player and their back into that here in TV and in their home facility. And their that glad to be back in their routine and I'm sure parents are glad to have her kids back in school clue and kids are. Most of at least are glad to have that routine back after missing seven days of school. That's a lot of time to miss by. I'm sure there. Tonic kids in Maine you know what the circumstances given being a hurricane by a lot of kids who enjoyed having that time off I remember me the only thing that I can really relate to this week is. Why do you. Group in the midwest for the most borrowed to move down here in high school but we saw a experience lightning delays for the first time. Which because do this why is it part of the campers out doors of there is a low lighting alarm went on down here in Florida the new you couldn't switch classes. Because it allows him to go outside to go from class and write yet so that was interesting but all of north losers like if you have a snowed it. Yet but I grew up outside Chicago as you did for awhile and I mean it would have to snow Tony to bits or ten inches there was school. I would I would while wire when I grow up I got so he'll win. Get off oil and really what's W walked like ten miles the amount those two going both ways uphill. But when I was living in DC for a couple years and mid eighties I mean. 11 since they are if there was. It did till Wednesday. If there's a threat just the threat of snow on Thursday. It preemptively close the schools does not mean strap on a couple DC what. Those that exit couldn't handle remember I had friends who groping nationals the same thing they weren't counted they don't have good the plows and all that suited to prepare for a putting in the Chicago area I I had school canceled a couple of times not because of snowballed because who's he got so cold. Serves I don't ever made it one of the kids walking outside yeah because there were all these you know. Freeze concerns edited you're gonna get you'd get sick repeated frostbite known as the list of so a couple of times we did not go to school. We had to stay indoors because they're not because the snow necessarily because he got to cool. 786360079. US figure caller to mixed up here with headlines as well Adam. Sales at gates to be great if he joins us going to be able. That and Beasley will join us at 815 let's go to brutal in Miami brutal into the sixth thanks for call. They got I don't what's. All I'm really happy about that. But I can't really. Organized well hurricane. You mentioned the urge or routine looking. Incredibly great previously that easy. So you know it all out. About it you could see all so. I respect and whatnot but they're by. We get what I did you think about it and I think. One actually the all of each eat like. Well he think about it personally and the strongly that they can get against the payers will probably one bit of play well yeah. That it yet they wouldn't. It. Well I mean it was a couple we eat and yet but it is yeah I don't let the air that it do it all the jet are. Two birds. Yet. If we wait another week. Mile long worried about it after the Eagles game we were picked up. And I mean if the act as more record. I think like that opened up in that it lacked a bit short term acting it except from record though. All. Its. I'll bet political what was or criticized again oh yeah I have ever doubt you you know he never had it. Now aren't well. And happy that it W is wait a couple more. But. Thank you for the call I gay says the treatable himself he did you did some when we played he called self to the carpet. And last year remember his first year with the team Gregory you know once the players made mistakes I don't know this was case being sincere. Are falling on the sword for players were players who make John peel mistakes. And geese would stored in one week after the other and say this was my I don't blame me don't blame them may be used just. The again taking the blame result players deflecting them making them feel better or maybe he meant it sincerely I'm not sure I'm still not sure. But he's not afraid to say I'm messed. Right yeah I you love the accountability did he has consistently had since becoming head coach. And you know. A big bro I love I love the attitude overall he has like hey we won the game that a lot of extenuating circumstances. I grew that for the most part. I don't think it's unfair though to criticize them for ways they can improve tour and I think that if we've remote you know think about this a lot of common sense. That's out of gazes coaches that's gonna do megawatts of the only mistake we news better when you do that better when you do this better able we did this pretty well boy will continue to try to improve. And I agree in a few weeks' time will have a eight they're really good sense of how to evaluate this team but considering what we have so four on tape. Was agreed performance Null. Was a good enough to get the win yes and oftentimes that's all the maps. He's Greg likens I'm Frito you can join in that 7863600790. Jonathan the Miami will get you in just a second a person's gonna headlines. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. We're here is Lawrence Timmons one day after the dolphins beat the chargers 1970 on the road in Los Angeles. With Timmons eight all from the squad his absence remains a mystery following yesterday's game case Adam gay city to address the situation today but earlier this afternoon as press conference in Davie. He refused to shed any light. The Marlins winners of just three of their last twenty game they host the Mets tonight right now in the third inning bottom of the third. They lead the Mets won nothing Justin Bork has RBI single. Now if they do manage to lose tonight they will officially be eliminated from the wild card race right now. They're twelve and a half games behind the Rockies in that race so they would need to win every game Iraqis who lose every game and a couple of other teams that to do stuff so. Chris Perkins time to Lakota row the dolphins can safely make their offseason reservation. And charger I think this is the most surprising headline I saw today after young way coup I it's it looks like young Hoch who would Greg here. Wood up the pronunciation Spanos young wake who out of Georgia. So southern oppressed. Chargers head coach Anthony Williams that he sticking with the rookie kicker and will not bring competition at that position this week. He missed a field goal in the waning seconds yesterday of 44 feel though it was wide right he missed another kick earlier in the day he's one for four on the season. His. 44 yard attempt ironically the same distance against the a Broncos in week one was blocked Agassi probably blowing off principal animal they went a block happens usually the line that it could be the holder could be the kicker there a lot of factors. But that Allen blocked as well rivers you could see was yelling at him yesterday after he missed a potential game winning you'll if I'm there. If I'm the chargers teammates I disagree with him only with with Anthony Lindsay what do you do we have no confidence in this guy. Yes this is a strange one visitors of all positions it's usually. Pretty easy if your kickers now you know doing well not upholding the responsibilities of that job than you to move on pretty quickly. I don't all this lose on purpose of this who's just a coincidence bud. I Sausalito today that nick Novak. Was a longtime medical ticker right now is it freeagent. Posted on his social media accounts around the same time that that coup field goal was missed that a picture of him. Practicing Arizona was sometimes making a long field goal in autism in goal line in front of him but I don't I don't. Think that's much of a coin worth liberal why I mean are you a bit Tampa route used to sec be traded up in the sect run to get them last year. Had a horrible rookie campaign saw you put on waivers for some reason instead of letting him pass through waivers the bears picked up this deal when they caught him. I gave a brief second round pick after one year and this Karzai that was on a leaked he's available. He's he's he's he's not roster right now. Why you know so I mean even bring in a guy like that in which seems got a crazy news. I don't know if if you're on the same way like as mere Josh went occupy a man you win you might not have to replace a guy to bring somebody in. Just to say you know were they can about it and teams often do that on Tuesday is when the players are away from the facility and they they try out. I you know it is Jim look at those 57 yard field goal all's forgiven if that's an exceptionally long distance. But he's missing like a 44 yard field always one for four on the year. It's an in those leaking situations are not me their blown or their you know he would make to kick three missing U whatever for AP screws up. It's like a closer in baseball blowing the save you know it's one thing if you have a 32 win. Or 32 lead you web two runs in the fifth inning news or three Ari that's a Lawson. If you have a 32 win in the ninth inning and your cause what's up two runs that's a devastating effects yet and it either team really Cusack is you were three outs away from winning. If you miss that late game field goal to tie it or are winning game that's you don't always wears like when we play sixty minutes yes we other chances. At that game was your hands when you go. Yeah for sure and that's why me kickers if they're not doing their job they usually don't hang around very long suspected. And doing his stick you with a lateral this speaks to the fact that he's a rookie head coach and you know making a rookie mistake or if if we see some kind of turn around from the young wage Ku. As this season goes around but I'll tell you I don't know I'll say this. He misses another field goal in week three. And I don't see how it on to the rose 4000 fans and as the stub hub. Stadium mobile. Plus apathetic let's go to Jonathan in Miami hello Jonathan welcome to 79 exit. A guy or good evening the I mean. Kind of like the last caller on Obama and threw mad about. About it the outcome of the game obviously I think. You know what you kind of being conservative because without a full defense you know being an employee with that might or chase that and linebacker. And on our chief ally and arms I've I encourage you sound take it all right there ego. Meaning maybe that's why you think conservatives view trying to take care of the ball could that means start the chargers are theory. If there. They're very good up and let's not beat around the bush and you know it just Detroit keep probably would have done the same maybe against the bucks even though if you are without a warrant that tour. That's very good options open huge manipulative but I'm really caught because. I mean again in the eighth and adding to the front line on beat and blowing anything hum I'm unhappy would be the outcome of four yards rushing trump anger. But it is just a week from court and I'm sorry poor among all the yes it's on the on the other runs good yeah exactly exactly you know it's just I'm I'm not. I'm not too happy about yeah about that the country and up front line with a which is a lot of money emboldening and know most factual I mean I'm just not. I'm under the gun happy about that big in the pre season it was the same day that there really put that much pressure on the quarterback and a. Our thanks for the call the job with John that's an abroad as well and again. Like I know that Bruno called and said hey wiry criticizing all this you know I think he would Jonathan brings a fair point did. The pacers' needs to be better and night against Philip Rivers and Morse was have we got all prince alarm from the chargers I was surprised they couldn't generate more pressure. Over the course of the game and and also surprise a William Hayes was boom was lead I got the lone sack right that's not normally not his Forte. But overall. You know which are necessary at the key is very fair this should they get the press or two more yes but the fact of the matter is. We talked about it all week. Going used game we talk at all offseason could they stop the run could they improve their run defense and lease the one week they were super. Against the run allowing just 44 yards so to me defensively that's brought my biggest take away. Also those inching Josh and I know there's going to be stresses in the press conference you know yes or between today and yesterday but. We Byron Maxwell he's it was it was a better matchup yes against the chargers are now he start all drummer didn't play at all. And I know them we rewrote the impression that it was a competition between those two to see who was going. To start opposite Zabian Howard the other part of this which needs to be improved upon lateral they have the personnel to do it. But the linebackers were terrible statistically. In the against the past Colorado isn't did Mike call I think news Erik having nine passes were thrown to guys he covered for 95 yards right as any and everyone was completed right to go to the targets the reception yards allowed world all most for any linebacker across the league in coverage in week two so. But I linebacker situation it it was a mess before Timmons just exacerbated the choice right so my point is it's though the run defense. Excellent but moving forward denouncing the jets earnestly and we'll take care listen to your fans it was because they're the jets but Drew Brees and a couple of weeks. If that's. Matchup is still there for them to exploit you know the great quarterbacks and great offensive minds this league that are coming up on the schedule. Are going to isolate running backs or tight ends and receivers in the slot on some of these linebackers and take advantage of the middle of field. Because the dolphins proved yesterday it was a one game they can't defend that very effectively when we. Come back Adam Beasley are dolphins insider recourse would be writer for the dolphins for the Miami Herald. He was out in California and doc started probably doubled the attendance has boy who had 27000 ceasing there were a lot of empty seats there. We'll tell us about that experience. And a lot of other things about the door opens when we come back next right here in the thick. First what. Miami Dolphins bonuses that come out of every break and not gonna sit down for two whatsoever. Think. There wanna go. Patriots and bills. 11 right jets. Poland pick a week there back I think just to remain that way for quite awhile delay looks at events below we don't know highness the dolphins if you lose next week. You know I I'd have to say this the dolphins the we interview. He had the opposing head coach every week and accountants and for a long time know every team does your log request an opposing player to interview. And the Dalton Spurrier longtime investor Q was media members they send a text out name three players he wants we can submitted the opposing team the upcoming team. And L wolf we get your first choice of not your second and third. Lately conference calls have been you know even stretching back to western not to an interest in so they sent out a text that you guys even La one. And I wrote back to the old group thing I thought the opponent has to be an NFL team for you know haven't been in imposing enter. All of a little the Mets a Crosby jets' week must be jets' week to talk about yesterday's game in. California in Los Angeles and about the upcoming opponent as well Adam Beasley joins us right now Neal Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line. We are truly steps beyond convenient flu cross country today. Were there more people on the flights than there were in the stands yesterday. A powerful personal beating guys to all. You guys stole my thunder I was going to make it jets joke. The same when I'm on Twitter last night that the dolphins the first team in apple history to have byes into their first three weeks. Also why don't like bill done. Yeah yes they would. There are people that stand yesterday at the urgent we're not going arch. I estimated. I guess conservatively than a third of the crowd would be Dalton's bands you re yelling or writers or not I'll know attack. And there are a couple of surreal moment in that game yesterday having taken to cook in twos and number one. Bruntlett couldn't. Linda when the that the chargers kicker whose name I won't mangled left. Too young way we've granddad Greg front Eagles looks like young hold Greg said the UN Amman that you. Yeah will be is that I of course you know this is Rego fraud put on season geysers went to your Georgia and Georgia southern. Athletics went inside and out there. Yes so I wouldn't Yung Wei who lined up for the 44 yarder we couldn't really see you from our vantage point you know deceit the press. You guys would be Greenwood Andy. Because Michael was a beautiful I was literally the fifty yard line maybe 2530 goes up. It was a it was an incredible place to watch the game but from our angle we really couldn't see you get to kick was good or I. Obviously we couldn't tell by the crowd re election because there's much cheering for the dolphins as there was for the chargers. And we were really confused when can I went off. They're part of the candidate and then walked into some of the San Diego and Los Angeles believing that they've won so welcome to LA district every. Wow that's embarrassing way except to watch the rafts or and that's what that's we have to watch the rest underneath the loot the goal post that's. Even acquired didn't know what was going on so it was it was a surreal scene and I guess it depends pretty soon but that was as part. We're gonna get into it now I open up the press cumbersome because first of all yesterday we saw the tweet that the dollar Adam gays will discuss and after the game. After the game we saw we played some of the yesterday in the post game show. He deferred to today. Today I opened up the press cameras by asking about it and he just he is as I said black holes of shed more light than he did on and Lawrence Timmons I mean is that's the elephant in the room. Audioblog figured I haven't heard yet. We're having trouble pulling a while we gotta guess on the phone so were were were. Doing all of us. All of us are very Jackson Steve Wein there were few of us that. Then at you don't ask them about that and and you know who can open up the line of questioning and then we went back to that a few times Barry asked him. Would he be on the team in the future he refused to answer that obviously wind estimate team rules he was clearly. Clearly irked that and at Lawrence Timmons and in this caught the team off guard I just. You know I wondered I wouldn't be surprised even after his load there look there's a lot of layers to this story that we don't know I'm sure the dolphins know much more. That is your tweets that maybe they can see BQ if it's at any kind of medical issue or mental health and I'm not I have no idea is that it is. They're handcuffed as to how much they can say by by federal law. Right but look at that stands for but it basically means secure corporation and you got to shut up about your your employees' health. And it showed that anything at all to do within and we kind of may be re reading between the lines that he leaves. You know it meet with the doctor today we'll adopters probably upper blood pressure and appropriate. That's good. Or when a guy and you know diminishes does he wore the night before this first game with the TV content to your problems in our contract with. My guess a was not a good and help. So. Anyway but did not speculate too much there's something that they had to get the bottom your wife gave the fact when she did. And he has no history of this that's what's kind of bizarre is that he was in Iron Man for the Steelers she would play. Every week he didn't get hurt my understanding. He uses he did talk to the players that you got there today I talked to yesterday it. Our policy analyst they'd be you know a big couldn't sing the praises enough about about O'Leary is how much like my personal basis. It's typical bottling it really good book but if this was something as simple as hey his kid is really sick in the hospital. And then hit drop everything go we would know that by now that that that story would make its way out. And and that engaged would not be that got a press conference 24 hours after the game. What we are you here Adam we've got that sound let me play some worry here. Here's Adam be Adam and also an M Beasley here's. Adam gay saying. I haven't yet dealt with dominantly three sound bites back to back to back your haven't yet dealt with the to the situation. Having gone through step one and so kind generally less mature. Kind of deal with the definitely. And Steve wanted to open up some questioning about teamed on rules and here's Adam gates. Sink clear shouldn't violate the fewer rules that I have. Do you consider yourself because he has a lot of rules regardless if you prove it beyond time and play our process guard so. When those games. Loser. Finally it's here what you powerful. What is it. Got to roll. By the way you can hear him tapping the podium as he's doing that that's the bang here one more play for you. And you could tell this is again you can tell her teary could tell in the last somebody dealing with Timmons is not my top priority. Nothing. What I have right now yeah. Really just gather analyze information. Good things as dealers with the guys that played yesterday. He wouldn't even admit to ease well you always be part of the civilian team going four eyes he would address that. Have you not. This is easy have you talked to no I haven't is even in the building I have no idea the third question I find dubious nothing goes on in that building. Without Adam he's going about it now there. So. The I. I don't know the situation with Lawrence and Tim and Lawrence and as we don't know but. I don't know he's going to be part of the single for. Yeah I knew I hear that I you know as someone who has kept the interest that it actions. And I don't want to speculate on the air we can do it between ourselves we'll get in trouble. You know I. Libel laws or slander laws conflict that. You know your your mind goes a couple places I'm sure your listeners can use their imagination went past this. Is that what this happened. It's usually not for good reasons so. He's clearly upset because. I'll think about this site you know I got back to Florida went for a quick Rollins nice weather tonight and I'll wilt the hold up those nice weather up there would run and and hope thinking it was like. Consider the thousands not hundreds but thousands of collective hours that those coaches spend preparing for 4 o'clock Sunday basically since the season ended back in February. I need to be included all the scouts and personnel guys. And then end. I got like to wind he considered due diligence some players like Barnes and step in building everything for obviously at 1 o'clock a week goes on the net because there are about but everything before clock. This on hand and that gave said. They really in comparison don't ask all that much of their players just can't isn't there yet they're probably now prefer to spend their. He's in June run around South Florida heat it took days. But aside from that you really have one job that's shall play. And if you can't honor that commitment to the people who pay you. Millions upon going to dollars in Orange to make his case to just keep it short depending on him edit a huge huge breach of trust. And how that trust prepared I don't know. Yeah great question no fluke find out there more on the situation almost double days especially what they decided do what foremost. Punishment there may. Yeah that we have a couple god is great right they could bite the bullet. Just caught them and my Michael Barrett Jackson had the exact finances. It would be a lot over two years some this a lot backs are against the cap. So that you want to basically. Hamstring yourself for the next two years and didn't move at all and they're allowed an extension for cars Hendrick you have to do that because of one bad day it. I doubt the dolphins went to do that I think they want it if they can make it work. And so one I guess arrow in the quiver would be suspending him for violation of team rules then they have in this EPA. Allowance to do that. Every shot of the lead his people that he was investigating the response was that note as a team issue between candidates decide disciplined. And I think they can suspend them up or used for that violation. Whether or not that that contract going forward altering the terms of what guarantee do what not I haven't seen that contracts like to speak to that. But the very least there could be some punitive. Punishment by the dolphins. Toward large tendons that. But before it get to that you've got to figure out it is a guy can trust at all and if you want to play it is in the right frame of mind to play and I think you stick it. Pool clearance from the neck up. From a whole host of people because of what you did I mean you go and read that in the article in this hasn't got a guy is Blake and now this is the guy who vanished. From the team hotel and we discovered that because he wasn't there for bed check curfew. They they being made not just one but multiple child multiple multiple missing persons reports alt route off Kendall county awoken this guy. And the only found this. Cops Dominic deep and the airport LEX trying to fly to Pennsylvania. That's not someone on the eve of this first game with the new employer. Oh as a starting outside linebacker making six million dollars this year. That's about it to me yet to someone in the right frame gold mine unless there was someone on pet store that you need to get to. Right I mean I think there's always scenario in which that's okay. That that that can come to mind you think of anything else that would say note this guy is thinking clearly what he's doing. No and into your point earlier dispute if the ones that we probably would've spurt that by now right. So. There's there's there's nothing about this scenario that Weaver and we talked. Dozens of people both inside and outside the organization. That that tells me that this is something good that does not mean obviously it a child feels not cooked understandable. It's nothing that there's any rational explanation for children at all in support. Launched him on the field they have to believe that they can trust him. I'm opposite from a physical standpoint but from a medical standpoint are they going to crack team around I think you'll like it. These are questions they're gonna have to so I don't envy Adam's case or not they're no good answers to disappear there really aren't and that's kind of been. Slogans for this piracy in the right. We were only 1 evening yesterday when I know they should be happy about getting a win that was a good way to yesterday I don't think they should overlook that was a very good win at the palace football team. Starting with whether the second week training camp. Bryant helped her what did you do there well completely color are. That was a pretty good idea and it's worked out pretty well so far. Yeah that hurricane bearing out what you do you move became applicable they just due to try to get out of town and complaint somewhere else we'd just postpone it. And no by again no ready answers at this is a meeting we thought this team that experienced adversity 2016 and it certainly didn't want different ways. But it's gotten up and what we've seen all ready to again work this week three the NFL season. Yet and a lot of those factors that you've mentioned his receive funny others Timmons scenario the day before. I think it makes the win yesterday's even that more impressive even though it was an ugly win their play appeasing criticized. I want to ask you about the some of the sentiment that your colleague Rahman also bureau wrote on his article on a bad. You know for years the dolphins always seem to mess things up especially late in games and we'd always. Look at and say well yeah that's his with the dolphins do it seems dole. Wonder Adam gates now from last season for most of last season now yesterday's it. Things just seem to go their way are we seeing a new era of dolphins football with where they actually can be clutch in these types of scenarios. It all depends on whether or not you believe winning close games is this guilt. Where parents. And it really it all comes down to what is it. Any the ping pong on the right way in that carnival we're trying to win gold fish went in the right hole in one goldfish. Or hey that's great shocking new book out that winning because it threw it right arc that that's really what we're we're would come down to it it just. They've got really lucky over the last seventeen games and it hasn't talent at taking advantage of it. Or. Is it different team with a different frame of mind that knows they've been scored two in the fourth quarter that they're going to win it. Upstart at least honest skeptic I'm a numbers guy I get by and large think that at the end of the day a week along that I mind these things need help. But they're not even out yet. And the willingness to exact way. And obviously different players. Every single time like what is the return well. By the way to keep a close particularly on the road. Quiet hero in the court order your hero yesterday with a guy would be much in sixteen days ago how crazy is that. I was sickened and there's a lot of ways you can second guess certainly. How that last three minutes that each month old I would personally on port on fourth and five. We didn't hit it before York Google goes without strictly high percent plate but you know what. Trust the guy that could help off the waiver wires two weeks before literally two weeks before. And it ticket as light. And then goes on the other and the field. How many people were screaming corner why are you calling timeout. Well it didn't hurt they you know they. I don't think it was despite they would without explanation or ice the kicker but for where where his history as a result from the outside. That worked for them and and they got it done. And so yeah after a while you just can't discount it is up until he wins. I don't think you can sustain that. What are they now heading into the last twelve regular season games. That outlook that the team. Is there any truth to rumors that they're the National Hurricane Center is gonna renamed hurricane Maria hurricane young only to loosen or you winnowed miss South Florida. Below the sad trombone yeah yeah yeah yeah. How we were were up against the Euro bought one of the things that impressed he was the rush defense they only allowed what. We're we're a record 34 yards. On the ground now one text or kind of took us to task saying. How could you Drudge rush defense they only ran fourteen times I'm looking at it from the other side saying they abandon the run because they solve all the dolphins were defending a word you fall on this. I think a little both. I think it took the charge of the stuck to what they would have gotten the linebackers some point but. Not a two man possessed yesterday. Mean he would I think we'll put through basically differed from work go what member of that that whoever right guard was for the chargers Patrick knows don't pop my head. He did not violate them and morally wrong and loss of four and they'd be if we did wave the white flag after that run the football. And yes a lot of credit goes to those back up linebackers. Michael. Played every down yesterday he led the team in tackles with ten yes he go back and watch the film. There are some guy run free in the flatbed that all the net dispute to keep up with both of you going downhill against the run. He's not a liability is pretty good at that and so I think yes you can be encouraged because you chargers happen. Pretty good but not very good. All and talent wise on top against the run there's you'll be allowed only seventeen points I mean. It is a little lost yesterday it would pop didn't that the defense is all they really wouldn't even if the chargers kicked out last ticket durable one point heard a halt people who was on yesterday you really can ask for much more than that have a defense that plane. And let him shorthanded didn't have. We spoke about Timmons they've Maualuga who knows what he'll be healthy I and they are you were that easy and that don't need tires here so. I think it always get better put that to be honest I think. Yes the back in to work but once you get I'll look at back and they find a way their hearts to forgive them and a lot of play again. Is going to be pretty decent defense not obviously all you need against. For the dolphins to their offense is going to be really good pitcher I think it's going to be high powered. It's figure that Beazer for Lewis to run on the offensive side of the ball you know at a gay submitted after the game it wasn't. A great day for him as a play caller ITT everybody noticed that especially with how conservative they were in the first half. What did you think overall Jay Cutler's performance and I know you feel good about the office who reform specifically from yesterday. Yeah what was the understand papers eleven of sixteen for a 155 yards and a touchdown in the second half. But take adult day right given that you give it your colleague tech production in the second half. Mistake free football I think that was the most important thing you didn't turn the ball over whether her overall game trying to remember. By the dolphins did charters but it now Newsweek clean game that San yeah well it's unlikely there may have felt like Cutler tried to turn the ball over but the vaunted Parker had Obama. Yes so yeah my three term mistakes are sure that you get better color. And gadget guy so I don't think there's any question now that he's the top senate how to tap five running back in this league. If you have that combination. And boy does go to employers are really good yesterday didn't that. I gave v.s thanks very much raw too early for break you'll see a once they can't take care that was Adam Beasley. The the Miami Herald were back next reader of the ticket. Dennis you took a question for you guys out. Are your best football. I'm my team know we care what anybody else's. But just in general theory and there are a lot of variables this question but just in theory. In fantasy football would you rather be ahead. Going into Monday night with no more players to play in your opponent is trying to catch up to you. Four behind where you got players to go on Monday night your point there's nobody in your trying to catch up to him. It's a good question column because. It's kind of a psychological. Thing right beat you don't. For the most part I think common sense recede rather be ahead. Right we have the lead in that that's a good thing but. At the same time. You know from a psychological standpoint. I almost like the idea like tonight I'm behind it and you don't know Beckham junior to have a nice game and I can potentially win. In that sense if you pull off the comeback then it's a pleasant surprise for you kind of go into a worthy in negative mindset it's a row I need to have this business and it doesn't happen probably not gonna have more that. If you going to monitor of the board you have the lead then it's stressful. Every time your opponents guys have the ball right to a new bid if it's a receiver and they get a target goals of the stuff I mean. Common sense would tell me you have to leave the hope you hold onto it what I would say it eases out all the pressure. When you're behind you're trying to make the comeback I don't know maybe I'm just. Playing mind games of myself here in principle to me it's all about the cushion I like it depends on the position that you have got they are going up against and you know how many points your up or down by play of it's you know our running back. You know I wanna have you know if I'm all I wanna have at least yell at ten to twelve point cushion if I'm down. I wanna be somewhere within ten points of its quarterback more like Tony. Let go on and have that is my cushion there which way so it all depends Simeon who put position you're talking about that tell you up. Ahead or behind. You do your sit there looking at the clock. And negotiating with god that the clock either can take slower or faster you'll do this right I mean you're just you're just praying for that so long I Texan I rather be behind. With players left it's nerve racking as you guys see it both ways is to you sit there and not my opponent by the way can catch up to tonight if somehow. Theo Riddick in the giants' defense can combined for 97. Points and he's going to be needed. Other that I would see only a 18480. To 84 is unlike alternate humble brag. Right I mean a million guys but the humble front of that is the brag desires Helen me there's a chance it's an. I should text the guy and I soprano was number roads you good luck but he. How we got does some breaking news here mr. John Carlos stand number 55. Paul Watson and a three run bomb sewn on the Marlins up was scores of more dropping them off 5151. OK Marlins are fighting to stay alive for right 'cause there's a outside glimmer of hope their twelve and a half games behind the Rockies. Should somehow this season the Marlins lose the Rockies win just one game Marlins are limited. Yes but that kids with that being said I think we established with in the last couple weeks ago we said it for sure last week. When there's sort of playing poorly and then he was in the line up one night. The only reason to watch some morals are announcing he's gonna hit a home run and so they return home tonight the openness series against the Mets and he delivers so let's go. Of if you bothering to watch Marlins baseball these days that's the only reason to watch and he delivered tonight with a fifty diploma and he's the only reason the only reason seized is it's an on watchable team right now I'm not urging a boycott and all my years on radio. I've never done that but it is what hi this is a team that's. Three and seventeen in the last when he game's all right they're they're playing terrible baseball. They've just given up they're not doing well all the image is that it's it's it's completely hopeless. Standing is the only reason if you if you don't care rusty and going for homers why even pop right yeah so. It's up their by the way I guess just before he hit that three run home run. 55 stolen bases 55 home runs so. That's kind of cool and the morals went in the season with fifty traveling. I think it's the ultimate synergy right well hopefully with the big games remaining stand doesn't stay at 55 received few more. Bombs Rambo how many games in what was the record is. With their record right now telling a second and it's the game refresh the 69 and eighty so there a 149 games are so he's got now after an IW a 150 he's got twelve games it's five homers is when I'll be something if he could at sixty that's a nice round number there that it's yeah that's. That's rarefied air derivatives and that's manageable mean considering the streets if he can get on obviously so mean. Twelve games at five home runs but again that's going to be the only reason we're playing it's. It's in or over those final twelve games. By the way for anybody who is in kind of interest at a Monday Night Football. The giants on their first offensive possession and have going three and out it looked like alliance's core defensive touchdown you I'm Manning's sack and fumble. Recovery for touch some blood be reviewed it and determine that you I was down. And so then the giants went three and out but for those who need the lions defense is score. It could have been exactly were were describing right that roller coaster of emotions were either your plane alliance defense or you have the lines defense. And at first it appears that you either put some points Lavoy or fantasy wise or you allowed some points on the board. Tennessee wise and dad and it was taken off the board because of the review. Text to right. In the Coral Springs on on attacks on freedom allows once trailing by I would seem to be again zillion points a few years ago with my only option being my only player being. Aaron Rodgers put on Monday night he had the game of his life would like five or six TDs and one by half a point old while your opponent must have just been seething 000 just. Ticked off on that that that's. I mean I'm glad for this guy but boy you you know you're the pony think you've won Axl you're spending the money you will write and also new law and lose by half point well. You know what is deceiving if anybody uses the ESPN website for fantasy. Which I do for a both of my weeks actually. And in one of them a couple seasons ago. You know we we have a half point per reception week so it's not quite a PP ER but it's not a non PPR and a half point PP ER so. Wind that comes a lot of strange scores right. And the web site when your first looking at the game senator. It just will show you to be the nearest decimal point so it's like point one point five or points or whatever might be. But sometimes. With some of these scores it goes beyond that and they don't show that immediately so in our league the rollers. If it's a tie. Then the tie is broken by the bench points so whoever is the most points or one week. I tied after the money ninety minute comeback look like I tied. My bench points were superior to my opponent so I'm like I won the game this is unbelievable on that I look at the league standings on Tuesday. And my opponent was had gotten the win and I hadn't. And it literally went down to like the V dough ball 100 not attend the 100 of a decimal point. And that's how it walks. I lost my leg and just like point 01 are so valuable point. I mean he was unbelievable I had to I was writing the commission rules like there's something wrong my bench voice like no actually. Yet to go like a fraction burger I've answered to a deserving that you lost that game though. I think last year are ours went in the dust balls and then we'll full PP are so that is not necessary we. Just letting all that I think you know we appeal one yard for. One point for ten yards rushing were going to decimals you know the F five yards rushing summoned but I'm I'm glad to get reveled that yet he can make it more complicated needs to be have you ever lost the fantasy game. Based on a scoring correction that comes out later in the week I don't think I have an all I have lost my that we as well I don't Thursday through wins there's there's a much Greta remember exact David B unifil does this put the review everything. And at times it's elegant baseball yet the score keeper in the maybe to make an adjustment before the nine innings are over with the unifil will do that. And one time I lost a team that was very close because of restoring it's that occurred to summary statistics if you and I know again no cure specifics about. You were specific Tennessee team and a few of any interest in fantasy stories like that hard braking or. Or does great ones I assure analysts that 67974. Text rice in do you think Tyree left because of LeBron curry says no we will delve in the Carrey's comments next rate hearing the ticket.